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CHATA taking the lead

Introduction 2016 was a year of self reflection and overcoming challenges. A year of endings and promises of new beginnings. Our tourism industry was confronted with many challenges such as Zika, political/governmental instability of our island, hurricane Matthew, the political instability of Venezuela, the increase of the minimum wages and the lack of economic growth amongst others. The association itself also had some challenges to endure. Members were less than impressed by the manner in which the association handled certain issues of great importance to the industry and felt that the association lacked transparency. The association also found itself in hot waters with regards to one of its most important partners, the Curaรงao Tourism Board (CTB). CTB was not content with the manner in which the association handled their partnership.

In response to this, CHATA and its board of directors took full responsibility and made the necessary arrangements to come to a new structure for CHATA which better resembles the needs of its members. Members approved the new bylaws allowing voting rights to all members and a higher representation of hotels in the board. In addition to this the old board resigned and advanced elections were held in February 2017. Furthermore, CHATA took the necessary steps to strengthen the relationship with CTB and made arrangements for a new MoU that was signed in the beginning of 2017.These changes serve as a solid foundation for the next couple of years of CHATA. In 2016 we also said farewell to our President & CEO of 5 years, Ms. Lizanne Dindial. Ms. Dindial was responsible for a tremendous growth in membership due to her innovative approach to the association and the tourism sector. In addition to this she can be credited for a complete turnaround of the association into a fast paced bold marketing machine, driven by young professionals. Even though the association and membership was sad to see her go we found comfort in the fact that she trained and guided a worthy successor, Mr. Miles Mercera, who will take the association to new heights with his experience, knowledge and passion for the industry. The Tourism Master Plan also encountered various set backs with the lack of results seen from the implementation structure, change in project leader and zero to limited funding available. CHATA strongly advocated for the complete implementation of theTourism Master Plan and is against “Cherry picking�. As we stand on the verge of 2017, where we commemorate our 50th anniversary and we look back at 2016, the most important lesson that comes to mind is that to grow and progress one must be willing to change. Whilst challenging, 2016 strengthened the foundation of our association.Today we have a strong membership base with passionate individuals and a hands on board of Directors who are well equipped and ready to take on the new challenges of 2017 and execute whatever needs to be executed.


“to deliver a visible, leading and effective (marketing) contribution towards a vibrant and sustainable Curaçao tourism/hospitality product”

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Our Board

Meet our Stars


Your Membership


Communication Dynamics


23 Tourism & Hotel Performance



Mr. Mercera


Strategy & Focus


Meet the Team


16 Q&A



Frank Maynard


CHATA Annual Report  5

2017 Board Officers: President & CEO Miles Mercera CHATA Chairman Cedric Nubul Hilton Curaçao Vice Chairman Omar van der Dijs Licores Maduro Secretary Jorge Espejo Sunscape Curaçao Treasurer Jeroen Kibbelaar Impacto N.V. Directors: Darren Law Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Frank Holtslag Floris Suite Hotel Hans Slier Papagayo Curaçao Oliver Zahn Baoase Luxury Resort Robbin Vogels Avila Beach Hotel Sander Winterberg Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort Peggy Croes Curaçao Airport Partners *Please note that Darren Law has resigned from the CHATA Board as of April 2017 and his position was filled by Maylin Trenidad from Curaçao Renaissance Resort & Casino.

6  CHATA Annual Report

Board Officers: President & CEO Lizanne Dindial CHATA Chairman Will Vogels Lions Dive Resort Treasurer Jeroen Kibbelaar Impacto N.V. Directors: Cedric Nubul Hilton Curaçao Darren Law Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort Eduardo Reple Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort & Emerald Casino Frank Holtslag Floris Suite Hotel Irene Ferreira Trupial Inn Kenneth Canword Orco Bank N.V. Omar van der Dijs Licores Maduro Peggy Croes Curaçao Airport Partners Wilhelmus Ignacio Curaçao Airport Holdings


CHATA Annual Report  7

CHATA’s Board currently consists of 11 fiduciaries representing 11 parties holding a CHATA membership. Board members are competent representatives of the CHATA members and are elected every 2 years to ensure that CHATA members are provided equal opportunity to have supervision and say in CHATA operations. Board members vacate their positions by rotation of 2 years, the current Board of Directors consists of a group of Board members that have been elected in 2017.

CHATA’s board, in conjunction with CHATA’s President & CEO, steer the association towards success by ensuring proper governance and by adopting and ensuring adherence to financial management policies. CHATA’s board has a dual mandate; The Board provides advice, guidance and moreover functions as a supervisory entity monitoring the association’s performance, enacting upon points of attention should this be required. As we are progressing into the 21st century, CHATA has understood and wholeheartedly embraced the good governance principle. The Board of Directors ensures that CHATA embraces good governance in its day-to-day operations by ensuring accountability, transparency and equitability. ~

8  CHATA Annual Report

The Role of our Board

CHATA Annual Report  9

Meet the Team

Miles Mercera President & CEO

“Passionate about further developing our tourism product.” As the President & CEO, Mr. Mercera reports to the CHATA Board of Directors and oversees CHATA’s day-to-day operations and steers the association in the right direction. Furthermore, Mr. Mercera engages in international relations and is responsible for lobbying with the government and other stakeholders on behalf of the private sector. In addition to this, Mr. Mercera is also the spokesperson on behalf of the Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association.

10  CHATA Annual Report

Vianny Henriquez Marketing & Product Manager North American Market Specialist

“The strength of our association is each individual member, the strength of our members is the association.” Ms. Henriquez is the CTB Marketing Liason for all markets. In addition to this, she is responsible for all marketing related task forces. Furthermore, she is in charge of product development initiatives specifically in relation to sustainable development. Moreover, she is in charge of CHATA’s Communication Strategy and is responsible for Press Releases and Tourism Awareness Programs. Selina Maduro-Gumbs Marketing & Corporate Events Senior Executive South American & Caribbean Market Specialist

“It’s all about bringing people together” Mrs. Maduro-Gumbs is in charge of all CHATA events, implying the proposal, organization, execution and review of the events while simultaneously ensuring the retention of existent CHATA members through member specific program development. Mrs. Maduro-Gumbs, furthermore, specializes in the South American & Caribbean Market and holds the responsibility to ensure successful engagement in these markets. Victoria Liendo Marketing & Research Executive European Market Specialist

“Together we can achieve more” Ms. Liendo is in charge of CHATA’s research and data collection. She is also in charge of managing CHATA’s websites and social media pages, and is the in-house creative designer. In addition to this, she is the contact for the Curaçao Dive Task Force and manages all their marketing efforts. Ms. Liendo, furthermore, specializes in the European market and holds the responsibility to ensure successful engagement in this market. CHATA Annual Report  11

Communication Dynamics

12  CHATA Annual Report

CHATA is a dynamic association and incorporates its dynamics into its membership benefits. CHATA communicates latest developments that are beneficial information or can affect CHATA Members in any way through several mediums. CHATA communicates through its monthly Newsletter, frequent Newsflashes, Alerts on situations requiring precautions, and annual Hurricane Preparedness Kit. CHATA also focuses on keeping members informed on latest trends. CHATA gives members the opportunity to showcase their product through the quarterly Product Update. These mediums serve to keep our members informed through digital communication, CHATA also has numerous interactions with its members to accentuate the benefits of a CHATA membership.

CHATA organizes a minimum of 3 Membership Meetings on annual basis, an annual Marketing Retreat week in which members can express their concerns and brainstorm together with CHATA and the Curaçao Tourist Board on potential solutions to these points of attention. In addition to the Membership meetings and Marketing Retreat Week, CHATA also gathers the key influencers within its Membership portfolio in its Lunch with the CEO, in which concerns of the members surge. In order to tackle challenges, CHATA has several Task Forces in place acting as troubleshooters that advocate points of particular interest. CHATA also realizes that members require attention individually, and therefore regularly schedules one on one meetings with its members to provide a keen and listening ear and recognition of the members’ concerns while jointly brainstorming and, if necessary, working towards a solution.~ CHATA Annual Report  13

STRATEGY & FOCUS Destination & Product Marketing Ensure that Curaçao and its products are adequately promoted by in uencing the marketing strategy set by CTB through active collaboration between both organizations. Pro-actively initiate marketing activities for the sector.

Communication (Voice of the sector) CHATA to increase its visibility and recognition as the tourism expert by becoming more vocal and active.

14  CHATA Annual Report

Air Service - Retention & Growth CHATA to secure growth in airlift for the North American, European and South American Market by working closely with all existing airlines and actively search for new carriers together with CTB and Curaçao Airport Partners/Curaçao Airport Holding.

Product & Human Resources Development Create value for all members by providing a platform for collaboration and innovation within the sector. Supporting growth and product development of members by being a source of quality industry information and analysis. Support all Safety and Security efforts and cleanliness projects. Identify industry educational and training needs and set a strategy together with members to cope with the current needs. Advocacy & Lobbying on behald of the Sector Working together is a must, on all fronts. CHATA to actively remind government, CTB and others on the importance of aligning our efforts and jointly invest in the markets. In addition to this CHATA also makes sure that important issues that affect the tourism industry are addressed by the government and relevant stakeholders. CHATA Annual Report  15

CHATA President & CEO, Miles Mercera, is a young and innovative professional with passion for tourism. Get to know him and see where we’re going. Q: What is the most important achievement or occurrence that has prepared you for your role as President & CEO of CHATA? A: This is a tricky question, I would say that my foundation which is a mix of my upbringing and educational background played a vital role in my proffesional development. Most importantly, however, my experience of the last 5 years within the CHATA organization itself equipped me to take on the role of the President & CEO of CHATA. Working for over 200 members, you are constantly being informed , challenged and exposed to so much information that in a way, influences your attitude, knowledge, and mindset. Personally, I’ve always had a “Go for it” attitude that really allowed me to be open to what my surroundings taught me. Q: What sets you apart from the other President & CEO’s in the history of CHATA?

16  CHATA Annual Report

A: Good question! Of course, one would argue that my age is the biggest difference, but to me, age is just a number. My passion is tourism, and it has been my passion for the past 29 years. All past President & CEO’s had a positive contribution to CHATA,otherwise, we would not have been celebrating 50 years of CHATA in 2017. My biggest focus is to be able to guarantee a smooth transitioning for the next 50 years of CHATA where all decisions made today will continue to

benefit the generations to come. Q: What do you wish to accomplish as the President & CEO of CHATA? A: I want to accomplish a sustainable CHATA. This means that all finances are in place, a financial reserve is made for future use and that the association operates with complete synergy amongst its 200+ members. When talking about synergy, I envision all of us stepping up our game and taking our discussions and challenges to the next level where we limit personal agendas and personal interests. It is important for us to perform as a TEAM by using all of our strengths collectively On another note, I would like to see some structural changes. I do not only want to see a new campaign or a new beach being cleaned up. Those items are great, but what is required is fundamental change. Fundamental change includes the restructuring of the CTDF Board, where the public and private sector come together in one body with the aim to serve and develop our tourism industry. Q: How do you reflect on the first and second quarter of 2017? A: When looking back at the performance of the destination, our achievements and challenges, I would say that we had a turbulent start. We started off in a season with negative numbers, not only in the hotel performance but also in total visitors to the island. South America (Venezuela) played a strong role in the declining performance of our industry, however, the other markets also recorded a decrease in visitors. This should be seen as a wake-up

call. Change is necessary for how we do business, otherwise, we will continue to see the same results. Q: What advice would you give the sector for the remainder of this year? A: For the remainder of the year, I would say FOCUS. Let’s continue to focus on the things that work and delete the things that don’t. Too often we are afraid to be critical of ourselves. 2017, is already a year that we know will most likely not go into history as a year of growth. The best months of the year already passed and the effects of anything we implement at the moment will not have immediate results. Creating demand is of extreme importance. Markets such as Germany and Holland must remain our priority, and we must invest. The focus will also remain on the US market. We are well aware of our limited marketing funds so an investment in the market must be matched with an ROI. The South American market will remain in the mix, but we must be realistic about what we can expect and how we can grow if needed. Air Service development for all markets; from retention to growth. Realistic forecasts and each penny spent must have a strong ROI and conversion for the destination. CHATA will continue to focus on its priorities and will provide support and guidance to all its members.

CHATA Annual Report  17

Meet our Stars CHATA gives recognition to the Stars of the Tourism & Hospitality Industry through its quarterly “Stars of the Industry”. The top performers of the industry are awarded a certifficate for their outstanding performances.

Soraida Marthie de La Cruz (Academy Hotel Curaçao), Cristepher Agata (Avila Beach Hotel), Leopoldina Poveda (Baoase Luxury Resort), Aldrich Meyer (Curaçao Hilton Resort), Anneke Libert (FBTT Travel BV), Brigit Anouk Hollander te Linde (Karakter Curaçao), Niels Langenfeldt (Miss Ann Boatttrips), Jayson Noordstar (Miss Ann Boattrips), Raily Zimmerman (Papagayo Beach Club), Chaka Cooper (Papagayo Beach Hotel), Sanne Soerie Santoso (Royal Sea Aquarium), Jaymy del Rosario (Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort), Roderick Felomina (City Suites Curaçao), Signalda Vrutaal (Curaçao Hilton Resort), Jonaisy Martina (Karakter Curaçao), Alexandra Prince (Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort), Eddyson Martis (Papagayo Beach Club), Elisa Everts (Royal Sea Aquarium Resort), Mark Sjollema (Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort).

Miralva Hansen (Atlantis Adventures), Frensel Trinidad (Avila Beach Hotel), Angelique Stuart (Baoase Luxury Resort), Jennyfer Vieira (Celebrations!), Michealene Pieter-Leonora (FBTT Travel BV), Juana Bautista (Karakter Curaçao), Elishama Abiathar Felicia (Landhuis Chobolobo), Maikel Maduro (Papagayo Beach Hotel), Angeli Obispo (Papagayo Hotel), Suhedi Servanie (Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort), Charinella Felomina (Atlantis Adventures), Claudia Cox (Karakter Curaçao), Judella Gibbes - Beaumont (Landhuis Chobolobo), Indira Mercelita (Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort), Mirjam Oosterbaan (Yellow Tourism Solutions).

Guy Marcel Trietsch (Kontiki Beach REsort), Julis Wieske (Kontiki Beach Resort), Dionicia Margaretha-Bacuna (Floris Suite Hotel), Ana Malacia (Avila Beach Hotel), Aldrich Meyer (Hilton Curaçao), Johnailu Martina (FBTT Travel BV.), Maria Delosangeles Smeins (Real Exclusive Curaçao), Saskia Sweet (Papagayo Curaçao), Shermaline Job (Curaçao Air Terminal Services), Jared Urselita Martina (Baoase Luxury Resort), Romeo Senat (Hilton Curaçao), Pedro Espejo Guzman (FBTT Travel B.V.), Kayleigh Fullinck (Real Exclusive Curaçao), Rebecca Ascencion (Papagayo Curaçao). CHATA Annual Report  19

Financial Update

CHATA Annual Report  20

Statement of Financial position per December 31, 2016 December 31, 2016 December 31, 2015 ASSETS ANG ANG Current assets

Cash and cash equivalants 103,769 299,821 Accounts receivable 188,820 86,317 Other receivables and prepiad expenses 11,680 14,877

Non-current assets

Tangible fixed assets 24,911 37,198 Intangible fixed assets 57,761 29,786 Financial fixed assets - -

Total assets 386,940 467,999 LIABILITIES Current liabilities

Accounts payable 25,130 10,365 Other payables 13,755 35,923 Tax and social premiums 11,394 22,137

Net Assets 336,661 399,574 Total liabilities & net assets 386,940 467,999

Statement of comprehensive income for the year ended 2016 December 31, 2016 December 31, 2015 Income ANG ANG Membership dues 760,693 802,070 Other income 322,620 193,747

Total Income




Personnel Expenses 606,285 595,875 Offce expense 58,699 61,444 General Expense 91,234 74,767 Depreciation 27,234 8,530 Provision for doubtful debts (45,713) 74,935 Membership developement 57,669 52,681 Product development & Marketing expenses 156,873 58,779 Project costs 193,263 63,492

Total expenses 1,146,227 990,502 Operating (loss)/income (62,913) 5,314 Net interest result



Result for the year (62,913) 7,549

Financial Update

CHATA continued to reap its benefits of outsourcing all financial administration tasks with the aim to increase member satisfaction by focusing on membership value. IBCTC (Prior known as The Business Factory) is the partner for business administration expertise. IBCTC has been in charge of CHATA’s daily administrative and financial tasks with a strong focus on Membership Billing & Processing. CHATA’s finance saw a decrease in membership dues of 5%. Operational expenses were high, while membership development and product & marketing expenses remained well within budget. CHATA booked a negative result of NAF 62,913 for 2016.

Expenses We have seen a slight increase in the personnel and general expenses.

22  CHATA Annual Report

Accounts Receivable & Cash Flow The year 2016 ended with an accounts receivable balance of NAF 188,820

Deloitte Audit

Audit took place in December 2016 and February & March 2017, with a focus on a true and fair view of the financial position of CHATA.The audit included an analysis of CHATA’s financial performance and cash flows for the year. Audit was conducted in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing. ~

Tourism Performance In 2016, Curaçao experienced a decrease in visitor arrivals and visitor nights. One of the main reasons for the decline in visitors is the decrease in traffic from our neighbor country Venezuela. CTB reported a decline of 5.6% visitors to Curaçao in 2016. In total 441,331 stay over visitors were welcomed in the course of this year. The figures of the firstr quarter showed a promising start of the new year. CTB registered an overall growth of 5% in stay over arrivals in comparison to 2015. March 2016 even showed exceptional performance by registering an increase of 13% growth compared to March 2015. However, this trend was not sustained over the course of the year. The remaining quarters all registered a decline in visitor nights. The second quarter experienced a downfall of 2.8% less visitors compared to the same period in 2015. In the third quarter a total of 6.4% less visitors was registered and in the fourth quarter a decline in stay over arrivals of 17% was registered. The main reason for the decline in tourist arrivals can be attributed to the developments in Venezuela. Curaçao received on average 30,000 less tourists from Venezuela during 2016. Tourism generated $ 528.7 million in 2016. Utilizing the‘Turistika Model’,CTB and Ministry of Economic Development calculated in terms of the contribution to our economy, that tourism contributed with a direct impact of $528.7 million in the year 2016. This is a decrease compared to the year 2015.~

Hotel Performance

Hotel Occupancy in 2016 was 68%, while in 2015 it was 71.5%. As compared to 2015 Hotel Occupancy declined by 3.5%. Average Daily Rates went down from $150.13 in 2015 to $147.69 in 2016.The Revenue Per Available Room has declined with $6.83, being $101.29 in 2016 as compared to $108.12 in 2015. More information: ~

Total Tourism StayOver Arrivals: 441,331

Average Hotel Occupancy: 68.0%

Facts 2016 Average Daily Rate: $147.69

Revenue per available Room: $101.29

CHATA Annual Report  25

Fairs &


Tradeshows E-Gates In Curaçao Language Courses

26  CHATA Annual Report


of Curaçao

New Parking

Market Place Flavors Culinary Team

Your Membership

Industry/CHATA Achievements

and all tourism partners.The in-room magazine will be accompanied by the augmented reality app Zappar which enables the readers to access videos and get a glimpse of Curaçao.

CHATA implements YourMembership System

As of June 2017, CHATA has implemented its membership system allowing members to get exclusive information on this new portal. CHATA is the first association in the Caribbean to implement this followed by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association.

Language Courses

In September 2016, CHATA introduced it’s yearly language courses focusing on German, Spanish and Portuguese. Over 30 professionals received their certificate of completion.

InCuraçao 2017

Fortress Interactive NV presented the 2017 edition of CHATA’s official inroom magazine ‘’ In Curaçao’’.The new and improved hardcover visitors’ guide can be found in all the rooms of over 40 accommodations on the island and at other strategic locations. Fortress Interactive focuses on sharing the great things Curaçao has to offer, while creating added value for the visitors

Introduction of Egates

Curaçao International Airport inaugurated a state-of-the art integrated Automated Border Control also known as the EGates, that will help with the challenges of expediting and facilitating the traveler airport clearence and make the airport even more welcoming to the eyes of all visitors. CHATA Annual Report  27


CHATA signed a MoU with The Curacao Tourist Board in presence of the then Minister of Economic Development Mr. Rhuggenaath for the Coherent, Effective and Efficient Development of our Tourism Industry in Curaçao.

Curaçao Culinary Team

The Curaçao Culinary Team shined at the Taste of the Caribbean in both 2016 and 2017. The team prepared delicious dishes bringing home the silver medals for the team competition.

Flavors of Curaçao - Bigger and Better

In October 2016 CHATA held its annual culinary event in the parking lot of the Hilton Hotel. Due to great reviews of the prior year CHATA decided to add an additional day to the event. During this upscale culinary event visitors had the opportunity to enjoy a wide array of dishes prepared by 30 restaurants. In addition to this Flavors of Curaçao also included a Caribbean cocktail bar with 3 international bartenders.The event was very well attended and enjoyed great reviews.

Other achievements

Member Meetings, Task Forces, Committees, Stars of the Industry. ~ 28  CHATA Annual Report

In Memoriam: Frank Maynard This year the tourism industry of Curaçao lost a passionate and inspiring individual. A true pioneer of the tourism industry that will surely be missed. Through his hard work, professionalism and ability to connect with his employees and colleagues he was able to touch many. Colleagues know him as a compassionate leader with a true passion for the tourism industry. Frank started his career in tourism in 1966 when he became an assistant manager at Country Inn (now Trupial Inn). From there he went to work for the Arthur Frommer Hotel and later for the Princess Beach Hotel as General Manager. After 28 years in the industry he took on a different role as the President of the Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association where he continued to be a driving force for the sector. Frank Maynard was a strong believer in the force of unity and advocated for increased collaboration within the sector and with other stakeholders. His legacy continues to live on through the groundwork he laid for our tourism sector.

CHATA Annual Report  29

Your Membership


Transparency - We engage in frequent dialogues with our members to inform them of our actions and to remain up to date on their concerns.


Leadership - We are recognized as the voice of the tourism industry. We develop innovative plans of action that set the tone within the tourism industry.


Expertise - Our research department provides you with up to date information, which contributes to the reliability of your trend forecasts and assists in gearing your product development in the right direction.



Vibrancy - Our pro-active approach to challenges and opportunities within the industry enables us to provide you with accurate and timely information.

Partnership - We promote strong Public, Private Partnership with all entities, to grow our tourism industry.

30  CHATA Annual Report

% Marketing discount from CHATA partners

Online vacancy feature list

Voice of the industry. CHATA connections PRICELESS


Concept: CHATA Design: CHATA Content: CHATA, CHATA Board, IBCTC, Deloitte, CTB, MEO, Editing: CHATA Photography: ESO, Theo Meijer, CHATA

International representation

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