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Connecting Jewish Women

June/July 2013

Sivan/ Tammuz/Av 5773

Find Your Passion, Make A difference


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Sunday, August 11, 2013

See Pg. 5 for more information

9:00am – 2:00pm | Charleston Marriott | 170 Lockwood Blvd., Charleston, SC


charleston jewish federation

The Charleston Jewish Voice is a community newspaper, published as a service by the Charleston Jewish Federation, which focuses on Jewish life in Charleston. Submission Policy: The Charleston Jewish Voice does not assume responsibility for the quality or kashrut of any product or service advertised in its pages. The opinions that are expressed in these pages are those of the author's, not that of the Charleston Jewish Voice. The Charleston Jewish Voice bears the right to reject/edit any editorial, articles, or advertising that it deems inappropriate. Article Deadline: First Wednesday of the month one month prior to the issue’s publication; send articles in MS Word via e-mail to Advertising Deadline: Last Monday of the month one month prior to the issue’s publication. Contact with advertising questions. Publisher: Charleston Jewish Federation p 843.571.6565 f 843.556.6206 JCA/CJF President: Spencer Lynch JCA Vice President/JCC SENIOR President: Masha Kalinsky

A Letter From the

PRESIDENT As said in Ecclesiastes 3, “3 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heaven.” Today in Jewish Charleston, as we all know, the times are changing. Our community is facing unforeseen struggles that have resulted in us coming together in this time of crisis to mobilize to save the heart and lifeline of Jewish Charleston, the Charleston JCC, and Charleston Jewish Federation. At a recent JCA board meeting, a big decision was made about the very newspaper that you are reading right now. The decision was to end the monthly publication of the Charleston Jewish Voice and to convert the publication

into a quarterly production with the content focused on theme issues related to the community and world at large. In addition there will be regular “email newsletter” updates during the times in between. It was not an easy decision to make, but strategically the funds used for this publication are now free to be used on what matters most: helping each and every member of our community through outreach, support, engagement, and programming. This was a tough decision, but the JCA Board has full faith in the staff of our organizations that they will do whatever possible to keep our community aware of all happenings in the most strategic and innovative ways possible. Get ready for positive change like none seen before. Keep your heads up Jewish Charleston, there is a bright future for our community. Best Regards, Spencer Lynch

Chief executive officer: Judi Corsaro CJF Program Director: Sarah Roshfeld director of marketing: Lori Hoch Stiefel CJF social services Director: Sara Sharnoff CJF GRAPHIC DESIGNER Andrea Joseph Charleston Jewish Voice is printed 10 times per year by the Charleston Jewish Federation, 1645 Raoul Wallenberg Blvd., Charleston, SC 29407


June/July 2013 Sivan/ Tammuz/Av 5773

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LYNCH CRACRAFT WEALTH MANAGEMENT Spencer J. Lynch, Managing Director Scott A. Cracraft, Managing Director 360 Concord St., Suite 210 Charleston, SC 29403 843.720.3500 • 800.384.9891


Raymond James Financial, Inc. • Member FINRA, SIPC Not FDIC Insured | May Lose Value | No Bank Guarantee Not A Deposit | Not Insured by Any Government Agency

CJF Contributions

New Website Launched to Educate the Jewish Community about Genetic Health Issues

CJF Contributions In Honor Of: Sally Fischbein, a Speedy Recovery: Cindy & Joe Brams; Marilyn Hoffman

Jean Rosner, a Speedy Recovery: Phyllis Firetag Morey Lipton, a Speedy Recovery: Phyllis Firetag Ruth Berlinsky, a Speedy Recovery: Phyllis Firetag Hannah Chase, Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah: Phyllis Firetag Marilyn Hoffman: Phyllis Firetag

NEW YORK, May 6, 2013 – Jewish individuals seeking to learn about the many genetic health conditions they may be at risk for can self-educate at GeneSights (, a new online education resource conceived by the Program for Jewish Genetic Health of Yeshiva University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. GeneSights is designed to provide effective and accessible learning at the viewers’ convenience and to encourage these viewers to become active in ensuring their own health and well being. GeneSights consists of individual “lessons” with topics selected based on their current relevance to the Jewish community, including specific diseases and medical conditions, genetic technologies and bioethical issues. The site’s inaugural lesson focuses on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and, more specifically, the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Mutations in these genes are responsible for the vast majority of hereditary forms of breast and ovarian cancer, and are found in approximately 1 in 40 Ashkenazi Jewish men and women, regardless of cancer history. In addition to the inaugural lesson, GeneSights also is pre-loaded with a two-part “Genetics 101” webinar to serve as a genetics overview for the typical viewer who may desire a baseline lesson. Most GeneSights lessons begin with a short public service announcement video of the topic, available to the general public and featuring real people disclosing their personal health stories. Viewers interested in learning more about the featured topic are then directed to register on the site, for free, for access to a full-length webinar presented by an expert in the field, supplemental written materials to serve as practical next steps, and links to other resources and organizations dedicated to the specific subject. Once registered, viewers are able to access all other GeneSights lessons.

New lessons will appear on GeneSights approximately every two months. One upcoming disease topic is Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, two conditions more prevalent in the Ashkenazi Jewish population. On the technology front, GeneSights will explore pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), a reproductive option for couples who are identified to be at increased risk for passing a genetic condition on to their offspring. -more“Advances in scientific research have identified many genetic diseases and conditions that are commonly found amongst Jews,” said Nicole SchreiberAgus, PhD, scientific and programming director for the Program for Jewish Genetic Health. “In addition, advances in technology, and in genetic testing in general, continue to impact routine healthcare. GeneSights is designed to provide the Jewish community with easy access to user-friendly, actionable information, as well as a better general grasp of the field of genetics and its associated opportunities and limitations.” Seed funding for the GeneSights series was provided in part by UJA-Federation of New York and by a generous grant in honor of Beatrice Milberg. For more information, visit The Program for Jewish Genetic Health, a joint initiative between Yeshiva University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, was established with the goal that nobody in the Jewish community facing a genetic health issue should be deprived of proper care due to lack of awareness, financial barriers or difficulty in navigating the healthcare system. For more information, visit


Paul Oberman, son of Jan Livingstain: Phyllis Firetag In Memory Of:

Itchy Sonenshine, beloved husband of Mickey Sonenshine: Marilyn Hoffman; Phyllis Firetag Irene Garfinkel, beloved mother of Elyse Garfinkel & Wendy Gold: Phyllis Firetag Claire Nussbaum, beloved wife of Maurice Nussbaum: Phyllis Firetag Lisa Helene Golod, beloved daughter of Marsha & Bill Golod: Phyllis Firetag Margot Freudenberg, beloved mother of Henry & Maxine Freudenberg: Phyllis Firetag Gil Snyder, beloved husband of Sara Snyder: Phyllis Firetag Rhoda Baker, beloved mother of Jerry & Debra Baker: Phyllis Firetag Harry Appel, beloved husband of Judy Appel: Phyllis Firetag Benjamin Baker, beloved husband of Pearl Baker: Phyllis Firetag

BlueCross BlueShield BlueCross BlueShield of of South Carolina South Carolina


BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina An Independent Licensee of the BlueCross and BlueShield Association



(843) 571-1155


Charleston Jewish Federation

Mitzvahs and Margaritas


Joe Pasta was full of dynamic and passionate young women on April 23rd at the Federation’s 2nd Annual Mitzvahs and Margaritas. Five local women shared their stories over dinner and drinks of being personally affected and helped by the Federation through Social Services, PJ Library, Shalom Baby, YAD, or Connecting Jewish Women; all shed light on the incredible work that the Federation does here in our community to ensure Jewish life for years to come. Attendees had the opportunity to sign up to receive more information about any of the programs and have already begun taking on leadership roles and responsibilities in the community to help with programs they are personally interested in. This annual event is truly inspiring and is a testament to the energy and ambition of younger generations of Jewish women. Thank you to Joe Pasta, Hilary Rieck, and Jaffa Miller for making this year’s Mitzvahs and Margaritas a success!

Dear Kvetch Korner, How can I overcome my shyness in social situations? I don’t want to spend another Saturday night alone.

Dear Lonely Lady,

Looking to advertise your business or product in the Voice? For more information, e-mail

Sincerely, Lonely Lady

As summer quickly approaches, we find ourselves slinking out of hibernation and into a continuous stream of parties, weddings, and get-togethers that will inevitably increase our social interactions with others. While this is great news for social butterflies, for others, this prospect is daunting and can evoke feelings of discomfort and stress. Here are some tips to make it through your next social engagement with ease. 1. If you suffer from social anxiety, it is best to arrive a little early or right when the party begins.This will allow you some time to get comfortable in your surroundings, and you can introduce yourself to people as they enter the party as opposed to walking into a large group of people. 2. Preparation can alleviate many nervous thoughts and feelings. Visualize your setting, who will be there, what you will be wearing, and how you want to present yourself. Imagine that you are standing tall, speaking slowly and clearly, smiling and nodding, and being engaged.

For more information, e-mail

3. Know how to politely end a conversation. You can always end a chat by saying smiling and saying, “It was very nice to meet you.” Or, if there is a party where you are eating or drinking, you can always excuse yourself to refill a drink or grab some nosh. 4. Practice the art of deep breathing. Begin by taking deep breaths from your diaphragm, inhale for four seconds, and slowly exhale for six seconds. This exercise will help slow your heart rate and relax your body. 5. Don’t be a mind reader. The most common thought that produces anxiety is “What is that person thinking of me?” By telling yourself that the person at the party thinks that you are silly or awkward, you will begin to present in that manner. Instead of listening to this inner dialogue, focus instead on what the other person is saying to redirect your anxiety and become an engaged participant in the conversation. The most important thing to remember is that avoiding social situations will only intensify your anxiety. Challenge yourself to attend social events this summer and practice your communication skills. If coping strategies do not help or seem to decrease your anxiety, you should consider seeking professional help so that you do not miss out on any summer fun. Good luck!

Dr. Martin Toporek


Entire Family -NOW FEATURING-


$100 OFF!

1916 Ashley River Rd. • 763-3367 • 4

June/July 2013 Sivan/ Tammuz/Av 5773


Connecting Jewish Women

4th annual

Connecting Jewish Women Find Your Passion, Make A difference Sunday, August 11th from 9am-2:00pm At the Charleston Marriott Hotel

Connecting Jewish Women is the only non-denominational and intergenerational event in the southeast, and want you to be a part of it! Don’t miss: • The return of the Connections Corner—sign up for small groups that meet year-round based on specific interests…the fun doesn’t have to end on August 11! • Opportunities to meet Jewish women from across South Carolina and Georgia • In response to your feedback, we created a condensed schedule • Innovative and engaging break-out sessions, including: • The 3 Mitzvot of a Woman • Maintaining a Jewish Identity within a Multi-Faith Couple • Make-your-own Judaica • Jewish Women Around the World

Sponsorship Levels: Best Friend | $500 Sponsor • Logo on sponsor banner displayed at event • Full page (8.5’’ x 5.5’’) color ad in the CJW directory • Business highlighted in printed marketing materials, news releases, on the website, and in the Charleston Jewish VOICE • Two complimentary event tickets Sister | $250 Sponsor • Logo on sponsor banner displayed at event • Half page (4.25” x 5.5”) color ad in the CJW directory • Business highlighted on news releases, on the website, and in the Charleston Jewish VOICE • One complimentary event ticket Aunt | $118 Sponsor • Quarter page (2.125” x 5.5”) color ad in the CJW directory • Business highlighted on the website and in the Charleston Jewish VOICE

Visit www.Connecting for more details and to register, ‘like’ us on Facebook at JewishWomen, or contact Sarah Roshfeld at


charleston jewish federation

Young Adult Division


YAD Upcoming Events June 1:

•YADdie Singles Raise a L’Chaim with Chai Expectations – a joint singles event with Columbia YAD

June 2:

• Real Estate seminar with Barnett Greenberg and Eric Schaffer—get the real estate agent and mortgage broker side of the Charleston market all at once!

June 7:

• Kid-Friendly Shabbat dinner

June 14:

• Sephardic Mediterranean Shabbat dinner (21+)

June 13:

• As a follow-up to May’s gleaning TOM (Tikkun Olam of the Month) we’ll organize the Kosher Food Pantry at the JCC

June 24:

• Happy Hour at The Shelter Kitchen + Bar

June 30:

• YAD beach day at Folly Beach

3 2


1. Sandy Katz and Danny Reed modeled accessories from local Charleston boutiques at the Senior Fashion Show on April 18 2. Sherman House resident Ruthie Eadie and YADdie Nina Rose dominated the catwalk at the Senior Spring Fashion Show on April 18 3. YADdies gathered on April 26 for a Taste of Home Shabbat dinner in Mt Pleasant at the home of Jaime Speiser and Marshall Slaybod 4. Happy Hour at Barsa on May 7 was enjoyed by all! For more details, and to see all of YAD’s upcoming events, visit


June/July 2013 Sivan/ Tammuz/Av 5773

Like YAD on Facebook at

Charleston Israel Alliance

Also serving the North Area at our Coosaw Creek location

Gesher 2013

Mission to Israel UPDATE


STEAK • SEAFOOD • PASTA • VEAL Family owned and operated for 30 years! Always a Gennaro in the kitchen.



HAPPY HOUR Tuesday through Saturday 4pm-7pm in our lounge Drink Specials • $5 Apps

Every Tuesday

Tues-Sat 4pm-11pm • 1280 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. • (843) 225-7923 Also serving the North Charleston Area at our Coosaw Creek location

Part of the mission of the Charleston Jewish Federation is to strengthen our local Jewish community by creating a connection to the greater Jewish world. One way of doing this is through mission trips, perhaps the bestknown component of Federation programming, to both Israel and Jewish communities across the globe, such as Bulgaria, Cuba, and Russia.

voted Best heAlth Food restAurANt

Charleston was excited to partner with Savannah for our first Gesher Mission for the fall of 2013. Our goal was to bridge together two coastal communities (with their own historic Jewish populations) via a meaningful and energizing trip to Israel. The trip was designed to appeal to adults of all ages, with a variety of historical sites, outdoor excursion options, and offthe-beaten-path experiences combined together in conjunction with 4-star hotel stays. This ‘boutique’ view of Israel seemed to be ideal for residents of tourism-based Charleston and Savannah. Unfortunately, due to limited interest from Charleston residents and an overwhelming interest from Savannah participants, Charleston has withdrawn our sponsorship of this trip. In these economic times, it was a financial risk that we could not afford to take if the trip did not fill sufficiently, and this now gives Savannah the opportunity to open more spots to their interested constituents- helping them to achieve their Federation’s goal of engaging others through mission trips. The Charleston Jewish Federation looks forward to a mission to Cuba in 2014 and will continue to work with the Jewish Federations of North America to create a more accessible Israel trip in the coming years.

-Destination Guide

2 tAcos every tuesdAy, 5pM–9pM, $

J.i. locAtioN oNly

All NAturAl uNprocessed Foods WrAps, soups, sAlAds & BAked Goods BreAkFAst • luNch • diNNer • cAteriNG 4 locAtioNs 869 Folly rd JAMes islANd • (843)277-2101

If you have questions, please contact Judi Corsaro at

opeN dAily 8AM-10pM

429 kiNG street doWNtoWN • (843)277-0990

heAlthy kids’ MeNu, too!

1529 sAvANNAh hWy West Ashley • (843)000-0000

order oNliNe!!! BlAckBeANco.coM

1600 MidtoWN Ave iNside Musc eAst Mt. pleAsANt • (843)416-8561 (opeN MoN-Fri)


charleston jewish federation

Shalom Baby


Shalom, Baby!

“Shalom Baby,” an outreach program of the Charleston Jewish Federation, warmly welcomes new (and new-ish!) babies and reaches out to parents in the Charleston Jewish Community. Each new baby is greeted with a visit by CJF Staff and a gift, a copy of an adorable PJ Library board book and a custom-made tzedakah box from HelloEverywear!, and a delicious JCC challah. Do you have a new addition to the family?

We’d love to visit and provide a gift! Contact Lori Hoch Stiefel at 614.6497 to let her know about your special new family member!

The Shalom Baby program is funded by a generous grant of the Zucker Family Foundation.

Shalom, Isaac Louis Shoptaw!

Shalom, Colby Kathryn Chisolm!

Mazel Tov to Katie and west Shoptaw And Big Brother HOLTON.

Mazel Tov to Colby and Kara Chisolm.

PJ Library us on Find book c Fa e

What is PJ Library?

ston .face www arycharle pjlibr

The PJ Library (PJ as in pajamas) provides your family with a FREE treasury of Jewish books and music. Each child you enroll in The PJ Library will receive a monthly gift of a high-quality, age-appropriate Jewish book or CD as well as a reading guide to enhance your family’s experience. Regardless of your level of observance or affiliation, the gift of stories and song is sure to enrich your entire family’s Jewish journey. Book topics include holidays, traditions, family values, Jewish identity and Jewish heroes. The books are carefully selected by top national Jewish educators, with an eye on books that are joyful, highly engaging, and represent the best Jewish children’s literature available.

The Chase Family Tradition Evolves!

PJ Library is also a community for parents, grandparents and friends. Join us at our events, share you stories and grow our community for our future. Did you know that over 250 children in Charleston take advantage of receiving FREE Jewish Books or Music every month through the PJ LIbrary? Do you know someone 6 months - 7 years old that would be interested in taking part in this incredible program? Sign your child up at Contact Lori Hoch Stiefel, 614.6497 or for more information. PJ Library is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, made possible through partnerships with philanthropists and the Charleston Jewish Federation.

We Deliver the Islands & Everywhere in Between!


Tempurpedic Headquarters



No Waiting. All in Stock! West Ashley • 769-7533 3750 Savannah Hwy Johns Island, SC 29455


June/July 2013 Sivan/ Tammuz/Av 5773


Monday - Saturday, 10:00am - 6:00pm Family Owned & Operated A Chase Furniture Affiliate


SUNDAY, JULY 28 3 to 5 PM

Join us at the JCC pool for swimming, games, stories, and fun! Snacks will be provided for dessert! All families are welcome! Please bring towels, sunscreen and your favorite pool toys!


Social Services

Kosher Food Pantry




On the third Monday of each month at 7pm ( June 17, July 15) in the JCC’s senior lounge.  If you are interested in joining this group, please call Sara Sharnoff at 614-6494 or email her at

The Charleston Jewish Community Kosher Food Pantry (KFP) is more than just a closet inside of the Charleston Jewish Community Center filled with canned goods. For many community members, this pantry is a means of survival. Every day we receive calls from people who are left to decide whether they will pay their utilities, put gas in their car, or buy food for their family. No one should ever have to make such a decision, and because of this, the Charleston Jewish Community Kosher Food Pantry provides nutritious foods to those in need of support. Jacki Baer recently donated a large freezer to the KFP in honor of Jill Levy’s amazing volunteer efforts in establishing the KFP. Because the KFP has acquired a new freezer, community members and local organizations can donate items that were not previously accepted, such as bread, butter, and frozen kosher meats and fish. While the KFP receives generous donations from community members and local grocery stores, there is always a need for more items and we update the list on our weekly Charleston Jewish Federation online newsletter. The KFP is also seeking volunteers to help with food intake, create bags to give out to the community, and organize the pantry so that it runs efficiently. The KFP is not the only way for the Charleston community to get involved; gleaning is another way to help in the fight against hunger. Gleaning has biblical roots and involves going to local farms and taking the excess crops to give to those in need. With summer months approaching, the KFP would love to gather volunteers who are interested in gleaning so that we can provide fresh produce for our community members while also helping the local farmers clear their fields. The Charleston Jewish Federation also continues to sell beautiful cards designed by Cara Levy that benefit the KFP at the front desk of the Jewish Community Center. We also continue to rent our beautiful KFP centerpiece baskets for b’nai mitzvahs, weddings, engagement and anniversary parties, baby namings, or any other special event. All of the proceeds from the centerpieces go to sustain the Kosher Food Pantry.

For more information on how to help with the KFP or gleaning, please contact Sara Sharnoff at Together we can make a difference.

Kosher Food Pantry

Did you know that the Kosher Food Pantry provided over 5,000 meals in 2012? If you are interested in volunteering with the Kosher Food Pantry, please email for more information. While the KFP appreciates all donations, the following items are in great need right now: • Canned fruits and vegetables • Tuna Fish • Juice/Bottled beverages

• Crackers/Snacks for Children • Coffee/ coffeecreamer • Rice

en, glean the new gre lth ger with hea replace hun an volunteer to gle


or to be ion on gleaning at rm fo in e or m For harleston r, contact the C ne ea gl r ee nt a volu 6565 ion at 843.571. Jewish Federat

Check out the weekly Federation Email for

MEatless monday recipes! To sign up, please contact Lori Hoch Stiefel at


JCC Contributions JCC Building Fund In Honor Of: Sally Fischbein, a Speedy Recovery: Carolyn & Neil Draisin In Memory Of: Doris Meddin, beloved mother of Ann Hellman: Carolyn & Neil Draisin Itchy Sonenshine, beloved husband of Mickey Sonenshine: Carolyn & Neil Draisin


Active Adult Senior Transportation

Everyone at the JCC is committed to providing quality programs and services to our members. We want to assure you that our senior programming is still going on throughout the summer. Mah Jongg and Bingo programs will continue in the Senior Lounge as normal. We understand that senior transportation is essential to many of our community members, and we will continue to offer these services three days a week throughout the summer. There are several ways that you can help support the senior program: encourage friends and family members to join the JCC and to send donations in support of the program. As we begin planning for the upcoming year we look forward to your input and ideas. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Ronneca Watkins or Judi Corsaro at (843) 571-6565. Thank you for your support.

Summer $60

i er sh emb ily m month m a f pe r


The Charleston JCC – You belong here!

Membership 6/1 Through 9/30

Members have access to our Junior olympic-sized Pearlstine Pool, Fitness Center & Body Training Systems® (BTS®) Group Fit and Group Cycling classes, Senior Fit classes, yoga, basketball and tennis courts, locker rooms with showers and saunas, the Senior Lounge, an auditorium for meetings and much more! To join the Charleston JCC today or to schedule a tour please contact Ronneca Watkins at


June/July 2013 Sivan/ Tammuz/Av 5773

Thank You!

Charleston Jewish Community Center

Gold Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas, Dr. Ram Kalus, MD Nirenblatt Orthodontics, Dr. Bradley Nirenblatt, DMD Five Loaves Café/Sesame Burgers & Beef West Ashley Dental Associates, Dr. Martin Toporek, DMD Dr. Howard Peskin, DDS, MSCD

Silver Sponsors

Hyman’s Seafood Cohen, Cohen, & Rogers Sonitrol Security Systems Andolini’s Juanita Greenberg’s Delson Chiropractic, Dr. Evaline Delson, DC Katie, Moshe, Simcha & Malka Bielsky Uricchio, Howe, Krell, Jacobson, Toporek, Theos, Keith, P.A. Piggly Wiggly, Carolina Co.

Dining In, Inc. Chase Furniture DBA Berry’s Wholesale Seacoast Pediatrics, Dr. Arlene Shawinsky, MD Morris Sokol Furniture Signature Photography Jestine’s Sweet Shop Finicky Filly T-Bonz Restaurant Group Anita G. Zucker

Starfish Swim Team Sponsors We Welcome Judy Goldman

Author of the acclaimed memoir

“Losing my Sister”

Ms. Goldman will discuss this book and its relation to her poetry, other novels and her creative process. A book signing and Meet-the-Author reception follow her presentation. Copies will be available to buy at the JCC and to borrow through the Charleston County Public Library System in advance of Ms. Goldman’s Charleston appearance. You are also welcome to attend the program without reading the book.

Date: Sunday, June 23 Time: 4:00pm Location: Charleston JCC 1645 Raoul Wallenberg Blvd. Charleston, SC 29407 Fee: FREE and open to the public For more info Contact Sandra Brett at 843.571.6565 or

JCC BOOKCLUB Kick-Off 6/23 Charleston JCC Jewish Bookfest Presents the

Charleston Jewish Community Center

Pool Hours Come meet your child’s counselors, get answers to your questions, enjoy dinner, and take a dip in the Pearlstine Pool at the Charleston JCC

- 6pem m p 4 y at h t xis Bail 9 le A t e c a Junre information , y a d lexis For mo Sun 498 or a 43.614.6 8

CircuS of the kids


Sunday.................................10:00am - 5:00pm Monday.................................7:30am - 8:30pm Tuesday.................................7:30am - 7:00pm Wednesday............................7:30am - 8:30pm Thursday................................7:30am - 7:00pm Friday.....................................7:30am - 5:00pm Saturday..............................9:00am - 12:00pm

JCC Pool Holiday Hours

7/4: Fourth of July, 10:00am - 5:00pm 7/21 - 7/23: Closed all day for CCAA Swim Meet 9/2: Labor Day, 10:00am - 5:00pm 9/4: Closes at 5:00pm 9/5 & 9/6: Closed all day for Rosh Hashanah 9/18: Closes at 5:00pm 9/19 & 9/20: Closed all day for Sukkot 9/25: Closes at 5:00pm 9/26: Closed all day for Shimini Atzeret 9/27: Closed all day for Simchat Torah

Circus of the kids is Open to children ages 6 & over Has your child ever dreamed of running off and joining the Circus? Now is the chance! Camp Baker is proud to be the only location in Charleston to offer Circus of the Kids®, a traveling circus education program where children not only learn circus tricks, but also self- esteem and self-confidence. The skills they will learn in Circus of the Kids® will last them a lifetime! All campers must also register at before 7/28 to participate.

Save the date for July 28th at 1pm for the mandatory auditions. Campers will perform in three shows August 1st in the JCC’s gym Time: 7:00pm August 2nd in the JCC’s gym Time: 10:30am & 2:00pm

The pool closes at 4:00pm on the following dates:

Thursday, June 13 Tuesday, June 18 Tuesday, June 25 Tuesday, July 9 City-Wide Swim Meet Sunday, July 21 - Tuesday, July 23

The feats of these campers will Take your breath away!

Charleston JCC

1 annual st

Starfish Swim Meets

Cafe Hours Sunday............................ 11:00am - 4:00pm

Come make history with us! On Sunday June 30th, the Charleston JCC will host it’s first ever Kids Triathlon. Two age groups, 7-10 years old and 11-14 years old, will swim, bike and run their way through scenic West Ashley, ending with a post race party at the JCC. The Charleston JCC Kids Triathlon, in cooperation with the Daniel Island Kids Triathlon and the Coastal Christian Preparatory School Kids Triathlon, is a part of the Charleston Kids Tri Series.

Age Groups and Distances


Packet Pick Up

Race Day

7yrs - 10yrs:


Friday, June 28

Sunday, June 30

Fee: $45/per child Age Groups: 7-10 & 11-14

Time: 7am - 5pm OR before the race at 7am

Check-In Time: 7:00am Race Start Time: 8:00am

Location: Charleston JCC

Location: Charleston JCC

50 yard swim 2 mile bike, ½ mile run

11yrs - 14yrs:

100 yard swim, 5 mile bike, 1 mile run

Monday............................ 4:30pm - 6:30pm Tuesday............................ 4:00pm - 6:00pm Wednesday....................... 4:00pm - 8:30pm Thursday........................... 5:00pm - 7:00pm Friday............................................... CLOSED

For more information contact Stephanie Lasek at 843.614.6488 or To Sponsor contact Ronneca Watkins at 843.614.6488 or




Aqua Zumba®

Daily Pickleball

Birthday Parties at the JCC!

Join us for the “pool party” workout for all ages. This class is safe, effective and a challenging water-based workout.

Please join us for daily Pickleball. We have a growing group of seniors who play this wonderful game on the JCC tennis courts. If you are interested in playing please contact Daniel Stern 843-6146482 or Free for JCC members!

Knowledgeable swim instructors are available to help you or your child meet your personal aquatic goals. All private swim lessons will be personalized for each individual and held oneon-one at a convenient time agreed upon by the participant and the instructor. 30min.

What better place than the JCC to have your child’s birthday party? Our parties are a no-muss-no-fuss deal that allows your child to have the party of their dreams! Families can choose between one of the creative themes and packages that can accommodate small parties or large family and friends parties. From the jump castle, decorations, sparkling Pearlstine Pool and custom themes, the JCC has got you covered this summer. Don’t forget about the Kosher food and cakes made right here in the JCC kitchens! We have it all, so stop in today and plan your child’s next birthday party. Here is a testimonial from Samantha Goldberg, whose son Harry Goldberg recently celebrated his 5th birthday party here at the JCC: “The JCC is the perfect place to have a birthday party! We had our son’s 5th birthday party there this year and his 4th birthday party there too. The price is very reasonable and they can accommodate a large number of children. The staff is so easy to plan with. If you are the kind of parent who wants to be very hands-on in the party planning process (like I was this year) you can simply e-mail your theme and suggestions for food, activities, and decorations. The staff will take it from there and do all of the running around, food prep, set up, and clean up. I work 45 hours a week and don’t have the space in my house to host lots of guests so I was thrilled to be able to put my own input into the party without having to stress out. If you don’t want to play the role of party planner, you can just suggest a theme and Alexis and the other staff can do all of the planning. I think Harry had a memorable experience and I would definitely have a party here again!”- Samantha Goldberg

Member Fee: $20/minimum 3 lessons; $70/5 lesson package Community Fee: $25/minimum 3 lessons; $85/5 lesson package


Instructors: Prisca Denton & Lisa Pope Tuesdays - 8:15am | Thursday - 8:15am & 6:00pm Saturdays - 9:15am Fee: FREE/members | $5/community


Weekend Fitness

Starfish Swim Team

The Charleston JCC Fitness & Wellness Center is open on Saturdays from 9am - 12pm and on Sundays from 9am - 5pm. Whether you want to work out on our state-of-the-art Free Motion equipment in the JCC Fitness Center or come to one of our high energy Group Fitness or Group Cycling Classes, the JCC has your Saturday fitness needs covered.

The JCC and The City of Charleston Recreation Department are teaming up again this summer to bring you the best team in the CCAA! Practices and registration has already begun. Practice times will vary, according to the age group. Meets are Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with the schedule provided by CCAA in late May. This is a parent-supported team and family volunteers are always needed.

*Fitness participants, please park in the portion of our lot closest to the recreational fields. From there follow the signs and marked path to our Saturday Fitness Entrance. Saturdays Kick and Sculpt @ 9:30am | Group Cycling Extended Ride @ 9:30am Sundays Group Cycling Extended Ride @ 9:30am

Kids Taekwondo Baekho Taekwondo with Master Instructor Rachel Blackstock. Days: Mondays & Wednesdays | Time: 5:00pm Location: Charleston JCC Fitness Cottage at the Zucker Pavillion Fee: Community Fee: $69/month | Member Fee: $59/month *One time $25 fee to cover uniform costs

Adult Taekwondo Baekho Taekwondo with Master Instructor Rachel Blackstock. Days: Mondays & Wednesdays | Time: 6:00pm Location: Charleston JCC Fitness Cottage at the Zucker Pavillion Fee: Community Fee: $69/month | Member Fee: $59/month *One time $25 fee to cover uniform costs

Kids Triathlon Come make history with us! On Sunday June 30th, the Charleston JCC will host its first ever Kids Triathlon. Two age groups, 7-10 years old and 11-14 years old, will swim, bike and run their way through scenic West Ashley, ending with a post race party at the J. The Charleston JCC Kids Triathlon, in cooperation with the Daniel Island Kids Triathlon and the Coastal Christian Preparatory School Kids Triathlon, is a part of the Charleston Kids Tri Series. Registration begins April 1st and will be capped at 100 participants. Registration forms will be are available at the JCC. Days: Sunday, June 30 Location: Charleston JCC Fee: $45/per child *All participants must supply their own bicycle. Any style will be acceptable. A certified bike helmet is mandatory for participation in the race. Stephanie Lasek, Fitness & Wellness Director | 843.614.6491


Sports and Rec

June/July 2013 Sivan/ Tammuz/Av 5773

May 1st - Mid-July Season will culminate with CCAA Dates: City Swim Meet July 21 - July 23 at the JCC Member Fee: $60/child | Community Fee: $75/child $50 for each additional child

Private Swim Lessons

Daniel Stern, Director of Sports, Recreation, & Aquatics | 843.614-6482

ADULT PROGRAMMING Jammin’ at the ‘J’ Join us as we open up the JCC for a night to jam! Bring your guitar, your drums, and start to play! Second Thursday of each month Thursday, June 13th & July 11th Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm | Fee: FREE

Weekly Mah Jongg Are you looking for a friendly neighborhood game of pick up Mah Jongg? Well look no further! The JCC has got you covered! Every Tuesday night Time: 7:30pm | Location: Charleston JCC *We will have cards and sets. All you need is your game face.

Ronneca Watkins, JCC Chief Operating Officer | 843.614.6488

Chalutzim, our Pioneer Camp is for rising 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. If you would like your middle school child to get out and have some fun, then this is the place for them! Whether whitewater rafting, camping or doing community service projects, these pioneers will do and see it all! Campers spend the first week of the session on local trips and the second week away! There are still a few spots available so sign up today! Here is what Chalutzim will do this summer: Session 1 June 10th - June 21st

Camp Barney and Charlotte Session 2 June 24th - July 5th

Outer Banks Session 3 July 8th - July 19th

Savannah, Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, and Cape Canaveral Session 4 July 22nd - August 2nd

Richmond, Washington, DC, & Hershey Park

Alexis Bailey, Children’s Services Director | 843.614.6498



Charleston Jcc Building Hours Sunday.............9am - 5pm Monday...........6am - 8pm

Join us as we open up the JCC for a night to jam! Bring your guitar, your drums, and start to play!

Tuesday...........6am - 8pm Wednesday.....6am - 8pm Thursday..........6am - 8pm Friday...............6am - 5pm

Second Thursday of each month Thursday, June 13th & July 11th Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm | Fee: FREE

Saturday........ 9am - 12pm The JCC is closed

Thursday, July 4th


CanCer Survivor SerieS the Charleston JCC and the american Cancer Society Present the

Lowcountry Cancer Survivor Series Join us every Thursday for a one-hour class that will incorporate nutrition and fitness. 30 minutes of nutrition counseling, followed by 30 minutes of gentle, yet invigorating fitness. We encourage all cancer survivors, their caretakers, families and friends to take part in this four-week series. Each session will be jam packed with invaluable information from registered dieticians, certified nutritional counselors and certified fitness professionals. June 6th - SeSSion 1 June 13th - SeSSion 2 June 20th - SeSSion 3 June 27th - SeSSion 4 Day: Thursdays Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm Location: Charleston JCC Group Fitness Studio Fee: $10 per session For more information contact

Contact Stephanie Lasek at 843.614.6488 or

Howard V. Peskin | D.D.S M.Sc.D. Board Certified

PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY Infants, Children, & Teens

843. 571.7700

494 Savannah Highway Charleston, SC 29407

ORTHODONTICS Children, & Teens

Parents welcome in treatment area.



Save the Date

City-Wide Swim Meet Sunday, July 21 - Tuesday, July 23

To Volunteer or to sponsor please Ronneca Watkins, at or 843.614.6488


Our Community


Blue Book


The 49th edition of the KKBE Blue Book is scheduled to be distributed in late August this year. Started in 1962 as a Youth Group project, the Blue Book has grown over the years and is now a community tradition and valued resource. Every two years, Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim (KKBE) updates and produces a new Blue Book that contains household contact information for every Jewish household in the Charleston metropolitan area that wishes to be included. Also included are ads from local businesses that wish to support and market their goods and services to the community. The Blue Books are provided free to existing and new Jewish households. Funds are raised from the sale of business ads, compliments of ads, and individual contributions. These funds are used for KKBE general operations and to provide supplemental support of programs or the Religious School if needed. Producing the Blue Book is a 10 month project handled by a committee of volunteers with the support of the KKBE office staff. The committee chooses a print production & advertising sales vendor, makes decisions about the Blue Book cover and format changes, handles updates and coordinates the overall project. Graphic design, print coordination and advertising sales is handled by the Blue Book’s long time partner, Bernstein Lash Marketing (BLM), owned by Teri Lash. BLM is a promotional product and branding company, providing creative marketing development for logos, packaging, and campaigns, graphic design and print sign brokerage. BLM’s involvement with the Blue Book started in 2003. When she initially took over print coordination, Teri remembers picking up literally a room full of boxes filled with paper – listing information and ad mock ups. She converted

Soups • Sandwiches • Salads

SoupsSeafood • Sandwiches • Salads • Pasta • Chicken Seafood • Pasta • Chicken

Mt. Pleasant - Crickentree Village

Mt.Downtown Pleasant - Cannon Crickentree Village & Coming Streets Downtown Cannon & Coming Streets | Lunch & Dinner

all the historical information, listing information and ads created into electronic files to streamline production. About six years ago, Teri and later, her sister Sandy DeAntonio, also became involved in the ad sales. First it was a joint effort with KKBE volunteers, and then solely handled by BLM by the 3rd year. In the time she has spent helping to produce the Blue Book, Teri has seen many changes. Keeping up with technology, the Blue Book now includes work phone numbers, cell phone numbers and email addresses if they are provided, in addition to home address and phone numbers. Useful contact information for other Jewish organizations, hospitals, airports, and major Charleston attractions were added to make the Blue Book a handy reference. An ever increasing number of and range of businesses choose to advertise in the Blue Book with each addition. Although many of the businesses are Jewish owned and advertise as a way to support the community, an increasing number of local nonJewish owned businesses also see the Blue Book as a unique value for marketing. The growth in advertising revenue is largely due to Teri and Sandy’s efforts, and to innovations that BLM has introduced, such as more color pages throughout. Teri also initiated the Dedication page to honor members of the community for their contributions. The first honoree was Claire Dumas. Previous honorees have included Jerry Zucker, Mildred & Anita Bernstein, and Edwin Pearlstine. The Blue Book will go into print production in July. If you have not provided your updated information either electronically (, or via postcard, please get that sent in. If you are interested in a compliments ad please contact either Ira Rosenberg ( or Patricia Sykes ( Local businesses interested in advertising in the Blue Book should contact Sandy DeAntonio ( BLM can provide assistance with creative ad design if required. As a tradition of Charleston’s Jewish community we hope that everyone in the Jewish community will participate in the Blue Book, advertise if they have a business in Charleston, and support the merchants and professionals who support us.

A Different A Different Burger Place

Burger Place

Park Circle | Citadel Mall | Mt. Pleasant

Park Circle | Citadel Mall| |Lunch Mt. Pleasant & Dinner | Lunch & Dinner | Lunch & Dinner Owners: Joe Fischbein, Casey Glowacki

Owners: Joe Fischbein, Casey Glowacki 14

June/July 2013 Sivan/ Tammuz/Av 5773

The Coming

Street Cemetery KKBE

The Coming Street Cemetery, established in 1754 as the DaCosta family burial ground, was sold to KKBE in 1764 for 70 pounds British sterling. At that time we were all Orthodox Jews and any Jewish person in the state of South Carolina, regardless of affiliation with KKBE, could be buried here. Four wars (the Cherokee Indian War, the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the War Between the States), numerous hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and an earthquake have taken their toll on the gravestones and our pre-Revolutionary War brick wall. Recently the Historic Coming Street Cemetery Restoration Fund has taken down 3 trees whose roots were damaging gravestones and the brick wall, pruned other trees and stabilized a large crack in the wall. This modest amount of work cost approximately $40,000 and has depleted our Restoration Fund. The additional work needed to repair gravestones, ironwork, and the brick wall will cost about $600,000. We are thankful to Grace Church for their friendship and for their generous donation to our Restoration Fund. For information about tours at Coming Street Cemetery or to make a donation to the Historic Coming Street Cemetery Restoration Fund please call the KKBE office at 723-1090.

A group from Grace toured the cemetery April 11 and presented a check for the restoration fund, a way of saying thank you to Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim for letting our parish celebrate Christmas and Easter at the synagogue in 2011-12 when our building was closed for earthquake repairs. Shown here (from left): Wardens Jeremy Cook and Randal Robinson, former Warden Lynn Hopkins, Restoration Committee Chairwoman Anita Rosenberg, KKBE President David Jaffee, and the Rev’d Canon J. Michael A. Wright, Rector of Grace.

The Significance of BBYO BBYO Starting high school is terrifying. All of the changes accompanying this monumental rite of passage can often be too much for anyone to handle, especially someone who is only fifteen years old. Most new ninth graders need good friends, not only to support them when they are having trouble, but also to show them that they are not alone. No one should have to experience this kind of a change without peers to help them, and BBYO can do just that: provide the support needed to become a thriving high school student. When I was in the ninth grade and scared of my own shadow, Sean Lynch told (not asked) me to come to an event with CHAZA #143, the local boys BBYO chapter. I was incredibly shy at first, but the people I met were nice enough that I kept coming back. People like Ben Brams helped me to come out of my shell. People like Sean Lynch taught me what it meant to be a leader amongst your friends. People like Alex Berlinsky taught me what it’s like to have real, strong relationships with your peers. These teachers were not just people to me, though; I consider each and every one of them my friend. After my important developmental period in BBYO, and after most people older than me had graduated, I and the rest of my grade were left with a task: become teachers for these new members of BBYO. The idea of helping someone learn to survive in a new world is daunting, but it has been one of the most rich and rewarding experiences for each every one of us. I have learned, along with many others, that whenever I teach someone, they teach me something new as well. I have

been fortunate enough to watch my younger friends mature into fantastic young adults: I got to watch Ethan Cohen and Seth Pinosky become leaders, Ryan Berlinsky mature amazingly over the course of year, and my own brother, Zach Gilbert, change from a scared freshman into a valuable member of our organization. BBYO fosters bonds for a lifetime because we all depend upon each other and enjoy each others’ successes. One of the most widespread questions about BBYO is what differentiates it from other Jewish Youth Groups in Charleston. The way that it has always come up as different to me has been one of my least expected favorite aspects of BBYO: its division into AZA and BBG. For those who are not familiar, AZA is the boys’ part of BBYO, and BBG is the girls’. This division which seems almost superfluous has allowed me to learn the true meaning of a previously insignificant word: fraternity. All of the boys I have met throughout my time in AZA have become my close friends because of how much time we spend together and the great experiences we share as members of AZA. Ultimately, BBYO has had an impact on me that is as valuable as it is difficult to describe. I am not the same boy I was when I walked into Academic Magnet High School for the first time in August of 2009, and I know that I have BBYO in part to thank for that. I am proud to be a part of a long history of CHAZA #143, and I am even more proud to be a part of such a fantastic graduating senior class. Scott Lynch, Alex Berlinsky, Ethan and Daniel Rovick, Jonathan Buncher, Max Landsman, and Jacob Goldmintz have all had an important impact on my high school experience. You are all great, and I know that each and every one of you has had a positive impact on who I am today. Especially, thank you to Greg Rothschild, our advisor, who has allowed me and all of my fellow seniors to enjoy BBYO and gain as much from it as we have. Finally, to all potential members, I could not recommend BBYO enough; it is fun, rewarding, and an experience of a lifetime.

ChAZA’s Benjamin Gilbert Wins National Award


Benjamin Gilbert has been selected as one of three National Volunteers of the Year by the American Lung Association. He will receive his award at the National Lung Association Conference in California in June. Ben began volunteering with the American Lung Association when he was 12 years old as part of his Bar Mitzvah project. Ben, who is now 17, struggled with asthma throughout his childhood. Ben says, “Asthma is especially bad for younger kids who want nothing more than to play with their friends but can’t. After feeling that first hand, I wanted to make sure no one had to deal with it alone.” For the last six years, Ben has been the highest student fundraiser for the American Lung Association in South Carolina. He has raised over $20,000 for our local chapter. Ben has appeared on television shows and spoken at various schools educating others about the importance of lung health and lung disease. Ben was recently awarded the Jefferson Scholarship to the University of Virginia, where he will be attending school in the Fall. Benjamin and his family, Mitch, Irene, and Zachary are an essential force in the fight for air. Dixie Council is so proud of Ben and his accomplishments. Yasher Koach Ben! ChAZA Senior and 49th Dixie Council Sh’liach, Benjamin Gilbert, is the first teen ever selected for the National Volunteer Of the Year award from the American Lung Association

Charleston Congregations Reform - Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Rabbi Stephanie Alexander 90 Hasell Street Charleston, SC 29401 p 843.723.1090 f 843.723.0537 email: Look for us on Facebook! • Erev Shabbat Services: 8:00pm • Family Shabbat Service: 7:00pm • Shabbat Morning Services: 10:00am Conservative - Synagogue Emanu-El Rabbi Adam Rosenbaum 5 Windsor Drive Charleston, SC 29407 p 843.571.3264 f 843.402.0844 email: • Erev Shabbat Services: 6:00 pm • Shabbat Morning Services: 9:30 am • Morning Minyan Services: 7:15 am (Monday - Friday); 9:00 am (Sunday) • Evening Minyan Services: 5:30pm (Monday - Thursday) Orthodox - Brith Sholom Beth Israel Congregation Rabbi Moshe Davis

182 Rutledge Avenue Charleston, SC 29403 p 843.577.6599 f 843.577.6699 email:

• Morning Minyan Services: 7:00 am (Monday - Friday); 8:00 am (Sunday) • Evening Mincha/Ma’ariv Service Friday 7:00pm Saturday-Thursday: please call BSBI Office and check • Shabbat Morning Services: 9:00 am • Shabbat Minchah Serves: Call BSBI office for times. Modern Orthodox Congregation Dor Tikvah Jonathan Zucker, President P.O. Box 80301, Charleston, SC 29416-0301 Tel: (843) 410-3230 | | • Friday evening: 7:00 PM. Erev Shabbat Services held at the JCC, 1645 Raoul Wallenberg Blvd, Charleston, SC 29407 • Saturday services: 9:00 AM Shabbat Morning Services at the JCC (address above) • Please check our Facebook Page or Website for Shabbat Mincha/Maariv and Shiur times - times change weekly. • Evening Minyan, Monday and Wednesday only: • Times change weekly; Services are at the JCC; check our website for more information • Men’s Talmud Class, Sunday evenings. Please call or email for details. • All are welcome.


Our Community

Our Children Are

Our Guarantors AHA


n a visit to the historic KKBE museum and sanctuary, and the Coming Street Cemetery, the 7th and 8th graders of Addlestone and of our friends from Miles Jewish Day School, in Birmingham, Alabama, had a glimpse into the past. Charleston’s Jewish community has a glorious past. One of the earliest Jewish communities in the United States, Charleston’s Jews enjoyed a freedom, that tour guides Anita Rosenberg and Randy Serrins told us was unique in the world at that time: freedom to vote, freedom to own land and freedom to worship. The older generations build the foundations for the future. Our students were awed by these early settlers, heroes in the Revolutionary War, broken columns representing broken hopes of those who died in the Civil War and the many builders of the Charleston community the last several hundred years. At Shavuot, there is a brit, a spiritual covenant that G-d creates with the Jewish people, not only for those who stood there but also with Jews for all time. We read a midrash (Midrash Rabbah, Song of Songs 1:3,1), of how the Jews received the Torah on Mt. Sinai. G-d asks the Jews, “Will you accept My Torah?” The Jews answered, “We will.” Then G-d asked for a guarantee that they would keep the precepts of the Torah. They replied, “Avoteinu orvim otanu” — “Our ancestors will be our guarantors.” But this was not acceptable to G-d. Then they offered,”Nevi’einu areivin lanu” — “Our prophets will be our guarantors.” This, too, G-d did not accept. When the Jews said “Baneinu orvim otanu” — “Our children will be our guarantors” — God then replied, “These are guarantors I will accept. For their sake, I will give the Torah to you.” G-d gives the Torah to the Jewish people because they invested in their future, which will sustain the study of Torah, the ethics of our people and the continuity of our community. Children’s studies, their skills, their identities build the next generation. The children are what we who are educators work hard for, sacrifice for and put our hopes in. Adults have a role in this future as they support and develop it through the use of their resources, their experience and expertise. They support the future through their faith in their children and other people’s children. At Addlestone, we too invest in the future through our students. Our students gain skills that prepare them for their futures. Parents, teachers and staff care deeply about the students and about the their futures. Many in the community care as well about the Jewish future in Charleston. As I leave Addlestone for retirement, I think about these wonderful children. There are many opportunities in the future for them. There are many risks as well. As we stand at Sinai, past and future together, we remember our promise to G-d: Our children will be our guarantors. Now is the time to work to make this happen.


June/July 2013 Sivan/ Tammuz/Av 5773

“With one hand, we hold our cherished traditions close. With the other, we embrace exciting opportunities for the future.” Dear Parents, Students and Friends, 2013 is an especially important year for Addlestone Hebrew Academy; not only is it our 57th year, but it is also a year marked by reflection, exploration and change. Approximately four months ago we learned that our Head of School, Susan Weintrob, was retiring from full time work to spend more time with her family. As such we embarked on a thoughtful and thorough journey to determine what the best model of leadership for Addlestone is. In doing so, we engaged our community, listened to and honored the voices of our faculty, staff, parents, community leaders and alumni. In addition, we sought the wisdom and guidance of local and national educators and administrators in independent and day schools, as well as the organizations that provide accreditation and support for independent schools. Our new working model of leadership reflects all the wisdom and knowledge gleaned from the aforementioned sources as well as the expertise of Mrs. Weintrob. Moreover, this model has proven to be successful and effective for Addlestone the past two years. On behalf of the AHA Board of Trustees, I am pleased to announce our new working model of the expanded and enhanced leadership team and the dynamic team members and their respective role. I know that you all join me and the board in providing a warm welcome to each of them;

• Principal, Mrs. Abby Levine • Judaic Coordinator, Mrs. Ariela Davis • Middle School Coordinator, Mrs. Nancy Peeples • Lower School Coordinator, Mrs. Deborah Fraley • Early Childhood Coordinator, Mrs. Julie Murden

We are so very fortunate to have such experienced, professional and dedicated educators and administrators in our school community. Each of these women is highly qualified, well respected and each has added a great deal to our school. But that’s not all that’s new and exciting at AHA… What’s on the horizon is more than an era of new leadership for Addlestone Hebrew Academy; it’s the opportunity to be part of shaping a new era of progress, discovery and excellence for our school community and our community at large. This process begins with the exhilarating news that the AHA Board has approved plans to build a new, free-standing, cutting-edge school facility on a parcel of land adjacent to the JCC on the

Wallenberg Campus. Construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2013, with completion for the start of the 2014-15 school year. Until then, we will remain in our current location and continue to provide excellence in education for our students. Embracing the changes that are upon us, we get our first glimpse of the bright future ahead of us. A state of the art school building featuring the newest technological advancements for student learning, development, safety and security led by an exceptional team of professionals! The new school building will be designed to meet the needs of students from preschool through 8th grade and the campus will not only have room to grow, but opportunities for expanding learning far behind the classroom. Advancements of this magnitude, with such a profound impact for our community, bring unparalleled excitement and enthusiasm. More than a new and wonderful building; this new school represents the Jewish Future, the tangible commitment to our exceptional community day school and the excellence in education and leadership that AHA provides. Every person whose life is touched by AHA, from our students and their families, to the faculty, staff and alumni and all who interact with them will benefit! At this critical moment, we invite our supporters to continue partnering with us in our pursuit of academic excellence, a pursuit that for the new state of the art school begins now. I truly believe that together we can grow the Jewish future by utilizing the 57 year old foundation of excellence that AHA has provided our community coupled with enthusiasm, innovation, and our Jewish values. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or other board members at any time; it is our pleasure to assist you. We will continue to keep you updated and apprised of plans regarding this exciting endeavor I encourage everyone to share in this remarkable journey. AHA is more than our community school; it is the future of our community.

All the best, Lara D. LeRoy AHA Board Chair

Women’s Heart Health Program Hadassah Our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was an adventure in creativity. The photo shows Ilene Turbow, winner of the “hat contest” wearing her unique and oh-so-stylish design. Donuts were draped down the back. Summer generally sees people leaving Charleston for cooler climes (with so many others coming as tourists). We aren’t planning many events but keep your eyes open for news. MARK YOUR CALENDAR – Sunday, October 6th will be our Women’s Heart Health Program. This program will educate women on risk factors, screening and prevention of heart disease and fill feature a cardiologist and nutritionist. The focus will be on specific risks within our Jewish and Low Country community. The new Linda Joy Pollin Cardiac Institute and cutting edge cardiac research at Hadassah Hospital will also be featured.

Speaking of Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) – did you know: • Yummy and plentiful food! The leading kosher camp cuisine team in the nation, Kandle Dining will make sure there are have great meals and plenty of them. Look for an expanded salad bar, healthy snacks between meals and an expanded menu of entrees. • HMO has recently opened a new center at the Hadassah Ein Kerem campus for treatment of pediatric vascular defects. It is the first of its kind in Israel. • A group of researchers from the HMO have discovered the reason for recurrent life threatening infections and the bone marrow failure in children. • At the forefront of stem cell research, the most advanced research on a specific disease is being conducted at HMO’s Center for Retinal and Macular Degeneration, using human embryonic stem cells to correct the effects of Age-related Macular Degeneration. • Avraham Rivkind, the chief of surgery at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, has pioneered several medical techniques, including many that helped save victims of the Boston Marathon attacks. Israeli doctors “rewrote the bible of blast trauma,” at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center, where 60 percent of Israeli victims have been treated.

work. For giving opportunities, contact SharonHox@ (843-259-1710). To join Hadassah, contact (843-556-5670). For beautiful Hadassah greeting cards, contact (843-856-5215). Ilene Turbow models her winning Mad Hatter hat.

As Hadassah members you help make these miracles possible. Please continue the good

Fun Raffles & Challenges

Stan Chepenik BEFORE The Dare, what will he look like AFTER?

Emanu-El This spring, we invite you to support Synagogue Emanu-El, through these fun raffles and challenges!

Have Dinner With The… Mintzers! Jacobo and Olga Mintzer will cook a fabulous Shabbat dinner for a party of six. Enter the raffle to win a lovely evening, enjoy delicious food, good company and the great ocean view.

Steinbergs! Ellen and Robert Steinberg will cook a fabulous Shabbat dinner for a party of six. Enter the raffle to win a lovely evening, enjoy delicious food and good company in Charleston’s historic district. Raffle Tickets now available at the office $100 each. Raffle will take place at our Early 4th of July Picnic ( June 23rd) •Dinner date will be decided upon with the winners •You may also opt for taking the food “to go”

The Dares 2013 Our fearless leaders are willing to take some dares — at the right price! Let’s make it happen!!! We are committed to finishing this fiscal year in decent financial shape. Our leaders will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens... THEY NEED YOUR HELP! We will collect donations and pledges to “The Dares 2013”campaign until June 21st, in hopes of reaching our goal of $25,000. Once we reach that goal, our leaders will perform their dares in front of your very eyes! RABBI ROSENBAUM will lead Saturday morning services on June 22nd dressed up in a NEW YORK YANKEES UNIFORM! Now, wouldn’t you pay good money to see that?? Our Religious School Principal, DAPHNE HUBARA will step up to the challenge of DANCING WITH THE STARS OF DAVID, coming up in February 2014! That’s going to be spectacular! And our new President, STAN CHEPENIK, will SHAVE HIS HEAD (!!!) on June 23rd, during our Early 4th of July Picnic! MAKE A PLEDGE, MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN!

Please make checks payable to Synagogue Emanu-El, and specify it is for “The Dares 2013” THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Get the BEST parking spot for the High Holy Days! Three spots, right next to the Rabbi’s parking space will be raffled off on Sunday, June 23rd! Winner will get their name on the spot for all the High holy Days this coming fall! Tickets are now available for purchase: $36 a ticket, $100 for three tickets. Contact the Office with any questions at 843-571-3264 or


Our Community

New Officers

Jewish Life Porter Gaud

Officers 2013-2014

NCJW The National Council of Jewish Women is a grassroots organization of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideals into action. Inspired by Jewish values, NCJW strives for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children, and families and by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms. We would welcome you to join us and help make a difference. For more information, please e-mail


Marsha Greenhill Linda Krawcheck

Vice-Pres. Community Service (Projects)

Linda Chavis

Vice-Pres. Membership

Sarah Finkelstein

Vice-Pres. Education/ Public Affairs/Programs

Teri Lupinacci

Vice-pres. Ways and

Evaline Delson

Porter Gaud Jewish Life wrapped up another great year and looks forward to more programming and enrichment in 2013-2014! Mazel tov to the Class of 2013 as they embark on the next chapter of their lives: Scott Lynch – American University Elen Edelson - University of Miami Rachel Kupferman – Bowdoin College Jonathan Ellison – Yale University

Means (Fundraising) Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Financial Secretary Treasurer

Gail Silverman Judy Volkman Marilyn Barron Marlene Denemark

Announcing A medicAl reseArch study for AdvAnced hereditAry breAst cAncer.

not just for you, for them. Men and women aged 18 years or older who have advanced breast cancer due to a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation are invited to see if they may qualify for the Brocade Study. The purpose of this medical research study is to determine the safety and effectiveness of an investigational medication in combination with chemotherapy in patients with advanced hereditary breast cancer. Each individual will be evaluated to determine his or her eligibility. Those who qualify will receive investigational medication or an inactive placebo, study-related medical exams, and lab tests at no charge. Compensation for time and travel may also be available. To see if you may qualify, call 1.855.5ONCOLOGY (1.855.566.2656) or visit


1.855.5oncology (1.855.566.2656)

abbott007997 BrocadePrintAd_10x5.25_BW_M.indd 1 June/July 2013


Sivan/ Tammuz/Av 5773

4/29/13 12:29 PM

10" x 5.25" blAck & white chArleston Jewish voice


2013 Calendar Saturday, JUne 1 Sivan 23 • KKBE Shabbat Morning Service 10:00am-10:30am • Brooke Rovner Bat Mitzvah 11:00am-1:00pm Sunday, JUNE 2 Sivan 24 • NCJW Installation Tea 2:00pm-3:30pm • Friendship Flotilla 2:00pm-2:30pm • Addlestone’s 8th Grade Graduation 4:00pm-4:30pm • JCC Kickball Game 4:30pm-6:00pm MONDAY, JUNE 3 Sivan 25 • AHA Board Meeting 7:30pm-8:00pm TUESday, JUNE 4 Sivan 26

THURSday, JUNE 6 Sivan 28

Tuesday, june 11 Tammuz 3

Sunday, june 16 Tammuz 8

friday, June 21 Tammuz 13

FRIday, JUNE 7 Sivan 29

• EE Hazak Lunch & Learn 12:01pm-12:31pm • BSBI Board Meeting 6:30pm-7:00pm

• KKBE Brotherhood Shabbat Service 8:00pm-8:30pm

• EE Family Shabbat 5:15pm-5:45pm • KKBE Congregational Dinner 5:45pm-6:45pm • KKBE Shabbat First Friday Service 7:00pm-7:30pm SATurday, JUNE 8 Sivan 30

• EE Sisterhood Anniversary Shabbat 9:00am-9:30am • KKBE Shabbat Morning Service 10:00am-10:30am

SUNday, JUNE 9 Tammuz 1

• KKBE Sisterhood Board Mtg 6:00pm-7:00pm • Growing up LGBT and Jewish in Charleston 7:00pm-7:30pm thursday, june 13 Tammuz 5

friday, june 14 Tammuz 6 • KKBE Tot Shabbat 10:00am-10:30am saturday, june 15 Tammuz 7

WEDNEsday, JUNE 5 Sivan 27

MONday, JUNE 10 Tammuz 2

• KKBE Israel Trip 8:00am

• JCA Exec. Cmte. Mtg. 5:30pm-7:00pm • JCA Board Mtg. 7:00pm-8:00pm

• KKBE Shabbat Morning Service 10:00am-10:30am • EE Tot Shabbat 11:00am-11:30am

Tuesday, JUly 2 Tammuz 24

wednesDAY, JUly 3 Tammuz 25

Thursday, JUly 4 Tammuz 26

Independence Day Friday, JUly 5 Tammuz 27 • KKBE Congregational Dinner 5:45pm-6:45pm • KKBE Shabbat First Friday Service 7:00pm-7:30pm

• Grief Support Group 7:00pm-7:30pm • Dor Tikvah Board of Directors Meeting 7:30pm-9:30pm tuesday, june 18 Tammuz 10

saturday, June 22 Tammuz 14 • KKBE Shabbat Morning Service 10:00pm-10:30am Sunday, June 23 Tammuz 15

• EE Finance Meeting 6:00pm-6:30pm • KKBE Exec. Board Mtg. 6:00pm-7:00pm • KKBE Board Mtg. 7:00pm-9:00pm

• EE Sisterhood Gleaning 9:00am-9:30am • EE BBQ 9:00am-9:30am • Author Judy Goldman 4:00pm-4:30pm • BSBI Congregation Meeting 6:30pm-7:00pm

wednesday, June 19 Tammuz 11

monday, June 24 Tammuz 16

• KKBE Sisterhood Board Retreat 6:00pm-6:30pm • EE Sisterhood Book Club 7:00pm-7:30pm

tuesday, June 25 Tammuz 17

thursday, June 20 Tammuz 12 • EE Board Meeting 6:30pm-7:00pm

• KKBE Shabbat Morning Service 10:00am-10:30am • Shared Shabbat 6:00pm

• EE Sisterhood Education Day 10:00am-10:30am • EE Board Meeting 6:30pm-7:00pm • Dor Tikvah Board of Directors Meeting 7:30pm-9:30pm

• CCAA Citywide Swim Meet 1:00pm-11:00pm

sunday, july 14 Av 7

monday, july 15 Av 8

friday, July 19 Av 12

• BSBI Board Meeting 6:30pm-7:00pm

• Grief Support Group 7:00pm-7:30pm • Tisha B’Av Services DT 8:15pm-8:45pm

saturday, July 20 Av 13

wednesday, JUly 10 Av 3

tuesday, july 16 Av 9

sunday, July 21 Av 14

• KKBE Sisterhood Board Mtg 6:00pm-7:00pm

Tish’a B’Av

• Family Fest at Emanu-El 10:00am-10:30am • CCAA Citywide Swim Meet 1:00pm-11:00pm

friday, july 12 Av 5 • Shared Shabbat 6:00pm

SUNday, June 30 Tammuz 22



• KKBE Havdalah/Fun in the Sun 4:00pm-9:00pm

thursday, july 11 Av 4

Saturday, June 29 Tammuz 21

• JCRC Meeting 7:00pm-8:00pm

tuesday, July 23 Av 16

tuesday, JUly 9 Av 2

friday, June 28 Tammuz 20

wednesday, June 26 Tammuz 18

thursday, july 18 Av 11

• JCA Exec. Cmte. Mtg. 5:30pm-7:00pm • JCA Board Mtg. 7:00pm-8:00pm

• KKBE Brotherhood Mtg 6:30pm-8:00pm

June 5th-16th

SAturday, JUly 13 Av 6

monday, JUly 8 Av 1

thursday, June 27 Tammuz 19

• KKBE Shabbat Morning Service 10:00am-10:30am

sunday, JUly 7 Tammuz 29

saturday, JUly 6 Tammuz 28 • KKBE Shabbat Morning Service 10:00am-10:30am

monday, JUNE 17

Tammuz 9 Wednesday, june 12 Tammuz 4

• Camp Baker Meet and Greet 4:00pm-6:00pm

Monday, JUly 1 Tammuz 23

KKBE Israel Trip 8:00am

• KKBE Exec. Board Mtg. 6:00pm-7:00pm • KKBE Board Mtg. 7:00pm-9:00pm

wednesday, JUly 17

Av 10

• EE Sisterhood Book Club 7:00pm-7:30pm

• KKBE Shabbat Morning Service 10:00pm-10:30am

monday, July 22 Av 15 • CCAA Citywide Swim Meet 1:00pm-11:00pm

tuesday, June 30 Av 23 wednesday, June 31 Av 24

wednesday, June 24 Av 17 • JCRC Meeting 7:00pm-8:00pm thursday, June 25 Av 18 • KKBE Brotherhood Mtg 6:30pm-8:00pm friday, June 26 Av 19

saturday, June 27 Av 20 • KKBE Shabbat Morning Service 10:00am-10:30am sunday, June 28 Av 21 monday, June 29 Av 22


With summer months approaching, the KFP would love to gather volunteers who are interested in gleaning so that we can provide fresh produce for our community members while also helping the local farmers clear their fields. For more information on how to help with the KFP or gleaning, please contact Sara Sharnoff at Together we can make a difference. 20

June/July 2013 Sivan/ Tammuz/Av 5773

June-July 2013 issue of the Charleston Jewish Voice  

The Charleston Jewish Voice is a production of the Charleston Jewish Federation, and is a community newspaper that reaches over 2,900 people...

June-July 2013 issue of the Charleston Jewish Voice  

The Charleston Jewish Voice is a production of the Charleston Jewish Federation, and is a community newspaper that reaches over 2,900 people...