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Game prediction app SportsHero takes fantasy sports to new level


portsHero is Asia’s first real-time fantasy sports app and social prediction platform. The app is the “new incarnation” of FootballHero, which already has over 250,000 users. It allows sports fans to make better predictions on the outcomes of games by harnessing the power of all the other sports fans in its social community with validated prediction results and social sentiment. SportsHero covers football (soccer), baseball (Major League Baseball), tennis, American Football (National Football League), and basketball (NBA), with hockey (NHL) and cricket

(IPL) in development. The app has an average daily engagement time of approximately 10 minutes per user. SportsHero users can predict the outcome of the game using virtual currency, leave to watch the game, and come back to check on the results. Particular emphasis will be placed on local leagues and teams, with a view to building the overall sporting culture and ecosystem in each market. “We’ve observed that when people watch a game, the fun is not only in the excitement of the game but also in being able to predict, from a skills-based intuition, who you think is going to win, or what’s going to happen next,” says Dinesh Bhatia, CEO and co-founder of SportsHero. The app is also a social competition platform where top ranked fans stand to win daily, weekly, and monthly prizes. Fans can interact with fellow sports fans on the SportsHero network in a number of ways to make any game more interesting and competitive. Brands can tap SportsHero to engage its user base, opening official accounts with sponsored content.

F&B app Eunoia helps restaurants save 30 to 40% in monthly operating costs

The dining experience is no longer limited to customers walking in and out of a restaurant, bistro, pub, or any F&B outlet. Chances are, customers will search, book, order, and even pay online through their smartphones. This is where Eunoia comes in. Eunoia provides a digital platform which helps F&B operators manage 18 SINGAPORE BUSINESS REVIEW JANUARY 2017

their business processes – including customer management, inventory, and payment processing – from a single and convenient dashboard in order to earn more revenue. “The name Eunoia means ‘beautiful thinking’ – we strive to bring good experiences through deliberate thinking and action. We believe in alleviating current problems and creating better experiences for everyone in the F&B industry through technology,” says Wee Zihuan (Zwee), founder and CEO of Eunoia. The benefit to customers is clear – it makes dining out more convenient. The benefit to F&B outlets, meanwhile, includes increased traffic, customer satisfaction, and most importantly, cost savings to their operations of around 30 to 40% monthly. Eunoia currently has $800,000 in seed funding, led by Golden Equator Capital.

Biofourmis unveils personalised physio-data analytics platform

The platform, which is the first in the world, pulls data from wearable consumer sensors to give an overview of a person’s health. Biofourmis is the pioneer in people-centric healthcare analytics that uses cognitive technologies to learn an individual’s physiology. It is focussed on building personalised health models leveraging physiological data gathered in real time so that users get personalised and actionable health insights. The startup aims to make healthcare data understandable to people. “If you look at the technology trend, wearable devices and biosensors are proliferating and people/clinicians are leveraging on such new technologies to monitor patients remotely. However, there is a tsunami of data being collected by an individual/ patient (approx. ~100,000 TB of data during a human being’s lifetime) and available technologies use traditional population-based approach to analyse the data, which is mostly inaccurate and may generate false alarms,” says Kuldeep Singh, founder and CEO of Biofourmis. He adds, “Moreover, people are not motivated to comply to these technologies as there is no engagement.” Personalised health models To further help them in their mission, Biofourmis built Biovitals. This data analytics engine builds personalised health models which quantify an individual’s physiology so that adverse medical events can be detected even before any symptom occurs. The engine supports a variety of remote monitoring applications, making it smarter and efficient. Biovitals is capable of performing data discovery, predictive analytics, patient risk-stratification, real-time contextual insights, personalised AI wellness coaching, and data visualisation. “If you look at one of its clinical applications, this technology solves the biggest problem in healthcare – you discharge a patient form the hospital but you are still financially at risk. What do you do next? It prevents hospital readmissions. So this personalised platform can be used for various applications, ranging from remote monitoring of chronically ill patients – or postoperative care – to preventive application, which is the wellness,” Singh notes.

Singapore Business Review (December 2016 - January 2017)  
Singapore Business Review (December 2016 - January 2017)