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When it comes to furnishing your child’s room, selecting inspiring furniture, bedding, and accessories is only the beginning of our story. Create timeless storybook rooms, filled with extraordinary vignettes from Newport Cottages furniture, Maddie Boo Bedding, and Charn & Company lighting for your little ones. Not a place to rest, but a child’s room filled with joy to play, learn, dream, and grow. We invite you to be inspired by our collections as you create special places for your little ones. Fine bench made furnishings from Newport Cottages sets the framework of each room. From hand rubbed rustic cowboy reds to picket fence whites, look no further for cottage style finishes. Quality craftsmanship such as mortise and tenon joinery, and rail & stile panels make Newport Cottages furniture a premier choice. Not just cribs, choose from a collection of occasional tables, armoires, and desks, and beds. Dress your nursery with exquisite style from Maddie Boo bedding. Combine practicality and durability with quality zippered bumpers and easy cleaning duvets. Essential extras as super plush blankets to moses baskets, bibs, and burps offer more functional style. Compelling fabric combinations, interesting embellishments, and characteristic textures make Maddie Boo bedding truly inviting. Of course, the little things add so much. Complete your child’s dream with wooden armed chandeliers, floral appliquéd shabby lamps, and custom made lampshades from Charn & Company. From flirty flares to classic styles, you can mix and match lamps and shades in any combination. Choose from Maddie Boo’s fine linens to create a fun, classic or romantic lampshade

So, join us on an adventure and create happy endings for your little ones!


Cd25 Buckaroo 26” diameter

Newport Highchair

Travis Highchair Pads

Cottage Crib

Travis Crib Set

NPC-9910 22” x 19” x 39”h


NPC-4910 31” x 55” x 72”h

C-143 4 piece crib set

Taylor 3 Drawer Nightstand NPC-4840 28” x 20” x 31”h

L22u Buckaroo

Stsc1 Giddy Up


10” x 10”

Travis Moses Basket M-143 (blanket available)

Henry Henry (L50F) 62” h

Taylor 5 Drawer Chest NPC-3140 38” x 20” x 50”h

L22u Henry 20” h

Turned Post Twin Bed Henry Moses Basket

Panel Crib

Henry Crib Set

M-173 (blanket available)

NPC-4470 34” x 56” x 46”h

C-173 4 piece crib set

NPC-4230 43” x 84” x 55”h

Henry Bedding B-273 Big Kid Bedding


Celine Armoire LS-3 Preston

NPC-2180 Interior: Removable wardrobe rod 2 adjustable shelves 38” x 24” x 72”h

24” h

Preston Moses Basket Cottage Crib

Preston Crib Collection

NPC-4910 31” x 55” x 72”h

C-166 4 piece crib collection

M-166 with blanket

Celine Nightstand

NL0 Preston

NPC-4870 Optional glass knobs 21” x 17” x 30”h

Also available in demi and scalloped styles


Ch-char Louisa 15” diameter

Celine Changer NPC-3180 40” x 20” x 36”h

LS-3 Louisa 24” h

Louisa Moses Basket M-163 with blanket

Louisa Crib Set

Celine Crib

C-163 4 piece crib set

NPC-4710 31” x 55” x 49”h

Lindsey Samantha Changer with Roses NPC-3100rs with removable changing tray 21” x 17” x 30”h

L30u Lindsey 30” h

Lindsey Moses Basket M-154 with blanket

Cape Cod Roses Crib

Lindsey Crib Collection

NPC-4350 34” x 57” x 52”h

C-154 4 piece crib collection

Bella Mirror

Tsc3-be Lindsey

21” diameter

8” x 6”

Barbara Ann L20h Barbara 23” h

Victorian Desk NPC-8190bks With bookshelf canopy 48” x 24” x 40”h

Barbara Ann Moses Basket

Celine Dresser NPC-3190 52” x 20” x 36”h

M-149 with blanket

Barbara Ann Bedding B-249 Big Kid Bedding

Bella Coatshelf

Bella Tissue Box

7” high x 35.5 wide x 4.75 deep

BB-rect1: 10” x 5” BB-sqt1: 6” x 5”

Alexis Twin Bed NPC-4670 44” x 82” x 57”h

Allison Tsc3-be Allison 8” x 6”

Taylor 6 Drawer Dresser NPC-3120sb With scalloped bottom option 58” x 20” x 35”h

Allison Bedding B-258 Big Kid Bedding

Allison Moses Basket M-158 with blanket

L28p Allison

Poet’s Bookstand

L45f Allison

25” h

NPC-8500 26” x 15” x 48”h

25” h Shown with scalloped base

Adelaide L45f-be Adelaide 58” h

Cd30-be Adelaide 30” diameter

Tsc3-be Adelaide 8” x 6”

Savannah Wardrobe NPC-3300 Interior: 3 adjustable shelves 36” x 22” x 60”h

Turned Post Twin Bed NPC-4230 43” x 84” x 55”h

Adelaide Bedding

Adelaide Crib Collection

B-272 Big Kid Bedding

C-172 4 piece crib collection

Adelaide Moses Basket M-172 with blanket

Madison Crib with Posts NPC-4590 32” x 57” x 85”h

We are dedicated to creating fine furniture, which is both beautifully designed and very functional. Our integrity for superior materials ensures heirloom quality furniture that is made to last for generations. Our unique finishes are hand rubbed to achieve a slightly aged and weathered look. Individually applied to each piece, these finishes can be customized in color and style, to provide an endless array options. Please visit our website:

“Big dreams require small details�

Pretty in Pink Westport Crib Shown in mudpie with pink panels and cream trim. NPC-4790 34” x 56” x 50”h

Changing Dresser Shown in mudpie with pink drawer faces and panels outlined with cream trim. NPC-3160 46” x 20” x 35”h

Changing Tray Shown pink NPC-9900

Curved Drawer Chest NPC-3220 49” x 20” x 38”h

Taylor Chest Mirror NPC-3820 42” x 36”h

Westport Twin Bed Shown in mudpie. NPC-4750 42” x 82” x 56”h

Andie’s Cabinet Shown in mudpie. NPC-8310 25” x 15” x 60”h

Quality first

Westport Twin Bed Shown in mudpie. NPC-4750 42” x 82” x 56”h

Hutch for Desk with Straight Shelves Shown in mudpie. NPC-8220 50” x 15” x 42”h

Library Nightstand

Framed Corkboard

Shown in mushroom w/ mudpie top & knobs. NPC-4820 18” x 16” x 30”h

NPC-9960 45” x 1” x 24”h

Robyn Maddie Boo will fit any style or taste. We create with real life in mind. Our bumpers are zippered for practicality and easy cleaning and our duvets are designed for durability. We offer essential extras for any child’s room or nursery. From blankets to moses baskets to bibs and burps, function and usefulness are presented in our delightful designs.

Robyn Big Kid Bedding B-258

We invite you to be inspired by our collections as you create special places for your little ones. Please visit our website: Robyn Moses Basket M-158 (blanket available)

“Big Style... Bright Colors”

Jonathon Jonathon Big Kid Bedding B-252

Jonathon Crib Set C-252 4 piece crib set

“Subtle Tones� Jonathon Moses Basket M-152 (blanket available)

Jamie Moses Basket M-180 with blanket

Jamie 4 piece crib set C-180


“Clean and Refreshing�

Ella Bassinet Bas-103

Lola “Color your World... Vibrant� Lola 4 piece crib set C-175

Lola Big Kid Bedding B-275

Lola Moses Basket M-175 with blanket

Custom lighting never looked so good. Mix and match to your style and design with

CD27 scroll 30” diameter available in 6 arms

small lamps

Please visit our website at

L22u Sm Urn 20” h

L23ct Sm Top 20” h

Sm Classic shade

Sm Flare shade

L20h-be Sm Hood 23” h Sm Steffany shade

CD25 acorn

CD30-be chestnut

25” diameter also available in 3 arms

30” diameter

CD28a spindle

CD36 scroll

25” diameter available in 3 and 6 arms

32” diameter

medium lamps

large lamps

L28u Md Urn 25” h Md Classic shade

L30ca-be Md Candle 30” h

L28p-be Md Pedestal 25” h

L30u-be Lg Urn 30” h

Md Drum shade

Md Bell shade

Lg Classic shade

L30v Lg Vase 30” h Lg Drum shade

Add some charm to your cottage and make yourself right at home

L50f Mountain ticking 62” h

L45fa-be Matilda

L45ft-be Lucinda

L-45f-be Adelaide


Optional table top shown 58” h

58” h

Custom appliques and optional table top available on all floor lamps

Bella Home Collection






BE-TS3 BB–S1: 9.5” x 12” BB–M2: 11” x15” BB–L3: 12.5” x18”

BE-J2 BE-TS4 BE-F2: picture frame BE-M4: mirror





Also available in single switch plates

BE-F1: picture frame BE-M3: mirror BE-V2

Charn & Company

Maddie Boo Bedding

Newport Cottages

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Cottages Group Collection  
Cottages Group Collection  

This inspirational catalog is a collection of three friends and their cottage style products. Newport cottages furniture (Pockets), MaddieB...