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4. Rethink business & revenue models

Our world is no longer the fragmented place it used to be. Companies can’t afford to be rigid about which industry they work in and who their competitors are. Change Play Business™ can help. We help individuals and teams to remove silos within and beyond their organisation, and we do it in a way which is engaging and highly energising. 2. BE CREATIVE It is a myth that creativity belongs to “creative people” and that most business people are not creative. Everyone has creative potential, it may just need a little push to unleash, awaken or remove the fear of being creative. Change Play Business™ allows individuals to experience creativity in action, tap into their creative potential and explore ways of applying that creativity, in a way which is engaging and highly energising. 3. FOSTER A COLLABORATIVE CULTURE Although many organisations highlight the importance of ‘team building’, most of them actually pay more attention to individual achievement, fostering a competitive culture rather than a true collaborative one. But new economies are emerging from a new paradigm: co-creation, cooperation and collaboration, facilitated by social media and globalisation. This demands a collaborative leadership style that can harness the power of connections. Change Play Business™ is creating a new breed of collaborative thought-leaders, who increase corporate performance by doing four things well1: COLLABORATIVE LEADER ATTRIBUTES

Rather than:

PLAY GLOBAL CONNECTOR: Making global connections that help them identify opportunities

Focus on internal connections

ENGAGE TALENT AT THE PERIPHERY: Leverage off diverse talent from all directions to produce results

Relying on homogeneous teams for new ideas

COLLABORATE AT THE TOP FIRST: Be a collaborative role model

Serve corporate politics and parochial agendas

Show a strong hand: To speed up decisions and ensure agility

Let groups get caught in conflict or attempts at consensus

1. Adapted from article “Are You A Collaborative Leader?” by Ibarra Herminia & Morten T. Hansen in Harvard Business Review, Jul/Aug 2011.

While start-ups tend to be extremely flexible and agile with high levels of freedom to innovate, most of our existing jobs still depend on older models. It’s time we started to work collaboratively—co-designing with our customers, creating value with our competitors, becoming “leaders together” Change Play Business™ helps players explore existing (and forgotten) assets, and rethink how these can be explored in new contexts and new combinations. 5. Increase sense of purpose and fun In order to survive and innovate, especially in challenging times, organisations need commitment, creativity and engagement from those inside and those outside the organisation. Change Play Business™ puts the fun into decision-making and provides space for engagement and personal creativity in thinking and acting, such as shaping the journey of the brand. 6. Promote curiosity, spontaneity and uncertainty ‘Experts’ aren’t necessarily the solution. Recent management theories invite organisations to rethink their models for recruiting talent and knowledge. The idea of “knowing” can easily undermine the ability to explore, or the openness to ask “stupid questions” and make mistakes. Change Play Business™ is designed to stimulate curiosity, to promote spontaneity and moments of WOW in each phase of the process. Rules are changed, and players are challenged beyond their imagination. 7. See business through new lenses What if the way you define your company is a limitation to understanding the value and potential your knowledge, expertise, capabilities and brands can build for your brand and stakeholders? In every Change Play Business™ event players are exposed to cutting-edge thinkers, participate in Master Classes where they acquire new knowledge, work across sectors in multidisciplinary teams, share thinking tools which are new to the market, and discover innovative potential from new partnerships and formulations of value never explored before.



Change Play Business™ is an experiential game and a new process of inter-disciplinary innovation, combining techniques of structured play with strategic thinking to ignite an energising, transformational journey for existing and emerging businesses. WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU PLAY? New questions arise, myths and certainties are challenged and a new paradigm emerges, while the first layer of resistance to change starts melting in a wave of energy and fun, allowing players to discover a safe space for experimentation, removing silos and moving beyond sectors and industries.

As a regular attendee of innovation conferences I was really amazed by the novel approach of the Change Play Business event. Due to the extensive preparation and professional guidance by the organization I quickly noticed that all the teams were truly immersed in this one-day creative journey. If you want to sparkle innovation within your organization, attending Change Play Business will be a great firestarter! Nick De Mey Co-Founder, Board of Innovation Belgium

There are two possible pathways:

1. ONE-OFF EVENT Only for internal and/or external teams which are willing to explore new ideas, remove silos, inject creativity or rethink their business models and increase motivation and engagement levels, both internally and externally! Warning: This game may seriously affect the way you question and approach markets, management processes and business strategies, and isnot recommended for those allergic to change, to collaboration and to creativity.

2. RESEARCH INITIATIVE We are looking for opportunities to map, measure and find insights into how Change Play Business impacts on organisational behaviour and corporate performance. This matters because innovation culture depends on attitudes, motivation and collective engagement. We want to better understand the impact of game-play dynamics in designing and nurturing an innovation culture for organisations. Please get in touch if this interests you, your team and your organisation.

Companies should give their back teeth for this game to stimulate and build camaraderie in their teams or company. Sue Lupton CEO, Sue Lupton Consulting Ltd United Kingdom

WHAT DO PLAYERS SAY ABOUT IT? “The game allowed me to think in a more experimental way, rather than focusing on the outcome. I found the exploratory approach very useful as business concepts are often not set in stone and should be something fluid and reactive to changes.” Anonymous player from Change Play Business London Were your ideas challenged? Very much, more than I was prepared for, to be honest.

WHO IS IT FOR? Change Play Business™ is aimed at organisational leaders who are already aware of changes in their work environment, who demand new sets of skills and attitudes to enable them to anticipate and act on ill-defined indicators of change—Leaders: • •

determined to succeed in a context of radical change, unpredictable competition and increasingly higher levels of uncertainty; willing to experiment outside their area of influence and knowledge, and eager to motivate their employees and partners. New research2 suggests... ...companies should now consider organisational capabilities that foster rapid adaptation. These include the ability to: a. identify and act on signals of change; b. experiment swiftly and frequently at all levels from products, services to business models, processes and strategies; c. manage complex and interconnected systems of multiple stakeholders; d. to motivate employees and partners. This provides a strong basis for adaptive advantage. 2. Research article “Adaptability: The New Competitive Advantage” by Martin Reeves & Mike Deimler Harvard Business Review, Jul/Aug 2011.

And how do you deal with it? I just accepted it. I am a green badge, so I am kind of a conservative person, but in the end i was completely out of the box! Do you see the benefit of Change Play Business in organisations to get the best out of employees? In the organisation I work for, yes, definitely yes. And I think most of the others the same. They do help, because it challenges the employees to think differently. It’s important. Pedro Carvalho, MCG, Portugal

CALL TO ACTION!! Please get in touch if you are excited, curious or even if you completely disagree with what is said here! Please contact us at: Olga Casademunt TheIdeaInspector@ +44 (0)79 6378 4220 Maria Ana Neves TheCuriousMind@ +44 (0)78 2525 0944


The Thinking Hotel® is an innovative project focused on designing thinking experiences, a resident project at the C4CC - Centre for Creative Collaboration and with headquarters inside LinkedIn hosting a community of more than 400 members and co-creators all over the world. Our vision is to create the very best places for thinking around the world, for individuals and teams or organizations, and have them in every city around the world. We love working together with others and encouraging creativity and innovation.


Maria Ana Botelho Neves The Curious Mind

CHRIS WILKIE The Mystery Director

OLGA CASADEMUNT The Idea Inspector

VILLIE TSANG The Visionary Spy @ideaol @vils82 |

Maria Ana is an entrepreneurial, ideadriven systems thinker and design strategist, working in co-design projects for business and social innovation. Maria Ana is currently co-developing The Thinking Hotel® (Planet Earth) and Plan Zheroes (UK), combined with her work as Associate Lecturer in Central St Martins (UK) and is an Innovation leader at Sintese Azul (Portugal).

Chris began his career in broadcasting, as a researcher and archivist. He progressed to become a senior manager and began a continuing interest in coaching and mentoring to encourage collaboration amongst his teams. Chris believes that the principle of creating a climate where people feel free to collaborate is a key element of Change Play Business.

A creative award winning designer, Olga has a strong entrepreneurial spirit that allows her to spot good opportunities for business and new product development. She has great passion for innovation and social responsibility. Her freelance career as a designer and recent post-graduate Masters In International Marketing have helped her set her future objectives, where social innovation and design innovation and their potential to change the way we view the World, drives her relentless progression towards her goals.

Villie is a new media designer trained in both traditional and digital arts. Throughout her professional career in broadcasting, she worked closely with multi-disciplinary teams to develop design and brand strategies across integrated platforms. Currently completing post graduate studies in MA Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins, her research focuses on organisational design and development by incorporating techniques in play and game dynamics as an innovation strategy to help organisations foster creative environments and innovative potential to enhance motivation and collective engagement.

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PATRICK ANDREWS The Poet in Law, Expert in creative governance models MARIA JOÃO RESENDE A Master of Words For Portuguese Thoughts

ERIK DE WILD The Truth Seeker, The Thinking Hotel Ambassador from Holland

NICK DE MEY World Master of Business Model Innovation, Board of Innovation A Portuguese change management business partner, co-designing internal culture, programs, including leadership, motivation, talent and performance management.

SUSANA BRANCO & MARIA AZEVEDO COUTINHO Queen of Fun And Creative Rebel No. 1 & 2, A Cooperativa Criativa MICHAEL METELITS Independent New Business Development Consultant, Scenario Planning Expert

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