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If you would like the BEST Santa Portraits you’ve ever had, look no further. Chapters Photography’s ‘Portraits with Santa’ offers families a unique, private, setting in which children can have a one-of-a- kind, magical experience with Santa. Your reservation is perfect for young children as it allows approximately 10 minutes of time so your child can tell Santa about her Christmas wish list while award winning photographer, Rob Resing, captures the interaction between your child and Santa. When your mini session is complete you will see your images on a large screen and make your selections. You’ll have both traditional and creative portraits, so be prepared for some tough choices! Whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers, we have great portraits to offer! We hope that following images and information will answer your questions and inspire you to be creative with your Santa experience. Many clients come with their own ideas and props. We don’t really understand why teenages seem to love tying up Santa. If you have questions please contact our studio 425-420-2988 or email


1. Can I just walk in?

Appointments are by reservation only, so we are unable to accept walk-ins.

2. What happens if we are early?

Early is always great! We have a train set, a coloring station and a kid friendly Christmas movie playing, so we’ll entertain you if you arrive a few minutes early.

3. Can I bring a pet?

Of course. We like to say “not all children are human”. Santa just requests that you leave the snakes at home.

4. Do we get the prints right away?

We use an archival process to provide you with prints that will last over 100 years. Printers that print on site, like the mall, are not archival. Those prints can begin to degrade after 5 years. We would like your prints to last a lifetime. So, we will print and then mail your prints to you. The process usually takes about 7 days.

5. I have a child who refuses to sit on Santa’s lap.

Don’t worry. At Chapters Photography we specialize in creative ways of including Santa in the image, often without the child even knowing that he is there. We have a fire truck, a rocking horse and a host of other ways to make a tentative child comfortable. Rob, the portrait artist, will take cues from the child and design the portrait around the child’s needs. We find that these non-traditional images are often the most endearing,

6. Can we do a family picture as well?

Because you have made a reservation and we are not rushed we usually have time for family images too. Many of our clients take the opportunity to bring the whole family and allow us to create an annual holiday image.

7. Do you have Christmas cards?

Absolutely! We have a variety of cards to meet your needs. Imprinting is free and you’ll see a proof of your cards prior to printing to assure that the card is exactly the way you’d like it.

8. Do you sell digital files?

Yes. High resolution digital files can be purchased a la cart or as part of a package.

9. How do we know what picture we will get?

Once your session is complete the variety of images that were taken will be displayed on a 30 inch monitor. You will work with Rob to determine your favorites and then base your order on your choices. Some packages will allow you to choose more than one image. Additional images may always be added to packages a la cart.

My first Santa visit

This is such a wonderful time. Many Grandparents come to watch. We have chairs especially for observers. This first visit with Santa is always spectacular!

Every Santa collection needs a crying picture

Crying images are not uncommon in young children. Rob’s own daughter was not a friend of Santa until about age 7. We do everything possible to calm crying children and photograph them out of Santa’s view. But, we must admit that crying images can also be some of our favorites.

The Non-Tradational Santa Picture

Sometimes Santa just needs to go to the North Pole for a few minutes while your child gets comfortable in The Big better if Santa goes to the North Pole. Santa is always sneaky and can reappear at a moments notice.

The Tradational Santa Picture Sometimes getting your little one to sit on Santa’s lap can take a couple of years, but once she’s there it’s all laughter and smiles.

I want to talk to Santa but I dont want to sit on his lap These are some of our favorate images. Kids are so excitedto see Santa but then panic when in the workroom. But, they will talk to him .....Maybe.

Not all Children are human Santa’s visitors are not always human, but all are welcome.

Santa Business

Kids spend a lot of time thinking about what they are going to tell Santa. Not only does Santa check his list but kids want to make sure that their li st and and Santa’s list match. Some kids are so ogranized they even write down the UPC code for Santa. Santa needs all the help he can get.

Are you on the Naughty or Nice list? Even the non believers can have fun with Santa....

Santa knows when you are sleeping

Some times you just have to take a nap, no matter how excited you were to meet Santa

Santa just wants to have fun Some of the best ideas come from the clients

Santa likes reindeer games

Although Santa doesn’t play these games he is always ready to try something new.

Packages Once your session is completed the variety of images that were taken will be displayed on a 30 inch monitor. You will work with Rob to determine your favorites and then base your order on your choices. After printing on archival paper good for 100 years before fading, they will be inserted into black paper folders ready for display. About 7 days after your session the prints will be delivered via USPS by 1st class postage.


1-8x10, 4 - 5x7, 3- 4x6, 8 wallets 1 - High Resolution Image on disk Letter from Santa for each child



2 - 8x10, 3 - 4x6, 8 wallets



1 - 8x10, 2 - 5x7, 8 wallets



3 - 5x7, 4 wallets



2 - 5x7, 8 wallets



1 - 5x7, 4 wallets



1 - 8x10



1 - 5x7



1 set of 8 wallets



All Images on Disk (5 to 15 images)


Christmas Cards All cards will come with a choice of envelopes. After you choose the design and imprinting inside the card you will be emailed a copy to approve. This email copy can also be posted on facebook or used on your computer. About 7 days after approval you will get your cards via USPS by 1st class postage. Along with any prints you ordered.

14) Slimline set of 25


15) Slimline set of 10


16) Classing Folding (5x7 image)


Letters to Santa When your child writes a letter to Santa would you like Santa to respond? Letters to Santa are such precious moments that we’d like to help you preserve them. Chapters Photography would like to announce our Letters to Santa program. The Program is simple. Just drop us an email at letting us know you’d like to participate. Once we’ve received your email we will sent you a short survey which will help Santa get to know your child. Return the survey and we will compose a personalized letter from Santa for your child. The letter will arrive at your home in an envelope addressed to you, the parent. Your child’s letter will be enclosed in a specially addressed envelope, postmarked from the North Pole. The envelope will be unsealed which will allow you to review the letter and then seal and ‘send’ it to your child at a time of your choosing. The Letters to Santa program costs just $6.99 and includes a personalized letter to your child and a collectors photograph of Santa at the North Pole. Ho Ho Ho

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Bothell Santa pictures  

A portfolio of Santa pictures taken over the last couple of years by Rob Resing at Chapters Photography

Bothell Santa pictures  

A portfolio of Santa pictures taken over the last couple of years by Rob Resing at Chapters Photography