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- report by: ALLEN MEAGHER

‘Ballybrack is a pocket of disadvantage What makes Ballybrack different? The difference is that the services weren’t put into Ballybrack in the first place and unfortunately, it missed out on being listed as a RAPID area also, though we are working to change that. Are there other disadvantaged areas nearby? Loughlinstown, Ballyogan and Ballybrack are all pockets of disadvantage in county Dublin surrounded by affluent areas. Have you done much volunteer work yourself? I’m from (nearby) Ballyogan, a council housing-estate. I’ve worked voluntary there since 1996. Have you completed any training courses? I did the Maynooth Community and Youthwork Diploma part-time over three years (while also working a 35 hour week with Catholic Youth Care).

What is the most recent piece of work you did locally? I supported a group of twelve local young people who attend after-schools activity. They designed a logo for our CDP. What motivates you? I’m at work here since March, ’06: Ballyogan CDP is very overdue, because the area is disadvantaged and has seen nothing put into it in 30 years. We hope to change that. What are your priorities right now? We urgently need a new premises and to involve new members. The temporary premises I met Tina in was cold and did not have a letterbox: here’s hoping a suitable premises turns up soon for Ballybrack CDP!

Tina Pomphrett, co-ordinator

9-year birth of a CDP: Ballybrack, Co. Dublin BALLYBRACK CDP is ten years in the pipeline and – after securing funding and taking on a co-ordinator last year - is now finding its feet. Here is how the CDP was born: 1997 Ballybrack was one of three communities in the Dun Laoghaire area, proactively targeted for inclusion in the Community Development Programme. The work began in 1997 when Southside Partnership carried out an area action plan for the partnership area, and submitted it to the relevant department then (the Department of Social Welfare). 2002 In 2002, Dunrath the then support agency – Dunrath – began working with existing and new groups in the Ballybrack community. They brought the groups together to develop a workplan which was submitted to the Department of Community Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs to fund a CDP. 2004 By 2004, due to changes in policy, CDPs could no longer set up as legal companies, so Ballybrack was advised to find a ‘host’ changing ireland

organisation and they did in the Southside Women’s Action Network (SWAN) CDP. 2005 In early 2005, SWAN CDP agreed to be the host organisation for Ballybrack CDP and the application was approved. Now a funded group, the voluntary management of Ballybrack CDP and SWAN worked together to recruit a co-ordinator and to begin implementing the work set out in the

‘Hosting’ labelled as ‘a strength’ and ‘a weakness’ THE voluntary management and coordinator of Ballybrack CDP recently carried out a ‘SWOT’ (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis and used the findings in developing aims and objectives for the Strategic Work Plan. It is worth noting that the hosting arrangement was listed as both ‘a strength’ and ‘a weakeness’. The voluntary management committee hope the CDP will become independent in time.


workplan. 2006 In March 2006, Tina was appointed coordinator. She has linked up with many groups in the area and the project had its official launch some months later. 2007 The next move for Ballybrack CDP is to find a suitable premises and to boost local involvement in the project. Also, the voluntary management committee is working towards developing their capacity and skills towards becoming independent of the hosting arrangement. They feel this is also a priority for Ballybrack and are working and training to achieve this. They hope too to secure funding from the Department to recruit a part-time project worker to work alongside the co-ordinator in delivering programmes locally. For more information, contact: Tina Pomphrett, co-ordinator, Ballybrack CDP, c/o SWAN CDP, 57 Ennel Court, Loughlinstown, Dublin 18. Tel/Fax: 01-235-1521. E-mail:

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