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Issue 109 May 2009


A delighted Nairn Wyllie with the 55,000gns equal centre record priced bull SPORTSMANS COLUMBO at the closing Perth February Sale at the Huntingtower Centre





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Pictured on the front page: Dungannon The Supreme Champion, KILLADEAS COLLUM at 5,700gns exhibited by David Bothwell with judge, Sean McGovern and sponsor, Northern Bank’s John Henning See pages 15-16 Welshpool MIDAS CHARLIE the day’s Champion at 4,800gns See pages 19-20 Carlisle Senior Champion GOLDIES CHAMPION, sold for the day’s top price of 28,000gns See Pages 25-28

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CHAROLAIS RENAISSANCE CHAROLAIS RENAISSANCE Despite the credit crunch, the fortunes of the U.K livestock industry continue to strengthen, and Charolais cattle are in the vanguard of the British Beef industry. The cream of the British Beef industry has now come to the top as the political constraints have finally been thrown off. The faster growing Charolais cattle are in huge demand by both primary producers, and beef finishers, and this has led to a renaissance of the charolais breed resulting in record centre averages being set at the majority of the spring sale auction centres led by a £6,062 continental breed record average at the Perth February fixture for the 195 bulls sold. Market forces have definitely prevailed with near total clearance at mart centres, with several potential buyers going home empty handed. When there is a shortage of bulls forward and it is a sellers market it certainly brings enthusiasm to the breed. The sale of females has also been very strong resulting in more members joining the BCCS this spring than for a number of years. There has not been too many herd sales, or large numbers of quality females to really test the water, but for the quality cattle forward for sale they have met a ready market. Peter Old’s production sale has been the only real offering forward for public auction, with the cows and calves average £3,675. This type of trade with a packed ringside was more like the good old days. PRIVATE SALES AND SEMEN REGISTER The Private Sales Register published on the BCCS Web Site is becoming more popular with two herds being dispersed through this channel. So members wishing to sell bulls and females through this complimentary service should be aware of its existence, and any members wishing to buy cattle or embryos should regularly visit this section of the BCCS website on Likewise any members wishing to purchase semen to suit their particular requirements should check out the BCCS SEMEN CATALOGUE, where semen from 174 bulls is listed. This semen catalogue can be searched/sorted to find particular bulls to meet a specific herd requirements. For instance bulls with a minimum calving ease, calving ease daughters, 400 day growth, min eye muscle can be sorted by putting the various criteria in the EBV search criteria, or simply use the drop down box to sort the 174 bulls by one criteria. Since the 1st January there have been over 23,000hits on the semen catalogue alone. SCANNING AND PERFORMANCE RECORDING I make no apologies for once again pointing out to members that a £75+VAT ultra sound scanning credit is available for up to two visits per year, providing a minimum of five cattle are scanned per visit. Charolais breed plan recording members should also be aware (and have been previously notified) that as from the autumn 2009 sales, a terminal and self replacing index will not be published if a birth weight and ultra sound scanning measurement together with a check weighing has not been completed and they should ensure all raw data is entered with Pedigree Cattle Services, well in advance of the selected sale closing date. Any members wishing to join the scheme or requiring any information should contact Barbara Webster on 01738 622478. WORLD CHAROLAIS TECHNICAL CONFERENCE Ben Harman and myself recently represented the BCCS at the World Charolais Technical Conference held in Rockhampton, Queensland during the tri-annual Beef Expo. A full report will follow in the next edition however there were one or two points we learned which can give food for thought. The type of Charolais in Australia are developed for their market, which is quite different to the European domestic market. They require an animal which is early maturing with more fat cover. That aside the basic principles of good feet and legs, easy calving, and good milking females are top of their selection criteria, growth and fat cover are next. Also calving Charolais heifers at three years of age is now obsolete and seen as costly. The Aussie Charolais heifers calve down at 2 to 21/2 years of age. The Aussie debate argues that by 3 years of age the heifer is reaching maturity, and so because her growth requirements are less than a 2 to 21/2 year old heifer, the more nutrition can go into the calf, and so a bigger calf is produced. This is similar to a cow which has missed a calving, and has not lactacted a calf, whereby bigger calves can be produced. They select an easy calving bull for the heifer meeting, and some use a polled bull to introduce polling through the heifer matings. Apparently de-horning cattle is becoming an issue in Australia by the welfare lobby groups. The Aussie ethos is to breed their heifers young, and keep them working, so as to keep them profitable. No passengers are taken, and so the sub-fertile females are culled, leading to increased fertility in their herds. When selecting bulls for the first mating the Aussie customised Breedplan database is used to indentify bulls with low birth weight, and good calving ease. There is always food for thought gleaned from these visits. ROYAL SHOW AND AGM

The BCCS AGM will take place on Tuesday 7th July at 9a.m in the BCCS pavilion on the first day of the Royal show. This 3


will be the last Royal Show in its present format, but hopefully a major cattle event in some format will rise from the ashes. There has been enough editorial written in the agricultural press about the demise of this, the once most acclaimed agricultural show throughout the world. It is a tragedy that the Royal Show has been reduced to such a low bae. BCCS members should be aware that the Royal Show was the flag ship event of the Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE). The commercial company of RASE namely “Stoneleigh Park” continues to prosper. There is no question that the BCCS will not have to vacate our administration headquarters because the Royal Show has been terminated. SUMMER SHOW SUCCESSES The first of the summer shows are underway, and Charolais have started off with great success at the Royal Ulster Balmoral Show, SPORTSMANS COLUMBO exhibited by Gilbert Crawford and Joe Wilson won the interbred competition. The bull was then paired with GLENLEARY CATHY and won the inter-breed pairs competition, SANDELFORD CEARA then joined the team to win the group competition. The Charolais renassiance is well under way, and providing the British Charolais breeders produce cattle to meet the market requirements the future looks very rosy. The future is in the breeders hands. David Benson Chief Executive

New mart on course to open this summer - Stirling David Benson, Chief Executive, and Iain Millar, Chairman, visited United Auctions’ new mart in Stirling in February to see for themselves how the new location for the worldfamous “Perth Bull Sales” was taking shape. The Stirling Agricultural Centre at Hill of Drip will become the single centre of operations for the company’s Perth and Stirling businesses when it opens this summer. With 400 pens, a purpose-built Exhibition Hall for showing bulls and three rings, the new mart will offer a combined sales calendar of weekly sales of store and prime stock. Special sales will continue to have their own identity. David Leggat, Executive Chairman at United Auctions, said: “It’s an exciting time for Stirling and we were delighted to welcome David and Iain, on behalf of the British Charolais Cattle Society, for a first hand look. We’re looking forward to holding the Autumn Bull Sales at the new location for the first time this October. “Since their visit in February, the new mart has progressed well and is on course for completion this summer. The fabric of the building is wind and watertight with the installation of all doors and windows. The weighbridge and the majority of the steel pens are in, the balcony in the Exhibition Hall has recently been installed and the concourse and restaurant areas are steadily progressing. Work is also ongoing on the landscaping around the mart. “It’s very satisfying, in the company’s 150th year, to see 4

the creation of a brand new facility for all our customers and a national landmark for the agricultural industry in the UK.” The new centre is situated on the outskirts of Stirling next to Junction 10 on the M9 motorway, around 30 minutes from Edinburgh, Perth and Glasgow. The Autumn Perth Bull Sales will take place at the Stirling Agricultural Centre from Monday 19th to Wednesday 21st October 2009. The “Perth Bull Sales” will retain their name at the new venue. Pictured above the main entrance to the Mart

centre pictured is from Left to right: Iain Millar, David Benson, Russell McPherson, Project Manager - Elphinstone, David Leggat, Executive Chairman United Auctions Below: The pen layout

SALE REPORTS SPRING 2009 Perth - 18 February Charolais bulls meet explosive trade in Perth 55,000gns top, new centre all breed £6,062 average, 195 lots traded, 93% clearance Charolais met an explosive trade in Perth on Wednesday 18 February, where bidding peaked at an equal centre record of 55,000gns and a new all Continental beef breeds average of £6,062 was established for 195 lots traded, a figure representing 93% clearance.(190 lots were sold through the ring with a further 5 lots sold after the sale, and booked through the auctioneers office) The event marked a fitting end to the major pedigree beef fixtures at the centre where Charolais has reigned supreme with the highest number of all breeds of bulls sold and with the accompanying top average. A total of 7,691 Charolais bull have sold for the highest average of £3,883 during the Perth Huntingtower centre’s 19 year span at the breed society’s official fixtures within the multi-beef breed weeks staged in February and October. In addition, Charolais holds the centre breed record of 55,000gns on two occasions. “The event attracted what amounted to be the hottest trade ever at a UK centre and confirmed yet again Charolais’ leading role in the beef sector,” commented the British Charolais Cattle Society chairman, Iain Millar. “Breeders offered bulls to suit all pockets to buyers at the crammed ringside who travelled from as far a field as Orkney to Cornwall to take home a slice of the action which reflected the true demand for Charolais cross cattle in the commercial marketplace. Charolais crosses are not only continuing to demonstrate that unbeatable weight for age and superb rearing efficiency, but they are also enabling finishers to exploit their true genetic potential by taking them to heavier carcase weights in the unrestricted market. Consequently, Charolais is leaving enviable rewards for both suckler producer and finishers.” UA auctioneer, David Leggat added: “We’re thrilled, absolutely delighted. This was one of the best entries of quality cattle forward which attracted leading

commercial beef producers prepared to pay 5,000gns, 10,000gns or more for a bull, a trend that reflects today’s finished and cull cow marketplace. To attract another 55,000gns call was the icing on the cake.” The day’s top 55,000gns call was made for Sportsmans Columbo TI +29, SRI +38, a 19 month old first prize winner from the Cheshire based Boden and Davies partnership, Mellor, Stockport. The hotly tipped Columbo comprised a superb blend of genetics; he was the first son in the ring by the match priced 55,000gns Thrunton Voldemort, and he was out of a homebred cow by the 26,000gns Perth champion, Ugie Legend, while her great grand-dam was the 26,000gns female record holder, DeCrespigny Debutante. Tipping the scales at 1,095kg, Columbo had a 400 day weight within the breed’s top 1%. “Fantastic, we’re thrilled to bits,” commented Charlie Boden. “We knew Columbo was very special from day one because of the strength of his combined genetics; he goes back to DeCrespigny lines which have consistently bred cattle with scale, scope and style, and are the bedrock of

The day’s leader, SPORTSMANS COLUMBO at 55,000gns

MAERDY CHAMPIONLAD sold for the day’s second highest call of 28,000gns



good figures to match,” summed up herd manager, Iain Campbell. In fact, Swalesmoor invested virtually all their day’s takings in the one entry to join their 40 cow herd. Their topper at 8,000gns to Major David Walter, Balthayock, Perth was Swalesmoor Cracker TI +63, SRI +72, the highest Breedplan recorded entry in the Charolais Herdbook. He was a September 2007 born son by the 34,000gns Perth champion, Goldies Uppermost and out of Blelack Viola, a son of the 25,000gns Perth champion, Thrunton Socrates. The Campbell family, Ian and John and their father, Colin, Thrunton, Alnwick continued their winning success by lifting the overall supreme championship for the sixth time in 15 years, on this occasion with the aptly named Thrunton Crownprince TI +31, SRI +40. This 19 month old who was initially awarded the intermediate championship before going all the way, caught judge,

The Intermediate and Overall Supreme Champion, THRUNTON CROWNPRINCE made 20,000gns

our 70 cow herd.” Columbo is scheduled to work across two herds with a total of 110 pedigree cows after being secured in a two way bid between Gilbert Crawford, of Maghera, Derry and breed newcomer, Joe Wilson, Newry, County Down. “This bull has got to be the best I’ve seen in the 50 years I’ve been travelling to Perth,” said Mr Crawford. “He’s got something about him; muscle and power combined with style and class. The fact he’s by Voldemort made him that little bit more appealing.” The event witnessed the much awaited arrival of the first sons by Thrunton Voldemort who was purchased by Mr Boden and Flintshire vet, Esmor Evans, Mold, in a two way split for a new 55,000gns centre breed record back in February 2006. Mr Boden’s other two Voldemort sons sold to average 6,500gns, while Mr Evans’ three entries levelled at 6,000gns. Maerdy Esmor Evans’ much admired Championlad TI +32, SRI +36 attracted the event’s second highest call of 28,000gns from Columbo’s under bidders, Swalesmoor Charolais, Eaglesfield, Dumfries. This 18 month old first class prize winner with a TI and SRI within the breed’s top 10%, was by Vald’or-ra and out of a homebred dam by the noted bull Maerdy Grimaldi. “Championlad is just very correct throughout; power, tremendous quality, great legs, a lovely character and with


THRUNTON CONDOR at 12,000gns John Campbell, the Balthayock herd manager`s eye shortly after he came into the ring. “I found two tremendous bulls in the one class, however it was Crownprince who stood out in the first turn around; he demonstrated the real qualities of a Charolais bull – he had power, strength and volume; he really filled the eye.” Crownprince was also among the Campbells champion group of three. For the Campbells, the fixture marked yet another memorable occasion which witnessed them selling their entire string of 15 entries forward to average close on 7,000gns. “We’re really delighted as a family to be taking the silverware back home to Northumberland,” commented Ian, “We’re also pleased to see Thrunton’s genetics continuing to perform well for other Charolais breeders.” Crownprince is by Burradon Talisman and a paternal brother to Thrunton Voldemort, while he is the first bull calf out of a homebred dam going back to the 25,000gns Perth supremo, Mowbraypark Orlando who has bred three of the Campbell’s Perth sales supreme champions. Crownprince who was within the breed’s top 1% on 400 day weight and SRI at +46, and top 10% TI at +31, was secured for 20,000gns, the day’s third highest call, by John Wilson and Sons who run the 60 pedigree cow Kinclune herd at Glenkindie, Alford. 6


Top Picture: Ian Campbell, Thrunton right, and Peter Howells, Gwenog receive the Overall Supreme and Reserve Championship awards respectively from Sponsors, Bank of Scotland’s Sandy Hay; BCCS President, Peter Vasey and left, judge, John Campbell and his wife Joan Middle left: The Bank of Scotland sponsor and John Campbell congratulate Kevin Thomas, and family with Keith Roberts and John Irvine for their Senior Championship winners MOELFRE CHICAGO (Senior Champion) amd INVERLOCHY COLONEL (the Reserve Senior Champion) Middle right: Ian Campbell (right) with THRUNTON CROWNPRINCE and Peter Howells with GWENOG CAPTAIN were Intermediate and Reserve Intermediate Champion, and ultimately the Supreme and Reserve Supreme Champion Bottom left: Will Shortt’s WOODPARK CAESAR shown by Moses Irwin won the Junior Championship ahead of Hamish Goldie’s GOLDIES CRACKERJACK The THRUNTON team of THRUNTON COLONEL (7,000gns) THRUNTON CROWNPRINCE (20,000gns) and THRUNTON COMMANDO (7,000gns) all sired by Burradon Talisman once again won the group of three bulls by one sire 7


Perth including with Pedr Thumper, who was the same way bred as Captain, he stood in exactly the same overall reserve championship slot and made 31,000gns. Captain was by the 16,000gns Blelack Tycoon and out of a homebred dam by the 18,000gs Derryharney Outstanding. Peter Howells’ next best at 8,500gns was Gwenog Champion, another 20 month old Blelack Tycoon son and out of a Derryharney Outstanding sired dam. The buyers were Messrs Brewis, Chester Hill, Belford. Peter Heath, Hartfield, East Sussex was enjoying his best ever day at Perth in more than 20 years of regularly making the 1,000 mile plus round trip. Leading lot at 20,000gns was Sackville Casanova TI +34, SRI +40, a 19 month old by Balthayock Longbow and out of a homebred dam going back to DeCrespigny Regent. He was secured by John Jeffrey, Kersknowe, Kelso to run with his 60 cow herd. “Casanova is a very well fleshed bull


The Campbells went on to offer their next best at 12,000gns twice. First to go was Thrunton Condor TI +20, SRI +25, a Solwayfirth Union son and out of a homebred dam by Maerdy Location. He went to run with Jim Warnock’s suckler herd based at Broughton, Biggar. The Campbells second 12,000gns bid went to Thrunton Classic TI +22, SRI +30 an 18 month old first prize winner by Talisman and out of a homebred cow by Mortimers Politican. He sold to Peter Howells, Llanwenog, Llanybydder to join the Pedr and Gwenog herds amounting to 45 cows,which he manages with his father, John. Earlier on in the day, Peter Howells went a long way to recouping his spend when he sold the 20 month old Gwenog Captain TI +25, SRI +33, for 10,000gns to James Forbes and his sons, Hamish and Euan, to run with their 30 cow pedigree herd and 400 sucklers based at Nairn. It was Captain who 24 hours earlier had been cited by judge, John Campbell as the second ‘tremendous’ bull in the show ring and he followed Thrunton Crownprince all the way through the lines to stand in reserve intermediate position and finally take the overall reserve supreme championship. “I was chuffed to bits, if not just a little surprised,” said Peter who in the last six years has made several successful 900 mile round trips from Ceredigion to

GWENOG CAPTAIN at 10,000gns, the Reserve Intermediate and Overall Reserve Supreme Champion


with a very good back end and coupled with phenomenal figures,” said Mr Jeffrey. His Terminal Index, Self Replacing lndex and his Calving Ease Direct EBV were all within the breed’s top 5%. Mr Heath’s one and only other entry, Sackville Claudius TI +40, SRI +47, a 16 month old youngster and first class prize winner made 18,000gns in a two way split to father and son team, Drew and Bob Adam, Newhouse of Glamis, Glamis, Forfar and Bill Bruce, Balmyle, Meigle. Claudius was a straight replacement for his maternal brother, Sackville Adonis who was secured for 14,000gns by the same partners and recently suffered an accident while working in their combined herds of 130 cows. “Adonis’s progeny are doing well, four lots have sold to average around the 8,000gns mark today, so we agreed to invest in Claudius; he has size, shape and accompanying good figures.” The Adams highest entry at 9,000gns was the first class prize winner, Newhouse Challanger TI +28, SRI +32, to Bob Leggat, New Pitsligo, Aberdeen. This Adonis son was out of a homebred cow by the 28,000gns Perth champion, Brampton Nacodar. Heading a string of entries from Neil Massie and his son, Graeme, Dinnet, Aboyne was Blelack Crusader 8

SALE REPORTS SPRING 2009 TI +41, SRI +51, a June 2007 born Thrunton Socrates son and out of a homebred dam by Blelack Percy. He made 13,000gns to Jan Boomaars, Woldingham, Surrey. Another Socrates from the same breeders, this time the 19 month old Blelack Colonel TI +36, SRI +37, out of a homebred cow by Balthayock Lombardo made 12,000gns to Adrian Ivory, Meigle, Perth. The final of four, 12,000gns calls was made by Messrs Fraser and Sons, Glenlivet, Ballindalloch for Derryharney Carryon, a 19 month old Glenbridge Andrew son and out of a homebred dam going back to Simpsons Gregg. Bred and exhibited by Harold Stubbs, Lisnaskea, County Fermanagh, Carryon was no stranger to the ring having been awarded intermediate and overall reserve male championships at the NI Charolais Show, Fintona. Dundas Condor TI +41, SRI +49, the sole entry from JM Gilchrist, Crawford, Biggar made 10,000gns to Greig (Farms), Gateside, Fife. Condor was by Kelton Trident and out of a homebred dam going back to Roscrea.

Selling with another 10,000gns price tag was Glenericht Champ TI +25, an August 2007 born entry from WK and P Drysdale, Blairgowrie, Perth. Sired by Balnuith Valour, he sold to I Mitchell, St Andrews, Fife. Kevin Thomas was another Welshman who was enjoying his best ever 900 mile round trip to Perth in its 19 year history. On Tuesday, he collected his first ever championship title by heading the senior section with Moelfre Chicago TI +32, SRI +35, a rising two year old by Major and out of a Ffynnon cow who goes back to Moelfre Nest, one of the herd’s 90 breeding cows based at Newcastle Emlyn. Chicago was bid to 8,500gns by Messrs Renwick, Dundonnell, Ross-shire. Mr Thomas went one better with the 18 month old Moelfre Capital TI +27, SRI +33, when he made 9,500gns to Messrs Millar, Tealing, Dundee. Capital was a Gretnahouse Vigorous son and out of a homebred cow by Blelack Ladysman. Later in the day, one of Drew and Bob Adams’ Adonis sons caught Kevin Thomas’s eye; he went on to pay 8,500gns for Newhouse Chicago TI +33, SRI +37, a 19 month old whose homebred dam goes back to

2 4


3 1. The judge John Campbell a picture of concentration 2. John Campbell makes his final decision and selects Thrunton Crownprince as the Champion 3. A packed ringside watching the judging 4. The alley ways were full prior to the sale of the bulls


5. The top priced females at 4,400gns was THRUNTON ANGEL and her Solwayfirth Union heifer calf THRUNTON DILYS 9




the 24,000gns Mowbraypark Torpedo. Hamish Goldie, Ruthwell, Dumfries once again turned out a consistent string of quality entries with nine lots selling to virtually match the sale’s overall average at £6,042. Leading the line up at 9,500gns was Goldies Concord TI +40, SRI +48, an 18 month old by the 10,000gns Balthayock Ulex and out of Goldies Veil, full sister to the 34,0000gns Perth supremo, Goldies Uppermost and who goes back to the 16,000gns Perth champion, Maerdy Naser. Concord went home with Mountquhanie Farms, Cupar, Fife. Twenty four hours earlier, Mr Goldie found himself in reserve junior slot, the exact same position as 12 months earlier, this time with Goldies Crackerjack, a 16 month old youngster by Goldies Vicechancellor, a full brother to Uppermost and out of a homebred dam sired by Derryharney genetics. Crackerjack made 6,500gns to Messrs Barclay and Sons, Garvock, Laurencekirk. The first of four entries to come under the hammer sold for 9,000gns was Edenhurst Colorado TI +27 from Peter Vasey, Wetheral, Carlisle to Nether Balfour, Drumoak, Banchory. This rising two year old by Doonally New, was out of a homebred dam goes back to Billingley lines. Next at 9,000gns was Ronnie Baillie’s (Toab,


BLELACK COLONEL at 12,000gns

Orkney), Baillieston Calypso TI +39, a 20 month old Dingle Hofmeister son and out of a Moyness President sired homebred cow. He returned to Orkney with Messrs Johnston, Shapinsay. Yorkshire breeders, Mike and Margaret Atkinson, Kirkby Malzeard, Ripon were in the money when they offered their Mowbraypark Conqueror at 9,000gns to

SACKVILLE CLAUDIUS made 18,000gns 10

SALE REPORTS SPRING 2009 The breakdown of the sale comparing the price with the self-replacing and terminal indexes is as follow: Top 25% SRI 30+ 112 @ £6,910

SELF-REPLACING INDEX (SRI) Average - Top 25% Below Average SRI 25-29 SRI 24 and less 33 @ £5,876 36 @ £4,544

Top 25% T125+ 97 @ £7,251

TERMINAL INDEX Average - Top 25% TI 21-24 40 @ £5,895

(TI) Below Average 20 and less 44 @ £4,333

Non-Recorded 11 @ £3,798 Non-Recorded 11 @ £3,798

The performance figures speak for themselves, and help reinforce bull selection decisions. It was interesting to note that pedigree breeders selecting bulls were having a hard look at the calving ease and calving ease daughters information when selecting their herd sire.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Range (gns) Boden & Davies Ltd (Sportsmans) 5,200-55,000 RM Adam & Son (Newhouse) 5,500-9,000 DE Evans (Maerdy) 2,600-28,000 JHC Campbell & Sons (Thrunton) 3,000-20,000 NF Massie & Sons (Blelack) 2,500-13,000 Hamish Goldie (Goldies) 3,500-9,500 Swalesmoor Charolais (Swalesmoor) 3,000-8,000 Duncan MacGregor (Corrie) 2,000-8,500 NR Barclay (Harestone) 3,500-8,500 Michael Massie (Elrick) 3,000-6,200

No.Sold 5 5 13 15 12 9 5 4 8 5

Average £ 16,590 8,022 7,520 7,238 6,099 6,043 5,565 5,433 5,329 5,187

Messrs Leiper, Ponteland, Newcastle. Their 17 month old was by the noted Killadeas Jack sired son Mowbraypark Paramount and out of a dam bred from homebred lines. Another Parmount son, this time Mowbraypark Councillor TI +25 sold earlier in the day for 8,000gns to Messrs Wilkie and Sons, Westhill, Aberdeen. A first class winner, he was out of a homebred dam by Brampton Chopper.

Nine entries commanded a 8,500gns price tag. First to go was the May 2007 born Inverlochy Colonel TI +30, SRI +37, from father and son team, John and Raymond Irvine, Tomintoul, Ballindalloch, Banffshire. Sired by the 6,200gns Gower Versace, he was out of Inverlochy Parish, one of the 50 cow herd’s best bloodlines. The Irvines repeated their previous success in Perth by taking home for the second time the reserve


DUNDAS CONDOR at 10,000gns 11


senior champion award, this time with Colonel. The buyer was Yorkshire breeder, Billy Turner, Skelton-on-Ure, Ripon. Another 21 month old entry commanding an 8,500gns bid was Corrie Cavalier TI +34, from Duncan MacGregor, Kilsyth, Glasgow. A Harestone Tadorne son and of a homebred dam by the 12,000gns Midlock Parker, he sold to Messrs Watson, Durris, Banchory. Near neighbour, Neil Barclay, Crathes, Banchory offered his best, Harestone Concord TI +32 a 19 month by Harestone Tyrol for 8,500gns to Messrs Hogg, Gifford, East Lothian. The Bothwells, Stuart and his son, David made yet another worthwhile trip across the water from Ballinamallard, County Fermanagh, this time with two 18 month olds both by Dunlon Ulick. First at 8,500gns to Wynne and Diane Rees, Llangurig, Llanidloes was Killadeas Contact TI +30, SRI +34, a full brother to the 13,000gns Perth champion Killadeas Barney. Following on closely at 8,000gns was Killadeas Cognac TI +26, a half brother to Barney; the buyers were Messrs Davie, Denny, Stirling. Carwood Cannon TI +27, SRI +33, commanded an 8,500gns bid for Mr and Mrs Colin Wight, Biggar from Messrs Thomson, Aberfeldy. This 17 month old entry was by Kelton Trident and out of a homebred cow by Simpsons Gregg. The final 8,500gns call came towards the end of four and a half hour stint, from Messrs Anderson, Fortrose, Ross-shire for the junior champion, Woodpark Caesar from Will Short, Omagh, County Tyronne. “I’m absolutely delighted,” he said. “I’ve been coming over to Perth for 10 years and this week, my lifelong ambition has almost come true.” Caesar was Mr Short’s first calf by the 19,000gns Corrie Alan and of a homebred dam by Doonally New from his 40 cow herd.



Averages: 195 bulls £6,062


Above: GLENERICHT CHAMP at 10,000gns Auctioneers: United Auctions Right: GOLDIES CONCORD at 9,500gns


SALE REPORTS SPRING 2009 Left: The Reserve Junior Chammpion GOLDIES CRACKERJACK at 6,500gns Right: BAILLIESTON CALYPSO at 9,000gns


Left: EDENHURST COLORADO at 9,000gns Right: Reserve Senior Champion INVERLOCHY COLONEL at 8,500gms

Left: Supreme Junior Champion WOODPARK CAESAR at 8,500gns Right: KILLADEAS CONTACT at 8,500gns 13

SALE REPORTS SPRING 2009 ABERDEEN - 25 February Judge: Mr J.T Wilson - Charolais Thainstone Record Breakers John Wilson’s KINCLUNE COMMANDO (s. Caylers Solomon) set a Thainstone centre record price of 8,600gns, and the Charolais breed sale set a record average price of £5,180 for the 12 bulls sold. The top priced bull was purchased by G McBain, Ardleivie, Carbrach, Huntly. Kinclune also produced the breed champion, with the 6,800gns KINCLUNE CLASSIC. Sired by Moyness Vichy, he was purchased by Messrs Mackie, Milton of Noth, Huntly. At the same price Mike Massie sold his first prize winning bull, ELRICK COLOSSUS (S. Blelack Roger) to R & E Chapman, West Cochmuir, Strichen. Wilson and Geraldine Strachan won the Reserve Championship with BALMAUD COMMANDER (Ss. Maerdy Tank) and he was cashed for 5,400gns to W & V Leith, North Crannock, Crossroads, Keith.

KINCLUNE COMMANDO made 8,600gns (left), Another from Kinclune, The Champion Charolais, KINCLUNE CLASSIC made 6,800gns (right)


1. PRIVATE SALES OR NON-SOCIETY SALES. If a member sells registered Charolais cattle to another BCCS member, or non member, signature from the vendor authorising the sale is required in order for the office staff to process the transfer of ownership and issue the transfer of ownership pedigree in the new ownership. (Transfer of ownership forms are available free of charge on request from the Society Office) A fee of £20 + VAT is payable by the new owner to complete the transfer. N.B A cow and calf up to 10 months of age is classified as one unit. 2. TRANFSER OF OWNERSHIP FROM OFFICIAL SOCIETY SALES Cattle purchased from Society Sales will be transferred automatically to the new owners, if they are already members, on receipt of the sale sheets from the BCCS official auctioneers. Non-members will be contacted directly from the Society Office Staff. All Cattle sold at Society Sales are transferred free of charge.


The registration period for Charolais calves is within 60 days of the date of birth of a calf. The Council of Management has passed a bye-law that from 1st January 2004 a late fee of £25 + VAT will be imposed on all calves registered outside the 60 day period. 14

SALE REPORTS SPRING 2009 DUNGANNON - 7 March NI Charolais meet record demand in Dungannon Top 6,100gns; record £3,332 NI breed average;98% clearance

Charolais met a record demand underpinned by the commercial sector in Dungannon on Saturday 7 March at the breed society’s NI club spring show and sale where bidding peaked at 6,100gns and a record NI breed average of £3,332.50 was achieved together with 98% clearance, 46 out of the 47 entries found buyers. “This fixture’s insatiable demand for bulls was driven by the commercial sector’s confidence in Charolais’ ability to deliver calves with superior growth rates through to traditional finishing weights and beyond the former 400kgs barrier, and continue to grade within the specification,” commented the society’s The Supreme Champion, KILLADEAS COLLUM at 5,700gns exhibited David Benson. by David Bothwell with judge, Sean McGovern and sponsor, Sale leader at 6,100gns was Northern Bank’s John Henning Atnaveigh Cracker, a 16 month old Chico from J McBride, Strabane commanded another Doonally New son and out of a Gretnahouse sired dam 4,500gns bid, this time from M Wright, Lisnaskea. from S and R Thompson, Newry, County Down. Cracker The first lot in the ring, Dunmore Cracker, a rising who earlier on had been awarded the reserve supreme two year old by Goldstar Vladamir from D Campton, and junior male championships, was knocked down sold Cookstown attracted a 4,000gns call from A Douglas, to Colin Hamilton, Castlederg. Limavady. Two more lots sold to 4,000gns each, with the The day’s second highest call at 5,700gns was next in the ring Tamnamore Cody, an 18 month old Uranus made for the supreme champion, Killadeas Collum from son changing hands to J Burke, Derrylin. The final Stuart and David Bothwell, Ballinamallard, County 4,000gns entry, Riverview Cracker, a 17 month old Fermanagh. This 19 month old Dunlon Ulick son and out Doonally New son offered by Neville Hicks, Enniskillen of a Brampton Embark daughter went home with Brian sold to A Stevenson, Ballymoney. Pedlow, Lurgan. The female trade was led at 1,800gns for Melvin Two entries shared a 5,000gns price tag. First to Bessie from HA Kerr, Ballinamallard, This November 2006 go was Brogher Cracker, an 18 month old by Doonally born Dartonhall Viking daughter out of a Grove Enterprise New and out of a home bred dam by Oldstone Egbert. sired dam sold to Eric Connor, Maghera. Cracker who was in the breed’s top 5% on both Terminal

Index, TI +34 and Self Replacing Index SRI +41, was bred by Trevor Phair, Enniskillen and sold to A McGill, Carnlough. The day’s second 5,000gns bid was made by Edward McErlean, Portglenone for the 16 month old Tarabe Collin, a Royal Picasso son out of a Blakestown dam bred by B and J Buchanan, Hillsborough, County Down. Two lots were bid to 4,600gns each. Dartonhall Corrie, a 16 month old by Doonally New from John Erskine, Killylea, County Armagh made 4,600gns to David Finlay, Ballygowan. The second 4,600gns call went to the day’s reserve junior champion, Coolnaslee Clifton from Gordon Cutler, Enniskillen. This 15 month old youngster was by Allanfauld Superscot and out of a Shoyswell bred cow. He sold TO Hazel Morrell, Coleraine. Next at 4,500gns was the 17 month old Aughafad Caleb, an Allanfauld Vagabond son from RH Sinnamon, Pomeroy to W Smyth, Limavady. Minutes later, the November 2007 born Burradon Talisman son, Moorlough

Averages: 46 bulls £3,332.50; six females £1,645 Auctioneers: Dungannon Farmers’ Mart


ALTNAVEIGH CRACKER, the Junior and Overall Reserve Champion at 6,100gns


BROGHER CRACKER sold for 5,000gns

TARABE COLLIN sold for 5,000gns

DARTONHALL CORRIE sold for 4,600gns

COOLNASLEE CLIFTON sold for 4,600gns

AUGHAFAD CALEB sold for 4,500gns

DUNMORE CRACKER sold for 4,000gns

Right: RIVERVIEW CRACKERJACK sold for 4,000gns

Charolais Breeders will see the benefit of performance recording their cattle. As from 1st April 2007 performance recording was carried out by ABRI. For nonrecording members wishing to performance record their cattle please phone Barbara Webster on 01738 622478 16

SALE REPORTS SPRING 2009 MOYNTON SALE - 4 April Moynton Charolais sell to 5,600gns

Charolais met a buoyant demand selling to 5,600gns at the Sedgemoor Auction Centre, Bridgwater on Saturday 4 April at the ‘Retirement Sale’ of the renowned Moynton herd owned by Peter Old and managed by Mike Yeandle. “The ringside was standing room only with breed enthusiasts, who are more than aware of the commercially led demand for Charolais, both for crosssbred calves and finished stock, as well as the barren cow trade for Charolais cows. In fact the Charolais breed is going through a renaissance since the export beef trade restrictions have been lifted,” commented the British Charolais Cattle Society’s David Benson. Sale topper at 5,600gns was Moynton Caspar, a two year old bull by Seawell Offshore and out of Moynton Violetta. He went to join Ann OrrEwing’s Foxacre herd based at Purton, Swindon. The 13 month old Moynton Dante, another same way bred bull, sired by Offshore and out of Violetta made 4,000gns to commercial producer, Andy Crane, Brayford, Barnstaple. Dante is within the breed’s top 5% on Self Replacing Index, with an SRI +39. Two more Offshore sons were among the catalogue’s leading prices. Next at 4,600gns was Moynton Crispin SRI +39, a rising two year old out of a homebred dam by Balthayock Nougat. He was knocked down sold to AS Cowling, Clatworthy, Taunton. A bid of 4,100gns secured Moynton Carlton SRI +39 for J Wylde, Woolavington, Bridgwater. This two year old Offshore son went back to Moynton Marianne, full sister to the herd’s most successful show cow, Moynton Freesia who amassed 15 interbreed championships in her career, along with three times winner of the best exhibitor bred title at The Royal. The day’s female trade was led at 4,200gns for Moynton Unique, a six year old cow by Pti Prince, and sold with her five month old heifer calf, Moynton Dominique, by the 16,000gns Perth reserve junior champion, Balmyle Vagabond. The pair went to join Kevin Thomas’ Moelfre herd, Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthen. Minutes later, Mr Thomas invested 3,700gns in Moynton Adella, a four year old who is within the breed’s top 10% at TSI +32, SRI +37. She was sold in calf to Burradon Talisman, sire of the 55,000gns Perth champion, Thurnton Voldemort. At 3,000gns, Mr Thomas also secured the sale’s highest maiden heifer, Moynton Cerise, a two year old by the 45,000gns Thrunton Ideal. Two lots shared a 4,000gns price tag. First to go was Moynton Celine TSI +40, SRI +43, an eight year old successful show cow. Sired by Dingle Hofmeister and out of a Stirling bred cow going back to the Burke Trophy winning Chesham Hercules, she was sold in calf to Talisman. The buyers were James and Vanessa Webb, Billesdon, Leicester. The second 4,000gns bid secured Moynton

MOYNTON CASPAR led the day’s trade at 5,600gns

Bonnie TSI +37, SRI +40, a three year old Inverlochy Resolve daughter for Griff and Carolyn Morris, Llanstephen, Carmarthen. She was offered with her recently born heifer calf by Seawell Offshore. Another cow and calf pair came under the hammer sold this time for 3,300gns to David Lewis, Llandysul, Ceredigion. Moynton Anetta TSI +31, SRI +38 whose homebred dam went back to Balthayock Nougat, was offered with her first calf, Moynton Donetta, a six month old heifer by Moynton Voltaire. A second 3,000gns call was made for Moynton Bijou TSI +28, SRI +34, a Moynton Stafford daughter offered with her newly born bull calf by Thrunton Ideal. The buyer was BG Clarke, Higher Ashton, Exeter. Averages: 12 cows in calf £2,397; five cows with calves at foot £3,675; nine maiden heifers £1,767; nine young bulls £3,733. Auctioneers: Greenslade Taylor Hunt Pictures courtesy of Farmers Weekly


MOYNTON UNIQUE. the female leader at 4,200gns

SALE REPORTS SPRING 2009 NEWARK - 11 April Charolais top Newark multi-breed trade at 3,600gns Charolais bulls were in demand commanding the day’s top 3,600gns bid in Newark on Saturday 11 April at Newark Livestock Market’s multi-breed show and sale. Sale leader at 3,600gns was Wesley Chieftan, an 18 month old Balthayock Aesop son and out of a homebred dam by the 20,000gns Perth champion, Thrunton Trojan. Chieftan who was within the breed’s top 15% with a TSI +23 and SRI +29, was bred by Wesley Estates, Markfield, Leicester and sold to G White and Son, Beesby, Alford. Wesley Estates offered the day’s next two highest entries. The 17 month old Wesley Cruiser TSI +31 SRI +36, another Aesop son and out of a homebred cow, this time going back The day’s leader, WESLEY CHIEFTAN at 3,600gns to Maerdy Rock was awarded the day’s championship before selling for a homebred cow by the noted Mowbraypark Paramount. 3,300gns to NAS Johnson, Bitteswell, Lutterworth. The female trade was led by a couple of two year A bid of 2,600gns secured Wesley Creditor TSI old heifers from Peter Donger’s Seawell herd, Foxley, +24 SRI +33 for Padray Farms, Rushden, Northampton. Towcester. Seawell Catwalk, who was by the 30,000gns This rising two year old was by Burradon Talisman, sire of Thrunton Voltage, made 2,300gns, while Seawell the 55,000gns Perth supremo, Thrunton Voldemort and Contour, by the 8,000 Perth junior champion Edenhurst out of another homebred dam by Maerdy Rock. Sterling commanded a 2,000gns bid. Both lots went home James and Vanessa Webb, Billesdon, Leicester with GW Jones, Brixworth, Northampton. offered 2,800gns for the reserve champion, Mowbraypark Cambridge TSI +24 SRI +29 from Mike Averages: 11 bulls £2,335.00; two females £2,150 and Margaret Atkinson, Kirkby Malzeard, Ripon. A 19 Auctioneers: UA and Newark Livestock Market month old, Cambridge was by Alwent Ulysses and out of

High Health Status Herds


For those Charolais members requiring information on joining a CHeCS approved Cattle Health Scheme, the details for the three available schemes are as follows: HERD CARE Tel: Fax: Email: Web site:

Please note that Semen Royalty Fees should now be sent into the office along with the registration fee for the relevant calf.

0131 445 6294 0131 445 6102

A list of Semen Royalty Bulls and their fees can be found in your Breeder’s Directory.

HI HEALTH (Scotland only) Tel. & Fax: 01463 811125 Email: Web site:

If you are on Direct Debit the fees will be taken from your bank account, please do not send a cheque

PREMIUM CATTLE HEALTH SCHEME Tel: 01835 822456 Fax: 01835 823643 Email: Web site: 18

SALE REPORTS SPRING 2009 WELSHPOOL - 16 April Charolais bulls command flying trade in Welshpool Two new centre all breeds records: 6,600gns top and £3,111 average Charolais met a flying trade in Welshpool on Thursday 16 April where bidding achieved two new centre all breeds records - a top of 6,600gns and £3,111 average for 40 lots traded at the breed society’s official spring show and sale. The event marked a fitting end to 35 years of pedigree Charolais sales at the mart prior to relocating to a new out of town auction centre before the end of the year, according to auctioneer, John Jones. “Over the years we have encouraged Charolais breeders to bring quality bulls to Welshpool and they are certainly being rewarded; the day’s bouyant trade generated by suckler men reflected the premiums their Charolais cross calves are consistently commanding at this centre,” he said. Sale leader at 6,600gns was the day’s reserve champion, Brynffanigl Cracker, an 18 month old from Bob Roberts and his son, Rheon who were enjoying the Welshpool all breeds centre record holder and Reserve second consecutive highest entry in Welshpool within Champion, BRYNFFANIGL CRACKER at 6,600gns five months. Cracker was by Derryharney Outstanding and out of a Blelack Ladysman sired homebred dam Cambaceres sold to Coleg Powys, Newtown. This entry from their 35 cow herd based at Brynffanigl Uchaf, was by the 55,000gns Thrunton Voldemort jointly owned Abergele. The buyers were Brian and Craig Davies who by Mr Evans and Charlie Boden, and out of a homebred run a 80 cow suckler herd at Rhayader. “Cracker was the cow by Maerdy Grimaldi. Two lots shared a 3,000gns pick of the day’s crop, he demonstrated everything in the price tag. First was Maerdy Cambodia, a Maerdy Vamp right places and we were determined to take him home,” son to HE Williams and Sons, Clun, Craven Arms. The said Craig. second 3,000gns bid secured Maerdy Colibri TSI +31, Next at 5,500gns was class winner, Bailea SRI +38 for Messrs Powell, Craven Arms. Cosmic, a rising two year old by Burradon Talisman, sire The day’s champion, Midas Charlie bred and of the 55,000gns Thrunton Voldemort and out of a exhibited by Roger Coppinger, Edstaton, Wem homebred dam by Doonally New. Bred by Brian Jones, commanded a bid of 4,800gns from WG Davies, New Hoel Senni, Brecon, he was knocked down sold to EM Cross, Aberystwyth. Sired by Burradon Talisman, this 18 Gittins, Llansadwrn, Menai Bridge. month old was out of a Burnaston bred cow going back to Flintshire vet, Esmor Evans was another breeder Oldstone Egbert. According to judge, Steven Nesbitt, enjoying one of his best ever day’s at Welshpool selling a string of 13 entries to average £3,404. His highest forward at 5,400gns was the 17 month old Maerdy Cambull, who was placed second in his class and was within the breed’s top 1% with a TSI +39 and SRI +41. Sired by Maerdy Padirac and out of a homebred dam by Maerdy Forum, he sold to DL Davies, Llanegryn, Towyn. Next at 5,200gns was Maerdy Corridor, a two year old, one of twins by Victorieux and out of a homebred cow by Maerdy Nelson. The buyer was H Powell, Rhayader. Two more Maerdy Padirac sons from Esmor Evans were among his top lots attracting a joint bid of 3,800gns. First to go was Maerdy Cambridge TSI +25, SRI +30, an August 2007 born bull out of a homebred cow going back to Maerdy Orateur. He sold to JLC Williams, Penmorva, Port Madoc. SW Hammond, Llanyre, Llandrindod Wells secured the second 3,800gns entry, Maerdy Cadlys TSI +42, SRI +47, a 17 month old whose homebred dam went back to Hermes. Three, 20 month old Maerdy bred bulls were next in the price stakes for Esmor Evans. At 3,250gns Maerdy MIDAS CHARLIE, the day’s Champion at 4,800gns 19

SALE REPORTS SPRING 2009 “Charlie along with the reserve champion, Brynffanigl Cracker were by far the pick of the top quality bulls suited to the commercial man. There was little between them, however Charlie just had the edge, with a better top and locomotion.” For Roger Coppinger, it was his most successful day in 15 years of attending Welshpool. He eventually went on to head the female trade with a 2,150gns for Midas Bambi, a two year old maiden and second prize class winner. Sired by Maerdy Polo, she was out of another Burnaston bred dam, this one going back to Killadeas Jack. She was knocked down sold to Wynne Rees, Llangurig, Llanidloes as a birthday present for his wife, Dianne. A bid of 4,300gns secured Pennal Carlos, a 17 month old bred by Alwyn Rees, Pennal, Machynlleth for JC Jones, Llanerfyl, Welshpool. Sired by Allanfauld Superscot, he was by a homebred dam by Oldstone Egbert. Forking out 4,200gns for Shraden Ceres TSI +34, SRI +35 was IWL Evans, Llanwddyn, Oswestry. Bred by Roger Everall, Shrawardine, Shrewsbury this October 2007 born bull was by Shraden Outstanding and out of a homebred dam from his 70 cow herd. Both sire and dam went back to the noted Mowbraypark Paramount. Mr Everall’s next best at 3,200gns was Shraden Chancellor TSI +23, SRI +30, a two year old Balthayock Matthew son and out of a homebred dam by Grove Enterprise. Chancellor went home with T Hughes and Sons, Old Radnor, Presteigne. At 3,600gns, the Langadfan, Powys based Roberts and Jones partnership sold their 20 month old Montgomery Calvin to O.I Roberts, Llandovery, Carmarthen. Sired by Suzeringie, he was out of a homebred dam by Shrawardine Murphy. Esgob Commanchero, the sole entry from Gareth Jones, Cwmtirmynach, Bala made 3,500gns to E and B Williams, Llannefydd, Denbigh. This 17 month old was a Roundhill Rocky son and out of a homebred dam by Grove Enterprise.

BAILEA COSMIC made 5,500gns


Averages: 40 bulls £3,111.56 Auctioneers: Welshpool Livestock Sales MAERDY CAMBULL at 5,400gns

SHRADEN CERES at 4,200gns

PENNAL CARLOSE made 4,300gns 20

SALE REPORTS SPRING 2009 BRECON - 23 April Charolais sell to 3,900gns in Brecon

Charolais bulls peaked at 3,900gns and achieved an 85% clearance at the breed society’s spring sale staged at Brecon on Thursday 23 April. Leading entry was the day’s supreme champion, Maerdy Caddug TI +30, SRI +33, a 17 month old by Maerdy Padirac and out of homebred dam by Glencardon Piper. Bred and exhibited by Flintshire vet, Esmor Evans, Mold, he sold to C Merrish, Barnstaple. The same vendor offered four more lots including two sharing a 2,800gns price tag. First to go was Maerdy Benzene TI +27, SRI +31, a two year old Victorieux son and out of a homebred cow by Maerdy Grimaldi. The buyer was DT Edwards, Brecon. Tudur Edwards with the judge Michael Minto, and the champion bull The second 2,800gns lot, MAERDY CADDUG Maerdy Crispian TI +25, SRI +32, was a 16 month old by the 55,000gns Perth supremo, Thrunton Voldemort and out of a homebred cow by Maerdy Nelson. Crispian was knocked down sold to W Davies and Sons, Brecon. At 2,300gns Esmor Evans offered Maerdy Corridale to RS Preece and Son, Hereford. This entry was a two year old by Victorieux and out of another Maerdy Nelson sired dam. Breed newcomer, Dyfrig Jones, Llandeilo sold the two year old Stanboro Clayton for 3,300gns to AR Crane, Barnstaple. Clayton was by Whitecliffe Tyson and out of a Thrunton bred cow going back to Caylers Humble. A bid of 2,200gns secured Edenhurst Bermuda TI +37, SRI +37 for MJN Farms, Market Drayton. This three year old offered by Griff and Carolyn Morris, Llanstephan was by the noted Mowbraypark Paramount and out of a cow going back to Rushmore Champagne. Another 2,200gns price tag accompanied Dyfrig Jones with his STANBORO CLAYTON Moelfre Cavalier from Kevin Thomas, Newcastle which sold for 3,300gns Emlyn. Sired by Gretnahouse Vigorous, this 18 month old was out of a homebred cow by Allanfauld Norseman and purchased by BG Morris, Builth Wells.


Averages: Bulls £2,467.50 Auctioneers: McCartneys

If there is any doubts over the parentage of a calf phone the office for a DNA Typing Sampling Bag. A wrong parentage can at a later date be found out and prove costly


SALE REPORTS SPRING 2009 HOLSWORTHY - 28 April Cosmo leads the way at 5,000gns

Kivells were once again delighted to welcome the South West Charolais Association back to Holsworthy Market for their 24th Annual Spring Show and

Sale. The judge for the day was Mr Richard Bickle of Westcott Farm, Dartmoor, who was delighted to be judge, who himself had bought 2 young Charolais bulls from the Moelfre herd of Kevin Thomas last Autumn. His pick of the day was ‘Balbithan Cosmo’ a 16 month old bull sired by Inverlochy Topsire and out of the Shoyswell Marlene cow, owned by Mr and Mrs White and shown by Jane Haw, himself having great style with good length and locomotion met a packed ring full of buyers from BALBITHAN COSMO - Overall Champion throughout the South and West with Led by Jane Haw with judge Mr Richard Bickle brisk bidding eventually sold for 5000gns to Messrs A S Brenton & Sons from St Keyne, Nancekivell & Son from Merton, Okehampton, eventually Near Liskeard in Cornwall. sold to suckler producer Mr James Medland from Reserve Champion also went to the Balbithan Tavistock in Devon. herd for ‘Balbithan Darcey’ a 15 month old bull, again sired Heading the heifer section was ‘Beanhill by Inverlochy Topsire and out of the Balbithan Uba cow. Constance’ a 19 month old Maiden heifer sired by Darcey was sold for 3550gns and is now joining the Coolnaslee Universe and out of Beanhill Victoria, Morgan herd belonging to Messrs C M Howard & Sons exhibited by Messrs R J & B E Kimber from Chippenham, from Devizes in Wiltshire. This making Jane Haw’s trip Wiltshire and selling for 1780gns to join the Warson herd from Swanage in Dorset, on behalf of the Balbithan herd, of Messrs W P Power from Coryton, Okehampton in well worth her while. Devon. The next highest bid was 3500gns for ‘Lovistone Chancellor’ a 2 year old bull sired by Penhole Samaritan Averages: and out of the Moynton Syringa cow, exhibited by Mr Brian 9 bulls £3101.11, 4 Maiden Heifers £1412.25

FORTHCOMING OFFICIAL SOCIETY SALES - 2009 CARLISLE Bulls/Females 9 October Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Borderway Mart, Rosehill, Carlisle Tel: 01228 406230 Fax: 01228 406231 20-21 October (Stirling) United Auctions, Perth Agricultural, Centre, East Huntingtower, Perth Tel: 01738 626183 Fax: 01738 636934 PERTH

DUNGANNON Females 5 October / Bulls 6 November Dungannon Farmers Mart, 90 Granville Rd, Dungannon, Co Tyrone, N Ireland WELSHPOOL Bulls/Females 12 November Welshpool Livestock Sales, The Smithfield, Mill Lane, Welshpool Tel: 01938 553438 Fax: 01938 554607 PETERBORUGH As Newark

Tel: 028 8772 2727

13/14 November Date to be announced

Visit to Charolais website for sales catalogues and results 22

SALE REPORTS SPRING 2009 PERTH - 4 May Charolais lead Perth multi-breed sale at 6,500gns

Charolais led the bidding at 6,500gns and achieved the day’s highest average of £4,022 at the multi beef breed show and sale staged in Perth on Monday 4 May. Sale topper was the day’s reserve champion, Thrunton Caledonian TI +24, SRI +27, a 22 month old by the 17,000gns Coolnaslee Universe and out of a homebred dam by Blanerne Fearless. Bred and exhibited by the Campbell family, Ian and John and their father, Colin of Thrunton Alnwick, he was knocked down sold to RT Phaup and Partner, Cocksburnspath, Berwick on Tweed. The Campbells went on to secure the next two highest bids. At 5,500gns they offered Thrunton Cassius TI +23, SRI +35, an October 2007 born entry by Burradon Talisman, sire of the 55,000gns Perth supremo, Thrunton Voldemort, and out of a dam by the noted Mowbraypark Orlando. He crossed the water to Islay with G and M Porter, Bridgend. Next at 4,800gns was the 22 month old Thrunton Commando, another Talisman son and out of a homebred dam also by Orlando. He sold to A and H Sim and Son, Monymusk, Inverurie. Sharing a 4,800gns price tag was first class prize winner, Newhouse Castoff TI +37, SRI +43 from father and son team, Drew and Bob Adam, Newhouse, of Glamis, Glamis, Perthshire to Aucheneck Farms, Killearn, Glasgow. This 17 month old was by the 14,000gns Sackville Adonis and out of a homebred cow by the 20,000gns Blelack Rustic. Two lots were bid to 4,500gns. First to go was the day’s champion, Coolnaslee Cardinal, a 22 month old by Allanfauld Superscot and consigned by Paul Stobart, Renwick, Penrith. He was knocked down sold to T Howden and Son, Balerno, Midlothian. The second 4,500gns call was made by Preston Hall Farming Company, Pathhead, Midlothain for Vexour Clive TI+39, SRI +47 from AJ Lyle, Midcambushinnie, Dunblane. Sired by the 7,000gns Maerdy Tally a former Young Bull Promotion Scheme sire, he was out of a Mortimers bred cow going back to Cleffany Spitfire. Averages: 13 bulls £4022.31 Auctioneers: United Auctions Ltd

Reserve Champion, THRUNTON CALEDONIAN at 6,500gns


The Autumn Perth Bull Sales will take place at the Stirling Centre from Monday 19th to Wednesday 21st October 2009.

The “Perth Bull Sales” will retain their name at the new venue. See page 4 for more info

Champion, COOLNASLEE CARDINAL at 4,500gns 23


Northern Ireland Charolais Club Ballymena Show and Sale peaked at £3600gns May Bank Holiday Monday saw a packed ringside for the Northern Ireland Charolais Club Ballymena Show and Sale sponsored by Moore Concrete 25 bulls and heifers were offered for sale which attracted brisk bidding realizing an average price of £2,432.50 for bulls and £2,100 for heifers. Prices reached an impressive top price of £3600gns going to H. C Stubbs Lisnaskea for his bull Derryharney Donald, born March 2008, who won first prize in his class. The Supreme Champion of the evening went to J R Paynter Armagh with Drumilly Cooldude born September 2007 and sired by Oldstone Egbert and sold for an impressive £3,400gns. This bull also won it’s class with runner up Drumfin Cassius owned by B & J Buchanan selling for £3000gns Other class winners included Craemill Champion sold by N & A McCrea, bidding went to £3,000gns with runner up Drumilly Chunky, owned by J. R. Paynter Armagh and sold for £2,900gns Hollywell Donaghy owned by J & S Middleton Londonderry was awarded 1st prize in it’s class, as well as overall reserve champion and was bid to £3000gns with runner up Solitude Dannyboy owned by J & W McMordie Ballygowan achieving £2,200gns Deryharney Donald won his class and realized the top price with Drumfin Donald owned by B & J Buchanan coming second securing £2,300gns. The grey weather did not deter the crowd or the bidding and the Northern Ireland Charolais Club would like to thank their sponsor Moore Concrete and Ballymena Mart for a successful show and sale.

David Erskine Judge at Ballymena Show pictured with Keri McGivern Moore Concrete and Joel Paynter, with the Supreme DRUMILLY COOLDUDE owner by J R Paynter

Alan Burleigh grandson of Harold STubbs owner of DERRYHARNEY DONALD which sold for the top price of 3,600gns

Noel McCrea with his class winner CRAEMILL CHAMPION Right: John and Sandra Middleton pictured with their Reserve Champion HOLLYWELL DONAGHY and Keri McGivern, Moore Concrete


SALE REPORTS SPRING 2009 CARLISLE - 9 May Charolais command solid trade in Carlisle 28,000gns top; record average £4,798.88 for 140 lots; 82% clearance

Solid demand for quality Charolais bulls from commercial suckled calf producers underpinned trade throughout at the breed society’s official spring sale in Carlisle on Saturday 9 May. Bidding peaked at a new breed centre record of 28,000gns, seven entries commanded 10,000gns or more, 140 lots sold to average £4,798, up £1,098 on the year and 82% clearance was achieved. “Buyers travelling from as far a field as Orkney to Devon were at the packed ringside keen for a slice of the action and take home a bull which they were confident would go on to leave high performing calves that would continue to leave a premium not only for themselves but also the finisher,” said British Charolais Cattle Society chairman, Iain Millar. “Bulls with size Senior Champion, GOLDIES CHAMPION, sold for the days and scale, ease of calving and that top price of 28,000gns were ready for work were among their real priorities.” Craig and grandson Matthew, Hesket Newmarket, Wigton. Sale leader at 28,000gns was the two year old Two more lots were among the money from the senior champion, Goldies Champion who was among the same breeder and both were 18 month olds by Goldies first lots through the ring. Bred and exhibited by Hamish Vicechancellor, one of Uppermost’s brothers. Goldies Goldie, Ruthwell, Dumfries, Champion was by the Cassanover, TI +29, SRI +34 was out of a homebred dam 34,000gns Perth supremo, Goldies Uppermost, out of a by the 20,000gns Blelack Rustic and made 6,500gns to Wissington Charolais, Nayland, Colchester. Goldies Chief TI +40, SRI +47, who was out of a homebred dam going back to Dingle Hofmeister made 5,000gns to A Lindsay, Auchencairn, Castle Douglas. Balthayock Diplomat TI +43, SRI +50 commanded the second highest call of 22,000gns, a record for David Walter in more than 35 years of breeding pedigree Charolais at Balthayock, Perth. A 15 month old, second prize class winner, Diplomat was sired by the 26,000gns Balbithan Vespasian and out of a Dingle Hofmeister sired homebred dam. He returned to Perthshire with Bill Bruce, Balmyle, Meigle. Mr Bruce recouped some of his investment when minutes before he offered Balmyle Dingle TI +43, SRI +49 at 8,000gns to Wesley Estates, Markfield, Leicester. This 15 month old was by Hofmeister and out of a BALTHAYOCK DIPLOMAT sold for 22,000gns homebred cow by the 31,000gns Pedr Thumper. Kinclune cow by Killadeas Legend and accompanied by Three more Vespasian sons from Major Walter Breedplan performance data within the breed’s top 1%, TI came under the hammer sold. A bid of 6,000gns secured +46 and SRI +50. He went to join the Haltcliffe pedigree Balthayock Dominion TI +36, SRI +42 for J Nelson, Charolais herd owned by the Ridley family, Matt, his son Parton, Castle Douglas, while Dominion’s 14 month old 25


an Orlando bred dam. The buyer was Auchenleck Estates, Killearn, Stirling. The Campbells also led the female trade with two Talisman sired cows, each with their eight month old heifer calves at foot. First at 5,000gns was Thrunton Apricot, a four year old out of a Blelack Jaguar sired homebred dam and her heifer, Thrunton Dorothy by Solwayfirth Union, to RL Hall, Wintringham, Malton. At 4,500gns RW Wyllie, Cumnock, Ayr secured Thrunton Bouquet with her heifer, Thrunton Denise by the 22,000gns Newhouse Bigal. Esmor Evans offered the day’s next two highest lots. Maerdy Deiniol TI +37, SRI +43, a 16 month old, first class prize winner by Vald’or-Ra and out of a Maerdy Paddy sired homebred dam was bid to 15,000gns by Ronnie Baillie, Deerness, Orkney. Earlier on Mr Baillie sold his 18 month old Baillieston Charles TI +28, SRI +33 for 7,000gns to Glen Park Farms, Balerno, Midlothain. A second prize class winner, Charles was a Hofmeister son and out of a cow by his homebred Baillieston Magic. At 11,000gns Maerdy Dublin TI +30, SRI +34 sold in a split

NEWHOUSE DEBONAIR sold for 18,000gns

twin, Balthayock Dominic TI +38, SRI +43 made 5,000gns to Mervyn and Christine Parker, Duxford, Cambridge. The third entry, the 13 month old Balthayock Debonair TI +40, SRI +47 went for 5,000gns to Dalswinton Farms, Auldgirth, Dumfries. Father and son team, Drew and Bob Adam, Glamis, Forfar offered their sole entry at 18,000gns to neighbouring breeders, P Cooper and Son, Kincaldrum, Forfar. The January 2008 born Newhouse Debonair TI +30, SRI + 35, was by the 14,000gns Sackville Adonis and out of a homebred dam by Blelack Rustic. At 16,000gns, Maerdy Cecil TI +27, SRI +35 headed a string of 10 entries sold from Flintshire vet, Esmor Evans, Mold. This 17 month old was out of a homebred cow by Maerdy Grimaldi and had been awarded the reserve intermediate championship. Cecil who was knocked down sold to the Campbell family, Ian and John and father, Colin, of Thrunton, Alnwick was one of twins by their 55,000gns Perth supremo, Thrunton Voldemort. The Campbells more than recouped their spend selling 11 lots in total including their highest, the reserve senior champion, Thrunton Conqueror TI +20, SRI +31 for 9,000gns to J and W Kellas, Dufftown, Aberdeen. This 19 month old was by Burradon Talisman, sire of Voldemort, and out of a homebred dam going back to Mowbraypark Orlando. Next at 6,500gns was their 20 month old Thrunton Casanova, a Solwayfirth Union son and out of

MAERDY DEINIOL sold for 15,000gns

MAERDY CECIL sold for 16,000gns 26

bid to father and son team, Neil and Graeme Massie, Dinnet, Aboyne and Michael Massie, Auchnagatt, Ellon. Another first class prize winner, the 15 month old Dublin was by Voldemort and out of a homebred cow by Maerdy Poultice. A further Vald’or-Ra son, the 21 month old Maerdy Calcium TI +32, SRI +36 and out of a homebred cow by Maerdy Grimaldi made 7,000gns to the event judge, Liam Muir, Harray, Orkney. At 6,000gns, John Wight and Sons, Midlock, Crawford, Biggar secured Maerdy Domino TI +38, SRI +39, a 15 month old youngster by Maerdy Padirac and out of a homebred cow going back to Maerdy Grimaldi. Another bull travelling north, this time with D and M Campbell, Caithness for 10,000gns was Harviestoun Casino TI +27, SRI +32, an 18 month old from Lucy Poett, House of Mailer, Perth. This first class prize winner was by Ravensworth Unwin and out of a homebred cow by Blelack Navigator. A bid of 7,000gns from JC Hobday and Son, Hawick secured another Unwin sired entry from Mrs Poett, this one was the 18 month old Harviestoun Chick TI +36, SRI +42.


The day’s second 9,000gns bid was made by WD Adams and Son, Wigtown, Newton Stewart for Corrie Crackpot TI +34, SRI +37. Bred by Duncan MacGregor, Kilsyth, Glasgow, this rising two year old who was placed second in his class, was by Dingle Hofmeister and out of a homebred cow by Allanfauld Flintlock. Cumbria breeder, Peter Vasey, Wetheral, Carlisle collected the reserve junior championship with his 14 month old youngster, Edenhurst Dynamo TI +34, SRI +39 which he later offered for 8,200gns to MR McCornick, Kirkcowan, Newtown Stewart. A Doonally New son, he was out of a homebred cow going back to Dingle Hofmeister. Mr Vasey also sold the last catalogued entry

the 16,000gns Blelack Tycoon, Chisum was out of a Midas bred cow by Killadeas Jack. He continued his journey north with Caithness Livestock, Thurso. John Green, Lilliesleaf, Melrose offered his sole entry at 7,000gns to Leys Castle Farm, Leys Castle Inverness. Greenall Celebrity was a two year old Allanfauld Superscot son and out of a homebred dam going back to Derrygiff Mills. Glenleary Cayman, the only entry to travel over the water from Northern Ireland was bid to 7,000gns by JS Dunn and Partners, Heriot, Midlothian. This 20 month old first class winner bred by Cyril and Martin Millar, Coleraine, Derry, was by Doonally New and out of a Darshams bred cow by Drumlone Max. Plasbela Cai TI +30, SRI +37, an 18 month old Derryharney Outstanding son from T and GW Roberts, Abergele, Conwy commanded a 6,800gns price tag from E and J Holliday, Westward, Wigton. Minutes later, Mortimers Columbo made 6,500gns to G Davies and Partners, Askirk, Selkirk. Columbo, who has headed his class was a Ravensworth Alder son, out of a Gretnahouse Napolean sired homebred cow and bred and exhibited by Mortimers Farm, Fair Oak, Eastleigh. Three more lots changed hands for 6,000gns. The Yorkshire bred Ellerton Crockett TI +34, SRI +36, a 19 month old by the 25,000gns Goldies Unbeatable, from Andrew Brown, Foggathorpe, Selby sold to G Raeburn, East Kilbride. Next at 6,000gns was the November 2007 born Sportmans Crest TI +28, SRI +33, a 16 month old by the 10,000gns Balbithan Unicorn and out of a homebred cow by Cockerington Baron from Boden and Davies, Mellor, Stockport to Southwick Farm, Southwick, Dumfries. Alasdair Houston, Gretna offered his highest at 6,000gns to J Murray, Cumnock, Ayr. Gretnahouse Director TI+23, SRI +28 was a 16 month old Gretnahouse Ultimate son and out of a homebred cow by Moncur General.

MAERDY DUBLIN sold for 11,000gns and highest priced maiden, the rising two year old heifer, Edenhurst Delice at 2,700gns to KM and H McKay, Cowon Bridge, Dingwall. Delice was a Burradon Talisman daughter and her homebred dam went back to Killadeas Jack. The day’s second 8,000gns call secured the rising two year old Marwood Constantine for WJ Irving, Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbright. Bred by the Blyth family, Roy, Jean, Neil and Kirsty, of Elwick, Hartlepool, Constantine was by Allanfauld Vagabond and out of a homebred cow by the 15,000gns Perth intermediate champion. Inverlochy Passport. The junior, overall male and reserve supreme champion was bred and exhibited by JM Cant and Partners, Arbirlot, Arbroath. Their Panmure Denzel was a 16 month old by Balbithan Volker and out of a Moyness Royal sired homebred cow. He was knocked down sold for 7,500gns to JE Woodman, Chesters, Haltwhistle. Brampton Crossbow TI +25, SRI +29 from Yorkshire breeder, Billy Turner, Skelton on Ure, Ripon secured a 7,200gns bid from JW Vevers, Waterbeck, Lockerbie. This 17 month old was by Coolnaslee Austin and was out of a Bassett Pearlyking sired homebred cow. Seven lots shared a 7,000gns price tag including the event’s intermediate, overall male and supreme champion, Gwenog Chisum TI +23, SRI +31, a 17 month old from father and son team, John and Peter Howells who once again made a highly worthwhile 600 mile round trip from Llanwenog, Llanybydder, Ceredigion. Sired by

Averages: 42 senior bulls, £4,971.25; 56 intermediate bulls £4,393.13; 42 junior bulls £5,167.50. Females: two cows and heifers served and/or suckling £4,987.50; seven maiden heifers £1,777.50. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington Ltd.


HARVIESTOUN CASINO sold for 10,000gns


THRUNTON CONQUEROR, The Reserve Senior Champion at 9,000gns



The Champion GWENOG CHISUM sold for 7,000gns

Once again there was a strong cornelation between average price of the bulls sold within the bands of the terminal and self replacing indeces as follows: Top 25% SRI 31+ 62 @ £6,290

SELF-REPLACING INDEX (SRI) Average - Top 25% Below Average SRI 26-30 SRI 25 and less 24 @ £3,977 38 @ £3,575

Top 25% T126+ 62 @ £6,048

TERMINAL INDEX Average - Top 25% TI 21-25 21 @ £4,550

(TI) Below Average 20 and less 41 @ £3,752

Non-Recorded 13 @ £2,851 Non-Recorded 13 @ £2,851

NEW BORDER FINE ARTS FIGURINE £70.00 including postage and packaging For further information or to order a figurine please ring the BCCS office on 02476 697222 28

SUPERIOR GENETIC BULLS = SUPERIOR CALVES + PREMIUMS Investing in a high performance Charolais terminal sire has the potential to pay real dividends for Gwynant and Meinir Roberts who run a 70 cow suckler herd at Maenllwyd, Pencaenewydd, Pwllheli. Their first crop of calves by a bull within the breed’s top 1% on 400 day weight and eye muscle depth, have achieved an average 1.45kg DLG off milk and grass within their first six months and hit an average 310kg, one month earlier than previous crops. They also have better conformation, Mr Roberts explained at an HCC’s ‘Herd Health and Production’ open day at Bryncir market. “I’ve never had calves grow so well, they’re solid with muscle and are noticeably wide over their tops, they were fairly straight forward to calve and I can’t get over the fact that it’s all down to the bull we choose. We’ve been using Charolais over the herd for more than 20 years simply because of the calves’ unbeatable weight for age and the fact they usually make the day’s top 5% of prices in the strong store ring at Bryncir. However, attending the training meetings held by HCC through the Welsh Beef Quality Improvement Project which were focused on how to select a bull on performance figures, I realised there was more to selecting a bull than meets the eye. “We were taught how to interpret data that accompanies performance recorded bulls in the sale

catalogue, and select a bull using those figures as a priority over his appearance. I went to Perth bull sales with a catalogue marked up with the highest performance bulls, followed HCC’s guidelines and the rest is history. “Producing such high performance calves has given us the option to consider finishing them at home or offering them at a younger age in the store ring, confident that finishers will be able to take them to target weight faster and more efficiently.” A total of 650 farmers have so far attended HCC’s training meetings which have focused on how to select bulls on performance figures. “Feedback has been extremely positive,” reports HCC’s Dewi Hughes. “While the project provided funding to purchase 325 superior genetic bulls, and we have stressed that the benefits of using a bull with breeding potential in the top 10% of its breed. These high genetic merit bulls have the potential to improve these producers’ returns by as much as £46.50 per calf through improved growth rates, better conformation and easier calving.” He adds: “Using superior genetic bulls will inevitably improve the performance and returns of a herd, however the information gained during the training meetings will have a significant impact on the viability and performance of a herd for years to come.”

Pictured is Gwynant Roberts with six month old Charolais crosses by a bull within the top 1%


DO COMMERICAL BULL BUYERS USE BREEDPLAN DATA? We asked a random selection of suckler men at the February Perth bulls sales what are their main criteria when choosing Charolais as their herd’s terminal sire. While it came as no surprise that good conformation and locomotion headed their list, they unanimously indicated that introducing Breedplan data was now an essential part of the selection process. Despite some initial caution, these men are realising that using Estimated Breeding Values is enabling them to identify bulls of superior genetic merit that will leave progeny which are easy to calve and demonstrate higher performance. That means less labour and fewer days to target sale weight, or alternatively heavier weights achieved within the traditional sale period. Whatever your system, introducing Breedplan data to your Charolais bull selection criteria takes the uncertainty out of choosing a new sire and provides real opportunity to improve your returns.

Scott McKinnon, Moniave, Dumfries: 500 cows

Andrew Bell, Pennan, Fraserburgh: 120 cows

“Muscle and shape, good locomotion, and nowadays their good looks must be underpinned by Breedplan figures; they must be within the breed’s top 10% for growth rate and ease of calving.”

“Masculine appearance, conformation, well balanced and not too big a frame for ease of calving reasons and Breedplan figures. We are just beginning to use the Breedplan data in particular for ease of calving and we’re finding that it is working.”

Raymond McKinnon, Dumfries: 600 cows

Ronald Smith, Aboyne, Aberdeen: 240 cows

“Good muscle, mobility and feet, and Breedplan for growth rate and ease of calving – everything we look at has to be in the breed’s top 10% figures, they really do help as a back up tool.”

“Conformation in particular with good wide hind quarters, size, length, a good head with good big ears, and good Breedplan figures, in particular for weight gain and calving ease.”

Andrew Hamilton, Thornhill: 150 cows “The bull has to catch my eye. He has to have shape – good conformation, mobility, be true to breed type and finally, his accompanying Breedplan figures are important to back my judgement.” Mark Ross, Gorebridge, Midlothian: 330 cows “Length for maximum sirloin and weight, a good back end for extra muscle, locomotion and his figures, they’re an important guide.”


BREEDPLAN DATA - an essential bull buying tool for Welsh Suckler Men We asked a random selection of suckler men, at the spring bull sales at Welshpool, their main criteria when choosing Charolais as their herd’s terminal sire. Size, scale and good conformation headed their list, and it was apparent that Breedplan data was now becoming an essential part of the selection process. During the last three years, HCC’s Welsh Beef Quality Improvement Project funding has helped to inform suckler producers about the benefits of using Estimated Breeding Values to identify bulls of superior genetic merit and also contribute towards their purchase. Not only are they using the data to select bulls that will leave progeny with higher performance, but equally important, ones that area easy to calve. That means less labour and fewer days to target sale weight, or alternatively heavier weights achieved within the traditional sale period. Whatever your system, introducing Breedplan data to your Charolais bull selection criteria takes the uncertainty out of choosing a new sire and provides real opportunity to improve your returns. Arthur Evans, Denbigh: 70 cows

Lyn Douch, Carmarthen: 50 cows

“Firstly feet and legs, and then loin. He must also have growth because calf size sells for us, and finally he has to have good Breedplan data for ease of calving.”

“Size and scale, combined with good conformation – a bull must have a good back end. We’re also starting to use Breedplan data to back our judgement.” Alun Davies, Carmarthen: 75 cows “Size to deliver good store cattle that are in demand and quality muscle – he must be square all the way through. We’re also studying the Breedplan figures for ease of calving.” Geoff and Martyn Williams, Llanidloes: 100 cows “Feet and fertility, calving ease, length and general temperament. We’re also looking at the Breedplan figures, they’ve become essential to help pick a bull with good calving ease, and also for 400 day weight.” Craig Davies, Rhayader: 80 cows “A good back end, clean through the middle and good muscling combined with his Breedplan data to identify calving ease.”

Nicholas Bennett, Llanidloes: 100 cows “Length and backend, and he must be fit but not over done. We’re also looking at his figures, in particular for calving ease.”


MAXIMISING PERFORMANCE POTENTIAL Northern Ireland beef producers are reaping the rewards from investing in high genetic merit bulls thanks to the European funded Beef Quality Initiative, managed by DARD, which has recently come to the end of its five year duration. For example, calves sired by a Charolais bull within the breed’s top 1% for growth and muscle EBVs, compared with an average bull, are producing progeny that reach target weight more than 10 weeks earlier and their improved carcase value worth is worth an extra 15% in value. was the most frequent bull type purchased accounting for 56% of the total, reports Mr Mailey. “Superior bulls averaged £1,906 and elite bulls, £5,877, figures that indicate despite the financial assistance, market prices did not become over inflated as producers were prepared to purchase only the right bulls for their herds,” he says. “Escalating cereal prices and other variable costs have brought into sharper focus the importance of EBVs for 400 day growth, muscle depth and eye muscle area together with feed efficiency. Producers should be selecting bulls with high 400 day growth rates as they will leave cattle that reach slaughter weights earlier and require less concentrate feeding. “Take for example, calves from Greenmount College’s suckler herd sired by a Charolais bull within the breed’s top 1% for growth and muscle EBVs left progeny that reached target weight 74 days earlier than those sired by an average Charolais bull; they weighed an average 29kgs deadweight heavier and graded in a higher specification; the overall result was in an improved carcase value worth an additional 15%.” Among the NI suckler producers who are realising the benefits of investing in a high genetic merit bull are Stephen Heenan and Tony Griffith, both farming in County Down. Stephen Heenan’s key objective is to maximise output, efficiently from the 100 cow suckler herd he runs on his 200 acre unit based at Clough. As far as damline is concerned, his key Stephen Heenan with one of his high performance selection criteria are milk yield, Charolais stock bulls longevity, health and good fertility and the herd comprises a mix of quality home bred heifers top breed’s top 1% for the same traits. Farmers using and west of Ireland cows. Charolais is Stephen’s preferred these high genetic merit bulls also had access to support choice of terminal sire. “Liveweight gain, carcase weight for their progeny’s recording fees, embryo transfer and and conformation is difficult to achieve with other breeds weight recording. A further 2,000 producers have on grass,” he says. completed BQI’s Cattle Breed Improvement Learning “Our cattle’s performance has been even more Programme which explained performance recording and impressive since we secured Balthayock Viceroy, a Dingle the role of EBVs. Hofmeister son, and with EBVs in the breed’s top 1% for DARD’s recent survey to evaluate the impact of muscle and top 5% for growth.” In 2006, the average BQI among the buyers concluded that they were carcase weight for steers was 372kg at 24 months with an recognising the value of high genetic merit sires; 88% of average daily liveweight gain of 0.94kg per day from birth respondees stating they would buy another elite or to slaughter. Heifers were achieving 320kg carcase weight superior bull. Charolais was the most popular breed at approximately 21 months, while young bulls averaged making up 48% of total purchases, while superior carcase “Influencing market price continues beyond most beef producers’ reach. However one thing they all have in common is the opportunity to acquire high genetic merit bulls to improve their suckled calves’ performance, and ultimately their profitability,” explains DARD’s Kieran Mailey. “Selecting a bull on performance figures is a guaranteed means of helping to achieve that goal, and in Northern Ireland, producers have been fortunate to have the opportunity of BQI support.” More than 900 farmers have bought a bull through BQI, which offered 50% funding on a superior bull within the breed’s top 25% for muscle depth, muscle score or milk EBVs; and 50% funding of an elite bull, one within the


- Using high genetic merit bulls been sourced off-farm, however last year, we retained a selection of Rowandale Upton’s heifers simply due to the quality of stock that he is breeding. The bull has a milk EBV in the breed’s top 25%, so those maternal genetics are also being bred into the heifers, and we think they have real potential as our herd’s future.” Kieran Mailey adds: “Both these men know what they want their suckler enterprises to deliver and have the necessary management skills required in achieving. It takes excellent stock management, efficient use of farm resources and quality cattle to get results. Stephen and Tony are also realising the benefits of using a top performance recorded Charolais bull and this can be clearly seen in the cattle they produce.”

360kg at 14 months. “One of the first things I noticed about Viceroy’s calves was their length and width, also their weight for age was high,” he explains. “Steers sold last autumn at 16 months averaged 1.12kg per day. In addition, one of the most pleasing aspects of Viceroy is his ease of calving. We’ve rarely had to intervene at calving time and that’s a real bonus. Not only has it allowed me to get on with the rest of the farm work, but I also do contract work and can be off farm safe in the knowledge that there will be live calves when I arrive home.” Tony Griffith farms on the Saintfield House Estate, Saintfield, a unit carrying 300 ewes and 65 suckler cows


All pedigree cattle sold under the auspices of their respective Breed Society at Official Sales are covered by the terms and conditions of the NBA Breeding Warranties that afford protection to buyers and sellers alike. The NBA Private Breeding Warranty affords better protection to sellers to use in Private Sales by individual Breed Society members. The current price is just £10 for bulls and £5 for females. (The price is reduced for books of 10) However, they are not well used, not because they don’t work but because many breeders are unaware of their existence. Consequently, the Pedigree Committee of the NBA has been asked to highlight the advantages of using them. For example, the purchaser shall have no right to claim damages from the vendor in respect of cosequential loss (there has been a recent award of £32,000 for consequential loss in respect of a bull sold for only £2,000 which was not covered by an NBA warranty).

DARD’s Kieran Mailey

with progeny usually finished to target weight. Realising the benefits of using a high genetic metric bull to increase liveweight gain and ultimately, carcase weight, Tony invested in Rowandale Upton, an Oldstone Egbert grandson, and within the breed’s top 25%. “Since introducing Upton, our growth rates have noticeably increased. In 2006, Upton’s calves were averaging 1.10kg per day over their first 16 weeks compared with 0.98kg per day for the calves sired by our other stock bull,” he explains. “The trend continued last year with his calves averaging 1.43kg per day over the same period, compared with the others at an average 1.3kg per day.” Saintfield House Estate has been gradually expanding cow numbers with quality continental crosses and placed emphasis on selecting for fertility, temperament and milk. “Our replacement heifers have

For further information contact the NBA at or telehone 01684 565442.


MEASURING, MONITORING AND COLLABORATION A group of Dumfriesshire beef producers have developed a collaborative marketing blueprint which is helping to ensure they’re maximising both their cattle’s potential and their margins throughout the chain and meeting market requirements. together with margin per day and overall margin. The The finishers margin figure purely reflects purchase and sale figures Scott Henderson and Margaret Kingan are committed to and does not contain the finishers’ fixed or variable costs. finishing quality cattle; between them they turn over an At the end of each year, the data is averaged across the annual 3,000 head of mainly Charolais crosses. Where to group of 15 suckled calf producers and those figures act source the appropriate suckled calves could have been a as a benchmark for each individual. major issue, however they have developed a successful “It’s a routine that enables each suckler producer collaborative blueprint which features 15 suckled calf to work through the figures, identify their strengths and producers farming within a 20 mile radius of their weakness and take responsibility for their own individual steadings – Scott at Carswadda, Beeswing and Margaret, system as they wish, while for us, this data enables us to at Lochhill, New Abbey. The arrangement supplies the see whose cattle are performing and those who aren’t. majority of their requirements, the remainder being sourced from the auction marts. “Scott and I have been working together since 2001 when live markets closed and we were forced to turn to buying privately; trading with local farmers made common sense. We’re able to purchase relatively large batches of animals of the same age from a minimum number of known sources, which has enabled us to reduce transport costs, along with stress and potential health issues,” Margaret explains. Calves are purchased at between 11 and 12 months of age and taken through to finishing from 18 months. “Our preference by far is to buy Charolais crosses, simply because of their superior performance; we target steers to Rory Shennan, Centre, with Margaret Kingan achieve a DLG of 1kg and go on and Scott Henderson to meet with processor Every supplier thinks they have the best! “ requirements at 360kg to 370kg deadweight while heifers Scott adds: “The critical thing for us is to be able are targeted at a DLG of 0.9kg and 310kg deadweight. to buy in the correct raw material. We depend on these The majority grade within the R and U specification.” The suckler men, our suppliers, buying a terminal sire that will entire throughput is marketed direct to Stoddarts, based at deliver a calf to finish, not for replacement purposes, and Ayr which supplies multiples and top end restaurants. yes, we prefer Charolais crosses, however there are times “The ongoing partnership is working really well. when supply doesn’t always match demand. We spilt each batch of suckled calves by gender “There are also instances where we’ve found according to personal preference, says Margaret. “I just cattle sired by other Continental bulls have not achieved happen to prefer working with steers, while Scott is target daily liveweight gain and we’ve had to recommend happier with heifers. We’ve both adopted semi-intensive he is replaced by another within the breed’s top 10% on finishing systems in which the beasts are grazed and fed performance data.” a semi TMR. The suckler producer “The venture has also enabled us to develop Rory Shennan trades a portion of his Charolais cross some very strong working relationships with our suppliers. steers and heifers to Margaret Kingan and Scott We keep in frequent contact and return to each of them Henderson from his family’s 200 cow split calving suckler the performance data and kill sheets from every individual herd based at Carsegowan, New Abbey, a 230 ha LFA animal purchased,” she says. holding which he farms in partnership with his grandfather, The data includes calf weight at purchase, guide William Barbour. purchase price, number of days to finishing, liveweight at “We’ve used Charolais here as a terminal sire for point of sale, deadweight, grade, KO% and sale price 34

MEASURING, MONITORING AND COLLABORATION more than 30 years simply for the growth factor. My grandfather has always been a great believer in the fact if the calves weigh, then they pay and it’s one I can’t dispute. I’m rearing our calves to 11 to 12 months, steers to average 400kg and heifers to average 375kg,” he explains. “However, our system has moved with the times, and we’re using various advancements in technology to improve our efficiency and run a profitable business,” he explains. “For example, we implement a proactive approach to herd health and also vaccinate the cows for BVD and IBR. We attempt to keep a tight calving pattern and carefully manage our cows in the Rory run up to calving. “When we buy a new Charolais bull, we continue to select for scale and scope, however we are now using Breedplan data as a back up tool; since the data has become more accurate, it means we’re no longer going in blind, we’re able to select bulls with more of a chance of breeding fast growing calves. “We’re now investing in bulls within the breed’s top 10% of performance indices, and in particular for 400 day weight, muscle depth and ease of calving Estimated Breeding Values. In future, we’ll also take in 600 day weight in order to help Margaret and Scott achieve target finishing weights faster. “They come back year in year out for our cattle; we put them into large even batches which have the growth rates, and they’re leaving the margins. In fact our cattle are consistently performing better than the average for the entire group which they’re benchmarked against. “For me, the initiative offers plenty of real benefits: I can put away a large batch of beasts in one day, and there’s no preparation required clipping, it takes less than

Shennan with some of his crosses 10 minutes to transport them to Lochhill where they’re put over the weigh bridge, and then another 10 minutes to take the heifers on to Carswadda. Staying local, I’m able to keep an eye on how they’re performing, furthermore checking through the final performance data and kill sheets is really useful. “This detailed information measuring the performance of every single beast keeps the pressure on me to ensure I continue to improve my cattle, their genetics and management. I look carefully at the top 10 and bottom 10 performers, that’s about one third of a batch, and check their sire and dam. If one of the bulls is consistently breeding poorer performers, then I would look to change him, and there have been occasions where a Continental bull was leaving calves with growth rates that failed to match the finishers’ targets.” He adds: “What’s left is for me to do this year is to go and see the carcases hung up and make that final detailed appraisal.”

BCCS MEMBERS OFFICIAL HERD SIGN (Available only to registered breeders)

Delivery will be effected within 8 weeks of order. 24” wide X 21” deep. Vacuum formed durable signs. Lettering in Navy Blue on White background. The Charolais colour motif. The sign may be mounted on a metal bracket as illustrated. (which is an optional extra) Prices: (Inc. of carriage) SINGLE SIDED SIGN, Plywood backed and framed £100.00 + VAT DOUBLE SIDED SIGN. Plywood backed and framed £110.00 + VAT DOUBLE SIDED PLUS BRACKET (as illustrated) £150.00 + VAT The Charolais motif is standard. Members names and prefixes will be individual to each sign. Orders may only be placed through the Society office 35

REGIONAL REPORTS Northern Ireland Send off for Charolais Secretary

A special party was organised this week by the NI Charolais Club to say farewell to their Secretary and Public Relations Officer, Doris Leeman. Club members gathered at Tullylagan House Hotel at Cookstown for an excellent dinner which was organised by club treasurer, Rosemary McAllister. After dinner John McGrath, chairman of the club thanked Doris for all the work she had carried out on behalf of the breed and the club over many years. He pointed out that she had ensured that the breed was always featured in the media and that club events were professionally organised. John also mentioned the NI National Charolais Show at Fintona and the Dectomax competition at Clogher Valley Show which had been introduced during Doris’ time as Secretary and Public Relations Officer. John also paid tribute to Tom Leeman, Doris’ husband for the willing part he took in club activities and wished Tom and Doris every success in the future. The occasion also gave club members an opportunity to meet the new secretary Mary McCormack. Doris thanked the club members for their support and encouragement over the years pointing out that the success of the Charolais breed and the enthusiasm of the members had made her job a very pleasant one. The evening concluded with a recitation by Harry Marquess of an amusing poem that he had written about the secretary. This was followed by veterinary surgeon Noel McCrea recounting some of his amusing experiences as a vet and a Charolais member. John Currie, a founder member of the NI Charolais Club presented a gift to Doris and John McGrath’s wife, Oonagh presented one to her husband,

John Currie, a founder member of the NI Charolais Club presents Doris Leeman with a retirement gift

Tom and Doris Leeman enjoy listening to one of the speakers

Tom. Martin Donaghy, Vice Chairman of the BCCS with Mary McCormack, the new Secretary of he NI Club and her husband Colm 36

Doris Leeman recounts some of her experiences as Secretary and thanks the members for their support


Mary McCormack, who has spent many years involved in community development work providing support to farmers and their families, as well as helping her husband Colm on the mixed enterprise family farm of 55 hectares at Creggan Omagh, is the new secretary of the NI Charolais Club. As well as holding a Diploma of Agriculture from Loughry College, Mary is currently studying a Queens University Foundation degree in Land use, Environment and Sustainability at South West College in Omagh. Over the years, Mary has provided facilitation and mediation service to farmers groups throughout Northern Ireland and has developed a role organizing specialist study tours, craft, food, and other events to a variety of rural groups. She is currently working with The new Camowen Partnership in Carrickmore, a community development organization which manages afterschool care in three local villages and co ordinates Camowen Farmers Group, providing advocacy and facilitation support to the farming community. She is vice chair of Northern Ireland Agricultural Consultants Association and has sat on the Producer Committee of Lakeland Diaries for a number of years, as well as a trustee with the Agrisearch Board and is a recently appointed member of the Livestock and Meat Commission. Mary is also a social partner on the Local Action Group for the North West Cluster of Councils delivering the Rural Development Programme. Her travels have taken her to Australia to examine best practice in electronic identification of animals and food traceability and she also represented Farm Families

Secretary Mary McCormack with Doris Leeman and John McGrath

with the Farmers Union at the Smithsonian Festival in Washington. Commenting on the appointment, John McGrath, chairman of the NI Charolais Club said “ We are delighted to have a secretary with the skills, experience and expertise that Mary can offer. These are attributes which will be most useful to the Charolais breed and the local club and we look forward to welcoming Mary at our future events and benefitting from her knowledge and experience.” Mary’s contact details are ; Mary McCormack, Camowen Partnerhsip, Unit 1 Termon Business Park, Carrickmore, Co.Tyrone BT79 9AL. Tel: office 028 8076 1339 Mob 077 8906 7231. E mail –


Sportsmans Columbo exhibited by Gilbert Crawford and Joe Wilson won the Charolais Championship and the inter-breed championship at the RUAS Balmoral Show. This outstanding, rising two year old bull was purchased at the Perth February 2009 Bull Sales for a centre equalling record price of 55,000gns. Gregory Donnelly’s Ballylast Dan was the Junior Charolais Champion, and was runner-up in the Junior Inter-Breed Competition

Further successes followed the following day when COLUMBO won the inter-breed pairs competition when paired with Cyril Millar’s GLENLEARY CATHY, and this pair together with George Henderson’s SANDELFORD CEARA were also victorious in the group of three interbreed competition

A full report will be in the next edition of the Charolais news and can be seen on the Charolais website by clicking on Show Results then Balmoral 37


Scottish & Northern Charolais Breeders and North East and Central Scotland Charolais Club Report by Alison Gray / Scottish & Northern Chairman David Grant North East and Central Scotland Chairman Adrian Ivory

Here we are in Scotland with the Blue Tongue Vaccination completed and the cattle turned out to grass. Hopefully we can all now look forward to the heat wave!!! Which has been forecasted? It would be nice to meet old and new friends in the sunshine rather than in the cold and rain that we experienced last year. January 27th:- We held our annual quiz evening. Yet again our quiz evening proved to be a great success, which is all down to everyone who came along to support us. We would like to thank the following sponsors The British Charolais Cattle Society, Letham Grange Hotel & Golf Resort Arbroath. Please see below the following winners:-

3RD PLACE - Fair Play

1ST PLACE -Never Fear Fiona’s Here

Booby Prize It’s a Dogs Life BEST TEAM NAME 3 Heads of Barley and One Wild Oat FEBRUARY BULL SALES Congratulations to all of our members on their success. FULL REPORT AT BEGINNING OF CHAROLAIS NEWSLETTER ABERDEEN SPRING SHOW Charolais dams proved their worth at the Aberdeen Spring Show in Feburary with two of the top calves having Charolais X mothers. The steer and overall champion from Ian Wilson, Cairnglass, Nairn went on to sell for £3700 to Bert Paton of Kirriemuir, and the reserve heifer from tthe Milne family from Kennieshillock, Elgin made £2600, selling to Stewart Brown from Brechin. Top priced

2ND PLACE -Bring Back Bingo 38


Charolais sired animal was a 9 month old heifer calf by Glenlivet Single Malt from D&R Durno & Sons which sold for £1350 to Arwell Roberts, Bala, North Wales. THAINSTONE ANNUAL OVERWINTERING COMPETITION


Class 6(9) : Bull born on or after 01.01.08 and before 15.04.08 SPONSORED BY Class 6(10) : Bull born on or after 16.04.08 - 31.07.08 SPONSORED BY Class 6(11) : Bull born on or after 01.08.08 - 31.12.08 SPONSORED Class 6(12): Bull or heifer calf born on or after 01.01.09 SPONSORED BY Class 6(13): Young handlers. (Under 16’s on the day of the show) Prize money for this class 1st £30, 2nd £20, thereafter ever competitor receives £10 SPONSORED BY Class 6(14): Best pair of animals born on or after 01.01.08 bred by Exhibitor Class 6(15): Group of Three (Trophy only no prize money)


At the annual young farmers overwintering competition at Thainstone the champion was a Charolais cross heifer from Paul Wilson of Wester Cairnglass near Nairn, his calf was 11 months old and 452kgs and had been bred by Smallburn Farms, Elgin, she went on to sell for £4000 to AJ Forsyth from Wigtonshire, this was a record price for this event. WALES TRIP Report in next newsletter 25th June Royal Highland Show BBQ :- If you require tickets for the BBQ on Thursday night please reserve by Sunday 14th June limited places and the tickets are based on first come first served basis. £12.00 per person which includes steak and salads

SPONSORED BY THE BRITISH CHAROLAIS CATTLE SOCIETY Class 6(16): Commercial Section. Prize money for this class is £200.00 For Champion and £100.00 for Reserve


Please note some Classes may have to be split at Steward’s discretion.


31st July/1st August Scottish National Charolais Show:- To be held at Perth Show. This is a very exciting event for the club and we look forward to your entries which will close on the 1st July The usual BBQ kist party will be held on the Friday Night 31st July to encourage the social aspect of showing! To reserve your tickets (£12.00 per person which includes steak and salads) please contact myself. TICKETS MUST BE RESERVED BY 26th JULY. This event is open to nonexhibitors as well. PLEASE SEE BELOW A REMINDER OF THE CLASSES Class 6(1) : Cow born on or before 31.07.06. SPONSORED BY Class 6(2) : Heifer born on or after 01.08.06 – 15.01.07 SPONSORED BY Class 6 (3) Heifer born or after 16.01.07 –31.05.07 SPONSORED BY Class 6(4) : Heifer born on or after 01.06.07 – 31.12.07 SPONSORED BY Class 6(5) : Heifer born on or after 01.01.08 – before 30.4.08 SPONSORED BY Class 6(6) : Heifer born on or after 01.05.08 – before 31.07.08 SPONSORED BY Class 6(7): Heifer born on 01.08.08 – 31.12.08 SPONSORED SPONSORED BY Class 6(8) : Bull born on or before 31.12.07 SPONSORED BY

This knowledge transfer event is organised by SAC and is supported by Scottish Government. Also supported by The British Charolais Cattle Society. This upland farm is situated in an area of scenic beauty and the suckler herd consists of mainly commercial cross cows but there are also pedigree cattle. The herd is at the forefront of producing show 39


Edenhurst Cognac: top 5% Charolais sold in private deal

quality calves. For further information and to confirm attendance please contact Ian Pritchard on 01467 625385 or 07970 691726 or Michael Durno on 07718 467868 GOOD LUCK WISHES IN THE NEW JOB On behalf the The Scottish & Northern we would like to wish Murray Rainnie all the best in his traineeship as auctioneer with United Auctions Huntly. Murray is from a farming family at Logie Coldstone. Murray gained four years experience as assistant stockman at Neil Barclays Harestone Charolais Herd. BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS Natasha and Derek Benson on the birth of their baby daughter Kirstie another proud grandchild for David and Yvonne Grant ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The A.G.M is on Tuesday 20th October 2009 at The Stirling Mart at 4pm room to be confirmed. If you have any suggestions, please attend or let me or any committee member know. If you have any information please send them to myself Alison Gray Nether Newbigging Farm Cottage St Vigeans By Arbroath

Edenhurst Cognac, a 21 month old Charolais bull who is in the breed’s top 5% for both Terminal and Self Replacing Indices, has been sold for £15,000 to Sandy Innes, Moyness. Bred by Peter Vasey, Cognac is an Oldstone Egbert son and out of a homebred Dingle Hofmeister sired dam from the 50 cow herd based at Wetheral, Carlisle. “Cognac is an exceptional bull for his age. In fact he’s only the second bull I’ve seen in 36 years of breeding pedigree Charolais that I haven’t had to look at twice before buying,” commented Mr Innes. “Firstly, he has tremendous weight for age – he’s currently tipping the scales at 1,260kg, he is extremely correct, well fleshed and unbelievably clean all the way through. Cognac has length and great stature, immense width over the top line and very, very good plates.” He added: “I’m optimistic he’s going to introduce some additional scale to the herd, as well as increase its genetic merit potential.”

Email Telephone 01241 875406 0r Mobile 0771 8338804


The summer show results can be viewed on the

Charolais website as they come in to the office. To view results go to and click on show results shown along the top row of buttons

Perth Annual April Continental Store Cattle Sale The Champion at Perth’s annual April continental store cattle sale was an outstanding Charolais x heifer from Donald Pattullo, Millhaugh, Logiealmond. The heifer, which was bred on the island of Tiree by Archie & John Maclean, Heylipol, scaled 460kgs and made £1520.00 Pictured are Donald Pattullo and Xuxa Rettie of Millaugh Farm having received the trophy from David Leggatt of United Auctions 40


Scottish bred Charolais to Germany


The first ever British Charolais bull to be exported to

The web sales programme is becoming very popular and several breeders have now sold their animals through the BCCS website.

Germany was made when Swalesmoor Comet left Eaglesfield, Dumfriesshire. Bred by Swalesmoor Charolais, Comet is a 21 month old Dingle Hofmeister son and out of the 13,000gns Maerdy Neptune sired Logie Romany who was bred by Swalesmoor herd manager, Iain Campbell. Comet is within the breed’s top 25% for both Terminal Index 26 and Self Replacing Index 30, and he scores within the top 15% on Calving Ease. His siblings are already proving their worth; his full brother, Swalesmoor Cannon won Royal Highland M&S Elite Beefbreeder champion and sold in Perth in October for 7,500gns, while his full bother and sister, Swalesmoor Aladdin and Swalesmoor April were awarded the respective junior male and junior female breed titles at the Royal Highland. Comet joins a beef breeding enterprise owned by the Reidmann family, who farm 8,000 acres near Stieton in North Germany. Iain Campbell commented: “The Reidmanns picked out Comet from our 40 cow pedigree herd because of his mix of good figures, good looks and good family history.”

This service is free to all members, if you would like to put your animals or bull semen on the register please send the details to the office. A picture can also be put on the web. If you have any queries please ring the office on 02476 697222 or email us details to

LANARK SHOW AND SALE OF STORE CATTLE - 7th April 2009 Charolais bullocks sold to a top price of 225.4p from J & A Gray, Scrogton (overall 191.7p) and the heifers to 346.8p (overall 180.0p) also from Messrs Gray.

You can view animal or semen for sale by clicking on the breedplan button as above and then clicking on the which area you want to view or by clicking on one of the buttons on the top right corner of the page as shown above.

The winners of the Charolais classes were T Laird & Son, Carbellow/Sunnyside, Cumnock (Bullock) which made £850 (208.3p) and J & A Gray, Scrogton, Douglas (Heifer) which realised £1,200 (346.8p)


REGIONAL REPORTS PITLOCHIE SCOTTISH BEEF FAYRE The Pitlochie Scottish Beef Fayre hosted by the Scottish Beef Cattle Association takes place at CG Greig Ltd’s Pitlochie Farm, Gateside, Fife, on Wednesday 1st July 2009. It promises to be an interesting and educational event for beef farmers from all over the UK. The two mains sponsors for the Fayre are Scotbeef and AMC, but funding support has come from many other areas such as Binn Farm Skips, Dovecote Park and Earnvale Tractors. Chairman of the organising committee, Peter Alexander said, “We are looking forward to welcoming people from all parts of the country. We have a full and excellent programme of events which should appeal to visitors from every aspect of the industry.” General manager of the host farm, Pat Lambert, is currently busy preparing the site for the Fayre, which will be on the organic unit of Balcanquhal. It will use the existing cattle shed plus a new one which is being built alongside handling facilities and a new dung pit which will be covered and become a first class venue for seminars and a panel discussion. Trade stands include everything from handling facilities and auction marts to IT programmes and all the main beef breed societies will be represented. There will be Soil Association demonstrations and organic grassland trial plots from Watsons Seeds, but the highlight for many will be the farm tours. The farming enterprise is diverse with 1600 acres of combinable crops and 500 acres of vegetables and potatoes. There is a conventional suckler herd of 250 spring and 160 autumn calving cows, the nucleus of which are pure Simmental. They are crossed with Aberdeen Angus and the heifers kept as replacements. These are then crossed back to the Simmental and again kept as replacements with the Charolais being used as a terminal sire. The organic herd was introduced four years ago when some neighbouring organic land became available on a 15 year tenancy. At the moment there are 165 Aberdeen Angus cross cows on the 360 acres of grass at Balcanquhal but the plan is to increase to 210, with more land currently in conversion. They are all spring calving and fed on organic red clover silage, barley and beans all grown at Balcanquhal. Pat explained, “We make the most of their natural cycle, calving in the spring, out to grass, weaned in November and housed before being turned back out to grass and finished from August to October at 17 to 19 months.” All the cattle, not retained for replacements, are finished on by-products from the arable enterprise. Most of the conventional cattle are sold to Scotbeef at Bridge of Allan, with a few going through Forfar Mart, while all the organic cattle go to Dovecote Park for Waitrose. Another highlight of the day is likely to be the Master Beef competition which is aimed at beef farmers representing the various breed societies. There are several rounds of this competition which starts with them inventing a dish using the best cuts of beef and locally sourced ingredients. The quarter finals will be held at the Royal Highland Show in June and three finalists will battle it out for the Master Beef crown at Pitlochie on July 1st. Admission is only £10, £5 for SBCA members with their card and children under 16 are free. Keep up to date with the beef cattle industry and don’t miss this fantastic day out. 42

REGIONAL REPORTS Wales Alison Tucker a visit from our counterparts in the North. We are so Spring has sprung at last. As I usually do, I kept a look out looking forward to the trippers, and you can well imagine for the first swallow, hoping that it would come early this it has brought up a lot of conversations. The main year. It didn’t however, if anything it was later, 13th April. questions being:- how many people are coming?, what Rosie reckoned she’d seen one about three days before cattle will they be interested in?, how many sandwiches me, but that doesn’t count! and cakes to make?, and how many bottles to buy?!!! Apparently I upset one of our members in the last We’re only joking and not saying that you Scottish drink a news letter, not naming any names ,I’d like to think you lot, but you definitely know how to enjoy yourselves. know who you are, and I apologise for my indiscretion. As Sadly this will be my last newsletter. I’ve been the usual with me it was a case of putting pen to paper before secretary for the Welsh region for six years and found out putting brain into gear!! that it’s hard work ,but a great job. My family has slowly I try to summarise all that happens in the region in become more demanding. Next year I’ve Rosie starting calendar order, otherwise I tend to forget things. college, Charlotte starting her gcse years, Andrew’s Perth was the first sale of the year to report on, and boy starting Comprehensive school and I’ll probably start was it a good one. Well done to Esmor in both the show Prozac!!! Explaining this to Griff Morris the other week, he and the sale, Kevin Thomas, and same to Peter and John Howells. This year there was added interest in the sale as TV cameras followed our Chairman Peter and his father, John, from their farm in Llanybyther, up to the famous venue. We are lucky in Wales to have one of the best programmes on TV that covers all aspects of rural life in Wales. “Cefn Gwlad’s” presenter, Dai Jones, is a master at putting people at ease and knows everyone and therefore gets the best out of his interviewees. Thank you to Peter, Helen and John Howells, Kevin, Sioned and their children, and Esmor for going on camera and helping to make a brilliant TV program. It was warmly welcomed north of the border for promoting the Charolais as a powerful, yet versatile breed, and highlighting the sad closure of the famous Mart. Sad as it is, we must move on and I’m sure I can safely say on behalf of the region, that we will still wholeheartedly support the new mart in Stirling and work hard to pursue the continuing success of the Gareth Jones’ ESGOB HERD won the Harman award for the Charolais breed there. Charolais herd with the biggest improvement for the Another fantastic program that followed soon average self replacing index. after was that of Arwel Owen judging in France. The Plaque presented by Gareth Roberts producers worked closely not only with Arwel but shared a wise saying of his mothers with me. When your Esmor Evans, who sold a British bred bull back to France, children are young they weigh heavy on your hips, but and a number of French breeders. It was light hearted but when they get older they weigh heavy on your heart. This informative and totally gripping. The animals that were is so true, as the house has got enough hormones flying shown were the epitome of Charolais and looked even around at the moment it’s positively dangerous. better in the sunshine, something we’d almost forgotten All the chairmen have been great to work with, not about! Arwel is the new Charolais pin-up! just telling me what to do, but asking me what I think as Welshpool was our first sale of the spring for us well, which is wonderfully courteous of them. The same Welsh boys. It was a great sale for both bulls and females, goes for the treasurers. They knew not to ask me what I and gave everyone a much needed boost of optimism for thought as I didn’t have a clue!. David and the girls in the rest of this year. Well done to EVERYONE who won Stoneleigh have been brilliant. They have been helpful, and sold well there. patient, cheerful and understanding, and I’m glad to have Carlisle showed that figures were at the forefront met them when visiting the Royal Show, and sincerely of most buyers minds, especially that of calving ease. hope to see them at the Royal Welsh over the next couple Bulls with good figures in this area sold like hot cakes and of years. I’ve learnt so much from the job, from how to do I don’t need to tell you it is an area we must continually new things on the computer (which is still not a lot!), to the strive to improve. Well done to all of you that did well in the huge amount of organising that’s involved in putting on show and the sale. shows, open days and stands. The pavilion, and it’s As you know from previous newsletters, we have 43

REGIONAL REPORTS unable to open Peter’s email of his Chairman’s report in time for mailing with the AGM letter and 2008 minutes. So have included it in this news letter as follows. Chairman Report Peter Howells It seems a long time ago since I was made chairman of our region but a lot has happened since last May. The worry over Blue Tounge and it’s effect clouded our industry for a large portion of last year and it’s affect was made very evident at the Royal Welsh where only a hand full of breeders exibited. Thankyou to you all for bringing out what was a very good line up of entries, but it is imperative that numbers resume back to normal this year. Remember this is our National show and is a shop window that we can not afford to miss out on. Only two years ago we opened the society building on the showground and I feel that we as members have a responsibility to ensure that the breed has a presence befitting it’s stature at the show . Your support of the Royal Welsh is also evermore emphasised in the fact that there will not be a Charolais show at Brecon this year due to various circumstances. On a brighter note Welsh breeders have continued to turn out very good cattle at society sales and this is evident in the awards won and the prices achieved. Let’s try to continue doing this and raise the bar even higher. All the best for 2009

Peter Howells presenting Alison Tucker with her gift

opening, the National Charolais Show in Oswestry, and the Open day at the Morgan Brothers Pencelli in Brecon, are fantastic events that I’ll always remember. I thank all of those people I’ve worked with over the last six years, from the bottom of my heart, as I’ve gained so much in memories, information, laughs and wrinkles!! You are all brilliant! We had our AGM last Tuesday 12th May, which is where I handed my position over to the very competent Diane Rees. She was the only nomination for the job and I’m happy and relieved to be able to hand over to someone I’ve already worked with, and who knows the in’s and out’s of the region. I wont be disappearing and will always be around to help not only Diane, but anyone else that asks for a hand here and there. Due to circumstances beyond our control, it’s with regret that I report the cancellation of the National Charolais Show again this year. It was due to be held within Brecon Show the first Saturday in August. We sincerely wish them every success for this years show and hope that we will be able to work with them again in the future. A number of social events for the region were discussed at the meeting. It was agreed to hold the usual presentation of prizes this year, a little later on the Monday in conjunction with a BBQ in the new pavilion. Tickets will be limited and can be bought in advance from Diane or if places are still available, on the Monday. Please ring Diane on 01686 440252 or email her on There will also be an ABRI day held later in the year at Peter and John Howells farm, where members will have the opportunity to see animals being scanned and a breed planner technician will be available to show how it works and answer any questions that you may have. Due to a technical error on my computer I was


MACWOOD CONSTRUCTION Steel and Precast Concrete Erectors


Mark Woodfield Tel: 01926 641339 44

REGIONAL REPORTS South East Rachel Archer

January and Peter Heath was elected Chairman and Reg Taylor Vice-Chairman. A presentation of a Charolais figurine and body warmer was made to Fred Turrell, who has now retired from the committee after many years supporting the Charolais breed and the South East Club. Thank you again to Fred and we wish you a happy retirement. Looking ahead to the rest of 2009, the show season starts in the region at the end of May and the Club starts once again be hosting a drinks party at the South of England show in June and at Newbury in September. We are hoping to arrange a herd visit to Caylers in the summer, the herd competition will be judged in August and plans are underway for a calf show at Ardingly in November. Please support the calf show and in particular, help the committee by approaching potential sponsors to held build a good prize fund.

2009 will certainly be a year to remember for Brian & Peter Heath, Sackville Charolais. What a fantastic sale they had at Perth in February, with two bulls sold to average 19,000 gns. First into the ring was Sackville Casanova, by Balthayock Longbow and out of Sackville Opal, who sold to Messrs Jeffrey at Kersknowe for 20,000gns. Shortly afterwads the first prize winning Sackville Claudius, sired by Doonally Souverain and out of their successful show cow Sackville Saphire, sold for 18,000gns in a two-way split to Balmyle and Newhouse, the same purchasers who paid 14,000gns for half brother Sackville Adonis at Carlisle in 2006. These bulls were the complete package, with good genetics, powerful conformation and excellent figures. Perth was also successful for other SE breeders, with Mortimers selling two bulls including Mortimers Cosmo for 6,500gns as herd sire to Will Palmer’s Trenestral herd in Cornwall. Jan Boomaars also selected a new sire for his Vexour herd, paying 13,000gns for the Thrunton Socrates son Blelack Crusader. Joint winners of the plaque for the highest priced bull sired by a bull bred in the South East were Bob Adam for Newhouse Challenger, sired by Sackville Adonis and W R Baillie for Bailleston Calypso, sired by Dingle Hofmeister. Both bulls sold for 9,000 gns. Back home success continued for the Sackville herd with a private sale of Sackville Dannyboy, a high figured Hofmeister son at 6,500gns to a pedigree breeder from Scotland. Then on 4th April Peter’s wife, Lara, gave birth to their first child, William. So many congratulations from everybody in the South East Charolais club for these achievements.

The standing down of a character. BY REG TAYLOR

Keith Jempson presenting Fred Turrell with his retirement bull

Think of a character, long-serving in the South East Charolais Association, and the name Turrell comes to mind - Fred Turrell. Fred, always a cattle man - dairy and beef - became drawn to the Charolais breed on their emergence in this country. So began his many years’ involvement with the breed. Fred, with Sheila McAlpine (to name but two) did much to promote the Charolais in the South-East, an area that did not take readily to the big white cattle from across the channel. They organised a small information tent at the South of England show offering an insight to the breed, with liquid refreshment, to any interested party. Fred played a big part in this, setting up, maintaining the supply of light liquid refreshments and taking turns manning the tent. From these early pioneering days Fred has been on the SECA Committee, chairing it at times, serving on the council of management, judges panel, as a breed inspector, and has taken on stewarding work on very many occasions. It hasn’t always been easy for Fred,

Peter and his wife Lara with new baby William At May Carlisle Mortimers had two first prizes and sold bulls at 6,500gns and 5,000gns. Reg and Ian Taylor had a third prize with Dingle Carlesburg who sold for 3,000gns and Richard Wakeham-Dawson’s fourth prize bull sold for 2,200gns. Back in the region, the Club held its AGM in


REGIONAL REPORTS inflicted as he is with a medical problem with his leg for many years, causing him much pain at times. However, although saddled with a bad leg, it seems Fred was blessed with a good eye for his cattle, seeing and purchasing a bull which secured a record number of championships for him! Fred Turrell forms strong views on things and does not shy away from expressing them, and needless to say, he is not everyone’s flavour of the month! Having said that, let me quickly add that a more dedicated, loyal supporter of the Charolais you will never meet. If there was ever an event involving Charolais you could rely on Fred being there giving his full support, and travelling thousands of miles over the years in doing so. He will be missed. Fred informed us at the meeting prior to the AGM that, due to the increasing difficulty in getting around, he was standing down from the committee at the AGM. We held the AGM at the Ardingly Inn. After the business, a brief account of Fred’s involvement over the Four-plus Decades was given, and then, thanks to the members’ appreciation of Fred and their generosity we were able to present him with the latest edition Charolais bull figurine, a body warmer, and a little pocket money. Dinner enjoyed by all was then served. The evening concluded with the toast to Fred’s health and well being. There is a touch of sadness when a character such as Fred has to stand down from something that has been part of their lives for so many years. So it was heart warming to see a broad smile on Fred’s face as we gave him a rendition of “For he’s a jolly good fellow”, which he is. On behalf of us all let me reiterate our toast to Fred’s health and well being and wish him a long and happy retirement.

Anglia Louise Barker

Sitting here writing this report, I can’t believe where the year has gone already. It doesn’t seem long since we were slipping and sliding around in the snow and now here we are enjoying the spring weather, the cows are out to grass and before we know it, harvest will be upon us. Herd Competition Our annual herd competition took place in September and was very kindly judged by Richard McInnes. We thank him for the time and effort he put in and also for his expertise. The results were awarded a little later than usual due to our AGM being postponed until January. Richard also made the effort to attend the AGM to award the following: Best group of heifers – Mr & Mrs Rix, Wissington Charolais Best Cow – R & D L Harper, Weybread Tiffany Best Calf – Caylers Charolais Best Stock Bull – Caylers Charolais, Maerdy Uniroyal Champion Herd – Caylers Charolais We aim to hold the herd competition again this year and would like to encourage some more of our members to enter. AGM

Our AGM took place on January 22nd and it was pleasing to see a number of members in attendance, enjoying a good social evening. Apart from the herd competition

IMPORTANT Before using a Friend or Neighbours Bull, please ensure that it is registered and has not passed to a non-member, otherwise the resultant calves will not be eligible for registration

GENOTYPING All new bulls used for pedigree breeding must be genotyped at the owner’s expense. DNA Sampling bags and instructions are available free of charge from the Charolais office. The cost on returning the bags to the office is then £28.75 including VAT

Richard McInnes presenting David Barker with the Champion herd


awards, there were two other trophies to be presented. Firstly to Alice Robinson who won the Wicks trophy for gaining the highest individual score from the region at the Royal Show young breeders stock judging with 95 points. I must apologise to Alice as due to a printing error in the previous newsletter, it was reported that Alice’s sister Amy Robinson had achieved this score whereas it was actually Alice. At least it was the same family! The next trophy to be presented was the


Richard McInnes presenting Donna McInnes with the award for the best cow

John Goodwin presenting Alice Robinson with the Wicks Trophy

Crackerjack cup for the highest priced bull sold from the region during the year. This went to Caylers Charolais for Caylers Blake who was sold in Perth in February for 5200gns. There were a few changes to the officers for this coming year. John Goodwin stood down as chairman, as did Laura Goodwin as Secretary. We would like to thank them for all their hard work and dedication. Our new Chairman is Graham Robinson – Stockhill Charolais and Graham’s daughter Amy Robinson has kindly agreed to take on the role of Secretary. David Barker continues as Treasurer and obviously I’m still here writing this! Carlisle Just 3 bulls from Anglia made their way to Carlisle in May, these being from Caylers. All three were sons of Maerdy Uniroyal and averaged 3,500gns with a top price of 5,000gns for October born Caylers Crusader. Mr & Mrs Rix, Wissington Charolais purchased a new stock bull. This being Goldies Cassanover, an 18 month old by Goldies Vicechancellor. He was purchased for 6,500gns. Best of luck to everyone that will be showing this summer. It’s a great advert for the Charolais breed.

Best stock bull - Maerdy Uniroyal

Best Cow - Weybread Tiffany

John Goodwin presenting David Barker with the Crackerjack Cup


REGIONAL REPORTS South West Patrick Dennis

England council member. April was a busy time for the club and the month began with a retirement sale for Mr and Mrs Peter Old and their Official officers for the next year were appointed as Moynton herd. As you will see from the report the sale was follows: very successful drawing a large crowd from far and wide President: R Northmore (Loveton) and the quality of cattle together with the bloodlines Chairman:W Palmer (Trenestral) available offered purchasers splendid opportunities. The Vice Chairman:B Nancekivell (Lovistone) standard and production of the cattle are a testament to Secretary: P Dennis the team at Moynton and in particular to Mike and Liz Treasurer: R Northmore Yeandle. We send our best wishes to Mr and Mrs Old in Membership Secretary: Mrs A Palmer their retirement and thank them for their support of the Publicity Officer: Mrs L Yeandle (Moynton) breed and the club over the years in which they have been Young Breeders Judging Organiser: Mrs E Vooght involved. (Little Bovey) At the final Perth Bull sales back in February there Council Representative: V Sellick (Escott) was a tremendous show of quality bulls. The Currell family If anyone has any items for any future reports please (Solo) were the only representatives from the south west contact Alison Turner Tel: 01840 261261 Email: and had two bulls up for sale. They were successful in getting purchasers for The AGM was brought to a swift both, Solo Cracker selling conclusion by the heaviest snowfall in for 4000 guineas and Solo the South West for several years making Clint for 4200 guineas, so the journey home for many members a congratulations to them. rather steady one. Two bulls came back to the west country one, Introduction to Showing Newhouse Camelot was Kindly hosted by Mr & Mrs A White purchased by Jane Haw On the Tuesday following the Easter for the Balbithan herd and break many members from across the the other Mortimers South West travelled to Compact Farm, Cosmo came back to the Worth Matravers, Nr Swanage in Dorset Trenestral herd. to the home of the Balbithan herd. The return trip Balbithan ‘Stars of the Future’ In absolutely glorious weather we home was entertaining for were welcomed by Jane Haw and her the Chairman and our son Benjamin with light refreshments, who went on to give council member. Will and Viv, who having missed the Mr and Mrs White’s apologies that they could not join us. turning home in Glasgow, took a detour via Moscow, We were taken by Graham Fishlock and Jane (Scotland they tell us) and only got home having received through their sheds, full of impressive cattle and Graham directions over the phone from Viv’s wife Gill who had to gave us a talk on his extensive showing experiences find a map back in Somerset!! throughout the years, farming cattle towards showing and Also congratulations to everyone at the Balbithan the forward planning and thinking of calving patterns to herd for their Inverlochy Topsire progeny selling present cattle for various classes. He then went on to give tremendously well at the recent Carlisle Bull Sale. good advice on how he halter breaks his cattle and general preparation of cattle starting well in advance Annual General Meeting This years meeting was held in the conference room at Exeter Livestock Market in early February with 18 members present. The chairman Will Palmer (Trenestral) gave a comprehensive report of the years activities thanking everyone involved for helping at the various shows throughout 2008 and a special thank you to everyone who helped at the South West Beef Event gaining the South West Association a prize for the most instructive stand, Will also mentioned the receipt of a letter from the Fortuneswell Cancer Unit thanking the association for the receipt of £200 raised by the committee with a raffle held at the Annual Dinner and Dance in December. Our council member Viv Sellick (Escott) gave his Graham Fishlock giving his presentation annual update. Viv was re-elected to stand as South 48

REGIONAL REPORTS British Charolais breeders’ rewarded for herd genetic improvements

Mike Yeandle, Master judge of the day

hopefully culminating in cattle turning out to look their best for the show ring. Many young members especially found this very interesting and Graham was able to answer many questions on various aspects of preparation and showing. Jane then proceeded to take us on a short farm walk around some recently calved cows to see some stars of the future, which everybody totally enjoyed. Once back to the yard visitors were then invited to judge 4 bulls and 4 females that had been picked out and our master judge for the day, Mike Yeandle (Moynton) then gave members present his placings together with reasons. Master Edward Tucker (Kingsley) won first prize for correct placing of the bulls and his father Robert Tucker together with Peter Scott (Northcoast) took joint honours for correctly placing the females. All members then retired for refreshments and Will Palmer made a closing speech thanking all who attended and a special thanks to all involved with the Balbithan herd for hosting the afternoon with all members having a most enjoyable day.

Left to right: John and Sarah Middleton, the BCCS President Peter Vasey, Snowdon Oates, the BCCS Chairman Iain Millar and Robert Adam

Herd Competition This years Herd Competition will be held in September. The judges will be Richard and Ali Tucker of the Gower herd from Gower, Near Swansea. Entry forms will be sent out at a later date. We look forward to seeing you at all our Regional Shows during 2009. Devon County Show 21st – 23rd May 2009 Bath & West Show 27th – 30th May 2009 Royal Cornwall Show 4th – 6th June 2009 Assistance from members would be greatly appreciated at the shows during the season, if any members can help please contact us. Congratulations to Patrick Dennis (Secretary) on his recent marriage Pictured to the right 49

British Charolais breeders have been recognised for the genetic progress made to their herds during the last 12 months with a new award presented by the Harman family, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, one of the founding members of the breed society. Herd progress was measured by female performance taking in their maternal traits expressed in its Self Replacing Index (SRI). All Breedplan recording society members with a minimum recorded 10 calves were eligible to enter. The winning member in England is Snowdon Oates, Chester-le-Street (Ravensworth) with a 12 month SRI improvement from SRI +18.8 to SRI +25.3; Northern Ireland: John and Sandra Middleton, Derry (Hollywell) SRI +22.1 to SRI +28.3; Scotland: Drew and Bob Adam, Forfar (Newhouse) SRI +25.6 to SRI +29.8; Wales: Gareth Jones, Bala (Esgob) SRI +24.3 to SRI +32.1. “I’m pleased to introduce the award to recognise the contribution my late grandfather, Tony and father, Dan have made to the society,” Ben Harman explained. Tony was a founder member of the society and among the first to officially import Charolais in the early 1960s and go on to establish the Chesham herd which has since been inherited by Ben, while Dan Harman continues to manages the Silver herd. “The Harman Charolais Genetic Improvement Award is designed to recognise Charolais breeders, including those up and coming ones, for their drive and enthusiasm to use the Breedplan recording system to help select more accurately for elite commercial traits within their respective herds. Each of the four winners have demonstrated real improvement in the herd’s SRI indices in the last 12 months, which will in turn contribute towards enhancing the UK commercial beef herd’s performance.”

REGIONAL REPORTS Yorkshire & North East Neil & Kirsty Blyth son for 6,000gns. Also Newwent Carlos (ET) for 4,800gns, this was an Elrick Uranium son. Overall a successful end for the sales at their Perth venue. Let’s hope the sale continues to be as strong for the region’s members in the new Stirling location. At least it is a little closer to home!

Well we got back from Carlisle bull sales last night after a good sale for many members from the region. It takes a while to catch up with all the jobs when you’ve been away a couple of days but we’re all in the same boat I imagine! We’ve had some spells of torrential rain today but the sun came out in the end so we’re sitting down to write this at 9pm the day before the deadline!

Carlisle Another success for members from the region. Brampton, Ellerton, Marwood, Fairway, Wrinklewood, Whitecliffe, and Holstead all put bulls forward. Our chairman Roger Green had success with his third prize bull Greenall Celebrity, although they are in their new Scottish home we still keep up to date! Celebrity made 7,000gns for John, Emma, Roger and Susan. The two Brampton bulls sold to a top price of 7,200 for Sarah and Billy Turner. Hopefully this has helped Billy feel a little brighter after his recent illness. It was good to see upcoming stockmen Antony and Mick helping Sarah prepare the bulls. Second prize Ellerton Crockett made 6,000gns for the Brown family and was winner of the Yorkshire & Lancashire Rosebowl. Some excellent halter breaking from Tom had obviously paid off. Stuart was hopeful there may be some extra pocket money this week! Marwood sold four bulls to a top price of 8,000gns for their third prize Allanfauld Vagabond son, Marwood Constantine. The first sons to be presented from stockbull Coolnaslee Advocate were among the prizes and were sold to a top price 5,000gns. David Fattorini’s Fairway bulls sold to a top price of 4,000gns for Fairway Conductor, sired by Fairway Trumpeter and dam, Fairway Sunbeam, a Jumper daughter. Jenny Clayton brought three bulls from the Wrinklewood herd that sold to a top price of 3,000gns for her second prize senior bull, Wrinklewood Carrington. Jenny was hopeful her son had held the fort at home while she enjoyed a night away at the bull sales! The Hayhurst family presented three young bulls and sold to a top of 3500gns for Whitecliffe Duke from their homebred bull, Tyrone. Finally, another young bull from the region from the Andrews family was Holstead Darcy (ET), a Simpsons Gregg son which made 2500gns. Darcy was from the prizewinning dam, Holstead Anotherholly which many of you will have seen at the Yorkshire Show. Exhibited by Emma but this time under the watchful eye of baby Harriet! She seemed to be taking it all in. Well done to all members who presented bulls from the region and good luck for future sales.

Meetings The year started with the re-arranged Christmas meal. This was well attended and we were given an entertaining speech by Steven Nesbitt, regional member, breeder (Alwent) and the past Chairman of the Society. Steven gave us the insider’s view of the Society and the highlights of his year as Chairman. Steven told us the role was both interesting and demanding and he required the understanding and support of his wife Mary while he attended the many trips and meetings required of him. It sounded like it wasn’t all hard work though! The Yorkshire & North East Charolais breeders put two teams forward for the annual interbreed quiz. We covered all angles by fielding an over 50’s team (I think I am being quite kind here…) and a ‘young’ team (well excluding Andrew Brown of course!). The ‘young’ team saved the day and won the quiz (Neil and Kirsty Blyth along with Andrew and Vicky Brown). It would seem that Mrs Brown is an exceptional teacher! Next year we will be required to host the quiz. Our most recent meeting was held in April and Mr Bill Cowling from the Great Yorkshire Show committee came along to tell us about the latest developments on the show ground. This raised some discussion about the cattle facilities but unfortunately there are no plans to improve these at present. I am sure that we will continue to support the event as such an excellent show of Charolais cattle is always exhibited. The show ground has recently opened a new shop which will be selling local produce and encouraging people to support British farmers. Mr Cowling hoped this would be an exciting and successful development for the show ground. Sales Perth Four breeders from the region put forward cattle at the final Perth bull sales in February. Mike and Margaret Atkinson brought two Mowbraypark Paramount sons which made a top price of 9,000gns for Mowbraypark Conqueror.. David Fattorini presented three Soprano sons and one from Fairway Trumpeter. Fairway Canberra made the top price of 3,800. The Blyth’s Marwood herd put forward two Allaunfauld Superscot son’s and a Derryharney Outstanding. These sold to a top price of 4,000gns for Marwood Charger (Outstanding son). Steven Nesbitt sold Alwent Cognac, a Vougeot

Upcoming Events Stockjudging events are to be held at Mowbraypark on Sunday 31st May at 2.00pm and at Marwood on Sunday 14th June at 2.30pm. We hope you are able to attend. Once again we hope as many of you as possible will be 50


exhibiting and/or attending the Great Yorkshire Show. Unfortunately we will be restricted on numbers but don’t let this put you off entering. A good Charolais show has become commonplace at this event.

Steve Hookway

With most of the spring sales done for this year it seems our industry is on a high a welcome tonic for everyone involved with the beef industry.Record averages are being seen at various centres with breeders getting decent returns for all the hard work and dedication that goes into producing prime breeding stock. Hopefully this will generate some enthusiasm for the forthcoming show season and we can look forward to some good numbers of Charolais cattle forward to represent our breed at the County and Royal shows.

Wishing you all a good Summer and harvest. Warm wishes from the Club to Billy Turner (Brampton). We hope Billy makes a speedy recovery from his recent illness.

If anyone would like to join the BCCS, please ring the office on 02476 697222 for further information and an application pack.

AGM 5th March Our AGM was held at the Royal Oak Muchmarcle Herefordshire on Thursday March 5th. The meeting was well atended with thanks going to those that participated. Having done two year terms both Ken Gourlay (Chairman) and Rita Bayliss (Secretary) stepped down on behalf of all the South Midlands members. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them both for their efforts over the last couple of years it has been much appreciatted. Roger Bayliss becomes our new Chairman being promoted from Vice Chairman and Steve Hookway moves from Treasurer assistant Secretary role to Secretary. Thanks go to Paul Burgess who agreed to be Vice Chairman and his partner Vicky Roberts who was happy to take on the Treasurers role. Steve Hookway stays on as Press Officer. The region has picked up a few new members this year which I am sure is down to the hard working individuals who give their time for this region.

The following fees apply for joining: (inc VAT) Enrolment fee: Annual Membership £28.75 Full Membership: (per annum) (N.B £20 is VAT zero rated) £31.50 Herd Prefix Fee: a herd prefix by which name all cattle will be identified per member £28.75 Associate Membership: (per annum) VAT zero rated, will receive publications only £20.00

Three Counties Show Having got the go ahead again for Society Sponsorship at this years Three Counties Show we have made a big effort to promote the event. Raising our Sponsorship fund has been going well with some members making large efforts to get companies to sponsor. Exhibitors at this years show will reap the benefit of a large prize fund as a reward for bringing out their cattle and promoting Charolais at the Three Counties which I am sure will be of benefit to us all. Several new Exhibitors are expected at the show this year and I thank them for their support. We intend to have a welcoming breed stand within the cattle lines this year so please drop by to say hello and join us for a drink and some refreshments.

Visit the Charolais website on for catalogues on forthcoming sales and the latest sale reports



The British Charolais Cattle Society Ltd Annual

New bulls on scheme Vald’or-ra MBMI0000449 £69.00 inc VAT Thrunton Bonjovi MBM0025905 £46,00 inc VAT

General Meeting will take place in the BCCS

Pavilion, Avenue M, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth Warwicks CV8 2RG, commencing at 9am on

PLEASE NOTE: All Semen Royalty fees are now payable to the BCCS at the time of registering a calf. Unless paying by direct debit please add the fees to the cheque when sending the registration fee for each calf.

Tuesday 7th July 2009



How time rolls on, I can’t believe that it is time for the spring edition of the Charolais News already. The club have been keeping me busy with requests for a variety of outings and trips, which will no doubt lead to an interesting summer. We held our AGM and Council Meeting on 5th February 2009 where we had a good turnout, and some discussions following – particularly around the forthcoming show season and also development of the British Charolais Breedplan Analysis. We also agreed that the George Stoddart trophy would be awarded to the member showing the largest number of cattle at shows through the summer for 2009. Tom Bell has retired from the Charolais Council, and we thank him for his 6 years service. Ian Campbell has since stepped up to take his place, and we are sure that Ian will represent the Club well during his time on Council and wish him well with his term of office. Talking of the Campbells, there was an open farm day at Thrunton held on Friday 30th January, this was originally planned to be a low key affair for local farmers, but once word spread, the lure of a look around Thrunton was too great for many farmers, even on the second last day of the shooting season, and so there was a super turnout for the demos and also to view the fantastic line up of bulls heading up to Perth. This obviously worked a treat as Thrunton enjoyed another Perth Championship in February – well done ! On Tuesday 10th March 2009 Hopes Auction Co Ltd, Wigton held their annual Show and Sale of Cattle sired by a Charolais Bull, which was held on behalf of the Border Charolais Club. This was kindly sponsored by Montgomerie Farm Feeds, Silloth and ably judged by Michael Atkinson, Mowbraypark. Mike awarded the Championship to Messrs Hewetson, Scales Hall, Calthwaite, Penrith, Cumbria with a 685 kgs Heifer which sold to the Judge at 208.5p per kg (£1428.23) which was top price for the day. Reserve honours also went to Messrs Hewetson, with the second prize Heifer which sold for 197.50p per kg. (Pictured below)

Our President Peter Vasey has also been busy since the turn of the year, selling his fine bull Edenhurst Cognac privately to Sandy Innes for £15,000. (Pictured above) Our new Chairman Mr Edward Forster of Bradley Hall Farm has kindly volunteered to host the annual stock judging event, on Friday evening 5th June 2009, where we will be limbering up our young stock judging team for the Royal Show, planning to walk away with the silverware this year, as it is the final year of the Royal Show – does this mean we get to keep it ?! Following on from the article in the Charolais news about the SAC Charolais herd we have a trip planned for 12th August 2009, which has been kindly agreed by Gavin Hill so please mark this date in your diary. Members of other clubs who would like to join us on this visit would be very welcome (SAC have confirmed this) so please contact Sophie by email at or on 07834601243 for details. Having enjoyed fabulous weather for lambing, the last week has been wet, windy and wild – surely this can’t make three bad summers in a row ? Here’s hoping that the weatherman sorts himself out and we can all enjoy a summer showing fine cattle at the regions agricultural shows. Get those entries in please. Hopefully we at Hallbankgate can get the kids involved this year with some young handler classes now they are that little bit older, although this might mean that Ian will have to start halter training his cattle a little sooner than two weeks before the show as normal ! As this report goes to print we are fresh from returning from the May Sale at Carlisle where the trade for bulls was strong, particularly for older work ready bulls. Judged by Liam Muir, there was a good turnout for the show on Friday where Champion went to Peter Howells. However on Saturday the crowds poured in (along with some heavy showers and hail stones) and Goldies stole the show with their 28,000gns senior champion. 52



Approximately 150 people braved the weather to view the THRUNTON Charolais herd on a cold wet January day prior to the Perth February bull sales

A Perth Champion in waiting THRUNTON CROWNPRINCE was much admired and with his Sunday clothes on in Perth went on to win the Supreme Championship at Perth and sold for 20,000gns

Part of the Northern Ireland delegates visited the farm, and then went on to view Alan Lawson’s (in the red jacket) ALSNOW cattle

LEFT: BCCS Chairman IAIN MILLAR and United Auctions Chairman David Leggatt enjoy the beef rolls supplied by KEENAN RUMANS and expertly cooked by Steve Nesbitt



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Scotland Mr J Crawford, New Luce, Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire DG8 OAQ Tel: 07801 107599 Mr R M Campbell, 1 Obbe Road, Leverburgh, Isle of Harris HS5 3TN Tel: 01859 520242 JR & JE Moar, Rosebank, Deerness, Orkney Tel: 01856 741350 R & C Rettie, 3 Aberdona Mains, Forestmill, Alloa, Clackmannanshire FK10 3QP Tel: 01259 752217 Mr Ryder, No 1 Newton Cottages, Annanwater, Moffat, Dumfriesshire DG10 9LT Tel: 01683 221008 E & W Scott, Linross Farm, Glamis, By Forfar, DD8 1QN Tel: 01307 840300 Mr M Tubman, Carseminnoch Farm, Newtownstewart, Wigtownshire DG8 7AU Tel: 01671 402318 Northern Ireland Mr A R Burleigh & Mr H C Stubbs, Dunrovin House, Coolacrim, Derrylester, Florencecourt, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, N Ireland BT92 3EZ Tel: 028 66 348424 Mr M Deery, 2 Millgrove Park, Eglington, Co Derry, N Ireland BT47 3YU Tel: 028 71 810739 Mr J A Donnelly, Gortfinbar, Carrickmore, Omagh, Co Tyrone, N Ireland Tel: 028 807 61453 Mr R Flynn, 7 Manor Lane, Kilmood Church Road, Killinchy, Co Down, N Ireland BT23 6NS Tel: 028 97 543340 Mr S Houston, 12 Knockiniller Road, Skinboy Bridge, Strabane, Co Tyrone, N Ireland BT82 8QW Tel: 028 816 62388 F & K Johnston, 32 Bracky Road, Sixmilecross, Co Tyrone, N Ireland BT79 9PJ Tel: 028 807 75038 Mr G Knox, Cullaghmore, Irvinestown, Co Fermanagh, N Ireland BT94 1LN Tel: 028 686 28002 Mr P Magennis, 12 Newry Road, Meigh, Co Down, N Ireland BT35 8JX Tel: 028 30 848451 Mr M McGlade, 21 Longfield Road, Lislea, Newry, Co Down, N Ireland BT35 9TU Tel: 028 308 39904 Mr S McKenna, 37 Aughnadarragh Road, Augher, Co Tyrone, N Ireland BT77 OET Tel: 028 855 49833 Mr G Mullan, 8 Aughbrack Road, Plumbridge, Omagh, Co Tyrone, N Ireland BT79 8AT Tel: 028 713 98556 Mr J O’Neill, 125 Broughderg Road, Omagh, Co Tyrone,N Ireland BT79 8JN Tel: 078999 60994 Mr GL Pirie, Northcote, Leys Road, Banchory, Kincardineshire AB31 5YS Tel: 01339 9881154 Mr M Ritchie, 45 Brentwood Park, Richhill, Co Armagh, N Ireland BT61 9JG Tel: 028 38 870286 Mr G Trainor, 93 Crievelough Road, Brantry, Dungannon, Co Tyrone, N Ireland BT70 1LN Tel: 028 375 48019 Wales E J G & C E James, Glandulais, Rhydlewis, Llandysul, Ceredigion SA44 5RR Tel: 01239 851508 H & J Patrick, East Hook Farm, Portfield Gate, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire SA62 3LN Tel: 01437 760310 Mrs M A Roberts, Gwerychdryw, Botwnnog, Pwllheli, Gwynedd LL53 8RG Tel: 01758 730400 South West J J Coles & Son, Manor Farm, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton, Somerset TA2 62E Tel: 01823 332913 PD & PM Colwill, Southmoor Farm, Whitestone, Holsworthy, Devon EX22 6TD Tel: 01288 341279 R & J Stevens, Dangells Barn Farm, Maiden Bradley, Warminster, Wilts BA12 7HZ Tel: 01985 844392 Anglia S Bird, Frieze Hall, Coxtie Green Road, South Weald, Brentwood, Essex CM14 5RE Tel: 01277 375647 G Purser & Sons, Blunts Farm, Pleshey, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 1HY Tel: 01245 230713 South Midlands C H Evans & Son, Abbey Farm, Wroxall, Warwickshire CV35 7ND Tel: 01926 484230 East Midlands A & V Ownsworth, Pottergate Farm, Pottergate Lane, Fulbeck, Grantham, Lincs NG32 3HP Tel: 01400 273885 Mr D Thornley, 30A Main Street, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, Derbyshire DE11 7ES Tel: 01283 819644 North Midlands Mr A E Sellick, Winterbottom Farm, Winterbottom Lane, Mere, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 OQQ Tel: 07876 306310 Northern Mr W Hird, Town Head, Brocklebank, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 8DH Tel: 016974 78505 W Richardson & Son, Ghyll House, Dufton, Appleby, Cumbria CA16 6DB Tel: 017683 51560 Messrs J M Thompson, Town Foot, Melmerby, Penrith, Cumbria CA10 1HB Tel: 01768 881239 Overseas Mr H A Seeley, PO Box 139, Brunswick, Vic 3056, Australia

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