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Roaring Creek Ministerium Services are Wednesday evenings beginning at 7PM and there are light refreshments and fellowship following worship

Series Theme: “A Passion Pilgrimage”

Catawissa Parish UMC (Kulp/Mt.Zion) Lenten, Holy Week and Easter Services 2011

Ash Wednesday Service March 9th, 7PM at Bethel UMC Pastor Chad preaching

“Cross Bearer” March 16th at St. Paul’s Lutheran Pastor Chad Carter preaching

Maundy Thursday Service

“The Daughters of Jerusalem” March 23rd at Fisherdale UMC Pastor Tom Searfoss preaching

April 21st, 6PM at St Paul’s UMC/Esther Furnace Service of Tenebrae Cover dish dinner prior to service at 5:30PM

“In the Glow of a Camp Fire” March 30th at St. Paul’s UCC (Red Brick Church) Pastor Gordon Smith preaching

Good Friday

“Gethsemane” April 6th at Kulp UMC Pastor Don Snyder preaching “The Night Court” April 13th at Grace UCC (Millgrove) Pastor Anna Fyock preaching

April 22nd, 7PM at Fisherdale UMC

Easter Morning Sunrise Service April 24th, 7AM at Kulp UMC Breakfast following the service

Easter Morning Traditional Worship Services Worship Service at Kulp UMC 9:30AM Worship, including Children’s Church NO SUNDAY SCHOOL Worship Service at Mt. Zion UMC 9:30AM Sunday School 11:00AM Worship, including Children’s Church

Catawissa/Bloomsburg UMC Cluster

Catawissa Ministerium

Services are Sunday Evenings beginning at 6PM and there are light refreshments and fellowship following worship

Services are Wednesday at Christ Lutheran (Catawissa) in the fellowship hall. There is a soup and sandwich lunch beginning at noon and the service follows.

Series Theme: “The Glory of It All”

Series Theme: “God’s Grace Breaking Through”

“The Hard Sell” March 13th at Lightstreet UMC Pastor Calvin Rich preaching

“Sin and Deception” March 16th Pastor Charlie Swank preaching

“Testing Time” March 20th at Kulp UMC Pastor Sue Rogutski preaching

“Evil and Injustice” March 23rd Pastor Anna Fyock preaching

“No Intimidation” March 27th at Trinity UMC Pastor Terry Brosius preaching

“Oppression and Abuse” March 30th Pastor Calvin Rich preaching

“More Time” April 3rd at Wesley UMC Pastor Anna Fyock preaching

“Failures and Fears” April 6th Pastor Gretchen Johanson preaching

“The Two Prodigals” April 10th at Catawissa 1st UMC Pastor Jennifer Parks-Snyder preaching

“Unbelief and Rejection” April 13th Pastor Chad Carter preaching

“Holy Extravagance” April 17th at Lime Ridge UMC Pastor Ralph Hartenbach preaching

Good Friday Service April 22nd in the sanctuary of Christ Lutheran Pastor Calvin Rich preaching There will be no meal at the Good Friday service

Lent Series and Holy Week Activities  

Easter Morning Traditional Worship Services Easter Morning Sunrise Service Worship Service at Mt. Zion UMC 9:30AM Sunday School 11:00AM Wors...

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