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Dublin’s Fatima attracting faraway interest - as community centre is officially wrecked Report: TIM HOURIGAN DUBLIN’S Fatima area has almost become a tourist attraction, among community projects and residents groups at any rate who are eager to learn how to rebuild and regenerate a community. And Monday, 13th March, saw the last official visitors to Fatima’s community centre before it faced the wrecking ball. Delegations from Sligo town and Limerick city travelled to Dublin to learn from local CDP, Fatima Groups United, about how it engaged in a major redevelopment that has become a model for other disadvantaged urban areas. The visiting groups – from Cranmore and Moyross respectively - were taken on a walkaround tour of the old blocks and the new neighbourhood springing to life around it. The old flat complexes, - four stories high, with no lifts - are grim and a bit claustrophobic, with narrow stairwells and balconies. The common areas in between have spaces for a small playground and communal washing lines, but not a blade of

FGU's CDP centre - now demolished.

grass. Dorothy Walker, a community worker and member of the residents association, showed us her new house that has a few things the flats never had, for example, gas-fired heating and a garden and kerbside parking. The rent includes €11 a week for the €3,000 worth of new furniture that came with each new house or apartment. Dorothy was asked what effect it had on people to see so much positive change around them, while knowing that it was led by the community. "You can feel the pride and the morale from seeing all this. We’re very proud of it," she said. The residents insisted on being involved in the design of their own neighbourhood from

Step-by-step to successful regeneration THE following is a holistic plan for regenerating your community. It is presented to visitors by Fatima Groups United and represents the key steps on their successful road to regenerating their community. Each of the following headings form part of the community’s Social Agenda Plan: 1 Safe Sustainable Community - Community Policing Strategy - Citizens Charter - Supporting vulnerable Families 2 Education - Co-ordination of Education for all ages - Pre-school services - Fatima Homework Club for 5-15 yr olds - Digital Community Project - computer skills 3 Health & Well Being - Health promotion strategy - with HSE changing ireland

- Develop Health & Well Being Centre - Integration of Services 4 Sport & Recreation - Develop Recreational Sports Programme - Link to Sports Development Agencies 5 Enterprise Training & Development - Local labour clause - Pre-apprenticeship training - Community Enterprise Development

the start. They choose the new street names, for instance, and they insisted that everyone had separate front doors, and that the houses faced out onto the streets instead of inwards to a courtyard. It was made possible for people who had been neighbours for years in the old flats to opt to be neighbours again in the new houses so that community links would not be broken. While most of the new houses are already occupied, the CDP is moving temporarily into portakabins until the new purpose-built community centre is ready in about 18 months. Work is still in progress at Fatima, and as we left the diggers were rolling in on the future site of two astro-turf pitches and a green park area. When the old flats come down, the developer has plans to put in 369 private apartments (including some at affordable housing rates, and an allocation policy to prevent overcrowding), underground car-parking for the private blocks, and a retails centre, a swimming pool, and 3000sq metre neighbourhood centre. The folks at FGU say that they plan to see this through, and end up with an integrated and sustainable community with participation from the current Fatima residents, and the new neighbours who will move into the private apartments. Near the community centre, a miniature house perches atop a signpost, pointing out the CDP, the regeneration office and another place marked ‘The Future’. It is the one place everyone visiting Fatima wants a squint at.

6 Arts & culture - Allocation for Public Art - Arts facilities & culture programmes

Youngsters involved

7 Environment - Improving physical appearance - Waste management - Relationship with linear park

Novel ways were adopted to get younger residents involved and enthusiastic about the community-backed regeneration programme for Fatima: Small groups of local kids (5-10-year-olds, 11-15-year-olds and 15-plus) were invited to see the plans and to see some of the first new houses. The children then presented what they saw back to their peers.

8 Planning & Design - Community Services & Facilities - Fit out of New Neighbourhood Centre.


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