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ed into law earlier this year, aims, among other things, to increase low income earners’ ability to access insurance products and foster transformation in the insurance sector. The Act, which was approved by Parliament in December last year, aims to bring smaller players into the fold under the auspices of the regulator, the new Prudential Authority, which will fall under the South African Reserve Bank.

The framework’s transformation component is linked to the Broad based Black Economic Empowerment Act and the financial sector code, which has made a transformation in the insuranceindustryapriority.

NewActbroadensaccessto Blog

“Not only will the new law making it easier for low income consumers to access insurance products that cater to their needs, but it also gives small businesses the opportunity to enter the insurance industry,” says Vera Nagtegaal, the executive head of seeks to link licensing with the sector’s overall transformation targets as set out in the financial sector code. “This will empower the [regulator] to push for development targets, financial inclusion and transformation objectives.”


Theinclusionofsmallerbusinessesisa great way to foster innovation, Nagtegaalsays.“Itmeansinsurerscan think out of the box and look to accessibleinsuranceproductsolutions that have worked in many African countries.” For example, Sanlam and MTN have partnered to launch a micro-insurance joint venture called aYo. With aYo, people will be able to apply for and buy insurance from their mobile phones using their airtime balance.Nagtegaalsaysthatmaking

“Twin Peaks”, to be introduced this year, will see a financial regulation split between the Prudential Authority, responsible for the financial stability of providers, and the Financial Services Conduct Authority, responsible for market conduct. The new law introduces a legal framework for micro insurance, and amends and replaces certain parts of the Long Term Insurance Act and the Short Term Insurance Act. It has three broad objectives,whichareto:

insuranceproductsaccessibletoawiderconsumerbasemeansthatmore people can protect their assets and themselves“Outlets such as Jet and Pep have started selling life cover products at point of sale. Much like the growth of mobile money wallets in South Africa, and what’s being done by aYo,wecanexpecteasy to useproductsthataremadeavailablethrough cellphones”To ensure that consumers are protected, insurers will have to investinconsumereducation,shesays.“It’simportantforinsurerstoinform the public about changes in the financial services sector, such as the introduction of the Twin Peaks system, aimed at reinforcing consumer protection”

•Broadenconsumeraccesstoadequateinsuranceproducts; •Strengthentheinsuranceframeworkstomaintainfinancialsoundnessin theindustry;and

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Online marketing allows statistics to be measured more effectively: Virtually all elements of an online marketing campaign can be traced and tested in some way. Tracking and measuring can be done almost instantaneously since online marketing encourages interaction by clicking on the ad and visiting the website, as well as other target actions.

Online marketing allows statistics to be measured more effectively: Virtually all elements of an online marketing campaign can be traced and tested in some way. Tracking and measuring can be done almost instantaneously since online marketing encourages interaction by clicking on the ad and visiting the website, as well as other target actions.

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Reporting on website traffic, leads, and conversions is an essential part of online marketing. And when it comes to reporting, especially about inbound marketing, there are essentially two platforms that are most commonly used: Hubspot and Google

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The Importance of Basic Firefighting Training in the Workplace

One of the key strategies to maintaining safety in the workplace is to have employees undergo basic firefighting training courses The likelihood of a fire breaking out in the workplace is not to be taken lightly, this therefore makes the workplace a very vulnerable environment considering the number of people usually present in the building


Therefore, knowing how to handle a fire and knowing the basics is of grave importance especially in the workplace Having proper fire safety trained employees and set procedures put in place, greatly increases the safety of the entire building and workplace overall These employees will not only help to get rid of the fire and prevent it from spreading but also help in preventing the occurrence of fires in the first place Being equipped with the basics will help a great deal should a fire break out in the workplace. It protects the organization as it ensures that everyone acts safely in the event of a fire reducing the risk of injury or loss of life during a fire. Those who would have undergone the training would know exactly how to keep the other employees calm and how to keep the fire under control until the arrival of the firefighters.

Fires as we know are very dangerous and at times easily and unknowingly triggered, be it at home, in the workplace or in open grasslands. The impact and damage caused by fires range in severity, there could be minor damage and major damage in some cases leading to injuries and in worse case scenarios fatalities. In the workplace, the impact of fires could even lead to a loss in jobs as some of the buildings may be left severely damaged as well as lead to financial loss to organizations.

Fire prevention This is perhaps the most important element of fire safety training because it is going to help employees to know and understand how to effectively prevent fires from ever occurring in the first place. Responding to the fire effectively Employees in the workplace should be fully trained and mindful of how to best respond to a fire should one break out

As a point of reiteration, the importance of basic firefighting training in the workplace is attributed to the following reasons: To ensure that your workplace still is safe, and employees know what to do in case of a fire contact Chamberlink to book for our basic firefighting courses Scheduled training E mail: marketing@chamberlink co za or call: 010 040 8328

Fire risk assessment This particular type of assessment is one of the most important things to conduct in the workplace to really identify what poses increased risk of a fire, what people are going to be at the highest risk if a fire does occur, how to make improvements to boost fire safety all around and how to stop fires from spreading if one does happen to occur.

The ability to swiftly recognize fire hazards The ability to properly identify what is deemed a fire hazard is essential to understanding how to best prevent them, to begin with Preventing fire in the workplace is obviously the best way to stop them from becoming a major problem

Why should employees undergo firefighting training in the workplace? Fire safety training is a key requirement of the Occupations Health and safety act It ensures that all staff or at least a good percentage of staff in the workplace have sufficient information which is vital to preventing fires. The essence of Basic Fire Fighting training courses is about bringing fires under control and putting the fires out. Basic Fire Fighting teaches the required and necessary skills to be able to quickly and correctly identify the type of fire and to select the appropriate firefighting procedure. As the saying goes prevention is always better than cure. Our basic firefighting training offered at Chamberlink will teach you how to identify fire risks at the workplace. This will help to reduce the possibility of accidental fire Fire prevention training should be ongoing to keep everyone up to date, refreshed with the information and safe. It is imperative for employees to undergo frequent refresher courses to avoid forgetting the details. Newly appointed employees should also be educated.

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Polycarbonate Sheeting

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Partnering with an experience BBBEE consultancy and/or an accredited training agency assures your business of both a smooth path to BBBEE compliance and an upskilled, well qualified workforce Both of these create great value for not only your business but for your business partners, suppliers and customer, and the country as a whole For more information contact: Cham-training on Tel: 010 - 040 8335 or E

Savings & Benefits associated with Skills Development

Skills development, BBBEE compliance and the BBBEE scorecard

The South African Revenue Service requires that all companies with a payroll of more than R500 000 per year pay a skills levy equal to 1% of that payroll 80% funds gathered in this way are distributed to the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) created under the 1998 Skills Development Act, while 20% is paid into the National Skills Fund The funds gathered by the abovementioned skills levy are used to fund training and programs within that specific SETA

There are definite savings and benefits associated with investing in skills development within your company, and being BBBEE compliant is certainly one of those. Along with ownership and enterprise and supplier development, skills development is one of the three most important elements of the BBBEE system. Generic entities have to comply with all three of these to be avoid being demoted one BBBEE level, and Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSEs) have to comply with two of the three to avoid being demoted one level.

mail: marketing@cham

Black Economic Empowerment and its successor, Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, are aimed at uplifting large portions of the South African population that were denied equal economic opportunity during the apartheid era. Becoming BBBEE compliant should be a goal for all South African business owners and employers, not only because it shows commitment to creating positive change in this country, but also because it has certain benefits for business.

Investing in skills development, moreover, has tax benefits

Choosing SETA accredited courses for skills development is important A non SETA accredited course does not give those who complete it a valued nationally valid qualification, and may not always teach relevant material, which means that the future employee may not be fully equipped to fit into the country’s skills framework and consequently might not enrich South Africa’s employment skills base This does not benefit current or future employers, or the employee concerned

The importance of SETA accredited skills development courses

On the BBBEE scorecard for generic entities and QSEs, the skills development category measures the degree to which the business concerned makes efforts to develop the skills of black, Indian and coloured people within and, to an extent, outside the company.

The benefits for current employees (and their employers) are obvious, but investing in skills development benefits entire communities, in that programs can extend beyond the company’s workforce People in the community can also benefit from company led skills development, leading to skills improvements in the community This helps uplift the community, and also boosts the social development score on the BBBEE scorecard of the company facilitating the skills development program Skills development programs can be especially beneficial if they include black women, youth, people with disabilities, rural dwellers, or unemployed people all sectors of the population that still face widespread discrimination today Tax benefits, SETA grants and skills development

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All employers whose annual payroll is more than R500,000 per year must be registered to pay Skills Development Levies (SDL) Who must register to pay the Levy? Employers who are liable to pay the Levy must register with SARS by completing a registration form (form SDL 101, obtainable from all SARS offices) In order to register, the employer must obtain a registration form (SDL 101) Employers have to then elect the SETA (Sector Education and Training Authorities) that is most representative of the companies’ business activities

Who must pay towards the Skills Development Levy?

What is the purpose of this act of the Skills Development Levies Act (Act 9 of 1999)?

The Legislature has created a way for companies to contribute towards the upliftment of every South African through a levy grant scheme The levy grant scheme aims to ensure that employers train their employees. The money that companies spend on training their employees are paid back to employers through a process which is referred to as the submission of a company’s Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) to the relevant Seta that the company is registered with These WSP and ATR reports have to be submitted by the annual deadline which normally is the 30th of April each year

All Workplace Skills Plans must be submitted to the relevant industry Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) by the deadline Workplace Skills Plans must be submitted by 30 April 2020 To whom are Levies payable? Skills Development Levies are paid by companies to SARS SARS fulfills the role of a collecting agency for the SETAs SARS will provide all registered employers with a “Return for remittance” form (an EMP 201) each month The form enables companies to calculate the amount payable each month

The availability of skilled employees is a serious obstacle to the competitiveness of South African companies

SkillsDevelopmentLeviesandthe submissionofyourWorkplace SkillsPlan(WSP)andAnnual TrainingReport(ATR)

The amount payable is calculated as follows: Employers have to pay 1% (one percent) of the total amount of remuneration paid to employees SARS prescribes a list of exclusions that are excluded from “total remuneration”

The levy must be paid over to SARS by no later than seven days after the end of each month. In the event that an employer fails to pay the Levy the company will be liable for interest at the “prescribed rate for Income Tax purposes for late payments”

Do companies still have to pay SDL during the national lock down period?

The following amounts are included in the calculation in the amount that is payable:

Although the Government has not yet published a decision in this regard, it is reported that they are considering a temporary reduction of employer and employee contributions to the Skills Development Fund

By when should a company pay a Skills Development Levy?

overtime payments leave pay bonuses commissions lump sum payments

The Levies are paid into a special fund 80% of the Levies are distributed to the relevant SETA’s and the balance (20%) is paid into the National Skills Fund The individual SETAs then pay levy grants to qualifying employers, while the National Skills Fund will fund skills development projects not within the scope of SETAs

This will be applicable to all businesses, irrespective of whether their turnover is more or less than R50 million This should provide some relief to employers amidst the Coronavirus pandemic but it will all be dependent on how much these contributions are reduced

How does companies recover Skills Development Levies that are payable by means of grants?

At Chamlabour we assist companies with recovering the funds that they have spent on training their employees. We have simplified the process and will ensure that the training information provided to us by companies are processed and submitted in such a way to ensure a maximum refund from the SETA’s Please contact us for a free quotation or inform us in the event that you have any further inquiries

A penalty of 10 percent will also be payable on the unpaid amount

How is Skills Development Levy Calculated?

What does SARS do with the Skills Development Levy that is paid by employers?

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Becoming B-BBEE compliant is one of the best investments a company can make and one of the best ways to make positive contributions towards the South African economy. In the B-BBEE context Skills Development refers to a tailored contribution to the development of core, scarce and critical skills of black people. These contributions include internal and external training initiatives. Skills development is one of the five elements of the B-BBEE scorecard and a priority element. Learnerships, internships, short courses, and work-based training all forms part of skills development and training. All of this affords employees to be upskilled making positive contributions to their companies and it also affords unemployed, disabled, and black South Africans opportunities to enter the workspace. The following is what the skills and development allocates points for:

CENFED BUSINESS CONSULTING AGENCY Skillsdevelopment: Benefitstobusinessesandgood forB-BBEE(BroadBasedBlack EconomicEmpowerment)

The benefits of staff or employee training

ContactCenfedConsultingAgencytoday forB-BBEEcomplianceandtobenefit fromtheskillsdevelopmentelement.

Theinclude:learnership incentive is an important development tool for encouraging greater employment and up skilling of the South African workforce. Not only are you empowering the human capital of South Africa, you will also be lowering your effective tax rate. Furthermore, when implemented correctly Skills Development Act and the Learnership TAX Incentive will minimize your expenditure. The Skills development element of the B-BBEE scorecard affords businesses further benefits such as a competitive edge, tax benefits, rebates, and grants.

Skillsturnover.development does not only prove to be good for the B-BBEE scorecard but also offers numerous benefits to businesses who are B-BBEE compliant.

Higher job satisfaction and employee Increasemoraled employee motivation. Increased effectiveness in processes, resulting in financial gain. The ability to adopt modern technologies and methods required to cater to the needs of customers. Improved business performance. Increased employee loyalty and engagement thus reduced employee

Skills Development spend on learning programmes for black people in general and black employees with bursariesdisabilities.for black students at Higher Education

Skills development is one of the easiest elements to gain points on. It is also a good focus for B-BBEE and an effective way to boost your overall scorecard. The more points earned for skills development the more a businesses’ overall scorecard will be improved. Implementing training and development can contribute up to 20 points of a company’s B-BBEE rating and could potentially add 5 bonus points it therefore has a total weighting of 25 points. The ownership and management control elements often prove to be challenging especially for small to medium sized businesses to maintain their scores, focusing on the skills development element is therefore a terrific way to amplify their scores.

learnerships,institutions.internships and apprenticeships for black people. the absorption of black people into the workforce of the measured company or into the industry at the end of the learnership, internship and apprenticeship programmes.

Get in touch now for pricing & information Tel: 011 452 6420 14 Foreman Street, Spartan Ext 7, Kempton Park, 1619 Visit us: Where your Cargo WMatters! here your Cargo Matters! Specialists in the design and manufacturing of timber-based packaging crates & pallets as well as other protective products! Products are custom-made to suite client specification and are freight-specific! Products Offered: Timber Crates Timber Pallets Moisture Protection Products Corrosion Intercept Services Rendered: Container Packaging Project Packaging Rigging Professional Advice & Project Planning Email us on: TuskerCapeTownisnowopenforbusiness!!! Contact:0836033559formoreinformation!


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MUCH IS SHOWN THAT IS NEVER SEEN. MUCH IS SAID THAT IS NEVER HEARD. What is Micro Expressions Macro Expressions as well as the very subtle, brief and involuntary facial Micro Expressions which often times go unnoticed are extensively covered in our courses. Furthermore, paralinguistic styles, tone of voice and hand to face gestures all reveal vital information mostly undetected by the untrained eye and ear in detecting lies and deception. Visit: toviewallavailableCOURSES CONTACT US TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION South Africa & International:

OURLISTOF ACHIEVEMENTS KENWOOD BestDistributoroftheYear2002&2010, BestDealeroftheyearx3 Dealeroftheyear Gautengx3times Runnerup(National)Dealeroftheyearx4 Runnerup(Gauteng)Dealeroftheyearx2 NetworkSetup Services DigitalRadio Distributions Analogue,Digital ConventionalorGSMRadios SolarUPS&Standby Solutions Motorola 1xMillenniumAward, 5xPrestigeAwards, 1xStarAward OURSERVICES SIMPLEAND AFFORDABLE COMMUNICATION BESTPRICED R a d i o s 38 9th Avenue, Northmead, Benoni 011 425 3350 / 0861 114 007 CoaxialCable& Connectors Accessoriesforalmost allRadioBrands

We ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effectively and efficiently We work together in an optimum fashion to achieve the results desired by our clients We are excellent in individual tracking installations and other fitments Tel: 011 814 2103 11 Tulbach Street, Nigel "Forallyourfitmentneeds..." Alarms & Immobiliser’s Sound Car radios Bluetooth kits Get your fitment now! Matrix Beame GPS Tracking Anti-Smash & Grab Anti-Hi-Jacking systems SERVICES Secure Protection

We Draft and Provide: Company Policies as well as Disciplinary Codes & Guidelines. Visit our website today for assistance

All Graphic Design are done in house and we strive to give our clients the "total package" from the design phase, printing of business cards, flyers, brochures and stationary, manufacturing of signage, branding of vehicles, corporate clothing and gifts, promotional material and more. TOO TBIG OO BIG OR OTOO R TOO SMALL SMALL WE ARE KNOWN FOR OUR VEHICLE BRANDING Banners & Digital Printing is our speciality Physical Address: 6 Antimoon, Croydon, Kemptonpark Tel: 011 454 5320 Cell: 072 390 9339 / 082 579 7021 or CONTACT US: No Job COME VISIT US OR GIVE US A CALL WE WILL MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY !!

LABOUR CONSULTANTS C O N T A C T U S : 2 Station Road, Pretoriusstad, Nigel, 1491 E mail: Tel: 010 040 8333 Website: COMPANY RETRENCHMENT & SHORT-TIME ASSISTANCE We provide step by step assistance during a retrenchment process. Consultation is key and we ensure that we provide sound advice and reliable documentation to ensure that you comply with legislation. R520 (excl VAT) per month for an A4 page. Current East Rand Chamber of Commerce Members get one page per month for free. Based in and around East Rand For more info please visit: or give us a call on: 010 040 8328 CHAMBER B U L L E T I N WWW.CHAMBEROFCOMMERCE.ORG.ZA Advertise Here T O

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