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The 10 most influential health and fitness buffs aged 40 and under


ingapore Business Review’s 10 most influential people in health and fitness, aged 40 and under, aims to recognise those who are making the biggest impact in revolutionising how people think about health and fitness. They were determined based on criteria including social reach, research contribution, trends they have set, as well as media coverage. 1 Rhyce Lein, 25, manager, GuavaPass In April 2015, Rhyce, an experienced marketing professional, was asked to join GuavaPass as general manager for Singapore. He has assisted in driving accelerated growth for this health and fitness startup, which is now live in nine countries with over 5,000 members. It currently claims to be the largest fitness community in Asia. 2 Aqilah Norazman, 27, founder, 1-Habit Nutrition Aqilah started Singapore’s first online nutrition coaching and mentoring company, 1-Habit Nutrition, in early 2015. At present, 1-Habit Nutrition has coached over 135 Singaporeans. She also started Asian Meal Prep, a YouTube channel with weekly videos to help people prepare healthier Asian meals. One video entry has garnered over 5,000 views on Facebook. 3 Jasmine Neo, 27, brand ambassador, Active Hive Lifestyle and Wellness Hub Jasmine, the only local cheerleader who has won seven consecutive gold medals in the Singapore Cheer Competition, is the brand ambassador for Active Hive. She has


previously shared her personal experiences in overcoming bulimia and binge eating disorder. Jasmine engages her followers on social media and when they meet her during her workouts. Joel Tan, 28, founder, BBOUNCE Joel is a former national swimmer who represented Singapore between 2001 and 2013. He ranked 1st in Singapore in 2008 for 100m breaststroke. In early 2016, Joel founded BBOUNCE Studio, billed as Singapore’s first rebounding studio. It now has almost 1,600 members. He created “Hybrid Rebounding”, considered the first of its kind workout regimen in Singapore, and probably the world. 4

Ian Tan, 29, cofounder, Ritual Gym Ian has served as programme director since Ritual Gym’s formation in October 2012. Between January 2011 and June 2013, he was the owner and head coach of gym Thrive. From January 2010 up to the present, he has served as the strength and conditioning coach for Fight G, billed as Singapore’s first Mixed Martial Arts academy. Ian’s professional Facebook account has more than 63,000 fans with over 85,000 people talking about it, whilst his personal blog has 7,230 monthly unique visitors and 22,140 page views. 5

6 Shawn Watson, 31, founder, Senescence Life Sciences Following seven years of research in a Canadian neuroscience laboratory, Dr. Shawn Watson uncovered a novel

treatment strategy capable of restoring natural decline in brain function associated with ageing. To date, he claims there have been no known, scientifically proven methods to slow, prevent or reverse the progression of brain ageing – making Dr. Watson’s findings one of the biggest discoveries of the last decade. 7 Ho Ki Han, Alvin, 33, founder, FITtener Alvin is a lifelong fitness enthusiast who gave up a comfortable and secure day job as a senior aerospace engineer to follow his passion, and founded FITtener in early 2016. It is a fitness company that serves to innovate and establish comprehensive fitness solutions. To date, has around 260 members on, an events-based website. 8 Sammy Phua, 34, owner and head trainer at The System Gym Sammy is a Senior Manhunt 2015 winner and a former national rugby player who once played against the famous Waisale Servi in the Hong Kong Sevens. Sammy came up with The System – a training programme with personalised numerical and resistance load for individuals based on their current fitness level. Gaining the support of his loyal followers, Sammy decided to open his own fitness studio, The System Gym, in December 2014. 9 Elika Mather, 34, health coach and founder, Kitchen by Food Rebel & ElikaFit Elika founded Kitchen by Food Rebel, which is on a mission to improve customers’ health through a recipe of awareness, education, and great food. Elika provides educational workshops onsite, a 10-day nutrition plan, and works with a number of local startups and suppliers to source quality ingredients that can be used in-house to make fresh meals daily. 10 Aimée Barnes, 39, founder/director, Tangram Wellness Aimée is the founder and director of Tangram Wellness, a Singapore-based concierge wellness company providing integrative coaching and personal training services to women globally. She is also a writer and motivational speaker on issues relating to habit change, body image, mental health, and addiction. Aimée is also an amateur physique athlete. She relocated from New York to Singapore in 2010.

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