CHATA Annual Report 2015 - 2016

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CHATA Annual report 2015-2016

CHATA taking the lead

Introduction If we look back on 2015 we would definitely classify 2015, as the year of hope and promises. Did we actually deliver on our promise? Did we actually accomplish all that we were targeting? CHATA, as the eyes and ears of the industry would like to voice its position on how the 2015 tourism industry developed.We started out the year with great industry results. Did you realize that we celebrated an average of 80% hotel occupancy during the 1st Quarter of 2015? We celebrated additional airlift with JetBlue, Air Canada, Air Transat, Insel Air, KLM, TUI and others. We even saw an increase in Tourism arrivals, Hotel ADR & REVPAR and CHATA membership.With so many positive achievements, how is it possible that we are not delighted with the results?

2015 was also a year of high hopes that was met with empty promises. We started out the year with an amazing vision. The vision included alignment of the tourism industry and its two most important entities CHATA & CTB. The vision included the development of a “Strategic 5 Year” tourism MASTERPLAN.The vision included a stronger approach on branding and destination awareness. The vision included an increase in hotel rooms with new development projects such as Hard Rock Hotel and Marriott Courtyard being part of the mix. Could it be that we are becoming an industry of high hopes, but no results? Could it be that we are not fulfilling our promises? What will it take for us to reach that next level of performance and destination development? Why is it that even though we see some positive results on individual levels within the tourism industry, we still have not fulfilled our potential? What are the steps we keep skipping? By all accounts we agreed, that a new master plan will give guidance and bring structure. Don’t we all agree that we can’t move forward without making some tough, but key decisions? Last year we said, CHATA must take the lead. At the same time, taking the lead comes with its challenges and opportunities. Taking the lead is standing for something. Our vision is clear and we are moving full force ahead.


“to deliver a visible, leading and effective (marketing) contribution towards a vibrant and sustainable Curaçao tourism/hospitality product”

4  CHATA Annual Report



Our Board

Your Membership Communication Dynamics


Tourism & Hotel Performance





Strategy & Focus

Meet our Stars


Ms. Dindial



Meet the Team


16 Q&A



CHATA Annual Report  5

2016 Board Officers: President & CEO Lizanne Dindial CHATA Chairman Will Vogels Lions Dive Resort Treasurer Jeroen Kibbelaar Impacto N.V. Directors: Cedric Nubul Hilton Curaçao Darren Law Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort Eduardo Reple Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort & Emerald Casino Frank Holtslag Floris Suite Hotel Irene Ferreira Trupial Inn Kenneth Canword Orco Bank N.V. Omar van der Dijs Licores Maduro Peggy Croes Curaçao Airport Partners Wilhelmus Ignacio Curaçao Airport Holdings

6  CHATA Annual Report

Board Officers: President & CEO Lizanne Dindial CHATA Chairman Will Vogels Lions Dive Resort Vice Chairman Jeroen Kibbelaar Impacto N.V. Treasurer Jeroen Kibbelaar Impacto N.V. Directors: Ben Hoijtink Wasserij Korsow Cedric Nubul Hilton Curaçao Eduardo Reple Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort & Emerald Casino Frank Holtslag Floris Suite Hotel Irene Ferreira Trupial Inn Jurgen Lippinkhof Insel Air Omar van der Dijs Licores Maduro Peggy Croes Curaçao Airport Partners Sander Winterberg Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort


CHATA Annual Report  7

CHATA’s Board currently consists of 11 fiduciaries representing 11 parties holding a CHATA membership. Board members are competent representatives of the CHATA members and are elected every 2 years to ensure that CHATA members are provided equal opportunity to have supervision and say in CHATA operations. Board members vacate their positions by rotation of 2 years, the current Board of Directors consists of a group of Board members that have been elected in 2014, and another group that has been elected in 2015. CHATA’s board, in conjunction with CHATA’s President & CEO, Lizanne Dindial, steer the association towards success by ensuring proper governance and by adopting and ensuring adherence to financial management policies. CHATA’s board has a dual mandate; The Board provides advice, guidance and moreover functions as a supervisory entity monitoring the association’s performance, enacting upon points of attention should this be required. As we are progressing into the 21st century, CHATA has understood and wholeheartedly embraced the good governance principle. The Board of Directors ensures that CHATA embraces good governance in its day-to-day operations by ensuring accountability, transparency and equitability. ~

8  CHATA Annual Report

The Role of our Board

CHATA Annual Report  9

Meet the Team Lizanne Dindial President & CEO

“Tourism is the most important economic pillar” As the President & CEO, Ms. Dindial reports to CHATA’s Board of Directors and oversees CHATA’s day-today operations and steers the association in the right direction. Ms. Dindial ensures the incorporation of a dynamic, innovative and vibrant management in CHATA’s operations.

Miles Mercera Director of Marketing & Product

“Passionate about further developing our tourism product” Mr. Mercera is in charge of CHATA’s strategic management and oversees the active engagement in all markets, identifies growth and development opportunities. Mr. Mercera furthermore engages in International relations and other Industry matters.

10  CHATA Annual Report

Selina Maduro-Gumbs Marketing & Corporate Events Executive South American & Caribbean Market Specialist

“It’s all about bringing people together” Mrs. Maduro-Gumbs is in charge of all CHATA events, implying the proposal, organization, execution and review of the events while simultaneously ensuring the retention of existent CHATA members through member specific program development. Mrs. Maduro-Gumbs, furthermore, specializes in the South American & Caribbean Market and holds the responsibility to ensure successful engagement in these markets. Elior Boeldak Corporate Communications Executive North American Market Specialist

“Communication drives CHATA’s dynamic identity!” Mr. Boeldak is in charge of CHATA’s communications and ensures that all communication matters are executed accordingly in order to convey CHATA’s actions to the relevant stakeholders. Mr. Boeldak furthermore specializes in the North American Market and holds the responsibility of successfully acquiring new members for CHATA. Victoria Liendo Marketing & Research Junior Executive European Market Specialist

“Data is the Key to our Future” Ms. Liendo is in charge of CHATA research and data collection, ensuring CHATA members receive the latest trends through Trend Reports, Trendwatches, Airline Pricing Strategy Reports and Adittionally, she ensures members’ new products are exposed through the CHATA Product Update. Ms. Liendo, furthermore, specializes in the European market and holds the responsibility to ensure successful engagement in this market. CHATA Annual Report  11

Communication Dynamics

12  CHATA Annual Report

CHATA is a dynamic association and incorporates its dynamics into its membership benefits. CHATA communicates latest developments that are beneficial information or can affect CHATA Members in any way through several mediums. CHATA communicates through its monthly Newsletter, frequent Newsflashes, Alerts on situations requiring precautions, and annual Hurricane Preparedness Kit. CHATA also focuses on keeping members informed on latest trends through its quarterly Trend Report, bi-monthly Pricing Strategy Report as well as through Trendwatches. CHATA gives members the opportunity to showcase their product through the quarterly Product Update. These mediums serve to keep our members informed through digital communication, CHATA also has numerous interactions with its members to accentuate the benefits of a CHATA membership. CHATA organizes a minimum of 3 Membership Meetings on annual basis, an annual marketing Retreat week in which members can express their concerns and brainstorm together with CHATA and the Curaçao Tourist Board on potential solutions to these points of attention. In addition to the Membership meetings and Marketing Retreat Week, CHATA also gathers the key influencers within its Membership portfolio in its Lunch with the CEO, in which concerns of the members surge. In order to tackle challenges, CHATA has several Task Forces in place acting as troubleshooters that advocate points of particular interest. CHATA also realizes that members require attention individually, and therefore regularly schedules one on one meetings with its members to provide a keen and listening ear and recognition of the members’ concerns while jointly brainstorming and, if necessary, working towards a solution.~ CHATA Annual Report  13

STRATEGY & FOCUS Sales & Marketing CHATA to become a lean and mean marketing machine that delivers value and leads to its members that will ultimately optimize revenue, CHATA to focus on its core business, which is to provide real membership value, research and data collection. This needs to be part of the daily activities of the association. Communication (Voice of the sector) CHATA to increase its visibility and recognition as the tourism expert by becoming more vocal and active.

14  CHATA Annual Report

Airlift CHATA to secure growth in airlift for the North American, European and South American Market by working closely with all existing airlines and actively search for new carriers together with CTB and CAP/CAH.

Product Development & Membership Create more value for Small Accommodations, Car Rentals, Attractions, Dive Schools, Restaurants and Tour Operators. Support all Safety & Security efforts and cleanliness projects. CHATA to become the true representative of the sector by accommodating the apartments, Restaurants, and all other entities in the industry.

Public & Private Partnership Working together is a must, on all fronts. CHATA to actively remind government, CTB and others on the importance of aligning our efforts and jointly invest in the markets.

CHATA Annual Report  15

CHATA President & CEO, Lizanne Dindial is a fearless and innovative leader conveying and incorporating a dynamic and vibrant management to the very core of CHATA. This interview provides an insight in CHATA Milestones under Ms. Lizanne Dindial’s management and her vision for- and commitment to CHATA. Q: 2015 and the first half of 2016 are now in hindsight, how do you reflect on this period? A: The period behind us is nothing more than a confirmation of the fact that we’re on the right path. We’ve organized more activities, introduced new concepts and continuously collected data and presented it in a beneficial way for our members which in return added more value for our members. Q: What achievement are you most proud of? A: The proudest achievement of the past year and a half is the Flavors of Curaçao. We’ve managed to organize a successful event with zero budget and attracted hundreds of visitors. This goes to show that the sky is the limit when you’re passionate and work as a team. The Flavors of Curaçao met its set goals and generated the funds which are being used to create awareness with NosTURismo. Q: How would you describe your 5-year tenure as CHATA CEO & President? A: Looking back at my 5 years as CHATA CEO & President I’m proud of the turn 16  CHATA Annual Report

around we’ve achieved. The association is much more dynamic and always ahead of the curve. We’ve managed to grow our membership continuously while being a marketing machine supplying our members with important data. CHATA has succeeded in having young, dynamic executives that have contributed in keeping the association modern and innovative.

accomplished so much. The future for CHATA is brighter than ever. We have a dedicated board and staff who are passionate about the tourism industry. These are, to me, key ingredients on which CHATA can build to continue to grow and surprise its members in a positive way. My hope is that CHATA can continue leading the way in creating a stronger bond between the public and the private sector.

Q: What would you like to accomplish in the remainder of your CHATA Presidency? A: For the remainder of my presidency I would like to see the second edition of Flavors of Curaçao come to fruition. I genuinely believe that this food festival can grow and become one if not the biggest in the Caribbean. Furthermore, I would like to continue building a solid relationship with our tourism partners and stakeholders because only by working together we will be able to achieve the goals set in the Tourism Master Plan. My ultimate goal for the rest of 2016 is to get more airlift to Curaçao in terms of a new airline or destination or an increase in flights from existing destinations. Q: Considering the fact that you are stepping down as CEO and President at the end of 2016, how do you foresee the future of CHATA? A: I can honestly say that I can step down feeling fulfilled due to the fact that we’ve CHATA Annual Report  17

Meet our Stars CHATA gives recognition to the Stars of the Tourism & Hospitality Industry through its quarterly “Stars of the Industry”. The top performers of the industry are awarded a certifficate for their outstanding performances.

Torbet Cedric(Blue Bay Curaçao), Martijn Stoelinga (Papagayo beach Club), Cindy Galarraga (Celebrations!), Sigfried Martina (Baoase Luxury Resort), Samantha Cepeda (Insel Air), Sharnesca Lebar (Curaçao Marriott Resort), Gedion Rosa(Hilton Curaçao), Monique Coronel (Avianca), Tashanara Ines (Floris Suite Hotel), Bianca Kromodihardjo (Sonesta Kura Hulanda Village), Marionela Bacuna (Papagayo beach Club), Landy Ruiz (Baoase Luxury Resort), Rikart Libier (Insel Air), Raquel Ed Dahbi Provence(Curaçao Marriott Resort), Ruthline Forbuis (Kura Hulanda Lodge), Ethlyn Machintosh (Avianca), Yackeisha Mercelina (Hilton Curaçao), Ramphis Paulina (Papagayo Beach Curaçao). Roberto Boerleider (Papagayo Resort), Tobias Nijkamp (Papagayo Beach Club), Nachedy Maria (Papagayo Hotel), Shannamay Bernadus (Hilton Curaçao), Ivette Muzo (Curaçao Marriott Resort), Santa Waterfort (Restaurant Gouverneur), Margaret Jhonson (Royal Sea Aquarium), Dinaiva Martina (FBTT), Iljairo Djaoen (Sunscape Resort), Caren Whyte (Blue Bay Resort), Anouk Pinedoe (Avila Hotel), Edseline Kronstadt (Papagayo Beach Hotel), John Santacruz (Papagayo Beach Club), Thishainy Kook(Hilton Curaçao), Alejandra Gonzalez (Royal Sea Aquarium), Ingrid Gibbes (Sunscape Resort), Sandra Mc Aully (Curaçao Marriott Resort), Mr. & Mrs. Meyer (Taxi Driver).

Sherman Clementina (Avila Beach Hotel), Rodney Pinedo (Baoase Luxury Resort), Maiklyn Johanna (Hilton), Nicole Coffie (Celebrations!), Marvin Baker (Curaçao Marriott Resort), Joisa Ricardo (FBTT Travel BV), Milo Eijs (FBTT Travel), Jerline Hortencia (Karakter), Odeth Johnson (City Suites), Miguel Gomes (Avianca), Charles Martina (Hilton Curaçao), Shanice Fullinck (Real Exclusive), Anabella Luciana (Curaçao Marriott Resort), Cristeny Speranza (Karakter),, Layssa Pimentel (City Suites), Franky Vandierendock (Zest Mediterean). Aura Ceron Erazo (Baoase Luxury Resort), Ramil Tuanggang (Kyoto Sushi & Grill), Asheline Emers ( Avila Beach Hotel), Sionaida Emerenciana (Karakter Curaçao), Marillin Reyes Fortuna (Floris Suite Hotel), Hetty van den Ouweelen (FBTT Travel B.V.), Swen Lake (Hilton Curaçao), Haddy Martiez Agamez (Curaçao Marriott Resort), Niradja Isei (Atlantis Adventures), Ernie Fetalino (Kyoto Sushi & Grill), Michelle de Kleine (So Wifi CCA), Marvien Boelbaai (Karakter Curaçao), Dajanara Lucas (Real Exclusive Curaçao), Laura Velthuis (FBTT Travel B.V.), Mayrene Winterdaal (Hilton Curaçao), Marc Trotter (Marriott), Maria Isabel Arboleda Velez (Hajimaru).

As of 2016, CHATA started recognizing young talents that stand out in our Industry. CHATA is proud to have given Richzjendall Wawoe, Davidson Mambi, Clinton Winklaar and Brayan Arroyo Norena their Stars of the Industry Certificate.

CHATA Annual Report  19

Financial Update

CHATA Annual Report  20

Statement of Financial position per December 31, 2014 December 31, 2015 December 31, 2014 assets ANG ANG Current assets

Cash and cash equivalants 299,821 236,956 Accounts receivable 86,317 170,168 Other receivables and prepiad expenses 14,877 8,834

Non-current assets

Tangible fixed assets 37,198 23,557 Intangible fixed assets 29,789 - Financial fixed assets - 19,181

Total assets 467,999 458,696 liabilities Current liabilities

Accounts payable 10,365 26,096 Other payables 35,923 29,940 Tax and social premiums 22,137 10,635

Equity 399,574 392,025 Total liabilities & equity 467,999 458,696

Statement of comprehensive income for the year ended 2015 December 31, 2015 December 31, 2014 Income ANG ANG Membership dues 802,070 777,641 Other income 193,747 44,429

Total Income 995,817 822,071 Expenses

Personnel Expenses 595,875 605,632 Offce expense 61,443 65,524 General Expense 74,767 97,704 Depreciation 8,530 4,211 Provision for doubtful debts 74,935 103,947 Membership developement 52,682 27,716 Product development & Marketing expenses 58,779 90,547 Project costs 63,492 -

Total expenses 990,503 995,280 Operating (loss)/income 5,314 (173,209) Net interest result

Result for the year





Financial Update

CHATA’s finance saw an increase in membership dues. Operational expenses were high, while membership development and product & marketing expenses remained well within budget. CHATA booked a positive result of NAF 82,484.00 including the provision for uncollectable receivables, CHATA ended with a result of NAF 7,549.00 for the year 2015. CHATA saw a 21% increase in income due to Flavors of Curaçao that booked NAF 33,000.00 in net results and the In Room Magazine that generated NAF 66,000.00 which was higher than the year before.


We have seen a slight decrease in the operational expenses of CHATA due to outsourcing of the finance department.

22  CHATA Annual Report

Accounts Receivable & Cash Flow The year 2015 ended with an accounts receivable balance of NAF 86,317.00. Of these outstanding receivables, NAF 75,266.00 is attributed to membership dues.

PwC Audit

Audit took place in February & March 2016, with a focus on a true and fair view of the financial position of CHATA.The audit included an analysis of CHATA’s financial performance and cash flows for the year.The audit was conducted in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards for Small and Medium size Entities. ~

Tourism Performance The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) reported a 3% growth in stay over arrivals in the year 2015. In total 468.442 stay over vistors were welcomed in the course of this year, naerly 14.000 additional overseas visits were registered in 2015. Last year we counted 454.558 arrivals. The year 2015 started very strong on the first quarter booking double digit frowth with 13% in January and 11% for both February and March, which was directly seen in the higher Hotel Occupancy. The second quarter of the yearexperienced a dowfall in June of 9% less visitors. The second quarter is also known as Curaçao’s tourism low season with May and June as the months when less visitors travel to Curaçao. As for the third quarter, a positive growth of 6% was measured in September. This is attributed to the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival. The slight decrease of 2% in August is the effect of the switch in festival days from the previous year. The last quarter of the year which started with slightly decreases in October and November, closed with a spike in arrivals in December. Remarkable is a difference of at least 16.000 visitors between the least and best performed months of 2015. Utilizing the ‘Turistika Model’, CTB and MEO calculated in terms of the contribution to our economy, that tourism contributed with a direct impact of $448.2 million in the year 2015.This is a 6% increase compared to the year 2014, when the direct impact from the tourism industry was $ 421.9 million. ~

Hotel Performance

Hotel Occupancy in 2015 was 71.4%, while in 2014 it was 68.6%. As compared to 2014 Hotel Occupancy has grown by 2.8%.Average Daily Rates have gone up from $146.32 in 2014 to $151.73 in 2015.The Revenue Per Available Room has increased with $7.86, being $108.30 in 2015 as compared to $100.44 in 2014. More information: ~

Total Tourism StayOver Arrivals: 468,442

Average Hotel Occupancy: 71.4%

Facts 2015 Average Daily Rate: $151.73

Revenue per available Room: $108.30

CHATA Annual Report  25


Fairs &

Tradeshows Website In Curaçao Small Acco Program


26  CHATA Annual Report

of Curaçao


Market Place Flavors #HotSeat


Industry/CHATA Achievements

at other strategic locations. Fortress Interactive focuses on sharing the great things Curaçao has to offer, while creating added value for the visitors and all tourism partners.The in-room magazine will be accompanied by the augmented reality app Zappar which enables the readers to access videos and get a glimpse of Curaçao.

Sustainability Conference

CHATA Organized in partnership withTUI, FundashonTAS,WAITT INSITUTE, PRIVA’S & GREENFORCE the tourism’s industry first Sustainability Conference.The keynote address was delivered by Fabien Cousteau, worldrenowned oceanographer and grandson of the late Oceanographer Jacques Cousteau.

CHATA in Room Magazine

Small Accommodation Program

CHATA successfully launched its small accommodations program for all accommodations with less then 40 rooms.A total of 25 partners joined the program within a period of 7 months.With this group of accommodations, CHATA increased its members but also launched a certification program, marketing plan and a dedicated landing page for the smaller properties in Curaçao on www.

Fortress Interactive NV presented the 2016 edition of CHATA’s official inroom magazine ‘’ In Curaçao’’.The new and improved hardcover visitors’ guide can be found in all the rooms of over 40 accommodations on the island and

CHATA Annual Report  27

events, accommodation and CHATA page. Be on the look out for more improvements and activities on the website in 2016.

New CHATA Signage

As part of the new CHATA brand, all members received a CHATA member signage in the new CHATA look and feel.The membership signage is to be used as a symbol of recognition as a member of CHATA.All members are expected to add this signage in the front/entrance of their business.

New CHATA Website

In January 2016, CHATA launched its new and improved website www.chata. org.The website was developed by CHATA-member Caribbean Legacy. The website is considered a new membership benefit offering additional value for all tourism partners.The website has been developed with an aim to attract both end consumer and businesses.The website includes a complete new home page, vacancies, 28  CHATA Annual Report

Active Participation at Fairs & International Tradeshows

CHATA attended several tradeshows and represented its members at Vakantie Beurs, ANATO, CHTA, Sales Missions, ITB, Meetings with Airlines,Wholesalers and many more! (All partners received aTrip Report).

CHATA #HotSeat

This year, CHATA introduced an interactive tourism discussion called #CHATAHotSeat. Participants included: Mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath (Minister of Economic Development & Tourism), Mr. Jim Hepple (President & CEO AHATA, Mr. Paul Kok (GM Avila Beach Hotel Curaçao) and Mr. Vincent VanderPoolWallace (STMP Project Leader).

CHATA successfully launched “NosTURismo” which if translated to English means OURtourism. CHATA firmly believes that tourism and destination development is a contribution of all us. Tourism does not have one owner, it is owned by the thousands of people living and working on Curaçao both directly and indirectly in our tourism industry. Fact is that our local economy is driven by tourism and Tourism is driven by our people. CHATA will be “capturing people doing what they love” without knowing that they are part of our tourism industry. Besides capturing, we are celebrating. Celebrating the passion and motivation that makes this tourism business happen!

Flavors of Curaçao - A Culinary Success!

CHATA celebrates Curaçao’s culinary diversity through its annual culinary food festival, Flavors of Curaçao. Last year’s edition featured 20 Restaurants and was held on World Tourism Day, September 27th, 2015. Due to the great success of the first edition, this year’s edition will be taking place on October 28th & 29th, 2016 with approximately 30 participating restaurants of Curaçao. In addition to these 30 restaurants, the Flavors of Curaçao will also include some culinary surprises to delight its visitors. Come celebrate our next Flavors of Curaçao event on October 28th & 29th. Kindly make sure to follow our Flavors Facebook Page for more information.

Other achievements

Member Meetings, Task Forces, Committees, Stars of the Industry and Partner in Curaçao Clean up. ~

CHATA Annual Report  29

Your Membership


Transparency - We engage in frequent dialogues with our members to inform them of our actions and to remain up to date on their concerns.


Leadership - We are recognized as the voice of the tourism industry. We develop innovative plans of action that set the tone within the tourism industry.


Expertise - Our research department provides you with up to date information, which contributes to the reliability of your trend forecasts and assists in gearing your product development in the right direction.



Vibrancy - Our pro-active approach to challenges and opportunities within the industry enables us to provide you with accurate and timely information.

Partnership - We promote strong Public, Private Partnership with all entities, to grow our tourism industry.

30  CHATA Annual Report

% Marketing discount from CHATA partners

Online vacancy feature list

Voice of the industry. CHATA connections PRICELESS


Concept: CHATA Design: CHATA Content: CHATA, CHATA Board, Business Factory, PwC, CTB, MEO, Editing: CHATA Photography: Marika Ringnalda, ESO, Selwyn de Windt, CHATA

International representation

97 meetings & networking opportunites Latest news and trends in your inbox CHATA Annual Report  31

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