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Intradco Global Specialists in international exotics transport

Intradco Global is the leading transportation specialist in the air chartering of exotic animals of all shapes and sizes. With decades of global experience in transporting unusual species, and a network of dedicated professionals across the world, Intradco Global is the provider of choice for any organisation wanting to prioritise the wellbeing of their animals during transport. The Intradco Global team are experienced in handling all types of animals, including: • 247 white-tailed deer from the USA to Russia • 39 giraffes from Johannesburg to Bangkok • 400 alpacas from Chile to London • 18 rhinos • A pair of endangered sea otters • Four lions from Ukraine to a game reserve in South Africa

Time-critical cargo The animals’ safety and welfare are at the centre at what we do. Air transport is the most humane and expedient way to transport live animals, so regardless

of species, Intradco Global will get your animals to their destination as safely, comfortably and efficiently as possible.

24/7 service Intradco Global’s experience includes working closely with zoos, game reserves and global organisations on relocation projects, breeding programmes, re-population efforts, international conservation projects and emergency and rescue operations. Whatever the task, our dedicated team can offer advice and take care of any additional airline requirements for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Equipment personalised for your needs

Permits, documentation and regulations Transporting live animals, particularly exotic and endangered species including birds and aquatics, is subject to stringent guidelines in place for the animals’ wellbeing and safety. The Intradco Global team are members or IATA and ATA, and have a comprehensive knowledge of the Live Animal Regulations (LAR), CITES documentation and the diverse and in-depth legislations and protocols surrounding the transporting of live cargo by air. We can also guide you through and assist with quarantine procedures in different countries across the world.

Our ever-growing range of stalls and penning solution enables us to provide a solution tailored to your individual requirements. Our in-flight equipment features moveable partitions, drop-top and collapsible-top designed and added safety and comfort features for animals great, small and anything in between.

Unparalleled global coverage We have built trusted relationships with leading cargo airlines to provide unparalleled global access to hundreds of scheduled services. With offices located in strategic positions worldwide, we are able to offer truly global coverage.

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