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Tips for Dressing Up the Most DressedDown Looks Ever wonder how some women can pull on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and still look stunning and elegant like they’re ready for a night on the town? Chances are that finished appearance even in the most dressed down of ensembles comes from making wise choices in the accessory department. Statement necklaces and a few other well-selected pieces of trendy jewelry can make all the difference here. Not sure how to dress up your own casual attire? Here are some tips that can help you accessorize like you’re ready to hit a formal in blue jeans: •

Go plain with clothing – Loud, highly patterned and racy T-shirts are great in some circles, but if you’re going for a bolder, more eye-catching look, simple is often better. Plain colored tanks, T-shirts and other simple blouse designs provide the perfect canvas background for accessories that make the look.

Pick the right necklace – Statement necklacesoften provide the focal point for dressing up dressed down looks. Consider the clothing and then pick a trendy necklace that fits the ensemble and pulls the eyes in. Trendy chokers, large link pieces and even faux retro pieces that drip with sparkling gems are all great choices. While creating a focal point is important with the necklace, so be sure to go with pieces you like personally. It’s hard to pull off some statement necklacesif you’re not in love with the look provided.

Don’t forget the ears – It can be hard to find just the right earrings to go with bolder statement necklaces, but there are some options that work perfectly every time. Simple studs, bamboo earrings and plain, but sophisticated dangles tend to work well. Ideally, the necklace and earrings will come as a set.

Pull it all together – The right bracelet can provide the perfect finishing touch here. Keep other accessories in mind when selecting this piece. It should add to the finished look without taking away from the focal point. Women who know how to hit the town in style even when they’re only in their favorite pair of blue jeans know what accessorizing is all about. Take a tip from them by adding statement necklaces, bamboo earrings and other eye-catching designs to your collection.


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