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ISIS Episode 1 "Reckless By design - Part 1" By Chad Barley

Copyright Š 2013 by Chad Barley

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INT. ISIS ACADEMY (GYMNASIUM). DAY CU: A pair of colourless gray eyes. Heavy breathing. Sweat dripping. Reveal our sweat drenched young athlete. (COOK, 21) A Boxer in shorts and gloves. Slumped in his corner of the ring. His instructor (INSTRUCTOR LEO, 34) Begins to re-fasten his head protector while explaining the situation. INSTRUCTOR LEO What’s going on out there Lad? This isn’t what we talked about! COOK (Breathless) She’s fast instructor. She’s fast. INSTRUCTOR LEO Of course she’s fast lad, you knew that going in! She’s got a right hook fresh outta hell and it’ll take you there if you don’t raise your damn guard up! CUT OVER TO: The opposite corner of the ring. Reveal ZOE STRASBOURG (23), a young woman, blonde, muscular. An attractive yet imposing physique. Her eyes are also colourless... She takes a swig of her water bottle while her Instructor (INSTRUCTOR AHSEN, 35, female,) gives her a rundown. INSTRUCTOR AHSEN You have to go so hard on the kid? ZOE (Panting) What? He told me he could take it. INSTRUCTOR AHSEN Yeah well take it from me he can’t. It’s obvious you’ve got this in the bag just try not to kill him OK? Zoe pounds her fists together, psyching herself up.


ZOE (Smirk) No promises. *Ding, Ding*: Round three. The two fighters jump back to their feet and make for the center of the ring... The two display classic boxing footwork, circling and weaving around one another. Zoe throws short,testing jabs to keep Cook on his toes. The scene slows down. Mathematical annotations appear on screen like equations on a blackboard: Zoe’s weight(175lb), her height (5ft7) the speed of her punches (8m/sec),the force imparted by each blow. (0.6 tons) INSTRUCTOR LEO Work the body kid! Get inside! Cook goes on the offensive. He makes heavy hits of his own! high-low, low-high. Zoe is pushed back by the sudden change in pace but- one of Cook’s punches sails wide... Zoe spots the opportunity! CU on Zoe’s lips: She mouths something at incredible speed! An equation. A code. She twists powerfully at the hips and unleashes an UNFATHOMABLE PUNCH! Knocking Cook clean off his feet! A BURST of ethereal blue dust SCATTERS on impact! The annotations on screen all simply read [Error!] Zoe confidently lowers her gloves. Job done. SMASH TO TITLES: EXT. ISIS ACADEMY (ESTABLISHING). LATE AFTERNOON A towering dome structure known simply as: "The ISIS academy". A high-tech institution made of glistening solar panels and stainless steel framing... CUT TO: INT. HEADMASTER’S OFFICE. DAY Headmaster Mortimer (54) a portly old man, blue eyed, soft spoken: HEADMASTER MORTIMER I’m suspending you from recreational boxing.


ZOE WHAT!? Mortimer sits behind his oak desk and proceeds to lecture Zoe who stands before him in full ISIS uniform: A sky blue military jacket and trousers w/clean white boots and fitted gloves... ZOE (Continued) You can’t be serious!? Mortimer Laughs slightly. HEADMASTER MORTIMER I’m afraid I am. I can’t have you "beheading" every "State Esper" daft enough to step into the ring with you. No matter how much the academy might enjoy watching... ZOE (Disbelief) But...IHEADMASTER MORTIMER Yes, I know, unfair, uncool, unfortunate. I never thought I’d have to say this to anyone but perhaps you’re a little too talented for your own good. Zoe is still lost for words. She collects herself. ZOE (Resigned) Is Cook OK? CUT TO: INT. ISIS ACADEMY (GYM). DAY Cook is stretchered off and out of the boxing ring while Zoe, Both instructors and various other on lookers watch... HEADMASTER MORTIMER (V.O) Cook will be just fine. Might have a little trouble remembering things for a while but beyond that nothing serious. CUT BACK TO:


INT. HEADMASTER’S OFFICE. DAY ZOE I’m sorry Headmaster I- I should haveHEADMASTER MORTIMER (Interrupting) Don’t be silly girl. I saw the video. It was a good punch, nice and stiff just like we taught you. Not you’re fault poor Cook didn’t see it coming, but alas, I have to think of all your safety out there. I’m afraid that’ll just have to be it for your in-house boxing career... Zoe slumps back in her chair defeated. This isn’t the news she wanted to hear. The headmaster gives her a moment. HEADMASTER MORTIMER It’s not all bad news for you today though... Mortimer reaches into his desk. He pulls out some files. HEADMASTER MORTIMER You’ve been commissioned. Zoe’s head excitedly pops back up! ZOE Really!? What for?? CUT TO: EXT. LONDINIUM MARKETS. DAY A young newspaper boy (fresh out of a Dickens novel...) waves today’s issue of "The Daily Kingdom" aloft in the middle of Londinium’s busy market district. NEWSPAPER BOY EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! Lady Rowena of house Newport Kidnapped! CUT TO: INT. LONDINIUM UNDERGROUND. DAY The Rush hour commute on the Londinium underground. The front page of every newspaper being read is about "The vanishing noble" and "The missing lady"... CUT TO:

5. INT. CHANNEL 8 NEWS STUDIO. DAY A female TV newsreader wearing an outlandish Victorian collar chimes in live on: FEMALE NEWSREADER Today’s top story: Day two and the search for young Lady Newport continues... CUT TO: EXT. ALLEYWAY. DAY Young goth girl (SARAH, 15, Pierced lip) wearing small headphones walks down an alleyway. She listens to her portable radio... RADIO HOST 2 (V.O) But you can’t say that for certain John. The girl notices a "Wanted" poster glued to the wall with the picture of Rowena Newport on it... RADIO HOST 1 (V.O) I’m telling you. Kidnapping a member of the noble caste?? This had to be an inside job... She rips the poster off the wall and places it gently places it in her jacket pocket... CUT TO: INT. NOBLE ASSEMBLY HALL. MORNING A heavy set of gold-plated doors are pushed open. Reveal: The noble assembly hall. A grand Victorian corridor of power. Restless Noblemen and women, dressed in the finest of foreign silks stand in attendance. They all face the "speakers podium" where a distraught and sleep deprived LORD NEWPORT (43) stands. LORD NEWPORT My fellow noblemen. Rowena, My daughter is all that I have left in this world. I implore you allOne of the Nobleman steps forward proudly. LORD RICHMOND You have the support of House Richmond my lord. We shall offer any and all information we come across.


A second nobleman steps forward, holding the hand of his regal looking wife. LORD FELTON As too will House Felton. We will of course stand beside you in your time of need. LORD NEWPORT Thank you. Friends. CUT TO: INT. THE AGENCY. NIGHT Midnight: A small “film noir” detective agency... A tiny office bathed in yellow slits of light from street lamps outside. On the desk: A cold cup of coffee, a broken magnifying glass and a strange porcelain mask, white, with a cheeky smirk engraved on it... Over on the sofa: A male figure sleeps, his face is hidden under today’s newspaper but we see his finely tailored waistcoat, pressed trousers, polished shoes... The door to the office slowly creeks open: In walks SARAH our young goth. She sneaks over to our sleeping detective and goes to remove the newspaper on his face whenMALE VOICE (Off screen/Behind her) Looking for me? Sarah is startled! Reveal HAVOC: A dashing enigmatic male, Smartly dressed and wearing the porcelain mask [smirk expression] over his face. His eyes colourless. Sarah, confused, looks down at the figure lying on the sofa. It Shatters like into a plume of neon pink dust. HAVOC An Illusion dear. You weren’t trying to take a peek now were you? Sarah reaches into the breast pocket of her coat. She pulls out a poster and pins it to Havoc’s chest. HAVOC What’s this? He reads it: "Wanted, Rowena Newport, Alive"


HAVOC Would you look at that. A missing Noblewoman. I wonder how muchSarah gestures to him using British sign language... Reveal Havoc’s mask. No longer [Smirking] now [shocked] HAVOC That much you say? Well then... He brings the poster up in front of his face and then lowers it. His masks expression changed back to [smirk] HAVOC I’d better get started. CUT TO: EXT. RUSTY CUTLASS. AFTERNOON The next day: Deep in the infamous "Outland district" of Londinium is a line of abandoned shacks, broken shops... Walking through this derelict avenue is ZOE STRASBOURG in full ISIS uniform. She continually checks the GPS map on her phone. Finally she reaches her destination. A dingy drinking hall called "The rusty Cutlass". She seems less than thrilled. CUT TO: INT. RUSTY CUTLASS. AFTERNOON Inside: A dark, dirty and smoke-filled "gin joint". The clientele: Tattooed thugs, unwashed bikers and mean eyed slit-throats. Suddenly, in walks Zoe. The whole room "stops. All eyes fall instantly fall on her. She stands nervous. A filthy looking BARMAN with an eye-patch proceeds to spit polish a drinking glass behind the counter.Zoe approaches. ZOE Excuse me sir. The Barman looks at her for a moment. He rudely returns his attention to his glass. Zoe straitens herself up. ZOE (Firmer) Excuse me.


BARMAN You orderin’ a drink? ZOE No but IBARMAN Then we ain’t got nothin’ to talk about. Another biting silence falls between them. Zoe takes a look around the room and sees all eyes are still on her. She returns her attention to the barman. ZOE I’m looking for a group calling themselves the "pick-up boys". Have you heard of them? The barman ignores her question. BARMAN We don’t get many of you lot down here. "guards" I mean. Specially not white-eyed ones. ZOE I asked if you knewBARMAN So what’s your party trick then? you really good at maths or somthin’? shoot fireworks out your ass? The whole room laughs at Zoe. You can see she’s starting to lose her cool... ZOE I don’t think you understand whatBARMAN You know what? I think your the one who don’t understand love. This ain’t Mayfair. You don’t just walk in ’ere in your sky blue’s and start throwing your weight around. ZOE I’m hardly "throwing my weight around" sir. A member of the noble caste has gone missing and it’s your duty as a citizen to-

9. BARMAN NO ONE CARES LOVE! The whole bar erupts into laughter! BARMAN It could be the queen of sheeba who’s gone missing and we still wouldn’t care! We look after our down ’ere. Maybe I do know about the "pick-up boys". Maybe I don’t. Either way I ain’t talkin. A large group of men get up from their seats around the bar and stand intimidatingly close to our curious white-eye... Zoe takes a cautionary glance at the large group around her... ZOE So you’re refusing to co-operate? BARMAN Yeah. I’m refusing to co-operate. A large male hand lands forcefully on Zoe’s shoulder. She looks at it for a moment. Then back at the barman... CUT TO: EXT. RUSTY CAULDRON. AFTERNOON Outside the bar. Things stop being peaceful in: 3....2....1 CRASH! A tattooed thug is THROWN violently out window! CUT BACK INTO: INT. RUSTY CAULDRON. AFTERNOON Inside ZOE IS F***ING S**T UP!! She channels her inner "Hulk Hogan", Punching and elbowing thug after thug in a continuous "Ballroom blitz" Zoe PUNCHES one thug clean to the floor! (0.7 tons) BACKHANDS another! (9m/sec) In that same motion she grabs a wooden chair and SMASHES it over a larger thug’s head behind her! (f=5.6kg*8m/sec) Another thug throws a punch! Zoe catches it in her left hand! She then grabs his neck with her right, effortlessly LIFTS him into the air and SLAMS him through a wooden table! Suddenly a glass bottle is WRAPPED round the back of her head, Staggering her slightly...


She’s then TACKLED to the floor by another thug! On the floor she manages to LAUNCH her attacker off her and instantly and flick herself back up on onto her feet. ZOE COME ON!! Countless thugs begin to RUN for the door! desperate to escape. The barman, trapped behind the counter, backs away slowly. Zoe marches over to him. She grabs him forcefully by the collar and drags him up over the bar. ZOE So. You about ready to co-operate yet!? JUMP TO: EXT. ISIS ACADEMY (ESTABLISHING). LATE AFTERNOON Back in the Isis academy... CUT TO: INT. ISIS ACADEMY (HOLDING CELLS). LATE AFTERNOON Zoe closes a large set of prison cell doors on the "Barman". locking him in his cage. She proudly dusts off her hands and walks away... CUT TO: INT. ISIS ACADEMY (HALLWAY). DAY Zoe walks through The open plan hallways of the academy. A sleek utopia campus. Solar paneled walkways. Stainless steel railings, artificial waterfalls... Standing at every door and entrance are "Vanguards"; men in striking black uniforms. 21st century "musketeers" High-tech polymers, tight fitted design. High caliber rifles. They stand vigilant. Watching the passing Espers as they walk through the academy. One of them gives Zoe a "mean" look as she passes. She quickly looks away. CUT TO:


INT.ISIS ACADEMY (HEADMASTER’S OFFICE). LATE AFTERNOON Zoe Strasbourg SLAPS her thigh and salutes proudly! ZOE State Esper, Zoe Strasbourg. Two-Five-Zero-zero-One. Reporting sir. Reveal HEADMASTER MORTIMER stood before her, accompanied by "CAPTAIN MERCER" (54) of the Vanguards. A Stern authoritative figure in a decorated black Vanguards uniform and with a ceremonial sword strapped proudly to his side. CAPTAIN MERCER This is her? HEADMASTER MORTIMER This is her. Captain Mercer looks Zoe up and down as she stands perfectly to attention. He begins to pace around her. CAPTAIN MERCER Rumor has it you’re the white-eye responsible for over £700 pounds of property damage. Is this true? ZOE Yes sir. CAPTAIN MERCER I was under the impression you were ordered to maintain a "low profile" while outside the academy. To avoid conflict or the use of aggressive "C-Math". How well do you think you adhered to those orders. [Beat] ZOE Quite Poorly sir. CAPTAIN MERCER Yes. "quite poorly". So, in your assessment of today’s events, how best you think we aught punish you? ZOE Not at all Captain. My orders were to discover the whereabouts of the "pick up boys" in order to assist the Vanguard in their (MORE)


ZOE (cont’d) investigation. My actions, although outside the agreed upon parameters lead to my success in that endeavor without any harm coming to innocent civilians or passers-by. CAPTAIN MERCER In other "got the job done". ZOE Yes Captain. Mercer stops...He laughs. First a little, then a lot. He turns to the headmaster. CAPTAIN MERCER You hear that Headmaster? HEADMASTER MORTIMER (Smiling proudly) I most certainly did. CAPTAIN MERCER Bold. Very, very bold. Alright Headmaster, I approve. Have her attend tonight’s briefing. 1900 hours. HEADMASTER MORTIMER Yes Captain... Zoe appears confused, but remains stood perfectly to attention. Mercer looks at Zoe one last time before turning away and leaving the room. The Headmaster turns to Zoe. HEADMASTER MORTIMER At ease. Zoe finally relaxes. ZOE What just happened? Mortimer smirks... CUT TO:

13. EXT. BRITANNIA COUNTRYSIDE. NIGHT The Great Britannia countryside. A lonely road. Torrential rainfall. A group of diligent Vanguard soldiers stand watch, forming a military checkpoint on the road. HEADMASTER MORTIMER (V.O) The Vanguard are currently in a difficult situation. A goods lorry slowly approaches the checkpoint. A soldier gestures for it to stop. It does. HEADMASTER MORTIMER (V.O) They’re in the process of establishing a city-wide "blockade", to keep Lady Newport’s kidnappers within Londinium. One of the Vanguards takes a flashlight and goes to investigate the back of the truck. HEADMASTER MORTIMER (V.O) Naturally this has thinned their available numbers. They’ve asked that the "State Esper" department offer them the best we have... CUT TO: INT. RED WATER WAREHOUSE. NIGHT In an abandoned warehouse... A hooded thugs wheels a large crate with air holes drilled in it... HEADMASTER MORTIMER (V.O) The Vanguard have received word of an illicit exchange being conducted tomorrow night between the "pick-up boys" and their mysterious new client.... A group of hooded thugs wielding lead pipes, baseball bats and hand guns secure the warehouse area. Watching over them all is a "Herculean" figure, also in a hoody. This is our "GANG LEADER"... HEADMASTER MORTIMER (V.O) We can’t be certain of what it is they’re trading. It could be illegal substances. It could be weapons, or... The gang leader pulls open this mysterious crate. A young woman (ROWENA NEWPORT, 18) lays inside. Bound and gagged. Terror in her eyes.


HEADMASTER MORTIMER (V.O) It could be our missing noble... The gang leader smiles sadistically and shuts the lid once more... CUT TO: INT. ARMORED TRUCK. NIGHT In the back of an armored truck. Sat side by side with 6 heavily armed Vanguard men is Zoe...She appears...timid. Captain Mercer is amongst the guards. One of the lower vanguards (Cynical Vanguard, 34) suddenly speaks up. CYNICAL VANGUARD Captain. Are you sure it’s wise to have a White-eye involved in such a high security operation? Zoe looks up. Clearly offended. Mercer goes to answer butZOE Hey! I’ve received just as much training for hostage situations as you have. Maybe more. CYNICAL VANGUARD With all due respect this isn’t a training exercise. Real lives are at stake here ZOE Then "with all due respect" you’d better not screw up then... An approving smirk falls on mercer’s face as the armored truck continues... CUT BACK TO: INT. WAREHOUSE. NIGHT The Redwater industrial Warehouse. A gang of 12 hooded thugs wait impatiently for something. to arrive. (Text: The "Pick-up" boys) In the middle of the warehouse is "GANG LEADER", the Herculean figure from before. He leans casually against the largest crate in the room (the one with air holes). At that very moment, A jet black 4x4 pulls in slowly to the large warehouse. "Gang Leader" nods to his man at the door who shuts the large warehouse gates behind him.


The car door opens. Out steps a pair of dirty black boots. Our mysterious client (AERIES) walks forward. From behind he is hidden in a black hooded robe, holding a silver attache case. He stops in front of the gang leader. JUMP TO: Aeries holds up the briefcase and proceeds to open it. Cash inside. A lot of it. We still don’t see his face, but we see the gang leaders...A definite smile. AERIES Can I see the girl? JUMP TO: From inside the box. The roof is lifted up. Aeries "Looks" inside, we see that he’s a handsome young man. His eyes are hidden behind a thick layer of bandages... AERIES Well hello beautiful... JUMP TO: Aeries hands over the case full of money. AERIES Here you go. You’ll find there’s only "half" of the agreed amount in there but I assure you there’s a very good reasonThe smile on the Gang leaders face quickly fades... GANG LEADER Half? AERIES The other half has been left at a secret location. I’ll tell you where to find it the moment you allow me and our little princess to leave. GANG LEADER That wasn’t the deal. Instantly the surrounding thugs raise their weapons. Hand guns and lead pipes all pointed at our robed client. AERIES Relax. Just a precaution. The gang leader remains skeptical but listens...


AERIES The truth is, without an incentive, you and your boys have no reason to let me leave here alive. You could just take the money, shoot me dead and ransom her off later on. My way ensures that to receive the remaining cash you will have to let me go. That or just make do with the half you have. [Beat] I’ve never failed to pay you before gentlemen, I have no reason to start now... A pause. The gang leader thinks it over. GANG LEADER Fair enough... The men all lower their weapons. CUT TO: Meanwhile. P.O.V: A "binocular" view of the "Gang Leader" from above. Reveal "Havoc" our dashing private detective perched lazily in the rafters of the warehouse wearing a finely tailored waistcoat and his trademark porcelain mask [smile faced] He watches through an old fashioned pair of "opera binoculars"... CUT TO: EXT. WAREHOUSE. NIGHT Meanwhile...Even further up. On the outside roof. A Vanguard scout, holding what looks like a high-tech stethoscope listens in on the conversation through a window... He taps his ear, activating a small earpiece microphone. VANGUARD SCOUT. It’s official captain. They have her. Reveal the surrounding Vanguards. 8 of them all on the roof. All heavily armed and equipped with rappelling wires. CUT TO: On the ground. Captain mercer, surrounded by another 10 armed vanguards. He issues orders through his head set.


CAPTAIN MERCER Alright. Prepare to breech. The Vanguards around him all split apart and take up their positions around the warehouse... CUT BACK TO: INT. WAREHOUSE. NIGHT The Gang leader and Aeries shake hands. GANG LEADER So What’ll you do now? AERIES You know, I’d prefer if you didn’t ask questions. Let’s keep things strictly need to know ok? GANG LEADER You’re the boss. CUT TO: Up in the rafters Havoc "conjures" one of his Illusinary throwing knives. He rolls his neck as if "getting ready" for action. Suddenly he notices movement from above him. He catches sight of one of the Vanguards getting ready to breach the building through one of the upper windows... HAVOC Oh crap... CUT TO: A couple of hooded thugs begin moving the large crate towards Aerie’s 4x4 when suddenly... Havoc comes CRASHING down to the ground from out of nowhere and landing in an agile crouch! The entire room seems startled! HOODED THUG Wha- Who’re you!? HAVOC (Sad masked) The least of your worries. Havoc point up at the roof. Everyone instinctively looks up and- [Glass break!] The roof windows are all SMASHED simultaneously! High pressure smoke bomb rain down, instantly filling the room with obfuscating gray fog!


Armed Vanguards quickly rappel down into the warehouse. The hooded thugs in the area quickly open fire. Shooting aimlessly through the smoke. Panic spreads! Suddenly the large doors of the warehouse are cranked open and in pours even more Vanguards. Even more smoke. Meanwhile... Havoc proceeds to crawl along the floor commando style, ignoring the smoke and carnage around him. He looks like the only criminal who knows what he’s doing... As he proceeds to crawl he see’s the faint outline of the storage crate and no one standing guard around it... HAVOC Bingo. JUMP TO: Inside the box. The roof is once again lifted to reveal Havoc (inquisitive mask) looking inside. HAVOC Your chariot awaits... Havoc proceeds to reach into the box and physically lifts her out. CUT TO: In the middle of the smoke, Zoe’s sky blue uniform stands out. Her attention is suddenly drawn to a strange male figure in the distance. A male figure carrying another on his shoulders... CUT TO: EXT. WAREHOUSE. NIGHT A small back door to the warehouse. Havoc KICKS it open and carries out Rowena out on his shoulders. He takes in a DEEP breath of fresh air...When suddenlyZOE (Off screen) HEY! Havoc freezes in place. He turns around and see’s Zoe. She [LOCKS] eyes on Havoc. He [LOCKS] eyes on her. ZOE Put. The Noble. Down.


HAVOC Alright. Havoc comically DROPS Rowena to the floor! ZOE I don’t know who you are freak but you’re under arrest. Come along quietly and I promise toHAVOC (Interrupts) A State Esper? [checks watch] At this hour? Isn’t it past your bed time by now? Zoe raises her fists. She charges at Havoc full speed! HAVOC Very well... Havoc deflects her opening punch! The two engaging in a high skill duel of fists and feet. Zoe’s quick and aggressive strikes are parried skillfully away. Eventually Zoe throws a VICIOUS hook [10m/sec] whichSails straight through Havoc like a ghost! SHATTERING his image into burst of neon pink dust! Zoe stands confused... Reveal Havoc stood several meters behind her, laughing! HAVOC Over here twinkle-toes. Zoe charges back over to him! She unleashes another powerful punch but- again it sails through the illusion, shattering it in the process! Havoc stands a few meters away again. Laughing even harder. HAVOC (sad masked) You’re fighting an illusionist darling... A "Second"

Havoc stands directly behind her. HAVOC (Smirk Masked) You’ll need to be smarter.

Zoe STRIKES at the man behind her. He instantly disappears!

20. Zoe’s then met by a very REAL Havoc who "mischievously" POKES her in the eye (Zoe: Ahh!) She stumbles back and in her blurred field of vision she watches two Havoc’s charge towards her! The first Havoc drops onto all 4’s while the second one, LEAPS off his back like a stepping-stone and DIVES onto Zoe! She catches him but falls onto her back! She struggles with him for a moment but suddenly, he disappears, leaving Zoe stupidly struggling against...nothing. Eventually she realizes. Zoe’s P.O.V: She looks up and see’s three versions of Havoc looking down at her...And a Sad version, happy version and an Inquisitive version. HAVOC (Smile Faced) You alright down there? HAVOC (Sad Faced) You alright down there? Zoe looks at the ground. She notices that only one of the 3 Havoc’s is casting a shadow... She SWEEPS her leg across the ground instantly tripping an all too cocky Havoc to the ground! Zoe and Havoc BOTH flick themselves back up to their feet at the exact same time! The punches and parries continue. Both of them punching and deflecting at the same time! Suddenly Zoe goes for yet another big swing but STOPS mid punch. She looks down. No shadow. She instead KICKS backwards catching Havoc deep in the mid-section! CU Zoe’s Lips: She mouths something at incredible speed! An equation. A code... She follows up by spinning her entire body,[180°Angular momentum] and delivering a MASSIVE, Neon lit, punHAVOC Wait! Zoe stops! The Punch a mere [10 cm] away from Havoc’s mask... HAVOC Where’s Rowena? They both stop and look around. Realizing that they’ve both completely lost track of why they’re here!






Zoe GRABS hold of Havoc the scruff of his collar. ZOE This better not be one of your tricks! HAVOC I wish it was... At that moment a group of armed Vanguards emerge from the back exit and descend on their location. Zoe away to face them. ZOE I suggest you come along quietly beforeShe turns back around. He’s already gone. Slipped out of her hands. A look of utter confusion... CUT TO: INT. ISIS ACADEMY (HEADMASTERS OFFICE). MORNING The next Morning: Silence. The headmaster sits at the desk in his office. He reads a printed word document on his desk. HEADMASTER MORTIMER I just finished reading through your report. Are you alright? Reveal Zoe: Clearly still tired. ZOE A little sore Headmaster. I Think my pride took more of a beating than I did... Headmaster nods understandingly. He reads from the file. HEADMASTER MORTIMER You wrote here that you engaged "A masked assailant". You’re certain he was an Esper? ZOE Yes. CUT TO:


INT. ISIS ACADEMY (CORRIDOR). MORNING Meanwhile: Marching down the corridors of the academy... A young woman. White-eyed, black haired, uniformed. (Dawn-Marie Keller, 22) her skin is eerily pale, her glasses round and thick. Under her arm she carries a very official looking clipboard... CUT BACK TO: INT. ISIS ACADEMY (HEADMASTERS OFFICE). MORNING HEADMASTER MORTIMER Here’s the thing; No other officer on the scene reported seeing anyone matching your description. ZOE (Confused) Headmaster IHEADMASTER MORTIMER Don’t worry. I do believe you. In fact, judging from your description I think I have a fare idea who your attacker may have been. ZOE You do? CUT TO: INT. ISIS ACADEMY (CORRIDOR). MORNING Meanwhile, in another of the academy’s hallways: A spiky haired Young white eye(Tilo Olivier, 22, dyed blue hair, neon blue "ski-goggles") SPRINTS through traffic hysterically weaving in between fellow uniformed cadets. TILO CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP.... CUT BACK TO: INT. ISIS ACADEMY (HEADMASTERS OFFICE). MORNING Back in the headmaster’s office. Zoe Strasbourg and Dawn-Marie Keller stand face to face for the first time. The headmaster introduces them.


HEADMASTER MORTIMER Zoe, this is Dawn-Marie Keller, senior librarian here at the academy and one of our finest researchers. They shake hands. ZOE Nice to meet you. DAWN (Monotone/emotionless) Like wise. I think I may have confirmed who it was that overpowered you during last nights raid. ZOE (Defensive) Well I wouldn’t exactly say he “overpowerd” me IDawn un clips a photo from her clipboard. DAWN Does this look familiar? ZOE Yeah, that’s it, that’s him. or at least his mask... HEADMASTER MORTIMER I thought so. “The Havoc”. ZOE I’m guessing he’s criminal? DAWN Any Esper operating outside the governance of the ISIS institution is by definition a criminal. He just so happens to be a rather elusive one. The three of us have been tracking his movements for months now. ZOE Wait, Three of you? CUT TO:


INT. ISIS ACADEMY (CORRIDOR). MORNING Still running through the halls hallways... TILO CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP. CUT BACK TO: INT. ISIS ACADEMY (HEADMASTERS OFFICE). MORNING HEADMASTER MORTIMER It’s funny the two paths should clash together like this. Perhaps we could use this opportunity to our advaTilo finally BURST through the door! (Note: Tilo has a slight french accent, clearly diluted over the years) TILO (Puffing/Panting) Sorry I’m late headmaster. He straitens himself up. He salutes. TILO State Esper Tilo Olivier. Reporting. The group share a disapproving look... CUT TO: INT. ISIS ACADEMY (INTERROGATION ROOM). MORNING Meanwhile: In the cramped, gray cubical. A claustrophobic and sterile interrogation chamber. Captain Mercer paces back and forth in front "GANG LEADER" who sits tired, beaten and nervous at the desk. The Captain rests his hand "Ominously" on the ceremonial sword at his hip.... CAPTAIN MERCER Your wasting time here scum. But that’s alright. We can do this all day, all week if we have to. GANG LEADER Your asking questions I can’t bloody well answer. The Captain stops and SLAMS his hands down on the table!


CAPTAIN MERCER CAN’T OR WON’T!? GANG LEADER CAN’T! I don’t know the things your askin’ about! How many times you want me to say it! CAPTAIN MERCER As many times as you like until you STOP LYING and start telling us the damn truth! GANG LEADER I AM telling the truth! He didn’t give us anything we could use to track him with. That was the point! Just a nickname and a case full of money and instructions. The Captain lets go of the desk and returns to pacing the room... CAPTAIN MERCER You expect me to believe that some “ghost” calling himself "Aeries" just hands you a case of money and said “go kidnap a noble woman” and you did it? Without question? GANG LEADER He gave us a lot more than that mate. That guy told us everything about her. He gave us the passwords to the back gate, the route of the patrol. The names of the security guards, even what brand of dog food hounds ate. This guy planned and predicted EVERYTHING. All we had to do was follow the instructions. CAPTAIN MERCER Is that right? Well I tell you what I “predict”. I predict you swinging from the gallows unless you give us something we can bloody well use to find this man! Mercer and the kidnapper exchange an intense glare... CUT BACK TO:


INT. ISIS ACADEMY (HEADMASTERS OFFICE). MORNING Back in the Headmaster’s office: Our three state Espers sit in front of Mortimer. ZOE So you want us to all work together? HEADMASTER MORTIMER Well why not? Officers Tilo and Dawn were both previously assigned to track down our elusive illusionist and “you” are currently assigned to help find lady Rowena. Given that he’s clearly after exact same thing you are DAWN It makes logical sense for the three of us to go after it together. Find Lady Rowena before he does and wait. HEADMASTER MORTIMER Exactly. Two birds, one stone. 3 Espers. CUT TO: EXT. ISIS ACADEMY (FRONT GATE). DAY Outside: The HUGE prison style gates which seal off the academy from the outside world... Zoe, Dawn and Tilo stand in front as it Vanguard officers slowly crank it open... CUT TO: INT. THE AGENCY. AFTERNOON Back in Havoc’s own "film noir" style detectives office... Havoc [sad masked] paces up and down the floor. HAVOC I can’t believe I lost her! I took my eyes off her for like a second! I mean I had her in my hands for christ sake! Reveal Sarah slouched casually on the couch reading a movie magazine. Havoc turns to face her. Annoyed.

27. HAVOC Aren’t you gonna say anything? She lowers her magazine. She begins signing... SARAH (Sign Language w/subtitles) What about this "Aeries" character? I’ve Never heard of him before. HAVOC No, neither had I. I’ve been asking around though... FLASHBACK TO: INT. FAT CAT DINER. MORNING In a small, greasy spoon Cafe: Havoc [smile mask] sits, opposite BOJACK (44) a rotund man. Gold chain. Gold rings. Business suit. A real "East-end kingpin". HAVOC So what’s the story? BOJACK The "story" is that there isn’t one. No gang affiliations, no family ties, no home, no agenda, just a nickname that keeps showing up places it shouldn’t... CUT BACK TO: INT. THE AGENCY. AFTERNOON Havoc [inquisitive mask] continues to pace up and down his office. HAVOC Aeries. Aeries. Aeries. God, what kind of guy just walks around with a nickname like that. SARAH (Sign language) Uh...What kind of guy walks around in a theater mask? HAVOC Oi! Less lip from you. Or "finger". Havoc picks up the broken magnifying glass on his desk and holds it up to his eye.

28. HAVOC I guess I have a little more "sleuthing" to do... Sarah merely shakes her head and returns to her magazine. CUT TO: EXT. HOUSE NEWPORT. AFTERNOON Along a suburban path in the "old money" district of the city. Zoe, Tilo and Dawn have a little "walk and talk" as they make their way... TILO (Excitable) I can’t believe you actually, met "The havoc", like in the flesh. ZOE We didn’t exactly stop for tea and biscuits Tilo... TILO Yeah I know, I know but still. The guy’s a living legend. An "Esper for hire". People call him the "magic mercenary" ZOE What are you? Chairman of the fan club? DAWN (Monotone) Tilo has a point. Havoc’s been a high priority target of ISIS for half a decade now. The fact that you were able to hold your own against such an opponent is quite impressive... ZOE Thanks...I Guess. DAWN ...even if you were overpowered. ZOE Ok let’s get one thing straight, I was not "overpowered" If anything I was the one thatTILO Is this the place? Reveal the Newport Estate: an expansive Tudor manor hidden behind pearly gates. A security guard stands before them.


TIM Halt. Who go’s there. Tilo laughs. TILO (Mocking/mimic) "Halt. who go’s there." Come on, who talks like that? The guard gives him a stern look. Zoe helps him out... ZOE We’re the investigation party sent by the academy. We were told Lord Newport would be expecting us. She hands the guards a very "important" looking set of papers. The guard examines them...then examines the group. JUMP TO: INT. HOUSE NEWPORT (LIVING ROOM). AFTERNOON The lavish living room of the Newport Family home. A sleep depraved Lord Newport shares a pot of tea with his two guests Zoe and Dawn (no Tilo). ZOE Thank you for meeting with us today my lord. I know this must be a difficult time for you. LORD NEWPORT I’m glad to help the investigation in any way I can. Though I must admit it’s somewhat odd answering to "State Espers"... DAWN Desperate times my Lord. LORD NEWPORT Indeed. CUT TO: INT. HOUSE NEWPORT (CRIME SCENE). AFTERNOON Meanwhile: In Rowena’s large bedroom within the estate. Tilo steps over broken glass, smashed furniture and the like. All labeled and numbered by previous detectives on the scene.


Tilo wears his blue Visor over his eyes and proceeds to closely scan through the evidence. Almost "sniffing" at the clues... CUT BACK TO: INT. HOUSE NEWPORT (LIVING ROOM). AFTERNOON Back in the living room... ZOE (Continued) So you haven’t received any sort of demands from the kidnappers? LORD NEWPORT No. I’ve already told you this. ZOE (Reluctant) I know my Lord it’s just that...well... DAWN (Monotone/direct) It seems pointless to capture your daughter alive and to not use that life as leverage. Either the goal was to remove her entirely from the picture, in which case murder would have sufficed OR their intention was to invoke a desired response... ZOE (Nervous) What my college is "trying" to say is that it’s odd to hear you haven’t received any demands yet. LORD NEWPORT Are you suggesting I’m lying? ZOE (Defensive) No of course not my lord! DAWN (Monotone) It’s a possibility. Zoe looks disparagingly at her partner... CUT BACK TO:


INT. HOUSE NEWPORT (CRIME SCENE). AFTERNOON Back at the crime scene. We see the room from Tilo’s perspective: A neon blue overlay provided by his visor highlights Foot prints, finger prints, saliva trails and stray hairs etc. Tilo gently opens a draw and looks inside it. Empty. His visor highlights chipped wood in the edge of the space. Tilo seems perplexed. He reaches in and manages to remove the false base; revealing a hiddenCUT BACK TO: INT. HOUSE NEWPORT (LIVING ROOM). AFTERNOON The conversation continues. LORD NEWPORT I have NEVER been so insulted in my life! ZOE (Apologetic) Please My lord, calm down DAWN (Monotone) We merely asked you a question... LORD NEWPORT To come into MY HOUSE and accuse me of-ofZOE (Apologetic) We meant no offense my lord. DAWN (monotone) We didn’t actually accuse you of anything but... Zoe quickly turns to Dawn. ZOE Please. Stop talking. LORD NEWPORT Do you have ANY idea who I am? The Dominion on which I reign!? I Control industries, banks, PRISONS. I should have you beheaded for such insults!


DAWN (Monotone) That would be a grave misuse of power... The look on Lord Newport’s face. He’s ready to lose it when suddenly... Tilo bursts into the scene. TILO Guys look what I found! Tilo holds up a small box. Lord Newport sees it. Shock. His rage INSTANTLY subsides... ZOE What’s that? DAWN Tilo you weren’t supposed to remove evidence from the scene. TILO I know, but this was hidden. I don’t think any of the other detectives found it... ZOE What’s inside? Lord Newport, clearly nervous. LORD NEWPORT Give that to me at once. He marches over and SNATCHES it from Tilo’s hands. The whole group turns to him. Suspicious. ZOE What’s in the box? TILO Contact lenses. Lot’s of them. Brown. Dawn thinks for a moment. DAWN Contact lenses? There was no mention of oculesic deficiency in Rowena’s medical files. Why would she need contact lenses? Suspicion rises...


LORD NEWPORT Enough of this! I’ve had quite enough of you! I think you should all leave. ZOE What happened to wanting to help with the investigation? LORD NEWPORT NOW! CUT TO: EXT. HOUSE NEWPORT. AFTERNOON Outside the Newport Estate. The large gates SLAM shut behind our three heroes. TILO So that went well... JUMP TO: INT. NEW LONDINIUM STREETS. AFTERNOON Our 3 amigo’s walk down a busy street discussing the investigation. Note: Their uniform appears to attract a lot of surprised attention. Some people even cross the street to get away... DAWN We shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Lord Newport’s clearly under a great deal of stress. ZOE Uh yeah no thanks to you Dawn. We were supposed to be carrying out a general inquiry not a full blown interrigation ZOE It was hardly the Spanish inquisition. We asked perfectly reasonable questions and received quite an unreasonable response. TILO She’s right. Lord Newport was very touchy back there. Especially when it came to that little box. I thought that coloured contact lenses were illegal in this kingdom too?

34. ZOE They are. But I doubt a family like that would have troubles smuggling them in. DAWN I’m more concerned about the colour. Why brown? According to Rowena’s medical file her eyes are “Already” brown. Why would you smuggle coloured lenses the same colour as your eyes? ZOE You wouldn’t... CUT TO: EXT. ROSE PRIVATE PRACTICE (ESTABLISHING). LATE AFTERNOON A large multistory office block, re-purposed into an expensive looking private medical practice. Standing across the street from it is our Trio: DAWN According to Rowena’s medical files she’s had the same family doctor her entire life. A Dr "William Rose". ZOE (Confused) Hang on minute. Did you memories her whole file? DAWN (Equally confused) Didn’t you? JUMP TO: INT. ROSE PRIVATE PRACTICE. LATE AFTERNOON The expensive marble floors of this private practice... A bored looking "Essex girl" receptionist sits waiting when suddenly our three Espers approach. She perks up. RECEPTIONIST State Espers? Out this way? ZOE We’ve come to speak with Doctor Rose. RECEPTIONIST I see. Well, do you have an appointment?


ZOE No butRECEPTIONIST Oh well then I’m afraid I can’t send you through. DAWN This is a matter of national importance We’re here on behalfRECEPTIONIST I’m sure it is, but without an appointment I’m afraid I Just cantSuddenly, from off screen! DOCTOR ROSE (Terror) AHHHHHHHHHH! CUT TO: INT. ROSE PRIVATE PRACTICE (OFFICE). LATE AFTERNOON Inside: Dr Rose stands on the edge of his 3rd story window, dangled perilously by HAVOC who holds him up only by his belt buckle.The Dr struggles to maintain balance. HAVOC (Smile masked) Trust me I’m not enjoying this any more than you are. You should really consider telling me what I want to know... DR ROSE I- I swore I wouldn’t! HAVOC I see. That’s too bad... Suddenly the door is BUSTED open By Zoe followed by Tilo and Dawn! Zoe instantly locks eyes with Havoc. ZOE Havoc! Havoc Locks eyes with Zoe. HAVOC You again. Tilo excitedly grabs hold of Dawns arm!


TILO (Excited Whisper) Oh my god it’s him. It’s the "magic mercenary!" Dawn shoots Tilo an intimidating glance...Tilo promptly lets go... HAVOC What are you doing here? Don’t tell me your masters have you playing "fetch" this far out... ZOE Havoc. Let the Doctor go! Havoc looks at the doctor then shrugs. HAVOC Alright. He Let’s go. Split screen 4 way:

Dr Rose/Zoe/Dawn/Tilo



Havoc grabs hold of him again! He laughs... HAVOC Stay where you are "State slaves" or Dr Rose here receives a free sky diving lesson... Focus on Dawn: She seems to have noticed something... ZOE You’re already a wanted criminal Havoc. Don’t make this any worse for yourself... Dawn looks back at the door that the three of them burst in through. DAWN (Mumbles to self) Wait a minute... HAVOC Save me the speech "State-Slave". We’re not all so quick to spend what little time we have "following orders" Some of us can actually think for ourse-


DAWN (Interrupts) GUYS! [beat] We didn’t go up any stairs. Silence. A confused stare from all parties... DAWN We’re still on the ground floor. Reveal the window: Havoc’s "Illusion of perilous height" quickly shrinks to show that he’s actually dangling the doctor on ground level... Havoc [Straight-face masked] turns to Dawn. HAVOC You just had to ruin it didn’t you... ZOE GET HIM! Zoe sprints forward! Havoc instantly throws himself AND the Dr out the window! (Dr Rose: AHHH!!!) Zoe reaches the window but of course....Havoc has already Disappeared! Dr Rose lies on the floor, still screaming! Still thinking he’s falling... Zoe, Dawn and Tilo all look at one another confused... JUMP TO: The Doctor sits. Shaken. Dawn hands him a glass of water... ZOE Are you alright to talk? DR ROSE I-I think so. Wh-what happened I was falling andDAWN It was only an illusion. All be it a very convincing one. TILO (Confused) I can’t believe we didn’t notice. I mean I could have swore weZOE (Interrupting) We don’t have much time. Dr you’ve been the family physician (MORE)


ZOE (cont’d) for house Newport for over 20 years correct? We have some very serious questions to ask you and we’ll need you to answer them truthfully... A nervous look in the Dr’s eyes.. DR ROSE You’re after the same thing he was aren’t you? The guy in the mask. DAWN Dr, our investigation thus far has brought us to this point. If you want to help us find Rowena we need you to be completely honest with us. Is Rowena Newport an Esper? A silence. A hesitation. Eventually he cracks. DR ROSE We knew it the moment she was born... FLASHBACK TO: INT. HOSPITAL. DAY A new born baby, crying. White eyes. A doctor and a nurse look down at her, then at each other. DR ROSE The colourless eyes, the accelerated heart rate. It was obvious. JUMP TO: The baby girl is presented back to her mother on the hospital bed while Lord Newport stands by. They both look lovingly at the child. Then they realize. A look of fear. DOCTOR (V.O) Rowena couldn’t have a normal life. Her status as a noble would mean nothing. By Law she would need to be taken into the custody of ISIS. Taken from her parents, from her heritage and forced to live out her shortened life of a State Esper... CUT TO:


A handshake between the Dr and Lord Newport. DOCTOR (V.O) Lord Newport wanted more for her. He swore me to secrecy... CUT TO: INT. SCHOOL. DAY A classroom. a 8 year old Rowena sits diligently at her desk. Writing away. DOCTOR (V.O) As for Rowena. She became every part the lady she was expected to. An astute scholar, a keen athlete and a well mannered young woman, but... CUT TO: INT. HOUSE NEWPORT (LIBRARY). AFTERNOON 18 year old Rowena stands surrounded by a swirl of Neon blue equations in the center of the Newport library. Small books seem to orbit around her like planets... DOCTOR (V.O) Rowena was a prodigy. A supernatural genius. Capable of warping and distorting the very nature of "gravity" itself. I’d never witnessed such complex C-math performed so effortlessly. Her Dr Rose watches fascinated, taking notes. Rowena’s farther however forcefully grabs her hand, forcing the books to drop and the Numbers to fade. DOCTOR (V.O) Of course her father forbid her from ever using it... CUT BACK TO: INT. ROSE PRIVATE PRACTICE (OFFICE). LATE AFTERNOON Back in the office... DOCTOR But even in closed tests it was clear her talent was remarkable. The team seem deep in thought. Taking in everything that’s just been said. Suddenly:


TILO Wait a minute. That doesn’t make sense. FLASHBACK TO: INT. HOUSE NEWPORT (CRIME SCENE). AFTERNOON Back at the crime scene... TILO (V.O) Think about the crime scene. sure there were signs of a struggle. A few hairs, broken furniture but, Where was all the real damage? The holes in the floor, the dents in the wall. I mean If someone tried to kidnap you and you could warp gravity... CUT BACK TO: INT. ROSE PRIVATE PRACTICE (OFFICE). LATE AFTERNOON DAWN Perhaps she was incapacitated. TILO No. Then there wouldn’t have been any signs of struggle at all. The scene made perfect sense when we thought that Rowena was a typical 18 year old girl...but now... CUT TO: INT. HOUSE NEWPORT (LIVING ROOM). AFTERNOON Meanwhile: Back in the Newport living room. A mobile phone rings on a coffee table... Reveal Lord Newport: Anxious, he picks it up. LORD NEWPORT Hello? INT.???. AFTERNOON CU: A pair of young female lips. Trembling in fear. ROWENA NEWPORT (Scared) Daddy!? Daddy Is that you? CUT BACK TO:


INT. HOUSE NEWPORT (LIVING ROOM). AFTERNOON LORD NEWPORT ROWENA!!! CUT BACK TO: INT. ???. AFTERNOON CU: A pair of MALE lips... AERIES You know what to do... CUT TO: INT. HOUSE NEWPORT (LIVING ROOM). AFTERNOON A look of knowing fear in Lord Newport’s eyes... CUT TO: EXT. OUTLAND STREETS. AFTERNOON Meanwhile: Havoc [Smile masked] walks briskly through one of the rougher areas of the city, holding an expensive bouquet of summer flowers in his hands... CUT TO: EXT. HAVEN. AFTERNOON Outside a seemingly abandoned metal door... Havoc knocks in a very specific way. 3 slow knocks, 2 quick, another 3 slow... Suddenly a low slider opens. a pair of young eyes peer out. JIMMY What’s the password? HAVOC (Annoyed) Just let me in Jimmy. JUMP TO: INT. IRON HAVEN. AFTERNOON Inside: A scrap iron orphanage built for dirt poor young white-eyes. who run around the remains of a derilict manufacturing plant... Havoc stands in the center. Observing. Suddenly a little 8 year old girl (ELIZABETH) comes running over to him!

42. ELIZABETH (Excited) Havi!!! HAVOC (Excited) Elizabeth! Elizabeth hugs him tightly! ELIZABETH Are those flowers for Matron? HAVOC Most of them... Havoc takes one of the smaller flowers and hands it to Elizabeth. She smiles tenderly. At that moment, an older female voice calls out from behind. MATRON (Off screen) Havoc! Havoc turns. Reveal VICTORIA SHARP, the 25 year old "Matron" and leader of this rat-pack. A poorly dressed young woman with white-eyes, and a defiant smile. HAVOC Well, if it isn’t the pied piper herself... A lingering shot. Havoc and the Matron exchange years of unspoken history in a single stare... JUMP TO: Away from prying eyes. Matron casually takes a seat on a turned over oil drum. She gestures for Havoc join her. He takes one look at the oil stains. He decides to stand... MATRON Still wearing that tired mask I see. HAVOC Afraid so. It’s kind of "my thing". MATRON Well good. Doubt anyone wants to see that ugly mug of yours anyway. Havoc laughs. Casually he removes the mask and holds it in his hand. Our angle prevents us from seeing his face but she can. She smiles.


MATRON So, this visit. Business or pleasure? HAVOC Come now Vix. It’s always a pleasure when you’re involved. MATRON Cute. Matron gestures for Havoc to pass her the mask. He throws it to her. She examines its exquisite detail. MATRON Been a long time since you last payed us a visit Chris.[beat] Been hard keeping these kids out of harms way. Especially with the Vanguard running around after that Newport girl. HAVOC Funny you should mention that... MATRON I see. So this is business. Matron throws Havoc back his mask. MATRON Well I can tell you now, you’re not gonna find her down here. A pause... HAVOC Matron What do you know about "Aeries". The matron’s smile drops instantly. JUMP TO: EXT. ISIS ACADEMY (FRONT GATE). EVENING The large prison like gates of the Isis academy open and in walks Zoe, Tilo and Dawn... CUT TO:


INT. ISIS ACADEMY (LIFT). EVENING The Three of them enter a lift. Zoe pushes the button. The door closes. As the lift goes up Tilo and Dawn exchange a silent look. Tilo pushes the emergency stop button. The lift stops. ZOE What are you doing? Tilo opens his mouth to speak but hesitates. Nervous. He glances over to Dawn who gives him a reassuring nod. TILO Zoe look, I don’t think we should tell anyone Rowena’s an Esper. A silence. Zoe just stares at him. DAWN I agree. ZOE Ok...Why? TILO Cause it’s crazy that’s why. Do you have any idea the scandal this’ll cause if it goes public? A noble woman secretly being a rouge white-eye? A high ranking nobleman knowingly hiding it from ISIS? DAWN Refusing to hand over an Esper child is a hang-able offense. ZOE They’d never hang a nobleman... TILO They might. They could at the very least throw Lord Newport in jail. ZOE OK, So what? TILO "So what"!? Show a little compassion Zoe this is hardly what the family needs right now..

45. ZOE He broke the law. Compassion is one thing but ignoring a crime is another. Any punishment the lord gets is his own fault. DAWN Perhaps, but look at this from his perspective. I can understand why a person might not be so eager to hand over their only child to the state. Especially when that child is of noble blood andZOE No. Don’t go there. Noble blood doesn’t make you somehow above and beyond the rules of justice CUT TO: We look across the beautiful halls of the ISIS academy where evening classes come to an end and groups of white-eye cadets make their way to dorms... ZOE (V.O) Every Esper in here is here to serve a purpose. We can’t afford to just go to normal school, to university, to apply for a job. We’re running on a much tighter schedule than that. If it wasn’t for the academy none of us would have the training, the skills or the responsibility that we’ve been given. And I hate the idea of some nobleman thinking his daughter is somehow BETTER than all of this.... CUT BACK TO: ZOE If you’re born an Esper. You join the academy. Them’s the rules. DAWN All we’re suggesting is that we should maybe focus on finding Rowena first. And we should avoid doing anything that might further complicate the state of play. TILO Speaking of finding her [beat] Anyone know how we’re going to actually do it?


The look on all their faces says everything. "No". CUT BACK TO: INT. IRON HAVEN. AFTERNOON Meanwhile: back in our scrap-iron orphanage... Havoc and Matron are locked in a HEATED argument. HAVOC Damn it Vix! What the hell were you thinking!? MATRON Lower your voice! HAVOC No. The man is a psychopath! MATRON A psychopath!? You didn’t even know who Aeries was before you walked in here! Hell you still don’t! HAVOC No one does Vix! That’s the point! The guys a ghost! A Gold plated ghost! The hell were you thinking taking money from a man like that!? MATRON Food Chris! That’s what! Clothes! Shelter! Heat! These things cost money! It’s easy for you to walk in here with your basket of sweets every couple months but in the meantime I’ve gotta struggle to make sure these kids stay alive! You know how many times I thought about just handing everyone over to the academy!? Do you!? Mention of the academy seems to simmer them both down... MATRON Life in a gilded cage has gotta be better than them starving out here. Aeries stopped me. He brought clothes, toys, food. He read the kids children stories, taught them how to play video games. I didn’t ask how he got the money cause I didn’t care. I’m 25 Chris. I don’t have much (MORE)


MATRON (cont’d) time left. Who’s gonna take care of these guys when I- Aeries is one of us. He’s on our side. HAVOC He kidnapped a noble woman! MATRON I know! You’ve said that! But- He must have had a reason. HAVOC A reason!? Listen to yourself Vix! MATRON Why did you even come here!? You don’t care about us. About me. You’re too busy trying to make a name for yourself. HAVOC That’s not true... MATRON Well Mr "Magic Mercenary" Why are you here? How’d you even know that I knew Aeries? HAVOC Because Rowena Newport is a white-eye. A confused pause... MATRON What!? HAVOC She’s an Esper. A witch. A "Quantum engineer". Her father hid it pretty well, but if you do a little digging it’s actually pretty obvious. Matron is visibly lost for words...She laughs. MATRON The owner of half the kingdoms prisons has been harboring a- His daughter!? HAVOC The smart money says Aeries knew. Might even be why he had her kidnapped in the first place. Now (MORE)


HAVOC (cont’d) if "I" was in the business of kidnapping white-eyes the first place I’d come running is right here. Has he taken anyone? MATRON No. HAVOC ARE YOU SURE!? MATRON OF COURSE I’M SURE! HAVOC I need you to face the facts. Your knight in shining Armour is nothing more than a criminal. MATRON So are you. HAVOC INow it’s havoc’s turn to be lost for words... He recomposes himself. HAVOC I have a bounty to collect Vix. I’m going to find this man and you’re going to tell me where he is or you and I are going to have a problem. MATRON Are you threatening me? HAVOC Of course I am.[puts on his "angry" mask] I’m a criminal. CUT TO: INT. ISIS ACADEMY. LATE AFTERNOON/NIGHT Montage: - (w/music) A. Dawn, sat alone in the corner of the Isis academy library. She begins reading through a large physics book. B.Tilo’s messy dorm room. He stands in the middle. Visor on. Waving his hands "minority report" style. surrounded by a Neon green stream of computer code equations...


C. Zoe, alone in the ISIS Gymnasium. She throws fast and furious punches into the body of a heavy punching bag slowly beginning to glow in a familiar aura of blue C-Math. D. Dawn, continues to read: A growing pile of books begin to stack up beside her. She whizzes through pages at incredible speed. She can’t possibly be reading that fast...Can she? E. Tilo continues to command his Visor through speech. He appears surrounded by neon green C-Math. An almost holographic display shows Rowena Newport’s personal website, her social media pages, her amazon purchase lists, her online music collection etc... F. Zoe continues to take our her frustration on the punching bag. Surrounded by neon blue C-Math she sweats profusely and we see mathematical annotations illustrate her rising [speed], [force] and [heat generation] etc.. G. Dawn, now surrounded by an "angelic white" C-Math continues to whiz through yet another text book, scanning its pages at a glance and absorbing its information. We watch the history of physics re-playing in her head as she reads. Aristotle,Newton,Einstein, The NASA moon launch... Suddenly she stops. She looks up. She’s got it! H. Dawn knocks on a dormitory door. It opens. Reveal a tired Tilo. Dawn promptly holds up a physics book in Tilo’s face. Confused he reads it...Then he realizes. J. Zoe still boxing. Harder and faster than before. Her phone rings in the distance. She stops what she’s doing... CUT TO: INT. WAR ROOM. EARLY MORNING Sat at large round table which houses a digital display in the center. Dawn and Tilo sit talking. Zoe enters the scene: Sports bra, training shorts. sports bag. She wipes away her sweat with a towel. ZOE Alright, I’m here. What’s happening? Tilo looks at her. Taken aback by her Amazonian physique. TILO (Perplexed) Where did you just come from? ZOE The gym.


TILO It’s 5 o’clock in the morning... ZOE I know. [beat] DAWN Tilo and I think we might have found a way to track down Ms Newport. Zoe takes a seat. Our attention is pointed at the computer display in the middle of the round table which shows... CUT TO: DIAGRAM. EARTH. ...A flat map of the earth. Different areas are marked different Coloures scaling from green to orange to red... DAWN (V.O) Since 1989, the international environmental research council has conducted a yearly survey of earths gravity. Zoom in on "Britannia". DAWN (V.O) Earth’s gravity Isn’t the same everywhere. There are small but measurable difference in the amount of gravity acting on different areas of the globe primarily caused by the variable densities of rock below. Zoom back out above the map and we see a small data satellite hovering above it... DAWN (V.O) Theoretically it should be possible to patch into the survey satellite and measure anomalous pockets of gravity that have appeared within the city... CUT BACK TO:


INT. WAR ROOM. EARLY MORNING ZOE That’s brilliant! TILO But here’s the problem. Doing so through the proper channels would take a very long time. I mean we’d need to fill out the requisition forms, prepare a formal report... DAWN ...present them to the Headmaster, who would then have to present it to the committee. TILO Who would then have to present it to the Captain and who would then probably decide toZOE Alright. I get it. So suppose we go about this a less "official" way. How long would it take? TILO 4 hours tops. 3 if you give me a bite of that flap jack. Reveal Zoe about to take a bite of a flapjack... Reluctantly she throws it to Tilo. CUT TO: EXT. HIDDEN PIPE. MORNING Protruding from a large, grass covered hill, hidden deep within an inner-city park is an abandoned sewer pipe. Havoc, [sad masked] stands before this small crawl space. He takes in a deep breath. JUMP TO: INT. SEWER CAVERN (CORRIDOR). MORNING Inside: A dark and haunting sewer cavern lit only by medieval looking torches hung up on the wall. Havoc crawls into the scene, dropping into the cavern from an intersecting pipe above. JUMP TO:


Havoc continues to sneak along the cavern walls, making sure not to make too much noise. As he continues he begins to hear loud voices in the distance. The sound a young woman’s laughter... CUT TO: INT. SEWER CAVERN (AUDITORIUM). DAY A Tennis ball is SMASHED across a sewer chamber by a chrome baseball bat! Reveal ROWENA NEWPORT, 19, dressed in an extravagant pink ballgown and holding the bat while laughing like a child... ROWENA Throw another one! Reveal Aeries sitting across the room. He still wears a bandage over his eyes and holds a bucket full of tennis balls. He throws Rowena another one. ROWENA BOOM! She SMASHES it across the room with her bat! Reveal the rest of the space: A GRAND auditorium built deep beneath the city like ruins of an ancient catacomb. At this point, Havoc emerges from the entrance He watches for a moment... Rowena SMASHES yet another tennis ball across the room and then spots Havoc. Rowena lowers her bat. An unsettling smile forms on her face. ROWENA (To Aeries) Look. It’s him. He came. Just like you said he would. [checks watch] on time too... Aries nods. ROWENA Aww, he looks confused. Maybe he wants to play with us. Here... Aeries throws Rowena a tennis ball, however this time she [STOPS] the ball in mid-flight using neon blue C-Math. She then raises her bat. Havoc senses the Danger!

53. ROWENA (Aggressive) CATCH! She SMASHES the ball directly at him! CUT TO: INT. ISIS ACADEMY (HALLWAY). DAY Meanwhile: Zoe, Dawn and Tilo SPRINT through the Corridors of the ISIS academy! A team on a mission... CUT TO: INT. WAR ROOM. DAY Reveal one of the computer screens in the war room: A map of Londinium with a flashing red "X"... CUT TO: INT. TUNNEL CAVERN (AUDITORIUM). DAY Back in the auditorium. Aeries and Virgo stand at the far end of the chamber while Havoc stands alone by the entrance. AERIES Well Havoc, looks like you finally found us. Though I suppose it was always just a matter of time with you wasn’t it? All things considered you don’t seem all that surprised... HAVOC Well it’s hardly an original "plot-twist". Innocent little rich girl goes missing from her father’s castle, supposedly kidnapped. Turns out the princess was in on it all along. pretty cliche if you ask me. Aeries laughs... HAVOC Still it does raise a rather interesting question. What to do with you. Havoc points directly at Rowena! Running away, faking a kidnapping, leading half the city on a wild goose chase. You’ve been a naughty girl. [beat] You’re coming with me...


A sinister smirk forms on Rowena’s face. ROWENA Is that so... She casually slings her baseball bat over her shoulder and proceeds to walk towards Havoc... AERIES Now "Virgo", remember what we discussed... ROWENA Yeah, yeah. "Don’t kill him, merely subdue" HAVOC Don’t think just cause you’re a noble I won’t go all ouBefore Havoc can even finish his thoughtHe is FORCED to his knees by an intense yet invisible swell of gravity!! Reveal Rowena, surrounded by a swirling aura of neon blue C-Math and mumbling equations at an impossibly high speed! She charges at him! Chrome Baseball bat aloft! Havoc is helpless as Rowena approaches and SLAMS down her bat on hJUMP TO: Havoc unconscious...slowly begins to wake up... Vision still blurred. He hears voices. ROWENA Hey look he’s waking up. See, I told you I didn’t kill him... Havoc’s vision clears up enough to make out the faces of Rowena and Aeries... AERIES Wakey, wakey... Reveal Havoc’s face. His REAL face. The face of a young black male. 23, unremarkable in any way other than his colourless white eyes... AERIES Looking for this? Aries holds up Havoc’s theatrical mask. Havoc goes to grab it but finds his arms CHAINED to the brick wall behind him. Aeries carelessly throws it to the floor.


AERIES There’ll be no more need for masks here friend. HAVOC Let. Me. Go. AERIES I’m afraid I can’t do that. Not until this is over. HAVOC Until what’s over? AERIES Until Lord Newport fulfills his side of the deal... A concerned look on Havoc’s face... CUT TO: EXT. LONGHALL PRISON. AFTERNOON An armored SUV pulls up outside the checkpoint entrance of what looks like a military base. Prison guards stand watch of the facility. The driver passes his ID to the attendant. He’s shocked. PRISON GUARD 1 Lord Newport we weren’t told youGo on through sir. JUMP CUT TO: INT. LONGHALL PRISON (HALLWAY). AFTERNOON Inside this 21st century prison. Each cell houses a different white-eyed criminal. They all have strange black prison collars around their necks... Lord Newport marches down the ward. A slightly nervous look on his face... JUMP TO: INT. LONGHALL PRISON (CONTROL ROOM). AFTERNOON Lord Newport walks into a computer filled control room. The single IT GUY in the room is caught off-guard... IT GUY Lord Newport! What are you-


LORD NEWPORT Leave. IT GUY I don’t understand My Lord, have ILORD NEWPORT Don’t make me repeat myself. The IT guy quickly salutes and leaves the room. JUMP TO: Lord Newport brings up 4 specific prison cells on the main computer monitor and watches them for a moment. He pauses. CUT BACK TO: INT. TUNNEL CAVERN (AUDITORIUM). DAY Back in the tunnel. Havoc remains shackled to the wall... HAVOC No, no he’d never do something like that. Something so...reckless. AERIES Oh I beg to differ. I think he would. I think he’d do just about anything to get his precious little girl back. See there’s not a law that man wouldn’t break to make sure that happens... CUT BACK TO: INT. LONGHALL PRISON (WARDS). AFTERNOON Lord Newport stands in front a the main security computer. The message on screen reads "Warning. Are you sure?". His finger hovers over the "enter" key... AERIES (V.O) Lord Newport will hesitate. He will consider the future consequences of his actions. But in the end, he’ll think of his daughter... He pushes it. CUT TO:


INT. LONGHALL PRISON (WARDS). AFTERNOON On the wards of the prison. Countless young white eyes sit idly in their cells. Sleeping. Reading. Exercising. Waiting. AERIES Meanwhile on the wards, it’ll be business as usual. A few Security guards called in sick, a few more on holiday but beyond that just a typical day...and then... One by one, the cell doors slowly begin to slide open... The prisoners seem...surprised. CUT TO: INT. LONGHALL PRISON (STAFF ROOM). AFTERNOON A small staff room full prison guards. They all sit around eating and laughing when suddenly. An alarm sounds! A flashing red light in the corner of the room. AERIES (V.O) An alarm will sound in the prison staff room. It’s the only room not connected to the security grid and so unable to be shut down remotely, however... The staff in the room all jump up and make for the door but. It’s locked. They try to swipe their security cards in the reader but it won’t disengage the lock... AERIES (V.O) Thanks to a little faulty D.I.Y on my part, anyone who finds themselves in the room at 12:15 will find themselves trapped there for the next 5 hours. Meanwhile... CUT TO: INT. LONGHALL PRISON (WARDS). AFTERNOON Back in the Cells. CHAOS! A full scale prison riot is underway! Prison guards finally rush into the scene but are quickly taken down by the inmates! AERIES (V.O) The prisoners catch on and seize their opportunity. There’ll be (MORE)

58. AERIES (V.O) (cont’d) mayhem. Hideous acts of violence. I’ll admit with so many Espers in play, my predictive models sort of break down after that point but what I DO know is that The guards will find themselves out numbered and seeking assistance... One of the guards pound desperately at the alarm but it wont activate... AERIES (V.O) It won’t come... CUT BACK TO: INT. TUNNEL CAVERN (AUDITORIUM). DAY AERIES Eventually many will escape the prison and run "Into the wild" and it’ll all be thanks to me. A hundred or so beautiful white eyes. Unleashed upon an unsuspecting kingdom. Pandora’s box was made to be opened friend... ZOE (Off screen) Oh Yeah? Reveal Zoe, Tilo and Dawn stood heroically. In their sky blue uniforms... ZOE Well we’re here to close it again. ROWENA Oh look. More bad guys. TILO (Noticing...) Rowena?? DAWN No hand cuffs, no restraints, no seeming desire to escape. Either she’s suffering from classic Stockholm syndrome or... ZOE She’s no victim here at all. Aeries Addresses the trio...


AERIES Finally. All our players here at the same time! Tilo then looks over Aeries’s shoulder. TILO Who’s that tied up? Zoe looks and then LOCKS EYES with Havoc... ZOE You! Havoc LOCKS EYES with Zoe HAVOC Oh great.... TILO Ok someone please explain to me what the hell is going on? HAVOC Rowena faked her kidnapping so that Aeries could blackmail her father into opening the gates to Longhall prison and let a bunch of inmate Espers escape... Silence. The team take a moment to process all of that... TILO (Taken aback) oh... Zoe regains focus! ZOE Right now our priority is you. You can come along quietly or you can put up a fight. Either way it’s over. AERIES I agree. Virgo? Rowena walks forward... ROWENA With pleasure. Zoe and the others raise their fists butThe group are instantly brought to their knees by an INTENSE swell of gravity! Annotations appear on screen describing the increase in weight and Newtons as the team are crushed under the weight of their own hair.


Aeries watches amused, however we notice over his shoulder that Havoc is no longer shackled to the wall... Havoc taps Virgo on the shoulder. She turns around. BLAM! She falls to the floor. Gravity returns to normal. HAVOC Hit ME with a baseball bat will you!? Rowena back on her feet and FURIOUS! ROWENA DIE! SHE points her hands aggressively at Havoc butDawn quickly mouths an equation at high speed generating bright white C-Math! Rowena freezes in place like a statue! So does Dawn! They both remain in "muscular stasis"... HAVOC (Confused) What that... DAWN (Strained) I have her "body locked" but I warn you I can’t hold it forever... Rowena seems confused. She can move here eyes but seemingly nothing else. Havoc smiles. He turns to Aeries HAVOC Your turn. Aeries hardly seems scared: Havoc charges directly at him! Tilo goes to rush at him too but is held back by Zoe. ZOE No. I need you to go back to the surface. TILO What? ButZOE If what Havoc says about the prison is true then we need to warn the academy. Warn everyone. Tilo nods. He runs for the exit... CUT TO:


Meanwhile, Havoc and Aeries trade a rapid flurry of hand to hand blows. Aeries appears to be toying with him using only one hand and minimal effort to deflect Havoc’s attacks. Suddenly he pushes Havoc to the floor! Havoc springs back up and is accompanied by Zoe. They look at each other, begrudgingly acknowledging their situation. Fists raised, they CHARGE at Aeries! CUT TO: Meanwhile: Dawn and Rowena remain still. Perfectly still. Bound and frozen by a white string of C-Math... ROWENA You know you can’t hold me forever. What are you gonna do once I break free? Dawn Doesn’t answer. A faint trickle of blood slowly begins to slide down Dawn’s nose... CUT BACK TO: Aeries continues to effortlessly evade Zoe and Havoc’s coordinated 2-on-1 assault! Suddenly, Havoc "summons" a "circus style" throwing knife and THROWS it at Aeries. The knife dissipates before hitting him. Shattering like neon pink glass... Aeries simply "tuts" disapprovingly. Havoc is dismayed... At that moment Zoe and Havoc are both FORCED to the ground by an invisible swell of gravity! Reveal Rowena pointing one hand at Zoe and havoc and another at Dawn, pining them both helplessly to the ground! Aeries smiles approvingly...but slowly his expression changes. AERIES Alright Virgo that’s enough... Virgo doesn’t listen. She continues to tighten her grip. Laughing with sadistic satisfaction as our hero’s lose consciousness. AERIES Virgo! Stop! Angrily she releases her crushing grip!


AERIES It’s done. Time to rendezvous with the others... Zoe’s vision continues to fade just in time to watch Aeries and his apprentice walk away victorious... FADE TO BLACK: INT. KINGDOM WIDE NEWS. AFTERNOON On "Kingdom wide" News a breaking story: REPORTER 1 Breaking News: A riot in Longhall prisonCUT TO: INT. CHANNEL 8 NEWS. AFTERNOON And on Channel 8 news... REPORTER 2 A prison breakCUT TO: INT. BRITANNIA NEWS. AFTERNOON And Britannia news... REPORTER 3 It has been confirmed no less than 50 rouge Espers have escaped the facilityCUT TO: EXT. LONGHALL PRISON. LATE AFTERNOON Outside the gates of Long Hall prison... Countless prison guards and Vanguard soldiers run around in the background... FIELD JOURNALIST As you can see tensions here are high... CUT TO:

63. INT. KINGDOM WIDE NEWS . EVENING Back with Kingdom wide news. A picture of Lord Newport in hand-cuffs is up on screen... REPORTER 1 Lord Newport is thought to have been responsible for the release ofCUT TO: INT. PRESS ROOM. EVENING A press conference. Captain Mercer finds himself behind a speakers podium answering to a room of ravenous reporters. CAPTAIN MERCER We’re confident in our ability to bring this situation fully under control. The entire room of journalists raise their hands for a question. CUT TO: INT. ISIS ACADEMY (INFIRMARY). MORNING In a small infirmary within the within the ISIS Academy... Zoe sit in a bed. Beaten. Bruised. She looks at a newspaper headline: "Has Isis Failed New London?" Suddenly her curtain is pulled back by the Headmaster. He gives her the most subtle of accepting nods. Zoe however seems almost ashamed to look at him. CUT TO: INT. ISIS ACADEMY (LIBRARY). DAY In a quiet section of the library... ZOE (V.O) We... We failed headmaster. I said we wouldn’t butDawn proceeds to put away books into their correct place and as she does, she sees a fellow Esper reading the newspaper headline "Has ISIS Failed?". Dawn recoils slightly. HEADMASTER MORTIMER (V.O) Nonsense. None of this is your fault. None of it. CUT TO:


EXT. ISIS ACADEMY (PLAYING FIELD). DAY Out on the ISIS academy green, a disheartened Tilo watches a group of lower years playing football... HEADMASTER (V.O) This is the kind of crisis we were all trained to weather. And weather it we will... CUT TO: EXT. BUILDING TOP. SUNSET As the sunsets over our adventurer filled city... Rowena Newport and Aeries sit with their toes over the edge of a 5 story block of flats. Rowena lovingly clutches his arm... CUT TO: INT. ISIS ACADEMY (HOLDING CELLS). SUNSET Meanwhile: Sitting in a holding cell. Hands cuffed. Neck collard is Havoc (without his mask) He tries to pick at the lock with a stolen hair pin... Footsteps approach: Suddenly headmaster Mortimer, holding a very official looking file under his arm stands at Havoc’s cell. Havoc looks up at him. HEADMASTER MORTIMER Mr Havoc. (beat) I’m willing to make a deal... An intrigued look forms on Havoc’s face... CUT TO BLACK: HAVOC (V.O) Count me in. CUT TO CREDITS:

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