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Combating McCarthyism -

***** This struggle is about more than a protest (albeit an important one) for Communities on September 30th. It’s about us as a society making radical choices. Instead of closing the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, why didn’t Bord Snip recommend closing the Department of Defence and disbanding the army, navy and air corps? We’ve never been at war, yet Defence costs €1 billion per annum and was not targeted for any significant cuts (€54m). I can only put this down to narrow thinking. Iceland manages without a Department of Defence and it’s time for Ireland to consider such radical options if we really want to save ‘our’ banks. It’s all to fight for!

There are alernatives “There is little evidence of positive outcomes.” That’s Bord Snip’s view of two of the key programmes that keep disadvantaged communities in Ireland from sinking outright - the Community Development Programme and the Local Development and Social Inclusion Programme. It’s a pity Colm McCarthy didn’t talk to community groups on the ground or read Combat Poverty reports over the years. But we are where we are and there’s a Tsunami wave coming our way. The surprising thing is that some people remain on the beach building sandcastles as the Tsunami comes clearly into view. Disbelief is hard to shake. Given that the Bord Snip report is likely to become a menu-list for civil servants handed the task of identifying resources to cut, it’s time if you are a worker that you joined a trade union. If you are a voluntary management member, it is time for your project to join the Community Sector Employers Forum ( Protests by the trade union most associated with the Community Sector caused a U-turn in June on cuts of €10m planned for Community Employment schemes.

Dedication: This edition is dedicated to the memory of Helen and Gerry Meagher, who died in 1992 and 2009 respectively.

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***** There is so much to build on – one of the latest CSO reports shows that the interest in volunteering remains huge, with 2 out of 3 people regularly volunteering in their communities. It’s hard to think there’s little support for the Community Sector when over two million people want to actively participate locally. The Government has recently committed to setting up a Volunteer Corps nationwide and to supporting volunteers. Also, of note, Minister Eamon O’Cuiv has been partly dismissive in tone in his references to the Bord Snip report. Yet, cuts implemented in January and May of this year have caused mayhem in projects at a time when demand for community services has increased threefold. The Sector needs to get the message across that for every euro invested in Communities, the taxpayer saves three euro in other costs. But this isn’t a fight that Eamon has to make. We’ve got to make the fight, because the fact is you seldom get what you deserve, you get what you fight for. And Autumn is going to see many good community projects face the chop unless the Government gets the message loud and clear. In the current climate, it’s no surprise that: CDPs have set up a national representative body. Atlantic Philanthropies has complained about the erosion of human rights. Partnerships have proposed on-the-ground solutions to the jobs crisis. These are but three examples of how, suddenly, everyone wants to have a say in the direction Ireland should go. Unionising is a way for workers to take action collectively.

Participation: 21% of Dublin people are involved in community groups


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