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I am Northeast , bo rn in Septem足 ber, 1931, with a legislative act as my birth certificate. The bloodlines of the world run in my veins, because I offer education to all. I am 6,740 livin g souls-and the ghost of thousands who have lived and died in my time.


I am big. I sprawl across the bayou ... my arms reach to embrace 677.600 square yards throbbing with life. I am more than 28 buildings. I am Olin. Hanna. and Caldwell. I am classrooms and blackboards.


I stand in cafeteria lines. study in the library and play in the CUB. I commute from small towns and cities twice my size. I am hundreds of miles from home.

I am a special world where hundreds come and go each yea r, where joy is a letter in a mail box, where individua lity is developed. My people think and feel. They fall in love and marry-life goe's on.


I am four soro rities and five fra ternities. I am pins and sweatshirts. Sisterhood and bro therhood are my mottos as I compete and strive hard for recognition. I am parties and meetings and casual gatherings. I am a rush party and a coke at a football game . I am an intramural game, a beauty pageant and a campus election. My opinions are as different as night and day. My skills are as varied as the many parts that make me whole.




I am 65 organizations. I a m the colorful costumes of Mardi Gras and the unifo rm s and fo rmals of the Military Ball. I participate in Homecoming activities-deco足 rating , cheering , and dancing. I rid e bicycles and work hard at my

iob. You ca n look at me and see the teachers, pharmacists, busi足 ness men, and o the r leaders o f to morrow walking down my streets with books under their arms. You can see the light s of Christma s and hear the strain s of "Auld Lang Syne" as the cal en足 dar turns.



At nig ht I patrol the streets and take solitary st rolls across the cam足 pus. I study the stars, cheer at foot足 ball games and attend concerts. I watch T.V. and write term papers. I wash and iron and visit with friends.


I am a thousand lights and as many thoug hts. I am a date and a long awaited call. I eat midnight snacks at Ray' s a~d have a beer or two on the way home.


In rainy weathe r I am a rainbow of umbrellas, wet feet and a cold. I grow and mature in the sunshine because I cannot remain static. I am always on the go livin g and learning but for many the pace is too strenuo us. Graduation is an end and a beginning fo r me. If you listen to me you will hear sighs of so rrow and exuberant shouts of hap­ piness. I explain math problems and lec­ ture on world affairs. I speak many lan­ guages. I storm and rage , then suddenly turn around and whi sper "I love you." I am the silence of a pen taking notes and the sla m of a closed book.

'-­ 3= - -, --­ \, -------­ :.=: :===:;- = 1-


_ _ __



Career Mor!11Qhou ' ... .

.".. .. ,..,.'

I am 6,740 living souls.

Having your ID checke d is one o f the tedious steps in regi stration .


STl,)ENTS '.''''V i:

fh C(\. _ NUMeE '<



I C"



', -)


'o r,












2..0 ' - 2






f­ er,



There goes all my Daddy's money.



8 EFO R E ~

Brown G ym turn s into ma ss confusions during regi stration.

!--_ _ _ MI NOR _ _ _ __ _ __ _



f -_ _ _ __ _-".__- HOlVIE PHON E _


-;Y" "'"'R-------, C-;c;--------c51 , 1Y ;-;A""T~' MARK

_ ,F YES WH[I\,

- -

- -- --

V '







_ __ _ __ _ ___ _____ __ _ __ __ _ _ ___






" But don't you have room for just one more in that cla ss?"

I am big

Stud ents enjoy a break between cla sses with ~ tre~ t from home .

Lerner! Hall, do rm;tory fo r women , ope ned th; s fall.


Casual acquain tances deve lo p befween classes.

The tra ffi c bridge across Ba you DeSiard lin ks the east and west sides of the cam l"<".

Cla re O 'ReiUy and Mary Cancien ne settle into their room.


I study and play

The sno ck bar is a busy ploce especially at lunch time.

The card cd t~logue is the first stop for stude nts ass igned re sea rch papers.

The pin b~ 1I mach ines in t he CUB a re always a fa scina ting pastime.

A student rel axes from the ru sh of classes and exams,

Bowling is another favorite pastime of NLSC stu dents and facu lly.

, 21

Students re la x for a moment after movin g from Cospe r into LemeM.

I am a special world Deciding whic h pretty g irls to vote

for is not an easy dec is ion.

Dates enjoy c~sua l convers~tion in fro nt of Slate r



I •• I •• I •• I ••

• . • •, • •' iI 'Ii, .


••••••••• \ •••••••••




I" •

Student s work behind the scene In t he No rtheost Post O ffi ce,

Time hai rcu mus t. t be ma d e f or o rd inary ma tters such as ge tt ing a

A degree NLSC.


cemp u ter sC ie ' nce IS now offered at


I am a

Actives and pledges of AOPi respond differently to activi ties du ring their lall rush party.

Phi Mu odives decked o ut lor the ir loll ru sh


Sig Tou' s Playboy Dance highlighted the Iroternity's loll rush octiviti.s .

rush party

TKE' s and dotes enioy cool beverages during a foil rush porty.

Fraternity leod ers encourage freshmen to pledge their organizotion.

Actives and pledges enioy the Kopp a Sig Grub Donee .


I work hard at my job

La b assistants give va luable aid in C he mi stry Lab.

The bookstore cl!l rries a va riety of supp lies.

Payday is G lod Doy at Norlheost.


Roy Price aids the campus security In giving ti cket s to traffic violaters_

Flight tra iners are outstand ing ROTC students.

Wayne t akes


break from

busy job of photographing.


Library assistants check books when students leave the library.


lam 65 organizations

Pat He rl evic. Preside nt of SLTA, ent e rtains guests a t t he ann ua l t ea.

T ri ck o r Treat ers invade H orr is H a ll o n Hallowee n night.


K.rI Rodriguez, treasurer of SGA. sells a bus ticket to the U.S.L. game.

Je rry J ohn ston , BSU directo r, gazes into his crysta l b.1I to introduce officers .

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfo nia members arrange stage fo r Thursday music recital.


Circle K's " Lift le Indian" in fron t of Schul,e Dining Hall towered ove r No rtheas t's 35th annua l H omecoming.

I participate

The bonfire on Fri day ni g ht kindled ih e spirit which drove the Indians t o a 30- 14 vict ory over Sou theastern.


Students labored most of the nigh t on campus Homecomi ng displays.

Geographical Society sponsored a balloo n lift-off at NLSC's Homecoming kick-off.

mecoming activities

The tribe obeyed KD's "Sku nk-em " sloga n by beating Southeastern


the pigskin battle.


I am leaders of tomorrow

Graduation is the end of a college career and the beginning of

a life-time job_

Many hours of st udy ore necessary for the achiev ment of a stu dent's career goal.

Students gother in the CUB to discuss their past, pres­ ent and future.

Tomorrow's pharmacists walk towo rd another lab.

I am the Lights of Christmas


The old and the young enjoy Santa's visit on campus.




Christmas decorations were in evidence all around the campus.

Even Santa C laus has to break down and get a trim on ce in awhile .

A gay Chrisfma s tree wif h 0 lof of po ckag es un · oer if is one o f the glitte ring sig ns of C hri stma s.

WE HOPE rou~



, uP rHo •

Each year the girl s liv ing in the various dorm itories parti cipate in a d o or decoration contest ot Chr isfmas t ime.


.. , .. \

-' 1'111 ' JlELTA CIl! . ~ 1'1.,\\1 lilMS 114 ~ '1.(

.' ~ ••


, _


........ . '."0: •.• t:

.... ""'-1:0'''


.. .. . : .... 1101.... 111

..", ......

n .... ,.~o,: .... ~,

..""...,•• '''U' . ·..n • • '·".·..



~ r.T


.."" ,'

"What number is the brunette with the white jackeP"

The clown of N orthea st invites everyone to the an­

nual Mardi Gras Ball.

I am the colorful costumes of Mardi Gras

" I get high with a litt le help from my friends. "

Beauties of the Mardi Gros Boll enjoy the first dance of the evening with their escoris from the Phi Delta Chi Pharmaceutica l Fraternity.

Ph i Delta Chi Sweetheart, Diane G6zaffi, crow ns Angela Duplan tis, reigning queen of t he 1968 Mard i Gras Boll Court.

"Come on Mar th a, get wit h it. I've got to get to Volley Forge before I' m listed as AWO L."

"Would yo u believe the guy o n the bock row got first place?"


I attend concerts

The Serendip ity Singers, sponsored by the Northeast Louisiano Concert As­ sociation, appea red in Mo nroe a t t he Civic Center on April S.

The New Orleans Philhormo nic Symphony Orc hestra uncl er t he direction of Werner To rkanow ky was featured as a part of the

1968 Concert Se ries.

• 38

Performing December 12. as a pari o f the No rlheast Concert Se ri es was the Texas Boys' Choir. unde r the direclion of George Bragg.

. The Association was the featured spring entertainment of

Ihe Northeast Un ion Board On March 16 in th e Civic Cenler.

Entertain ing NLSC stude nts during the foil semester was the Ramsey l ew is Trio.


I entertain

Entertaining Speech Festival guests are (left to right) Connie Luttrell. Benton Ladey, Barbaro Hobe n, Steve Wilmot and Linda Lawren ce.

Benton ladey and Connie Luttrell entertain with "Thoroughly Modern Millie" on February 23.

"Plant A Radish" was pari of the en terla inment at the Northeast Speech Festi val. Ce nter sta ge is Dr. George C. Brian.

Lind~ Lawrence portra ys ~ scene in "Cabaret 1968."

Ente rtaining with "H~ppiness Song" are Joe Joaquin and Karen Morris.

Appearing in "Picnic" a re La urie Young as Millie and Linda Leoty as Madge.


I wash and Iron and visit

" I wish he'd wash his personal belongings, if nothing else!"

"Oh well, wha t's a nother scorch spot ?"

Do rmito ry rooms se rve not on ly as a place f or study but also as a pla ce for leisure and games.

"Loo k at how c ute he is! Can you get me a date with him t his week- end?"


"Who chose the sigh t for th is gam e an yway? "

The comfortable lo un ges of the dorms seem to invi te all types of recreation and enierlo inm ent. Peoce ond quiet can be f ound aroun d a men 's dorm ito ry !!

"I wonde r

if she thinks of me os much as I thi nk

of her?" "H ey,

my underwel'lr co me ou t





,.I, "


\ 1

J ohn Fred and the Playboys spoke the groov in' language of t he Gree ks a t their Christmas dance held at the Civic Center.


I speak many languages

The rare solitary moments in ., dorm are used by many stude nts to en te rtain themselves by playi ng thei r own specia l musical in­ strume nt.

Professors and students don't seem to speak the same languag e during the franT ic process of aTtaining class

co rd s at registrat ion.


-~ -- ~~ --== 足 -:::.;...--

- ..-

~ --

--- ----- -

One of Northeast's foreign students. Kat sutoshi Kanzaki of Jap. n has broug ht fa me t o himself and to t he school in his outstanding abilities as a gymnast.

Speech studen ts Jud y LaStrapes and Diane Dees. along with their coach W illi am Rambi n. have learned t he art of de足

bate well as shown by these fine trophies.

The foreign language lab has been most helpful to st ud ents stud yi ng ot her languages. Single bo oths provide the privac y needed in repeating the exercises ph the tapes.


No rth eas t's pro posed $3 mill io n admini strotio n-class roo m building sch eduled fo r co nstructi o n this year.



Pa rt of the new geo-p hys ic s equ ipme nt a d ded to enrich the Pure a nd Applied curriculum.

A compu ter science program was inaugu ra ted this year.

I grow and mature

The first build ing ot Northeost.

The Edu cation Departme nt added audio-visual equ ipment to its te acher trainin g program.


I I,

Mack E. Barha m, Sup reme Cou rt Just ice ,




comme ncement

Presiden t and Mrs. George T. Walke r welcomed seniors to a lunc h足

eon in their honor.

A beginning and an end

Senio rs an d fljcu lty were e nte rtained at a lu ncheon in

Coenen Cofeterio ,


Graduates gath ered back stage fo r wha t was probably the la st time that many would see each othe r.


,I ,•



Reserve Officer

Training Corps

The Re serve Officer Tra in ing Corps is a system by which stude nts learn the basic procedures of militory operations. It consists of cla ss room instruction as well as weekly drill periods. All men stude nts are required to toke at least two years of bo sic R.O.T.C. training; however, advanced train­

ing is available for thos e cadets who are interested and -who meet cer'lain requirements. A cadet gradua ting in Advan ced R.O.T. C. automatically rece ives a co mmiss ion as a second

lieutenant in the United States Army. Wo rking in coo rd ination with the R.O.T.C . cade ts is the Sponsor Cor ps. It is the responsibility of these g irts to ap­ pear at a ll military funct io ns lind drills. Each spring a girl is c hosen f rom the Sponsor Corps to re ig n as the Military Boll Q ueen .

CADET COL. JAMES R. BOOTH Brigade Commander


RIFLE TEAM : KNEELI NG : J "m es S<'.Ind i{er, Kevin Ho uchin, J el mes Lowery, George Brewton, LlI rry Co nn:: r , W illjll m Br<.l celo. STANDI NG : Dovid McGee, Donald Newcomer, Richerd Cole, EdwMd Kinnison, Mae C rellg .

The Colo r G u&.d pa ri icip<'.l ted in pre-gll me c eremonie s el l ll ll home footb all 9 ll me~ .

SUSIE DANNA Rifle Tea rn Sponsor

JO LYN JOHNSON R.O.T.e. Bond Sponsor



2nd Batta lion

Battalion Commanders


3rd Battalion


41h Batta lion

LT. COL. KAY SEALE I st Batta lion

LT. COL. DANA TUCKER 2nd Batt alion

Battalion Sponsors LT. COL RHONDA JONES 3rd Battalion

LT. COL. SUSAN CARTER 4th Ba ttalion


Company Commanders

Cadet Capt. George Holler A C ompa ny

Cad et Capt. Mark Brown F C ompany

Cadet Capt. Gerald Braud B C om pany

Cadet Capt. Richard Haneline G Com pa ny

Cadet Capt. Darrell Griggs D Co mpa ny

Cadet Capt. Steve Huffman H Compa ny

Cadet Capt. Clifford Eichler

E Compa ny

Cadet Capt. Robert Cavendish I Compa ny


Cadet Capt. Victor Bender

C Com pa ny

Cadet Capt. Roy Boudreaux K Company


Cadet Capt. O 'Brien Richards L Company

Cadet Capt. Jerry Rodgers

M Com pany

Company Sponsors

Capt. Mary Bass A Co mpa ny

Capt. Vicki Clark

B Com pany

Capt. Becky Butler

E Compa ny

Capt. Carolyn Anspach

F Com pa ny

Capt. Le, lie Leath I Co mpa ny

Ca pt. Chri,ty Shaw

K Com pany

Capt. Ba rbara Sweet C Compony

Capt. Sarah Cascio G Com pa ny

Capt. Donna Adam, l Compa ny

Capt. Carolyn Rea

D C o mpa ny

Capt. Judy King H Compony

Capt. Linda Eichler M Co mpan y


Wiley McClary

Millicent Parks

Fus ileer Commander

Fusileer Sponsor


The FU5i lee rs is a prec isio n drill teem chosen from ouhtMdi ng R.O.I.e. code Is .


Ea c h ne w membe r is respo nsible fo r ~n~wering span 颅 q ue~t i ons directe d to them by ~ct; ... e fU$iteen. toneou~ ly

Melvin Child e rs, fu si lee r i~itiat e , esco rts hi s bride路lo-b e to the alt<'Jr during mod wedding cerem on ie s he ld durin g "h e ll we eL" All

ne w

in itiates


req ui red




.....ood en repiic" of the M- l rifle. A f requenl sce ne during " he ll we ek ."


Advanced ROTC A strong . health y body i ~ essen tia l in car rying out Ihe ocl ivit ie5 of on odvonced

R.O.T.C. code !.

Cod eis ve rso

h~ ~e

pori in vori ous types of -n ili:ary ma,&u路 ri en ce in greno de t hrowing is of milit ory s<:i en<:e.


ne ce ~s " ry




Becky, cu rren tly reining as Mi ss Northeas t, is a home econom ics ma jor from Arcad ia. She wa s se路 lected as State Fa ir Queen fo r 1968 a nd is a mem ber of the Warbonnets here at NLSC. Becky also ta ke s a wide interest in school affa irs as SGA Senator. W it h her radiant sm ile and b ubb li ng pe rson颅 a li ty , she was a posi t ive choice in be ing se lected a C irde -K calendar gi rl this year. Becky Butler can certainly be looked upon as one at our " p rized possess ions" here a t NorfheC)st.

Miss Northeast

Becky Butler


Homecoming Court

Ard e n Anders M aid of Honor

Pe ggy Ma nn

Se nio r Maid

Ca rolyn Rea , H omeco ming Q ueen

Dia ne G rizza ffi Juni o r Maid


Susa n Carter So pho mo re Maid

Mary Virginia Bass Freshman Ma id

Mardi Gras Court

Diane Griuaffi

Donna Adams

Angela Duplantis, Mardi Gras Queen

Susan Carter

Carolyn Rea

Patricia Trudnak


Military Ball Court

Becky Butler

Ba rbara Sweet

Donn. Adams. Military B.II Queen

Chacahou la Beauty Tea

Le igh Gregg ellpreSses surp fise ove r be足 ing nllmed one of t he Chaeah oula beau足

Pot Trudn o ~ is stunn ed Chl.lcah outa be llu ly .


she is M med


tj e~.

Guests ot the reception enioy refre sh ments and chilt while wo!Iiting for Ihe votes to be counted. David

Worthing ton

entertai ns


lI U足

die nee with " The lmponible Drec)m."

Th e beouty fin ll tisis Mxious ly owoit the onnouncement of th e five Chacahoula beoulies.



Mi ss Susan Carie r is a sopho 足 more art ma jor from Mer Rouge.

She was selected as Sig ma Tau G am ma 's Whde Rose for both th e loca l chapter and p rov idence. Susan is proving to be one of the

Susan Carter

mos t popular and lovely coed s on th e Nort heast campus. She wo s

also chosen as an ROTC sponsor and soph omore maid on the H ome足 coming C our t. H er beau tiful blonde hair and radiant smile have truely made her a fi ne selection as one of our C hacahoula beauties.


Le;gh Gregg from Sterl;ng ton has prod uced an ou tsta nd ing rec足

ord ot Northeast. She is



haired be<!lut y. and the only senior on ou r court of beouties this yea r.

Le;gh ;s pres;dent of the Warbon 足 ne ts and has also bee n selected

as a membe r of t he W ho 's W ho in American Colleges and Un ive r足 sities. She is 0 member of AOn sorority and wa s elected pre siden t

of the Ponhellen ;c Cound .


Leigh Gregg


Pa t is a native o f Monroe major足 ing in vocal educa tion, With her ever-present smi le a nd gleaming eyes she true ly belongs on our cou rt of beauties. Miss Trudnak has won the coveted title of North足 east Lou isiana Cotton Queen along with being .the current Phi Mu Al足 pha Sinfo nia sweetheart. She is a member of the NlSC Concert Choir an,d is voca list with the Jazz Ensemble .


Patricia T rudnak


Ba rbara

J o,



mar ke ting a nd bu siness a drn ini "s· t rat io n maj o r·, is a no th e r o ut stand ·

Barbara Jo Williams

in q coe d d ose n fo th e court of Chacahoula be~u tie s . Miss Wil · Iiams ha ils from Minde n and is a

member of AOrr so ro rity and

Wa S

selecled as a C ird e· K ca lend ar gi rl this ye ar. W it h her radian t

personality and st riking bea uty she is frue1y a selection on everyone's· b eaufy court.


Fraternity Sweethearts



Miss Jeannette Hotard

Scabbard and Blade

Miss Jo Ann Fanio


<I> AX

Circle K

Miss Carolyn Rea

Miss Pat Trudnak




Miss Melanie Blancha rd

.. ..

Miss Susan Henley


Miss Susan C arter

Fraternity Sweethearts

Miss Jeannette Hotard

Scabbard and Blade

Miss Jo Ann Fanio


Circle K


Mi ss Dianne G rit. lfi

Mi ss Ca ro lyn Rea

Miss Pa t Trudnak




ITr Miss Melanie Bla nchard


Miss Susan H enley


Mi ss Susan C a rt e r



Miss Paula Andrus

Miss Peggy Mann


Who's Lorraine La Cou r Adams

Omicron Pi ; Alpha Lambda Delta; NLSC H onor Society; Seni or Bo~ rd; NLSC Alpha

Foundation Sc h ol~ rship.

Ellis Thurma n Allen

Delta Deme ter, vice president president ; Co ll eg iot e Farrr Bu reau , secretary-treasurer vice president; Ag ronom)

C lub, president ; NLSC Soil' Judging Team; Most Out

Lorraine LaCour Ad am s

standing Student in A gricu l ture.

Monte Sue Ballard Monte Sue Ballard

Alpha Omicron Pi, J uni or ane Senior Panhellenic Delegate


Women's Pan helleni,

Council, treasurer, vice pres iden t, presiden t ; Student Gov ernment Association , secre

tary; RO TC Sponsor; Chaca houl. Beaut y.

Ellis Thurman Allen

M ary Elizabeth Bossier

Alp ha Omicron Pi, scholarshiF chairman; Alpha Lam bda Del ta; Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Ep

silon, presiden t ; Ame ri ca r Ph armaceutica l Assoc iation secretdry.

Belty Kathleen Mooney Boyd National Co ll eg iate A ssocia足 tion for Secretaries ; NLSC Symphonic M arc hing and

Betty Kathleen Mooney Boyd Mary Elizabeth Bossier

Bands; Ka ppa Alpha Rose; Miss Northeast; NLSC Home足 coming Cou rt.

Ja nis Marie Bra ndon

Omicron Pi ; Al pha Delta: Sigma Tau Cheerleader: Sigma G""ma Whit. Rose .

Mark E. Brown Md Blade : Scab­ and Blade Public Info r­ Officer; Distinguished Student; St udent Gow.' ~ment Association Sen­ NLSC Fou ndation Schol-

Mark E. Brown

Janis Marie Bra ndon

Majors and Minors treasurer, president ; Government Associa­ Senator: Letterme n's historian; Varsity Base­

Athletic Scholarship.

Frank Marshall Collins

Fronk Marshall Collins reporter, secretary-

Sebastian Corbino Delta Kappa . vice , Scabbard and president; ROTC Bat­ Commander; NLSC \c"jemic Scholarship: Dis­ Military Student

Sebastian Corbino

Donald Joseph Charpio

Nelda Jane Culpepper

Studen t G ove rnment ASSQ , tion, sena to r, secret ary ; O( C o unc il, pre side nt; Stud Socia l Worke rs C lu b, pr den t ; So6 a l Sc ience C lub,

to rian-repo rte r. secret, trea sure r; Student- Fao C om mittee .

Leigh Gregg

Barry Ma rtin De lcamb re

Scabba rd an d Bla de; Stud G overnment A ssocia tion, ~ at or, vic e presiden t ; Dis g ui shed Milita ry St ud Award ; Track Sc holarship. Barry Marlin Delcambre

J o hnn ie J uaneal Green

Alpha Lambda Delta; NL G irl' s Bowling League; M


I ~




Council M em ber.

Le igh G regg Nelda Jane Culpepper

A I p h a O micro n Pi, CO spo nd ing sec re tary. vice p iden t ; Alpha Lambda DE sec ret ary; Pan hellenic Cc cil. presid e nt ; Sen io r Bo< C haca ho ula Beau ty.

Patricia Ann Herlevic Student



Associa ti on , 1st vice pI dent , p resident; Alpha A lpha, vic e pres ide nt. p'

dent ; Pow Wow, assoc iate itor, ed ito r; News-Sta r W ( Pairicia Ann He rlevic Johnnie Juaneal Gree n


O utst andin g Repo rter Aw<

Chaca houla, spo rts editor, socia te edi to r.

Alvin Steve Hidalgo Sigma Tau Gamma; Scabbard and Blade; Accounting Club, vice president; Student Gov­ ernment Associ otion; Di stin­

guished Mili tary Student.

Beth Ann Huffman Phi Alpha Theta, secretary­ tre~surer ; Senior Board;


ciol Science C lu b, sec re tory. president; Honor Society. sec­

Alva St ephenson Huffman, J r_

re'ory; T. H. Harris Scholar­ s'ip.

8eth Ann Huffman Alva Stephenson Huffrna n, J r. Koppa Sigma ; NlSC Honor Society; Student Government Association. senator, presi­ dent; American Chemica l So­ ciety; Distinguished Military Student.

Wolter Orie Hunter, Jr. Omicron De lta Kappa, sec re­ lary·treasure r; NlSC Honor Society, reporter,

p"" ident; Student

lola Jeannette Hutto

t reo5urer,


ment Association, junior pres­

ident; Baptist Student Unio n, vice president, athletic direc­

tor, St.te BSU Missions Com­ mittee; NlSC Cheerleader.

lole JeMnelle H ullo Alpho Omicron Pi, treasurer;

Sigma Te u Del ta, treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta; Nation­ al Collegiate Association for Sec",tories, historian; Student louisi.?lM Teochers Associa­ tion.

Alvin Steve Hidalgo Walter Orie Hunter, Jr.

Bennie La wrenc e Ja mes Ka ppa

Pi .



Works exhibited in Holida' Dixie Art Show; G rand Ch pion-M orehouse A rt f

W or ks selected fo r pe rma r art collection of NLSC ; ~

it Award Scholars hip.

Lorry Gene John son

Ka ppa Sigma ; O micron D.

Kappa ; Accounting C president ; Stude nt Gov, ment Frederick Eugene Lester

Association ,


At hletic Sc hola rshi p.

Kri stina Elizabeth Kahme Al pha Bennie Lawrence James

O mic ron

Pi ; AI,

Lambda Delta, sen ior advi vice presi dent ; Senior BOl preside nt; A merican ChE cal Socie ty, secre tary-trea eT; Notional Science Foun tion Undergraduate Rese~ Grant .

Lind o Kay La wrence

Zeta Tau Alpha; Alpha Lal da Delta, editor; Alpha

lindtt Kay Lawrence

Omeg a, secre tory-trea su Senior Board, re po rter; (

of "Sleeping Beauty ;" St M anager for "Fa rewe ll. F

we ll , Eug ene" ; Most Outst, in g W oman Speech M aior.

Frederick Eugen e Lester Student Louisiana Teach A ssoc ia tion: Student Gov. ment Ass ociation; N ewT Larry Gene Johnson

Krislina Eli.abelh Kahmer


C lu b; Men's Resident I Proctor; High School He Scholarshi p.

Jl.'lr,is Dianne Guy Mapp Ptli Mu; Student Louisiana Teecher's Association; Wom­ en's Reside nce Council; War­ bonnets; 2nd runner-up­ Princess A~hena.

Dana Moul Mu, treasu rer; Senior Bo.,d: Accounting C lub, sec­ retery-treasurer; Student Gov­ ernment Associat ion, senator; NLSC Honor Society , ft,i

Dana Mouk

Janis Dianne Guy Mapp

C.rol Crolwell Nickelson Kapp. Epsilon: Rho Chi, sec­

reta ry-treasu rer; Alpha Lamb­

m. Delta; American Pharma­

ceu:ical Association; Louisi­

ana State Pharmaceutica l As-



Constonce Ann Pedro

Music Award: Delta vice preside nt; Sen­ ; Conce r! Mi shess­ Chomber O rchestra: Lambda Delta ,

Constance Ann Pedro

Mary Ellen Petrus Ame rica n Associa tion; Membe r of American of Hospital Pharma­ Ne'wm" n C lu b, publicity 'ch,irrrlan:, Newman C lub Serv­ ice Award,

Mary Ellen Petrus Carol Crotwell Nickelson


W illa rd O 'Brien Richards Dist ingu ished Milita ry Stu· dent; Nominee for Top Sales· man in Nation at Pi Sigma Conven tion


St. Louis


April. 1967: Pi Sig ma Epsilo n

Schola rship ; Business

Ma na­

ger of Pow Wow and Chaca· houlo ; Pi Sig ma Epsilon , vice


Lawrence A lton Robinson

Rho Chi Society, president ; Kappa Psi, historia n; Pharma· cy Undergraduate Sc holastic Award ; American Fou ndatior

Willard O 'Brien Ri chards

fo r Pharmaceutical Educatioli

Schola rship; Ou tstanding Un· de rg ra dua te Pha rmacy St u· dent Award .

Lawrence Alton Robinson

James Randolph Smith

Phi Alpha Theta; Alpha Chi Alpha; St udent Government A ssoc iation,



Alpha; Pow Wow, sports edi· t or.

Maureen Marie Turner

Sandra Jo Ussery

Studen t Louisiana Tea cher's Assoc iation, secretary; Senior Boa rd; Student Government

Assoc iation , senator; T. H. Harris Scho la rshi p; Py re nees Scholarship.

Sandra J o Ussery

Phi Mu, social chairman, pres. ident ; Senior Boord; Student Louisiana

James Randolph Smith Maureen Marie T umer




Associa ­


Pledge Award , Phi Mu; NLSC Cheerleode r.


K op~

Deltos e nte rtoin Rushees with fh eir Hades Pa rty.

Di one G rizu dfi oppears to be overjoyed ('J bout receivin g her bid from Ph i Mu.

Ze t('Js. 8('Jrboro 8u rns ond J on Wad ick. fry their tuc~ ot se tt ing up their home com ing d ecor<!ltions.


AOPi took second ploce honors in tho Homecoming competition.

Th ere are fou r notional sororities ot Northeast Louis iana State College . The so rorities and -their pres idents are: A lpha Omicro n Pi,

Undo Eichelberger: Kappa Delta, Pam David; Phi Mu, Sandy Ussery: and Zeta Tau Alpha, Donna Porler. Th is yea r fo r the fi rl t time the so rorities combined their efforts to sponsor the Pan helle nic Chr ist·

mas Dance featuring John Fred and the Playboys. ' The members of each sorority participate in most activi t ies

throughout t he school year. As projects they do such thi ngs as pre­

Is thero


priest in our midst ?

pare Christmos boskets for unde rprivileged ch ildren ond sing Christ­ mas co rols at the Children's' Ho me in Mo nroe. At the end of each summe r, the sororities have 0 workshop ot

which they prepare themselves for fall rush, which is held th e week preceding the beginni ng of the fall semester of schoo l.

rorities Have John Fred at uGreek Holiday"

Many for ms o f the rotest dance crazes were eJ(h ibited ot the Christmos dance sponsored by t he sororities on compus.


Two New Fraternities Are Organized

Two new

fr~terni tje5,

Theta Chi cho p­

ter of Kappa Sigmo an d Beta Tau col­ ony of Zeta Be ta Tau , were added te

the list of Greeks on campus t his year,

mak ing a total of five natio nal nities.


Th e pu rpose o f a f rai"ernity is to create a n o rg an iza t io n based on frie nd­

ship ond brotherhoo d. It is t he goal of

eve ry fra tern ity to d evelop a we ll ·rou nd· ed , matu re, religious, a nd res po nsib le adul t out of each o f its members.

Fo rmal Rush is he ld each year duri ng the first week of the fall se mester. An open ru sh an d a sp ri ng rush is also held du ring th e year.

Servi ng as preside nts of the f ra te rni­

ties a re Pa ul Easo n, Kappa Sigma; East ­ la nd G ray, Kappa A lpho; Danny Otts, Sigma Tou Gam ma; Aub rey Spence, Tau Kappo Epsilon ; J ay Ma rx, Zeta Beta Ta u. J ~y

Monr, p resid e nt o f Z BT, enfe rt<'l ins President and Mrs. W a lk er .-.rId Mr. C harles M<'lsur lit a teo held in honor of Zeta Bet" Tou's first ye.!'l r on co!'I mpus.

W he n Theto C hi c hopter o f KI!IPPo Sigmll ob t~ in ed its chorfe r on Mo!'I y 6, 1967. th e following people we re its ch o!'lrter

membe rs: FRO NT ROW: La rry White, Alex B. MYo!'ltt, Ed Mclo ugh lin, Amos Worne r. SECOND ROW: P"ul Eason. Georqe Hall, Thomos G. Wren , Major Nestor A. Millon , Tom my Heed . Not pictured , Jimmy Gaien nie. Siqma To!'Iu Ga mm a's onn uol PI" yboy Dance wos held




6~ 0

climo!'l ;( 10 fo!'lll rus h.

Th e TKE's decorotion too ~ fi rs t pl~ce honors in the Ho mecoming competition.

Bobby Robinson intercepts 0 winning pass fo r Ka ppe Sigme. The Koppe Sigs won first piece in the interfrete rnity footbe ll scre mble.

KA J ohn Overton , ceptured the first piece title

in int e r.frote rnity te nnis.

t,A'. 5eco~ d ru sh de nee at the Parog on Club proved to




Mu si c wa s provided by the Excuse,.





ACTIVES C~~fI~s Ackel Joh" Alwood Bc b Berry


~ mo

louIs Bickley Eo.... ard Bltclle W II 路~m


CIa )do '1H stor 8\.1s ll!-r Corter Ji'T'l Courson T:.mnly Cruse

Joe Dollll l e Ho rold 01cken$ Michal Eo,l

Ric:h,d Eos t Stevtl EUeson Jllmes Ga llo way

PLEDGES Pe ul Ga les Bute:' Getchell Eostlond G rey WiII i.,m Hall Ri cho rd Ho ne line

D<'Ivid Mye tt To mmy Nic hol s Jo hn Overton

SenFe Brlltton Kenny Bra nel Ho rve y Buford

Bill PMro

Mike Heffn e r

Ed CIlde r

Modin Ro ins

Ben ny C umm i ngs

P., trick Hardy Max Hill

Don Reed

Henry Cohn

Scotty Reis

Rodney DMk Kerry Deshote ls

J ohMY H ines Kefn Holt RaM ie Je nki ns Jimmy Jo hnson Tom my Kell y

Will io m Hixso r, Dovi d Jones Eric J c w er~ Mich oe l Kame J oh n Lady Te rr ~nce Mo hr M ike M cG ee Mu rry M oore lo rry Mulier s


Stu-IIIr t ~eyn o l ds Bob Ro",:,,,n John $0 1,' 0'9 0 C hris Sdubort

Jo me s S!-elby M ;\ o Tem pl eton Th im mie Themes

La. W alton

RicnMd Dupree J<'ImC5 Durr

HO f<'l ce Elkins Ch<'lrlc" Fr")I~~ m,.,n B'JJ G.l tis

Slcoo Gunory. Mic hll6l H"ddaa

BlJcky H li rgin Bo bby HlI wkins

Don Mc Koy Ro lph McCurdy John Mclo uri n Don ny NoH Steve N ewm1!ln Buddy Nil

J im my Orr Chuck Reed BobQY ScoH Croia Soile<'lu Mork Storms Paul TlI ylor Geoffrey Underwood Som Wigley Bob Wrote n Hugh Youngblood Allon Yarbrough Ko ppa Alpha Roso Poulo Andru~

Bob O' Brili n

Fred Wyly



~ ~CJ~'~_ a st.,..1lrtl!9

J. Dodd Brooh

Tom Srown Jorro~ Srye n

R;atph ,C03m p03nile


C~ scio

Mike Ol.,)'! ~ Ed Conger

G03ry Coopor Byro n D61is

John Deal gri s

Oov'd ek ir. Did F" ost ~!d Fudidor

.,G9I~~ """ J ', "ff' I, I'

Ke. !SoUl/orV

..oick '~ondo'!1' â&#x20AC;˘ Roy Horvey Lo rry~Ho r n bocl!:

Steve HI)Hmarl Bilt JONuilitn Lorry J ohnson Greg jubert Eddie Kincaid . Art l eGrbng.a .stl m le.... Mtrno Don.,..lettDrm&n Bobby lyle

~btlr t M cCue

R.l.mell "McGue J ohn Mitchell Keith \1oncrief J., mes Moore . Robert MarM Freo'd ;e Moses Dale Norwood Nehon Orr GlIry O ub re Bill PMKe r G le n P6'sson

Oenn.i; Platt Kennelh Platt Milton Pld H

Ronn ie Pia tt Gdry Pool J o hnny Prewi tt

Budd y Qu inn Glen Ran dow John Red

T.erry Reisig Bitly Reynolds Bobby Robinson Ron nie Ro bert son J imm y Roden

James Scor brough Slevs Secl rcy

Me lvin Shows

Butch Shuman Charle s Sides Don Sm ith H lIrry Sm ith To mmy Smi th David Spe nce Mike Steed COod Stev e nson Bubba Swindler Joe Ta lley Ra y Tru sse ll Gerald Wague .peck Mi ke Wo rley George Wright



Sfgma Tau Gam,ma

• 104

PLEDG~S Gord ne r Gorold G a rll r.9ton Joe G ibson C hester G od 9 '....$1:;

Alfred Ro,.... I$ Jo hn Re itzell Richard Robc rNon Gory Rut ht!l rford

To m'm y ' ll~rk e r

Den G uyto n

Poul Som:.. ieri

l o uis HoI! Rieh !l rd H ell J oh n He rris Steve Hidolgo

Ronnie Sumter l ou 路, Swonn Robert Shows

Sa m Bladburn Borry Co fh ey Ro be rt CI<'Ir~

C.~ rI

W ill iom Cod re!!

Ma rtin lerner

Tor~un y

Chules HuH'S路 Te m J oroos Duvon K itl i n9 s w~ Will:l:lm l ., ne Stepha n ltl ..... s

Cherles MeM<'Ihen Kenn!lth MeR.,e Mont y Moncrief

Temmy O glesbee GMY Po p pes

Ro nold Tidwell Gero ld Tonore G lenn Wi!li"ms R!,ym o~d W inn M.,rel. s W o' f O"nny O ils Bus "-er T" rIl1~er M !'l e~

Ma rsh G" o rge Hoiler

K"rI Beier Steve Bell

Richord Be ll

Jomes H eMns Robed H ill H"rry H uh O<'lvid Jones

Mite LoRocc<'l H <".Ir.lev laste r

Leg gitt

O" ... id Shelton Ant hony Simoes Ga rrett SteMns J a mes Slone Jomes Streeter J eff Thomas M.ih Thompson J"mes Tho mso n

Rober! Co llin s

Ned Massee

Pa t O"yton P~ t D,toy

An ward M ay.eoux Kenn eth Myers M:ke Not.,n P"" I Porrish H" rcld P"tSons

Tommy WO r'6 C lifford Welsh

Jo h n~


AI" n Worley

Frank RYl:ln Ronnie ~VOn.1a i(avi n Sho .....

Miko Zo:I mbi e

J ohn Dwyer Wode Eo rnh eort Steve Eyre J ome s G ri ggs St., r ley Grim.,il Doyid Ha rrison

Robe d H.,H

George Ton ore Ro bert To nore Thoma s Tud er

cruce Vir: so n

() ~'e M~F&I~e. 'BVf.:lr



, BiJ9'


rf Jofrn. f-ey or Monto.- Tie rnan [lyv1..;~.'~!Jjpm"



Row",." Pl."."

J ohn Quod. Vine R~ ~DI (l Geo/ Q,6 Sck.. . e-r.d

Mike Si lva

Mi~o. Vorlve

St_y. Woods






B !l17_MO

Ken neth Brll;d Brllce G.enfer

l e rry Glic Berry Good

Horold K,'w f"IlI '" Joe Ke rn M.,x Kern

Howll rd K ;'5c~eT1 b llum J effroy lawrence J <'IY MlIr..: Phillip Roby J e rry ScllWllrtl

S iewil ri Scl, w ~rt'l

J im ThOll"lpso n

I'LEDGES Plorbert Belt Gle nn Di"19

MtHk Dirr.o Peter G &U6f1berger Fr6n k Mu rr y

Jeff Nu lrro'l n J OY Sem~lmechor Don Sc.hlo\m<'ln J o~n Word J !!Ic( Weid horn Tornmy W hite

# ..

J ..


.":'''':' t. ". (





VICE路 PRES IDENT: Mich ele Aldridg e. ZETA TAU ALPHA SECRETARY; Arder. Ar,dars. PHI MU TREAS UR ER: Sus !)n Henley, KAPPA DELTA A LPHA OM ICRON PI : Corolyn Balla rd li nda Eiche lborger KAP PA DELTA - Pam D<'Ili id

Peggy Wi nd h"m

PH I MU : Sendy Ussery K., fhy Spurlock ZETA TA U ALPHA: Donno Porter K"thy Wi U i~ m $

Interfratern ity




K e~srer ,



KAPPA AL PHA : E a~tl tl n d Lee W all on Ltl rry Mullens

Gr ~ y

KAPPA SIG MA: P{l ul E~so n Ed Mclc'! ughlin

Lorry White

Jimmy Gc ieon ie


Joe ?<'I t

G i b ~o n

TAU KA PPA EPSILON : A ubre y Spence Bobby Edgecomb

ZETA BETA TAU: J<'I Y MM'( Jerry Swo rtz St ew<'I rt SW<'Iriz

Horold C<'Iugh mM

11 0


Alpha lambda Delta

Vicki Clark

Alpha Lam bda Delta, a nat;onal hono r socie ty for freshman women, was estab lished in 1965 t o promote intelligen t living, a high

Pr'es:dent Ko fhy W illioms Vice President Julie Co ll ie r Secre tar y

standard o f learnin g and supe rior sch ola r足 ship. Membership requi res car ry ing IS semes足 ter hou rs and earn in g a 3.5 averag e fo r the fi rst se mest e r of the fr eshman year. This yea rs' actiyities includ ed a tea for freshman women with a 3.0 ave rage o r above, a fav 足 o rite profe ssors' tea and an open house durin g H omecom ing.

SI) e F"'J gh ;'

Treo su rer

Cathie Spur~ e~n J un ior

Ad . . iscr

Kri s Kahm er Se nic r Advi so r

Lyn n Ado rns BMbra Ann Anders Jone 8rMt

J a ne t Cog dell l ind" Fo_ Brenda Gre en

Sharon Hu ghe~ Martha Ne o lnefY Ja ne Ph ilipps Nan cy Pound $ C~thy She rmOl1 Linda Szivos l in d~ Th o mp~on

ShM01 W est 8~rb"r o W iU;ams

Alpha Ch i A lpha , a locally org a n;zed

jo urna lism fra te rnity . promo tes professiona l

sta ndards among journa lism studen ts and sta ff

members of the st udenr publi ca ti ons . Mem 足

be rship is ope n to jou rna lism ma jors and

min ors an d t o Northeas t publi ca tion sta ff members who ha ve at lea st a 2.0 a ve ra ge. Amon g th e fraternity's act iviti es ,t his year were a Chr istma s ru sh pa rty- an initia ti on serv ice at the be gi nn ing of the spr:l1g sem es. te r a nd p ar ti ci pati on in th e an nua l journa li sm workshop.

Alpha Chi Alpha Ph ilip Syverson Presiden t M,n: Ughtsey Vice Pres ide nt Wll nd a W h it / i ~ 9Ion Treo 5u re r Chorlcs Wolle r Secr e /drY

Diedre C ruse Pob6o Herievi c

Bob M olc~ n y Mad Robbins


Alpha Psi Omega

Omic ron Cas t of Alpha Psi Omego.


na ­

~ional honorary drlllrno f raternity. wa s organ ize d

in 1963 to enco urage participat ion in and pro­ ilot:on of theotre performan ces. Membership is by invitation to interested drama students. Activities th is yeor included t he producing of "The Mirror Mon ," 0 touring children's plllY. ond "C. baret" for the 16th onnual Speech Arts FestivlIl in Fe bruary.

Kore n M o rris Director

Mo no Brooh 5tllg e Mono ger l inda l awrence Bu sinen M Onllge r Mrs. J o 86M Co~ t i ng Mona ge r

Ch ud Ab bott Cl) therin e Bowers

Diedre Crus e Ricard o Estro do Conn ie l uttrell

John Pri tchord Lindo Thom p so n Koy Willi/lms Lourie Young

American Chemical Society

Robe rt Buckley Presiden f M it che'll Te m p leton Se c ret~ ry - f r eaSUfer Ma rie O ; bor'ne V ice Pres id ent

The Ame rica n Chem icol Soc;ety Student Af­ filia te seeks to advonce chemi stry both scien­

tificolly and professi onally ond serves as a 50c iol organ izatio n for its members. Member­ sh ip is open to chemistry and che mical en ­

g ineering ma io rs wi th at leo!.t a 3.0 averoge. Among this year's activi ti es we re lec tu res


vo rious fac ul ty members and scientists from throughou t t he coun try which th e ACS spon­ sored.

MMK Brown Vernon Co n lwe ll

SebMti on Corbino Kris Kahmer

American Pharmaceutical Association

Robe rt Toup~ Preside nt Chorles C. Pullia m Vice Pra~ i den t Mary E. Bossier Secrt!to!Jry

The Ame ri can Pharmaceu tical Associa颅 ti on, Northe ast branc h. was established in 1959 to advance pha rma cy as a science a nd a profession. Membership is open to a ll pharmacy ma jors. A C hristmas donce

h;g hl; ghted th;s yea r's dchv;t;es.

Michael So.,nier Tf'eo5u r er Timothy J . Rosenstein Corres ponding Secre lary K~thleen F. Vocke Hi sto rian

Judy A. Akin Thomas 8. Alderme.n Michelle J. Aldridge Fra nk X. Arm iger. Jr. Warre n H. Arm s Ce.rroll B. Ai kins, Jr. John W. Atwood J.' Ke rn ey Bourque Chorle s D. Brun e t Franc es F. Bryon Rona ld S. Bucci Thiel I. Bu elc:. Jr. N a ncy W . Bagge He Mary A. Bo llard J ohn N. Battoglie l yr n J . Becnel Robert H. Becnel Ca rmo., J. Be ll i/lo Ra y Be no it

J o hn G. Bigl&ne

Michae l P. Blo nc ha rd

Cec il ia L Blond

Joa nnd F. Bolt

Ted J , Bourgeous

W il li o m B. Boyd

Phi l E. Boyd ~ton

Ca ro l L Bra ndt

Bru ce E. Broo h , Jr. R n F. Burkhord t A ug ust Cold eroro. Jr. Steve V. Ca mpo Do ug las K. Ca ncienne M i cha ~1 W. Carroll Nol lon W. Co usey, Jr . H ubert H. Ce ze nlre Edwa rd l. C honey To ny Chong lloyd W . Chapmen. Jr. Marlin E. Cloessner l e wi s W . Cobb . 111 Richord l. C olvin Paul D. C ucc hillra John C05tanzo Michael C. Del:)ugh;er Elwood J . Dei ea n Ja mes V. Downey Jose ph C. Doy le

Billy J . Dubois

lloyd Duplontis

Gordon S. Dupre

Ric herd P. Dupre

Richard P. Durr

Eugene E l e ~nM

E ~ l en Ell is

George Elliott

Ed ward Fa llon J ere l P. Ferguson

Rocert Fle nil:e n Silly D. Gomnet EdwMd Gibson Comi le Gou~ Kinmon P. G:Ju ~ Willord D. Graves Janic e E. Gray Sus ie Green Ronnie R. G ue rin A ll en Gu id ry Gero ld Gu ilb el1 u J ohn D. Gu illory l a rry B. H ot! Keit h H<'lI'Ichey Ja me~ Harvey J anet H aste Delores Ho'Iwston Ea rl Henderson J ose ph C. Hen ry Min us J . H ebe rt Gord en H erpin Som Herrod Ddn iel J . H ime l Th om ds B. Himel Joe W . Hogsett RosemMY H urt Jdmes T. Jacho:1 C ha rles J agned ux Wdyr. e Jones K.,..l Kettler G eorge King Regg ie Loba t Frankie J. La fl eu r John La mono Ja mes T. l andry Greg P. lo'lnato Joh n C. Lo'In ds Glenn landry Pou l S. l<'l1.'M u~ John R. lee Doujuana Lewis Will ia m Lin to t John B. Lopeo Jasper J. lavoi, Jr. Stelle n Moddry Murp hy C. Major io Edi ne S. Morlin MOl( C. Morfi n Joe E. McCarty Howard McC le lland lyn E. McCreody l arry J. McManus Gary Miller Noel Mitc hell Drama I. T. Moniz Terry Moro n

Dovid Morris Jeri Mo rrow Ken G. Mouho: George l. Munn Purvis G. Na.h Roy K. Naul Arthur A. Nel son. Jr. Coro l Nidel 50 n Rober t 13. Nodh , Jr. Al1fle Norwood J o N. Ory George R. Oswo ld Ca d e l' D. Poddock C harl es K. Perry Mich e le Pens F eli ~ E. Potier Theo Rabb lloyd A. Ra:;ld s, J ' . Don R. Ram irez Fred M. Reid J ohn R. Re ih ell J ad H. Rhodes Eun ice Ritchie Bla nche A. R ive~t e Lawrence Ro binson Robe rt H. Robj,son J oe F. Rose nbe rg A lvin J . Rui! Wil lia m A. Russo Robere I. Selle FrM k R. Smith Dan iel P. Stagg, J r. W illia m C. Sla.,dud 1; 1 Ronold W . Str;.'l~~n l eslie F. Tan ner, J r. Ch d rle ~ T. Taylor Roland J . Th ibode :HlJ J eflY T. Thorn lor. Gera ld M, Tor,ore Woy ne B. Toups Gary P. Troscla ir William R. Tu rner Marilyn R. Vo!Jllee Charlene E. Ve rdier Mauree n C. Vode Gerold P. Wague spack Ed gM W. W olker J ohn 13. Wa lker J ohnny W. Walk e r Wi ll iam F. W as~ b Lrr. Erne st W. Wate rs Wi ll is R. W ells B:3rbafd C. W illiams J ames E. Wil'iams Bat路y J . W ilson Fra n~ V. Wt angoIs~i .Jr.

Associated General Contractors

(Student Chapter)

A. C . Bredonridge. Jr" pro$iden~ of the AGe in Monroe. FIRST ROW: Gerord Carbin o. Rono ld Tidwell, Williom Bur ford, Richord Bro swell. SECOND ROW: Frank Pen neboker, Sec reter),; Thome s Kemp. Thome s Brunt, Troosu re r: Billy>J ohn so n, Jomes McDonald. Vice Presiden t. THIRD ROW: Corl Cloossner, Pres ident: Billy C ru se , Gene Rodeu. Jeff Nopper, Sergeent.M-erms: LMey Pankoy, To mmy Tudor, He rvey Buford. Gory Ryder, and Jerrold Brodley, foculty Advisor.

The Associoted General Con· tractors Student Chapte r was formed on Aug. 4, 1967, to de­ velop an appreciation and under­ stending of the ideo Is and obiec­ t ives of th e AGe a nd to promote th e sa me to the students and to provide a communication link be­ twe.n th e studen ts of building construction ond the AGe of Mon­ roe. The orga niza ti on also seeks to acqua int the student with the present a nd future scope of con· st ruction practices so he may be better p repared for his future work. Membership is open to any building construction student with at least a 2.0 average . Among this yea r's guest speakers was John Hea le y II, manag ing representa­ ti ve on th e J oint Board for Set­ t lement o f Juris dictional Disputes.

Circle K Keith Honchey Preside nt

Gary Ou bre Secret..,ry

Corl Chelette Treasurer

Willi s Blackwell Michael P. Bloncherd George Horrigan

Steve Huffman

Nee l King Rusty Lovender

J ohn McCoy J ohn Reihell

Ke rl Rodrig uez WiJyne Smi th

Michael Stewli rt Gerold Wd guesp ock

Ci rcle K, a na t ional service Of­ ganizat ion, seeks to deve lop leadership, sc hola rs hip and cha ra c­ ter in young men. Membership is by invitation. The orga nization's ma in project is the sale of "colen. da r gi rl" calenda rs,

Collegiate Farm Bureau

Welter Coc hra n Presid e nt W illia m H . Bo yd Vice Presid ent E, Thurman A llan Sec re t o ry_T f e.!! su rer

The C olleq;ote Form Bureou, establ;,hed ;n 1964, is affilia ted with the Louisiana State Form Bureau and

enc ourag es interest in agricultural in dustry.

Membership is o pen to students with at least one semester of agriculture. Activities this year incl uded o field t rip to th e sugor co ne and rice areas of South Louis iana a nd a spring banquet. The group al so hod spea kers who discussed agriculture

an d related top;'"

Robe rt Sud!ey FrM Carroll Johnny C arroH

Rod ney R. CIMhon

Phillip l. Hill Tommy J on es

Nellin Trobeo ux


Demeter is a natio na l agricultural fraternity Wi ley F. Clement Presid ent J e rr y R¢g us Vice Preside nt

Te rry Joe l Smit h Sec re tory

Ri Cl'I rd o Esirod o Tre osurer G reg J ub e rt Repo rt e r

Thurma n Allen


Coo pe~

Jbseph Dowdy Ke nneth Did son Ronnie Hayes

leon P. Hilt Richard LMcoster DOMtd McMi llin Ffan~ O' H ara

Charle s Pe ntecos t Larry Sande rs

Arthur SpsMm en Richard Strong



ga nized to improve so ciety through the be tterm of ogr icu lt ure . Membership is by invitll tion. 1ft yeo r' s octivities incl uded hosting the nationlll c:OfIo ve nt ion in April li nd a spring bonquet.

Foreign Students' Club

The Foreign Student's Club is primarily fo r foreign stude nts but is also open to North American students who have lived in a foreign cou ntry and speok a foreign language. The group's activities co nsists primari ly of informal parties throughout the yea r.

Richardo Esho do Vice President James Ruker Secreto ry

Ziod Abu·Ro~hed J o~e A Avol., Anthony ChMg

CMlos H. Crul Vicki McCullen Slimir Mow.1ld Man ue l SamOIl!

Kappa Psi

Gamma Mu Chapter of Kappa Psi, or­ ganized in 1959. is a nat iona l pharmaceutical frc'lternity for men. Kappa Psi seeks to de· velop professional ethics a nd a better under­ standing of pharmocy. Membership is by in­ vitation. Activities this year included smokers th roug hout the yea r, a heart drive, a diabeti c testing ond coope rating with National Ph ar­ macy Week.

Kenne th Mou ho t Presiden t Ted WlJre Vice Presiden t Jod Rhodes Secre tarv W illord Gu illory Treo su rer

Frllnk Armiger

Carmo n Bellin" Kerney Bourqu e

Will i"m C rossley

Jerel Ferguson Ka rl Ke ttle r



Horvey LeBos Lyn E"rI McCre.1l dy

George Mu nn


O~w6 ld

L.,wrence Robinson

Ronli id $tr<'lh" n

Woymon Tigrett

Gerald Waguespock


Home Economics Club

M~rg(Het Dayj~

Pre ~jd e nt

Judy Dillne Th omlls Vice Pres ident Glenda G oy le DlIvis

Sec retory Barbero Jelln Cornett Tre iHurer Lee 80udreauK

Reporter C hristine Jo~ Arkerm(ln Hisiorilln

Donnll SuslIn Adams Parliomentllrion ClIrolyn Sue NMI

Soc ill l Chllirman

The Home Economics Club. established in 1940. provides its members with training in group ~nd social lIctivities. Membership

is open to lJli home economics mlJjors and minors. Among the clubs attivities were lJ ChristmlJs porty at the Open Door Home. p~rticipa tion in the stllte conven路 ticn in New Orleans lind a ban颅

quet in May.

Florence Dionne Adorns linda Diane Bennett Judith Corol Cluchey Glynis Colemon Lindt! Cottinghom

Iylene Cruse

Jelln Ann DlIugllrd

RebecclI l yn n Edge C o nnie l ee EdwlIrds

Mllry A nne EdvilHd s

Ma rjorie Evons A nnatto Ewi ng Morlho Ann HlIOkins

Ru th Ann Holhowoy Dolly M. l llOgsto n Deloris Morsholl Ro bbie Morie Mc Millin

Po.lricio Ann Me li" Ndncy Virgini" Pete rs Miriom J e onne Poole Bre l"ldo Po sey

DonM Roe Pro g e r Cormeri", A. Slim p ogM ro l o ttie Simmons Kristin Marie Trichel J o Ann Vilemon t Eilline M. Wo lker


Industrial Management Club

The Industrial Manageme nt Club was or­ ganized in order t hat the ideas and practices

Thom as Gew in 2nd Vice Preside nt Robert Bu tler Secretory-Treosu re r

of indu stry could be related to the students. This was don e through a field trip to a steel manufacturing






several speakers on la bo r organizations. Other ,ctivities included a fall bar-be-que. Member­ ship is open to industria l manageme nt

with at least a 2.0 average.

rn:aiors '

The Lettermen's Club was established to Ke nn e th Bowmon promote the position o f athletes on campus E. Lee Wal ton and in campus affairs and to serve as a soc ial or fraternal organizatio n for the wea rers of the NL emblem. The org anization also en­ courages th e development of a proper and

lasting school spirit among all North east stu­ dents. Membership is selected from students who have earned at least one va rsity letter in

Lettermen's Club

a sport that contr ibutes to the award ing of

the AII.Spo rts Trophy. Social adi vities spon­ sored by the cl ub were a Homecom ing Day

luncheon, an informal dinner in November, a Ch ristmas party and a spring dance.

Robe rt Sc"fidel President

G lyntl So uIters Vice Pre sident Lorry J ohnson Treosu rer Don Charpio Historian

Vi dor Bender

C liH~ e Blake

J~me s Bodin

Joe B c ndur~nt

Allen BozemM

Ronnie Bou dre ~ ux

Rodger Bowman

Steve Brllsher

Joe CMa l

W~yne Cu nningham

David Davis

Bubblo Dupont

Thomas Eddleman

Greg Falk

Ker.reth Fr'th

Ron G~)C t lln o

Floyd G ibi'n

Wt! lter H"ys

Greg J ubert

J ~Mes Kirkendall

N:c LaBorbe ro Tomny Lewi..

Andy Mupp

Rober' Miano

AI Mi ller

Ricky Pe el

G en Rordow

D!!vid Reed

C1ar~ es Rogers

Charles Rohner

Larry Sdu i ~ers

Mel"i., Shows

Butch Shtlma1

Rorni o Suggs

BLIster Toms

J erry Vego

Cully W M ren


Modern Dance Club

Peggy LIlCour

President Sandr~ Key Smith

Vice President Donn{l Susan Adams SecretiHY

The Modern Dance Club was organized to promote par­ ticipation and interest in modern dance by giving students an opportunity to gain experience in dance techniques and

choreography through the presentation of formal and in­ formal dance programs. Membership is open to students with at least one semester of modern dance or its equivalent. The club presented a concert consisting of dances chore­

ographed by its members and sent several representatives to the Louisiana State Dance Symposium.

Emily Ann Bowden C~rolyn

Sue Davis

Roswitha Floyd Jllne Jllmes

Thersa Johnson Kllthleen McCoy

Sandra O'Riliion Brendll Perry Susane S{lunders

Northeast Accounting Club

Litrry Johnson D~n~

President Mouk

Secret~ ry- Tre~ su re r

The Northeast Accounting Club was organized to ac­ quaint students with the opportunities in the field of ac­ counting, to further profitable relations between the college and the area it serves, and to advance accounting education at Northeast and throughout northeast Louisiana. Member­ ship is open to accounting majors with a 2.5 average in accounting and 2.0 overall average. This year's activities included spring and fall picnics and several speakers who discussed various aspects of accounting.

Donald Atkins linda CMnah~n DMre11 Cross

Amy Flint Donnie H~mm James F. SI{lgle Johnllie Vines

National Collegiate Association for Secreta ries Freem on Slam per

Presid e nt Ela ine Torre

Vice President A nn Mon n

Recording Sec re t a ry Req iM G ovonq C o rresponding SecretllrY

J ec n C a rey Treasurer


Aospech BlIrlon 1111 Louise Berry Bonit~

K~thy Mooney Sor~h CIS ~cio P~tsy



The National Collegiate Association for Secretaries, established in 1964, provides prog rams and activities for st uden ts pursuing a secreta rial sc ience career. Mem足 bersh ip is open to secretarial science and business edu足 ca ti on ma jors wi th a cumulative 2.0 average. Among the associa t io n"s activities we re a fall "get-acq ua inted" te a. spring and fall init ia tion se rvices. a Ch rist mas party. a tou r of t he civic cen te r a nd a spring banquet.

PlI m David M ~r:: i o Edwerds linda Ei:: helberger JoAnn Femio Charlotte Fortenberry

M~ r~h~

Griff in

Vid j Anno Hallma rk

Beverly HC1Irn lindo H",hon

Roser.lllry Jeffries

Brendll Lindow Pam Mi ~ l s Glenna Powers Jan'ce Rogil1io

Brendtl Sm ith Eldoro Taylor

Vidi Tricher Sherry Usrey


Northeast Agronomy Club Thurma n Alle n



L-orry Sa l'1ders Vice· Pres ide nt Phi ll ip Hill Corres. Sec. J oh n C orro n Reporter

The Northeast Ag ronomy Cl ub was established in the fa ll of 1967 to develop leadership among ag ronomy studenh and to se rve as a trai ning organization for st uden ts interested in intercollegiate cro p and soil judging con tests. Member· ship is open to students jud ging contests. Me mbe rshi p is open to studen ts enrolled in an agronomy curricu lum or closely re­ lated fields of study. Guest speakers . t th is yea r's meetings inclu ded Mr. Mc­ Dermott , a marketin g special ist; Mr. Causey, ass istant coun ty agent for Ouo­ chi ta Pa rish; and Dr. W illis, Head of the Depart me nt of Agronomy at L.S.U.

William H. Boyd Robert Buckley Rodney Cl ot hon Wiley C lement G e ne Daigle Ke nnet h Dic ho ~

H ill Du rhom R e~ J on es

Richord La ncoster Charl es D. McM :l~ e 'l Mike Mo re ou Ch(lrle . Pe nt ecoit

Richard Robb ins

Terry Smith Arthur Speorm u. Rich-ord Strong J o hn W. Wanin s Mi chae l W ood en

Northeast Louisiana Geographical Societ

David More la nd Pr e~ id e n l

J im

P~r g erso n

Vice-Presi de nt So mue l Sm it h

Tre osurer

The Northeas t Lo uisiana Geographical Society was esta blished in 1957 to pro­ mote interest in geography as a pro­ fession a nd as an area of stu dy. Mem­ bers hip is ope n to an y studen t with at least one semester of geography and 0 2.0 average . The society started a $50 scholarsh ip fund this spri ng to be given to a n incoming freshma n. Other activi­ t ies included the selling of balloons at the Homeco ming and Delta State foot­ ball games and d spring sock hop.

Riley W. Bra Ha n Su 'a n Bro..... n Belty J o Butcher Willis R. C roik J a ck EVd ns

Ro ni:l ld l. McM oy Alfred Ro ..... ls. J r. Mich a el Sdher G regory Skinner, J r. Don E. Wa rre n

Northeast Honor Society

Co rolyn Phi lpot Presid ent Jim P ~ ff erson Vice -Pre sident Judy Hig h Se cretory

The Northea st Honor Society was esteblished in 1932 to promo te scholor­ ~h;p, fe ~ lowshjp and char~der a.mong its mem bers. Membership is open to stu­ dents wi:h at l e~st 45 semester hours

end a cu mulative average of 3.4. The orgon ization sponsored a spring

W onda Whitting ton Reporter J Met Hc)sie H is t o ri ~ n

Tom my Johnso n Pa rliome nto rio n

b~nq u et.

Gloria Abra ha m Ann Adtl ms Araen And e rs

S., nd ra Sli rne s

Brand:! Carso

So biH l i~n Co rbino

Pat C rowson

C!lrolyn Davis

Johr. Elfervig Betty Fisher

Alice Flint

Leigh Gregg

Sylvia G ustafsen

Mcx Hi ll

Beth Ann Huffmon

JeaneHe Hutto

Kris Kllh mor

Groh<'l'Tl Korb

Lindll Lowrance

~ \l i d


l ind!! Moore DM~ M o u~

Janic.e Novo!I k

Lou;s Pyla nt

J omes Roge rs

Deleres Roll ins

Cindy Rowe

Dllvid Sm ith

Penny Son 9Y

Cothy Spurge o n

Ch\'lrles Sulli ns

M/lu.-een Tu rner

Ch ori Bs W a lke r

Rj·o W,, /ts rs

Eugene Wa$hbvrne


Phi Alpha Theta

Epsilon Ta u C hapter of Phi Alpha Theta, a nat iona l honorary histo ry soc iety, was orga nized in 1956 to give

rec ogn itio n to students sho wi ng excellence in history and a high leve l of attainme nt in other fields of socia l science.

Marcia Fros t Vice Pre sident

Membe rshi p is o pe n to students wit h an overa ll 3.0 average

Beth Ann Huffmo n

a nd better than a 3.0 in at least twelve hours of history.

Sec retory路T r'eosure r Joh n Si nqu efield

Among thi s yea r's activities was an initi ation banquet at

the Paragon Cl ub in December. Speake r for the banquet wa s Dr. McGint y from Lo uisiana Tec h.

Hist orian

PO ~f jd

Ci ea l"

J oh n Denn is G eorg e G ree nlee DiM e H olle y Fred Young

Phi Beta Alpha Nu Chapter of Ph i Beta, a natio nal speech Kay W ill ia ms Preside nt linda La wrence Vice Pre sident

EUen Sm ith SecreiMY

Kare n Morris Tre <'Hu re r

and music fratern ity, wa s estab lished in 1959 to c reate and ma in ta in p rofe ssi onal sta ndard s amo ng students elected to the frate rn ity and to inspire t he m towa rd scholarsh ip and service . Membe rship is by invitatio n to WOme n in speech end music. The gr oup's major proiect fo r the yea r was a Supper

Theatre at the Parago n C lub.

P<1Im Btlrrios

Deid re C ruse

Rh ett" Harpe r

Co nn ie luttre ll Lindd Thompso n

Pegg y W ind ham

Ph i Delta Chi Beta Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Chi was organized in

1959 os ., na tional pharmaceu.

tice l frote rnity for men . Its purpose is to en足 c.ourage the devel opme nt of character, leader足 ship and scholarshi p. Membership is by in足 vitotion. Activities th is year included partici. pation in intramural spo rts and homecoming

f.stiviti.s. The highl ight of the ye ar was the onnual Mardi G ras Ball a' which time the Mardi Gr~s Quee n was announced.

A lfred G a udet-

Presid erl t

J ~sper Lovai

Vice Pre side nt

Reg9ie Lo bo I Correspondin9 Secret" ry Glenn L" l'Idry Re cordin9 Sec re tary Robed No rt h Tre<'lsu rer Eugene Eleazar Guard W oyne Toups Chaplain

Joh n B.!I ttagli "

Lyn n Becnel

Robert SeeM I R.ey Beooi t

Joseph Boswort h

Ch",les Brunet

Ron ald Bu cci

Steve Campo

DouglbS C~nc ienne H e nry C Ole ntre

Do"id DlIvis

J ames Downey

J oseph Doyle

lloyd Oup lonfis

Gord on Dupre

Richa rd Dun

Robert Flenikel"l Comile ,GOU;I; , Jr. Allen G uidry JOlla th on H a nchey

J eme~


Gorde n H OlVey

S<lmue l Herrod

J oe H09se tt . J r.

Ch a d es J a g ne<'l ux

WtJyne ,J o nes

Geo rge Kin g

Gregory LaMto John l llnds

Steven Mo d d ry

Ro b ert MiMO

Byron Millet

Noel Mitchell

Da vid Morris

Howord Mc C lellond

Phili p McCro ry

Arthur N e lson

C.... rle r Padd od

J ohn Pa l m is ~lIno

Th eo R"b b

Gera ld R" mirez

Tra vis Ree ves

J ohn Re itzell

Ti mothy Ro ~e n s t e in

Wi ll i" m Slond Md

Micho el Son nier

J " mes Vallee

J"d Washburne

Will"rd Wa shbu rne


Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

Eta Iota Chapter 01 Ph i Mu Alpha Sinlonia. installed in 1955. is " notional music fraternity for men o rganized to create inte rest in t he performance and compos ition

of American music. Membership is

by invi ta t ion to inte rested men st uden ts. This year's activities in­ clud ed Christ ma s caroling on Bayou DeSiard. a Chris tm as pa rty at the Ember's and serving as ushers and stllgemen fo r all recita ls.

P i~ll o -T e. Morri s: FIRST ROW (le ft to righ l ): Mr. B. M. H e llrfl8, Fa culty o!Id visor: Da ne Cruse; M i ~ e Mdnning. Sod ... ! C heir m<'ln; Denis Weimer, secret~ry; Tim Toler, Ron~ ld B r~~ h e r , Ernes t Merlo. J oe W illia ms, Sam Ne clIise. SECON D ROW: Louis PylMt, Bo b B r <'.l~hers . Georg e W ifbnscn, Sieve Jul ius, J oh nny Fr.'H1Cis, Wa lter G r~ y , A. C . BlIiley. TH IRD ROW: J o hn Pri tc hett, H istori an ; Thao Mullins, Phillip M li rshal l, Arnold Loe, Aliso n H<'.Iyes, Co r re ~pond ing Secretary; Bob Hargrove. P re~i­ d e nt; Tom Po rte r, Alumni Secre tMY. J o hnny Dun ham. FOURTH ROW: Pe rry Bell. Tommy Prisoc, Hill Durham , Glenn Pri ce, Werd en : David Smith, Bill Porter, Vice Presid e i'll.

Pre-Law Club J ohn Sinquefield P l'e~ ide nt

Bren d a H e nSley Vice President

The Pre- Low Club was o rg an ized in 1959 to achieve beHer under­ standing of the legol profession. Membersh ip is ope n to all pre­ law mojo rs. Activities thi s yea r

included a trip to Tulane Un ive r. sity in New Orleans t o attend 1I law semi na r.

George AII" in J oh n Bed ish Lee Cara m ma Do nald C re w

Morion Dupont Harv ey Hommond s linda Wa l ~ er O rum Young


Don Mc Koy Sec re tary· Trell,ure r Me lba Sie war t H isto ri<'.ln

Psychology Club

The Psyc hology Club was es ta blished in the spring of 1967 to promote inte rest a nd

C .., thi e S purgeon Pre , id ent" Sue l~ Borbe Se creta ry

partic ipati on in va rio us psycho log ica l pro j足 ects a nd to enco urage scholarshi p among

psychology students. Membe rship is ope n to in terested st udents wi th at leas t siJ( hours of psych o logy. The g rou p sponsored

mont hly spea kers O f films a nd had a spr ing bar-be-que at the home of Dr. Wa lley. Two fie ld trips which the cl ub took were 10 the Tulan e Primate La boratory at C ovington and to the Monroe Men tal Hea lt h Center.

Tommy J o hl"'son Trees urer Phil ip W irt h Pub li c Rel!l tion.

Ramona A lon Peggy lti C our H o ney Mll honey Don ne Parler M el ba YOL'n g

Rho Chi

Beta Chi C ha pier of Rho Chi, a na足 ti ona l


pharma cy

society ,


established in 1961 to promo te the ad 足 vancement of the p ha rmac eutica l sc iences thro ugh encouragement a nd recognition of so und scholarship. Membe rsh ip is o pen to

pharmacy ma jors with a 3.0 average. The orga nization rIIet mon t hly and had din ne r mee tings in November an d April at wh ich time new mem bers were initiated .

Marie C. Albe r ~ J oh n Wil lj~m A twood Anne Mary B~IIMd C<) rI T. Baug ue ss , Jr. J<'Imes Ke rney Bo urque

EdwMd A. Brec ht Srepn sn 0, BUria n M a rtin E. C loe ssn er Jr . Ben F. Coo per Da le H . C ro nk August G. Danti Th eodore H . Eid holt lana Murray Futch h~u l F. Geiger W illard l. HMri~on James Thom as Jad$on J o!aph H. Ke rn Ro bed P. Kn o lt Fran k W. Marlin C. Euge ne Watb ns

R<'I lp h M . Wil son

Lowre nce A lto n Ro bi nsen Preside nt Geo rge Lamar Munn, Jr. Vic e Pre$ide nt Fra nces Ford SrY<'ln Hisrorian

Scabbard and Blade

The 13th Regiment of Scabbard and Blade, Seb,HtiM Corb ino President Eve(etl e Roper Vice Pre sident

J omes Va llee Sec retory John Reihell

TreO$u r er MMk Brown Public Informot ion Officer

installed in 1956, is a national -military honor society to recogn ize outstanding student cadets and to promote the ideals and practices of mili­ tary education. Membership is by election only from outstanding advanced ROTC students. Activities this yea r included an annual banquet at wh ic h time new members were initiated , the Military Ball and a spring picnic. The organiza­ t ion also built a Physical Training Course which will be used by junior .-cadets prior to their going to summer camp. A mong the guest spea kers we re Gen. Williamson, commander of the 173rd airborne divisi o n in Viet Nom and the Sg t. Maj. from Ft. Pol k.

Roy Boud re llux Robed Cil vendis h Jilme~ Codrell Frilnk Gould




Kolb Jerry Rogers AI RuiI Jllmes Cully W",rren

Senior Board The Senior Board, installed in 195 8, is a na­

tionlll honor society for senior women which en· courages leadersh ip, scholllrship and charllcter among senio r women. Membership is by nom iflll­ t;on by the department heods and deans of outstMding junior women with lit least a 3.0 average. Among the group's lIctivities were lin open house during Homecoming, lin alumni ban­ quet in Februllry, co-sponsoring a Germon consul from Ne w Orleans and a paperback book drive

Kris Kilhme r President Gllyle Smith Vice President

MMY J<'Jne Minn ieM Secrehlry J OAM Filzzio Treds urer Lindd L~ w rence H isloria n-Repoder

for soldiers in Viet Nom.

Glorio. Abroham BeHy Fisher Alice Flint Leigh Gregg Beth Huffman

Judy Mcin ty re D<'.II'l O Mou k Conn ie Ped ro M<'Jureen Turner Sandy Ussery Joy Woods


Sigma Tau Delta

Bet. Zeta Chopter of Sigma Tau Delta. a national Engl ish fra­ ternity. wos ins tolle d in 1955 to stimu late interest in cre ative writ­ ing. Membership is

Corolyn Philpot President Janis M"rie Bro ndon Vice Presid en t

by invitation

to students earning a 3.5 average in first semester English courses lind on overall 3.0 average. Among t he group' s activities were fall and spring initiation of new mem­ bers, co-spo nsoring 0 Germon con­ sul from New Orleans and 0 spring banquet.

Alice Faye Flint Secretary

Jeanette Hutto Treasurer

8Mba ra Louise Smith


Monte Sua a",IIMd Nelwyn K. Bidley Rose C. Crane George Greenlee

C harle s He.rris Corole ...L. Jordon Judith A,· Mcintyre Fr"n ce~ Washburne

The Sociol Work-Sociology Club. established in 1964. seeks to promote 0 beHer unde rstand­ ing of the professional or social work and its rel~tjon to society. Membership is open to upper­ d~ssmen with ~t least six hours of sociology. This ye-a r's ~ctivit;es in­ cluded a C hristmos party for the child ren ot G. B. Cooley Retarded School, a m~gazine drive for the patients ot E. A. Conwoy Hos­ pital and a boo th for "Go-West" Day. Among the speokers for their monthly meetings were Mrs. Rus­ sell. a child welfare worker. Mr. Bob Hernand ez, a Vista represen· tative, and a sociol psychologist with A.A. M" gg ie Al le n Joyce Be"rden MMtho Butler 8et tye Compbell l"uro Croder

Roseli" McDuffie J udit h Michie A nn Miller Cindy Porle r Annette Ste....."rt

Social Work-Sociology Club

Bedy McCotl y President DOMo Soothe Vice Pres ident Pom P"r~ef Secreta ry- Trao Surer

Speech Arts Association

Ph ilip Mil niscolco

Pres id ent


A I~ in ~on

Vice Preside nt li n d~ Thom pson Tr e ~ s ur er

Conni e Lutt rell

Report e r Karen Morri s Hislori <3 n Jud y Ldslr<3 pe s P<3r1iam e ntari an

The Speech Arts Association wa.s esta.blished 1935 to stimulate interest in extracurricular spee activ ities, includtng dra.mati cs, radio, television a debating. Membership is open to all interested s dents. Miss Agnes Moorehead was guest spea! at the group's spring banqueL Other activ ities eluded the sponsoring 01 the speech lestivol.

Pe m Ba rrios J lImes BI<3d Di edre C ruse Ch este r C um mins Chuck Fulle r

ReH<3 HMpe r

lind <3 l <!l wrence Doroth y Moo re MMY Sh ermon Donn o Steve ns Steve Wilmont

Tuesday Night

Bowling League

Buday W r clngofs~i Pres ident Tim Tole r

Vice Presiden t Butch Hunter Secre tMy路T re<3su re r

The Tuesday Night Bowling League was organize in 1961 to encourage pariicipa.tion in bowling M to serve as a recruiting agen cy for the NLSI Bowling Team. Membership is open to ;ntereste students who are members of the American BowHn Congress. Members of the first p la ce team in leogL c ompe tit io n in the fall were Ga ry Tro scla ir. Bruc Crisler, Elvin Hartung, Pa t Ha rwe ll and Cy Holida Th rough co mpetition 01 the top ten league bowler th e NLSC Bowli ng Team wa s selected , Th is yea, members we re Jeff Harmon, C huck Ladd, Trell Ma ssie, Tim Toler and Buddy Wrongolski. The teo pa.rticipated in the Associotion of College Unic Reg iona.! 12 Games Tournament in Arlington, Te) Feb. 22-24.

Peter Ched Robert Edgec ombe James Horweli Robbie Hogue Wi lliom J ohns on

C hll rle s l odd Will illm McM a ho n

Fred Silverste in Gory Troseloir


Student Nurses' Association

The Student Nurses' Associa tion was or足 ganized in 196 1 10 stim ulate interest in the nursing profession: to promote p rofessiona l and social unit y among student nurses, and to participate as an active cons tit uen t in

the Student Nu rses' Assoc ia tion of Loui siana. Membership is open to nursing students. This yeor's activitie s included Christmas caroling

at St. Jose ph, 51. Francis, and E. A. Conway Hospitols and the Mary G arr Nursin g Home , distributing centerpieces and stuffed toys to each hospital and nurs ing home, making cMdy to raise fund s for t he state conventio n and heving a spring banque t. The group also won a third place sta te awa rd fo r an exhibit dealing wi th oppo rtunitie s for t he new g rad足

J ar. ice Nova k P re~ i de nt

Anne Roberts 1st Vice Pres ide, t Ma rgoret Parh r 2nd Vice President

P<!! m Sm i7h Corres ponding Sec retory Suzanne Kennedy Trea surer Virgin ia Ryland Hi storian l ind a Exte rka mp Porl ia mentll rion

uate nurse.

Judy all"(eIT Ga il Chouvin Janet Garrett Vickie Harris

Kay Hewitt



p!uj~ Johnson

Laurie Jo,es

Be lly Kirkham

Jan l !nq~to n Helen McAlmcnd Margaret McCu sker Melani e Marshall

L;nda Mere Mory lou Mi les J anet Nes~ Rachel PittMer, Noney Pounds

Kathy Sandrock Elen Schno ll Ko."en Sibley Wando s,toytO"l

Eh.,beth Stout Beverly Str~jn Pat Sturgis Pam Sull ive r. Ne'rne Thibodeaux


Student Louisiana Teachers' Association PatTier Ol H e rlevic Pre~ident

Ardan Anders Isf Vice Pr esid e n t Gene Le der 2nd Vice President

Maureer, Tu rner Sec rerary Sandy U~ sery TreM u rer

Judy Acree D i ~ ne AleXMd er Je nn ie A l e~o!lnd er

Lucill e A lirs Carolyn Arm strong Bruce AU 5t in Bon ~ie Bdldo

lynd 3 Bass C odas Beg ley

Fra nces Fee ze l

J dnic.:! MoeUe r

Betty Fish er Carolyn Fishe r

Jan N ee l

Sondy Ford Cyn t his Go lye!!n Pot Ga rd ner Morcio Gentry Dian d G lom b

Mary' FrO:,1ce, Na h1en M<'lrce ll o

New ~on

Marga ret Ogden Sh<'l ron P dr ~ e r Don na Parra H EI", ine P<'lyne

Charles Bell

Dono Gre en Shan non G ree n

Kaf ie Bell

Bon nie Greg ory


St;nr,y Gull ey

Myrtle Ph ill ips

Pa tri c iEl Ann G uready

Miriar. Poo le



Judy Black Li nda Bodi n

Mary A lice Bon ner ShMon Bcughter.

Brenda Perry Pes~e

J oyce Ha. le

Bren d<'l Redd

G re tchen Hilm el

Te res<'l Re d m~ n

Retia H arp er

Ka y Reg <l n

Catherine Bowe rs

M,s. Da lton Herrell

Ric ndrd Robe rtson

MMie E!oyd

C h", r! e> H:l-ris

Jod ie Rob inette

Babette Brodie Pa t Bra -he rs

~1 1H lh d H <lYs

Yvonn e Ru ,sell

Sdndra He rna nd ez

Mrs. D an Sawyer

Be Hy Brew n

Phyllis Higde n

KdY Schuh

Bobbi e Bruce

Judy Hilburn

J ohn B:ltT rll m

Kd theri ne Irby

Mrs. E. E. Schuh Do nr, a Scott

An ne Ca'T'lpbe ll

To mm y Joh nson

C hris ty Show

Millie C"rlr on

Unda Jones

Cynth ia Sherg alis

Ka t herine Caples

CI !lra Ann Keat-h ley

Mary Jedil Sh ipley

Pelt C orrall

J o Ann Ke ll y

A.., n Simmo ns

Bra nd" C<'HW

MMY Ann Kirkhll m

C<l rio Sm it h

C aro! C or fe r

Mrs. Leo Kordsmier

Susa n SpeJ rs

J elln C o rter

Aro h La G '·!l nge

Judy Th om os

Sue Cart lidg e

C on rod La ngl ey, Jr.

Mrs. Ly'ln

l ind o Ch opma n

J udy King Ldng ley

Joyca Vest.ed

N one,:, Ch lm

Ging e; Lepo rat i

Jean W <'l ll dCe

J a nice Cook

Frances Loll in ~IcC llI n<'lh<'ln

Ag nes Co rley

Ja nice

Jean Cro ig

Wa ndd McG ee

JeMs He e lMS C r<'li n

Michelle McG eewe r

Ro s<'l C rl) ne


~1c Hal e

Ty ne~

Franc es W ,,>~bu r ne Coro ly n W ebb Chdrlotte Welch. Belly Wh ite J <lc q ueli ne


Judy Mci ntyre

Janet Whit e

Ed win Davis

Sylvill Mo cel uch

J <'l nis W hite

Ma rgiHe t Ddvis

JUll nit<'l M<'l ins

W",nd<l W hitt ing ton

Sh aron Oby

Kitty Man key

J a net W illidms

A l'n Oe df

Lind<'l M <'l Ys

lind<'l Wi lson

Bobby Durh a m

Linda Mig uez

Fred W yley

Vivont'l€ Do ni e ls


The T, 0, Brown Cha pter of Stude nt Lo uisian a Teac he rs' A ssoc ia ti on, 0 NEA a ffiliate, was in stalled in 1952 to g ive p rofess io na l tra ini ng a nd rie nce to pe r­ son s st udying to become t eache rs. Mem· bership is o pen t o stu dents enrolle d in a te ac he r educa tio n cur ric ulum . Among th is year's act iv iti e s we re a t e a in Brea rd Hall hono ring new me mbers and e du catio n facul ­ ty, a fie ld tr:p to Ca p tai n Shreve High Schoo l in Shreve port and a dis play fo r Homeco min g. In O ctobe r +h e group heard a pane l di scussion o n "The Art of De­ sir ab le Discipline ," a nd in Nove mber saw de mo nst ra t ions on the use of video tape and closed -c ircuit te lev isio n.


Men s Residence Council

The Men', Residence Council, eleded by the respective dorms, cooperates with the Dean of Men's office in solv ing the problems of dormitory living. The Council's activities in­ Mid ey Corroll cluded dorm meet ings to discuss va rious prob­ Pres iden t Ca rl Ch elette lems of dormitory living. The Council' s activi­ Sec retary-T rellsu rer ties included dorm meeti ngs to disc uss various problems and several Ch ristmas parties.

DlIvid A ndrews Aso C. Ba iley Lynn Becnel PMcal Benas Do na ld Ca llai"

Bob Fle na en Michael Gothberg Ca rmel Graci Allen G uid,,,. Eu g e ne W as hburne

Women ' s Residence Council

The Women 's Residence Council, under t he sponsorsh ip of the Dean of Women 's office, is responsible for solving the problems of dormi­

tory li ving. They are elected in t heir respective

Sh erry C heek ~re si d e n t

Conr,ie Pi tre

Vice President

dormitories. Activit ies sponsored by this yea r's council were a Chrisi mas door decorat ions contest, an all re sident wome n's Christ mas pa r­ KMh y W ill iams ty, Md Mother', weeke nd Morch 30-31. The Sec re lary Judy Hi gh Council also constructs the rules fo r the "Resi· Trellsure r dent Women's Ha ndbook ," a nd tries o n-cam­ Mau reen Vocke Sociol C ha irman pus women students who abuse camp us wo­ _" en's rules.

S.,ndrc Andeaon Mary Bass Sandra Burlon Ju li~

Coll ier l aw'ey


Lorahe Law$

5<lrah lee Cynth ia Methvin le'~ Gail Olds M;ricont ~arh ~ ri!cill~ Solman Ch ery l Vesl/l l D· cr.e YOJrg


Women's Recreational Association

Th e Women's Recreation al Associa­ tion was installed in 1937 to encourage participation in a large variety of acti­

Judy Br40ch

vities. thereby contributing to total

President Sh6tOn Ye"fs

fitness dnd enjoyable use of le isure

Vice Pre.<.idant

Corolyn Tvmple Secret4ry Lind<'l Lettermon Trellsurer SU' M Irons


time. Membership is open to all wo·· men students. This year's activities in­ cluded making a display lor Hom.­ coming, giving a Christm os porty for th e ch ildren at the Louisia na Baptist Children's Home and pc!lrticipoting in

volleyball, basketball, toble te nnis, soft­ ba!l and badmin ton games.

Noncy A~ers Dione Boker Mory Lou Booth Roslyn Crosby

Pet Free lond

Woody Her(e n C4(olyn Kirkpo trid K4thy Stules M4ry Utley Lo is Wy~nt

The Northeost women's vo lley boll teom pl<'lced second in the Mid·South Infer­ collegiote Volleyb ll il Tourn<lm ent .



Wi th the addition of nine more positions the Student G ov ernment Asso ciation con足 tinues to leg islete student activit ies on ca m足 pus. Elect ed on nuo lly the SGA offi cers and sena tors ca rry much responsibility to the student body as 0 whole and to eo ch of thei r res pect ive sc hools indiv idually. Serv足 ing as a li ason betwee n the students lind the fa::u lty and a: dm inistrot ion is one of the Se nate 's ma in dut ies. The sponsorshi p o f the Tea che r Eva luation Progrltm w",s app lau ded by many during this past year. Th e SGA created, and olso he lped Ot 足 gan ize, the new Un ion Board to rel ieve the Se nate of some of t he ir duties . The SGA functions, not only as a govern ing body, but a s a rep rese ntat ive of the stu dent body's opin ion.

SGA OFFIC ERS : Delcllmbre. Rodrig ue::. Huffman. and C ulpepper.

SGA President, Steve helps Union Bocard

perso nnel orgllnize.


Steve Huffma n


Barry Delcambre


Nelda Culpepper


Karl Rodriguez

SGA Expands to ME

SGA Sen<'ltors: Ellend er, House, Casey. Butler, Ca rro l!. Didmon , W hite. W<'I /ton. Haynes , Eichel berger. Pa tte rson, G ree n, Yo ung , Cuthbe;t.

SGA Senators: C lark, C(l .... en d i~ h , Re a, Hidolqo. Anders, Bro wn , Polk, c.'e:etle, Wal ker, C orler, Bro nd o n. Carter, Pin nix, Kendricks , Giblin. A'wood.

owing Demands

Steve ¢nd Bob by ".se mble fu rn iiure in fhe SGA o ffice before the Union Bo ard moves in.

The Union Board was crea ted to provide NLSC with better and more varied enter­ ta inmen t and, also, to relieve the SGA of these duties. All wo rk is handled through six committees. The co mm ittees are as fol ­ lows: Big-na me Entertainment : Recreation: Movies; Hospitality ; Publicity; and Concerts and Lectures. These comm ittees and the five executive officers comprise th e Boa rd. Membe rship is held to 32 pe rsons, with one­ third of these being representoti ves of th e social Greek orgonizotions. The Boord moy be expan ded as more social Greeks come on campus. Ent erta inment fo r the year ran ged from Ca mpus movies to pOD con­ ce rts with such artists as -the Rose Garden a nd the Association.

Executi.... e officers: Presid e nt Rod dy Rodrig ue : Trea sure r G9ne L es~e r; Enf eddi nme nt Vice- Preside nt geve Hdnse n; St ud en t li re Vice- Pres ident Melvin Shows: ~nd Sec re­ tory J 9c.nette H utt o.


Ca mpus Movie Committee : John N ue bert. Ch airrn dn Betty Hutt o. Jed n De laney . iln d Jim Sikorski.

Union Board Founded

I Conce rts dnd Lecture s Comr'1i Hee : Eilline Tud· er o nd C ho irmM Dens PMri sn.

Hospitality Committee: Bul ch Corbino. li nd o Exte rblmp, K",y He ck. C hoirman Kathy MarMo. and Joe Deville .

Biq路Name Entertainment Committee: C hll irmM Mi~e

BllIn cho rd. Mal( Lig htsey. Ken GlIrrison . Md Pe ter l eBlI s.

Public.ity Committee: Koy Kin g. Gary Trosclll ir. C hlli rm on Phil Syverson. J im Good rell ul{. Recreation Committee: Chairman J ohn DiM ario!!. Don R o s~ . Milford Frye r, Toni Thorn hill. Bu t ch Hu nl er. and John Beck ish.


W.,rbonneh pro mo te spirit on ou r No rf h e.,s~ compus.

Warbonnets Are 45 Strong

Belie Fos ler, Ch eryl C.,nnon. Md 8e h y De rrow. Co路captoins Sandy Smith,


C~pt a i n

Wo rboO'l eis

suppo r~

c.heerle aders. 01 Fr idoy night pep ro ily .

Perro rm ing girl5 moke pe rfe ct ph otog raphy subj ecls.

Warbonnets is one of the most colorful organ izations on our cam足

p us. Forty-fi ve stro ng they can be see n a t pep rallies and ball games boosting the school spirit. Every Monday, W ednesday, and Frida y af足 te rnoons find the girls On the football field practicing for their Saturday nig ht show.

Anx io usly wai ting

O il

t he 5idelines, the Worbonn ets are ret'ldy to perf o rm. Wo rbonnefs

WO f ~

hord to m"Ke hc!l rf.time shows" suc.ce ss.


The MMch in9 Ba nd pa rii cip" les in the Homecoming pep r~lIy.

Percussion Ensemble DIRECTOR G ERALD D. UNGER J ohn Ab r¢ hom Corole C JMk

Don Cole Dion ne H¢rg rove

J erry C lorl

Dan Horrington

Victor Michel

Thad Mulli n$ Ed Peten

J ohn Pri tc hett J ohn Ru99 J oe $antamou ro

Woodwind Quintet Ch or loH e Crode tt G . Lowry Rigg in s


Eug e ne S. Zoro

J e rry W, Yo nce

Patti Mullin s

Musical Arts Trio Ford Hi ll Piano

Palri d

Milton Ryan

Sim p~on

Ce llo

Viol in

Mixed Chorus

Pa hiciil Free man

Peyton Griffis MMqO Ha ll DOrl <!lld Hbun Wilndd H ib beh Wolte r Hu ffmean Pam KulJ Cheryl l aDart Kay lee

C la ude re Gil breath

Bra ndi'! l i'1dow

Carolyn Ph ilpot Linda Pierce Mo ry H e len Pri ce

Bev ed y Groves

Diona Lowe ry

Ra ndy Ra mbo

Co nd a Tro '(ler Cha rl es Vano Mon ica W illiam .

'Na lt er G r<'l Y J a me s G riffis

Sarah McCoy

Ba rbMd Rae)

Sa od ra

G lyo Mc Ke ith e n

J a mes Ri c he y Rebecc<!I RinehM ~

Elizebeth Wood

Gloria C.,sti llo David Chllpmlln

Hannah Crews Tha d Davis B a rb<'lr~


Ro nal d Flurry Mol'fha Fore

Err'l â&#x201A;Źst Merlo George W illiam G eneva Patricio Kelfh er n

Mill e r Mer roe Mo rris Pofterso n Peek

Kay Robins on A nn R~dde n

J ack R\.:ff J a nic e Sm ith W ill iam AI .:.n Sm i th

Beverly Straub Judy Te mple


Wili ~or)





She rry All en

J oyce iyn G.:dvani

Debb ie Midd leton

DdVid Smith

Shei la Armstrong Dor. Bell Dia nna Boose Steve Boyt e Nancy C hapma n

Ken ne t h Ga rri son

Ma ry J ane Min r,ieor

Bor bora G il bert Pl'> t Gu'oed y

B"rbara Ni chols Phylli s Nield

G"yle Sm ith Pegg y Sorey

Anno Ruth Stone

J essie HB mmo ns John J"chon Rosemary Jeffries

Ronn ie Pork s Bi! 1 Porler

A~h ley

Tom Porter To m my Prisoc

C lint Thornton

Jo ne t Lloyd Coro l Dano

Cogdell Cole Craf t Cruse

Dole li ne r

Do ro th y Ellie Ne lda Emfinger

Marty Sto ne Stovclll


W iiey McClary

C laudio!! Robe rts

Pol Trud n& k

Chades Mclain Phil MOr.>ha ll

John Robinson C indy Rowe

Be tty W aaer Darre ll Wo s~a m

Ray mo nd M e ;'! rs

Sa m Shamb li n

Louisiana Brass Quintet

John H. Thyhse n

Rona ld O. L"ng


Sy~ e$

Jerry W. Vance

George A. Webster

John D. Upchurch




B~i l ey

Cynthio 3e!l PhM8; Corder To~ de Iii Brelonne

Johrny j:r~rcii Gary Gd Ilew,) ")'



Steve julius Arrdd LCl8 Mike Mdnning Ernest Merl<::l

Louio Pylant

Sandra Stimpson Jim Tidwell

Thomas Rdler Doniel Ryan Michael Smith

Pohicia T rudnak Charles Vllnn George Webster

Sal""'l Necaise

Thad Mullins

Music students prepMe to depart for an out-of-town engagement.

CH RISTIAN SC IEN CE President-Frank Pennebuker Vice -Preside nt-Joy W oods Secretory-Alice Haynes Treas.urer-O'Brie n Richards Sponso r- Dr. _Glenn Powers

NEWMAN C LUB Presiden t-Donald Mill. r Vice-President-Lorraine Laws Record ing Secreta ry- Penny Songy Cor res ponding Secretary- Charlene Verdie Treasu rer-Eug ene Eleazar

Religious Centers M One o f the Pha rmacy professors spedks e t " Churc h of Chfi ~ 1 mee ting.

Me ny


P re~byteti ~ n


find the Westm inst e r House a perfect pl6ce to meet wi th frie nds.

CANTEBUR Y SOCIETY Preside nt-David MeGee Vice-President- Dale Da.vison Secretary-T reasurer-Cathy Spurgeon Chapla in-Rev . Ric:hary Wilson


sere nod e

Presiden t


M rs.

Wc!ll ke r

o uring


piritual Needs

BSU' e rs st uff pop corn b.:ag s for the W elcom e PMfy q iven in the Fa ll to introduce Fre sllrner..

C~r"stmos spirit W,H porl t.:ayed oS Cothol ic studen t! helped d eco ro!l le tile N e wmM ce,..te , du ring t he

holidoy set! son.


WESLEY FOUNDATI ON Pres ide nt-Robert C ollins Vice-President-Pat Crowson Secret a ry-Janet Haste Trea sure r-Alice Flint Director-Rev, Roy Nash

The se st uden ts he lped organ i't8 o ur newe d rel igio us orga nildtio n o n ca mpus, Ch i Alp h ~ .

Th e d e n ot the stude nts to rel <'l x.



W e.ley




L~\l orii e


fo r



Ba p tis t sfud e r1h get "cquainted a t t he Fa ll party he ld on t he

BSU I.., wn.

CHI A LPH A Pre side nt- Tommy J ohnson Vice- PreSid e nt-Donald Hearn Secreiary-Diane Parrott Treasu rer-J oyce Nug e nts Chapla in- Rev. David Savage

WESTMINSTE R FOUNDATI ON Preside nt- Billie Porter Vi ce-?residenf-Jack Kenn edy Secretary-Donna Porter Treasurer- Kathy Hollis Directo r-Mrs. Marcus Mapp

n.e r"lll gc)zin o fc)d ~t t ~EI W es ley Hou~e kee ps the ~iudents U.O 0 0

t he III lest hopp eoi ngs..

St. Tno mdS Ep ;s<: op~ 1 C hu rch



foe o/ po ir,l

fo r ~I I


Cnn/ ebury

Soe ie ty"s

"cli vi ti6' ~.

Students Keep Centers Active Me thodi st s tud e nts re !(lx at the W e ~ l ey H o u ~e ..... hich ove rlooh th e ba you.

BAPTIST STUDENT UNION President-Fred Young Vice-President- Mike McFarland Secre tar y- Linda Freeman Business Manaq er-Jerry Moore Directo r-Jerry Johnston


Pow Wow Relates News and Views

Th e Pow Wow staff at Northeast is responsible fo r p utting out

a week ly ca mpus newspaper. The staff members, along with journ alism students , meet at " lab every Tuesday aftern oo n from I :00 until 4 :00. Mo st of t he wo rk is done during this lob, however, th e Editor

and Associative Edi tor 's job is never fin ished un til t he pape r is ou t. Th e Pow Wow comes off e ach st ud e nt body. A Pow Wow a nd t ypist , bu t

goes to p ress d uring th e midd le of eac h week and Friday mornin g at wh ich t ime it is di str ibuted to the stoff me mber must not on ly be a g oo d new s report e r he mu st olso b e ob le to edit copy ond draw loyou ts .

He must hove the ability to ap pea l to the stud ents and th eir various inte rests. C leve rn ess a nd o rigi na lity must a lwa ys be present in his

art icles. The Pow Wow serves No rtheast as a campus news media and as a li nk between campus activif es a nd the student.

BOB MOlCA NY .... • • . . • .. . •. .• . • . . . ... Ed ito r-In-Chief

Ad\li ~o r

TED HOLMES .. .....

Bob Molc<"Jny. Ed itor. <"J Hisls C harles W a lke r in writing an M tid e for the next iS$ue 01 Ihe Pow Wow.

DEE C RUSE . . . , . . .. .. .. . . .. .. .. ... . . .. . .. . .. . . .

A%o ci<"J te Ed itor

, •



~ "



1'4 ,. 1111 ~"

.y 111


U wllo




Itlllll II ~,._I:I


Bu siness M3noger

CONNIE LUTTRELL , .. , .. ,' Socidy Edi tor

DO ROT HY RAN Ey .. .............. .

News Edi tor

Garrett Steo;}rns opproodes Lindll Thom pson in <'!I n empt to get he r views on th e curre nt

Pow Wow polt.

RANDY SM ITH ....... • ...•..... , Sports Ed ito r


Chacahoula Editor Has Mixed Emotions



arrangement of


book-assigni ng pictu res-dra win g la y­ outs-wri ting copy- t edious ho urs of checking and re-checking-fi nd ing out " what " was happen :ng "when" so a

photographer could b e present-and always hav ing your nose in someone

el se' s business so you could tell their story in pri nt: Th is is t he type of

life a Chacaheula stoff member leads throughout the year. The ta sk of presenti ng to t he stu­ den t body a true- to-life pictorial 01 a college is not an eas y o ne. It requires ma ny hours o f work and creation o n

Ihe part 01 t he sloff members . The 1967-68 C hac.hou l. staff under Ihe leadership 01 Ed itor, Wanda W hitling­

ton. has attempted to produce a year o f No rtheast school life for its students t o enjoy now and in the years to come.



Editor-I n-Ch ie f

Asso<: io te Ed itor

O'BRIEN RICHAR DS ...... . . BlJ siness MM lIger

BERT AR DOIN .. .. _.

Advho r

PET ER l EBAS ..... •. .•...•..... Staff Assistont


BRENDA POSEy .... ... . •...... A$sistonf Ed itor

GARY POO L .. . ....... A ssistonl Ed ito r

PH ILl P SYV ERSO N ... . A 5~ i st<Hl t Edito r

JAM ES BI CKFORD ........ .. . . . .. ...

SHARON O DEN ......••... . .. C l er~

Spo rt s Editor

PEGGY GIBBS .. ...... . . .. .






Photographers Capture Student Life


Th e phot ogra p hers at Northel) st are re足 spons ible for to king pictures a s well as

develo ping and printing them. The y work in co nne ct ion with both student publica足 ti o ns o n campus , the Pow Wow. Th ey are th e pictures in t he brochures sent out to

Chacahoula and the also respon sible fo r various d epa rtment prospective st udent s

of Norfheost. These fou r lads are mo re than phor o足 gra p he rs. The re are mony times when they

must go through

unusual procedure in

order to get a particular kind of p icture.

They must always be on standby for they may be a ss igned a pict ure at any ti me足 whether it be Sunday afternoon, early Monday morning, or holida ys.



.. .



- - ,"I

Top ; BO TT O M ROW; More W olf. M"d Mt)rsh Md Don G uyton, MIDDLE RO W : Da na Tud er !lnd J~H; i s Brc. ndon. TOP ROW : JMe t Hood, BoHom : looks like our boost ers Neese g a me .

h~ ... e

roped ., cowboy be fore the Me·

J.,nis Brandon

Mack Mo!Irsh

Sp urring Nort he ast onto ma ny victories t his year were che erleaders J an is Brandon. Da na Tu cke r. Ja ne t Hood , Ma rc Wolf. Mod Ma rsh , and Don Gu yto n. The c hee rleade rs worked d iligen tly to promote Northeast sp irit to one o f its aU t ime pea ks. Pep ral li es we re he ld for each home ga me and for the Lou isiana Tech game. The che erlea d ers were a lwa ys prese nt to see the foo tball squad off to the games away from ho me. Always improv ing . the chee rlead­ ers prepared va riou s o ther spirit campai gns through­ o ut t he year. Sport in g a ne w crest. t hey created en thusia sm whe rev er th ey wen t . Last summer the Northe ast spir it booste rs pa rt ici­ pat ed in t he Sout he rn University Studenl Govern­ men t A ssocia tion Spirit Sportsman Workshop in Hattiesb urg. Mi ssissipp i. During the six-day compe­ titi o n the No rt heas t chee rlea de rs captured fourth place in fin a l compe t it ion. Th e cheerl eaders' spo nso r this ye a r is Pat Garrett. MMCUS d e monstro tes one 01 the m"ny ., c ro b" lic fe oh Ino t the cheerle" de rs pe rform d uring foo/ba ll season.

Dana Tu cker

Marcus Wolf

Jllnet Hood

Don Guyto n

Cheerleaders Capture 4th Place at Camp

Th e ch eerleaders seem to olwoys "bee f路 up" NLSC pep (", lI ies.


Wallace Hargan Offensive Backfie ld C oach

Charles Martin Tra in er


Dixie B. White Head Coach

Lynn LeBlanc Defensive Line Coac h

Ralph Lane Defensive Backfie ld Coach

Bill Dotson O ffe nsive Li ne Coach

r SniNG- LeoMrd Wilson. Woody Ctlg/'ooltlfti , Cltlrk BI ~ k e, Didi e HMder, Joe Bondur" nt, Th omtl s Edd lemen, Nic LoB orb ere, Bobby Sc.,fido l, M elvin Shows, Ga rard Dupont. ClItl Pitre, Tom Miller. KNEEl JNG-J immy LeoMrd, Ste ve Broshe r, Ronnie LeBlon c, Ron nie Bou drellux, Don Ryder, A ndy Mapp. J immy Atl rons,

Wo yne

C un ningham , Lorry

Johnson, Greg Jubert. Carroll Hoover, Bob Peeue, Ross D,wis. CROUCHED-Ron GoetoMo. Floyd Giblin, Jim Chappe ll, Jim Powell, Ni cky Pere' , Ken ne th HoilMd. Chorles Rohner. Joe Profit, Ni.. Mi ller, Weyne Motherne. Clyde Fullilove. A I M iller, Steve Mo nsur. STAND ING-Vic Bende r. And y Housley, Ben Teekell, Gory Strowhun, Allen BOlemol' , Ken neth Frith. Charles Rogers, Tom my Lewis. Bob



Reisiq, Roger Bowmlln, Butc h Shum o/'t , Jerry Vego.

NOT SHOWN- Howa rd Swind ler.

1967 Football Schedule NO RTHEAST


Henderson Stote 33 ... . . . 10 · . . . . . . . . Step hen F. Austin 14 , . , . . . . . , . . Northwest ern 14 · , . . . . . . . . . C hattanooga 7 ' . . , . ....... McNeese 30 .. . . . ...... . Southea stern 17 · . . . . . . . . . ' . Southwes t ern 12 ... . ' , .. East e rn Michigan .. .... ... Delta Stot e 38 2 1 .. , .... " , . , Lou isiana Tech


. .


September Sep tembe r September Odo ber Odo ber O cto ber O cto be r Nove mber N ov ember N ovember

16 23 30 7 14 21 28 4 II 18

.. . ...... ... . . 0 . . . .. . . .. . . . , . 0 . . .. .. .. . .... , 2 1 .. , .. .. . . , . .. 2 1 ., . . . . ..... , ' . 8 . . . , . . . , , . . . . 14 . . . . . . , . . .. 6 . . . . . . , , . . 10 . . . . . . . . , . 17 . . .. . ... .. . ' , . 14



Season Summary

For the seco nd con sec utive season, N ortheast louisiana fin ishe d with a 7~3 re co rd. The Tribe ,

which gained t he 19th positio n in the Dunkel In ­


of coll ege division teams, ti ed for the ,fun nerup

position in the G ulf State s Conference wIth a 3-2 total and the highest fini sh fo r the Indians in con­ fere nce play since they en te red the GSC in 1953. The Indians led the co nfe rence in total defen se wit+. 1I 224.4 average whil e a 97. 5 averag e on pa ss

fo urth. AI Miller with 36 receptions o cc up ied th ird place in recei vi ng . Torn Miller wa s fifth in puntin g with a 35.4 average. Northeast set anoth er first with its second straight wi n over Loui siana Tech. In addition th e 1967 dub became one o f the fine st t eams in the

co ll ege's hi story a s the '67 Indian s set 19 new

defense ranked fi rst. The Tribe a lso notched th e

standards. Team record s we re est ab lished in two ca tego­ ries . Averaging 91.6 ya rd s per game pass ing, the

runnerup spo t in rushing


Tribe bro ke the 1951 record o f 88. 1 yard s a game.

team ra nked thi rd in tot a l o ffense with a 318.0 I!Iverac;;e , second ip ru shing offens e and fourth in

Th e other tea m record was notched aga inst South. weste rn as the defense limited USL to a minus on e ya rd pa ssing. Indi vid ual record s we re se t by end A I Miller,




In the individual GSC stati st ics, Bobby Seafidel wor, the rus hing crown with 63 7 Jards, the mo st 819 yard s in yords si nce Aub rey Wa de g aine 1956. Steve Monsur wa s fou rth in ru shing with 459

ya rds and fifth in tota l o ffen se. Terry Rei sig ca p­ tured the f ourth position in pa ssing with 4 7 CO m ­ plet ions. Howard Swindler's 42 poin ts were seco nd in sccri n~ while Clo rk Bla ke's 37 poi nts finished

who bro ke four standards: Sea fidel , who ti ed o ne

reco rd and broke two oth e rs; quarterback R~isjg, who brok e one record a nd tied two other s: Man­ sur, who broke two reco rds; Bu bbie Dup ont with two standa rd s; Bl ake wi th two reco rd s an d Th om .

as Eddleman tied a standa rd.

AII-GSC Offense

All-American AP First T earn



Bobby Scafidel

Larry Johnson


Corne rback

Joe Bondurant

Gua rd

Wayne Cunningham


Vic Bender

AII-GSC Center

GSC Outstanding

Lin eman

AI Miller End


Charles Rogers

Ta ckle

Sieve Milnsu r go in s yordoge as Corl Pare ond Joe 8onduro nl leo d the blocking in the seO$on opener.

Henderson The Northeost Indians o pened th e 1967 season with an impressive 33-0 victory ove r H enderson

St.te [Arkadelphia, A rk.) in Brow n Stadium. Tribe touchdowns were scored


Carl Pitre. Ron

Gaetano, Joe Profit. the fi rst Negro to wear a .thletic uniform, Allen Bozeman and Steve Mansur. Ben Teekell kicked an extra point and MMsur ran an extra point.

Stephen F. Austin After a scoreless first half, the Northeast Indians recovered in the second h.lf a nd scalped the Stephen F. A ustin Lumberjacks 10-0 in an intersec颅 tion~1 encounter !!!It Nacog doches, Tex:.

A second hol f touc hd own recepti on by J oe Profit of a Steve Mansur poss and a fi e ld go. 1 .nd PAT kick by C I.rk Bloke provid ed th e winning mo r路


Clark Blol:e <'l ttempli to tu rn the end d9" inst S. F. Aus tin.



The Northweste rn State Demons defeated a gallant Northeast squad 2 1-14 with the a id of an a i-ya rd punt re turn at Natchi足 toc hes. Ind ian touchdowns were recorded by J oe

Profit and Terry Reisig. Clark Blake kicked two PAT's.

Chattanooga A last quarter sco re by the Uni versity of Chattanooga gave the Moccasins a 21-14 victory over Northeast in an intersectional battle in the Te nn essee city.

The Tribe, which led in the first half 14-6, gat he red their points on scoring plays by

Bobby Sea fi del and AI Miller.

Steve Mansur hMd s off to AII-GSC fu ll bll d Bobby Set-fide l in t he Oe mon game.

Lo rry Johnson seh to male a t<ldle in the Northwestern game as RO il G el clelllO <lnd W el yne C vnni ng hel m ol so cnMge ill fo r t he tel die.


SLC Win First Since 1958

lllrry Joh.1son lind Chll d es Ro hne r c lose in fo r Ihe t(l d le ag oin it Soufhe c1 sfern.

McNeese A lost quorter touchdown and


two-point conversion

po" en. bled the McNeese Cowboys to corral the Indian s 8路7 in a GSC contest at Brown St.dium. Northeast scored on Steve Man su r's TD .nd CI.rk's PATkic\.,

Howord Swindler swee ps the end for " roUge 9a in og(l ;nst the Lions.

Southeastern Northeast exploded for 20 points in the first quarter and then c.ged the Lions of Southeastern 30路 14 in the home路 co ming game ot Brown Stadi um.

The Trib.s GSC win wos paced by touchdowns from How.rd Swindler, Ron Gaetano . nd AI Miller. C lark Blake's three PAT's and a field go.1 roun ded out the scori ng.


University of Southwestern

Northeast bounced back from a 6-0 halfti me deficit with {) crushing g round attack and a st ub born defense to ha nd


Uni versi ty of So ut hwe stern Lo uis ia na a 17- 6 d e fe a t at t he 'Ra g in' Ca jun s' ho mecom ing.

Afte,- USL', Roy Pe nd erg raft bcked two field goal, in the fi rst half, t he Red skin, generated touchdow n, by Bobby Scofide an d Howa rd Swindler. Clark Blake co ntrib uted a field goa! and two extra points.

Eastern Michigan University

La st half touchdown s by Howard Swindler an d Steve Mansu r gave t he Northea st Indi ~ n s a come-from·beh ind 12- 10 victo­ ry ove r in tersection a l foe Ea ster n Michigan University a t Brown Sta d ium .

The Tr ibe came to life in the second half with a powerful run ning ga me and a strong defense'.

Ter ry Reisig ~ tte m pts




Bob by SCellid tt i bloch in the EMU

H O. . . Md Swind le r hurd les ~ p la yer in the Eo. lern M i c h i g ~ n g <l me .

go me .



. :: .

Ch~rl es Ro hn er c hMg es

in to mo ke t he t <"ld le in the EM tem Michig an co nt ~ ; t .

Delta State

Terry Reisig led a 2B-point second half scoring effort th at en6bled the Ind ians to gain a come-fram-be hind 38-17 win over the Delta State Statesman at Brown Stadi um. Reisig ron fo r two to uchdowns and threw for two TO aerials to Howard Swindl er and Floyd G iblin. Bobby Scafidel scored a TD and Clark Blake kicked five extra po ints an d a fiel d goal. Clark Blake tied his own record se t last yea r with t he fi ve extra poin t kicks against t he Sta tesman.

Howud Swi nd ler lind Bobby Scafida l lea d th e block in g for Steve M ll n ~ ur.

Ckorle, Rohner <'lnd Kenneth Frith ru sh th e p<'mer in th e Delt a State game.

Indians Wreck Tech for Second Straight Season Northeast, led by Bobby Scefidel's reco rd brea king 160 yards rushing, crushed Louisiana Tech 21-14 in a GSC bottle at Tech Stediu"" How,nd Swindler sco red two touc hdowns and Ron Gaetano added a TO while Clark Blake rounded out the scoring for the Tribe with t hree extra po ints. The Indians' second co nsecu ti ve victory over Tech morked the first ti me in Northeast history for straight win s. Se,fidel broke the 1963 reco rd for rushin g in one game with his college-ending 160 yard performance and his 29 carries tied Mother reco rd.


Vic Bender, Ce nter, Se nior, No rth Mi a mi . Fla. 1967 A P AII.A me rica n first t ea m, the firs t In­ d ia n to make a wire servi ce fir st ' ell m; 1967 Ame rica I'! Footba ll Coac hes Association AU · America n first tea m; 1967 GSC Out standing Linema n ; AII·G SC 1967. 1966 Coaches Team; )966 Spo rts Write rs Tea m ; 2 yr. letterm an lit Northe ast; ha s pl ayed nea rly every offensive pla y for the Ind ion s ill his two years ; Signed a p ro contract with the St. Loui. Cardi nals of the NFL.

Joe Bondurant, Offensive Gu ard , Senior, Sicily Idand. 1967 G SC COllches Tedm: ) yr. letter­ mall; p lo!lyed reg ular lit middle g uard os fres hmllO; storied lost yelJ r a nd t his ye ar ot g Ud rd; toug h a nd ogg ressive blader: a tre· mendous pull ing g uard. Aided Tribe to be· come one of the best rushi ng tea ms in th El con ference.





Bobby Scafidel, Fullba ck, Senior, C hd lme tie; 1967. 1966 GSC Coac hes Te am; 1967 GSC Rushi ll g Cha m pion with 637 Ydrd s, the high­ est total by Trib e back in over a decade: 1966 rush ed for SSg yard s: 4 yr. lette rman: Coree r totals: Rushing ( 1579) C orries (J89) Averdge (4. 1) TD ( II) Tota l Points (6b l. McN ees e 's a nd North we st ern's all.oppone nt tea m in 1966; Gre dt blocke r : Defensive slMt­ er as freshman and .ophomore ; 160 yards "goinsl Tech-si ngle ga me record os well liS 29 cMr ie$j 142 se oson cdrries also re cord.

Wayne Cunningham, linebacke r, Senior, Go r­ den C ity. 1967 GSC Coaches Te am; 3 yr. let­ te rm<'ln: the ted m's leod inq tadIer wit h 51 in­ divi d u~1 sto ps Md )9 assi sts , odde d two re ­ covered fu mbles; ) yr. sta rter at lineb a der Interce pted 3 pllsses in coree r; hlls good o b ilit y to read ploys ; a steady perform er.

Larry Johnson. Corn e rba ck, Senior, Baton Ro uge. 1967 GSC Coaches Team: third on fedm in tack les with 37 individua l to dles and 19 ~m ish: inte rcepte d 2 passes in 1967; as fr e sh man , later pla yed offen sive switc he d to CS; 3 yr. lette rman : intercepted 7 pas~ es for SO yards in his coree r; hold, sea son inf erce ption record wi th 3: helped ma ke defen sive un it the bes t in G SC; honor $tude nt.


Charles Rogers, Defensive Tadle , Se nior. t on Rouge . 19b7 GSC COlJches Tea m; 4 leHe rmlJn; equlJ lly effedive on o ffense we ll os defe nse; Biggest pi oyer on squad 24S: Aggressive on d steady p laye r.

Bo· yr. as lJ t

eftarl" Rohner, Defe nsive End, Senior, BlIton ROJqe. 1900 AII-GSC Cooches Te llm ; 1907, 1966 McNeeso oll-opponent tellm; 4 yr. let­ terman; mode 30 individu ol tadles ond 24 lusish in 1967; biq ond ruq ged: inte rcepted I poss.

Attdy Mapp, Offensive G UlHd . Senio r, Mon­ rce. Made McNeese'$ oll-o pponen l t e a m in 1900' ) yr. storter a nd le tterman li t g ua rd; teomod wilh Send er and Bond urant to give the Indillns the f n e~t offensive line in the eonference. Qu id a nd ag ile.

Thomas Eddle mon , Sofety. Senio r, Denhllm Sp ring s. 4 'If. IcHe rmlln a nd stade r; mode 32 ind ividual todles li nd 28 lI ssists th is yeor; in ­ t e rca.pted 3 pa sses fo r 42 ya rds; co-holder of Se<'lson intercept ion record with Johnson ; re ­ turned 12 punts for 83 yards: in te rcepted 5 posses ;n ca ree r for 114 ya rds: longest inter­ ception return of 62 yords vs. Tampa in 1966: good on pa ss cove roge ; retlds t he d evelop­ me nt of plays easily.

Nit LaBarb era , C ornerblld, Senio r, Amite_ .04­ yr. storler olld le He tmon; storte d 01 line b ock­ e r as fres hmM , can ploy al safely olso; j(\'e f­ cepted one po ss this season: mode 20 ind ivi­ d Ud l fo d les and 12 dssish ; interce pted at le~d one ptlSS in each of his fou r years; in­ te rce p ted 5 passes for 57 yards in coreer; did t remendo us jo b On oppone nts' to p receiv­ e r: lig ht b ut one of the most aggressi ve o n the teo m.

Ke nneth Holla nd , Defe nsi ve End, Sen io r, De n­ h.,m Springs. 4 yr. letterman: hod he ld until th is year the SMson record fo r receiving wit h 19 ca lch es; moved to d e feM ive end and be­ come on strong 01 end of 1966 se ll son; mll de 35 indivi duol lockles and II ossish lind re ­ cove red one fumb le during the 1967 se ason; g reo l a t rushi ng the pa sser as well dS con­ taining sweeps.

Sf-e ve Mansur, Quo rterbdck, Jun ior, Boton Ro uge. Versa tile player in 1968 with 459 ydrds rus hing : !li re"" for 358 yords on H of 75 atlem pl s: tellm 's lea d ing pu nt returne r wit h 232 yards on II re tu rns. one fo r 76 yard~: rlln blld two I: ickoffs for 40 ya rds; pun t ed once fo r 62 ya rds : scored 14 points; team's to lol offense lead e r with 817 yards; ] yr. letterma n M d ste rte r ; hold s one G SC stand a rd; to lol offense ledde r for lo st 3 i-ea ­ sons : :1 yr. CCl feer lo tals: (2326 1 Rushing (1 0841 Passi ng (1 2421 Toto l poin ts (38).


Howard Swindler, Halfbo.d, J uni or, Co Hon· port. Second in GSC in sco rin g with 42 po ints On 7 TO's ; Rushed for 306 yo. rds on 77 co.rries: Second in P <'1!.5 receiving o n t eo m with 15 for 117 ya rd s: Scored 2 TO' s <'Ig" in st Sou/hells iern (II"Id Louisi<'lna Tech: 2 yr. letter· mOon : Runs with power: good bloder.

Ron G<'Iotano, Halfbo.d , JU l"l io r. Mechon ics . burg. Po. . Third on t ea m in rushing wit h 323 y" rds on 5 1 co rri es: Hiq hest ove rege on t ea m wit h 6.3 : C eugOt 8 p"sses fo r 69 YMds: Scored 18 points: StMted o. s li l"ebod ef lost yeor: Moved to h.., /fb",d becouse of greo. t b lod ing o1lbility "nd ogg ressiveneu: Locks g reM sp ~ ed, bu t runs wilh Iremendous p ow· er: Ployed lin ebe der this yetll whe n needed.


Roiiig, O uarlerbod, Jun ior, Kilgore, J (l n;or college tra nsfer: Led the leom in p-,ssi nq wil h 47 comple tions of q8 los-ses for SID ya rds : 5 TO paHes : Scored 18 poi nts; Tolal offense 6 13 vMd s: Set s6<'l ~on records in p" ssinq wi th 47 complet ions: Tied records wi th QS o.ttempts for season o nd 75 '10 com pi e. t iM aqo il"st Henderson Slo.te: CM throw wit h o. ccu a nd variety of po ~ses.

Greg Jubert, Middl e Guard. J un ior. Fro1lnk lin . 196.0 AII-GSC C: o<'l ches Teo!lm, U M nimous choice: Sw itched fro m FB to offeMive gUlIord then to midd le ouard: O uid a nd hM abi lity t o read whe re play is g oinq: Co!Ime ou l for 'ellm wHh out scholorship as freshme'ln ; Slod­ ed 1I pu nt aq ainst Cha llon ooqo this year,

Floyd Giblin , Offen sive End , J unior, 8e'lto n Rou ge. J y r. lati erm (ll'\ o.nd st Mler 0. 1 tigh t end. Not big but does good io b of blocking : Ho.s good hMds lind co1lught 12 p6Sses for 144 yerd ~ ond o ne TD in 1967 ; In 1966 cou gh! 2 TO 's aqoinst Northwestern: 3 yr. Cll­ reef toto. ls: Recep+ions (29 ) Ytlrds (3441 To­ +,,1 Points (24 ).

Allen Bozeman, Ouo.derbed , J unior, Newell. Ion. Rese rve q uarterb"d who gOV9 Tribe qood dept h lit po~i t io n : Had good game aqoins' Henderson SI,~lf e with 48 Yll rd s Pe'l $s· jng lind 13 yord ; rushing ond o ne TO : He'ls good o!Irm <'Ind good plllY selector.

Te~ .

lutch Shuman , Lineboeke r. C e nt er, Sopho · more. l.6fllyett e . Fin! teom lir.ebader d uri ng I~ firs· Pllrt of the se050n. He fin ished 't he ICl67 ~eosor with 22 indiv iduol tll dl es lind 17 onish. He olso recove red one fu mble. H e has the sizs Md quicl:ness. An lIggress ive Ind nord· :,\oie compe t ito r. He C!'lme out for 1.lIm or.d eorr: ed schola rsh ip. He WlIS o!I reg­ ulor during the 1966 season afte r Ron Gaetllno WM injured.



Kicke r a nd Halfback. Sophomore.

ft. lauderdale, Flo . A II .G SC Kicker in 1966. Holds 011 Northe"st's ~ic~ing records in jus t 1"'0 lellsons: HlI s tw ice mode 5 st rlligh l el­ points 'n contes t ; H os twice made two FG's in 90me!: Finished second in scor ing in GSe 'n 1%6 wi·h 43 poin ts, oil by kicking: Hlld mo!lde 22 consecutive PAT lIHempts be­ fore this veor: Finished with 37 poinh this year, fourth i~ conferencp.: 2 yr. ca ree r to­


AI Mille r, Offensive End , So phomore, EI Do­ rado. 1967 AlI-GSC C ooche! Teom; Th ird in conference in receiving .... ;Ih 36 receptions for 436 Yo!lrd s, sco red 2 TD's: Se t four records -seMon-C otches (36) Ya rds (436 ) Singl e Game Catches (9) Yords ( 12 7): 2 yr. lelte r­ man. Career 10t"ls: Re ce p tions (40) Yords

{m) TD {J) .

Kenneth Frith, Defe ns ive Todle, Sophomore, L"ke Prov iden ce. Se co nd on leom in lodles with 39 individuo) l s t o p ~ a nd "J7 o!Iss ists ond a d d ed 0 recovere d fu mble to his second·year 10t"ls. Tremendous at r u s~i n 9 Ihe p o~s er : Pos . se sses size ond speed , aggressiven ess ¢nd ab ility 10 be g-eo!lt ta cqe ; Mos t ouhtonding lineman in class·A foo tb.!lll in 1965.

Rodger Bowma n, Offensive Tadle, Sopho­ :n ore, Oa~ Grove. r<?67 McNeese oil.op po­ nent leam : Not lo ,ge for 0 t.!l d le . bu t d id " good jo b 10 help Indion o ffense 10 goin 3 180 Yc!lrd s: Sleo d y performer ; Wo rh lit po­ sitio n. First yeo r o!IS sl ader.

Andy Housley, OHensive T" dle. Sophomore. Vidll li". C c'l me along in fine fash io n " ffer fresh_ man seMon. Worked li t tadle and storted in [967 fo r the rirst time ; Whc!lt he I" ds in abil ­ ity he m.,kes up for in determ ination and will ­ ing ness to wort.

t.l" PIIT l.b.41) fG 121. 111 Poio" {80) Good Blecker and runs wit h powe r.


Jerry Vega, Defe nsive End, Sophomore, Cut

Off. De fe nsive ~peci a:ist ..... ho started some g~me> in 19M: Stro ng i3nd h ~rd hitte r; Con­ ta ins sweep~ good; The top end reserve o n th e team.

Bubbie Dupont, QUMterbock, Sophomore, PI ~ ­ que mine. ThG te ~m's punt re turn leoder fo r 19M sea son: Re turned 14 punts for 135 ya rds in 1967: Career return record: 32 returns fo r 279 yMds; Holds Nort he ast's pu nt return rec­ o rd s for ¥Md6ge in o ne gam e M d the most pun ts returned.



Boudreaux, Cor ne rbod , So phomore, Rouge . Ployed a lo t d uring the 1967 season; Intercept ed one o~ss: Mlid e 25 indi­ vid ua l t<'ldles <'Ind 6 a~s;sts, bloded <'I pu nt a nd re covered <'I fu mble; Will probably start in 19 68.

Jim Powell, Defe nsive End , Froshman, lafay. eHe. Storte d ~ couple of gom es ..... hi le Roh­ ner was injured , did <'I good iob . Can also p lay offensive g ua rd o nd tddle. Will be strong cilOdidate for stMti ng be rth in 1968.

Jimmy Aarons, Middle G ua rd, Fre. hmM , Vi­ d<,~.Jio. Gaine d the 5t 6rting a~ s j gnment at mid­ dle gU<'lrd du ring the middle of t his season; Came on fos t in th e second holf of Se<'l50 n to fi nish with 28 indi... idu<'l) ta ckle~ ond 15 os­ sis ls ; Not to big performe r, bu t he is strong a nd ogg ressive.

Wayne M.!Itherne, Safety, Freshman, Cut Off, S tMted the seco nd ga me of the se oson Md con tinued throu gh the seaSOn as st1i rter ; Fou rt h on te om in t~ d i es with 37 individual stops on d 18 <'Issists ..... it h one fumbl e­ ed: Will be good p ro5pect for th e ne xt th ree yeMS. Ha s good f uture.


Nicky Per.', li nebll der, Fresh mlln, Larose. Stllrted th e ~eco n d hlilf of th e season; Hli s go::.d si,e +0 develop into good line bllder; Strong lind ~ggre s~ive; Helped defensive unit lead G SC in PliSS defense.

Tom Miller, Punte r, Freshmll n, H ay nesville. Did leam 's punti ng: Fin ished with 35.5 overage On 57 punts; Longe~t punt o f 53 yord~: Neve r nlld o ne p unt bloded; Did g ood jo b of p unt­ ing b ec~use he hadn 'r played football since hig h school day s in 1965: Good punter a t kicking the b ~ 1I hig h and plocirlg his bds. Pole vou lted: Plays e,;cel len t golf. Honor du­ d e nt.

Carl Pitre , Fullback, Freshman, Gallillno. Stl'l rted firs t 911me of ~e1'lSon because of inju­ ry to Scafidel ; Also p layed e~tensive ry in fin t fou r gi'lmes; Ga ined 194 YlHds on 42 carries on d scored a TD: Will probab ly sto rt next season; He is short in height, but hi'ls size and the abil ity to side -dep through holes; Adequate blader.

Ronni. L.alanc, C o rnerblld, Freshmlln, C row­

Ross Davis. Defe nsive TlIdle, Freshmlln, New· ark, N. J. Did lldequllte job in repillcing Cha rles Rogers when he was injured: Smllil for tllckle but is qu id 6fl d og il e.

Joe Profit, Holfbock, FreihmM, Monroe. The first Negro to wear a Northeast othletic uni. form: Three touchdown.; 172 Y!l rd s rush ing for 0 4.9 overage: Had longest ru n of yeor for Tri be: 5 pa ss receptions: Mode specta cu. lar TO run ogainst Stephen F. Au sti n: FlI~test mon on sq u<'Jd with 9.7 speed.

ley. Played 1I 101 behind Lo rry Johnson: H os good speed' Wi ll be a good pr os pect (\8~t yeo r; 8roth~r Lynn is d efe nsive lin e coach : PI"yed ~I sp lit end 1I litt le in 1967.


KNEEUNG: Ro nnie Sug gs, J eff Foster, G len Ra ndow, Lar ry Sc ulters, G lyn n Souit ers, R ic~y Peel, J oy Eppi ne tte , i'> nd Ken Foste r. STAN DIN G : C oa ch Le nn y Font, Bu ste r Tom s, Ro ger Stockto n. Jomes Co n no r, Bill Snell ings. Wa lte r Hays, J . Dp dd Bro o h. To mmy Steve nson, and Co och Ji m Mahoney.


Mike Vining

Freshman Coach

Graduate Assistant


Lenny Fant

Head Coach

Jim Mahoney

Assist ant Coach

Indians Score Wins Over Out-of-Staters Northeast opened the 1967-68 season wit h a last second 91 ·89 triumph ove r Sout he rn Mississippi in the Monroe Civic Cen ter arena. The Tri be will pla y in the city's new arena after seven seasons in mini· Brown Gym. Glyn n Sau lters, th e Ind ians All-American, scored on a 20·foo t ju mp shot with two seconds in th e game to give t he Tribe th eir initial victory of th e

seaso n. Sau lte rs led all SCorers with 25 points. The Red skins won the ir nex t game, a 79-62 vic­ tory over Wi ll iam Carey. A tall Stephe n F. Austin outfit from Texa s handed the Tribe a B7-BI defeat. The Tribe's first road contest resulted in a 83-80 loss to a hot -shoot ing Delta Sta le five .

Tribe Wins


After an 80·64 win over O uachita Baptist on th e home co urt, Northeas t t rave led to Arkansa s to wi n their second consecutive Arkansas In tercol legiate Conference Holida y Tournament. The India ns pla yed t heir best games of the early S«Mso n with three easy wins, a 92-72 triu mph over Ouochita Boptist, a 10 3-85 victory ove r Hardi ng and the 100-81 nod over Arka nsas Tech. In the three AICHT games. G lyn n Saullers found his occu rote shooti ng and sta rted his bid fo r his second st raig ht scoring title wit h 98 points in t he th ree ga mes.

BUSler Tom, ev" des fhe o\lhtr etched Mms of II/temp t e fi 91d goa l.



de fe nd e r

Every t ime G ly nn Soultefs lItie mpt ed /) field gOtl l, mad e po int , he ~e t Moi he r re cord.


field gOll l Of sco red


Big Bil l Sne ll ing s jumps hig h t o reco ve r


shot aga inst So uth e rn Mississ ip pi in

th e Tr ibe'; 9 1·89 win.


Lo rry $oIJlters. th e " q u~ rl e r bo d" of th e teom , scores d \dy up.

So phomore qUlIrd Ken Fo~ter dlle mpts d hook ~ h o t with Roger Stodton {2( moving in for t he rebound .

Tall Cajuns

Defeat Indians

The Tr ibe initiated the ir Gu lf Stat es Confe ren ce schedul! with t he Univers ity of Southwes te rn Lou isi ana in Monroe, bu

the Bulldog s staged a late second ha lf rally tha t brough USL a n B9- 73 victory. Th e tall an d t alented Rag in Ca jun s were pac ed in scorin by two 26-point perfo rma nces f rom Jerry Flake and M arvi

W inkler. Bill Sn elling s was the Tribe's top po in t maker with 20 on led in re bounds wi th 10. G lynn Saulters co ntrib uted 19 point

Tribe Falls

To 'Dogs, SS-S I

Afte r playing USL to a 41 -4 1 half-ti me standstill . North ea fell to th e nationally-ran ked Bulldogs by an B8-81 score in t., fa yette. After Glynn Saulte rs sco re d a goa l on a jump shot wi"

13 second left in th e firs t ha lf. the south Louisiana clu b pull, awa y ear ly in t he second ha lf with Elv in Ivo ry scoring 13 co secu ti ve shots" AII .Americon Glynn Sa ult ers drib bles as he tries to gel' free for a

sho t II goinst USL.

, 1<.

The GSC's Most Va luab le Player. Glynn Saulters, contributE 31 points. 22 of th ose in the tremendous fi rst ha lf effort I the Tribe_ Bill Snellings added 18 points and I I rebounds.

Glynn S(lulters tries to get off one of his 1557 eMee r field ga ol a defensive mati holds onto Sa ulter\ ' Mm .

~ttempts (IS

Wolter H<'IY •. who scored 18 points on d g rabbed 7 rebounds og ains i" Delto Slilte, bo ttles for (I rebou nd .

Northeast Sweeps Pair From Colonels Northeas t rollied from 0 first half deficit to eose by the Nicholls State Colonels 75·71 in the Civic Center Areno. After the Indians troiled in the first, the Tribe threw up a tenacious seco nd holl delense Ihat limited the Colonels to 29 points. Soulters led 011 scores with 22 points while Ricky Peel con· tr ibuted I J points ond picked off a vital 15 caroms. Lorry Soulters netted 10 morks. Stonley Beaubouef ond Clyde Richards tollied 2 1 points each and pulled down I I and 12 rebounds, respectively. Phil Driskill meshed 10 marks and accounted for I J coroms.

N icholls State's coach, Don Landry, must ha ve exper ienced

nightmares alter the qu ick·handed Glynn Soulters put in 51 points in the Indians' 102·84 win in Thibodeaux. Saulters' 51-point performance set a school record, of

course, and it wos the third highest single gome total by a GSC player. He scored his totol on 18 field goo Is and 15 of 16 ch arity tosses. Soulters scored 29 of his points in

the 57·point second half by the Tribe. Ricky Peel, Bill Snellings and Buster Toms olso scored in double ligures.


Tribe, Demons Set Scoring Standards Most of the time, I) I poin ts scored in a college

bosket ball ga me are enough to win, but Northeast broke 0 sc hoo l sco ring mark and still lost 114- 111 to No rthw este rn in an overtime GSC battle.

G lynn Sa ulters led all point moke rs with 42 points in the game pl.~yed in the Civic Center Are na. The Indians led 52-40 at intermission, but the Demons ro ce d back in the second half mainly on the scorin g and rebound ing of Jomes 'Hya tt. Bill Snelli ngs totalled 22 points and contributed 21 rebounds. Buster Toms odded 2 I points and Ricky Peel had 16 ma rks. The 49 field goals mode by Northeost set a new

school record. In the Indian-Demon contest of Northwestern, the Demons won another cliff-hanger, 104-99.

Glynn Saulte rs shot holes in the Demons' defense

with a 45-point night. Brothe r Larry added 18 points and cente r Bill Snellings meshed II ma rks and 17 rebou nds.

" Wh om were you gUllrding?" We ll . it certainly mus t not have be en G ly nn Sau lte rs bec<'luse he ~ cored 45 Md 42 poinh in th e two g垄me~ e g ('Jinst the De mons.

Ricky Peel scores two points ag l>irlSt Nort hwestern in the 114路 111 loss.

N o rl hea~t's l orry Sou lten ( 10 ) and Northwestern 's Pete Grey (B) ere ma tched in a iump ball sit uetion.


...... Serior Rennie S u gg~ leops hig h ~boye th e our·stretched orms of an to 5=<l re C b es ~ e t.

o pp one n~

Buster Toms fire. fo r the re bou nd.


ol'\e -hdnded jump sho t


Lc rry Sdu lters pos itions

AS$ i s ~ an t Coach Ji m Ma honey see ms to be concerned with an un fcvorilble even t on the cou rt.

Indians, lions Even In Two Nort heast r.lli ed from a halft ime tie to zip by the Southeos te rn Lio ns 9 5-83 in a Gulf States Con­ fe rence g<!lme. The Indions used second half fre e th row shooting and Glynn Saul ters' 35 po ints to gain th e ir eig hth straight home win aga inst the Li o ns. In add itio n to Sa ulters, two 14·po int efforts we re supplied by Ricky Peel and Ro nn ie Sugg s_ Ke n Foster added I I. In the second Indi an·Lio n clash a "go·go" Lio n offense a nd "cold·cold" Tribe shooters speHed a 103·101 victory in overti me for the Lions. Glynn Soulte rs bucke ted 3 1 po ints fo r t he Indion s.


McNeese C oa ch Ro lph Wa rd prese nt s A II . Amer ico n G !yn n Sa ul ters the game b a ll ofter Sou lters be come the firs t Gu lf Stotes COllference ployer to breo~ th e 2000 路po i .~t totol.


Defense Cools

Off Tribe

Al though the Indi ans los t two games the nationally-rank ed and GSC co-cha pion McNeese Cowboys, Gly nn Sa ult d id acco mplish a first in G ulf States Cc ference basketball history. With 40 points in the 82-75 de fea t La ke C harles, Saulters becam e t he fi GSC pla ye r to crash the 2000-po int carE bar rier. G lyn n's brother, Larry, was i on ly other do ub le -d ig it performer with In the first game, a balanced 'Poke, fense was used to outscore the Indians ~ 76 in the C ivic Center Arena . G lynn Sal ers was high scorer with 32 . Rog er Stodton sco res a b ucke t on a fa st b reak ogo inst Mc Neese .

Northeast Splits

With Techsters

North east's counterpart of LSU' s Pele Marovic h, se nior Glynn Sau lters, and sophomore center Bill Snellings were the main attraction s in the 84路73 slapping of Lou isiana Tec h in the Civic Center.

Saullers' 43 pcints we re more Ihan half of the Tribe's output. He ma de 19 fi e ld g oa ls, lyin g a school record set aga inst Northwestern th is year.

Snellings backed up Saulters by hitling 16 po in ts and carting off I I rebound s. H e held Tech's seven路 foot center, Charlie Bishop , to si,; rebounds. The Ind ians ran into a supe r-hot scoring Bulldog

squad in Ru ston and were downed 102路90. Tec h hit the nets at a 56.7 clip. G lynn Saulters, wh o e lse , led a ll sco rers with 34 po ints. He tied a GSC reco rd with 22 free t hrows ma d e in the game.

Northe"st' s Bill Snell ings (SO ) and Tech 's Bud De"n I2S j beat tie in "he Indi" ns ' thrillin g 84 路73 win over the 'Dogs.


a re bound

I t could be none o th er thean G lynn Seau lters firi ng lJway. He hit fo r 4) points ago inst Tech.


Glynn Sliulters bottle s shot.



Std ~e pl ~y er

in iln ,",Hempt to t.!! p in a missed

Glynn S.!!u llers is doing whot he ClIn do bes t. that is shool ing. And he did his best wi:h .; 5 e nd 42 poi nts in g o mei aqll in$t the Demon s.

November 23, 1964 was an ordinary da y o n the Northeast campus with nothing much happen ing except for a baske t足 ball game in a ntiquated Brown Gym. From that day to Februa ry 22, 1968, a spa n of less than four yea rs, a flat-top youth f rom the spa rsely populated t own of Lisbo n. Louisiana. became the greatest basketball player that th e Gu lf States Conferen ce ha s witnessed. From th e match-b ox Brown Gym to the ultra-spacious Mo nroe Ci vic Ce nte r Arena, from a q uiet spindle-legged country boy to a senio r biolog y maj o r. the name of G lynn Saulters echoed thro ug h ca mpu ses, cities ~nd states. Fro m th e first game that he played a s an Indian t o his caree r f inale against W illiam Ca rey in which he scored 45 points, Sau lters ha s scored more points and at a fas ter pace than a ny other GSC player. With a four-year career covering 91 basketball contests in an Indian uniform conclude d. G lyn n has been ho no red with a trun k-load of honors. For the second consecutive sea足 son. he ha s been se lected as the Player of the year in the GSC. In addition he was named to the all-GSC first team fo r the third straight year. As a freshman he gained a sec足 o nd tea m a ll-GSC berth . For the seco nd year in a row, he waS awarded a berth on the Associated Press All-America n th ird team. A nd as a finishing climax to his college ca re e r. Saulters was place d on the UPI (United Press Internationall All-Am erican first tea m thi s year-thus becoming the first Indian bas ketbal l p layer to make a wire se rvice All-America first t eam. Stat istics for sports teams and indi vidua ls a re sometimes d eceivi ng, but the figures that Saulters ha s recorded are as vivid as sun lig ht. Glyn n became the first pla yer in GSC history to crack the 2000-point barrier. In a ll , he scored 2,134 po in ts and finished with a 23. 5 average fo r his ca reer. His 773 career field goals is a standard in the GSC as are his sco ring to tals. Another re cord that no other GSC pla yer ha s achieved is the winning of two co nsecu t ive scoring cham pionships_ In all, the former " Mr. Basketball" of Lo uisiana high schools hos established 15 reco rds at No rth足 east. Saulters continued t o use his basketball talents as he was chosen a s a member of the United States Olympic Team. The Lis bo n senior became the first pla ye r t o represent a Louisiana co lle ge o n the Oly mpi c basketball team.

Glynn Saulters Wing UPI First Team All-American


Faces of a Coach

NORTHEAST 91 79 81 80

73 80 92 103 100 75 99 95 76 84 80 81 102 III• 101 75 92 90 95



Southern Mississippi ........ 89 W illiam Ca rey " ' , . ' . 62 Ste p hen F. Austin ......... 87 Delta State ...... . ... .. .. 83 Southwestern · .......... ,. 89 Ouach ita Ba p ti st . . . . . . . . . 64 O uach ita Ba p tis t .......... 72 Hard ing .. ' .. · . . . . . . . . . . 85 Arkansas Tech · . . . . . . . . . . 8 1 N icholls State ..... .. .. ... 7 1 Northwestern · . . . . . . . . , , 104 Sou thea stern · . . . . . . . . . . . 83 McNeese _ ............... 84 Lo uisiana Tech . .. , ....... 73 So uthern Mississ ipp i ...... 83 88 Sou thwestern Nic holl s State · . . . . . . . . . . . 84 Northwestern · . . . . . . . . . . 11 4 Southeastern · . . . . . . . . . . 103 Mc Neese ....... . . . .. _ ... 82 Delta State - . . . . . . . . . . . . 84 Louis ia na Tech . . . . . . . . . 102 Willia m Carey · ... . . .. .... 84











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Seven Winning Seasons In A Row

Glynn Saulters and Coach Lenny Fa nt' s seve nth consecu· tive winning year were high li g hts of the 1967·68 No rt heast baseklball seaso n. Th e 1967 ·68 Indian t eam was one of the fines t offensive c lub s in Gulf States Confe rence history as the Tribe finished with t he second highest scoring averag e and second hi ghest free throw perce ntag e in league history. Fan !" s qu in te t pos te d a 12·1 I record while finis hi ng fift h in the GSC with a 4·8 ma rk. The Tribe easily b roke the GSC t eam sco ring ave rage wii h a 88.5 nOrm, however. Northwes tern averaged 92.4 points a game to ta ke t he GSC record . In free throw perce ntage, the In d ia ns' 76.5 per cen t set a school re co rd. As a team No rth east ranked fourth in the na· tion in thi s department. Seve n sc hoo l team records, includi ng the offen si ve aver· age and fr ee throw pe rc en tage, were se t or tied dur ing the 1967·68 sched ule. All of the 13 ind ivid ual standards we re recorde d by no ne other t han Glynn Sa ulters. Tea m reco rds es tablished were best seaso n fie ld goa l percen tage, 47.1 per cen t; most po ints in a game, III against No rthwestern ; most fiel d goals in a game again st Northwestern with 49; best field goal percentage in a game, 59.2 per cent against Arkansas Tech; and best free throw pe rce ntage in a game, 96.9 per cent aga inst Wi ll iam Carey. Ind ividua l records were set by the star g ua rd from Lis· bon. G lynn Saulters. He b roke or t ied fo ur GSC standards.

He became the firsl GSC p layer to score more than 2000 points in a career. In addition Saulters won his second can· secu t ive GSC scoring title , the fir st time anyo ne has ac· comp lished this mark. Sau lte rs ended the seaso n with 72 1 points and a 31.3 average, both No rthea st record s. H is other season totals were 27 4 o f 52 1 field goal a tt empl s in 23 games for a 52.6 average . anolher sc hool re cord. He mes hed 173 cha rity tosses in 206 attempts for an 84.0 norm. He neve r did fo ul ou t of a game. In fact every ti me Saulters attempted t o score a point or ma de a point he set reco rd s. In GSC gam es only, he averaged 35.4 points a game on 425 points. The high light of t he seaso n wa s his sensational 51 ' point performance agains t Ni cholls State. But Saulte rs was not a one-n ight hero. He scored 40 or more po ints in f ive games. His 30 p lus to ta ls were g a thered in seven con test s. He scored more than 20 on se ven occasions. Only three times did he dip below 20 poi nts in a game. Two other Ind ians scored in do uble figures for the sea­ son. Sophomore ce nter Bill Snellings was second with 299 poi nts and a 13.6 average. He led the team in rebound in g with 258 and a 11.7 norm. Ric ky Peel scored 261 po int s and held an 11.9 ave rage. H e was second in re bounds with 164. The seniors o n this year's team were Glynn Saulters and Ronnie Suggs. both former Lisbon H igh School players.

Faces of a Coach


















I I I•









Southern Mississippi

Will iam Ca rey .. .... ..


Step hen F. Austin ......... 87

Delta State .. ....... , . .. . 83

Southwestern ....... .• .... 89

Ouach ita Baptist ... . . _.... 64

O uach ita Baptist ... .•. .... 72

Hard ing ........... , .... 85

Arkansas Tec h .... ....... 8 1

Nicholls Stale .... .. . , .... 7 1

Northweste rn .. . ... • . .... 104

South eastern .... .. , . _. . .. 83

McNeese ... . ............ 84

Louisiana Tech .......... . 73

Southern Mississippi ...... 83

Sou thwestern ........... . 88

Nicholls State .... . , . ..... 84

Nor thwestern ....•...... . I 14

Southeastern ... ...... ... 103

Mc Neese ...... .. . . . ..... 82

Delta State ... . .. , ....... 84

Louis ia na Tech .. . . . . . . . 102

Wi llia m Carey . ...... ..... 84





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Seven Winning Seasons In A Row

Glynn Saulters and Coach Le nny Fant's seventh consecu­ ti ve winni ng year were highlights of the 1967-68 Northeast

baseklboll season. The 1967-68 Ind ian team was one of the finest offensive cl ubs in Gulf Sta tes Confere nce history as the Tribe finished with t he second highest sco ring average and second hi ghest free throw percentage in league history. Fo nt's qu intet pos ted a 12-11 record while fini shing fi fth in the GSC wi th a 4-8 ma rk. The Tribe eo.sily b roke the GSC 1eam scoring ave rage with a 88.5 norm, however, Norf hwes tern ave ra ged 92.4 poinls a game to toke t he GSC record. In free th row perce ntage, the Indians' 76.5 per cen t set a school re cord. As a team Northea st ranked fourth in the na­ tion in this departm ent. Seven sc hool tea m rec ords, includ ing the offensive aver­ age and free throw pe rcen tage, were set or ti ed during th e 1967-68 sc hedule. All of t he 13 indi vidual standards were record ed by none other than G lynn Saullers. Team reco rd s es tablished were best seaso n field goa l

percen tage, 47.1 per ce nt: most points in a game , III

aga inst No rthwestern; most field goal s in a game agains t

No rthweste rn with 49; best field goal percen tage in a game,

59.2 per ce nt against Arkansas Tech: and best free th row perce nta ge in a game, 96.9 per cent against Wi lliam Ca rey. Ind ividual records were set by t he star gua rd from Us­ bon, Gl yn n Soulfers . He broke or tied f ou r GSC standards.

He beca me the fi rs l G SC ployer to SCore more t han 2000

poin ts in a Career. In additio n Sa ulte rs won his second con­

secutive GSC scoring title, the first tim e an yone has ac­

complished this mark.

Saulters ended the seaso n wi t h 72 1 poin ts and a 31.3

averag e, both Northeast records. His oth er sea son totals

were 274 of 52 1 field goal atte mpts in 23 games for a

52.6 avera ge , another school record. He meshed 173 charity tosses in 206 attempts for an 84.0 norm. He never did foul o ut of a gome. In fact every time Saulte rs aHempted to score a point or made a point he set reco rd s. In GSC games only. he averaged 35.4 points a game on 425 poi nts. The high light of the seaso n was his sensa tional 5 I- poin t performance agains t Nicholls State. But Sau lte rs was not a one·n ight hero. He scored 40 or more points in five games. His 30 plus to ta ls were gathe red in seven con tests. He scored mo re tha n 20 on seven occasio ns. O nly three times did he di p below 20 points in a game. Two o ther Indians scored in doub le figures for the sea­

son. Sophomore cent er Bill Snelli ngs was secon d with 299

poin ts and a 13.6 average . He led the team in rebou nding

with 258 ond a I 1.7 norm .

Ricky Peel scored 261 poinfs an d held an 11 .9 ove rog e. He was seco nd in rebou nds with 164. The seniors on this year's tea m we re Glynn Saulters and Ronnie Suggs, both former Lisbon High School pla yers.

Ronn ie Suggs, Point Sen ior. lisbon. Sto rted mos t Glen Rondow, W ing. Se nio r, Pinevill e. Played il\ Rickey Pee l. Post. ju nior. W eston. Th ird on teom in scoring in '68 wi th 2b 1 poj~h : 11.9 a V9raq e. ~me s of the 1967路 68 seoson. Score::i I )) o ne gam e in 1967-oB. ~ec on d in rebou nd inq wit h 1M : 7.5 ave rage. p:::Iints, llVeroged 5.8. Fie ld Goa ls (99 ..... 6 ). free Sco re d high o f 19 points. Did out sta nding jo b re颅 thro....s 15).4" . high qome 16 points. Scored 259 bo undi ng d es pite size. Started lost heM of '00: 67 pc:nfs j, coreer. seoson o!Ind sco red 162 poi nts.

of the

Buster Toms, W ing . ju nior. Bossie r C ity. Scored 9<; pchts :or 8.7 overage this ye<'l r. Acc urate frco thro.... s~ooler (S S') pe r cen t ) . High g<l me o f 21. I., 1960-67 scored 213 points fo r 11.2 overoge ,n regdor.

Wolter Hays, Post. j unio r. Athens. Pla ye d spori ng ly Tommy "Flop" Ste ven son, Post. Jun ior. J onesboro . in '67-68. bu t in game ogains l Delio Sto te he W os in iured in t he firs! game of the se oson ond scored IS po inh and add ed 7 rebou nd s. ha d 10 si l ou t res l of yeor.


Bill Sne lling$ , Pest , Sophomore , Belleville, II:InolS, larry Sa ulters, Po int , Sop hol<1ore , lis b on . the I/!Ist two yea rs. led t eam in reo Sto ried los 1 l ...t O years. He is the 'q u3r1erbocl" bou nd ing vfith 258 for t 1.7 overage . Second on o f t he tea m. Scored 18 6 points fo r 9.8 i)veroge team in scoring wit h 299 points ond 13.6 overag e. in '68 : scored hi gh of 23 points . A., fr esh man he H igh game of 26 points . G robbed 2 1 re bou r,d s scored 2 )9 points for 9. 1 a verage. Fil'e {loor player. "gl!linsr Nor Ihweste rn . St/!l r ter for

Po~t. So phomore, Mon roe. G ave Bill Sne ll ings relier. Scored 52 points lind grab bed 33 re bounds. He CBn pilly both pasr and wing.

J . Dodd Brooks ,


Ken Foder, Point, Sophomore , J onE wi lle. The ~ : xth mon on Ihe lel!lm Ihis sea mn. A Terrif ic dribbler; cl!l lIed "St um p" by friends ; moles up for lad d heig ht by h u ~tl e . Scored 109 pe inls , over"ged 4.9. Fie ld gool eve roge {54.9 }. Scored game high of 14 points.

Jeff Foste r, W ing. So phomore , J onesville. Ployed Roge r Stodton, Post, Freshmon , Hairy Rid ge. One spor ing ly d uri ng the seoscn on vOTsity; was reg路 of t he top s u b~t i tutes on viH~ i ty . Sc ored 4 ) po i nt~ ulor on t he ;un ior varsi ty for '68. Averoged over and had 52 rebound s. Storted 0.'\ junior vlHsily; ) 9 poin ls " gll rn e fer jo yvees . e vo roged over 20 poinh (I 90me a nd more tho n 13 rebound s.

Cindermen Notch Runner- Up Position In GSC

Coach Bob Groseclose

The 1967 tra ck sed son wa s a memora ble year for coach

Bob Groseclose. He ga ine d his IOOth track vi ctory wit h fhe Indians' win over Northwe;t ern.

Tne tea m finish ed second in the conference for th e -t hird consecutive year . An era en ded in Ind ian track histo ry a s sp ri nier Ron nie FOllrtt')in ond hurd ler Rog er Mann compfeted the ir elig ib ility.

Founta;n ;s Ihe co-hold er of t he G SC IOO-yard dash record with a 9.5 clock ing and t he record sett er in the 220 yard dash on a c urve with a 2 1.1 time. Man (an one of the fas tes t 120-yard hig h hur d le times in tfe world las I year w;th a w;nd-a;ded 13.4. He hold s bo th GSC hurdle records w;th a 13.7 t;me ;n the h; gh hurdles and a 52.2 clocking in the 440 yard intermedia te hurdles. The two senior pace -sett ers were not the only record se t颅

ters and GSC cham pions. Freshman Don Warren won the GSC mee t wit h a record-sha tt ering jump of 24-8. Howeve r. h;s best jump of i he yea r was a 24 -9'12 effod th ai ron ked as one of the top freshman leaps in the nat ion . He also finished th;rd in the 16ple jum p w; th 46- 11'12. Jun;or M;ke Shepherd lossed i he 16- pound steel ball 54-6\12 lor a new school and GSC standard. Freshman J ohn HolI;ngsworlh placed third w;th a 50-8 '12 toss ;n t he shot. In lhe d;scus. Holl;ngsworlh spun the wooden plale 150-3'12 fo r a th ird positi on fin ish. Hollingsworth had it betier toss during the season wi th his 162.2112 throw . Th is mark ranked in the nation in th e freshman division. The Alabamion Milton Grubbs placed second in the high jump w;lh a 6-6 leap. He has a ca reer besl of 6-9'1.. Pole vaulter Pete Lenox -t ied for th e runner -up spot in his special. ;Iy w; lh a 14-6 vau lt. The mile re la y team is compose d of ( from bolrom) Syl vester McKin路 ney. G re g Falk. La rry Beebe ond Jerf Rowd on.

Eldridge Hinson

Nort he <)st', sprint rel oy t8am is; mdd 8 up o f' (from lef t) Sylveste r Mc Kinney, Jeff Rowden, Ricky Smith dnd J oe Profit-.

H a rry Vaue ur

C roos C oun tr y

Cro H Cou nt-ry

SITT ING ( From le ft ) To m Tripi, RichMd Pe lk, Pa t Hambrid , J eff Rawdon, J ack Mc Oo!J gaH, Milton Grubbs, J o hn Holl in gsworth. KNEE LI NG-Paul H obgood , Joh n C ut hb ~rtson, J oe PrOfit, L6rry Beebe, Bobby K e.,~ l e r, Pete Le nox, Ji mmy Slew.,rI , Greg Fai t Roy Sche l!. STAND ING- M ike F., ulk. manager, Vic Stevens, Harry Va sseur. Mike Sowe rs , Larry Ashley, Mike Robed.> , Sy lvGsle r Mc Kin ne y, Ricky Sm ith . Rich ord Brown , David Faulk, man足 a g e r.


Mae Shepherd . Sen ior. W est Mo nroe. Wo n the GSC shot put with 54-6 th This se t a new GSe sc.hool reco rd in th:s eve n t. In 1966 he WiE sec­ o...d in "i~e GSe shot put wit h .s 1-8 Ih . H is best throw of Ihe year was 52 -4Ih . A s ~ freshman in 1965 he t~re ..... 50- I . Two le lte l's .

Mike Sowers, Se nio r, A lJsti n, Tex.~ •. He is


Bo hhy Ke .H ler , Sen io r, New Ibe ri6 . Fini shed fou rth in the GSe 8S0 with t :5 5. 3: best time in mile 4:29.9 : rM 3-m ile roc e , 16:39,5, In 1966 wos third in G SC 880 with I :53.5. As freshmen in 1965, he p laced thi rd irl GSC S80 ..... ith coreer b est time of I :52.7. Th ree leiters.

P... ul H o b good , Se nio r, W est Mon roe. In t % 7 he underwe nt su rq ery d nd hod to st dy ou t e ntire sea sor". W on the GSC p o le ve'l ul t in 1965 with ju mp o r 15·0. H e is Ihe No. 2 vevller in No rt heast history beh ind the grea t Joh n Pe nnel. Ir, 1964 he w a~ th ird in Ihll! GSC meet wi t~ 14-0, had his best of 14-6.

tr ans ­ Roy Sch e ll , Senior. New O rle a ns. H I's best t hrow G len

Rando ...., Senior, Pine .... ille . Fin ishe d fiHh in high jump in 1967 with II 6-2 i'Jrflp. Th i, Wd5 his be~ t jump 01 Ihe s€ea son. In 1966 his b est jump WM 6-3. As fre~h m o, in 1965 he ium ped 6-D . H ~s t ..... o lelle rs.

for ~h.d o nt from le ~ a, whe re h e th f"ew t he ill . . elin, of h i, caree r is 191 . H e fea t hed it in a n early sea­ the 227-1 0. In ar early ~ ee son meet in 1968 he p laced ~econd .


mee l in 1968.


Mihon Grubbs , Jun ior, Mont gom e ry, A laba m o. Jack: McDo ugall, Junior, laPltlce . In 1966 .....o n t he Seco nd in t he GSC high jump in 1967 with II G SC high ju mp with 6-7 3/ 4; sat G SC record tiS jump of 6·6. Best iump o f sellson wos 6.6 112. In sophom ore. In 1965 wo n t he GSC meet in t he 1966 he was se cond 10 I'e ammo te J ack M c Dougall high jum p with 6·3 ; b e!! jump W lIS 6-8 . H e a lso in GSC meet with 6 ·6 7/B. Best jump W <!IS 6-9 114. -t ri ple jumped 45· 1. oSlI a s 0 freshmtln . o N ort he as t re cord, one of the top ju m p s in t he not ion b y II fre snman . a lw (! N o rthea st Invi t(! ti c na l mee t record,

Mike Roberts, ju nio r. Shreve port . Ploced fifth in Greg Falk , J unior, Shreveport. Ron o n the mile th e 1967 G SC BBO run with 1 :55.4 . In 19b6 he ran re loy team thai ra n 3:13.4 in 196 7. H e htld bes t a 1:54.0 . l im e o f 49. r in 440. He a lso th rew the jtlvel in . 184 ·0. In 1966 he placed fifth in the GSC 440 Yllrd run wifh d 48 .9. H e ran on Ihe GSC reco rd se lling mi le rei ll Y team .


Je(( Rowdon, Jun io r. A m ite. In 1967 reon in the 220 lind 440 YMd d.'lShas to help in t hi ~ ti red. RlI n on the +40 ya rd rel.!lY tell m t hoS t won thc G SC in re cord time of 40 .8 a nd rlln o n tna mile re la y t e ll m tha t came in second. In 1966 ha fin ­ ished fourth in the GSC BBO run.

Richard Po lk, So pho more , l ill ie Rod, Arka nsas. 1:"1 1967 was seco nd 'in GSC 120 H H with 14 ,0. R0 1 second fas t e st t ime in notion os fre ,hm<'l n; wos ' linke d in th e top 45 U.S . hu rdl e r. iH a fres hmtln . In the Fr osh·J C divisio n, he Wi:!> tied fo r second s po l.

Don Warren, Sophomore. Jackson , M issi5s ipp i. In 19b7 he won the GSC b roa d ium p wit h 24路8. a re w GSC reco rd . H e W<!l S third in tr iple jump with 46-1 11h. H e tied the school re c ord o f 24.9 112. a "d h<!ld a tri p le jump be st of 47 -7. In Fros h-J C list, his jlJmp was t ied for sec ond . In th e U.S. lis t he tMt:ed in the to p 36 jun--pe rs o~ th e no tion_

John Cuthberhon, So phom o re , W <'l rre n, Arko!lnsas . 1'1 1967 '<!I n on Ih e 440 ya rd re l<'ly t eam when o ne Of the me mbers was hu r t. Ran the 100 with b e st ti-ne of 9.B. RM Ihe 220 wit h time 01 22 .6.

John Hollingsworth , Sophomo re, New Orle a ns. p la ced t hi rd in G SC disc us with 150-3 112. He th ird in GSC sh ot pu t with 50路8 1h, a nd ha d a to ss o f 162-2 112. On t he Fros h-JC lis t. he r<'l nked 20l h in the nation .

H e Pe te leno):, Sopho more. C a mden , Arka nsas . In the wc'ls 1907 G SC .oo le vault event g<'l ine d 0 seco nd ti ne ploce lie wi th 0 14 '0 ju m p. Th is was his I~ p V<'luft was of the ye ar. As a high sc hooler he voulted 14-8Y:l .

lo!lrry Ashley, Fre shman . W est M01roe. In <'In e Mly Richo!lrd Brown , Freshman . J a ck son , M jssi~ ~i pp i. In 190B meer. Th e G rad ua t e N C lub indoo r me el, 1907 .!I S a hi gh schooler r o n a 4:22 . 1 mi le . He ran p ioc ed ~eco nd with 14路 0. A , hiqh s c ~oole r in 1967, o n th e cross路cou ntry tea m during the fall ~em e ste r . he p os ted t he fi fth b e st jum p i., no t;o n with 15-2. i! w <'l ~ Ihe b es t ju mp ill h istory b y <'l l o uisio na r.i gh sc ho ol vau lter.


l a rry Bee b e, F r e~ h man . W est Mo nro e . In high J im my Stewart, Fre shmo n. J ackson. M ississippi. 5c hool rM tha fastes l 880 yard tim e eve r re co rded Runs the 4-40 ya rd d as h lind +40 inte rmed iole by 0 l ouisio no h ig h K hoole r. I :52. 5. Ltd ye o r hurd les . he ra n th a 440 d as h ond ra n o n all t hree re loy lea ms o s 6 hig h sc hoo le r.

Joe Profit , Fre sh man . Mo nroe . H a d goo d se a ~o n a s h" lfbe d o n th e foo tb"n tee m. Runs t he 100, 220 o nd 440 d as h e~ . Also runs on the 440 lind mile re ley t ea ms. H a ~ run 9.8 in t he 100. HIlS p ro mi se to b e '" rea l fine spri nter .

Sylveste r McKi nney, Fre shman , Fe rrida y. Ru n. Ihe Ricky Smith, Fre shma n. Bo lo n Ro ug e. Runs o n t he p"t Ha mb rick . Fr e ~h m/'ln . B0 5sier C ity. Ra n c ross 足 d a~ h es . 100 . 220 a nd 440. Ru ns on Ih e 440 and 440 ya rd re lay leo m : runs th e I OO -~'d rd d o ~ h . cou nl ry d uri ng Ihe foil se me ster. mile re loy lea rns . In the 100 he hM run ~ 9. 6



Finishes Second

An All-American selection and a second place finish in

the Gulf States Conference were the highlights of the 1967 baseball campaign.

The Tribe, which played


record-setting 38 games, were

second in conference with a 12-10 record and 23-15 overall

total. Coach Bill Dotson's Tribe nine were led


junior out­

fielder Marvin Brasset, who was cho,en on the NAIA AII­ American first team.

Brasset, who hod mod e the NAIA second team Ali-Ameri­ can in 1966, established six school batting records for 0 sea ­ son . He was chosen on the AII-GSC team lor the second consecutive year.

Pitcher Dovid Davis ga ined his shore of the limelight as he wos nomed to the AII-G SC lirst team . In the record -setting depart men t, the junior right hander from Norco set eight

Northeost pitching stondords lor a campaign. Brosset and Dovis were not the only Tribe stors to go in

honors. Shortstop Joe Conal was chosen to the AII-GSC team for the third consecutive yeor.

G lynn Sau lters, who is as mosterlul at third bose as he is on the hardwood, led the GSC in runs-batted-in. A bright Ireshmon prospect, Wayne Burney, finished as the team's third leading batter.

Head Baseball Coach

Bi ll Dotson

1967 Review The 1967 bo,eboll tea m at Northea,t ,et 14 individual 'eo,on ,tandord,. The Indian diamond ,chedule of 38 games established 0 reco rd for most games played in one season. Eight individual marks were ,et by t he pitcher from Norco, David Davis. He won eight gomes, the most ever by a Tribe ployer. H is earn run average of 1.22 was the lowe st

mark. The 81 inning, that he pitched set a new mark. He stru ck out 72 batters and this set a record. His three shut­ outs was another record. The 10 completed games was 0 new mark.

Marvin Brasset set six ma rks in batting . He scored the most runs. 30. His 47 hits set a new mark. With 77 total bases he established a new slandord. The 12 doubles wo, d

new ma rk. The 16 stolen bases were the most ever



Ind ian and hi, 125 official time, at bat was a new record.

Graduate Assistant Joe Huffman

AII-Americon ou tfield er M arvin Brosset storts to strid e into a p itch.

A Northeast p loyer 5cores pone nts' co lcher.


rur. d es pi te the effod by th e o p路

G lynn Sau lt ers, wh o hi ls a baseb~1I d elivers wit h 0 hord base hit.




he shoots


b asketboU,

f '.

Mervin Brouet, Senior. Alex~ ndr jtl , O uifie ld er; 1967 All-A meric en

NArA. Outfield First Tell m, AlI-G Se ; 1966 A1!-AmericM Seco nd Tellm

NAfA, AII·GSe ; "t fir st bllse on bot h C Ollch e. lin d Spo rts Writers tee ms. Set school record with .4-07 ba tt ing c'lv e r<'l ge,

D"vid Dc) yis, Senior, Norco , Pitc her ; 1967 A U·G Se Fi rs t tellm o n both Call c he$ and Spo rt s Wrilers; 1966 Se cond te.'lm AII-GS e ; 1965 Second IC6m A li·GSe.

Joe CtJMI, Se nior, Mo nroe . Shorhto p; 1967 AII·GSe ; 1966 A II·GSe second b osemar'l on bo th Coaches ond Spotts Wri te rs ; 1965 A ll' GSC Coac hes a nd Spo rt;: Write rs fea m.

Don Cha rpio, Se nior, Ne w O dell ns, C ill che r. Sha red t he s t.~ rtin g spo t I" st yell r. 611 tted 205 l<'Ist yeM. Good fi elding catcher.

li S

Ryan Rogers, Fresh man , e, Catcher. To ok ove r the startin.g co tcher's positi on du ring the middle o f t he sell sor,. PI"yed high school bll ll at Neville. H e W llS a n 1I11. dislrict sele ction l a~ t ye"r . Has II sh a ng arm and possesses d esire a nd hu stle.

Wayne Burney, Soph omo re, Shreve­ po rt, First ba~e. One of the best freshml!ln hiHers to come alon g in a lon g t ime. Batted .276 io st yea r and 3 hom e ru ns.

Bobby Miano. Junior, Ga ryville, Pit· c he r, Came out la te in 1967 bur fin­ ished st ro ng, Hl!ld 1.57 ERA I!Ind 2·2 record.

Don Armstrong, Sophomo re, Bonitll , Catcher. Saw limited action last yeM. Ba tted .154.

James Almond, Junior, BlIto" Rouge, OlJtfie lder. WlIS slarter in fe w ga mes in start of 1967 season. Broke leg and remained ou t for res t of sea son.

Ridy Grimmett, Sophomo re, Ba strop, Pitc he r. Posted 2·1 record in 1967 and hlld 3.27 ERA.

Prentiss "S keeter" Boyd, Jun ior, Mon. roe, O utfi eld er, Started a lmod en· tire season. Has good speed . Batted 128 lost yell r.

Oidie Keith, Sophomore, Monroe, Pitch e r. Had 3.86 ERA lost yell r.


I ;


~; \

, ,I

Richard Morl.lles, Sophomore, Boton R(lu~!;! Outfielder. Wos used mostly ItS ill pinch runner in 1967. Has good 5peed ; good fielder.

Steve M<!Iftsur, Sophomore, 80to n Rouge. Pitcher. Did not play in 1967. Did pitd in 191>6. O ne o f two lefthanders on teo m.

Joe Zeppuher, Freshmon. Boton ROl.lge, Third bo!l se. The sto!lrte r at t!.itd bliSS. Pl o!Iyed infield, c(l,ught in high school.

Van Pardue, Freshmo!ln, Monroe, Pitche r. The biggest pitch er on 1he teo'lm. Ho!Is good size !jnd strength .

Art LdGrdnqe. Fresh mo n, MOl"roe, Second ba se . Will stMt at second bose for the 1968 seMon. Called by COo!lcl1 J oe HuHman the "best fresh . man thot North el'lst hOi hl'ld in 0 long time."

Kenny Roussel. Freshmon . Grome rcy, Pitch er. Mode oll 路stote leom in high sc hool.

Tom Brown, Freshmc1O, Mon roe, Pit. cha r. Mo!Ide oll路sto te li t Neville.

lconllrd Moore, Freshmon, Ruston. Ou tfi e ld e r. Mode ell路 sta te os high schooler.

Northeast Places Second In GSC Wayne Peddy Captures

Individual Title

Northeast's young golf team narrowly missed winning the


Gulf States Conference Golf Tourname nt held in Mo nroe, South­ western edged th e Tribe 878 strokes to 892, However, the Indian s did not lose everything as sophomore sen­

sation Wayne Peddy captured the individual crown by defeating USL's Ben Freeman in a sudden death playoff after both golfers tied at 215 fo r 56 ho les of regulation play, Another Northeast linkster, Ricky Hyland, pla ced third with a 217 total. Other Tribe finishers in the tournament were Glenn Walker

in 12th position, Paul Henslee in 17th and Raymond Winn in 22nd place, During the overall season, posted an 8-2 reco rd in dual

and triangular match play, They scored 115 points, In tournament play the Indians placed second in the GSC, sixth in the Un iversity of

Coach Wallace Hargon

Southern Mi ssissippi Tou rnament and the McNeese Intercollegiate In­ vitational and ninth in the LSU Invi tationa l.


In ind ividual play, Wayne Peddy posted the lowest average with a 72.4 average, He was the team's leader wit h 27 3-4 points_ He shot a low round of 68, Ricky Hyland posted the second lowest average with a 73.7 total He accounted for 251j4 points and a lso had a low of 68, Glenn Walker posted the lowest 18-hole round with a 65 ,

Bright Look In 1968 Northeast will have its most experienced golf team since Coach

Wallace Hargan took over as golf coach in 1964. The out look for 1968 is very bright as four of the f ive 1967 golf team members return in addition to a football-track star turned out­

stand ing go lfer. N ortheast returns with the Gulf States C onfere nce 's ind ividual tour­ nament winner in junior-letterman. WlJyne Peddy. Peddy leads the

Wayne Paddy, Junior. West Monroe. Tne 1967 GSC tournil­ me nt winner: 1967 AII·G Se tell m : 72.4 average i n twenty 18­

ho le ro unds; 6·0· , in du,,1 matches: scored 27 ]-4 poi nts: low round of 68. Tied for fourt h in 1966 GSC tour namen t :

AII·GSC teo'lm; 72.3 overoge overall; 7 1.0 in du.!!1 motches; 5-0-0 in du ~d motch ploy; sco red 20 3-4 poi nt!.

Indian linksters in their quest for their first GSC championship. Peddy gained a berth on the AII-GSC team and neve r lo st a d ual match in 1967, Senio r Ricky Hyland and Glenn Walker a re o the r leltermen from the '67 team, H yland was third in the conference tournam en t and made the AII­ GSC team. He only lost one dual match in '67, Walker placed 12th in 1967 after a fourth and third in 1966 and 1962, He never lost a dual match in '67, Sophomore Paul Henslee placed 17th in the conference tournament and posted a 5-1-1 record in dual matches. He also scored 221j2 points, thi rd on the team, Pole vauli er-punter Tom M iller is the most promising prospect since Peddy arrived a t Northeost, Miller can play golf os good or belter than he pole vaults, a 14-8 jump last year, or punts, a 35,5 average during the 1967 football season, Coach Harga n is in his fifth yea r a s coach of the Tribe golfers, His teams ha ve posted a 25-9 mark in mafch play and ha ve scored 380 points and losl 154. In G SC finishes the India ns under Hargan ha ve placed second and third, t wice, and sixth.

Ricl:y Hyland , Se nio r. Monroe . Third in the 1967 GSC Tour nome r.t: AII.GSC t eo m; 73. 7 overo ge in 20 rou nds, 5· 1-1 record in d oo: m<!!'ches ; scored 25 1/'1 poi nts: low sc ore of 68 .

G lenn Wdlhr. Sen ie r. Monroe. Tied fo r 12th in the 19 67 GSC Tourna me nt ; 76.3 <weroga in 16 round s: 4·0·0 in d uo l ma tch es : icored 15 112 points, low score of 65 . Tied fO I' fourth in Ihe 1966 GSC Tou rno­ me nt: AII .GSC teilm: 76.0 overoge o.. . e ro ll ; 74.7 a....e roge in duo l motch es : 16 poinls. Th ird pl ace in the 1962 G SC Tourna me nt.

Paul Henslee , Sopho mo re . Fr.'lnkli n. Tied for 17th in the 1967 G SC Tou rntl ment: 76.5 overoge in 19 rou nds. 5· 1· 1 in du ol motches: scored 22112 poi nts: low 72 .

Tom Miller, Fres hmCl n, H aynes . . ill e . A n oil-round orhlel e. Po le vo ulted 14 feel <H mem b er o f Norl heos t Ir<'lck 180m in 1967. Pu nte r for t he 1% 7 footbol l le om. The most pro mising golfer since W tJ yne Peddy a rrived.





Ricky HyJo!Ind. Sen ior, Monroe. Thi rd in the 1967 GSC Tou rnament: AII ·GSC teem: 73.7 il\fe r~ ge in 20 round s. 5· 1. 1 reco rd in Qu<!d

G le nn W a lke r, Se nior. Monroe. Ti e d for 12th in the 1967 GSC Tourna me nt; 76.3 Il v er age in 16 rounds: 4·0·0 in d uo l matches; scored I SY2 po ints. low score of 65. Tied for fou rt h in the 1966 GSe Tc urno­ m ent; AII·G SC teo 'T1 ; 76.0 dve ri:lg e ove ral l: 74.7 av era go in du., 1 mo tches: 16 po ints. Third place in the 1962 GSC Tournament.

P., ul Henslee. Sop homore , Frllnklin. Tied for 17t h in the 1967 GSe

Tom Mill er, Freshmon, Haynesville. An aU· round ethlete, Pole va ulted 14 feet os me mber o f Norlhe~ 5t trdd te~m in 1967 . Pu nter for the 196 7 foot ball te<'lm. The most prom is in g go lfer .ince W oyne Peddy

m ~ lc ~es ; sco red 251/" po ints: low sco re of 68 .

Tou rM menl; 76.S a verag e in 19 round~ , 5· 1· 1 in duo 1 miltches ; scoreo Z2 V2 points ; low 72.

a rrived .

David Jones

Jim Shelby

Tennis team young In


Coach Ralph Lane's 1967 tennis team expe rienced the loss of four senior p layers from the 1966 squad as the Tribe fi nished fifth in t he confere nce standin gs. Nort heost, whic h had never fi nishe d below second since Lon e took ov er in 1964, was a young and inex.peri ence d net squa d, whi ch was

composed of th ree so phomores and two freshmen, compared fo prev ious Lan e squa ds.

Senior Joh nny Wal ker, No.5 singles player, was the top playe r on the India n sq uod. Overall he posted an 8-2 ma rk in matches and 18-6 in sets. He was the only seni or on the team. Wa lker reoched the fina ls in the GSC to urna ment but lost to t he No. I seede d player in th e No.5 singles. J im Shelby, No.3, also reac hed the GSC final s. Th e N o. I singles player. Da vid Jones, fini shed th e seoson with a

0-7 record in matches and 1- 15 in set s. Shelby posted a 4-6 in matc h ploy an d 9-14 in sets. The In dions notc hed a 2-5 record in dual matches . In dua l match points t he Tribe posted an 18-3 1 poi nt t otal.

Coach Ralph Lane

1968 Tennis Team

Ken Eggleston

Eddie Burke

Padge Bolton

Bill Walker

Richard Faust


Toshio Otoshi

Dennis Sullivan

Gymnastics Team Finishes

Second In Nation

The Northeast gymnostics team finished second in the nation in the

National Associa tio n of Intercollegiate Ath letics INAI A) champion足 ship meet held during the spring of 1967. The second-place fin ish

by the team is the highest position that an Indian athlet ic team has finished in a Mtional meet in the history of the college. In th e individulli even ts in last year's NAIA mee t, Dwight Mc足

Lemore placed thi rd in the side horse. Ruben Villalobos finished fifth in floor exercise and seventh in tumbling. Ray Carnah an placed

eighth in the high bar event and notched a ninth place finish in the still rin gs. Ed C llIrke was second in rin gs, six th in parall el bars. Denni s Sullivan was third in the oil-around, f loor exercise and rebound

tumbling : fourth in the high bar, fifth in the rings and tumbling and seventh in parallel bars.

Coach Jerry Ainsworth

Katsutoshi Kanzaki

Ruben Villalobos

Wayne Boylston

Harold Kaufman

Glen Barron

Ray Carnahan


Assisfont inhl'mu ral diredor Midey FontMO Md intromlJrol directo r Or. Richard Bud d isploy the tro phies to be dwo rded in the YOfious sports.

The Intramural Program The Intra mural Program is an intrinsica l part of t he to tal physical education offe ring a t Northeas t. Th e Intramu ral Progra m's un ique contribu tion is in providing a labora t ory for the use of sports sk ill s that are learned in

physica l education in that it provides com petition between individuals and teams of nea r-equal ab ility in a var iety of ind ivid ua l, d ual a nd team sports. The philosoph y of th is program is to offer every student a t Northea st, ma le and fema le, an opportunity to vo luntar ily pa r颅 tic ipate in some act ivity of a physica l natur e. This physica l co mpetition is closely supervised to insure maximum health and safety for the pa rt icipa nts and still permit a high level of moti vation and emotion al involvement. A t No rtheast the Int ra mura l Program is a mem be r of t he Na tion al Intramural Assoc ia tion. The program is directed by a fu ll路t ime fa culty member with th e aid of a grad uate ass istan t a nd a pa rt.time student secretary. An In t ramural Board. whi ch is made up of students represe nt ing variou s orga nizati ona l groups both on and off campus, assists in t he adm inistra tion of the prog ram. Th e board has deve loped a set of in tra mu ra l by.laws, rules on pro tes ts, ru les on player elig ibility, makes rec ommen路 da tions perta in ing to the program of act ivit ies and plans to pub lish an intra mural ha ndbook wi ll beg in d uring the summe r of 1968. Twenty-o ne diffe rent individual or du al tea m sports com p rise the progra m of act ivities at Northeast. All team sports are divided into leagues for dormi tories, social fratern iti es. p rofessiona l organizations, inde pendent grou ps and "8" tea ms. All leagues culminate with crown ing of a champion and a runner-up to whom awards are pre sented. The ultimate goal of t he Intramu ral Program is to broaden the offeri ng of the p rog ram 'to the extent 'that it will include a larger portion of 'the Northeast stud en't body in act ivi ties tha t sa tisfy their p hysica!. social. emotional, and rec rea'tionai ne eds.


tries to catch o!I lon9 Po!lS; during " 9"ms in the touch foo l-

H e So!Ilesmen were the win ners of -ths A ll-College mont,

Bi'II5~etb,, 1I

To urn,,足

Ka ppo!l Alpha won the fratern ity league b" s ~e t b,, 11 chom pionship ,

PI"yer! st rugg le fo r o!I rebou nd during o!I 9"me in intrem urtol b"sketbo!l ll .

A tenni. pla yer competes in the infre m uttol singles te nnis event.





All-School touch lootball Organizational League touch lootball Fraternity League touch lootball Dormitory League touch lootball

Hudson Hall North Phi Delto C hi Kappa Sig Hudson Holl North Sig Tau "B-2" Jim Ga iennie G reg Hults

Hudson Hall North Phi Delta Chi Kappa Sig Hudson Hall North Sig Tau "B-2 " Kappa Sig Sig Tau

"B" League

Goll Table-tennis Doubles Table-tennis Singles

Tennis Singles

Free-Throw Badminton Doubles Badminton Singles

Cooed Badminton Double

Jim Z~mbje Way ne O rr John Overton Roy Summers

Independe nt Kappa Alpha H. a nd P.E.

Dav id Middleb rooks

Ma dison West

Don M ori zot

David Middlebrooks

Mad ison West

Darryl Barnes

H. and P.E.

Shi rley Ya ncey Pool Singles Pool Doubles Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball

Dormitory League Fraternity League Orga nization Independent All-C ollege Tournament

Pildi c i p ~ n ts ~wil i t

Rodney H owington

A ssociation of Ge ne ral Contractors

Bryon Powe ll Harmon Ellis Nicholson Ha ll KA H. and P.E.

TKE Nic holson Hall


H. a nd P.E.

Sa lesmen

Sa les men

Sa lesmen

Sale sme n

the fi M I res ults in the cooe d bod minion lina h.

PI~yers baili e in on intra mural voll eyboll game in Brown Gym.






V. J . Scogin Slidell Pre sident

William J. Dodd Superintende nt E. O fficio Secretory


A. D. Smith New Orle~ns

Vice President


State Board of Education

J. M."h.1I Brown, New O rleans Robert H. Curry, Shreveport Jack C . Fruge', Ville Platte

Enoch T. Nix, Bossie r City Harvey A. Pelti_r, Sr., Thibodaux Nash C . Roberts, Jr.. New O rleans

Fred l. Tann_hill, Pineville W . E. Whetstone, Monroe Boyd M. Woodard, M.D.. La ke C ha rles







\,/" . •



Walkers Celebrate 10th NLSC Christmas

Mrs. George T. W.f1cer


Academic Opportunities Expanded

Dr. Glen F. Powers

Deon o f Insirudion

James M. Nicholson

Dean of Instruction

Dr. W;II;am K. Easley Dean of Graduate School

Herman R. Sigler

Dean of Student Serv ices

Academ ic opportunities at No rt heast Lou isiana State College have been gre atly expa nded by the Sta te Board of Ed uca ho n's app rova l of the Speciali st in Education degree. four g raduate and three under足

g rad uate degrees. The Specialist in Educa tion degree requires 30 hours above the ma ster' s. Fou r areas of speciali2a tion , elemen tery educa tion . secondary educa tion , admin istration and supervision. and guiddnce. ore open to those teachers with at least th ree yeors ' tee ching experience.

Nort heast was gra nted perm ;ss;o n this fal l by the State Board of Education to establi sh" program for the doct oro l degree in educa tion.

Students pursuing the doctoral prog ram in edu cati on moy complete

wo rk for the Ph.D. or the Ed.D.


Four New Master's Degre

Dr. William R. Hammond

Dean of School of Libe ral Arts

Dr. Dwight D. Vines

Dean of School of Business

Dr. Henry T. Garner Dean of School of Edu cation



Co urse s in a udio-vi sual, gui d anc e , t he commu ni t y college, rea d'ln g, have been added boih on the g raduate and unde rgra dua te levels, t o strengt hen t he Spec ia list in Educati on de gree progra m. The new program is slanted towa rd t hose now in p ublic schools and will le ad to the t erminal d egree fo r t he public sc hool teac he r. On the g raduate level, fou r new degrees b e ing offe re d . The y are the Mas路 te r of Arts in Speech. the Mosier of A ri s in A rt. i he Mosier of Ed ucaiion In Ar t an d the Master of Educa ti on in Readin g .

~ d minist rat;o n

ing Offered

Dr. Be n F. C oope r Dean of School of Pharmacy

Dr. Daniel E. Dupree Dea n of Sc hool of Pu re a nd Applied Sc ie nces


Three New Undergraduate Curriculun

Jack V. Collins Dean of Men

Martha Madden Dean of Women


Thoma, E. Murphy Counselor to Men Students


Three new cu rricu lums a re being


tered under the School of Pure and Appl ied Sc iences on

the undergradua te



new p rograms will lead to bachelor o f sc ie nce degrees in comp uter sc ience , aviatio n, and

geo-p hysics. The compu ter science program,

ap proved

in September. will actually ge t underwa y in September, 1968, an d will be administered by the Departm ent of Mathematics. The new avi足

ation progra m, supe rvised by the physics de足 partment. is presently in f ull swing.

Duri ng

the four-year program , a st udent will spend

around 500 hours flying and will receive his pr ivate and comme rcial p ilots license and also his in strument ra ti ng.

Geo- Ph ysics is the thi rd new program un足 der the School of Pure and Applied Sciences. The prog ra m, which bega n th is fall, invo lves co ncent ra ted s,tudy in


physic s,

aod geol og y.

Ramona L Wigle y Counselor to W omen Studen ts


Maud Merritt Cook Bentrup Libra rian

Larry V. Bonner

Business Manager


r. .,

~ ,

Lester L. Butler

Jim V. Haddox


Director of H ousing

James F. Hawkins Supervisor of Scholarships and Placements


Ted R. Holme, News Bureau Director

J ack E. Kimball Director of Te siing and Guidance


William E. Laird Alumn i Executi ve Secre tary



Nickolas L. Lass iter Coo rd inato r of St uden t Act ivities

Dixie B. Wh ite Director of A thle tics


Dr. Lake C. Oxford Registrar

Dr. Buckley E. Qualls Director 01 Student Teaching

Charles A. Thornton D irecto r of Dat a Process ing Cen ter


Dr. Lonnie T. BenneH

Acti ng Head of Mathematic s



Dr. Ruth Bruner


Department of Office Administration

Dr. Eug ene H. Fox DeplIrtmen t

Head of Ec onomi cs and Fina nce

Dr. Levelle Haynes


Departme nt of Specia l Ed uca tion

A. S. Huffman


Depa rt ment of Healt h and Physical Education Dr. E. J. J . Kramer


Department of Speech

Dr. Ann B. May Head Deportment of Home Econom ics

Marcus B. Mapp


Depo rtment of Geolog y


Dr. Van C . McGraw Head Department of Management and Marketing

Dr. John A. McLe more Head Department of Languages

Dr. Joe Barry Mullins Head Departmen t of Music

Dr. W illiam T. Persick


Departmen t of A rt


Thurman I. Potts Head Depadment of Building Constru cfion

Dr. B. Earl Prin ce

Head Department of B;oIogy


L. Price, Sr. Head

Depa rt ment of Agriculture


Dr. Bernard Shadoin Head Department of Elemen ta ry and Secondary Education Jeanne A. Short

Acting Head

Department of Nursing

Col. Alton R. Taylor


Reserve Officers Tra ining Corps

Dr. Ronald E. Smith Head Department of Physics


Dr. Oscar N. Walley


Department of Psychology




Dr. William A. Walker Jr. Head Deportment of Social Sciences

Dr. Oscar Wright


Department of Chemistry

Dr. Jackson A. White


Department of Accounting

Banning, Oe nnil T. . . . G rad uate A ss i ston~ in Bio logy 8od~ e r, Marybe lh Gro d ua !e Assi:,.I{'I nl in H ea llh and PhY~ I cal Educ{'It io n Bradberry, Ja ck C .• . • G raduate AHisto nl in P h ar m ~cy Brothers, J ames •.. Grod uate Assistan t In Music

C hang, Chih J e n '" Groduote Assista nt in M~ t h e m a! i cs Coco, There la D•.. . G roduo te ASSIsto nt in Ph o rm~cy Dunn, Barbara Anno S.. . . Gra d uote AssistM t in Heo lth a nd PI,ysicol Ed uca lio n Enright, Michael J ohn .. , Grad ua te Ass Isldn ! in Biology

G ray, James A• .. , G ra duote Assistan t in Zoolog y Gre million, Kenneth " , Gra dua te Asshfar,t in Biology Hamilton, Ron E. , ,. G roduat e AssistMt in Bio logy HAtten, Jimmy ' " G rod uate Ass ista nt in Biolog y

Hilburn, W illiam D, .. , G rad uate Assistan t i.., Mtl the ma t ics Hinlon, Sillv Gl en . . G rad uote Assistant in Hi sto ry Hoben, 8arb ara G rad uote AHhtant in Speech J ordan , C arole J , G rodu ol e Assis lM t in English

Ki m, Young J a ... G rod ufde AssistM f in C he mistry

Graduate Assistants Kinn ey, J ames M, G roduate As si. tan ! in Mat he mat ;cs Gradu ate Assis t.., nt il'l M a t~ e ma t i cs Mills, ROQer S. Morg a n, lois W . G radu ..t e Ass isiM t in Pha rmacv Ne ls on, Steph e n 0 , , , . G radua t e An isl on t in Ch e mistry

Orr, W ayne . " Gradua te Assis tan t in Engl is h Pftimmet, Ro bert ", G roduo le AssisfMt in Bio logy Ritc hie, Eunice M. G r a d u o ~ e Assistdnt i , Pha rmacy Sh ep he rd , Alice S, , . G rad ua te Assista nt in English

Simmons, Im c Je a n , . . G rad uo+e A. sis ta nt in 81Hiness W <'I lius, Robert . . . G rad uo te Ass ista nt in Bi o log y Young, Fred D, ', . Gr'o dua l e As. istont in H ist ory Young, Vickio Ann .. . G rodu ote A s s i ~ jo nt in E n g li ~ h


Aby, Carroll D. Jr. '" A$sistent Professor of

Fin once, M.$ .. Unive rsity of South e rn Mississippi

Adams, Arthur R. Jr . ... Associ{lte Professor of

He ~ lth ond Physic a l Edu c o tion . Ph.D .. Lou isiono

State University

A ssist<'lOt Professor o f Adams, Capt. Frank S. Mi li tary Scie nce . B.S" Unive rsity of Arizo no.

Adams, Jane P.... Instrudor in He <'llth c'lnd Physic~ : Ed uc<'lt ion, M.S.. lo uis io!l nll Sto!lt e Unive rsity Ainsworth, Jerry L. .. A ss istMt Profe s!Or of HM lth dOd Phy~j c~ 1 Educl'ltion, M.S ., Northwestern Stote C o lle ge Allbritton, Florence Z. Prdessor o f Music, M.M., Ch ic~go Musica l C olleg e

Allen, Edward H . ... Assoc i<!lte Professor o f Ani mlll Science. M.S .. LOljisillM S t ~ te Unive rsity Alviret, Daniel ... AssistM t Professor of Engl ish . B.A. . ? ~ n Amer:ca n College Anderson, Robert B. â&#x20AC;˘.. Assi stont Pro fess.or of Journali sm . M.A., Lo uisiano State Uni.... e rsity

Anglin. JlIY P.... Ass i s t~n t Profe sso r of History.

Ph.D .. Uni .... ersi ty of Colifor nill ~t Los Ang eles

Ardoin, Bert Assista nt Professor of Jour M lism ,

M. A .. LouisiMo State Uni versity BaH, Stanley ... As, istMr Professor of Economic ;, M .B.A. . Missis sippi Sto te Un i.... ers ity

Baggett, Theresa A. '" Instruct or in Eng lish, M.A., Unive rsity o f Mississippi Baldwin , Fran c es P.... Assistant Professor of Ch e mistry. M,S., loui1iona St ~te Un ive rsity A ss isto!l nt Pro fessor 01 Pha rm<!lcy, Baugu oiS, Carl T. M.s., Un iv er~ ity of North C orol ina

BlIum, lawrence S. As~i stM t Professor of BiolO<?y Ph.D. , Uni\'ersity of A I" boml'l Inst ructor in Chem istry, M.S., Beck, James N. Universi ty of Arlcon sos Benfrup, Moud Cook ... Professor of library Sc ien ce. B.S .. Univenify of Ill ino is

, 230

Berry. J" mes P.... Assoc iele Professor of Chem istry. Ph.D.. Texas A&M Univenity Bingh<!l m. Davis B. . . . Associ<'J le Professor of Music. Ivi .S.M.. Southe rn Boolis l Theoloqicol Seminory Blomquist. Emily A. . .. Assistont Professor of Librory Science. M.S.. l ou isieno Siote University

Boyd. Fr.. n~ M... . Assoc iate Professor of Biology. Ph.D.. Un iversity of W isconsin Brantley. G lori.. C . ... Assistan t Professor of Office!l lion. M.B. E.. U n i ve~s i ty of Mississi ppi Brecht, Ed....... rd A. Jr . . . . Professo r of PhormilCY , ::~ . D .. Unive rsi ty or Minn esot.!l

Bri..n, Geor~ e C. Jr. ' " Professor of Speec h, Ph .D.. LouisiaM Siole U.... iversity Broadn.. x. M.. rg.. rel O 'Brya n ... Assistiln t Professo r of E.... al ish. Ph .D .. TeJros C hrisfion Unive rsity Bruru~r , Ruth Professor of O ff ice Adm inist rolion, Ph. D.. LouisiMe Stilte Uni versity

New Courses Added to Curriculum

Buck, Ch<!lrl es R. A$sisie nt Professor of Heolth ond Ph vsic~ 1 Ed " Ed .D.. Unive rsitl,l of Arkonsos Burq in, Jo hn C.... AHistant Professo r of Mus ic, M.M.. Indi ana Universit y Burkh alt e r, Joyce S... . Assistant Professo r of Offi ce Adminis trat ion , M.Ed .. Nort heas t l ouis;ono Stote

Burton , Stephen D. ..• Ass istont Professor of P h a rm a c og n o ~y, Ph.D., Un iversi ty of Connectic ut Byrd, D.. vid S..•. Associate Profes$o r o f C hemistry. Ph.D. , University of Louisvillo C.:.denhoad, Gerry Do.:. n ... Imtructor in Nursin9, M.A., Universi ty of Colorado

Clirter, Hlimiet R. Jr.... Assidon l Professor o f Ma Mge men t, M.B.A., Univ e rsity of Mississippi Chadwick, Ida F.... Ass istMt Pro fessor of Heolth and Physicol Ed uce.tion , M.S., University o f Ten nessee Chilton, Evelyn Sanders ... A ~s i s t ont Pro fesso r o f English, M.A. , Unive rsity o f Mi ssi ssip pi

Christmas , William J. '" Pr o f e~sc r o f Ed uco t iofl. Ed.D., C olumbio Universi ty COllh, James T. A ~s i~t on t Professo r of Heolt h ond Physice.' Educ.!! t io n. M.Ed .. Lou isiona Sta ie Un iversity Cobb. Lt. Alvin B... . Assi stant Professor of Mil itory Scie nce , B.A., O Uohoma Stete Unive rsi ty

Collins. Frank E. Jr.... Assi~te.nt Professor of Che mist ry, Ph .D., Louisicno Sto le Un iversity Assist...n t Professor of Covington, Ne il R. Ed uco tion. M.S.W ., Un iversity of De nver Cronk. Da le H . ... Professor o f Ph"rm ..,cy, Ph. D.. Stote Unive r.s ity of Iowa

Danti. August G . ProfeHor of Phdfmacy. Ph.D.â&#x20AC;˘ Oh io Slate Unive rsity DliVis, Er", Bernllrd Associote Professor of H ome Econo mic'; , M .S .. Lou isionll Std ie Un iversity. Dear, J ames E.... Assista nt Pro fe ssor of Acco untinq , Ph .D., Louis;or o Sta te Universit y

Depoe. C h ... ries E. .. Associate Profes~o r of Biology. Ph. D.. No rth Coroli nll St.., te C ollege Doug la s, Ne il H . Assoc iote Professor of Biology. Ph. D., OUahomo Sta te University Durr, Kenneth r. ... Professor of Accou nting, Ed .D., Ind ia na Unive rs ity

Eidholt. Theodore H. Associ..,te Professor of Pha rmacology. Ph.D., University of Mi nnesotll Fdnt , l eonllrd O. A~si~ tant Professor of He,, [th or::! Physi cll i Ed., M.A ., Unive rs ity of Alobomo Fought, Betty M. ' " In structo r in Heo lth ond Physic.!! 1 Ed uca ti o n, M. Ed., Me mphis St ote Unive nity .

Faculty Members Sponsor Organizations

Ferguson, Ted B.

.. A ssoc io te Pro fesso r o f History,

M.A., Loui si<l no St ote Unive rsify Forwood, Frank P.... A ss ist a n t Profe ssor o f Soc iolog y, Th .D .. South e rn Sapt;.! Th eo log ica l Se minary Foster, Emm e tt J .... Pro lessor of PhY5ics. M.A., Louisi~n.:l St.:l le Un iversi ti'

Fox, Eugene H . . . As~oc iate Pro fessor o f Economics,

Ph.D .. Unive nity of A lo boma

Franklin, Be ryl C. Associate Professor o f Bio lo gy,

Ph.D .. Ohio Sia l e Univ e rsity

Fuller, Claud e C . ... Assisto n! Profess o r o f Sp e ech,

M.A .. W est Texas S iale Unive rsity

Garldnd, Pdtric ia Ingra m ... Assi~ld n f Pro fe~sor of Fi nM ce . M .B.A. . Un ive rsity of A rkonsos Garre», Patrick P.. . . As s i ~l~nl Pro fessor o f English, M.A.. Au b u rn Uni....ersi ly G eig er, Maj. H. ... A s~ i sla n l Pro fesso r o f Mil ita ry Scie nce, B.A., C ity C olleg e o f N ew York.

G e iger, Paul F. . . . A$si~ t on t Pro fe ssor of

PhIHmocology, Ph.D. , Un ive rsity of TeMS Genus/!, Vince nt A. . " A ssisfonl- Profe sso r of Phys ic s. Ph.D., M ichigo n Stote Unive ni ty Ginn , Eris J .... Associa t e Pro fe s:ior o f Ed uc a tion, M.S.W., l ou isiaM $t",te U ni versi ty

Glawe, Llo yd N•... A5~i s t a n t Profe ssor of Ge o log y,

Ph .D. , Louisia na Siote University Goorley, John T. ' "

Pro fesso r o f Ph/Hm ~ ceuticor

C hem is try, Ph .D" Purdue University Grantham, De nnis P.. .• A ssistont Professor of

Math emat ic s. M.A.. Mi omi Ur'liversity


Grantz, C MI l. ... Assoc io te Professor of Eng lish, M.A., Co lumbia Unive rsity Green, H. Ba ird Assistan t Profe ssor of Ma rke ting, M.B.A., Louis iaM State Univers ity Gros eclose, Robert E.... Assis t ant Professor of H e alth a nd Physical Edu cation, '....( Ed., University of Te r cH

Gunter, Syl vio S. Instruc to r in Nun: ing , B.S., North eenl l ouision(l Stote C ollege Hair. Jom e: l . . . ln5tructor in Speec h. M.A. , Loui si(l na State Unive rsity Hamm ons, Ja' per G .... P rofesso~ of A gronomy, Ph.D., Pennsy lva nia S tate University

Hamner, Rose mMY Reed .. , Assistant Professor of Mothe mo tics, M.A., Un iversit y of Texas Hard e gree. Mai. Bobby l. ... Assistan t Prores.o r of Mi litary Sc ience, B.A. North Georgia Co ll ege Harmon , l oran T. .. Instructo r in Phil oso ph y, M.A.. l ouisiana SIMe Uni versity

H.uris, l ouise E.... Assistant Pro fesso r o f Eng lish. M.A., l o ui siono State Univ e rsity H orri50 n, Robe rt E.... Asso ciate Professor o f Marketing , Ph .D.. Univers ity of A rkans<'l s Harrison, Will.ud L ... Ass ist(lnt Professo r of Ho spita l Philrm acy, M.S., Un iversity of Flo rid(l.

Haynes, M. levelle ... Professo r of Ed uca ti on , Ed.D., Geo rge PMbody C oll ege Hayward , An ne lie, Thurner ... In structor in GermM Abituf, O be rsch ule F. Mll dche n. Boyreu th, GermMY Head , C larenc e V. Jr.... In,tructor in Eng li sh, M.A. Louis illl"ltl St(lte Universit y

Heorne, B. Mad Ass ist an t Professor of Music, M.A., G eorge P e~ body C ollege H ess, SUJie J . ... Assistant Professor of Office Adm inistra tio n, M.B.A., In diOM University H e ilrn"n. F. Eugene Profeswf of Soc iolog y, Ph.D., Un ivers ity of Nebrllskd

Hickman, Nollie W. Pro fessor of History, Ph.D., Unive rsii y of Texas Hickman, Roderick A. Jr. Assoc ia te Pro fe ssor of Mo themot ics, M.A., G eofg e Peabody C ollege Holdeman . Fostor H . ... Associa t e Professor o f Agricultural Eng ineerin9. M.$ .. Lo uisiaM Sta te Un iv e~ ; t y

Hollister, Albert Virgil Assist a nt路 Pro fesso r of Health Md Physical Educ e iio n, Ed.D .. G eo rge Pe <'l body College Holmes, Jerry D. A ssis ton t P r o re ~ ~ or o f En9l ish , M.A. . Unive rsity of Mississipp i Holmes , Ted R. A5sista nt Pro fessor of J o urna lism, M.A.. l o uisiono St ot e Univers ity

NLSC Welcomes New Professors

Holt , Robr>rt l. . . . Associa te Professor of Che mistry, Ph ,D., University of Nort h C<'lrofi neo Holnda ...., T. Eugene ... Professor of Ed uca t ion , Ed .D.. Unive rsity of A rk<'l ns<'l' Hood, James T. Associote Profeswr of Acco unting, Ph .D" loui siMo State University

Hood. Melvin V. Jr. 路 . . . In d ructo r in Matnem ot ics. M.S.. Aub urn Unive rsity Huckabay, Addie L . . Assist on t Professo r of H ome Econom ics. M.S .. LouisiMa Sta te Un iversity Huffmo!ln. A lva S. Pro fe sso r of H eolt h and Phys.ica l Ed ucot io rl, M.S .. l o uisiana St ote Un iversit y

Assistant Professor of HUlley , Lyman A. Jr. History, M.A .. Univers ity o f A rkansa s John10n, larry D. . . . Assiston t Profesw r o f Physics. Ph.D.. Unive rsit y o f Te nnessee

Hickman, Nollie W. Professor of H istory, Ph.D ., Universit y of Tex/l s Associote Professor of Hickman, Roderick A. Jr. " M" th eml'liic~. M.A., G eorge Peo body Coltege Holdeman, Foster H. Associa te Professor o f Agricultural Eng ineerin9. M.S., l ouisioM Stote Universi ty

Assist or, t Pro fe ssor of Hollister, Albert Virgil Health ond Physical Educ otion, Ed. D., G eo rge Peobody Coll ege Holmes, Jerry D.... Assis tont Profe ~~or o f Eng lis h, M.A. , University of M j ~s is$ipp j Holmes, Ted R.... Assistant Pro fe ssor of J o ur nalism, M.A., lou isi"n" St ote Un ivers ity

NLSC Welcomes New Professors

Holt, Robert L .. _ Asmc iate Pro fessor of C he mist ry. Ph,D .. Un iversity of North Corolino Holhclaw, T. Eugene ... Professor of Ed uca tio n, Ed.D., Unive rs ity of A rkans as Hood, James T.... Associote Profe ssor of Acc ounting, Ph .D., lou isiona State University

Hood, Melvin V. Jr. ... . In d ruclor in M"themot ic s, M.S., Auburn Unive rsity Assist"'"t Professor of Ho me Hucka bay, Addie l. Econom ics, M.S., louisiona Stale University Huffman, Alva S. .. Professo r of Heoll h and PhY$ico l Education, M.S., l o uisiana Sto te Un iversi ty

HUlley, l yman A. Jr. Ass istant Professor of History, M.A .. Unive rsity o f A rkansas Johnson, larry D.... Assisto nt Profeswr o f Physics. Ph.D., University of Te nnessee

J olly, C"pt. DOMld H . . .. Assistan t Professor of

Milita ry Science . S.A., Hende rwn St llte Teachers

C ollege

J ones, H. Perry As ~ j$ t~nt Professor of History, M.A,. A p pa lachia n Stote Teac he rs College Assista nT Professor of J ones, Wallace L Jr. Ed vcotion, Ed .D., Lou isiano Sta te Un iversity

Joyner, Don"ld E.... Assistont Pro fessor of Educllr:on, M.A .. Ea ste rn New Melico Unive rsity Kee, DlIvid T. " . Assistant Professor of Biology, Ph.D., Mich igan SI.!! te Unive rsi ty Ke lly, Mary Rose ... Instructo r in Health lind

Physicol Ed u c~t io n, M.D., Northeost l ouisiana Stole

Colleg e

Kelso, Fr anc es S. P ro fe s~o r o f Home Economics, M.A., George Peab od y College Ke rn, Joseph H. Profe ssor of PhMmdcy Administ rllt ion, Ph .D .. Ohio SIMe Unive rsi ty Assoc iole Pro fess or of Phormll cy , KnoH, Robert P. Ph.D., Oregor\ Stole University

ProfeHo r of Speech, Ph .O., K,.lImllr, Edw"rd J . J. Florid.!! Sta te Unive rsity Ladner, Ca ro lyn S. .. Inst ru ctor in O fr ice Ad l"'l in idrat ion , M.S., Universi ty of Sou the rn Miuissi p p i La Gaipa, John J . Ass istMt Proresso r of

Psy cholog y, Ph.D., Ame ricon Un iversity

lemer', l ouise Gray Associllie Professo r of librMY Scie nce ond Eng lish, M.A.. Georg e Pe"body C olleg e lehon, Billy B.. . . Assiston t Professo r o f C hemistry, Ph.O., Unive rsi ty of AI<')bo mo lewis, John C . .. Assist ont Professor of Geogrophy, M.A., Kent Stot e Un iversity

lockh art, J enie M.. .. AHislant Profe Hor o f English, M.A ., Unive rsi ty of Aillbomll l ofton , Mabel M.... A ~sis t a nt Professo r of Nursing, M.A., Universit y of O regon Medicol School loftin, William E.... A~ ~ i do n T Professo r o f Econom ics , M. S路.A. , Nort heMI Louisia na Sttl te C o llege


Logan , Jack Assis tan t Professor of MM ke ting , M.a.!\.. Universi ty of A rkansa s Lowery, Claude J . Jr, . .. Assidonf Pr ofes~o r of Finonce , M.B.A ., No rt h Texos Sto te University Luffey, John L. ... Pro fe~so r of A ccou nt ing , M .BA .. Unive rsity of Texo:;


Jeanne ... Ins tr uct or in Ho me Economics, MS. Ed ., No rthwestern S t~te College Mapp, Marcus B. Pro fessor of Geology. M.S., Mississi ppi Stole Universi ty Marlin, Charles F.. .. Inst rod or in H e o!f h a nd Physico ! Ed .. M .Ed .. Un ive rs ity of O l lohoma.

Mttrlin . Fra. n~ W . _. Professor o f Phor" ocog nosy, Ph.D., W ash ing ton Un iversity Manning, Capt . J"met Jr . .â&#x20AC;˘. Assistant Professor of Mil it a ry Scie nce, B.S., Mc N eese Sta te C ollege McCann, Thomas R.... ABoda te Profe ;sor of Economics, M.A .. George Peabod y C olle ge

Faculty Children Given Christmas Party

McCleish, Dolph H .. .. Assistol't Professor o f Ed uca tion, M.Ed. , Louisidna SIMe U niversity McDonald Balter, Jr. Instructor in Ubrtlfy Science, M .S .. Louisi()rM Sta te University McGro!lw, Van C .... Ass ociate Professor o f Manage ment. Ph. D.. lou isiana Sial e Unive r5it y

Pro fe ssor o f English , Ph.D., McKneely, L. Marvin Emory Unive rsi ty Assistnn t Pr of~sso r of E.~gli5h, McLaurin, Wayne M.A ., Me m ph:s Stat e University McLemore, John A. Associa te Pro fe sso r o f English, Ph.D .. Unive rsi ty of Missi$si pp i


Doctoral Degrees Sought by Many

MClY, MM;"nne Bower ... Ass oci;, te Profes sor of Home Economics , Ed. D., O ~llIhoma St~lte University Millen, Earl T.... Assoc i.,te P rofe ~~ or of Government, Ph. D., Unrversity of Washi ngton

Mitchell. H<'Ixel H.... Profes~or of Spanish, Ph.D., Louisi<'lnll Slate Col lege

Mitchell, PlIul Lee ... Instructor in English. M.A., New Mexico Highlands University Mobberly, Willillm Jr. ... Associ<'lte Professor of Biology. Ph.D., Tul<'lne University Monroe, J<'Imes F.... Professor of Music, Ph.D., University of North CMolina

Morellll, John R.... Assistant Prore~so r of Psyc hology. M.Ed., University of Okl<'lhoma Morgan, William G. '.' Instructor in Educ<'ltion, M.S.W., Louisr<'lna St<'lte University Morton, HowlIrd W .... Associate Professor of Office Administr<'ltion, M.B.E., University of Mississippi

Morton, Ted J, ...

A~$i ~t Cln t Profes~or


G e ogr ~ phy,

M.A., ArizoM State Unive nity Mullins, Joe B"rry '"

Associate ?rofe;sor of Mu;ic,

Ed. M., University of Illinois Mummert, Gerald E.. .. fmtructo r in Music, M .M" Indiana Univenity

Nicklas, Merrill S.... Pro fe s~or of Education . Ed ,D.. Unive rs ity of Arka nsas Ni., Jame~ K. Assistan t Professor o f Gove rnmen t, M.A.. l o uisia na Sf Me Univers ity Norris. William W. Associate Professor of Biology, Ph.D .. l ouisiC)M State University


Ober. Richard G. In5tructor in l M guoges, M.Ed., l ouisiono Stot e Universit y O'Neal, James ~. .. Ins trudor in Chemistry, MS., Url iversity of Mi s si~5ippi O.....en, Major Benjamin P. .. Assiston! Proressor of Milili!lry Scie.1 ce, B.A., Ouoc), ilo BlIptist College

Page, Carle ton C. .. As sistMt Professor of MlI rlll gement. M.B.A.. UniYersity of Mississippi ParkerJon, Jolmes W.... Associo!e ProfeHor of S,::.cec h, M.A .. The Sill te Un i ve r ~ity of lowlI Peacock, Ronald G .... AssistllMt Professor of Ph ysics , Ph. D.. Tul"ne Un ;ye rsity

Perliek. Roberta S. .. . Assodll te Professor of Art. Ph.D., Oh io State University Per$; c~, William T. Assod ote Professor of Art. Ph, D.. O hio Sto te Unive rs ity Porter, Denni, p, , .. Instructor of Speciol Educotio n, M.S" North Te ~o$ Sio te Un ive rsity

Price , L. Leon, Sr. Professo r of Ag ri culture, M.S., L::.uisiona Stot e UniYersity Prince, B. Ellr1 .. Professor of Bio logy, Ph.D., Louisiona Stotc Unive rsity Rllbun, Diane Groen I nstrudo r in librory Science, M.S., in L.S.. Lo ui si"n a C oll ege

,~, -:;-~\


Rainbolt. R. Russell . . . Instructo r in Mo the mo lics, M.A.T., University of Vi rginio Rombin, William R. Jr . . .. Inst ruc tor in Speech. M A .. Loui!iona State Uni-.'e rsity R"wson, Polul L. .. . Assiston t Professor of G eogrll phy. M.A .T.. Ha rva rd Unive rsit y

Ri ckett, Rob ert M. Instructor in Physics, B.S., Arkan sas St ole Teoc hers Coll ege Rich, Beve rl y L .. ' Assistll nt Profes so r of Bi ology, M.S., Mi s.iss ippi Co ll ege In structor in Mu sic, M.S., Riggin s, G. lowry University of Illinois


R09c rs, Lami'lr E.... A~s i stM t Professor of Buil ding Cond ructio rl, M.S.Ed .. North west e rn State College Ro..... an. Jo!Ick C. Associo te Professor of H eolth end Physico I Ed ucot ion, M.Ed ., Mississippi Coll ege Runnels, W. Dayto n ... Ins lructo r in A rt , M.A., Son Die go St ol e College

RUHolI, William K. Profes ~or o f Edu co tion , Ed .D.• U n iv(3 r ~ i ly of H ous to n Ryan, Milto n A. In stru do r in Musk, M.M., Univer~ ily of TeJ; a~ Saenr, ReYMldo Y. Assisten ! Professor o f P 'lc'Hmo c e uti c~1 Che mist ry, M.S. , University of Te x... s

Associ o te Pro fes sor of Slindrod, Gertrude M. M usic, M.Ed .• Unive rsit y of Pittsbu rg SaHerfield, DOno!lld W. Assist... nt Professor of Accou nting, M.B.A .. University of ArkMsos Saund e rs , J. Harvey ... AS5 islo nt- Professor of H istory, Ph.D.. U'l ive rsity of Georgia

Sc huh, Edward E. .. Assis lord Pro fessor of Art, M.A. , New Mex ico High lMds Un iversib( Scott, Co!Ipf . Hugh J . Assi~t<'lnt Professor of Mil it ory Science . B.A.. S<'l n Jose State C ollege Scurlock, Willi<'lm R• . . . Auistdnt Professor of Histo ry, M.A., University of Ala bo me

Segrest, Jacob L. ." Assist<'!nt Professor of Physics, MS, Texas C ollege of Arts e nd Industries Selby, Edwo!Ird B. Jr•... Assist" nt Professor of Econom ics, Ph.D., Louisia na Sto te Unive rsity Shadoin. Bernard ... Associ... le Profe sso r of Edu cation, Ed.D., Unive rsity of Arkonsas

Shanafelf, Raymond E. . . . AssistllOt Professor of Ge09raphy, M.A., Ill inois Stote Normal University Shephe rd. Aubrey J~me' ... Ass is ta nt Professor of Engli sh, M.A. in Ed., Louisian a Polytechnic Institute Short, JeMne A . ' " Assis!-<'!nt Professo r of Nursi ng, M.A., N ew York University


Smith, Betty Edmiston ... Instructor in Nursing, M.s., Emory University Smith, J. Willi~m, Jr..•. A5soci<de Professor of Office Administrotion, Ed.D., Colorodo Stote College Smith, Wilford D.... Professor of Music, Ph.D., George Pellbody College

Speighh, E"rl D•.•. Assistont Professor of Heolth ond Physico I Educotion, M.Ed., Northwestern Stote St~nhope, Eloise C"lhoun ...• Associote Professor of Music,'M.M., Chicogo Conservotory of Music Stew~rt, Fr"n~ Edwin ... Assistont Professor of Physics, Ph.D., TeX3S A&M University

Hobbies Unusual, Varied Among Faculty

Stricklin, Thom~s Edg~r ... Assistant Professor of History, M.A., University of Alobomo Strumpell, Henry M.... Assistant Professor of Monogement. M.B.A., Air Force Institute of Technology Swenson, Frances W. Instructor in Nursing, B.S., Northeast louisillno Stote College

Taylor, M~i. John E.... Assistont Professor of Militory Science, B.A., Northeost louision3 State College Thomas, R. D"le ... Assistant Professor of Biology, Ph.D .. University of Tennessee Thom~s. WinneHa Professor of French, M.A., Middlebury College

Thornhill, Jad Newton .. , Professor of Economics,

Ph.D., louisiono State University

Thyhsen. John H.... Assistont Professor of Music,

M.M., Eostman School of Music

Unger, Gerald D...• Inst ructor in Music. M.A .• Co lorado St.."te College Upchurch. John D... . Assist" nt Professor of Music. M.M.. I,.d i" no Unive rsit y Upton. Jerry W. '" Assi st ant Professor o f M"Mge ment, M.B.A .. Mi Hiuippi Stllte Un iversity

Vaughan, C "therine D.. .. AssistM r Professor of Educat io n. Ed .D.• Unive rsity of Southern Mi ~s i s sippi Walker, William A. Jr .. .. Pro fe sso r o f Hi story. Ph.D., University of Tex.." s Wellace. Herbert S. Assoc iate Professor o f Biology, Ph. D., Iowa Stll te College

Walley, Olur N. Jr. A ssoc i ~ te Professor of Psychology. Ph.D.. University o f South e rn Mississippi Werd, R. Elgin ... Assistllnt Pro fe sso r of Edu c ~tion, Ed .D., University of Mis sissippi Werd , Robert G . Inst ructor in Art, M.A.. University of low"

WatkinJ, C . Eugene . .. As!tOci.."te Profe sso r of Phllrmllcy Adm inislrMion, Ph .D., University o f Mississip p i Wehon, Jewell . .. Associ.."te Professor o f Mll n"gement. Ed .D.. IndiMa Unive rsit y White, Jacklon A. ' " Associ.,te Pro fes;o r of Accounting . Ph.D.• Loui sieO/l St"te Un iv ersity

Whatl ey. Edward C. .. Pro fessor of Biology, Ph .D.• Miss iiSip p i Stote University Williams, J . Lerry ... In structor in Sociolo<;l Y, M.A., Un iversity of A r ~Ms a s Williams, Max H ...• Instr ucto r in History. M.A" Norl hel'l st LouisidM State Coll ege

Wilson, Ralph M. .. Professor of Pharmacy, M.S.. Univers ity of OU"homo y ",br ough. Jerr y W ... . Ass is tont Professor of Eng lish , Ph. D., Un ivOfsit y o f Te).as ZlIImedi. Rich,,,,d .. . Assist..,nt Profe ssor of Ph ysi c~ . Ph.D.. T(n as A&M Un ive rsity



George Abbott

West Monroe

M.B.A. in Business Administr<'ltion

Larry W. Amberg M.S. in Zoology

Rosemary Barnes



M.A. in Speech

Charles N. Bell M.S. in Hospit<'ll Pha rmacy

Gareth H. Bond M.M. in Mu sic

Jack C. Bradberry

M onroe

Covington, AI â&#x20AC;˘ . Lafayelte

M.S. in Pht'Hmo'lcy

John M. Brady M.S. in Pharmacy

Marvin I. Brandt

M.S. in Chem istry

Evelyn Dianne Bratton


Shreveport Columbi.

M.A. in En<;J lish

Ollie Stephen Carter M.S. in Zoo lo gy

Karen R. Cancienne



M.A. in Eng li sh

Patrick M. Cicala


M.S. in Bioloqy

Willie Jean Furr


M.Ed . in Educ6 tio n

Emma Del Humph ries

M onroe

M.S. in M<'Ith

Jerry W. Warner


M .S. in Biology

George Earl Walson M.S . in M<'I th

Howard Worthan M.B.A. in Bu si neu Adminilo tr<!Jlion

Monroe M~nila,



M o nroe

Gloria J. Abraham BS. in M& themotic$

Lelan d, Miss.

John M. Abraham

B. S. in 8 usiness Ad mi n ist rll fion

Judith L. Acree

West Monroe

B.A. in El emen tMy Edvc¢tion

Ann Adams


B.M.E. in Voc o!I l Music EduC ll tion

Judy A. Akin


B.S. in Ph orm ClCY

Merle C . Albert

New Orleans

B.s. in Pharmo, y

Thomas B. Alderman


BS. ill Pharmacy

Michele Aldridge

Shre vepo rt

B.S. in Pha rmacy

Jennie L. Alexander


B.A. in Element ary Educoti on

Thurman Allen


B.S. in Agro nomy

John E. Alwood, Jr.


B.A. in Governme rd

David F. Andrews


B.S. in Phormocy

John Anglin


B.S. in Health and Phys ico l Educo tion

Na than L. Antley


S.A. in Gove rnment

Doyle I. Ar e nder

West Monroe

BJ\. in Ele menta ry Educ a tion

Frank X. Armiger, Jr..


B.S. in Phormo cy

Warren H. Arms

New Orleans

B.S. in Ph o rmocy

John W. Alwood

Lumberton, Miss.

B.S. in Phormo , y

Carl P. Baker


B.S. in Physics

Mary A. Ballard

Shreve port

B.S. in Phermocy

Monte Sue Ballard


B.A. in Ellgli sh Educ otion

Brooks V. Bamburg

West Monroe

B.S. in Mothema tics

EIiIabeth E. Bamburg

West Monroe

B.A. in Pre.Socio l W ork

John Battaglia B.S. in Ph ormo cy


Bernadette Beard

J onesville

B.A. in Ele me nto ry Educo tio n

M. Beaver



B.A. in Elementt'lry EduCoZI'ton

Robert Becnel

Rese rve

B.s. i n PharmoC'(

William T. Belding


Ph or m~cy

B.S. in




B.S. in PhMmo cy

Russell B. Bender, Jr.


B.S, in Geology

Wayne C. Bergeron


BS. in Ph ormocy

Dot Berry

O ak Grove

S.A. in Ele menta ry Educ a t-ion

lIa Berry


B.S. in Business Education

Pascal J. Berzas B.S.



Ph ormllcy

James R. BicHord B.A. in



Barbara Black


B.S. in OHice Administration

Mary Alice Bonner

Fort Necessity

B.A . in Elementary Ed ucc'I'ion

Paul F. Borrel


B.S. in Pha rmtlcy

Mary E. Bossier

Rese rve

B.S . in Phormocy

Joseph Bosworth


B.S. in Phorm.:l cy





B.S. in Bu t- in e;s Administrolion

Theodore Bourgeois

New Orleans

B.S. in Phormocy

Kerney J. Bourque


Lafa yette

in Pho rm,)cy

Terry W. Bower

Gue ydan

8.$. in Ph lHmacy

Kathy M. Boyd B.S. in


B u ~ ;nt'lSs

Samuel H. Boyd


B.S. in Socio l Studi es Educotion

William B. Boyd

Oil City

B.S. in Pharmocy

William H. Boyd B.S. in A9 ro nomy


Phil E. Boydston


B.S. in PhMmecy

Kenny C . Bracken


B.S. in Genera l Bu siness

Janis Bra ndon


B.A. in En gl is h Educoi ion

Riley W . Bratton


B.A. in Soc iol St ud ie s Educolion

Samuel C. Brian


B.S. in Phormllcy

BobeH e B. Brodie


B.A. in Enq lish Educot ion

Grayson Broom

Conton, Miss.

B.S. in C he m ; ~ t ry

Katherine Brothers


B.A. in M usic Edu cIlfion

Mark E. Brown B.S. in


C h em i ~t ry

Charles Darwin Brunet

Ville Platte

B.S. in Ph ormocy

Frances E. Bryan

Mo nro e

8.5. in Ph llrmacy

Larry M. Bryan


B.A. in Social Stud ies Educa tion

Ronald Steven Bucci

Napoleo nville

B.S. in Pharmacy


J ohnnie Buckley B.A. in Eleme ni ll ry Edu ca tion

Pi neville

Robert C. Buckley B.S. in Ch emistry

Slephen Buckley

Monro e

B.S. in Bi ology Educotion

Thiel I. Buelo, Jr.


B.S. in PhMm

Johnny Bunch

Little Rock, Ark

B.S. in Pharmacy

Betty J. Bulcher


B.A. in Socio l Stud ies Ed uca tio n

Robert M. Butler B.S. in tndu stri,,1

Mon roe

M onagemen ~

Donald P. Callais

BeBJy~n ~c:~u~b~rl

CuI Off Formerville

B.A. in Pre.Soc ia l Work

SIeve V. Campo

a.s. in

New Orleons

PhMm"c y

Douglas Cancienne


B.S. in Pharma cy



Linda Carnahan


B.S. in Acc ou nting

John T. Carroll


B.S. in Agriculture

Michael W . Carroll

Wi sner

B.S. in PhllnMc y

l~ke B.S. in Mathema tics Education

Carol Carter


Hamlet R. Carter, III


8.5. in Market ing

Ronny R. Castleton

Wset Monroe

B.S. in Physics

Robe rt J. Cave ndish

Mo nroe

B.S. in Accounting

John T. Cawthon


B.A. in Sociol Studies EduclItion

Ronald Chc!isson


B.S. in Pharr-ullc y

Anthony Y. Chang

Hong Kong

B.S . in Pharmacy

Don Charpio

New Orleons

B.S . in Heo l! h lind Physi c.... ' Edu cotion

Gail Chauvin

Baton Rouge

B.S. in Nursi ng

Nancy J. Chin

West Monroe

B.A. in English Educ.... ti on

W illiam Chmylak

Deer Park, Te x.

B.S. in Pho rmo cy

Kathy Citro


S.A. in Elemenlory Ed ucotion

Rodney T. Clarkson


B.S. in An imal Sc ience

earl B. Cloe"ner

Jone sville

B.S. in Building Constru ction

Martin Cloessner

Jo nesvi lle

B.S. in Phornlac:y

Lewis W. Cobb, III


B.S. in Ph .... rmocy

J ames H. Cockrell


B.S . in Pharmacy

Joh n T. Coley B.S. in Phormllcy Fr~nk M. Collins


Ba strop

S.A. in Advertising Des ig n

Jo Ann Conti


B.S . in Office Administr tl tion

Gary M, Cooper B.S. in Bui ld in9 CO(15tructi on


William A. Cooper, Jr.


B.s. in Pharmacy

Sebastian Corbino BS. in

New O rl eans

C h e m i ~ tr)'

John J. Costanza

Napo leo nv il le

B.S. in Phormdcy

linda C o ttingham

W innsboro

B.S. in H om e Econo mics Ed uo tior.

Janeth C. Crain

Bastro p

B.A. in Engl ish Educ6t ion

Carol Crammer

G il bert

B.A. in Pre -Socia l W ork

Rosa Crane

A leKand ria

B.A. in E, g lish Education

Charlotte Crockett

C o lu mb ia

B. M. in M us ic History

William Crossley


B.S. in PhMmdcy

Deidre Cruse


B.A. in JO'Jrn~lism

Tommy Cruse B.s. in


M ~r~e ting

Sharon A . Cunningham


B.A. in Elementary Educatic'rL

Wayne Cunningham


B.S. in Pha rm,'lcy

Vivanea Daniels

Farmervi lle

B.A. in Eleme ntary Ed uc atio n

Jani ce M. Danna


B.A. in Elem en tlHY Educot ion

West Monroe

J ero me Danna

B.A. in Elementary Ed uco!Itio n

C a rolyn S. Davis

Lo rman, Miss.

8.5 . in Chemist ry Ed uc 6t io n

Dav id A. Davis B.S. in PhM m (l cy Richard W. Da vis B.S. in Ph(l rmo'l cy

Elwood J. DeJean B.S. in Pha rma cy Sharon J. Day

Norco Monroe

DesAliemands Longview. Tex.

B.A . in Ele me ntar y Ed uCd t io n

Barry M. Delca mbre B.A. in Eng lish and Fre lj c .1 John H. Denn is, Jr. B.A. in Hi >to ry

Erath Ed uca tion

H odge

Jd mes V. Downey 8 $.

Mon roe

;~ PhMm~cy

Ronnie Downing

West Mo nroe

!l.S. in Mll rketin q

Darryl R. Dronet

Sulphu r

6.5. in PharmCl cy

Gerald L. Duhon


6.5. in Phorm"cy

Darlene V. Duncan

So ndheimer

6,A. in Socia l St udies Fduco. t:ol'l

Llo yd Duplantis B.S. in


P h~tmacy

Raymond Duplantis

St. Martin sville

B.5. in Pha rmllcy

Gordon S. Dupre

Ma mou

B.S. in Pharma cy

Joseph E. Dupuy, III


B.S. in Gener"r 8usin<);s

Bobby Durham

Colu mbia

B.A. in A rt Edu ca tio n

Paul Eason

Mo nroe

13.5. in Mll M Qe me nt

Linda Eichelberger a.5. in O ffice


Admini~t ( Dt:on

Eugene L. Eleazar


BS. in Ph llrmllCY

John L. Elfervig

Bossie r City

B. S. in Pre路 Me dicine

George J. Elliott


B. S. in Pho.rm<'lcy

Ellen D. Ell is


8.5. in Pho rmll CY

Van A. Estes 8.5.


in Pharmacy

Jac k W. Evans B.A. in


H i ~to ry

Edwa rd H. Fallen

New O rlea ns

B.S. in Phllrmllcy

JoAnn Fazzio


B.S. in Business Ed uco tion

Frances L. Feazel

West Monroe

B.A. in El ementary F..:iac/l'I ;:l n

Jerel Fergu son


B.s. in Phll rmllcy

Betty Fisher

Colu mbia

B.A. in French Ed uca tion

James H. Fisher B.S. in Business

West Monroe

Ad m in j ~ ~ r o i :on

Sandy Fleischa ker


B.S. in Accou'l l in9

Robert A. Fleniken

Baton Rouge

B.S. in Phcrmocy

Alice F. Flint

St. Josep h

B.A. in Enq lish Ed uCtltion

Louis C. Floyd


B.S, in Physici

Benny L. Fortenberry


B.S. il'> Account ing

David B. Forth

Bossier C ity

B.A. in Sociology

Belly Foster

Natchez, Miss.

B.S. in MlHket i nq

Gerald Foster


B.S. in Monogement

Byro n Fournet B.S. in Pharmacy


Richard L. Fox

Oak Grove

B.S. in Bu siness Adm in ist rati on

Johnny C. Francis

Natc hez, Miss.

8.M.E. in Musi c Educ"tion

Lynda S. Franklin


B.S. i n Medi c<'I 1 Tec hnology

Patricia A. Freela nd


B.S. in Heolth and Physicol Ed ucotion

Charles K. Frizzell

Mon roe

B. S. in Bioloqy

Milford L Fryer

Oak Grove

B.A. in Jou rna lism

Je rry L Futch


B.S. in Accounting

Lana K. Futch

M onroe

B.S. in PhlHmo cy

Michael O. Galyean

as. h



Billy D. Gammel


B.S. in Pharm acy

Pat Gardne r

M onroe

B.A. in Engl ish Educ" tion

Alfred L. Gaudet


B.S. in PhtHmocy

Donna Jo Gaulden

Perryvi lle

B.S. in GenerCl I Business

Marcia Gentry


B.S. in Me th e mel ics Ed uce l ion

Butch Getchell

Pine Bluff, Ark.

B.S. in Mana ge ment


J a me. M. Gidden.

Clarksville. Tex.

B.S, in Phormacy

Peggy S. Gi lbert

We. t Monroe

B.S. in Business Adminisl rotion

Brenda M. Gill

Mo nroe

I3 .S. in BioloQY Educati on

Randy C. Gillum

M on roe

B.S. in Phcrmacy

Diana Glomb

DuPa ge, III.

B.A. in El eo'TIent ory Ed ucll t io n

Frankie D. Gould

Mon ro e

B.S. in Phermecy

Betty J. Grace

Newel lto n

B.A . in Eleme n tory Educlltion

John H. Green B.S. in

W e.t Mon roe

Ph y~ i c s

Martha Green


B.S. in Busi ness Ed ucation

Shannon L. Green

Bastro p

B.A. in Elementary Ed uc<'Ili o n

Leigh Gregg


B.A. in Eng lish

Darrell F. Griggs


B.A. in Jou rno li s'1'1

Gle nda Grower

Mo nroe

B.A. in Elemen fory Ed ucotiM

Ronnie Guerin

New Roads

B.S. in Pho rmocy

John D. Guillory

Eu nice

B.S. in Phormocy

Willard D. Guillory

Lake Cha rl e.

8.5. in Phorm ecy

Patricia A. Gura edy

West Monroe

a.M.E. in Voco l Music Educotio n Sylvia O. Gu.tafson

Tallula h

B.A. in Elementa ry EduclI t io n

Donald R. Hale

We. t Mon roe

8.5. in Busi'less Ad minisfrofion

Joyce Hale B.A . io Elemento ry

St. J o.eph E d uc~ t io n

Georg e R. Hall

M onroe

B.S. in Econo mics

l arry B. Hall

M onroe

B.S. in Phormocy

Herschel R., Haneline B.S. i n

Mo nro e

M ~ l hem ~ t i cs

Marth. A. Ha nkin. B.S: in Home Eco n o mi c ~ EduC<'!o tion


Lind. S. Hardy


Lake Charles

in Sparli ~h Educ cJtion

Robert L. Hargrove B.M.E. i n

In~tru m en t ~ 1

Mon roe M usic Educ<'Ition

Elsie C. Harrell


a.A. ill Els rne ntory Educo l ion

Charles Ha rris B.A. in

Enqr ,~ h

W in nsboro

Ed Jcatio n

Delores Harveston

Grayso n

B.S. in Phll rmo cy

Ann L. Heard

West Monroe

B.A. in Elemen bry Ed uc垄 l ion

John Hebert


e.A. In Psyc.ho]"9Y

Minus Hebert, Jr.

Mo nroe

8.5. in Phllrmllcy

Audie T. Gegan


B.S. in PhormllCY

Brenda L. Hensley

M on roe

B.A. in G o'V ernmen t

Patricia Herlevic

M o nroe

B.A. in Eng lish Educotio n

Gordon E. Herpin


B.S . in Phumacy

Sammy Herrod

Eun ice

B.A. in Pha rmacy

Joyce Hewitt

Man gham

B.A. in Elem en ta ry Ed ucation

Phyllis Higdon

Glenmo ra

SA ill 50 clo l Stud ies Ed uco tion

Judy High


B.A. in B us in e~ 5 ond O ffice Educ<!Ition

Jeanne Hill


B.A. in Psyc ho lo gy

Leon P. Hill

Oak Grove

8.5. in Agri c ult ure

Patricia E. Hill


B.A. in Engl ish

Wayne A. Hill


B.S. in Agricultu re

Jan Hillman

Mobile. Ala.

B.A. in Pre路Social W ork

Thoma, B. Himel


B.S. in Pharmocy

Carol Holland


B.S. in H ome Econo mics

Kenneth E. Holland B.S. in Con stru ct ion Enginee ring


M onroe

George H. Holler B.S. in Biolog y

Breau x Bridge

Earl G. Hollier B.S. in PhMmacy

Shreve po rt

T. H. Holloway, Jr. B.S. in M ano9!l m en~

James R. Holt

M o nroe

B.S. in Biology Ed uca tion

T (avis D. Hopkins

J o ne s

8. S. in PhMmocy

Karin Hopper

Ba ton Ro uge

B.A. in H istory

Thomas Hornsby


B.S . in Bus iness Mon oq ement

Barbara Hull


B.A. in Socia l St udies Education

Ha rris onbu rg

Beth Ann Huffman B.A . in Government


Steve Huffman B.s. in Physic s

Alice F. Hunter

Sicily Island

B.S. in Bioloqy Educil tion

Walter Hunter

C o ushatta

B.S. in Mat he mat ics

Ja ne Hurl ey

Delh i

B.A. in Elementory Educa tion

Jeannette Hutto

Sh reve port

8 .5. in Bu siness Edu ca t ion

Donnie Inzi na


B.A. in Ele me ntary Ed uca t ion

Jam es T. Jackson

Po nchato ula

8.S. in PhMmocy

Jeanette Johns

Ook Grove

B.A. in Pre-Soci<l l Wo rk

James W. Johnson

Mo nroe

B.S. in M(! nao e menr

Larry G. John son

Boton Roug e

B.S. in Ac cou n tin g

Pau la S. Johnson


Mon roe

B.S. in N ursing

Tommy D. Johnson

Bast ro p

B.A . in S oc j ~1 S tu dies Edu c(! t ion

Kathryn I. Joli".int

West Mo nroe

B.S. in Me d ica l Te ch nology

Rhond. F. Jones

Mang ham

8. 5. in H ea lt h il nd Phys;cil I Education

Wayne J. Jones 8.5 , in Ph" flMcy


Cut O ff

Greg J ubert


B.S. in Agriculture

Kris Kahmer

Housto n. Tex.

B.S. in Chem istry

Clara A. Keathley

C layto n

B. A. in Ele mentary Ed ucation

Jo Anne Kelly

O ak Groye

S.A. in Elementary Educat ion

Vielor S. Kelly

Mo nroe

B.A. in $oci olo9Y

Karl K. Kettler



50n Antonio. Tex.

P ha r m~cy

Clara R. Keys

Ra yyille

B.A. in EJementory Ed ucation

Kar en Kinard


B.A. in Ad ve di sif'lg Desig n

Edward H. Kincaid B.S. in Heolt h


~nd Ph y~ i co!l l

Carl W. King

Ed ucation

Greenyille, Miss.

B.S. i rl Mor keri ng

John J . King

West Monroe

B.S. in Ph orm ocy

Phyllis M. Kinnison


B.A . in Soc ial St udi es Edu cotion

Ma ry Ann Kirkham


B.A. in Soc;ol Studies Educa tion

Carolyn M. Kolb

West Monroe

B.A. in Elementa ry Education

James G. Kolb


S.S. in Biology

Leo H. Kordsmeier


B.S, in Pharmocy

linda C . Kerdsmeiler


B.A. in Elementa ry Educat ion

Reg inald John Labat


8.S. in Phll rmacy

Sue LaBorde

W est Monroe

B.A. in Psycholog y

Elwood J . Lacour

M o nroe

B.S. in Pha rmocy

John M. Lamana

BlI to n Roug e

B.S. in Ph<!lrmllcy

Larry D. Lomb

little Rock, Ark

B.S. in Ph e. rm ocy

Carl D. lambert


B.S. in !ndustriol Mon<!l gement

Greg P. LaNat. B.S. in Ph llrmoc y


John C . Lands

G re tno

B.S. in Phorm..,cy

Glenn J. Landry


B.S. in Pho rmacy

Partick LandreneauX"

Mon roe

B.S. in Pharmocy

William Lane

New Orleo ns

B. S. in Geology

William F. Lane B.S. in

Monro e

Ph y~ics

Judy K. Langley


B.A. in English Educcltion

Wayne A. La sul10

Mon ro e

B.S. in Hedlth and PhysiclIi Ed uca tion

linda K. Lawren ce

Mo nroe

B.A. in Speech Educa tion

H. Bernard LeBas

Vale Pla tte

B.S. in Pnarmocy

John D. lecky


B.A. in Go.... ernm en r

J ohn R. Lee

New Orleans

B.S. in Pharmtl cy

Marilynn C . Leporati


B.A. in El emsrdory Educot ion

Gene Lest e r


B.A. in ElerncntiHY Edl.:c<'l tion

Donnie A. Letterman B.S. in Business Malldgement

linda D. Letterman



West Mon ro e

in H ea llh ond Phys icol Educ",tion




B.S. in PhMmacy

Brenda K. Undow


B.S. in Offic e Adm inis tra tio n

Frances J. Loflin

Mo nro e

B.A. in Ele me n t<'HY Ed L'c~ticn

John Larry Lolley


B.A. in Govern me nt

Walter J . l en 8.5.

Mo nroe

in Pha rmacy

Ja~per J. Levei

8.S. in

Mo nroe

Pli arm~cy

Sylv;a I. Ma celuch

New O rl ea ns

S.A. in EJementory Ed uca tio n Steven C. Maddry


B.S. i" Pli o rmac y Tyrell T. Manieri

Mo nro e

B.S. in

Ph Mm~cy

Terry Manieri, Jr.

New Orleans

B.S. in Pharmacy

Peggy Ann Mann

West Monroe

B.S. in MMketing

Jo Anne Mansur


B.S. in Health and Physical Education

Dianne Mapp


B.A. in Elementary Education

Deloris Marsh.II


B.S. in Health and Physical Educotion

Sharon A. McAllister

Oak Grove

B.A. in Elementary Education

Rebecca A. McCarty


B.A. in Pre-Social Work

Carolyn McClure


B.A. in Elementary Education

Sarah L. McCoy


B.M.E. in Vocal Music

Lyn McCready


B.s. in Pharmacy

Philip H. McCrory

New Orleans

B.S. in Pharmacy

Rosalie McDuffie


B.A. in Sociology

David E. McFarlane

Bristol. Va.

B.S. in Marketing

James H. McGaha


B.A. in Social Studies Educotion

Larry McGahlll


B.A. in Sociol Studies Education

Wanda F. McGee

Bossier City

8.S. in Health and Physical Education

Betty B. McHale


B.s. in Health and Physico I Education

Judith A. Mcintyre


B.A. in English Educotion

Ed McLaughlin

Dallas. Tex.

B.s, in Pharmacy

Ronald L. McMoy


B.A. in Geography

Jan McWilliams


B.S. in PhMmacy

Glenda K. Melvin


8.5. in Home Economics

George W. Meredith


B.S. in Accounting

Robert S. Miano B.S. in PhMmacy


Anna M. Miller


B.A . in So ci o lo g y

Byron J . Millet

Ga ryv ille

B.S. in Pharm o!lcy

Mary Jane Minniear

Sh reveport

8.M.E. in Music Educ at io n

Neal W. Mitchell


B.S. in Phormocy

John B. Monteil h


S.S. in PhMmll cy

Benton H. Moore

West Monroe

B.S. in MMketing

Dorothy J . Moore


B.A. in Speech Educ otio n

Terry J. Mora n

Mo nroe

B.S. in Phc'Hmllcy

Shelton B. Morgan


B.S. in Ag ric uiture.Busine,s

David P. Morris


B.S. in Pn a rmllcy

Jeri Morrow

Mo nroe

B.S. in Pharma cy

Lucille Morton


B.A. in Elemen tllry Ed ucation

Ramsey C. Moss


B.S. in Pha rmtlcy

Kenneth Mouhet

New Iberia

B.S. in Pho rmo!l cy

Dana Mouk

M o nroe

B.S. in Account ing

Baton Rouge

Geofge Munn B.S. in Pho fmocy

Martha Jo Murphrey


B.S. Me d icol Te chnolo gy

Fran Nahlan

West Monroe

B.A . in En9, Educlltion

Purvis G. Nash

J onesboro

B.S. in Pharmacy

Janice L. Neel

Mer Rouge

B.A. in Ele me ntary Educat ion

Arthur A. Nelson, Jr,


B. S. in Phorm ocy

Thom Nichols


B. S. in Pre路Der-di shy

Anthony P. Nicosia B.S. in Phormacy Connie L. Nixon 8. S. in Moth e mo tics Ed vc<'ltion

SI Bernord Monroe

Becky F. Nolan


B.S . in M one-g e menl

Robert B. North

Meta irie

B.S. in Ph<'H macy

Anne Norwood

So to n Rouge

B.S . in Ph.umacy

Joyce F. Nugent

Ba stro p

B.S. in Accou nt ing

Ralph G. Osborn


B.S. in Phi'l rmacy

George R. Oswald

New O rleans

8.S. in Pho rmacy

Danny Otts


B.A . in G o vernmen t

Carter D. Paddock


B.S. in PhMmocy

John M. Parker


B.S. in Ge nAr"' ! Business

Pamela Parker

Mer Rou ge

B.A. in Soc iolog y

Donna Parratt

Shre vepo rt

B.A. in Elem BntMY Edu co tion

William L. Parra

Lake Providen ce

B.A. in Government

Hilda E. Payne


B.A. in ElementMy Educ atio n

linda Nell Payne

Royv ille

B.S. in Ho me Eco nom ics Ed ucation

Constance A. Pedro

Sh revepo rt

8. M. E. in Mus ic Education

Robin E. Pendleton

Ba stro p

B.A . in Elementary Educ.1lf-ion

Frank M. Pennebaker, Jr.


B.S. in Building Constructio n

Nancy Per~ins

Monro e

B.A. in $0<:'OIo9Y

Charles K. Perry

Mo nro e

8.S. in Ph orm ocy

Mary E. Petrus


B.S. in Ph orm acy

Faith Plrimmer

Mo nro e

8.5. in Nursi"9

Myrtle A. Phillips

Po lloc k

B.A. in English EduclI iion

Carolyn G. Philpot


B.A. in Engli sh

Connie Pitre 8.S. in Ph <!l tm acy


Kenneth Platt B.S. ill



Sharon J. Pogue


8.5. in Nursing

Michele A. Pons

a.s. in

New O rle ans

Ph lHmocy

Billie l. Porter

M onroe

B.A. in Engl is h Ed ucation

Thoma, H. Porter


B.M.E. in Mu sic Educ o. tion

William E. Porter

Ba strop

8.M.E. Music Eductl tio n

Felix E. Potier

Care ncro

B.S. in Pha rmacy

John E. Pritchett

Mobile. Alo.

S.M .E. in Mu.;c Educ otion

Tom Pullam


B.S. in Pharmacy


Don Ramirez B.s. in Pharmacy

Gerald l. Ramirez

M o nro e

B.S. in Ph a rmacy

Anthony Randazzo


B. S. in PhlHmocy

Glen Randow

Pin eville

B.S . in Hea lth Md Physi co! Ed ucatio n

Alfred Rawls, Jr.

Ba rnell

B.A. in Geog r<'l phy

Carolyn Rea


SA in En g lish E duc~tio n

Donold K. Reed


B.S . in A c co un ting

Jame5 W. Reeves, Jr.

M o nroe

B.S. in Accounting

Fred M. Reid


B.S. in Pho rmoc y

John R. Reinell


B.S. in Pha rmacy

Jerry J. Rester

M onro e

B.S . in Ma themetics

Jack H. Rhodes

Pelahatchie, Miss.

B.S. in Ph orm<'lcy

O'Brie n Richards

Mo nroe

B.S. i rl M<'lfkelinq

Kay Richardson


B.A. i n El em entllry Edu cation

Fred P. Riser B.S. in Busine u

W est Monroe Administrolion

Pamela C. Riser

West Monroe

G.A. in English Educ(']tion

Blanche A. Rivette


B.S. in Pharmocy

Mack A. Robbins


B.A. in Journ olism

Claudia A. Roberts

West Monroe

B.M.E. in Vocal Mu.ic Educ<'ltion

Lawrence Robinson Tex.

Sulphur Springs,

B.S. in PhMm ocy

Jerry D. Rodgers

Oak Grove

B.S. in Bu,iness Administration

Stanley S. Rogers


B.S. in Phormocy

Charlie Rohner


B.S. in Helllth and Physic<'ll Educlltion

Louis F. Roos


B.A. in Soci<'ll Studies Educ<'Ition

Everett Roper


B.S. in Biology

Timothy J. Rosenstein


B.S. in Phorm<'lcy

Jack C. Ruff

West Monroe

B.A. in History

Alvin J. Ruiz

New Orleans

B.S. in PhMm<'lcy

Gary D. Rutherford

West Monroe

B.S. in Phormocy

Kenneth L. Savoie


B.S. in Phorm<'lcy

Irma G. Sawyer


B.A. LibrMY Science

Robert J. Scafidel


B.S. in Chemistry Educ<'ltion

Robert I. Selle

New Orleans

B.S. in Pharm<'lcy

Lillie M. Shell

West Monroe

B.S. in Medic<'I1 Technology

Janice M. Shelton

Lake Providence

B.S. in Accounting

Mike B. Shepherd

West Monroe

B.S. in Helllth llnd Physico I Educotion

Cynthia A. Shergalis


B.A. in English Educotion

Melvin R. Shows


B.S, in Business Administr<'ltion

Martha L. Simons B.A. in Elementary Educ<'ltion


John W. Singuelie ld


B.A. in H;s'ory

Carla L. Smith

West Monroe

e.A. in Eleme nlo ry Educ ot ion

Elwin D. Smith


B.S. in Morketi ng

Gayle Smit h


B.M. in Voe,, 1 Mu sic

Margaret E. Smith


B.S. in Busi ness Ad min istrelion

Mary J. Smith


B.A. in 50ciol St udie s Educ.!Ition

Pam Smith


B.S. in Nu rsing

Michael So nni er


a.5. in Phormll(:Y

Peggy S. Sorey

Rayvi ll e

8.M .E. in M usic Educa tion

Aubrey L. Spence B.S. in Genero l

Spri ng hill

Bll~ ine$s

Connie Stackhouse

Shre vepo rt

B.M . In Mu sic Theory

Daniel Stagg


B.S. in PhMmocy

Freeman Stamper

Mon roe

B.S. in O ffi ce Admil'l islrll'ion

James L. Stamper


B.A. in Elemen lory Educot ion

Elizabeth Stout

Baton Rouge

B.S. in Nuaing


Melba Stewart B.A, in Speech

Ronald Strahan


B.S. in Ph<!lrmo cy

Jim Strain


B.S. in Business Adm inistrot ion

Sa nd ra E. Strong


B.S. in Gene ral Bluiness

Dennis K. Sullivan'

West Monroe

B.S. in He" lth and Physico l Educolion

William R. Sumte r


B.S. in Heolt h and Physic<'J 1 Education

Carl J. Svebek B.S. in Pharmocy Phi lip G. Syverson

Monroe Farmerville

B.A. in Journo lism

Michael A. Taber B.S. in Accoun ting


Leslie F. Tanner, Jr.

Mon roe

B.S. in Phar mlu:y

Michael L. Tanner


B.s. in Phys ics

Marcelena Taylor


B.S. in Ho me Eco nomics Educatio n

Joe A. Tempkins


B.S. in G a ll e re! Bu\ iness

Margie Terry


B.A. in Pre. Socio ! W ork

Richard J . Thibodeaux St. Martinville B.S. in Pho rm ecy

Roland J . Thibodeaux


B.S. in Phermtlcy

Carolyn A. Thomas


B. S. in Ele me nto ry Ed uc tl tion

Judy Thomas B. S. in H o me


Eco n o m i c~

Educe t ion

Jerry T. Thornton

New Iberia

B.S. in Phar me c y

Waymon D. Tigrett

Brllndon, Miss.

B.S. irl Ph o rme c y

Pat Timmler

Mo nroe

B.S. in Accounting

John K. Tipton


B.A . in Soc ie ! Stud ies Ed uce l ion

William D. Tisdale

Mon roe

B.S. in MOMg e men t

Tim W . To le r B.M.E. in

M u~i c

Mon roe Ed uco fion

Robert B. Toups


BS in Pha rm ocy

Wayne B. Toups

Mon roe

B.S. in Pha rm acy

Elizabeth J . Travis

Ke ntwood

B.A. in Gove rnme nt

Gary Trosclair


B.S. in Ph ormocy

Maureen M. Turner

Mo nroe

B.A. in Fre nc h Ed ucotio n

Susan Turner

West Monroe

B.S. in Offic e Adm inist ra tion

Sandy Usse ry


B.A. in E!emen to ry Ed uco lion

James L. Valley

New Orleons

B.S. in Ph arm eet

Marilyn R. Voley


B.S. in PhMmocy


Monteg ut

John C . Viguerie B.S . in Pha rm<'l cy


Alvin H. Vile mont 8.5. in 8iology Educ<'Ition


JoAnn Vile mont B.S. in Home Economics Educotion

John nie R. Vines

West Monroe

8.5. in Account ing

Kathleen F. Vocke

New O rleans

B.S. fn Phormocy

G erald P. Waguespack


8.S. in Phormocy

Ea rl Walke r


B.S. in Accounfin9

Harold A. W.lker


B.S. in Phormocy

J ohn B. Walke r


B.S. in Ph ormocy

John W. Walke r

a.s. in

Sulphu r

Ph ormocy

linda M. Wa lker

Oak Grov.

B.A. in Gover nment

Frank R. Wa llace


8.S. in Morketing

J ea n S. Wallace


8A. in Elemen ta ry Edu cofion

William W . W alle r


B.S. in Bus iness Adminisfr<'l tion

Ted T. Ware


B. S. in Phormocy

Cully Warren

W innfield

P.S. in Heolth ond Physic.,1 Educotion

Darrell Washam


8.M. E. in Vocol Music Educotion

Fra nces O. Washburne


8.A. in Engli$h Education

Jack N. W as hburne


8.5. in Ph a rmacy

Billy W . W.shnock


B.S. in Genera l Business

Kathy Welerling

Shre veport

B:M .E. in Music Edu cotion

Charlotte We lch


B.A. in English

Brenda J . Wanon

M o nroe

B.S. in Biology Education

K.di. Whitard B.A. in Spe(lch EduC<'ltion


Bonnie B. White

'A/est Mon roe

B.A. in Art Educolion

Jacqueline R. White

J o nesv ille

B.A. in Elementory Educ(l lio n

James R. Whitehead


B.S. in eiology

Freddie Whitten

Sto rt

B.A. in Ele me nta ry Ed ucat ion

George Wilkinson a. M.E. in

In~t r umen t(ll

Mon roe Music Ed uca lion

B. David Williams


B.S. in Pharmacy

Glenn D. Williams

B.S. in


Mol h e m ~ li cs

James E. Williams

NbPoleonv ilie

B.S. in Pha fm (lcy

Kay Wilson

West Monroe

a .A. in Elemen tMy Educll iion

R. Rickey Wilson B.A.

Pi nevi lle

in Hislo ry

George A. Wimberly

La Foyette

B.S. in Ph a rm(l cy

Rebecca Wimberly


B.A. in Soci,,1 St udi es Ed uca tion

Mary Winegarden


B.S. in Phormocy

Dan Winslow

Lit tle Rock. Ark .

8. S. in Phorm(l cy

Billy D. Wooden


B.S. in Business Admin istrot;on

Nanna A. Woods


B.M.E. in Mu sic Education

Joy Woods

New O rleons

8. M.E. in In$trument", 1 Mu sic EdlJ ceJtion

Michael J. Worley

Mo nroe

B.A. in Pre-Sociol Work

Frank Wrangefski

Met ai rie

B.S. in Pha rmocy

Sharon A . Years

Mo nroe

B.S. in Healt h ond Physic", ' Ed uca tion

laurie A. Young B.A. in Speec h

Frankli n. Mich.


Georg e Abingto n. Fres hma n. Keatc hie Chris J. Ad e rm ., n, So p homore . Jackso n Heig h ts. N. Y. Caro lyn Adams. Fre; hmdn . Alexa ndri a Da rle Lyn Adams. Sophomore. Jliiexo ndria Do nn" Sus"n Ada ms. Sop homo re . Mo nroe Esb o n Ad ams. Jr•• Freshr... ar . Mo nr oe Florence Did nn e Ada ms , Fre sh ma n. St. J oseph Kat hl een Ada ms. Fres hm an. W isr.e r Da vid W drre n Adcock , Freshm~ n . Baton RO:Jqe Na nc y e. Ak e rs, Sophomore. Mer Ro uge Ra mona Gra ce Ala m, Ju nior. Mo n roe Bev e rly A lbritt on. Fresh ma n. FlHm er.... ill&

Cynthi" Alb righ t. Fres hma r . Jsna Ri t" C he ry Ale x.,nde r. Fres h mM . V id~l i 6 Te rr y M. Alfo rd , J unio r, Monroe Geo r9 0 Be rt A II.,in. So p homo re , Po rt Allen Barbara Lyn n All e n, Fresh ma n. Mo n roe Con nie A ll e n. F re~ h mdn. Shre....e po rt

Lind<'l Mae A llen, Sophomore . Oo!l k Gro .... e Mar9ie Ru th A ll e n. J un io r, Kentw::od Sh erry A lle n. Jun 'o r. Delhi SUS<'l n C. All en, So p ho mo re, Mon roe William P. A ll e n, Sop ho more . Delh i Benitd Allgoo d. JUl1ior, Sr... mmerl ie ld

Sa mue l P. Allu isi , Ju nior. Ne·.... O rle ans Sh a ro n Kaye A mo s, Freshmd n. Brog ue ville. Po. Ard e n And e rs. Ju n ior. Mon roe Barbara And e rs. Sop ho more . We~t Mo nroe Sa ndra l. Ande rson . So p homore. Jones boro Wdyne D. Anderson , Ju n iClr. Mon ro e

A rt hUr T. An g lin, Jun ior. 8o'l ker C Mo lyn An sp <'lch. Ju nio r, Mc·nro e Connie A nt ie. Freshma n. Monr oe Donald R. Ap ril! . Sopno mo re , F;<ln ~ l i n Lillian C. Armst ro ng, Ju nior, J o ne"ville Dre w Armstron g . Sop homore . Monroe

Be tty Arn o ld . Fre sh ma n. L6ke Provid e nc e Do n R. Ar no ld. Ju nior. Vid a li a Edw<'Hd Arn o ld . So ph omo'e . Vi::h b u rg . Miss . Sheila Ashley. So.ohomore . Monroe O re n Howa rd A Hi ns. Fres hmo'l n, W e st Mo nroe Phili p Ma rk Aha n, Juni o r. Che rry H ill . N. J . W ilma Au g urson. Fre~hman. Menree 8ruc e A ustin. Fresh man. W e5t Mo nro e Emily Kay A .... e ry. Freshman , West Mo nroe Lind a Babcock, So phomo re . O ll a C la re. Ba cque . Sophomo re , Gra nd C a r.e A. C. Bailey, Sop h::::mo re . NOic het. M iss .


Diane L. Baker , Sophomo re, H utch;nson, Ka n. Irene Ba ker , Ju nio r, Pinev il le K., th leen B a ~er , J un ior, Pi nevi lle Bo nnie Baldo, J un ior, M on roe Cheryl Bald win , Sophomore. Mo ntoe Elizabeth Bald wi n. F r e s~ m on , B" to n Ro ug~

C a rol yn Ballard. Sophomore. Shreveport Joseph Bareswill. Jr.. Fresh mdn. De lhi To mm y l e e Bar~e r. So p h~mo re, Mo n roe Sand ' d Ga il BMne s. Junio r. West Mo n roe Sdndrd Elle n Ba rnes. Freshm a n. Ne w Sa rpy Sara h Ann Bdrnett. Fresl1ma n, Mo n roe

Myra J a ne Barnette , Freshma n, Fe rrid ay Barb/Ha Ann Barr, J unior, R.., yville C a rol y n Barrett, So p homo re , Ta ll ul-'l h Jud y Ka y Barrett, Ju nio r, G eorget o wn Candy Barringen, Ju nior, Monroe Pam Barrios, So phom o re , Mo b il e . AI,., .

Bonnie lane Barron, Freshman, Pineville Roy lee Barron, Junior, Monroe Bonita F. Barton. Junior, Winnsboro Dannie S. Barton, Junior, Gilbert Mary Bass, Fre shman, Monroe Beeky Sue Bassett, Fre,hman, Bossier City

Harry C. Ba uer, Jr., Junio r, Wilming ton, De l. Ba rb a ra Ba xter, Sop ho more , Bro ok li ne , M a5 ~.

Edwa rd Allen Bea lle , Ju nio r, Mor.roe Phili p Wayne Be a rd, Fr e ~ h:ll a n, Oberiond Charlotte Be arden, Sophomore. Wis ne r Joyce, E. Be arde n, J un:or, W ed Mon roe

De b(o!J J oy Beo!Jve r. Fresh man , Mon roe J o hn A. Be d ish . Sopho more. C olu mb ia . C onn. ~e t e r Tho mds Be dish. Sophomore , C olu mbia Charle s R. Beque . Sophomore, H ou m.., Curtis Ble c he r. Sop homore, Sh reve po rt Ko!J rl Arn o Be ie r. Ju n ior. Me l"i rie

Ed wo!J rd J . Be ll. Sophomore . Monroe H erbe r t l o!J wre nce Be ll. Fresh ma n, Bronx.

N. Y. Ko!J ti e Be ll . Fresh man. Bas tro p St e ven S. Be ll. Fre shman, Mo n roe Bona Be njamin, Sophomore. Po llo d Dia ne Be nn e tt , Freshman . West Mo.,roe

J a net Be nneH, Freshman, W in nsbo ro Ka thi e Be nnett, Jun ior, M ll nsfield Ro!JY Be niot, Jun ior, SunseT De rmott Beni o n, Fres h mar , Baton R::> ug e Do ugl o!Js C o le Berry, Sop ho mo re , W a t e rp roof W ill iam M. Be rgeron, Fresr ma n, Ba t o n Ro ug e G eo rg e Wdrd Bes t, Fres hma n, Bas t ro p H o ward B. Be th, Fres hma n, Bro nx, N. Y. Loui! E. Be th ea , J uni o r, Mo nroe Lo nnie M , Be ve rl y, Sop ho mo re , C o vin gto n Mo!J ry Lou Bible, Fres hm a n, Pio r.e a r Mi nnie E. Bibl e, Fresh ma n, Shre vepo rt

F.. yette Louis B ic~l ey, Sopho more ,

8 ~s t rop

Nelwyn Kelley Bidl ey, J unio r, Blls/rap

W<'Ilter F. Bierb<'lum, Jr., J unior,

H a mbur g , A rk. John G. Bigl <'lne, Ju nior, Rl'lyne Judy Ann Bin g h<'lm, Fres hma n, Simsboro Roger Da le Bi rd, Freshm an, J o nesville

Thom<'l s C . Bird, Fre$hm o n, Tro uf­ K<'Ithy Bishop, Fresh mlln , West Monroe J<'Imes D. BI <'Jd, So p !'omore . FrM kli n Peggy Je<'ln BI <'Ick<'Jrd, Sopho more. Boton , Ro uge Sa m W . BI<'Idbur n. Jr .• Freshm o n. Mo nroe W illil E. Bladwe ll. So phomore. Bog al usl'l Mel.. nie S. Bld nchard. Freshm 1'ln. Na po leonviJle Michael BI<'Inchard , Ju nio r. Na po leo nviUe Joseph T. BI<'Ind, J unio r. Monroe Shirley Ann Bl ed soe , Sophomor e. Monroe Gerilid Bobbitt, Soohomore. Shre vepo d Robed H. Bogart. Sopho mo re. Chosh ire

Joanna Ray Bolt, Juni o r, Mo bile, Ala. Y!leta Bolton, Fre sh mll n, Shrev e pod Jimmy Boodi e , So phom o re , Shreveport Brian Adrian Bond, Fres hm an , J o nesville William Foster Bond. Sopho more. H a ne5vi lle

K<'Itherin e E. Bonner, J unior, W innsbo ro

Lester O. Bonner. J unior. Oa ~ Grove

linda Bonner. Jun ior, Mo nroe

Margaret Ann Bonner. Fresh"an.

Win n:;bo ro Clois L"dale Book. Freshman, LM to Dillnne Boose, Freshmlln , Rea ostown , Pe nn. Alfreid" Boothe, F re ~hma n , H Mr iso n burg

DonM Jay Boolhe, J unior, J o ne sville Lloyd D. Boothe, Freshma n, H ll rriso nburg Mary Lou Boothe, Soph o mo re , Ent e rprise Roland Eddie Bordelon. J uni o r. Moreauville Connie Borders, Freshman, Ne w Orl e ons Avelie M. Boudreaux, So phomore , Monroe B.Hbilril Bourgeois, Fre~ h man, N e w O rle ans Roy H . Bo urge o is, So p homore. Ne w O de <'ln s Joseph A nton Bo us. Jr.. Sophomore, W ilm in g to n. Del. Cheryl Boutwell, Fre ih m ~n . M o nroe Emily Ann Bowd en, So phomore , Bossier C ity Alphe Joseph Bow en, Sopho more, Sco tt Catherine D. Bowers, Sophomore . Ba to n Rouge Louis F. Bowlor, Frei hm <!l n, H a ra ha n Michilel J. Bowler, Sophom o re , N e w Orleans M,uy Waters Bowles, Soph o more . Mo nroe Kenneth Bowman, Fres hm a n, Monro e Rodger M. Bowman, Ju nior, Oo k Grove James Roark Boyd, Freshm a n. S li de l! Craig Gordon Boye, Fres hmll n, Mid lo thian . III. She ri Lu cylle Boyle s, Sophomore , C otumb ia Blanch e Boyte, F reshm~ n . O ~k Grove C harles Bradford, Sophomore . Harriso nbu rq

James R. Bradford . Jun io r, J ena


Fayette Louis Bi~kley . So phom o re, Ba st rop Ne lwyn Ke lley Bidley. J unior, Bas trop Walter F. Bierbaum. Jr., J unior. H amb urg, Ark. John G. Biqlane, J unior, Rayne Judy Ann Binqham, Fresh ma n, Simsboro Roger Dale Bird . Fresh ma.n, J on e ~ vine

Th omas C . Bird, Freshm{'ln, Tro ut Kilthy Bi ~hop, Fresh man , West Monroe Jilmes O. Blc!ck, Sophomore , FrM klin Peggy Jean BI ... c~ard, So pho more, Bo ron, Ro uge Sc!m W, Blc!ckburn, Jr ., Freshman . Monroe Willis E. Blackwell, Sopho more , Bogalusa Melanie S. Bl a nch ... rd, Freshman , Napoleonv ille Mic hael Blanch ... rd. J unior , Ne poleonville Joseph T. Bldnd. Ju nior. Mo nroe Shirley Ann Bledsoe. Sophomo re, Mon roe Gerald Bobbitt . Sophomore , Shreveport Robert H. B09ar#, Sopho more, Choshire

JOilnna Ray Bolt, Ju ni or, Mo bile, Ala. Ysleta Bolton, Freshman , Shreve pod Jimmy Boodie, Sophomo re, Shrevej:>od Bridn Adr;dn Bond. F re~ hm an. J on esville Willidm Foster Bond. Sophomore , H anewille

Kdtherine E. Bonner. J unior, W innsb oro

Lester O. Bonner, J unior. Oak G ro ve linda Bonner, J unior, Mon ro e MdrglHet Ann Bonner, Fres hman , W il"ln sbo ro Cloi! Ladale BooK, Fres hman , Lor to Dianne Boose, Freshmen . Re anstown , Penn . Alfreida Boothe. Freshma n, Ha rrisonbu rg

Donna Jay Boo th e. J un io r, J onesville lloyd D. Boothe, Freshman, Ho rri~ o nbur9 Mary Lou Boothe, Sopho more , Ent erp rise Roland Eddie Bordelon, J un io r, Mo reauvil le Connie Borders, Fresh man , New Orle Ms Avelie M. Boudreaux, Sop homore , Monroe Barbdra Bou rgeois, Fre~ h m a n, New O rleon!. Roy H . Bourgeois. Sophomo re. N e w O rleans Joseph Anton Bous, Jr., Sophomore . W ilm ing ton. De l. Cheryl Boutwell, Freshman , Monro e Em ily Ann Bowden, Sophomore , Sa ssier C ity Alphe Joseph Bowen. So phomore , Scott Catherine D. Bowers. So phomore , Be ton RmJqe louis F. Bowle r. FreshmM , H~ re h ~ n Micha e l J. Bowler. So pho more, N e w Orlea ns Mary Waters Bowles, So phomore, Monroe Kenneth Bowman, Freshman , Monroe Rodge r M. Bowman, J unio r, O OK Grove James ROdrK Boyd, Freshm a n, Slidell Craig Gordon Boye, Freshma n, Midlot hi an , III. Sheri Lucyllo Boyles, Sophomore. Co:umbio Bla n~h e Boyl e. Fre shmM . Oo~ Grove Charles Bradford. Sop homore . Harrisonbu rg

Jamos R. Bradford. Jun io r, J ena


Robert R. Bradford. J ur ;or. J en a Terry M . Bradfo rd. Sophomore. Jelld Sl e phen Michael Bragg. FreshrnM . Monroe Ken Brale y, Fresh MM . Mo n roe Charles R. Branch, Freshmon. Mo n roe Judy Branch, Ju n ior. Monroe

Philip Randal Branch, Junior. Rayvi ll e Carol Lynn Brandt, Juni o r. Mo nroe Jane Brant, Sop hc mo re. MeTa irie Jama Brashear. Fres hm ar . Ho d ge Richard N. Braswe ll, Juni or. Bes trop Beniie Bratton, Fre shm e n. Mon l ce

Terry Bratton, Sophomore W est Mon rca Be... e rly Braud, Freshm.!l n. Mo nroe lynn J. Becnel, Ju nior. DC M ld sor.vilie Emile Breg na rd, Fre shm!ln. Utic ", . N. Y. Emma Sue Breland. J unior. Mo nroe Gary l ynn Brewster. Fres hm an . West Mc nroe

George R. Brewlen. Freshman. Wi nnfia kl Leah Bridges. Freshm an . Mind en James Erie Bri9ht, Fre sh man . Mor. roe Dennis Brignac, Freshm03 n. Mi:l nd evill e Ste... e Brill, Freshm a n. C o rnw e il s H eig hts. Pen n. Brenda Brister. Freshm o n. Mo nl'ce

NCATE Evaluates Teacher Education

Robert Bri lt. Ju nior. Sterl ing ton Carol lynn Britto n. Freshman. Monroe Mu rry Broa ch. Freshmdn . Mon roe Jam es Bro oks, Ju nior. Monlce Mireille Brasset, FreshtMn . W est Mo nro e Geneva Broussard. J l.'n ior. Mon roe

Allen Brown, Fre,hmon. Ferrid<"Jy Barbara Nell Brown, Junior, Monroe Bette Kay Brown, Freshman, Ale~~ndri o Carla Brown, Freshman, Monro e Goul S. Brown, Sophomore, Braith waite Dian e Brown, So phomore, Ale~<'lndri(]

Don Brown. F re~ h 'no r" Mor,roe J e rry Brown. J un io r. Wes t Monroe J ea n H ays Brown. Ju nio r, Stdrf Dwight Brumfield. Soph omore , Ale~ d ndri" Pa tricia Brown. Freshm" n. Pioneer. Susa n Bro wn. Sophomore , Sh reve po rt

Thoma s David Brunt, Ju nior. Me nde nhall . M iss .

Joel Bryant. J unio r. Monroe

M<!Irgaret Buchanan, Junior, Crowley

H~r ... ey Buford, Sophomore , B<'lstrop

Kare n Bunn, So p homo re, Monroe

D<!IYid Burkett, Sop homore, Monroe


Ros .... lin F. Burkhardt, J unior. New Orle an s Botty June Burh, Fres hmlln, Clay1 0n Wayne Burney, Sc phomo l'e, Shreve p ort Barb ar.... Burns , J ,Jnior, Shr-e v e p~rI Nanc.y B. Burns, F res hm ~n . We st Monroe Elil.... beth An nett e Burt, Sophomo re , Monroe

De..... ey Burt, Sopho more. We st Mon roe S.... ndra Burton, F re shm~n , Sh re veport Jam es D. Butl er, SophO 'TI ore, M on roe J .... mes Le ona rd Butl er, Sop ko mo re. Srookly f' , N. Y. MMtha D.... l e Butler. Ju nio r, W est Mo nro e Rebe c.c .... Ruth Butler, So pho'11 cre. Arca d io

She la Butler, So p horl ::l18, W est Mcn ro e

David W. Cagno latti, Ju nior, Tallu lllh

John Danby Cahoo n, Fre shma n,

Wilmin gto n, De l.

Sherry D. Cain , Fresh mon . Mo nroe

Albert Jo~eph Caissi e, S::: phomore,

G l o uce , ~er. Mas ;.

G&orge M. Cald..... &II, So p homore ,

Le e sville

Ro y D. Cambisi, Fresh m ~n , Shl'eve pofT

DO O<'l ld Leo Camp, Fresh mlln . Spr ing hi ll

J o hn Wayne Cannaday, F r~$ h m o n,

H orriso nb u-q

Charlotte R. Ca nnon, Fres hman , La ke

Vi ll o::;e . Ar~ .

Che ryl Fr.!lnces Cannon , Ju ni or, Bol on


Millie C. Cannon, Ju nio r', Cou ~J d; ld

Va rn o n Cdnt .....ell. So ph omore, Ol la Paul C aplis, Scphcmore , Mc Dade Brendd Kay Capps, Sop ho rr, ore. Monroe Lee Robert Caramm<l , So ph omore, A il dn tic C ty, N. J . Stewa rt G. Cararas, Fres hmM . De Ri dd er Jean G . CMey, J u ~i or , We!>t Monroe

Katie l. Care y. Sop hom ore , Mi nden Linda C harlene C,u ey. Fresnma n. W est Mo nrc 9 Cha rles T. Carlis le, Sophomo re , Mind e n Peg g y A. C arnahan , So phom ore, O~k G rove

Peter David Caro lle. Freshm o n, Slid ell

Vernon, Carpente r. Fresh r.'lon, Dod son

Fran Theus Curoll . Sop hc more. Mo nroe

Pat ricia Ann C arroll, J unio r, 0 110

Brenda Gay Carsa, Ju nior, Monroe

EHa Faye Cart e r, F res ~rn"n . Mo nro e

Edgar Colema n C art e r, Freshma n , Mo nroe

James C. Carier, So pnomore , Doyline

Melba Jean Ca rter, Ju nio r, Monroe

Phil Ro .....lan d Carier. F r~s hman, Vi chburg,

M iss. Susan Carter, S::: phomore, Mer Ro uge Mar ilyn Kay Cartlidge, Freshma n, De lhi Scha rl ene C a rtlidg e. Fres hman. Sterl in g ton

She rry Ann Cartlidge, F' e~h ma l1, Delili

W an d a Sue C"rtlidge, J unior, Ray ville

C a rolyn C .... sc io, Fresh ma n, Monroe

Sarah Virginia Cas ci o, Sophomore,


Irma J<lne C<ls e, Fre~hm !ln, Fr<"l nkli r"i

Linda C tlse. Fre, hmdll , W es t Mo nroe

Frank W. Casey. J uni o r. Ale~a ndr i <"l



Indians Over Tech Bulldogs 21-14

Glori<l Ca~ti\Je. Fresh ma n, S,," Pe dro,


H on dL r ~s

Judith C .ntlelon, Ju nior. W est M<:lnroe Wd y ne Pet er C<'l~alon<'l, Fresh rniJ,n,

Cha lme tt e An thony Catane5, Fre sh m an , S ~ revepor t

Bolrry G ayle Cat hey, J on esboro

Fre ~h 'T1an.

Dianne Causey, F-eshm c n, Le<'l nd er

J ac qu ely n ClIuse y, Fresh m.!!n ,

We~ t

Mo nroo

Jerry Ki m Col usey, J unio r, Sh re veoort Nolton W. Cau ~e y. Jun ior, Lellnd er

Th oma s DeWitt C au ~ey , Fr eshma n.

Shrevepo rt Andrecl Eil8n Cespiv<'l . Fres hman . M onra s

Paul Chachere, Freshma n, Kinder John Chadbourne. Freshma n, Shreveport Terry Ly nn C hambers, Fre shma n. S ta rt J Oo!l n Cha mpag ne, Fre shmon. H o uma

Jim C handler, r:reshman, Arcad ia

Oelores C h.!lpmo!ln, Sophomore. Arch ibal d Fra nk C hapma n, Fresh mon . e

Ldwrence C hapma n. Fresh ma n

W alli ngfc rd. Pe nr: .

linda Cheryl Chap man, So pho mo re.

A l 8x ~nd ri il

C eci l T. Chatman, Soph路: :mcre. Bro uSSlJrd alen Sue C heek. So pho mo re . Ra yvil le Sherry Cheek. JlIn ior. Transylva nia Cdr! J. Chelette, So p homor~. 6d lo n Rouge Barry A. Ci a~c h i n i. r- reshrrdn. M:; nroe

Pat Cic cl la , Sophomo re . Broo kfield. Ce nn.

P~ulll Janet Ci c~ lo. F re~ hm M , Bro okfield.

C onn . Harvey C lanton, Fresh mon . Epps Gloria Ly nn Cla rk. Fre ~ h m dn. Mer Ro u:;)e Robert Brett Clark. Freshm or . West Monroe

Vidi Ann C I...,k. So ph omore . Monree

Ea rle ne CI<'IY. Fre~ h mo n . Menroe

Cheryl C la yto n. So phom ore. R"vvl1le

Ddnny C le men ti, Fr路esh man. Crowv ille

Wiley Clement. Ju nior, O i'!l Rid g e

J oh n C linto n. Fres!-. m on. New Orlelln s

Donald Close , Fres hm.) n. Boston , Ma ss. E. Gene C lou d. Freshm on. Shrevepo rt

Judith C...,ol C lu chey , Ju n io r. Mo rgon

C h..

Jame ~ T. Coa h , $o ph o:nc re , Man l'oe

Patsy Co bb. J un ior. Roy ville

Willi<'lm Joseph Cobb, Frssh mMl. Port

All en Flore nce Co burn , So phomore, l ots

Provid ence Juanita A nn e Cobur n, Fres hmc'ln . Shrevilpo rr Brei'll C och ell, Fresh ma n, Dosh op Chllrle s Baldwin, Fre shm o n. Mo rea uville Jan et Cogd e ll , Sopho'Tl ore, Sk re veporf Da nie l Crllig C ole, Frs shm{l n , Monroe


Lloyd leo Cole, Jr., Sophomore. F~irbon ks

Richard 8. Cole, Junior, Win nfield Bonnie O. Coleman, Freshman , Mon roe De nni s l. Coleman, Sop homore , LOgMSpo rt Glynis N.,den Colem,,", So phomore , e ogolu s ~

J oyce Marie Coleman, Freshman , M o.'Hce

M elvin W. Celem ... n, Junior, H~n e ~ton

Wilma Colemtln, Fre~hman, Monro e Janico l. Coley, Junior, Monroe Martha J. Colg<'ln. Freshm "" n, Alexandri e Juli<!l Ann Collier, Sophomore, Crowvi lle Toni Kay Collier, Fresh m:'l n, Vivian

Judith Collin9sworfh, So pho more . Downsville Robert Va nce Collins, Sophomore. Sh r ~we po rt

Annetta 8. Colvin , So ph o mo re. Bernice

J ean E. Colvin, Fresh man . Delh i Susan A. Colvi n, Freshma n. De lhi linda Kay Condrey, Freshmlln. Ep ps Steve Conen. Fre shman, R<'lyvili e Ed wi n 8. Conger. Sopi'1Omore . O elk Ri d g e Mary Clare Conniff. Ju nior. Mobile . A lo. Janio Marie Conrad. So ph o more. W e st Mon roe Joseph Constantino. So,c ho more. Pulo&b,

N. Y. Tommy Conway, Fres hman , GI路eer .... ill e.

Miss. linda K. Caddy, So ph o more, PiOl"'l ee r Dorothy D. Cook, Soph omcre, W es t Mo nroe Janie Coo~, Jun ior. ''''otUoe Rebecca Cook. Sopho more. l3 o nih~ Morton B. Coons, Fre sh'Tl a n, W est M on roe

Bertha Cooper, Sophomore. Mo nroe

KE and ZBT Colonize on NLSC Campus

Beatrice Cooper. Fre shm a n, Mon roe De nnis Alle n Coope r, Ju r,ior, Ne w Orleo ns Davi. F. Cooper , Jun ior, Gil be rt Glori a lu cille Cooper, Mcnroe, Gerard Corbino, Sop hom o re, New O rl e ans Maureen M. Cooper, J unior, Fronk lin

Pat B. Cooper. Freshmon , Sp ringh ill Wonda Bea Cooper. Freshman , Gil be rt Ba rb"ra Corne tt. J un ior, H auqhto n Freddie l. Cotten , So pho more. Mo n roe Susan C. Coulier, Freshman . C layto n J. Gera ld Couvillon, Ju nior, A b bev ille

Tom Cowan, Freshmon, l odowonno.

N. Y. Al"n Robert Cowart, Fres hm an , W est Monree M"rg orel L. Cowart, Fresh man , W esl Monroe Thom,,~ R. Cox. Sophomore , Mon roe Vicky C . Cox. Jun ior. Jonesvi lle Howord L. Coy. J unior, W est Monroe


laur<ll Crader, Junior, West Monroe Barry Wayne Craft, Ju nior, Mo nroe CClfol Yvonne Craft, Freshman, Monroe Jedn HowClrd Craig, Jun ior, Min den Michael B. Craig, Sophomore, Spring hill Vidi Crain, Fre shmM , W est M on roe

Randall E. Craven, J unior, Bas tro p

Katheryn, Crawford, Freshm an.

Winnsboro lynda Diane Crawford , Junior. Monroe Do nald Kieth Crew, Sophomore , Boslro p Evelyn Ann Criswell, Freshman, Pollock Faye l. Criswell, So p hom ore. Pollod

Jane Crockett, Fresh mon . Shrevepo rt MClxine V. Crockett. Freshm(l n, Monro e Roslyn Crosby, Sophomore. Sh reveport Darrell G. Cross. Junior. Deville Wi lliam L. CroH , Fresh man. Monterey Mary lindo!l Cro.....der, Sophomore, Jackso n

Patrici a A. Cro wson, Junior, Vivi"n

FrClnk D. Crouch, Sopho more. Monroe

Iylene B. Cruse, Fre shman, Enterprise

Co!Irlos Cru'l, J unior H ondur<l>

PClul Dennis Cu cchia ro!l, Fres hm an,


Benny F. Cummings, Fre sh m"n, West

Mo nroe

So!IndrCl Cummings, Sophom ore,


Jo!Imes Cunningho!lm, FreshmM, Beaver,

Pen n.

Che~ter Cummins, Sophomo re , Tallul" h

H erbert M. Cupit, FreshmM, l o rmen

Jo!Imes E. Cupit, Sophomore. C rowville

George R. Cupples, Freshma n, West

Monroe Ginger Curry. Fres hmlln, West Mon roe Susan Joye Curry, So phomore, Wisnor Terri Cudis, Fres hmlln, Spri nghill Nick DClbbenigno, Sophomore, Monroe Gene DCligle, Junior, Jennings James DCl opoulo$, J un io r, Mo!Irlboro, Mc'lSs.

Karen Ann Darcy, SophOmore , New O rlM ns Betty Jean OClrrow, Junior, Shreveport MichClel lynn Darte'l, Freshm lln . Kopleln JeCl n A. DaugClrd, Sophomore. Nedrow,

N. Y. Donneth DClvidson, Jr., Fres hmo!ln, Athens Pam DClvid, J unio r, Bastrop BarbClr4 Ann DClvis, Freshm(Jn , Grand Can e

Byron D4vi d, Sophomore , Mo nroe

Charles G. Davis, So phomore, St.

Fra nci svill e

Daniel Allen Davis, FreshmM, Sulphur

Dale lee Davilo n. Sophomo re,

Sh reveport

Evelyn Da vis, Freshm an, Ferriday

Eleanor Ann Davi •• Sophomore, CI"yton Glenda Davis, Junio r, Jonesville Margaret Ann Davis, Junior, Rayville M..r-ti JClne Davis, Freshmon, Monroe Robert M. Davis, Fre shman, West Monroe Cynthia Day, Fres hmM , An gola


Doris Do.'IY, Junior, Winns boro Ko.'Ithleen Elsie Day, Freshm M, Bas trop Po.'Itrick Perry Dayton, Freshman , Monroe To m de la Bre fon ne, Freshma n, Houmo"l CholirloHe Dean, Juni or, Haile Mllirvin Le roy Dearman, Sophomore , Hod ge

George Debollillen, Jun ior, Lo"l foyetle Diane Decker, JUrl io r, Jena Diollne Dlay no De es, Fres hman , Shreveport Mary An n DeFatt a, Freshm M , Sh reveport Rosel yne Deiley, Fre'ihmlln, Monroe Jeanne Delaney, Sopho more , K<'InS<'I 5 City, Mo.

DUlline A. Dendinger, J un ior, Sl ide ll Charlotte Derrick, So phom ore, Delhi Kerry Lynn Deshotels, Sop ho mo re. M<'Imo u Le o G. DoSfefollno, J unior , Mo nroe She la A. Devereux, Fresh ma n, Monroe James Howell Dick, Fresh man , Go lde" Me<'ldow Frances J. Dickenson, Sophomo re , Georgetown Harold G . Dickens, Sophomore , Monroe Gena Boyle Dickinson, J un ior, Pio neer Robert Didman, Jun ior, Monroe Kat hy Dietle, Frashmllrl , Po llock Caro lyn Dieh, Sophom o re , Li'lke Genevt\, Wis.

Becky Bulter Reigns as Miss Northeast

8iaggio G. Digiovanni. Fre!>hmd rl, StM hope , N. J . Dianno.'l L. Dillingham, Sophomore , Mon roe Rita Dillingham. Fresh ma n, Monro e Betty Eileen Dilts. Sopho mo re , Spri ngfie ld, Ohio John Martin Dimlliria . Sophomore, Lo tH, N . J. J"mes Max Dippne r, Sophomore , C herry H il " N. J . Ch eryl Dishongh . Junior, De lhi

Bru ce Wayne DiVita, Sophomore , Mer<'lul(

Susan Jennette Dixon. Freshmo l"l,

M onroe CMol Dobson, So p~om ore, We!>t MOrl roe Judith A nn Dodge, Fre shman, Are~<'I n dric'l George Doherty, Jun ior, Jen nings Dianne M. Deiron. Fresh ma n, Ma plewood Edward R. Donnelly, Sophomo re, Brooklyn, N. Y. Wendell Ray Dorman, Sophomore , Rc'lyv ille Bobbie Jo Dosher, Fresh mM, Odk G rove Ernest R"y Downey, J un ior, W est Monroe Beverly K. Downin 9. Fresh man, Wes t M onroe Joseph Cy ril Doyle, So phomore. New


Pairick Mi chae l Dray, So ph o more

Mo nroe

Barb"r" Drumgo le, Fresh man, Mon roe

J ame s L. Drumg ole, J un ior, Monroe

Karen Dubois, Froshm M. Shreveport

John p, Dugas , So phomore . lowt\

Joyce F. Duke, Freshm on, C olumbio Thomas Dukes, Sophomore, Monroe Angelo Ann Duplantis, Soph omore . Houmo Marion Richard Dupont. Fre:$hmon . Monroe Barry Jamel Fupre. Fre:sh mon , Sulphur Dione AnneHe Dupree. Sophom ore BM lrop Richard D. Dupree, Fresh ma n. Shrevep or t Hill C. Durh am, III , Sop homo re, Co lu mbia Mancy Lynn Durham, Freshl)'1oo . Tullu loh James Du((, Freshmon, Delhi Richl'lfd Durr, Junior, Abbevi lle Josephine B. Duval , Sophomo re. Morgan C ity J ohn D..... yer, Sop homore . St. Frllncisville Rodney O . ElI ker, So phomo re. West Mo nroe Rona ld lynn Earl, Junior. Winnsbo ro He nry Wade Ea rnheart. So phomore Pineville Martha Miller Easley. Sophomo re. Monroe Richard Wiley East, Ju nior, 8" lon Rouge Jerry Don Ellderling. Sophomore. West Monroe Ne ttie Ec hols . Junior. Bost rop Terri Edg a r, Sophomore. Mon roe Rebe cCii lynn Edge , Freshmd n. Bed ford . Mo ss. Robe rt Edward Edgecomb$, Jr., Junior, New Orle ans Co nnie L. Edward s. Freshmdn. Pollod Donn a Ed wl'lfd 5, Fres hm .!ln, 8ostro p Marcia W . Edwards. a n. Linville Mary Anne Edwards. Sophomo re. Bonito Patricio A. Edwards, Fre.hmon. Pineville She rry Edwllrds. Sop homore. Monroe James Eglin. J un ior. Owego â&#x20AC;˘ Clifford l ee Roy Eichlerii. J unior. Mon roe

Judi th Ann Eichler. Ju nio r. Shrevep ort

Linda Susan Eichler, Sophomore.

Shrevepo rt

Aa ronette Eiffling , Sophomore, Vidolia

H orace Wayn e Elkins, Sophomore ,


C heryl l. Elliot . Freshmiln . Monroe

David C harles Elliot, J unior. Mo nroe Ollie Elliott, Fres hman. Mon roe Thomas W. Elliott, Sophomore, Monroe limmie Ellis, Jr., Freshmtln. Monroe la nge Ellis, Junior. Alexondri o Can d y Ellis, Freshma n. L-!lke Providence

Betty Anne England , ~opho mo re .

Comden . A rk.

Glen John Engelbrecht, Fr esh mdll.

Bloomfield . N. J. J.!mes Earl Enmon. Freshman. Violet Sharon G. Enter~ln. Fres hm.!n, Monroe Thomas lynn Ernst , Sophomore , Mo nroe Peggy Eskew, Junior, Thibod oux Henry G. Estopinal, Junior. Me roux

Carolyn A. Etheridge, Junior, Meroux

Kenneth G. Ettare, Freshmo n. Jersey

Ci ty. N. J .

Rose L. Eubanks, Freshmo n. 8Mtrop

Alice lanora Evans, Junio r. loke

Pfovid ence

Ed..... ard Evans, F res ~ mo n . Oelhi

Jam e , Harold EVll nl, Fres hm on, Monroe Mariorie ~llns , J unior, W in nsbo ro Linda Ann Evere tt, FreshrTllln, Tolluloh Mar~ l eslie Everett, So p homore , O o1l~ G rove Ann etlo1l Ew in g, Fres hmon, Inn is Lindo Mary Erlerkomp, Sopnomore , New Orle,,"$

Steph e n Cha rles Eyre, Fresh man . West Mo nroe DOMld Erell , Sophomore. Gi lbert Jose ph Fo!I cciolo, F:csh md n, W il ming to n.

Oct. Julie Ann Feiriy, FreshmM , Mon roe Shirley Felgout, Freshmo n, Gre erwille , Miss. Gledys Elai ne Fer ley, Soph o more, Wi sne r Ce tnerinc Fe rmer, Sophomore , 60 fon Ro ug e Jim Fa ucett, Fres h mo1l n. Mo nroe Sue Fo!Iught, Sopnomo re , Boss ier City Mich ael Wayne Faul ~, Sopho mo re . New Iberi., Richard Alan FaUlt, J unio r, New Orle <'J ns De borah Feeny, So p homore . Monroe

l enry Felton, Sop homore . Mo nro e Stophen Ferguson, Fre shm on. Sh!e veporl linda Fe rris. Sop ho mo re. Winnsboro linda C a ro l Fiddler, So p homore , Monroe Sho!lron Fields, Fre ~ hmo1l n, Mon ro e Vernon Finche r, Fresh m<'l n, W est Monroe

SylVia Fis he r, Fresh ma rl, C olu mb io Ba rbara Fleischake" Fres hmM, Mor.roe William Fleischaker, So phomore, M o nroe Samuel Fleis cher, Sophomore . Bro oUy n,

N. Y. Amy Flin t , J un io r, Winnsboro ROlwitha Floyd, Freshmon. SW<'l rh

James Flukor, Sophomore , Shreve po rt Ga ry Pa ul Fonteno t , Sopho mo re , Mon roe Patrick Fontenot, Fre~ h m M. Oberlin Edw in Royce Ford , Sophomore. Vidlil lia Martha Sue Fore, Sophomore , Grll yson Charlotte Fortenberry, Ju nior, Rllyvilie

l e lio!l Ruth Fode r, Freshma n, Monroe

Sa nd y Fowler. Freshmo1ln, Monroe

linda Fox, Fre shm an, Coshec ton, Ohio

George All en Fra ko, Fresh mon, Bossier

C ity

Herbie Fra n~ ow iez , Fresh mM, Monroe

Thomas Fra nklin, Sop nomore , Mon ro e

Jeanetle Fr edericks, Freshmo1ln. We st Monro e Ch arles Frema n, Freshman, J o nesv ille linda Freeman , Junio r, Home.r Ver netta Free mont, Sop homo re. Monroe C ha rle s Fro man. Fresnm<'ln, Jonesvi lle Sharon FulFord, Fresh man, W in nsbo ro

C la ude Fuller, Freshm" n, Mon roe

John Fulle r, So pho mo re, Delh i

Ronn ie Fu ller, Freshmlln, De lhi

Roy Mitc hell Fuller, So phomo re. De lhi

Do nna Fulme r , Junio r, Homer

William A. Funderburg, FreshmllO.

BlI slrop


CharioHe E. Ferguson. Sophomore.

AtJo nto

Nanette Furmlln, Fres hmon. Go lden

Beoc h, FI<'I .

Martha L. Futrell, Sophomore, Pin eville

Kennelh Gable, Ju nior. Royville

Wilma Dean Gain es, Fres hman, Monroe Anthony Galante, Ju nior, Yonkers. N. Y.

Ja mes R. GalbllYy , Junior, Green Broo~,

N. J. Michael Galiber, Junior, Metairie Thomtls J . Galland, Ju nior, Bunkie James Callo.....tly. Soph omore, Atexander Cynthia C. Calyean , Ju nior, Oak G rove Pauline Gllmble , Ju nio r, Mansfield Lamar C . Gamm el. Sophomore, C roHett, Ark. Bruce Ptlul Ganter. Sophomore, Alton. III. Thomtl! V, Gardner, J unior, Monroe Jerry Garlin9ton, Sophomore, Sworh EVtl G .....en Garner, Fres hm l!ln, Royvi!le Sandra L. Garn e r, Fre sh ma n, Ook Ridge

Sheryl A. Garner. Ju nior, Sh reveport Janet Gllrrett, Juni or, Win nfield Kenneth Garri,on , Soph omore, West Mo nroe J oyce A. Garth, Fresh ma n. Monreo Jtlne Garver. Freshmon , Monroe EtI,l P. Gauenberger. Sopho more. Morre ro William T. GoSttis, Jr., Sophomore. Mo nroe Bonnie Jane Gaudet, J unior, Raceland Ke nneth J . Gauthier, Ju nior. Boton Rouge Wayne A. Gebbitl, Ju nior, Chtl lme tte Kit Gee, Freshmo n, Metai rie Be rnice Geers, Sophomore, Monroe

Thirty-Five Nominated to Who's Who

James M. Geiger, Jr., Junior, Alexandrio John M. Gentile, Sophomore, Bronx, N. Y. Bill Gencn, Ju nior, Monroe Earllnn Ge..... in. Freshmon, Monroe Thoma s R. Gwein, Junior, Monroe EUg ene W. Gibbs, Fres hman, Monroe

Peg9Y Lynn Gibbs, Freshma n. Monroe

Flo yd J o seph Giblin, J Ul"l ior, Bolon

Rouge Dollie N. Gibson, Freshma n. Pioneer Marion D. Gibson , Freshmon, Monroe Joseph Patrick G ib~ n, Jun io r, Harrisonbu rg Thoma s Gideon. Freshman. Ba lon Rouge Pam Giger, Sophomore. Monroe Barbara Ann Gilbert, Freshmo n. Monroe John R. Gitten, Fre ~hman, Rocka way, N. Y. Bob bie Jean Gilliam. Sophomore, Monroe Nan d F. Gilliltlnd, Junio r, Monroe Rulhie M. Gillum, Jun ior. Monroe

Morgan Is First to Earn Pharmacy Masters

Betty Faye Givens, Juni o r, Monroe

MMilyn E. Given, Fres hml'ln, Tuderto(l, N. J. Chet Codlews~i, Juni or, Schened~dy, N. Y. Gerald C. Gold e n, Jr., So phomore, Mon roe

Mllry Ann Golden, Sophomore. Jon esb oro Connie Sue Golsby, Soph omore. Delh i

Dj" nne Goodwin, So ph omore, Delhi Jdmes Herve Goodwin , So p homore ,

Shreveport Dorothy O. Gordon, Sophomore. Monroe Kenneth Harper Gore. So phomore. Kelly Terry lane Gore . F re~ hm ~n. Colu mbia Tom A. Gorml'ln. Fresh mM . Ne tco ng , N. J.

John Waller Goss, FreshmM . Minden She Ii'} Dian e Gon. Freshm¢ n. Bog<'llu s<'l

Micho!lel John Gothberg. So phomo re, Pa rk Forest. 111. Camile Jos eph Goux, J un ior, Bat on Rou ge

Kinman P. Goux, J unio r, MMksville

Regin" GO'fang, So ph omo re , Konlll kee,


Bobby Graff, Soph o mo re , W est Mo nroe Janice A. Graff, Fres hm a n, W es t Mo nro e Bonnie lou Graham, Fre shman , W est Monro e

Shirley Ann Graham, So pho mo re,

Columb ia

Kenneth E,ul Grant, J unio r, Oak Grove

Dalene Gra y, Fres hmon, Fe rrid ay

Faye E. Gray, Freshmon, Mo n roe Ann Page Grapon , J un io r, Vidalia Brenda Gree n. Sopho mo re , 8osttop Dona Gree n, Sophomore. Met Ro u ge Susie Green, J unio r, Ma rio n. III. Jo Ann Gree,o n, Freshmo n, New O rl e ans Ella Jean Gre gory, Fre. hm an , Jo yce Michael Gren-ther, Freshm a n. Somm e rville Michael Rory Greshtlm, Freshm a n, Rayville James M. Griffis, Jr" Sop ho mo re , Monro e MMsha Griffin, Fres hman. Ste rlingto n Paula Griffi-th, Sop ho mo re, Shreve po d William lee Griffin, J un ior. Ste rlingto n James J. Griggs, Jr., Fresh mtl n, YtllOO City, Miss. Jud y Kaye Grigshy, Ju nior, Ho uston, Tex. Larry Wayne Grissom, Sopho mo re. Tallula h

Ditlne Marie Griuam, J unio r, Mo rqan


Be'sie Lee Grossley, Freshmo n, Monroe

Barhara Groves, Sophomore. Wesf Mo nroe Edwin C. Guchereo!lu, J unio r, New Ode Ms Dale G. Guenard, Freshma n, C he lmsford , Moss.

Ani-ta Guerrero, Juni o r. C o lumbia

Glenn Joseph Guerra, Fre shm a n. Ara bi

Maria Angelina Guerrero, Fre shm a n,



Deb orah G uidry, Freshmtu" Ne w Iberia Foste r J. Gu ille ry, FreshmM , Dupont Kenneth D. G uillory, Sophomoro1, 8e~on Roug e De bbie G ui nn, Sophomo re, Mon roe Gerri Gulley, Freshm M , M o)rion Pe99y Je a n G ulley, J unior, Monroe

C ynthia l o ui$ Gunter, FreshmM, Pi nevine Donna DuHe y G uyton. J unior, West Monroe Arthur Marsha ll Holbrook, Sop homo re, 8a ton Roug e Will iam Mich ae l H a lbroo~, Soph om or ~, Bo!Is h op Brenda lo u Hale, Sophomo re , Monroe Sho ila Hale, Sophomore, West Monroe G e raldine Ha ll, Freshmo)n, C oll insto n

louis C . Hall, Ill, Mo!Insfield

Ma rgo H all. Fres hm<!l n. AlexMdri/l

Rob e rt Dale Ha ll, Sopho more, Monroo

Sha ron l. H a ll , FreshmM. Sibley

SU$a n lea~ e Hall, Ju nio r, L.~ f" y e lle

Vic ki Anne Ha ll mark, J unior. Cho!lit6floog " , Te nn. Patrick S. Hambr ick, Freshme n, Bossie r We ld on Hamilto n, J r., Sophomore . Mon rOe

Donnie Hamm, Sophomore. eMt Or


Brenda J . H<!Immons , Ju nior, Min den

Harvoy M. Hammonds. Sopho more ,

J ohn Toxie Ham mons. Sophomore , Poliod J eule Ne ll Hammons. Jun ior. O a k G ro . . e linda Hammons, Fres hmo)n. Monroe Jonathan H a nc hoy. J unior. Kinder Ronald Hanel ine. Sophomore. Monroe Und o C a rol H a nkins , Freshma n. l a ke Provide nce

Ann Hanks. Junior. Monroe

John Tim othy Han lon . Sophomore.

Portland. O re. Kat hy Glyn Hollon , Fresh mM . M"plewood Sue Hansford . Sophomore. Doylin o William Hard ca stle . Ju nior. Kind e r Botiy Faye Hardy, Jun ior, Mo nroe

William Hargiss, FreshmM. Monroe

Jam os R0ger Ha rmon , Sophomore,

Mo nroe

Jo ffrey Harm on, Freshme n, Broo klyn .

N. Y. Patty Harper. Freshm<'l n. Hemmond Rh e tia H arpe r, Sophom ore. W<!I terproof Wallac e H a rpe r, Freshm<'ln, Slidell Debra Jan e Harre ll, Freshma n, Monroo 8ertram H arrison , Sophomore. l ees bu rg .


Doris Ha rris. J unior, Monroe

David M a r~ Harrison, Jun ior. Monroe

Dann y Harringto n, J unior. Greenville.


Glenn HarTis, Fre$hman. ~ig ger

Georg e Harrigan, Sopho more. Ne w Orle<'ln s Sylvia Harris, Freshm an . Monroe Vidi lynn Harris, Freshmlln . all" Wood y Sue Harris, Jun ior. Jigg er H.rtley, Freshm on. Delhi Bobby Ha rvey. Freshmo n. S~. Fra ncisville

Jam~s H. Harvey. J un io r, St. Froncisville Ray W illiam Harv~y, Jr., J unior, Monroe

Sharon L. Harvest on, Soph omore, Grllyson James Pat Harwell, So phomore , Sh reveport Karen Haslauer, Sophomore , Ne w Orl e llns Janet Haste, Junior, Ma rrero Behy Hatch. J unio r, Rayville

Charles Hathaway. So phomore, Reading .

Ma ss. Ruth Ann Hat haway , So phomore, Monroe Joy Anne Hdhorn , Freshman, Mon roe Ruth S. Hauser, Fre$hman. Shreveport Don R.. Hawkins, Ju nior. 8"ton Rouge Terry Preston Hayden, Ju nior, Eros Ronn;!) Hayes, Fre:;hma n. Monroe Alice Arden H"ynes, Jun io r, W es t Mon roe Christy Ann H"ynes, Freshma n, Springhill Sallie Mautean Haynes, Sophomore . W est Monroe

Martha Ann Hays, Fre shmon , Mo nroe

J.o Ann Head, Sopho more , W est Monroe Be ve rly Bayles Hearn, Ju nio r, Ferme rville Donald Woodrow Hearne. Jun ior, W es l Monroe

J ames O. H earne , Sop homore, West


Marjorie Heath. Freshman , G ro!!lnd Cane

Kenneth L. H ebert, J unio r, Scott

Lindberg J . Hebert , Sop ho more, R4yne

Pt!lm Hebert , Fresh man, J e nni ngs

Sherry Ann Hebert, Freshman , Monroe

Tho mas P. Hebert, Sophomo re, Port

All en

Kathy Heckathorn, Freshrnlln, Tollulah

William Lee Helmer, Jr ., Freshm4n,

Pioneer Kathryn Hemphill, Fre shma n, 01111

Shirley Ruth Hemphill , Fres hmon .

W ilme tte. III. Donald H e nde rson, Freshmo!!ln . Delhi Earl Hend e rso n, J unior. Kinder Elil abeth Hendrix, Freshma n, Sterli n<;l to n Linda Gay Hendrix. Freshmlln , Monroe

Sheryl e Hendrich, Sopho mo re , Monroe

Susan E. Henley, Sophomo re ,

NlIcogdoc hes , Teltos Jose ph C.ul Henry, Junio r. N ew O rleMs Peggy Herlevic, Freshmll n. Mo nroe Sandra Ka y HernandeI, J unio r, Mon roe Woody Jean Herren, Junio r, Shrevepo rt

Annett e H e rring , Junior. WlI re Sh oals ,

s. c.

H enry A. Hesier, Freshman. Cou~ h a tlll No rma Kathlee n HewiH. J unio r, Gilbert Wanda Hibbeh, J unio r, Minden Vickie Higginbotham, FreshmM, Bastro p Bill Walton Hightower, J unior, Homer

Kathleen G, Hilbert, Fre shmM. Arobi

GlIry Lyndoll Hilburn, Sop ho more,

Ch urchpo: nr Mal Garland Hill , J un io r, alldro p Marilvn Hillman. Junior. A l el(M dri~ linda Diane Hinel, Freshm4n. A lelClIodrio Allene Bedy HiH, Freshmon, Columbio

Mary Lou Hoffm<:ln, Freshmon, De lhi CllIirese Hog<:ln, Fresh mon, [3o ~J in Marsha Dian e Hogan, Sophom ore. RlIyvill e lanell Hog9, So phomo re , Co lumbio Joe W , Hogsett, Ju nior. H o'Jugh~o n Robbie lynn Hogue, Sophomore . Pineville

Bonnie J . Holly, Fre~ ll mM, . Pio noe r Robe rt D. Hollis. Sophomore , West Mon roe Judith HollowllY, FreshmM . HMrisonburg Pat Holloway, Soph omo re. Bl'lton Roug e JlI ck Alan Holmes, Fres hmon , BOHier C ity MlIrsha Holmes , So phomore, W innfie ld

Kenneth Holt, Sophomore , W es t Mon roe Janet Hood, Sophomore , Mcnroe Juli<:l Hoodema~er, Sophomore , Monroe Corn eliu1 Hoolahlln, Sophomore. Violet RichMd Allen Horn, Sophomo re. Boss ie r C ity Peggy Hotard . Ju ni or. Slidell

Sandra House, J unior, Shreveport Sherry H ouse, Fres hm a n. Sh reveport Andy Housley, Junio r, Vido'Jlio'J Dovid Edward Houston, Sophomore, C rossett . A rk. Carol Howe. Sophomo re, Shl'l mrock. Texas Sandrll Hudson, Sophomore, Monroe

Education, Ph armacy Will Grant Doctorate

Carol Hughes, Freihman , Win nfie ld Diann e Hughes, Freshman , Monroe Mo!Iry Joe Hughes, F re ~ h m an. Crossett. A rk. Shllron lynn Hughe s, So ph omo re. Spellnville Chllrlotte Humphries, Freshmon. Mo nroe George Humphries, Freshm on, Shreve po rt Ednll Rui h Hunt, Sophomore. J o nes Roy DlIfre] Hunt, Fre ~h m o n , l og M sport Willillm Edward Hunt. Fresh man , West Monroe J. Douglas Huntley , Freshman. W e~ t Monroe Rosemary Hurl , J unior. Shrevepo rt Linda Mitchell Hutson, J unior, Mo nroe linda Hutter, Freshm fH' , Cha lme tte Bett y Hutto. Soph omo re, Monroe JOlin Hutto, J unior. Mon roe Gregory Charles Hutts, Junior. Mon roe HHry Lee Huh , Sophomore, Reed ing , Pen n. Georgia Hymon, Sophomore. Tolluloh

BlIrbllra Ingram , So phomore. West Monroe Cherie JlIchon. Freshmll n, West Monroe Irma Jelln Jo!Ickson. Freshman, Monroe Joe lIain e Ja chon, Fresh m.o n. Winn fie ld Joe Ed Jacuon, Junior. Mon roe linda Jackson, Freshman, Pollod

Margaret Ann Jackion, Fre shm~ n, Sterli n9 io n Jan o M. James, Sopho mo re, W~terproof Lind" Dian e Jameson, Freshml'ln, Bl'Istrop Zenebia, James, Freshml'ln, West Monroe John G. Junsonn e, J uni or, Blinkie Alyce Lee Jefferson, Sophomore, New Orlel'lns EdWo.'ltd AI4n Jeffreys, Sophomore, New Iberia

Rosem<'Hy Jeffries, J unio r, BlIstrop

Tim J ennin g s. Freshman . Ollk Grove

Joseph NOll h J 04qu in, Jun ior, FilII Rive r,

M" $s .

Bill y Jorome Johnson . Sopho mo re.

Pi nevi lle

Bill Johmton . Freshm"n . Shrevepo rt

Fred T. JohnK>n. Sopho more . S~ reve port

Freddi e J4m es John son. J unior. Mo nroe

Gdy Nell Johnson, Freshman. Mo nroe

Jdnice I. J ohnson, Soohomore. Rc'lyville

Lois Elc'lina J ohnson, Fres hmM. Ruston

Mdrgdret E. Johnson, Fre shml'ln,

Ale(l'Indril'l Noel RdY Johnson, Fre shman. West Mo nroe

Roger Dale J oh nston, Ju nior. Mo nroe

ROn.'lld Johns, Fre1 hm l'ln, 8unkie

Shirley Lynn Johnson, Fres hmll n, West

Monroe Susdn J o hnson, Sophomore . West Mo nroe Theres<'l J o hnson, So ph o more. 8Mtrop

Virginid Johnson, J unior. Pinevill e William P. J ohnson, Freshml'ln. J onesvi lle Don<'lld E. J oiner, Freshmlln. Vicksburg Anne E. Jones, Sophomore, MMion Ch4rles A. J ones, So ph o more. Red Bonk,

N. J. David Jones, Freshml'ln , W est Monroe

Tom Jones. Sophomore, Minden Howe ll D. Jones. So phomo re. A le xa ndria Kathleen Jones. Sophomore . Mon roe Katharine E. J o nes, Sopho more. H <'I m mond K<'lthy K. Jones, Freshml'ln, Shre veport Lind<'l K<'lren Jones, Freshman. Springhill

L<'lurie Lynn J o nes, Freshmon, Morg on City Lucia Demm<'l Jones, Sophom ore , Monroe Rex Willi<'lm Jones, Fre sh ml'ln, Ouito, Ecuildor Sue Jones, Jllnior, Monroe Sylvi", Denille Jones, Sophomore, Winnsboro Willi",m T. Jones. Juni or, Oak Grove J<'ln Jord<'ln, Freshm l'ln. Ba lon Roug e Gus Eric Jo\'O'ers, Sophomore. Mo nroe Mary Joyner, Jun ior. Sondheimer Glenn Louis Juneau, Freshman, Evergreen Bruce Alan Kaplan, Ju nior, S~o k ie, II I.

H<'lrold Kaufm<'ln, J unior, B roo~ l y n . N.Y.

Ronald Keegan, Sophomo re. Upper Jay. N. Y. Peggy Ann Kefalonitis. Sophomo re. North Caldwell . N. J. Did Keith, So ph omore. Monroe William Wesley Keith, Junior. Mon roe Ella Lee Kelley, Sophomore . West Monroe Sux<'lnne C. Keller, Sop ho more, Monroe


Margaret Ann Jl'lcho n, Freshma n, S ie rl in910n Jl'lne M . Jo!Imes, Sophomo re , Waterproof Lind" Di.!!n e J<'Imeson, Fres hmo!'ln, Be strop Zen e bia, James, Fres hmo!'ln, West Monroe John G . Junso nn e, J uni o r, Bunkie Alyc e Lee Jefferson, Sopho more , New Orle~ns

Edward AI.!!n Jeffreys, Sop homore , New Iberio

Rosemary Jeffries, J un io r, Bo!'Is trop

Tim Jennings, Freshmo!'ll'l , Oo!'lk Grove

Jose ph NOo!'l h Jo.!!quin, Jun io r, F611 River,

M6 $s .

Billy J e rome Johnson. So p homo re.

Pi nevi lle

Bill Johndon. Fresh m<'ln. Silrevepo rt

Fre d T. JohnK> n. Sophom o re. Sh reveport

Freddie Jomes John son. Ju n ior. M o nroe

GI'lY Ne ll Johnson. Fresh man , Monroe

Janice I. Johnson . Soohomore. Ro!'I yvilia

Lois Ela ine Johnson, FreshmM. Rusto n

Margaret E. Johnson, Fresh mo!'l n,

A lext'ln d rie Noel Ray Johnson, Fre sh mo!'ln , We st Mon roe

Roger Dale J o hnst o n, Ju nior, M o nroe

Ronald Johns, Fres hmlln, Sunkie

Shirley Lynn Johnson, Fres hmon, W est

Monroe Susan Johnson, So pho mo re, W est Mo nroe Theresa Johnson, So ph o more , Sost ro p

Virginia Johnson, Ju nior, Pinevill e Williom P. J o hnso n, Freshman, Jo nesville Donald E. Joiner, Fresh m.!l n, Vidsburg Anne E. J on e" Soph om ore, Morion Chl'lrles A. Jones. Sophomore. Red Bo!'Ink, N. J . Dav id Jones, Fresh meon , W est Mon roe

Tom J o nes. So phomore , Minden H owe ll D. J o nes. Sophomo re. A lexandri<'l Kdthleen Jones, Sophomore. Mon roe Katharine E. J o nes, So pho mo re. H <'I mmond Kath y K. Jones, Fresh mM, Sh revepo rt Linda Karen Jones, Freshmdn. Spri ng hill

Laurie Lynn Jones, Fresnmon, Morglln City Lucia Demma Jones, Sopho mo re , Mo nroe Rex William Jones, Fres hm on , Qu ito, Ecuo!'ldor Sue Jones, Junior, Monro e Sylvia Denille Jones, Sop ho more , Winnsboro William T. Jones, Juni o r, Ook Grove Jan Jordan, Fres hm on, Bdton Roug e Gus Eric Jowers, Sophom o re , Mon roe Mary Joyner, J unior, Sond heimer Glenn Louis Juneau, Fres h man, Evergree n Bruce Alan K~plan, J unior, S ~oki e. til. Harold Kaufm~n, Jun ior, Broo~ lyn . N .Y. Ronald Keegan, So phomo re . Upper J dY, N . Y. Peggy Ann Kefdlo nifis. Sophomore. North Cdld well. N . J . Did Keith, So ph o mo re. Mo nroe William Wesley Keith, Junior. Mon roe Ella Lee Kelley, Sop homore. W est Monroe Suzanne C. Keller, Sophomore, Monroe


Lemert and Olin Halls Open

So"lndr~ JUri Keller, J unio r, 011", Kafhlee n C. Kellogg, Sop homo re , A lexan dria

Bertha Kelly, Fresh man , Monroe MlHY Co!Itherine Kelly, Freshmo n, Alexl'lnd ri a 1ho",,,s P. Kelly, FresnmM . 8es trop StlrDara Kemp, Fres hman , Wed Mo nro& Th omas All e n Kemp, Ju nior, W e st Mo nroe

Bevorly C. Kendric~, Sophom o re. H <!lrrisonb urg

Martha Kendr ick, Freshm"n, H a rrison burg

Robert T. Kendrick, Ftes hmlloO , Jeno $uIo"lnne Ken ne d y, J uni or . H ous lo n, Texa s

Wi lliam G . Kenniso n. Fre shmM , Boton Ro ug e

Marcus O. Kephart. Fre shma n, Bossie r Joe Hirsch Kern, Soph omore , Mon roe Dllvid Kenler, So ph omore, We s ~porl Conn .

John Kidder, J unio r, Opelou ~"s M,uy Sus"," Kelpatrid, Freshma n. Mo nroo

Henry l. Kimbro, Freshmil n. Delhi Barbara K.,lhryn King. Sophomore. S hreve port Donnd J. King. Sopho mo re , Monroe G e orge Pa ul King. Junior. Monroe Julia Frdnce~ King. So p homo re, Shreve po rt Sdndrill J. King . Jun ior. Sh reve por t Howord King~ton . Fres hm<'ln, New Iberi" Edwa rd T. Kinnison, J un io r, OHi!

Do rothy l. Kiper, Freshma n, Mo nroe

BeHy Kirkha m, Sopho more, Delhi

Carolyn Kirkpatrick, Ju nior, Tollul 6h

Robert Kirkpatrick. Fresh man , !kIton


Howdrd Kirschenbaum, Sophomo re,

a roc~ l y n . N. Y.

Dennis V, Kitchell, Ju nio r, We~t Monroe Jam e , Robert Kitchen~, Sophomore. Epps Judy Marie Knight, Fr e~h mM , Tronsy lv<'ln i<'l

linda D, Knight, Ju nior, C lo ytcn

linda Ledtice Kn ox, Fresh ma n,


Ch.lTloH& Kramer, Sophomore ,

A lelor.d rio

Richard M. Krdher, Sophomore , Minde n Janet D, Kulinski, Fre shmon, Monroe Pamela Jedn Kull, Sophomo re. West Monro o Betty T. LaBorde. Sophomore , G ilbe rt Evelyn lvi, LaBorde , Sophomore , IkI strop Judy l. LaBorde, Sop homore, At ex<'Indriil Larry Dal e labove, Fresh mo n, L a~ e C h <'I rles Martha A. La ch ney, Freshm <ln , A'ex<'lndri<'l Marie lachney. Sopho more. A 'e x6 nd ri<'l Benton Alfred Ladey, Sophomore, Jenni ngs Claudia Laco ur, J un io r, McHhville Cheryl LaDart, Fresh man , Monro e

Arah N. LaGrange, Junior, Monroe George A. Lagrange, Freshman, Monroe Libby Laing, Junior, Collinston James Paul Laird, Freshman. Keli y Donald Lancaster, Jr., Freshman, T~llulah Roselyn Kaye Landers, Freshman. Mangh.;m

Alfred J. Landry, Jr., Junior, Vinton Bill R. Landry, Freshman, West Monroe Dana Ray Landry, Freshman, Delcambre Lyn Lydia Landry, Junior, Monroe Paul Peter Landry, Junior, West Monroe Barbara Ann Lands, Junior, Gretna

Dolly Langston, Sophomore, Bastrop Janice B. Langston, Fre5hm~n, Slidell Ira Lasseigne, Sophomore, Gallieno Harvey C. Laster, Junior, Shreveport Judith C. Lastrapes, Sophomore, Shreveporf Georgiann Lawley, Freshman, Newellton

Gerald Lawrence, Junior, Jena Jeffrey I. Lawrence, Junior. Waco. Texos William R. Lawrence, Freshman, Monroe Lorraine Ann Laws, Junior, Fr<'lnklin Steve W. Laws, Sophomore, Monroe Rosalind Lawson, Freshman, Monroe

Leslie Leath, Sophomore, Monroe Peter H. LeBas, Sophomore, Ville Platte Bobby Ray Lee, Freshman, Oak Grove Gilbert A Lee, Sophomore, Monroe Helen Marie Lee, Junior, Haile Lind<'l Kay Lee, Freshman, West Monroe

Union Board Created Mary Elizabeth Lee, Freshman, West Monroe Robert E, Lee, Sophomore. Monroe Sarah Rosilea Lee, Freshman, Baskin Carl Edward Leggitt, Sophomore, New Orleons Marlin Leigh Lerner, Sophomore, Monroe Johnny LeRoy, Sophomore, Chalmette

Marilyn Anne Leshe, Freshman, Sh reveport Janis Y. Lewellyan, Sophomore, Columbi<'l Alanna Lewis, Freshman, West Monroe Nadine Lewis, Freshman, Monroe Ronald Dale Lewis, Junior, Wesf Monroe Sandra Lewis, Freshman, Wesf Monroe

Ann Licht, Freshman, Kankakee, III. John Allan Lightfoot, Freshman, Vidali" Max Palmer Lightsey, Junior, Kilbourne Linda Lingefelt, Freshman, Epps Brenda Ann Lishman, Freshman, Fort Necessity Linda Little, Freshman, Jonesville


Marilyn Little, Sophomore, Monroe Michael Ray Litton, Junior, Shreveporr Mary Anne Lively, Sophomore, Bastrop Marshall Livingston, Sophomore, Winnsboro Robert Lee Lloyd, Freshmon, Monroe Dana Andrew Louviere, Sophomore, Monroe

Diana Lynn lo.....ery, Junior, Bastrop James D. Lowery, Junior, Mir,den Susan Kay luce, Freshman, Shreveport Anthony luciano, Junior, Ea,t Rutherford, N. J. Marlha lupe, Sophomor9, W;nnsboro Connie luttrell, Sophomore, Shrevepod

Anita Kaye Lyle, Freshman, Minden

Bobby Lamar lyle, Sophomore, Minden

Mary Frances Mack, Junior, Ferriday

Maxie Mack, Junior, Ferriday

Jack Laverne Madden, Sophomore, Oak


Larry Lee Magee, Sophomore, Monroe

Betty June Mahoney, Freshman, Wisnor

Lonnie l. Mahoney, Freshman,

Warerproof Juanita Mains, Junier, New Iberia Marsha Malone, Sophomore, Vivian Sharon Malone, Freshman, Farmerville Toni lee Malone, Sophomore, Oak Grove

Philip M. Maniscalco, Sophomore, Baton Rouge

Bobby Joe Mann, Sophomore, Monroe

Dorothy Ann Mann, Junior, Natchez,


Ben Michael Manning, Junior, West

Memphis, r\rk.

Rita Mannino, Freshman., Shreveporl

Anthony Manuel, Junior, Springhill

Deborah Anne Manuel, Freshman, Monroe

Jeanette Many, Sophomore, Monroe

Naoun Markeu, Junior, New York, N. Y.

Melanie Marshall, Junior, New Orleans

Rey Marrero, Freshman, Bronx, N. Y.

Nerville Marshall, Sophemore, Monroe

Eli~abeth J. Ma,tin, Freshman, Lexington,


Glenn Martin, Freshman, HIlntsville, Ala,

Jerry E, Martin, Junior, Winnsboro

Norman H. Martien, III, JIlnior, Monroa

Rebecca Ann Martien, Freshmar"


Ned W. Massee, Freshman, Monroe

Virginia M."ey, Sophomore, Monroe

Robert F. Matheny, Sophomore, West


Becki Mathis, Junior, Monroe

Jean Mathias, Sophomore, Shreveport

Wilma Mathys, Junior, Winnsboro

Bruce Michael Matte, Freshman, Oberlin

Rudy Matthews, Freshman, Tampa, Fla.

SUsan E. Maxwefl, Freshman, ViviM

Charles May, Freshman, Oak Grove

Jacquelyn A. May, Freshman, Shreveport

Lee N. May, Sophomore, Delhi

Mollie Dianne May, Freshman, Forest


linda A. May', Junior, Rayville

Helen T. McAlmond, Freshman, Monroe

James D. McArthur, Freshman, Glenmora

Shelton E. McBride, Sop~omore, Pineville

Wade McBride, Freshmen, Jonesboro

Judy McCarver, Freshman, Oak Grove

Janie McClanahan, Sophomore, Hebert

James M. McClelland, Freshman. Ellon

John Benjamin McCoy, Junior, Monroe

Kathleen E. McCoy, Freshman, Mcnree

Laverne Marie McCoy, Freshman, Monroe

Michael C. McCoy, Freshman, Baton


James Robert McCue, Freshman, Monroe

Thomas M. McCuistion, Sophomore,


Julie McCullar, S"phomore, Shreveport

Robert S. McCurdy, Freshman, Piltsburg,


Ralph Lee McCurdy, Sophomore, Lake


Vicki Jan McCurley, Sophomore,


Margaret K. McCu,ker, Froshman, Alexa nd ri(l Mllry C. McDaniel, Freshman, Calhoun

Ray McDaniel. Freshmao. Sulphur

Ronald A. McDannald. Junior, Elkh",t,


Jame, McDonald, Junior. Jone,boro

Loranie McDonnell. Junior, East


Art, Psychology Will Grant Masters

Margaret McDougald, Sephomc;re, Olla

Carolyn McDowell, Freshman, Monroe

David Ray McDowell, Sophomore,


George McDuffie, Junior, Monroe

Bob G. McElroy, Junior, Rayviile

Doris Joann McElroy, Freshman,


Carol Mae McElveen, Freshman, Roseland

Felicie McEnery, Freshman. Collinston

Linda D. McFarlin, Junior, Collimton

Mike McFarland, Junior, Kent, Wash.

Mary Helen McGaha, Freshman, Pioneer

Robert L. McGaha, Junior, Pioneer

David Y. McGee, Sophomore, Monroe

Michelle McGeever, Freshman, Bastrop

Mary Frances McGinty, Jun"or,


Brenda S. McGough, Freshman, Lewisville

Sandra Kay McGough, Freshman, Marion

Henry Aryon McGuire, Soohomore,

Colcmbid Karen McGuirt, Freshman, Nakhitoches Merriann McGuire, Freshman, Shreveport Sandra Lynn McKaskle, Junior, ,Jonesboro Dan B. McKay, Sophomore, Mangham Griffin R. McKay, Freshman. Ventura, C~1.

Katherine McKay, Freshman, Pollock


Johnny H. McKee. Freshmiln, Columbia

Elaine McKeithen, JJnior, New Orleans

Francine McKelvey. Freshman,


Kenneth H. McKneely, Juni:;r, Monree

Cam McKoin, Juni"r, Bonifo

John S. McKowen, Sop"omore, Baton

Rouge John C. McLaurin III, Sophomo'e, Mnrsfie1d

Charles D. McMahan, Juniol', Monl'oe

William James McMahon, Freshm5n,

Steten 1;land. N. Y. Donald C. McMillin, Sophcrr.ore, J~路ne;ville

Robbie M. McMillin, Junior, Jonesville Sue McMullen, Fres!'men, Moor:;e Donald S. McNaughten, Freshman. Ourkpville, Texas Gloria McQuillin, So:;~omo'e, Winnsboro Kenneth F. McRae, Junior, Mcoroe Shelia Sue McRee, Freshman. Monroe Connie Jean Meeks, Fred',man, Boton Rouge Robert Anthony Melerine, Sophomore, Vic let Pa tricia Ann Melia, Freshma n, Lawrence. Mess. Linda B. Mere, Junior, Picayune, Mis;. 'Ilarbara D. Merrill. Freshman, lisbon Cynthia S. Methvin, Freshman, Mo:ringsport Vidor T. Michel. Freshman, H"uma Judith Grey Michie, Freshm5n, Mer Rouge W. David Middlebrooks. Junior. Shre'_eporf William T. Middleton, Freshmen, Arcadio Linda Marie Miguel, JuniOr, Franklin Thomas O. Miklosey, Scphomore, Metuchen, N. J.

Madelyn Antley Milan. Froshman,


Mary Louise Miles, Fl'eshr"an, Trout

James Dalton Milford, Juniol', West Menroe

AI Miller, Junior, Eldorado, Ark.

Cliffon A. Miller, Sophomere,

HaYI\esville Charles W. Miller, Jr., Junior, B"b i fhwa ite Charles J. Miler, Jr., Freshman, Monroe George B. Miller, Freshman, Wesf Moore'S Glenda Joy Miller. Fresl,man. Pineville Leonard Greg Miller, Freshman, Monroe Me"il J. Mille, Freshman, New Orleans Sandra Kaye Miller, Freshman, Be"ier City Timothy Miller, Sophomore, Pioneer Tom Miller, Sophomore, Hayneville John Robert Mills, Junior. S5nfcrd, Flo.

Pam. L. Mills, Sophomore, Waterproof

Marion Ezra Milstead, Freshman,

Shrevepod Audrey S. Milton. Freshman, Roslyn. N. Y. Peter Mirante. Freshman, Valley Stream,

N. Y. John S. Mitchell, Junior, Jonesville Samuel W. Mitcham. Sophomore, Mer


Brenda Kay Modisette, Fre,hman,


Sladen Mohl. Sophomore, Falls Church,


Michell Monroe, Freshmbrl, Shreveport

Bob Mo!cany, Junior, Shreveport

William J. Monroe, Junior, Monroe

Drema Monh, Sophomore, Reserve Sherry Moon, Junior Monroe Janice Moore, Freshman, Springh ill James W, Moore, Jr., Freshman, Monrae Linda Sue Moore, Junior. Menroe Noralyn P, Moore, Freshman, Wes~ Monree

Patricia Ann Moore, FreshmM, Monree Errol Louis Moran, Freshmon, Wisner Robed Wayne Moran, Freshman, Monroe Kathryn B. Morar, FreshmCln, Lake Vi/lage, Ark David Paul Moreland, Sophomore, West Menroe Ernest Moreland, Junior, West Monroe

Beverly Jane Morgan, Freshman, hllulah John Dee Morgan, Junior, Natchez, Miss. Karen Morris, Junior, Epps Mary Morris, Freshman, Bastrop Michael W. Morris, Junior, Rayville Kenneth J. Morrow, Freshman, Baton Rouge

Johathan Mouton, Juroior, Jennings Samir Mowad, Junior, Oakdale Mary Katherine Munson, Freshmiln, Baroro Rouge Dan Murphy, Freshm~1. Gretna Kerry Lynn Murphy, Freshman, Monroe James J. Murray, Sophomo-e, New Orleans

G .....endolyn Musgrove, Freshm~n, Bastrop Kenneth B. Myers, Sopnomore, Monroe J. e. Myrich, Jr., Freshman, Ferriday Daniel Lee Naff, Freshman. B3slrop Susan M. Nait, Freshman, Ne..... Orleans eynda Ann Nance, Sophomore, Springhill

Connie B. Nash, Junior, Swampscott, Mass. Janet Dianne Nash, Fre,hmM, West MonrOE> Mary A Nash, Freshman, Cullen Arnold Natali, Sophomore, Iowa Carolyn S. Neal, Sophomore, Rayville Joyco Dianne Neal, Sophomore, Rayville Alvin J. Nelson, Junior, West Monroe Jessie Nelson, Sophomore, West Monroe Larry D. Nelson, Freshman, Grayson Tom Nelson, Junior, Lake Lafayette Donald H. Necomer, Sophomore, Monroe Jacqueline M, Newman, Sophomore, Rayne Michael V. Ne, Junior, Vidolia Stephen Ray Ne..... man, Freshman, LcdoyeHe Phyllis A Nield, Freshmon, Bossier City Robert Wade Nix, Freshmon, Jena Carolyn K. Noble!, Freshman, Jena Idel Loraine Noble, Freshman, Olla

John Andre..... Nolan, Freshman, Tallulah Marilynn Nolan, Freshman, Rayville Michael F. Nolan, Freshman, Monroe Jay Nolen, Freshman, Monroe David M. Normand, Freshman, Monroe Gerry Lyn Norman, Sophomore. Hailo


Jerry Norris, .Junior, Minden Shirley Ann Norri., Jurior, West Monroe Janice Faye Novak, .Junior. Alexandria Ernest W, Nugent, Freshman. Monroe Johnny Morris Nugent, Fresnman, Harrisonburg Barbara Louise Null. Freshman, McKamie. ArL Jeffrey Nulman, Freshman, New York,

N. Y. Patsy Rebecca O'Brien, Freshman, Bostrop Robert E. O'Brien, Jr" Junior, Shreveport Sharon Oden, Junior. Shreveport Kenneth J. O'Donnell, Freshman, Pomona Beach. Fla. Ogden Ernestine, Sophomore, Sicily Island Margaret Ogden, Freshman, Bastrop Tommy Oglesbee, Sophomore. West Monroe Lela Gail Olds, Junior, Waterproof Don Terrel O'Neal, Freshman, Baton Rouge Bob E. O'Rear, Freshman. Homer Sandy O'Rillion, Freshman, Baton Rouge

Dennis Orlego, Junior, Washington Josephine Nan Ory, Junior, Shreveport Kay Otno+l, Freshman, Monroe Herbert W. Otwell, Freshman. Monroe Robert W. Oulh, Fre,hman. Monroe Roselie E. Overby, Freshman, Oak Grove

John Lindon Overton, Sophomore, Manroe Delilah Owens, Sophomore, Hebert Jame. Robert Owens, Freshman, Jen6 Susan D. Oxford. Freshman, Quitman Carolyn Pace, Freshman, Calhoun Shirley Ann Pace, Freshman, West Monrae

omputer Science, Geophysics Degrees Added

James D. Palmer, Freshman. Pride Laney Michael Pa.nkey, Sophomore, Delhi Janice Pardue. Junior, Monroe Van Pardue, Freshman, Monroe Cindy Parker, Junior, Mer Rouge Dennis Sherman Par~er, Sophomore, Rayville Ella Morgaret Parker, Fre,hman, Winnsboro Margaret Parker, Junior, Monroe Nelro.e Parker, Freshman, Delhi Peggy Parker, Freshm6n. Gilbert Sharon Beth Parker, Freshman. Bossier City Ronald W. Parkinson, Freshman, Annapolis, Md. Mary Lou Parks, Sophomore, Monroe Millicent Parks. Freshm6n, 06k Ridge James Michael Parrish, Sophomore, Chalmette Mina Parrish, Sophomore, Monroe Paul Stanley Parrish, Sophomore, Girard Sharon Dianne Parrott, Junior. Bastrop


Bender Makes Little All-American

Harold R. Parson" Freshman, Monroe Dewey Thomas Patrick, Freshman, Delhi Rebecca S. Patrick, Junior. Ravville Vicki Janice Patrick, Sophomn~e,. Rayville James R, Patterson, Junior, Sterlington James Palter3on, Freshman, Monroe

Patricia PaHerson, Sophomore, Spri ng field Ronny PaHerson, Junior, Arc~dia Mable Patten, Freshman, Monroe Tommie Ray Pearson, Sophomore, Houston Elizabeth L. Peek, Freshman, Keithville Kathern L. Peek, Freshman, Shongaloo

Michael Pennywell, Sophomore, Keithville Beverly Jean Peppers, Freshman, Jena Brenda Perry, Junior, Pi neville Nancy Y. Peters, FreshmCln, Mansfield Margaret L. Peterson, Freshmen, Bastrop Pamela A. Peterson, Freshman, Winnfield

George P. Petraitis, Freshman, Bellerose,

N. Y. Kenneth R. Phelps, Freshman, West Monroe Jane L. Philipps, Sophomore, Bossier City Billy Garne Phillips, Junior, Jonesboro Delores Ann Phillips, Freshman, Monroe Nancy Phillips, JunIor, Alexandria

Rita Phillips, Freshman, West Monroe Randy G. Phillips, Freshman, Jonesboro Sherman Phillips, Jr., Freshman, Winnsboro Philip J. Piasecki, Freshman, Lynnfield Joe C. Pirkey, Freshmen, West Monroe Pat 5. Pickett, Junior, Monroe

Belvis Pierce, Sophomore, Jonesboro Brenda Pierce, Freshman, Perryville Kerry Lynn Pierce, Freshman, Ferriday Linda Marie Pierce, Freshman, Monroe Roger G. Pinches, Freshman, Teaneck,

N. J. Mary D. Pinckard, Freshman, West Monroe Melody Gayle Pinnix, Sophomore, Shreveport Racheal Pittman, Sophomore, L~rose CharloHe J, Pilts, Sophomore, Monroe Cidney F. Plaisance, Freshman, Waterproof Ronnie Platt, Sophomore, Monroe Hannah Pleas, Freshman, Monroe

Lynette Poe, Sophomore, DeRidder Clyde W. Pointer, Sophomore, West Monroe Janet C. Poland, Junior, Monroe Aaron C. Polk, Freshm<ln, Monroe Mary Eleanor Polk, Junior, Monroe Lind a Pomerlea u, 50 phomo re, Sh reve port

William Gary Pool, Sop~omore, Spring~ill

Dorothy R. Poole, Freshman. Jen,; Miriam Jeanne Poole, Sophomore. Bossi!'>r City Diana Gayle Pope, Junior, Rdyville Pdtricia Louise Pope, Freshman. Springhill Donna Sue Porter, Junior, Monroe

Ric~ard' A. Porter, Sophomore, Bastrop Brenda.Posey, Sophomore. LaPldce Frank Henry Post, Fres~man, S~reveport Nancy Virginia Pounds, Sop~omore. Monroe Bettie J. Powell, Junior. Sicily Island Edward B. Powell. Sophomore. Winnfield Gloria D. Powell, Fres~man. Monroe James Allen Powell, Sophomore. Lafayette Glenna D. Power5, Fre,~mdn, Monroe Mary Sue Powers, Junior, West Monroe Donna R. Prager, Sop~omore, Montgomery, Ala. Trudy Ann Prat~er, Freshman. Newellton

Terri Lee PraH, Freshman, Marion Vidi Lynn Presnell. Sophomore. Monroe Eileen PreHe, Junior, Metdirie Jo~n Prewitt, Jr., Junior. Metdirie C~arles Price. Fres~man. Monroe Genette G. Price, Junior. Anndnddle. Vd.

Kirby price, Sophomore, Monroe Roy Davelle Price. Junior,'ZdckdrY William C. Prince. Freshmdn, Shreveport Clarence E. Pringle. Fres~man. Monroe Mdrs~all Pruitt, Sop~omore, Monroe Don E. Puckett. Fres~man. Monroe

Melba Pug~, Sop~omore, Monroe Dennis Ray Pumphrey, Fres~man, Monroe Nelda Purdy, Fres~mdn, Monroe Louis Lanier Pyldnt, Junior, West Monroe Patty Cozette Pyle, Sop~omore, St. Frdnci, John Edward Quade, Sop~omore, Minden Patsy Quarles, Sophomore, Monroe Dessa Susa n Qua y, Fresh md n, Devon, Penn. Jan Quimby, Sophomore, Ferriday Danny Ray Rabalais, Freshman, Cottonport Morris Rabb, Junior. FerriddY Tommy V. Rabb. Freshmdn. Waterproof Doris Marie Rachal, Fres~man. Shreveport Gene Sheldon Radau. Sophomore. Del~i Lloyd Ragas, Jr., Junior, Thibodaux Jo Ann Raiford, Junior, West Monroe Eliza beth Rains, Sop~omore, Mer Rouge Willard R. Rambo, Freshmdn, Georgetown Paul Roger Ramirez. Sophomore, New Orleans Dot Raney, Sophomore, S~reveport Charla Rdnkin, Freshmdn, Ndtchez, Miss. Ronald Ra,kin, Freshmdn, Brooklyn, N. Y. Sharon Ruth Ratcliff. Sophomore, Rayville Lynn J. Rathgeb, Sop~omore, Irwin, Penn.

Michael Anthony Rauer, Freshman, Houslan. Texas Norma Jean Ray, Sophomore, Monroe Barbara Rea, Freshman, Monroe Carolyn Kay Reagan, Sophomore. We,tMonroe

Mary Redd, Freshman, Newellton

Caroline Reed, Freshman, Monroe

Chuck Reed, Freshman, Opelo"sas John David Reed, Sophomore, Church point

Phyllis Reed, Sophomore, Mamou

RobJrt Reed, Junior, SI. Allington,


Linda S. Reems, FreshmM, Holly Ridge Travi. Reeves, Junior, Jackson, Miss.

ScoMy Rei., Junior, Monroe

Terry Edward Reisig, Junior, Wichita,

Kan. Sammy H. Reitlell. Sophomore. Colfax Jerry Renl, Sophomore, Ringgold Karen Sue Reppond, Freshman, Marion Billy Reynolds, Junior, Monroe Robert F. Rhone, Freshma n, West Monroe Joseph L. Richard, Junior, Welsh Mary Ann Richard., Sophomore, Winnfield Gary Richardson, J"nior, Grayson Glen M. Richardson, Sophomore, Grayson Gary Richardson, Freshman, Monroe Larry P. Richardson, Sophomore, Shreveport Robert L. Richardson, Freshman, Fa rmervi lie Joyn W. Richey, Jr., Freshman, West足 Monroe James Michael Richey, Freshman, Monroe Mary Ann Riddle, Freshman, Marksville Charle. Edward Riley, Sophomore, New Orleans Mary G. Riley, Fre;hman, Monroe

Purvis Riley, Sophomore, Monroe

Nick Rinaudo, Sophomore. Monroe

'Palma R. Rinehart, Freshman. Monroe Andrea RinD, Junior, Alexandria Connie Lou Riordan, Freshman. Bernice Charles J. Riser, Freshman, Monroe

Dorothy Lee Riser, Freshma n, Monroe

Lynelle Kay Riser, Sophomore,

Shreveport Patsy C. Riser, Freshman, Herbert Le.ter L. Roan, Sophomore, Sprinqhill David Monroe Roark, Freshman, Jena

Richard L. Robbin., Junior, Monroe Brenda Gayle Robert., Sophomore, Olla Anne Roberts, Junior, West Monroe Gail E. Robert., Sophomore, New Orleans Richard Lee Robert.on, Junior, Winnsboro Angela D. Robinette, Freshman, Shreveport Jacqueline Robinette, Sophomore, Alexandria Cheryl Robinson, Sophomore, Monroe Robert Boyd Robinson, Sophomore, Monroe Philip Irving Roby, Junior, Newellton Terressa T. Rodman, Junior. Monroe Alfred Rene Rodrigue, Bellerose


Karl Rodriguet, Junior. Boton Rouge Thoma s J. Rodri 9 ue, Sophomore, Marrero

Charles Claude Roge", Jur.ior. Monroe Elitabelh Rogers, Freshman, Monroe Johnnie H. Rogers, Sophomore, Balon Rouge Jame' Rogers, Junior, Monroe

Kathy Marie Rogers, Freshman, Girllrd Mary Dale Rogers, Junior, Bastrop Marilyn Ann Rogers, Junior. Girard Nancy Boyd Rogers, Freshmlln. Shreveport Ryan Lee Roger>, Freshman, Monroe Sherrel Rogers, Freshman, Monroe

Janice Rogillio, Junior, Monroe Delores Rollings, Junior, Shreveport Jerry Wayne Rollins, Freshman, Winosboro Richard W. Romero, Jur,io r, New Iberia Thelma RoqueHes, Fre,hman. Stevensville, Mich. Joe Fred Rosenberg, Junior. Monroe

John Raymond Ross, Freshman, Monroe Rodger Wayne Ross, Junior, Winnfield William Ross, Freshman. Winnsboro Robert C. Rowan, Junior, Monroe 'Cindy Rowe, Junior. Monroe Jorenda Sue Rucker, Sophomore. Columbia

N LSC Graduation Held at Civic Center

Nick C. Ruffin, Junior, Bilton Rouge

John Wayne Rugg, Freshman. Monroe

Patricia Ann Rule, Freshmlln, Zwolle

Barbara Rush, Freshmon, Monroe

Loigh S. Russell, Freshmon, Monroe

Marilyn Russell, Junior, Columbia

Martha Jo Russell, Juoior, Downsville

Peggy Ruth Russell, Sophomore.


Ro'e Virginia Russell, Sophomore, Mira

Randy l. Rutherford, Freshman.

Chalmette Larry G. Rutledge. Sophomore, West Monroe Margarel Ruttle, Sophomore, Shreveporl Donald R. Ryan, Freshman, West

Peabody, Mass.

Frank I. Ryan III, Fre,hman, Brigantine,

N. J. James J. Ryan, Freshman, Brooklyn. N. Y. Owen Dan Ryan, Sophomore, New Orleans

Virginia G. Ryland, Junior. Pineville

Freida Jean Sadler, Freshman, Delhi

Sandra Salisbury, Junior, Chadds Ford, Penn. Michael J. Salter, Freshman, Zwolle Paul Louis Sam pier, Junior, Ansonill, Conn. Carmela Sampognaro, Freshman. Monroe Mary Sampognaro, Freshman, Monroe Saundra Gay Sandefur. Freshman. Jena

Kathryn A. Sandrock, Freshman McKeesport, Penn. Mable C. Sanson, Junior, Enterprise Norman D. Sanson. Freshman, Wildsville Rita Mary Sapp, Junior, Rllyvilie Pat Saterfiel, Freshman, West Monroe Theresa Saucer, Freshman, Monroe Susllnne Gail Saunders, Freshman, Shreveport Wayne Allin Saunde~, Freshman, Natchez, Miss. Jan L. Savage, Freshman, Monroe Johnny Savage, Sophomore, Monroe Ronald Stephen Savannll, Freshman, Monroe Glenda SCllrbrough. Sophomore, Monroe Linda Scarbrough, Sophomore. Monroe Michael E. Schaff, Freshman, Bellerose Myra E. Schilling. Freshman. Baton Rouge Philip R. Schilling, Junior, Baton Rouge Elsie Schmidt, Junior, Chalmette Ellyn C. Schnall, Sophomore, Arverne,

N. Y. Herbert Schneider, Freshman, Brooklyn,

N.Y. Stanley Schoen, Freshman, Monroe Irvio Schonfarber, Freshman, Monroe Christopher, Schubert, Sophomore, Monroe Donna Louise Scott. Junior, Bastrop Hal James Sc'ott, Sophomore, Jonesville Robert Lee Scott, Jr., Freshman, Jonesville Cecilia Ann Scruggs, Freshman. Ferriday Kay J. Seale, Sophomore. DeRidder Dianne Searcy, Freshman, Baskin St~ve Searcy, Freshman, Monroe Ann Selby, Sophomore, Alexandria

Priscilla Ann Selman, Junior, Vivian Timothy Sep~lvlldo, Freshman, West Monroe

Ernest J. Serpas, Sophomore, Monroe

Bllrbllra A. Sewell, Freshman, Monroe

M. Jeanette Sewell, Junior, Oak Grove Linda Sue Shamblin, Sophomore, Bllstrop

Charles R. Sharp, Freshman, Frllnklington Cristy Shllw, Junior, Coushatta Patricill Shaw, Junior. Mer Rouge Stlln Shaw, Freshman, Shreveport David W. Shell, Sophomore, Columbia David Brent Shelton, Freshman, West Monroe

Michael J. Shepherd, Sophomore, New Orleans Teresa Sheppard, Sophomore. Monroe Cathy Shermlln, Sophomore. Monroe Mary Herman, Sophomore, Shreveport Larry Sherrod, Sophomore, Shreveport Mary Jean Shipley, Junior, Oak Grove

Linda Jllne Shipp, Junior, Winnsboro

Michael O. Shirey, Junior, Sulphur

Buford Allan Shively, Sophomore,


Ken Shevely, Freshmlln, Monroe

Phyllis Gail Shoalmire, Sophomore,


Claudia Shom, Freshman, Los Altos

NlSC Has 7-3 Football Record

Lawrence B. Shulman, Junior, Union, N. J. Karen F, Sibley, Junior, Ferriday James A. Siderski. Sophomore, Stevens Point, Wis.

Martha Ann Sikes, Freshman, Delhi

Paula Jean Sikes, FreshmM, Ruston

Verna Joyce Silmon, Sophomore,

Sterli ngton Fred Silverstein, Sophomore, Bronx, N, Y, Clovin Ray Simmons, Freshman, Monroe Donna Simmons, Junior, West Monroe Judy Ann Simmons, Freshman, West Monroe

LyneHa Simmons, Freshman, West Monroe

Lottie O. Simmons, Sophomore, Monroe

Carolyn Simms, Junior, Epps

AnM Simpson, Sophomore, West


Monroe Sims, Jr" Monroe

Gregory Skinner, Jr., Sophomore,


Elilabeth Slack, Freshman, Springhill

James F. Slagle, Junior, Shreveport

Jim Slaughter, Freshman, Monroe Beverly Jean Sledge, Freshman, Monroe Douglas Wren Smelser, Junior, West Monroe

Allen Franklin Smith, Junior, Monroe

Annette E, Smith, Sophomore. West


Brenda K. Smith, Junior, Shreveport

Benjamin Smith, Freshman, Monroe Barbara Nell Smith, Sophomore. Iowa Barbara Louise Smith, Junior, West Monroe Carey Paul Smith, Junior, Monroe Charles Craig Smith, Freshman, Mansfield Carla Gayle Smith, Freshman, Vivian Donnis Smith, Junior, Bastrop

Ellen B. Smith, Junior, Shreveport

Frederick Martin Smith, Junior,

Shreveport Glenda Smith, Sophomore, Clayton Harry E. Smith, Freshman, Monroe Lula Mae Smith, Freshman, Monroe Roger Smith, Sophomore, Monroe

Samuel H. Smith, Jr., Sophomore.


Sarah Ellen Smith, Sophomore,

Farm e rv j 'Ie Sherry Faye Smith, Sophomore, Swartz Thomas Sullivan Smith, Freshman, Jonesville Terry J, Smith, Junior, Rayville Thomas C. Smith, Freshman, Monroe Virgil Peanon Smith. Freshman, Monroe Wayne E. Smith, Junior, Sikes Donna V. Soister, Sophomore, Monroe Manuel A. Somoxa, Freshman, New Orleans Penny Songy, Junior, Sulphur


John Craig Spaulding, Junior, Monroe Susan Rhodes SpeaN, Junior, West Monroe David Payne Spence, Freshman, Springhill Marsha p. Spencer, Sophomore, Slidell Ronald E. Speyrer, Sophomore, Wil5l,inglon Jerry Diane Spikes, Sophomore. Bastrop Lucille Spillman. Freshmiln, Monroe Sherry A. Spillars, Freshman, Spencer Robert L. Spinks, Freshman, Vidaliil James Patrick Spivey, Sophomore. McDade Cathie Spurgeon, Junior. Oklahoma City. Okla. Katherine Spurlock, Sophomore. West Monroe Loretha A. Spurrs, Sophomore. Monroe William Clyde Standilrd, Junior, Shrevepod Marilee E. Stanley, Sophomore, New Orleilns Charley S. Staples, Jr., Junior. Baton Rouge Virginia Starsney, Freshman, Monroe Louise Slarsney, Junior, Monroe Marion D. Staton, Freshman, Monroe Wanda Stilyton, Sophomore, West Monroe Garrett G. Stearns, Freshmen, Shreveport Michael Owen Steed. Junior, Jena Francis H. Steele, Sophomore, Bridge City Jerry W. Steelman, Freshman, West Mooree Charles J. Steinert, Sophomore, Sommerville, N. J. Judy G. Stell, Freshman, West Monroe Donna Stevens, Sophomore. Cleveland, Ohio Susan Steven, Junior, Winnsboro AnneHe Stewart,.Junior, Shreveport Gladie Speir Stewart, Freshman, Monroe

Brown Stadium Open for Football Johnny Dewitt Stewart, Junior, Purvis, Miss. Jerry Jerome Stewart, Freshmen, Harrisonburg Mike Stewart, Sophomore. Jonesboro Sandy Stimpson, Junior, Filirhope Kathleen Stirrat, Junior. Baton Rouge Rodger Stockton, Freshman, Pioneer

Elam Stokes, Freshman, Cillcilsieu Anna Ruth Stone, Junior, Bilton Rouge Catherine Ann Stone, Sophomore, Monroe Jeff Stone, Freshmiln. Monroe T. Marty Stone, Freshman, Bilton Rouge Ashley Stovall, Freshman, West Monroe

Elixabeth Stout, Sophomore, Baton Rouge Beverly A. SIrain, Freshman, Monroe William G. Stovall, Freshmiln, TexilrkMil, Texas

Freddy Cates StraHon, Junior,

Shreveport David Stuart, Sophomore, Sterlington Susan Strumpell, Sophomore, Monroe

Clovis Sturdivant, Freshman, Winnsboro P~tricia Sturgis, Sophomore, Shreveport Kathy Stutes, Freshma n, Sulphur Charles Sullins, Junior, Monroe Pam Sullivan, Sophomore, Shreveport Kenneth H. Sutton, Freshman, Monroe

Sherry Sutton, Freshman, Delhi Benjamin M. Swilley, Freshman, Winnfield Howard Swindler, Junior, Corronport Dave N. Sykes, Freshman, Shreveport Linda M. Slivos, Sophomore, Ville PlaH Joseph E. Talley, Freshman, Monroe

Delmar W. Tanner, Freshman, Lafayette James E. TarVe r, Fresh man. Ma ng ha m Linda Tarver, Freshman, Monroe Linda Sue Tarver, Freshman, Baker James A. Tate, Freshman, Baker Mary E. Tatum, Freshman, Cut Off

Vickie E. Tauzin, Sophomore, Jennings Durand Taylor, Freshman, Eudora Donald L. Taylor, Sophomore. Haynesville Donna L. Taylor, Freshman, Girard Eldora Taylor, Sophomore, Monroe John D. Taylor, Junior, Wicnfield

Paul A. Taylor, Freshman, Shreveport Ron Taylor, Sophomore, Madison, Ind. Ronnie J. Taylor, Freshman, Baton Rouge Sally A. Taylor, Freshman. Monroe Shelia A. Taylor, Junior, Monroe Wanda L. Taylor, Grayson

Wayne Taylor, Junior, Monroe Sandra Tempalski, Sophomore, Monroe Carolyn D. Temple, Sophomore, Grove Ciry, Ohio Mitchell Templeton, Junior, Mangham Nancy A. Terral, Freshman, Jena Louise S. Tosta, Junior, Waterproof

Timmy R. Thames, Sophomore. Rayville

Claudia Thetford, Sophomore,

Hazlehurst, Miss. Nelma Thibodeaux, Junior, Breaux Ridge Carrie A. Thomas, Freshman. Monroe Harriette Thomas, Junior, Monroe Jeffrey J. Thomas, Freshman. West Monroe Lee E. Thomas, Sophomore, Monroe Ann E. Thompson, Freshman. Arlington, Va. Billy W. Thomp$on, Junior. Pioneer Charles E. Thompson, Freshman, Monroe Florence C. Thompson, Freshman, Closter. N. J. Gary D. Thompson, Freshman. Monroe James L. Thompson, Freshman. Closter, N. M. Larry R. Thomp$on, Junior, Monroe Linda Thompson, J'Jnior, Monroe Marilyn Thompson, Sophomore, Monroe Peggy Thompson, Freshman, West Monroe Ramona J. Thomplon, Freshman, Bossier City

Terry Lea Thompson, Fres~man, Jonesboro

France~ S. T~omson, Junior, Monroe

James Mic~ael T~omson, Fres~man,

Abiiene, Texas Dale Leroy Thorn, Junior. Malvern, Ark. Toni T~ornhill, Fres~man, LaPlace Alma Lee T~ornton, Fres~mM, Monroe

Buddy Tidwell, Sop~omore, Bossier City Ronald G. Tidwell, Junior, West Monroe Viney W. Tidwell, Jr., Freshman, Monroe Patricia Ann Tiley, Sop~omore. Poliock Marlin Toder, Freshman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Joyce Rogers Tolar, Freshman, Monroe

Mildred A. Tolbird, Freshman, West Monroe Gary E. Toms, Freshman, Springhill George Michael Tonore, Freshman, Monroe Claudia Ju~tine Tonry, Junior, Hampton Falls, N. H. Joe M. Toombs, Freshman, Monroe M. Elaine Torre, Junior, Baton Rouge Kay Townley, Freshman, Alexandria Donna Gail Traweek, Freshman, Pioneer Cond a Ttaxi er, J u ni or, Mo nroe Kristine Trichel, Freshman, West Monroe Vicki Trichel, Soohomore, Monroe Eli'e Ruth Trimb'le, Sophomore, Monroe

Marcy Taylor Reigns as Miss Rodeo Louisian

James Tripp, Sophomore, Monroe Thoma' A. Tripi, Jr., SopflOmore, Kenner Gloria Trisler, Sophomore, Jonesville Walter Trisler, Juntor, Start Bedy Troegel, Sophomore, Mansfield Patricia Trudnak, Junior, Monroe

Elaine Tuder, Freshman, Shreveport Tommy E. Tucker, Sophomore, Monroe Jane Tullis, Freshman, Monroe Charlene Tuma, Junior, Libuse Paul F. Tuminells, Freshman, Shreveport Joan B. Turnage, Freshman, Monroe

Johnny C, Turnage. Freshman, Monroe Evelyn Turner, Freshman, Monroe Michael W. Turner. Freshman, Shreveport Cheryl Turnipseed, Sophomore, West Monroe Kathleen F. Turvey, Sophomore, Monroe Donna Waggoner Tyler, Sophomore, Monroe Geoffrey Underwood, Sophomore, Booalusa Mari~n Underwood, Freshman, Lake Providence Jimmy Upton, Sophomore, Delhi Sherry Jean Usrey, Sophomore, Monroe Cleo E. Vairin, Sophomore, Metairie Barbara Vanasselberg, Sophomore, Pollock

Larry R. Vandeburg, Freshman. Monroe Charles L. Vann, Freshman, Bossier City James Varnado, Freshman, Monroe Thomas Anders Vega, Sophomore, Chalmette Denni, Dale Venable, Junior, West Monroe James Thomas Verbis~y, Sophomore, North Orange, N. J. Cheryl Lynn Vestal, Freshman, Camden, Ark. Kenneth Lee Vincent, Sophomore, Kaplan Lyn Carol Vinson, Freshman, Monroe Speedy Vinson, Freshman, Monroe Elizabeth Visser, Freshman, Ipswich, Mass. Maureen C. Vode , Junior, New Orleans

Judy Ethel Vogt, Freshman, Ferriday Carolyn Marie Wade, Fresh"'a,,, Monroe Susan Jane Waldon. Freshman, Portland, M"ine Charles T. Wal~er, Junior, Monroe Elaine M. Wal~er, Junior, Pineville Jame' Robert Wal~er, Freshman, Winnfield Libby Wal~er, Freshman, Minden

Mary Elizabeth Wal~er, Sophomore,

Winnfield Randal Wal~er, FreShman, West Monroe Thomas L. Wal~er, Freshman, Buras William A. Wal~er, III, Junior, Monroe Barbara Jean Wallace, Sophomore, New Orleans

Linda S. Wallace, Sophomore, West Monroe Betty Waller, Junior, West Monroe Judy Diane Walls, Sophomore, West Monroe

Glenda Walter, Sophomore, Monroe

Cleta Walter, Sophomore, Monroe

Rita Walters, Junior, Winnsboro

Lee Walton, J unior, Alexa nd ri a

Jame' B. Walton, Freshman, LafayettE>

Addison Thomas Ward, III, Junior,

Sterl ington William A. Ward, Junior, Mamou Thomas Omar Ware, SopflOmore, Monroe Alva Everett Warner, Sophomore. Grayson Mary Louise Warren, FreShman. Ferriday John D. Warrington, Sophomore, Monroa Dorcas Ann Wartick, Freshman. Shreveport Jan A. Wartid, Junior, Shreveport Eugene P. Washburne, Sophomore. Delhi Willard F. Wa,hburne, Junior, Monroe Olevia M. Washington, Junior, Monroe William Washington, Jr., Freshman, Monroe Suzanne Waterman, Sophomore, Shreveport John W. Wat~ins, Sophomore, La~e Providence Barbara Raye Walson, Sophomore, West Monroe Carol S. Watson, Freshman, Bossier City Linda Kay Watson. Freshman, Tallulah Mary Jean Watson. Freshman, Rayville Ma ry Ma rga ret Walson, J unior, Delhi Wedigo Walter Watson, Freshrnon, West Monroe Louis Way, Freshman. Monroe Carolyn Jo Webb, Junior, Shreveport


Gloria Jean Webber, Freshman, Ferriday Jeffrey Scott Weiser, Fres~man, Longmeadow, Mass.

June Welc~, Sophomore, Sterlington

Mart~a Dianne Welch, Sophomore,


Robert W. Welch, Sophomore,


Nancy Laura Welden, Freshman, New


Brenda Ray Wells, Sophomore, Mansfield Robert Ray Wells, Junior, Oakdale Clifford J. Welsh, Sophomore, M dairie Sharon West, Sophomore, Monroe Morgan C. Weston, Junior Monroe Lawrence Wetzler, Freshman, New York N. Y. Edward C. W~atley, Sophomore, Monrce Martha G. Whatley, Sopho"lore, Pineville

Dan Cayden Wheat, Freshman, Monroe

Kenneth J. Wheaten, Freshman,


Lola W~eeler, Sophomore, Sterlington

Mary C. Whitaker, Junior, Bastrop

Barbara Eve W~ite, Fresl1man, Monroe Beverly Lynn White, Freshman. Monroe Billy Terral White, Freshman. Start Irma E. White, Freshman, Monroe Janet White, Junior, Monroe Janice M. White, Jun,ior, Jonesville

Jerry Gale White, Sophomore, Monroe

Luther White, Freshman. Wildsville

Roseanna Whitehead, Sopho'11ore, Lake

Providence Sherry Whitehead, Freshman, Monroe Anne Whitfield, S"phomore, Monroe James Charles Whitlock, Sophomore, Monroe

Wanda Sue Whittington, Junior, Monroe Billy G. Widliffe, Freshman, Ferriday Billy Wiggins, Freshm,,", Lake Providence Debbie Wi99ins, Scphomore, Waterproof Janice May Wilcox, Junior, St. Francisville Otis O. Wiley, Jr.. Freshman, Larto Dougla, C. Wilhite, Sophomore, West Monroe Linda Wilkerson, Junior, Shreveport Delbert J. Wilks_ Sophomore. Cullen Amy Louise Williams, Freshman, Collinoston

Barbara Williams, Sophomore.


Barbara Jo Williams, Sophomore, Minden Benita Williams, Sophomore, Monroe Carol Diane Williams, Freshman, Jonesville Claudine Williams, Freshman, Monroe Donnie Rav Williams, Sophomore Spearsville Everitt M. Williams, Junior, Olla Gloria Dean Williams, Freshman, Monroe Joe Williams, Sophomore, Parchman, Miss. â&#x20AC;˘ John D. Williams, Sophomore, Tallulah Kathy A. Williams, Sophomore, Shreveport Monica Williams, Freshman, Bastrop Myra Williams, Freshman, Sulphur Mary Irene Williams. Freshman, Baton Rouge

Nancy Williams, Frsshman, Bastrop Mimi E. Williamson, Sophomore, Monroe Roosevelt E. Willis, Sophomore, Monroe Sandra Gayle Willis, Saphomore, Shreveport Sandy Wilson, Sophomore, Ne ..... Orleans Steven Gerald Wilmont, Junior, Baton Rouge

Barbara Jean Wilson, Freshman, Trout Bill E. Wilson, Sophomore, Monroe Jerry R. Wilson, Junior, Monroe Linda Jeanne Wilson, Sophomore, Pi nav:lle Wilbur W. Wilson, Junior, Wildsville Philip W, Wirth, Junior, Baton Rouge

Jimmy Witherington, Freshman, West Monroe Marcus Alan Wolf, Junior, Ma'l,Field, Ohio Alexander N. Wood, Freshman, S~. Froncisville Mary France. Wood, Junior, St. Francisville Lester H. Wooden, Junior, Oak Grove Michael Doug Wooden, Sophomore, Bastrop LaJuana Jean Wooley, Sophomore, Delhi Freddie Ann Works, Freshman. West Monroe Biff A. M. Worley, Freshman, Bastrop Beverly Wright, Jun ior, Bastrop Billie Joyce Wright, Sophomore, Monroe Dorothy Wright, Sophomore, Monroe George W. Wright, Fre,hme.1. Monroe Lynda Lou Wurster, Sophomore, Jonesville Lois Wyant, Freshman, Enterprise Virginia Yager, Sophomore, Shreveport

Tennis Tearn Now Has Can1pus Courts

Alan Yarbrough, Junior, Mansfield Amy Yarbrough, Freshman, Jonesville Donna Kay Yates, Junior. Vidalia Edn" Yee, Sophomore, Tallulah Patricia Tuey Yee, Freshman, Tallulah Gary Steven Yesse, Junior, Flossmoor, III

Diane Maria Young, Junior, Mobile, Ala. Dorothy Young, Freshma n, Bastrop Orum Young, Freshman, Georgetown Jo.ey Young, Junior, Perryville Melba Graee Young, Freshman, Columbia

Mary Jo Zagone, Freshman, Monroe

Mike Pranei. Zambie, Freshman, Monroe Stephanie B. Zaorski, Sophomore, Pinevilie

Frederick Zeagler. Freshman, Monroe

Linda Ziminski, Sophomore, Long Beach.

N. Y John Edward Zitmann, Sophomore, New Orleans Joseph A. Zuccaro, Freshman, Harrisonburg

NLSC Students Work and Play

Some college students still get haircuts.

Gertrude surprised two dorm boys by giving birih to four puppies in their closet.

People waiting in the lobby of Lemert Hall enjoyed hear足 ing music played by ihis student while waiting for his date.


Future resident eagerly await, the completion of Lemert Hall.

Be careful! Don't spill it while your picture is being made.

Freshmen exercise t~eir right to vote.

One of our photographers takes a moment to relax.

Door decorations in the girls' dorms are always a high.

light of the Christmas season.

Spirit abounds ot pep rally.


The road I walk is named Goo d bye. The path is strange. I wonder why. It leaves familiar things behind while memories stay in mind. I can think of games I've lost

and won, of all the things I've

done. I can remember those

I've loved and cared for, of

times we've had, of things

we've shared.

I can think of those I've come to know-Just knowing them -They helped me so, they made me grow. And in a flash I've come to see how much the past means to me.

The way is rough; I know the score-It never ends there's always more. But now I know that all in all each thing in its own place will fall.

I walk along-I wonder where the future leads and what is there. The past still echoes from behind and I am its and it is mine. I walk along the road Good足 bye. I looked back once ... I heaved a sigh. Then I re足 membered at my side-my silent, but my constant guide. The strangers' hand I felt in mine. I looked. into his face. I asked his name ... he turned just so, he smiled and said, "I'm called Hello."



---足 -






WilLIAM C. MOBBERlY 1929-1968 Associate Professor of Biology Northeast louisiana State College

WHO LIVES MOST?-We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not breaths; in feelings, not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heart足 throbs. He most lives who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best. -Philip James Bailey


The members of the yearbook staff would like to thank the following people for their valuable assistance in preparing the 1968 CHACAHOULA.


Miss Ramona Wigley Mrs. Ann May Miss Becky Butler Mrs. Dee Ardoin Mrs. Bob Anderson Mrs. Ted Holmes Alpha Omicron Pi Kappa Delta Phi Mu Zeta Tau Alpha Mr. David Worthington Lady Stahl Peter LeBas Cherly Karam Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Whittington Miss Sue Richmond Mr. Fred Elsing, Sr. Mr. Bert Ardoin Mr. Ted Holmes Mr. Bob Anderson


Jim Palmer


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Adams, Dr. Arthur R.


Adams, Carolyn Ann •....... 266 Adams, Darle Lyn I 12, 266 Adams, Donna Susan ..• 66·67, 88­ 89, 118, 120, 266, 55 Adams, Jr., Esbon ,. 266 Adams, Captain Frank S. .. 230 Adams. Florence Dianne ... 88·89, 118, 266 230 Adams. Jane Powell 266 Adams, Ka~hleen Louise Adams, Lorraine LaCour 80 Adcock, David Warren 266 Ainsworth, Jerry L. 230, 202 Akers, Nancy Ellen ,. 134, 266 Akin, Judy Ann . 245 Alam, Ramona Grace Albert, Merle C.

127.266 127, 245

Albright, Cynthia Ann Albritton, Beverly J

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245 Alderman, Thomas Brian Aldridge, Jane Michele ., •. 94-95, 245 245 Alexander, Jennie Lee Alexander, Rita Cheryl 266 Alford, Terry Michael


126, 266 Allain. George Bert Allbritton, Florence Z 230 Allen, Barbara Lynn , 266 Allen, Connie E. . ,.,., ..•... 266 Allen. Edward H ,. 230 80, 116, Allen, Ellis Thurman 122,245 Allen, Linda Mae 266 Allen, Maggie Ruth "'" 129, 266 Allen, Sherrian Jane , 146, 266 Allen, Susan Claire , 90·91, 266 Allen, Thomas Conway, .. 104-105 Allen, William Preston . 266 Allgood, Benita Mac 266 Aliuisi, Samuel Peter, 266 Almond, James Auben ,., 196 .Alpha Chi Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta


,. 112 112

Alpha Omicron Pi ....•...• 88·89 Alpha Psi Omega 113 Alvirez, Dar,ie: ..•.....•..... 230 100·101, Alwood, John E" Jr 245 Amberg, Larry Wade ... ,. 224 1 13 American Chemical Society America n Pharmaceutical Association .....•......... 114

",. 266 Amos, Sharon Kaye Anders, Arden Powers ., 62. 92-93, 123. 131,266 Anders, Barbara Ann 112 Ander<on, Lance Devere 156 Anderson, Sandra L.. ,. 92.93, 133, 266 Anderson, Robert B. ... 230 266 Anderson. Wayne Drew Andrews. David Floyd Andrus, Paulo Lee Anglin, Arlhur T " Anglin, Dr. Jey P A1g Jin, John Eugene

13), 245 90.91, 79 266 230 , .. ,., 245

Anspach, Carolyn E...• 88-89, 121, 266, 55 Antie. Camellia Allen .. "", _ 266

Bamburg, Elizabeth E.. " ,. Banning, Dennis T ,. Bareswill, Joseph R Barker, Tammy Lee .. 104-105, Barnes. Rosemary D 123, Barnes, Sondro Gail ,.. Barnes, Sue Ellen ..• ,

,. 267 BiHnett, Sorah Ann ,., Barnelta. Myra Jane , ., 267 Barr, Barbaro Ann 267 Barrett, Carolyn June ,. 267 Barrett, Judy Kay 131, 267 Barringer, Anna Neill 267 Barriol, Pamela Clare,., 124, 130, 267 Borron, Bonnie Lane ., ••.... 267 Barron. Glen Dovid Berron, Ray Lee Borry, Robert Smith Garton, Goni~a Fay Barton, Dannie See Boss, Mary Virgir,ia

203 104-105, 267 100·101 121,267 267 92-93, 62, 133,267,55 267 , 125, 245

Anney, Nalhan Lee .. 104-105, Aprill, DOMld R , Ardoin, Gert 154, Arender, Dayle Isaac " Armiger, Frank S. Jr., ., .. 117, Arms, Warren Harvey ,....

245 266 230 245 245 245

Armstrong, Donald Ray Armstrong. Lillian D

196 266

BasseH. Becky Sue Battoglia, John N

Armstrong, Sheila D , .•. ,. Armstrong, Wm. Drew., Arnold, Betty Joyce .. , , .. , Arnold, Don R

146 266 266 266

Ba"er. Jr., Harry C Bauguess, Jr" Carl T Baun, Lawrence S Baxter, Barbara F. ,.,

Arnold, Edward Ralph


Baxter, Gene Bazzo, John Allan Bea Ie, James Henry ,.,.,. Bealle, Edward Allen,., ..

Ashley, Larry Wayne As.~ley,

Sheila Lynn

188, 191. 192 266


267 127, 230 230 , 267

Associated General Contractors 115 Atkins, Donald Jerry . . . . . . . .. 120 Atkins, Oren Howard . 266 Atkinson. William III , 130 Atran, Philip Mark 266 Atwood. John William Augurson, Wilma Dean Austin, Bruce Kenneth

127, 245 266 266

,.". 266 Avery, Emily Kay Ayala, Jose Arturo ,.,., ..... 117

245 229 267 267 244 267 267

Beard, Bernadette .,.,

104·105 100-101 106-107 100-101, 267 246

Beard, Philip Wayne ., Bearden, Charlotte J ...• _ Bearden, Joyce Evelyn •.• 129, Beaver. Debra Joy ,.

267 267 267 267

Beaver. Jane McDonold .. , Beck, James N ,

246 230

Beckish, John A.

104.105, 127, 139, 267


Bennett, Janel Lynn Bennett, Linda Di"re Bennett, Kotllie ., Bennett, Dr. Lonnie , Beroit, Matthew R,y

267, ~I 88. 69, 2 . 125 2

Bentrup, Maud Cc-ok .... 218, Benton, Dermott F....•..... , ~

7 Berseron, Woyne C. ., Bergeron, William M. "., ...• Berry, DOlolhy Nell , , .. 2 Berry, Douglas Co'o


Berry, Iia Louise.,

121, 2

2 Be,ry, Dr. Jomes P.........• , BerIas, Pa,col John .•. , .. 133,2

2 2 2

Be,t, George Wa,d .. ,.", Beth, Howard Bruce Bethea, Louil E., Jr Beverly, Lonnie Molone 8ible, Mary Lou Bible, Minnie Evelyn

2 2 .

Bickford, Jomes Robert .. 155,2 Bickley, Fayette Louis ... 26B, , I

Bickley, Nelwyn Kelley Bierbaum, Walter F., Jr

129, 2

Big lane, John Ga briel L. Bingham, Daivs B Bingham, Judy Ann

" 2 146, 2J


, 2 ~

Bird, Roger DalE 8ird, Thomas Clyde



Bishop, Kathy Jane Bla d, Ba rbara Kaye

, ..

Black, James Dale

130, 2

Blackard, Peggy Jean

, .. 2

Blackard, Peggy Jeor. """" 2 Blackbufl1. Sam W., Jr. ". 104·1

2 Glackwell, Willis E. ,."" liS, 2 Blake. Clark Louis ... 119, 161 11 Blanchard, Melanie S. , .. , 7e, Z

7 Blanchard, Michael P, _.. 1,5, 13

Beckish, Peler Thomas ... , 106·107, 267 Becnel, Lynn James ..... 125, 133. 269

Biard, Joseph T., Jr Bledsoe, Shirley Ann


Becnel, Robert Henry .... 125, 246 Beebe. Willi"m L .. _ 187, 18B, 192

BobbiH, Gerald Thomes

, .. ~

Bacque, Clera Marcelle •..... 266 Baff, Stanley , , .. 230

Begue, Charles Robert 267 Be',er, Karl Arno ..... 104-105,267

Baggett. Theresa A

Belcher, Curtis Lee ,.,.,.,

Boddie, Jimmy Lane Bodin, James Gerald Bodker, Marybeth

", 2 II 2

B Babcock, Milrgie Linda



246 Belding Williom T. Jr" .. , Bell, Charles Naylor , 244 Bell, Cynthia , .. ,... 147

Bogart, Robert Howard Bolt, Joanna Fay Boltor, Padge

Baker, Hilda I rene ....•...... 267 Ba~er, Linda Diane .... 92.93, 134 267

Bell, Donald Charles,.,

Bollon, Ysleta Marie Bond, Brian Adrion Bond, Galelh Hayes

Baldo. Bonnie Renee." Baldwin, Cheryl Elaine Baldwin, EliIcbet!l R,

92·93, 267 267 267

Baldwin, Frances P , 230 ,., 88-B9, 267 Ballard. Corolyn Ballard, Mary Anne _...• 127, 245 Ballard, Monte. Sue .... 88·89, 80, 129, 245

Bell, Edward Joseph. 267 Bell, Herbert Lawrence .. , 108.109, 267 Bell. Mary Kate .,.,

92-93. 267

Bell. Richard Dennis 104·105 Bell, Steven S. ,..... 104. IOS, 267 Bellina, Carmon Joseph ,. I 17, 246 Benbow, Susan Ann ......•. 92·93 Bender, Russell B. Jr., " .. , ... 246


Blo.mquist, Emily

133. 147.266 Bailey. Asa C. Jr Baker, Carl Preston .,., 245 Baker, Daisy Kathleen 267


2 2

2 2 ,


2 2

Band. William Foster


Bondurant. Joseph B

161, 16 I

Bonner, Katherine E. Bonner, Larry Veigh Bonner, Lester Owen ........•

BalIano. Gary Michael.,. 108·109

Bender, Vietor Mark .... 161, 162, 16B, 119

Bonner, Mary Alice ........•.

Bambllrg, Brooks Vernon

Benjamin, Bona E

Book, Clois Ladale




Bonner, Lind" Ann . Bonner, Margaret Ann .", .. , 2 2

Boose, Dione Colleen _. _. 146, 268 Boo~h, J °me, Robert .. _, 50 Boo~he, Alfreido 268 Bo,,,~e, Donna Joy .,., .. 129, 268 Boothe, lloyd Dane _ 268 Boothe, Mary Lou 134, 268 Bordelon, Roland Eddie .. _... 268 Borders, Connie Dee 88-89, 268 Borquist. N. Eric ". 104-105 Borrell, Poul Francis 246 Bossier, Mory E.... 88.89, 80, 114, 246

Boswodh, Joseph O 125, 246 Boudreaux, Avelie M. , .. , . 268 Boudreaux, Lee .. ,., . 118 Boudreoux, Ronald Chas. 116, 172 Boudreaux, Roy James,. 128, 246, 54 Bourgeois, Barbara Ann , . 268 Oou rgeois, Roy Henry . 268 Bourgeois, Theodore J . 246 Bourque, James Kerney .. I 17. 127, 246 Boutwell, Wanda Cheryl .,. 92-93, 268 Bous, Josep~ Anton, Jr 2&8 Bowden, Emily Ann ,..... 120, 26B Bower, Alphe Joseph 2&8 Bower, Terry Wayne 246 Bcwers. Colherine Dean .. 113, 268 Bowler, Louis F 268 Bowler, Michael Joseph 268 Bowles, Mary Waters .,., , 268 Bowm3c, Kenneth Roger, '19, 268 Bow""n, Rodgor M..... 119, 161, 171, 268 Boyd, Dr. Frank M, 23 I 268 Boyd, James RCMk ,., Boyd, Kathy Mooney 80, 121 246 Boyd, Pren,iss E.... , .... , ... 196 Boyd, Somuel Harper 246 246 Boyd, William Bolden Boyd, William Hale ..... 100-101, I 16, 122, 246 Boydston, Phillip E, ., 247 Boye, Craig Gordon 268 Boyles, Sheri bcylle ,., 268 Boylston, Woyne 203 Boyle, Blanche Marie 268 Boyte, James Stephen _.. 146 BClemon, Allen Roy _ 119, \61, 170 Bruely, Willi"m .. S I Braden, Kenny Cietus 247 Bradberry, J"d C. ,_. _. _ 244, 229 Bradford, Charles B, Bradford, James Ray __

268 268

Bradford, Robert R... 104-105, 269 Bradford, Terry M. . _..... _.. 269 Brodley, Jerrold . _ _. _. _. _. 115 Brady, John Melvin _ _... 244 Bragg, Stephen Michael .. 102.103, 269 Broid, Kenneth Michoel Braley, Kenneth Ray Bronch, Charles R

108-109 269 269

Bronch. Judy Carol Branch, Phillip Randal

134. 269 104-105. 269 Brandon. Jonis Merie ... 81,88·89. 129. 158,247 Brandt, Cuol Lynn .. ,. 88-89. 269 Brondt, I. Marvin _ 244 I 12, 269 Bront, Anita Jane 231 Brontley, Gloria Charles " 269 Brashear. JamJ Louise.,., _ Brosher, Steven Ferry .... 119. 161 115, 2&9

Braswell, Richard N. Brotton, Beoi"min F.

100·101, 269 Bratton, Evelyn Kidd 244 Bratton, Riley Willi"m 122,247 Bratton, Terry W _.. 269 Broud. Beverly Ann ., , 269 , 54 Braud, Gerald Rollins Branel, R. Kennelh, Jr 100-101 Breord, Peggy Dixon 90·91 Bmcht. Dr. Edward A. 127, 231 Bregnard, Emilie F,. IV 269 ,., , 269 Oreland, Emma Sue 8rews~er. Gary Lynn , , 269 Brewton, George Ron~ld .. 269, 5 I Bri"n. Dr. George c., Jr 23 I , 113 Brian, Jeanetta Jo Brian, Samuel Clyde, Jr ,. 247 Bridges. Roba Leah 269, 88-89 269 Bright, Jame' Erie 269 Brignac, Dennis Louis Brill, 5 ~ephen Francis 269 Brister. Brenda Leigh Brister, Claude Hollis Britt, Robert Allen Bril lon, Carol Lynn

269 100·101 269 _. 269

269 Bro"ch, Murry Lavelle 247 Brodie, Babette B. , Brodnax, Margarer O'Bryan , .. 23 I Brooks, James Randel 269 Brooks, Julia n Dodd .,... 102·103. 174, 186 Brooks. Mono Rebecca Broom, Grayson Brosset, Marvin Opie Brosset, Mireille Y...• ,., ..•.

I 13 247 1'15 269

Brothers. Jomes Ronald ., .... 229 247 Brothers, K"ther;ne I. BrouSSMd, Geneva Y. 269 Browder, Rita Gail 88·[\9 Brown. Allen Franklin 269 Brown, Barbara Nell 269 Brown, Bette Kay ,.,.,. 269 Brown. Carl" Diane 269 Brown, Diane 269 Brown, Don Garland 269 Brown. Goul Sh",ffield Brown, J, Marshall.,.,

269 209

Brown, Jerry Lynn Brown, Joan H~ys

269 2&9

, _

Brown, Mark Edwin .. BI, 113.247, 54 Brown, Patricia Gale , ... ,. 269 Brown, RichMd 188, 191 Brown, Susan 92·93, 122, 269 Brown, Thomas Lamar .... 102·103, 197

Brumfield, Dwight E.... , ..... 269 125. 247 Brunet. Charles Dorwin Bruner, Dr. Ruth 231. 223 Bruni. Thomas D"vid. Jr 115 269 Bryan, honces Elize 127. 247 Bryan, James Coyt, Jr 102-103 Bryan. Larry Manley 247 Bry"nt. Joel Leslie 104-105, 269 Bucci, Ronald Steven .... 125, 247 Buchanan. Marian M. ,. 94-95. 2&9 Buck, Dr. Ch",lel Ridard 231 Buckley, Johnnie H 247 Buckley, Robert C. 113, 116 122. 247 Buckley, Stephen J, , 247 Bueto. Thiel Irwin, Jr , .. , 247 Buford, Harvey Todd

100-101. 115. 269 Bunch, Johnny Lynn , 247 Bunn, Karen Farrar .,., 88-89. 269 Burford. William R"y 115 Burgin, John C 231 Burke, Edward Deyo 201 Burkett, David Ingram 104-105. 269 Burkhalter. Joyce Scogin 231 Burkhardt, Rosalin F 270 Burks. Betty June , 270 Burney, Oscar Wayne 270, 196 Burns, Barba ra Ann 94-95, 270 Burns, N.ncy Br"dford 270 Burl, Dewey Hansen . 270 Burt. Elizabeth A. 270 Burton. Sandra 94-95, 133, 270 127, 231 Burton. Stephen D. 90, 91, 55 Butler, Becky Bu tcher, Betlye Jo 122, 247 Butler, James Douglas , 270 Butler, James Leon",d ., 270 Butle-, Lester Lee _ 219 Butler, Marth" D"l e 129,270 Butler. Rebecca Ru th .. 60·61. 270 119, 247 Butler, Robert M Butler. SI,el" Anne 90·91. 270 Byrd. Dr. David S ,., 23 I

Carlisle. Charles T... ,.... 270 Carnohon, Lindo Faye ,.. 120, 248 Carnahan, Peggy Anne 210 C"rnahan, Raymond Chos 203 Carpenter. Vernor. Ray 270 CMroll, Fran Theus .. ,.,. 116, 270 C<>rroll. John Turner ... ,. 104.105, I I6, I22. 24B Carroll. Michoel W, , 133, 248 CMroli. Patricia Ann 94-95. 270 CMolie. Peter David 270 Carso, Brenda Gay 92-93, 123, 270 Carter, Buster 100·101 Carter, Carol Jean ,., ... 248 Carter, Edgar Coleman .. _ 100.101 270 Carter, Etta Faye 270 Carter, Gale Susan 62. 68, 69, 7B, 92, 93, 270. 53 Carter, Carter. CartGr, Carter,

Hamlet R., Jr. , Hamlet R. 111 James Clifton Melba Eugenia


232 248 270 92-93, 270

Carter, Ollie Stephen Carter, Phil Rowlond .....•... Cartlidge, Marilyn Kay .. , Cartlidge Scharlene Cartlidge, Sherry Ann Cortlidge. Wanda 5ue Cascio, Carolyn .,...........

244 270 270 270 270 270 270

Cascio, Sarah Virginia ..... 88, 89, 12 I, 270. 55

c Cadenhead, Gerry De"n C"gnolatti. David W Cagnolotti. Woodrow D. Cahoon, John Donby C"in. Sherry Dene ... C"issie. Albert Joseph Caldwell. George M Callais. Donald Paul

Connon. Charlotte Ruth .... 92-93, 270 Connon. Cheryl Frances .. 140. 270 Cannon. George H 104·105 C"nnon. Larry Alton 5I Cannon, Millie C 270 Cantwell, Vernon Wm. '" 113. 270 Capli" Paul Keiler ,.,.,.,.,. 270 ,.,. 270 Capps, Brenda Kay Caramma, Lee Robert 126, 270 CMM"S. Stewart G 270 Carey, Gloria Jean 121,270 Carey, Jack Dowling 90-91, 270 Corey, linda Charlene , 270

231 104-105 161 270 270 270 270 104· 105, 133, 247

Camp, Donald Lee , .. 270 102·103 Campanile, Ralph G, Campbell. Bettye Ford 247, 129 C"mpisi, Roy Dean .. , 270 Compo, Sreve Vincent.,. Ito, :'7 Canal, Joe N ,.,. 119, 195 Cancienne, Douglas K 125, 247 244 Cancienne, Karen R, .. _ Cannaday. John Wayne, ..•.. 270

Cascio, Vic"'r Chorles 102· 103 270 Case. Irma Jane ,..... 270 Case, Linda Gayle ,. 270 Casey. Frank Wilson _" 145, 271 C"stillo, Gloria S 271 Castleton. Judith Ann 248 Castleton. Ronny Ray Catalano, Wayne Peter 271 Catanese. Anthony Jos. 271 Cathey, Barry Gayl .... 271, 104­ 105 Causey, Clara Dione

_. 271

Causey. Jacqueline D.. ,., Causy, Jerry Kim ... 104-105. Causey, Nolton W., Jr, Ca usey, Thom as Dewitt Cavendish. Robert John Cawthon, John Terry, ., Cazontre, Henry Hubert .,

271 271 271 271

12B, 248, 54 248 125

Cespiva, And rea Eilene ., Chachere, Paul Mork ,., Ch"dbourne, John W Chadwick, Ida F ChaissDn, Ronald John Chambers, Terry Lynn Champagne, Joan Arln Chandler, James Wade Chong, Anthony Y

, 271 271 271 232 248 271 271 271 I 17, 24B

Cha ng, Chih Jen


Ch"pm"n, David Herbert .•.. 145 Ch", Delores Faye 271 Chapman, Fronk Burns 271 Ch"pman, L"wrence D.


CI'apman. Lind" Cheryl Chapman, Nancy Shell

271 146

Coburn, Juanita Anne Cochran, Walter Codre!l, James H"II Cockrell, Wiiliam B.

271 116 128, 24B .. 104.105, 271 Coc"', Charles Baldwin 271 Coco, Theresa Da nna 229 Coenen, Stephen Fosrer ,.,.,. 272 Cogdell, Janet Gail .,., 112, 146, 271 Cohn, Henry Julian, Jr...• 100·101 Cole, Daniel Craig, 144, 271 Cole, Lloyd Leo, Jr 146, 272 Cole, Richard Barlon , 272 Coleman, Bonnie Dean Coleman, Dennis L. , Coleman, Glynis Nadene

272 272 118, 272

Charpio, Donald J ... BI, 119, 248, 196 Chatman, Cecil T., Jr 271 Chauvin, Gail C. 131, 248 Check, Peter Paul ,. 130

Colsman, Wilma Jean Coley, Janice Louise

. 272 . 272

Cheek, Ellen Sue Cheek, Sherry Ann

Coley, John Thomas Collegiate Farm Bureau

. 248 ) 16

Chelette, Carl James

27 I 133, 271 115, 133, 271

Chilton, Evelyn S"nders 232 Chin, Nancy J. Hollis 248 Chmyl.k, William Wayne ..• , 248 Christm"s, Dr. William J 232 Ciaschini, Barry A. , 271

Coleman, Joyce Marie ... ,.,. 272 272 Colem~n, Melvin W.

272 94·95, 112, 133,272

Colgan, Mariha Jean Collier, Julie Ann Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins,

Jaek V Dr. Frank E., Jr


21b 232

Cicala, Pat, Jr. ..... /06·107, 156, 271

Frank M 81. 24B Robert Thomas .. 104·105, 272 Collingsworrh, Judith 272

Cica la, Patrick M... ,., .. 124, 244

Colvin, Berol Annetta

Cicala, Paula Janet ." Circle K

272 Colvin, Joan Elizabeth Colvin, Susan Annelte ., ..... 272 Condrey, Linda Kay ., .•..... 272 Conger, Edwin Bernard 102·103, 272

88, 89, 271 115

Citro, Kathy Cameli" Clanton, Harvey M

248 271

Clark, Carole Ann Clork, Gloria Lynn

144 271

Clark, J"mes Sherman

BB, 89, 143, 144 Clark, Robert Brett .. 104.105,271 Clark, Vicki Ann ..... 88, B9, I 12, 271, 55 Clarkson, R",dney T CI"y, Earlene Clay, Michael K

116, 122, 248 271 102·103

Clayton, Cheryl Susan .•...•. 271 Clement, Danny Wayne .....• 271 Clement, Wiley Fike ., .. lib, 122, 271 Click, Bettie Sue ... , ... ,., •. 27 I Clinton, John Lanhlon .. , 115, 127, Cloessner, Martin, Jr Close, Donald Robert Cloud, Emmett Eugene.. . .

248 248 271 271

Cluchey, Judilh Carol .•.• 90, 118, 271 Clugh, Thomas Raymond .... 106· 107

Cornett, Barbar" Jean ... 118, 272

Costanza, Johe Joseph 249

Cotlen, Freddie Lee _... 272 Cottingham, Linda D , 118, 249 Coulter, Susan C ... , .. ,., ... 272 Courson, Jim Aubre ., Couvillon, J. Gerald

100·101 272

Covington, Neil R


Cowan, Thoma' Joseph Cowart, Alan Robert Cowart. Margarel L

272 272 272





Cox, Vicky C Coy, Howard Louis, Jr. .. , Cr~fl,

Barry Wayne Craft, Coral Yvonne

Craig, Michael Benson, Craik, Willis Richter

273, 51 122 129, 249

Crain, Janeth Clare Crain, Vicki Lynn......

249 273

Crammer, Carol Lynne Craven, Randall

249 273

Crawford, Kathryn A

273 92·93, 273 12b, 273 145

Conrad, Janie Marie


Conslantino, Joseph A. Conti, Jo Ann

272 248

Crosby, Roslyn Cress, William L,

Cook, JOo1e lizabeth .. 8B, 89, 272 Cook, Rebecca Mae . 272 Coo ns, Me rlon Be rk . 272 Coope~ Beatrice . 272 Cooper, Bertha Cooper, Dr.




. 272 127, 215

Cooper, David F. ... Cooper, Dennis Allen

116, 272 , .. 272

Cooper, Gary Marshall

102·103 248

Cooper, Gloria Lucille


Cooper. Maureen M


117, 249 273

Crowson, Patricia Ann

88·89, 123. 273 273 115

Croych, Frank Cruse, Billy Cruse, Dana Ray.,.,


Cruse, Deidre Ann .• 112·113, 124, 130, 152, 249 I 18, 273

Cruse, Iylene Bonita Cruse, Tommy Eugene

100.101 249 Cruz, Carlos Humberto .. 117, 273 Cucchiara, Paul Dennis ..•.... 273 Culpepper, Nelda J 82, 136 Cummings, Benny Frank .• 100·101, 273

Cunningham. III, James Cunningham, Sharon A.

Cobb, Lewis W., III •........ 248

Corbino, Butch .. ,.,


Cunningham, Wayne

Cobb, Patsy Voncille Cobb, William Joseph

Corbino, Gerard .......• 115, 272 Corbino, Sebastian .• , I 13, 123, 52


Davi" Charles Gregory Davis, Daniel Allen

Davis, John Byron

272 249

Cobu rn, Florence E


Davidson, Jr,. Kenneth R 273 Davis, Barbara Ann 273 Davis, Carolyn Sue .. 120, 123. 249

134, 273 120, 273

Cooper, Wand~ Bea Cooper, William A., Jr.

, 121,271 271

, 273 Dartez, Michael Lynn Daugard, Jean Ann 119, 273 David, Pamela Ann ...• 90·91, 121,

Crosby, Roslyn Cro,s, Darrell Glenn

Crossley, Wm. Eugene Crowder, Mary Linda .,

Corder, Ray Phares

, •. 147

273 249

119, 161· 162, 168, 249

Cupit, Herbert M........•.. 273 Cupit, James Edgar 273

51 127, 212

Daopoulos, James A. , ... [06·107, 27J Dorcy, Karen Ann 213 Dark, Rodney Wayne ,. 100·101 Darrow, Berty Jean 140,273

Conniff, Mary Clore .. 88, 89, 272 Conn",r, James Carroll ,. 174

Cooper, Patrick Brooks •...... 272

232 27\ 232


Danna, Susan M"ry Danti, Dr. August G.

Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis,

272 272 92, 93, 272


Danna, Jerome Jeromiah

144, 249 273 273 127,232

Conway, Thomas John Coody, Linda K~y Cook, Dorothy Dee B



Crockett, Charlotte G Crockett, Jane Laura Crockett, Maxine V Cron~, Dr. Dale H

,.... 134, 273 273

273 122,273

Danna, Janice Marie

Davis, David Alberf

Cummings, Sandra Jean ... 92-93, 273 Cu mmins, Chester R. . ,.. 130, 273

Coats, James T.. , Coats, James T. Jr Cobb, Lt. Alvin B


Criswell, Evelyn Ann ..•...... 273 Criswell, Faye Lois 273


90·91. 273 IB9, '91

Daigle, Yvette Da niels, Viva nae P

104·105 273

Crew, Don~ld Kieth Crews, Hannah Kay

Curtis. Terri Jo Cuthberston, John Wm

272 272

Craff, Robt. Charles Craig, Jean Howard

Crawford, Lynda Di"ne

, ..•.... 209 , 271


.... 273 146,273

Crane, Rosa M.

Curry, Rober~ Curry, Susan Joye

273 273

D"bbenigno, Njcholas T Daigle, Gene Henry

129, 273

Crocker, Lacr"

Cupples, George R Curry, Ginger Fay

Era B(lrnard Eleanor Ann , Evelyn Jean Glenda G

273 273 119, 125, 249, 195 " .. ". 212 273 92·93, 273 IjB, 273 102.103, 273

Davis, Margaret Ann , ... 119, 273 Davis, Martha Jane ...• 92·93, 273 Davis, Richard W 249 Davis, Robert Michael Davis, Ro>s Thom"s Davis, Thad Davison, Dale Lee Dawdy, Joseph Edwin

273 161, I7J 145 273 116

Dey, Cynthia June , 273 Day, Doris, •................ 274 Da y, Ka Ih lee n Elsie .....•.... 274 Day, Sharon Joyce 2+9 Dayton, Patrick Perry .. ,. '104·105, 274­ Dean, Charlotte .......•..... 114­ 212 Dear, Dr. James E Dearman, Marvin Leroy 274 DeBaillon, George Paul D(lcker, linda Dianne

214 2H

94.95. 274­ Dees, Diane Elayne DeFatta, Mary A 274­ Deiley, Roselyne 27+ Dejean, Elwood James , 2-+9 Delabretonne, Thomas H IH, 174 DeLaney, Jeanne Marie •. 274, 138 DelCambre, Barry M••... 82, 136,


116 274 102-103 Dennis, John H., Jr.... ,. 104-105, 124,249 Demefer . . . . . . ... Dendinger, Duan," Allen Denigris, John Vito

DePoe, Dr. Charles Derrick. Charlofte

232 274


100·101 274

Deshol'e, Kerry Lynn

Destefano, Leo George Devereux, Sheild Ann Deville, Joe Polk,.,.

274 274 100-101, 138 274

Dick. James Howell

100-10 I, 274

Dickens. Harold G

DuPont, Morion Richard .. 127.275

Elli" Jr., Limmie .. ,...


Fisher, Sylvia Ann ...

Dupre. Barry James 275 Dllpre. Gordon Stephen .. 125,250

Ellis, Mary Candyce .....•... 275

Flei,chaker, Barbara J.

215 Dupree. Diane Annelte ...•... 275 Dupree, Richard Dover ... 100·101. 275 Du Puy, Joseph E.. III .•...... 250

Dupree, Dr. Daniel E

Durhom, Hill


122. 275


Durhilm, Nancy Lynn


Durham, Robert Clinton


DurT, James Byron .•. 100-101, 275 Dun. Dr. Kenneth I.


Durr, Richard Raul ..•. _,

125, 275

Dickenson, Fro nce, J. ..


Duval, Josephine B.•... 90-91, 275

Dickinson, Gend Boyte


Dickman, Robert Allen


D''''yer, John Joseph ..... 104·105, 275



Dietle, Kathryn Jo Dielz, Carolyn Ann




Digiovanni, Biaggio G DiMari<l, John Dillingham, Didnna L

Earl. Michael Wm


, ..... 274

Earl, Ronald Lynn



EarnheMt. Henry Wade .. 104-105, 275

139, 274

Easley, Martha Miller ....•... 275

Di!fs. BeHy Eileen DiMariil, John Martin Dime, Glenn Fred


Easley. Dr. Williom K.

Dime, Mark


Easen, Paul

Dippoer, James Max,


Eaker, Rodney Olen

106, 107

Dillingham, Rita Alice,. B8·89, 274

, , ... 274


Emfinger. Nelda Gaye Z


Engelbrecht. Glen John ..• 106..07, 275

213 102-103. 250

East, Richard Wiley .. 100-101,275

Enman, James Earl


Enright. Michael John


Enterkin. Sharon Gail


Eppinette, Jay


Ernst. Thomas Lynn .. 106·107, 275


E,kew, Peggy O. Neill

Estes. Van Addison ........•. 250


Estopina!. Henry G.

Estrada, Ricardo E... 113, 117, 116


Ettore. Kennefh George


Eubanks, Rose Lynn


Evans, Alice Lanora

_•... 275

Evans, Edward Earl


Evar-s. Jack Weylin ._._ .. 122.250


Evans, Ja'T1es Harold Evans. Marjorie K.

I I B, 276

Everett, Linda Ann


Evereft. Mark Leslie

276 118,276

Ewing. Annefta K

Exterkbmp, Linda Mary .. 131, 138. 276

Di Vi fa, (Jruce Wayne


Eaderling, Jerry Don 275 ­ Eyre, Stephe~ Charles ... 276, 104 Echols. Nettie O,ell 275 105 Eddleman, Thomas Gray

_.. , 274

Dishoung, Cheryl S Dixon, Jeanetle Susan _


Dobson, Carol Sumrall


Dodd, Wiliiam J


,.,., _

Edgar, Terri Lynn

161, 169

Doheriy, George F


Doiron, Dianne Marie


Donnelly. Edward R


Dorman, Wendell Ray


Edwards, DonM Jean W


D05her, Bobbie Jo


Edwards, Marcia Wilese

121, 275

Edg eco me, Jr.. Ro bert E. .... 106107, 130. 275 Edwards, Connie Lee .. _.

_. 160, 193

Dotson, Bill

118. 275

Edward,. Mary Anne .... II B, 275

DO'Jglas, Dr. Neil H.

., 232

Dowd, Sylvia Dyanne


Edwards. Patricia Ann


_, .. 274

Edwards, Sherry Lynn

. 275

Egan, Patrid James

. 275

Downey, Ernest Ray

Do',,-n'3Y, James Vietor .,. 125, 250

88.89, 274

Downing, Beverly K

_. 250

D8wning, Ronnie Doyle, Barbarb Sue _. _ Doyle, Joseph Cyril Drake. Bob


Dray, Patrick Michael Dronet, Darryl Roland


Eichelberger, Linda J . ..... 88-89, 121, 250 Eichler, Clifford. II

275. 54


Eichler, Judith Ann



Dubois, Karen Lee

274 90-91, 274

275, 55

Eichler, Linda Susan

Facciolo, Joseph P



Fairley, Julia Ann .....•..... 276 Falgout, Shirley L


Falk, Gregory Gustave .. 119.187, I B8. 190 F,llon, Jr., Edward H. Fbnl, Leonard O

250 174, 232


Fluker, James C .. III Flurry, Ronald Wayne


Fontenot. Gary Paul


Fontenot, Patrick A

276 145, 276

Fore, Martha Sue Foreign Studenh' Club


FOdenberry. Benny L.


Forth, David Boyce ...


Forwood, Dr. Frank P.


Fo,ter, Betty .....• 92-93, 140, 251


Foster, Emmett J


Foster, Gerald L

174, 186

Foster. Harry Jeff

276, 188

Faust, Richard Alan

102.103. 276. 20 I

Feazel. Frances L. Feeney, Deborah June Felton, Lenzo; A., Jr

. _.. 250

8B·B9. 276 276

174, 186

Foster, Kenneth Ralph

90·91, 276

Foster, Lelia Ruth Fournet, Byron Keith


Fowler, Sandra Elaine


Fox, Dr. Eugene H.

233, 223

Fox. Linda Jo

112. 276

Fox, Richard Larry


Frake. George Allen


Francis, Johnny


147, 251


Franklin, Dr. Beryl C.


Franklin, Lynda


Franklin, Thomas E.


Frankowicz, Herbie G.


Frankowicz, Herbie G .....•.. 276

276. 92-93

Fredericks, Jeanette


Faulk, M;chael Wayne

121. 276

Fortenberry, Charlotte


Faulk, David Stanley ........• 188


Ford, Edwin Royce, Jr.

Faught, Beliy M



Floyd, Roswitha D. ...•.. 120, 276

Faccett, Jr .. James A

Faught, Sue Ann .. 94·95, 112. 276


Floyd, Louis Craig.......


Fazzio Jo Ann Marie .... 76, 121. 12B. 250, 50

123, 250

120. 276

Flint. Amy

Farmer. Catherine L.


EHervig, John Lar, ..

Flint. Alice Faye ... 123. 128, 129, 251

Freeman, Charles Nedl

Eickholt, Dr. Theodore H.

125, 250

. 276

125, 133, 251


Falgout, Shirley L.


Eleazar. Eugene Leon

Fleischer, Samuel Paul Fleniken, Robert Albn

Freeland, Patricia Ann

Eifl ing, AMonette

Drumgole, BMbara Fay ......• 247 Drumgole, James L.


Eggleston. Kenneth G.

125, 274 104-105, 274


Edge, Rebecca Lynn .. 92-93. II B, 275

,. 274


Ezell, Donald Steve

.. 275

Dodge, Judith Ann

Fleischaker. Saundra R. Fleischaker, William N.

England, Betty Ann .....••... 275

Etheridge, Carolyn A

116. 122

Dickson, Kenneth

Elz;e, Dorothy Mae

276 276 251 276

134.251 100·101 276

Freeman, Linda Joyce Freeman Patricia


119. 161, 171

Frith. Kenneth Robert

Froman, III

276 276

Freemon!, Vernetla

Frizzell, Charle, K.

. .


Charles M

251 276

Frost, Marcia Fay _.......... 124 Fruge, Jack C Fryer. Milfrod Lavern Fudidar, Paul

209 139,251 102·103

Dugas, John Philip


Elkin, David Orville

Duhon, Gerald Lee


Ferguson. Jerel P

Duke. Joyce Faye


Elkins, Horace Wayne .. _ 100-101. 275 Elleson, Stephen D....... 100-101

Ferguson, Ted B....•..•..... 233

F"ller, Roy Mitchell

_ 276


Fuller, Roncie Gene



Fulmer, Donna G.



Funderburg, William A.

276 277

Dukes. Thomas Arihur

104-105, 275

Ellington, Jay Moody


Ferguson, Stephen K Ferris, L;ndd Faye

I 17. 250


Fulford, Sharon Kaye


Fuller, Jr., Claude C. .... 136, 276 233

Duncan. Darlene V. _


Ellioft, David Charles


Du nn, Barbara An ne B.


Elliott, George J


Elliott. Ollie Maxine


Fincher, Vernon Edd ........• 276

Furman, Nonette

Elliott, Thomas Wm


Fisher, Betty Katheryn .,. 123, 128, 250

Furr, Willie Jedn


Ellis, Ellen Drew _...•....... 250

Futch, Jerry Lynn


106-107. 275

Fisher, James Henry .....•... 250

Futch, Lana J. Murray

DuPlantis, Angela Anne

275, 63

DuPlantis, Lloyd J., Jr..•. 125, 250 DuPlantis, Raymond J Dupont. Bubbie

250 161. 172

Ellis. Lange

Fiddler, Linda Carol Fields. Sharon Ly~ne



G 277 Gable, Theo Kenneth Gaeter.::>, Renald C ..... I 19, 170, 161 Gaines, Wilma Dean . 277 Galanle, Anthony . 277 Galbovy, Jotnes Robert .. 277 277 Galiber. Michael G. 277 Galland, Thomas J. 102-103 G"lligdn, Eugene V. 100-101. Gallowoy. James H., Jr. 277 Galvani, Joyeelyn C. , , 146 Golyeon, Cyn~hia C. _ 277 Galyean, Michael Ottis 25 I Gamble, Pauline Marie " " ' . 277 Gammel, Billy Don _ 25 I Gerrmel, Cecil Lamar 277 Ganter, Bruce Paul 108-109, 277 Gardner, Comlyn P 25 I _ Gordner, Jr.. Thomas V 104-105, 277 Garland, Patricia Ingram _... _ 233 Garlington, Gerald R ,. 104-105 277 Garlington. Jerry Lynn 88-89, Gorner, Eva Gwendolyn 277, Deon H. T Gorn~r, Sandra Lynn

_. _. 214 _. _. _. 277

Ga rner, Sheryl Ann ., Garrett, Janet Lataine .•. 131, Garrelt, Patrick P 139, Gonison. Kenne fh A. Gorth, Joyce Ann Garver, Katherin Jane G05senberger, EMI P.

277 277 233 146, 277

277 277 108.109, 277

Gates. Paul Douglas .. _._. 100-101 Gottis, William Tolley 277 Gaudet, Alfred Louis , 125, 251 Gaudet, Bonnie Jane 277 Geolde,', Donna Jo 251 Gauthier, Kenneth J 277 Gebbia, Wayne Anthony , .. _ 106­ 107, 277 Gee, Kit Kang 277 Geers. Bernice 277 Geiger, Jr., James M. . ,.. 277 Geiger, Melvin Harvey 233 Geiger, Dr. Poul Frank .. _233, 127 Gentile, John Michael 277 251 Gentry. Marcia Ruth Genusa, Dr. Vincent A . Gerson. Jr.. Albert Wm, , _ 277 Getchell, Rola nd H. .... 251, 100. 101 Gewin, Sallie Eor1ynn 277 Gewin, Thomes Renald 119,277 Gibbs, Eugene William .. _... 277 , .. 155, 277 Gibbs, Peggy Lynn Giblin, Floyd Joseph , 119, 161, 170, 277 Gibson, Dolly


,., .. 277

Gibson, Joseph Patrick. _. 104-105, 277 Gibson, Marion DeWayne 277 Giddens. James Marion .. 252 277 Gideon, Thomas Lee ..... Giger. Pamela Kay 277 G:lbert, Barbara Ann 146. 277 _,. 252 Gilbert, Peggy Sue . _. _ Gilbreath, Cleuder,e J 145 _. _. _ 90-91 Gilhula, Grace Gill. Brenda Mae 252 277 Gillen, John R 277 Gilliam. Bobbie Jean Gilliland. Nanci F. .. 277 Gillum. Randy Crow 252 Gillum, Ruthie M.. _. _ 277 Ginn, Eri; J 233 Giovanni. Ben D . _. ,., 278 Given, Marilyn Elaine 27B Givens, Betty Faye 233 Glawe, Dr. Lloyd N. Glick. Larry Alen .. _._._. IOB-109 Glomb. Diilna Marie.,., ..... 252 Godlewski, Cheskr A.. ,. 104-105. 278 Gold~n. Jr.. Gerald C. 27B Golden, Mary Ann .... 92-93, 27B Golsby, Connie Sue 278 Goed, B3rry Harman IOB-109 Goodreau, James Joseph _. 139 Goodwin, Dionne 278 Goodwin, James Herve 100-107 278 . Goorley, Dr. John T. . Gordon, Dorothy Diane 278 Gore. Ken neth Harper , , .. 278 Gore, Terry Lane , . 278 _. 278 Gor'Tlan, Thomas Alfred _ Goss, John Walker,.,.,.,.,. 278 GGSS, Sheila Diane . 278 Gothberg, MiChael John .. _._ 133 278 Gould, Frank D.... _.... 128, 252 Goux, Cami'e Joseph . _.. 125, 278 Goux, Kinman Paul 27B Govong, Regina Mory . _. 121, 278 90-91 Goyne, Minta Riely , Grllce, Betty Jane _ _ 252 Graci, Carmel Fred 133 Graff. Janice Alic~ 278 Graff, Robert Torrance 27B Grahom, Bonnie Lou 278 278 Groh"m, Shirley Ann .. _ Grant, Kenne~h Earl ....•... _ 278 233 Granthllm, Dennis P, . _ Grantz, Carl L. 234 Graves. Allen M , 106·\07 145 Graves. Beverly S Gray, Dalene ,., ,., .. 278 Grlly, Eastland _._ 100-101 Gray, Faye Ellen , , .•. ,.,. 27B Groy, James Arthur _ 229 Gray, Walter _ 145 Grayson, Ann Page 278 Green, H. Bllird 234 Green, Brenda Diane .. 92·93, 112, 278

Green, Don5 _. _. _ 92-93, 278 Green, John Henry. _ _ 252 Green, Johnnie Juaneol _.. B2 Green, Martha Nell _ 252 Green, Susie ... _. _. _. _ 90-91,278 Green, Shannon Lou 94-95, 252 Greenlee. George C 124, 129 Greson, Jo Ann _. _.. , 278 Gregg, Leigh

70·71, 82, B8·89. 123, 128, 252 Gregory, Ella Jean 278 229 Gremillion, Kenneth C. Grenther, Michael 278 _. 278 Gresham, Midwel Rory , Griffin, Marsha Dawn. _.. 121, 278 Griffis, James, M" Jr.

. _ 102­ 103, 145, 278

Griffis, Tommy Peyton 145 Gr',ffith, Paula Fah y . _., 94-95,278 Griffin. William Lee .,. . ... 27B Griggs, Darrell F. 252, 54 Griggs, Jr" James J 104-105, 278 Grigsby, Judy Kaye 27B Grimail, Stanley M. , .. _.. 104-105 Grimmett, Richard Grissom, Larry Wayne. _ 62, Grinaffi, Dione Mari~ 92·93,

196 278 77, 278

Groseclose. Robed E Groseclose, Robert G. Grossley, Bessie Lee .... _... _ Groves, Barbara ..•.. _. _. _. _.

234 187 278 278

252 Grower, Glendo Lee Grubbs, Milton Ervin 18B. 190 Guchereo u. Jr., Edwin C. . _,. 278 Guenord, Dale George , 278 252 Gurin, Jomes Ronnie 278 Guerra, Glenn Joseph 278 Guerrero, Anita _ Guerrero, Maria A. ,.,. 278 Guidry, Allen James .. _., 125. 133 Guidry, Deborah Anne .. _.. 88-89, 279 Guillory, Foster J Guillory, John Dale


Guillory, Kenneth D.

279 _. _. 252 102-103. 279

Guillory, Stephen A. 100-101 Guillory, Willard D _ I 17, 252 Guinn, Debbie lynn 279 Gulley, Geraldine 279 Gulley, Peggy Jean 92·93, 279 Gunter. Cynthia Louis 279 Gunter, Sylvia . _. _. _.. , . . . .. 234­ Guraedy, Patricia Ann Gustafson, Sylvia O Guthrie. Pom Yvonne Guyton, Don F., Jr

146. 252 123.252 94-95 158, 159, 104·105 Guyton, Donna Duffey ... , ... 279

Hammond, Dr. William R 214 Hammonds. Harvey M 126,279 Hammons, Brer·da Joyce ", .. 279 Hammons, Dr. Jasper G 234 Hammons. Jessie Nell 146, 279 Hamoons, John Toxie 279 Ha.mmons, Linda G"yle 92-93.


Hamner, Ro,emory Reed ., ... 234 Hanchey, Jonath"n K.. " 125, 279. 115 Ha nder, Richard Henry .. " .. 102· 103, 161 Haneline, Herschel R..... 100-le·. 252,5-4 Hanelin, Ronald H.... ", Hankins, Linda Carol Hankirs, Marthll Ann 118, Hanks, Melissa Ann Hanlon. Joh" Timothy ,. Hann, Kathy Glyn Hanna, Robert Stephen Hansford, Edwino Sue .. 94·95 Hardea,tle, Wm. Erich __ .....

279 2']</ 252 279 279 279 IJa 279 279

Hardegree. Major Bobby L. .. 234 Hardy, Betty Faye Ann .. ". 279 Hordy, Linda Sue 253 Hardy, Patrick Hill 100·101 Hargiss. WiJli~m A 101-101.279 Hargon, Wolloce 160. 198 Hargroder, Jay 156 Harg reve, Lela Dianne 144 Hargrove', Robert Leon,. 147,253 Harmon. James Roger 279 Harmon, Jeffrey L. .. _. , ' •... 279 Harmon, Loran T ", 234 Harper, Patricill ~ose .. 90.91,279 Harpel', Rhetta ... B8-89, 124, 130.

H Haddad, Michael Dennis

Halbrook, Arthur M ' 279 Halbrook, Wm. Michael 279 Hale, Brendll Lou 279 Hale, Donald Ray ", .. 252 H aie, Sheila Ann , 279 Hales, Joyce 252 Hall, Goe Rutherford 102-103. 252 Hall. James L. _ 234 Hail, Julia Geraldine ., 279 Hall. Larry Bruce _ 252 Hall. Louis C., II 104·105,279 Hall. Margo linor ", 145, 279 Hall. Richard Edmond 104.IJ5 Hall, Robert Dole ,., 279 Hall, Sharon Louise 279 Hall. Susan Leake 279 Hall, Willi"m Dougills 100-101 Halley, Diane 124 Hallmork, Vick', Anne .. 92-93, 121, 219 Hambrid, Patrick S..... 279, 88, 192 Hamil~on, Ross E.. Jr , 229 Hamilton, Weldon E., Jr 279 Hamm, Donnie Lee. _ 120, 279

100­ 101

Hoddo), Jimmy Verlon ....... 219


Harper, Wallace F



Harrel, Debra Jane ., ......•. 279

Ho rre ll . Elsie C o meoux. . H.;m igan, G eorg e A., J r.

253 115, 279 144. 279 Harri ngton, Do nie l Le e H arris. C ha rl es L. .. _. __ . 129 , 253 H or ri ~,

Doris M_ . .... . .. _


Ha rris, Gle nn Alle n .......... 279 H o rris, J o hn W ilbu rn ..... 104­ 105 234 Horris. l o uise E. 279

Harris, Sylvia P.

H orris , Vicki ly nn ....... 13 1, 279 Ho rri s, W oo dy Sue .....


H Qrriso n, Jr., Bertram C.


H o; ri so n, Dov id Mork ...

104-105 279

H a rri so n, Dr. Ro bert E.


H a rri so n, Wi ll iard l.

234, 127

rl ed etho rn . Kotherine . . He Hne r, J o hn Michoe l HeqM . Aud is Tay lor. Jr. H e ilmon . Dr. F. Euge ne . . H e lme r. J r., Wi ll iam l ee

280 100- 10 1 25 3 234 280

H e mphill. Kothryn l ynn


H em p hill. Sh irley Ruth


He nd e rson, Do na ld W.


H ende rson , Eerl Da niel


H e nd ri c ks , She ryle D. .


H e ndli~, Elil0 b e th An n



78 , 280, 90·91

Holloway, Judith D. ..... .

28 1

H e nry, J ose ph C a rl

...... 280

H e nslee , Pa ul T. . ,.

. .... _ 199 126, 253

Holloway. P ~ trici<'l Ann .... H olloway. Tilmon H., Jr. Holmes, J o!! ck A IM ....... . H o lmes. Je rry D. _.. H o lmes, Marsho G ole 9 0-91,

28 1 254 281 235 28 1

Ha rvey. Bobby Da le


Hervey. G o rd o n

12 5

H a ste ,

280 280

H erren. Woody J ean .. .. 134. 2aO

H ou ser. Ru th Susenn


Howk ins, Do neld Roy


H.!lw~ i n s,


J e me s F.

100·10 1

H dwkins, Rober t J ames Hoyden , Te rry Preston Hayes. Ronn ie Von . .

... 280 11 6. 280

Haynes. A lice Arden .. . 9 4.95. 280 280

H 6ynes. Ch risty Ann .. .

lnzinll , Do nn ie Eile e n


92. 93, 158. 159, 28 I

Iro n;, Su ;,," Annette


Hood , Jon el Le iq h Hood, J r., Melvin V.


Hoodm"ker , Juli o!! Edith

28 1

Hibbard, Lind a Ga il .. . , . .. 90-91

Hoolahon, Cornelius F.


Hibbe rs, W a nd e Ma ri e .. 14 5, 280

Hoover, Carroll W ~ yne


Hickm M , Dr. N o 'di e W, ., ..•. 235 Hick m ~ n. Jr., Rode rick A . . .


Hidalgo, Alvin Si eve .. 83, 104· 105

Hopkins, Travis Dreher

Ho pper, Judith KMin ........ 254 H o rn ba ck, Larry Ge ne

H iggin botham , Vick ie L.

H o rnsby, Thomas W il so n

Hi gh , J udy C o rol

280 280 280

H il b ert, Ko!! thleen G.

H ilb urn. G ary Lyndell ..... . .. 280 H ilbu rn , W illiam D~v i d


Hill , Fo rd...


Hi ll. C. J e M ne


H e1Hne. Do no ld Wood roe

... 280

Heo!lfne. J o mes Dixo n

10 4· 105, 280

Heoth. O ro Mar iorie


H ebert. Kenne th Lo uis .. . . . . . 280

. .. 104·105

Hill. Wayn e A. ............. 253 9 4-95, 253 Hillman, HMri e t J. HillmM, MM ily n J.


Himel, Thom a s Be rge s


H in es . III. John Rivers

100· 10 1

Hi nes . Lindc'l Dia ne ..


H inso n, Bil ly G len


H inso n. Eldrid ge Ra y . .



Hi lt. Alle ne Rebec c a Hixson, W illia m Ed ley

... 100. 101

H o b e n. Bo rba r<'l McCoy

H e bert. Li ndbe rg J.


H o bgood , Joh n Paul

H e be rt, M in us. J r.


H och in, Kevin

H e bert, Porn L. ... . ... 88 ·S9, 290

116, 122 , 25 3


188. 189 5I


J aCkso n, J ~ m es Thomas

127, 254

J a ck;on, J Oe Ed


J ackson. Joe Liei ne _'"

90-91,281 146

H oto!lfd , Mo!Ifg o!! re t Le e . .... 9 4-95. 28 1

J acho n, M argc)re~ An n


J c)g ne c) uJ( , C ho rles Ray


H otMd , Mo ry J e M nelle .. .... 76

J ome ~,

128, 254

H o use. Sandr" l ynn .....

28 1

Be n nie L .. . . . ........ 84

J lImes. Jane M.......... 120. 28 2

Ho use , She rry Ko y ..... 90-9 1, 28 1

J ames, Zenobio


H o usley. Andy . . . . 16 1, 17 1, 28 1

J eameson . li ndll Diane


HOll s/o n. David Edwa rd ...... 28 1

J e ll l"l so nne , Joh n G lynn .


H ou~to n ,

J e ff e rson , Alyce Lee ... 92-93, 282

Hud son, Sandro!! V. ..

H ill, Leon Phi ll ip



. . 123, 13), 253

Hig htower , Bill W o lton

J a ck so n, Cherie ........ . J ocksc n, Irma J e an

J od son . Linda Lo uise .. .

Hill, Robert Josh..

H e orn, Beverly Bayles . ... 121, 280

102.1 03


J ack son . J o hn H en ry .....

Ho we , Care l Anne


28 1

Hig don, Phy ll is Sua .... ...... 253

Hudo boy, Addie L.

He orne , B. M ock ..

25 4­

H o rn, Ric. hard A ll e n

Hill. Patricio!! Elaine .... . ..... 253

Hea rd , An n Les le y ..... 92-93. 253

199 28 1


11 9, 174, 185


H yJo nd, Th o m ~s Richa rd H ymol' , Georgia Moe ..

Hood , Dr. Jo mes T.

Hi ll , MM Go!I rl a nd .. 100·1 0 1, 123, 280

Helld , Th o mo!! s A lbert .... 102· 103

H uh . Ha rry Le o ..... 104.1 05.2 8 1



Head, J oAnn.,............

Hutto , !olo Jeannette .. 83, 88 -89. 123, 129, 13 8, 254 Hu tts , G re g o ry Charles. _ 104­ 105, 281


Hays, M arlha An n ..... .


Hutto , J oon Fll ye ...... 94-95, 28 1

Indus h' i ~1 Monageme nt C lub


Hell d , J r. , C lore nce V. ....

94-95. 138, 28 1

Ingram, Ba rba ra G lIi l .....

H aynes, Soll ie Moure e n


28 1

Hutto, Be lly Lynn


223 , 234

H " yward, Ann e lies Thu rne r

Hu tson , Lind o M itche ll .. J21 , 28 1 Hutt e r, Linda Ann

23 S

Ho ynes. Dr. M. l evelle

H oy>, W o lt e r Ge ne . . . .

2 35

Home Eco nomics C lu b .. .

131, 280


28 1

H ussey, J r., Lym<l n A.

125. 253

Hewitt, N o rrT",e Ka thl ee n

Ho lt e n, Ji mmy .......... .... 229

HlJ rt, Rosemary

H errod. Sam Tude r. Jr.

90.9 1, 280

H a un, Do n!l ld Ailen

281 254



H a t ho rn, J oy Ann e .... 94-95, 280

100-10 1. 28 1

Huntley, J . Dou g los rlu rley, Ca rol Jo ne ..

Holtl cl a w, Dr. T. Euge ne

H ewi tt J o yce Ei ll ine ...

118, 280

. .. _. _ 254

Holt. J r.• Kenne th E.

H unter. Wa iter O rie , Jr. . . .... 8]. 130. 139. 254

Ho lt. Dr. Robe rt l.

104-105 123, 230

H a th a wa y, Ruth Ann

H o lt. J o mes Ric hord


... 253


106· 107, 280

152 , 220, 235

28 1

H unter. A lice F. ..

He rpin, Gordon Edwerd


Ho th !l woy, Ch a rl es Thos.

Ho lmes. Ted

H unt, Wil li om Ed wo rd .

He rri ng, A nne tte ........ . . _. 280

He st e r, H en ' y Alle n .. '"

Ja ne~

H a tc h, El iza be rh Ann

H e rlevic. Peggy Ma rie H e rnand e z, Sa ndr ~ Kaye

Hess. Su sie J.

Hoss, Rob e rt J oh n ......

188, 19 1

H e nle y, Su sa n E. . '


88-89, 280

Hol lingsworth, J o hn Wm .

28 1

Ha rve s lo n. Shoro n l ynn

Ka ren An ne


Hollis, Robert Derre ll ..

Herlev ic, Patricio A nn ... 82, 11 2. 13 2, 154, 253

H o ~ lo u er.

28 1

Ho llier, Ea rl G a b rie l

Hollist er, Dr. Alb e rt Virg il

H em ley, Bra nd t! l ee

1]0. 280

Ho lle y, J eo n



H arwell , J "mes Pa t

104-- 105 , 254, 54



Horve y, Jr.. Ray W il lia m . _ . . 102· 103. 280

Holle r, G eorge H .

28 1 235 253 169. 25 3

Hendrix, Li nd o Ga y

He rvesto n, Do l ore~ A nn

125. 2 BO

125. 28 1

130. Ho ld e mon. F o~ t er H. . . ..... H o IIMd . C orol JMe G ....... Holland , Ke nneth E. . . . . 16 1.

Hendri;>;, Elizll be th W. ......

H e d ley, Di an.;!

H.a rvey, J ames H.

H ogsett, J oe Will io m H og ue, Ro b bie Lynn

Vern on Dole

Huff , BMb~ r o!! Lynn

106 ·1 07 94-95, 28 1

J effreys, Ed wa rd A I ~ n ....... 282

... 235

J eff rie s, Ro;e mo ry .. 121, 14-6, 282

88-89,2 8 1 ....... 254

J e nkin s, Ro nll ld A lbe rt


J e nning s, Cha rl es Tim.....


Huffman , Alva S........ 224, 235

J oaq uin, J ose ph N...... .


Hurfmon, A lva 5., Jr.... _ 83, 102 103. 115, 136.254,54

J o hen so n, Lee C ha rl es

H ufr man, Bet h An n

83, 123, 124, 128. 254

Huffmo n, Joe Gle nn H uff mo n. Walte r Ben j. Hug hes. Carol An n

193 145 90-9 1, 28 \

106·107 ,.,. 254

J ohns. J eanette J oh ns, Ronald S teve n


J ohn~on . Bill y J e ,o me

102- 103 , 1 15, 13 0, 282

J o hnson . Ca rol An nette


J ohnso n. Fred Thos Jr. . _. _. _. 28 2

H ug hes. Dion ne

28 1

J ohnson . Freddie Ja mes

156, 282

H ug he s. MMy J oe

28 1

J o h nson. J a mes W.

10 0-1 0 1,

Sha ro n l yn n ... 11 2, Ill. 28 1

J o hnse n, G~y Nell

282 254

Hugh e~ .

H umphries. C ha rlotte G.

28 1

Hoffmo!lrl, Mo ry Lou

28 1

H um ph ries. Emm<"l D.


J o hnso n, Jo Lyn .............. 51

Hogan, C lairese ...


H ump hries , Geo rg e S.


J o hnso n, Dr. Larry D......... 235 Johns o n, Lo r'ry Ge ne . . . . . 84 , 102­ 103, 11 9, 120. 161, 162. 168 , 254

Hebe rt , She rry A nn


Hebert, Tho mas Pipe r


Hogan , Morsh " Diane

28 I

Hun r, Ed no Rut-h ............ 281

H ed, Koy An n .....


Hogg, LMeli .......... .

28 1

Hun t , Roy D!l rre l ............ 281

Joh nso n, J o nice Inez ......... 282

282 282 182 I] I. 254 181

Johnson . l o i ~ Elair,e J ohnso n, M .:Hg arer E. J ohnson. Noel Ray .. J ohn~on

Pau l" Sue ..

J oh n ~on .

Sh irl ey Lyn n

J o hn~ o n .

SU!.ll n J anice

161 120. 282

John so n. Th ere sa D... J o h n~o n .

123. 127, 15' 181 281 181

To m'1l y Opg

Joh nson . Vi rqi ni a Eli l Johnso n. Wi lliam Pa ul Joh ns to n. Bil lie Kn ol' J oh nston, Roq e r D"le


Joiner. Do n<lld F. ...


J o h s~oi nt . Kathryn 1.


J o lly. C a p la in Oon .... ld H.

2) b

J a ne!.. Anne El iz.... beth


Jones . Cha rl es

282 100· tOI. 282

Jone s. Dc'I \iid Alvin

104 · IOS

Jones. Od vid Jay . Jone s, H. Pe rry


J ones. Ho we ll 0 .. III


J ones. Jomes


Jone s, Je me s Th e mds, Jr.


Jone s. Ka tharine E... '


J o nes . Ka1htee n An n ....


Jones, Ko'l lh y K.

90·9 t . 121 . 282 13 1.282

J o ne s, l a u rie l ynn J o ne s. Lino<'l Ka re n D~ m m a

Jones. Lucio Jone~. R e~

W illia m

J ones. Rhoroda Faye J o~ es ,

Sue . ..... . .

Jon es , Sylvia Oe nille

181 ... 282 122, 282 254, 53


J o n e~ . Jr .. Wa ll a c~ l.

Sand ra Je on 90.9 1. Ke ll e r. Suzan ne C. Kelley, Ella l e e .. 94-95. Ke llog g .. K o l h l~ e n C. Ke lly, Ber tha Ke lly, Jo An ne 13. Ke ll y. Mo ry C a lheri ne .. Ke lly. Mary Ross ........


Kelso. FrMces S. Kem p. Borbare Jean

88·89 28)

Ke nd rick. C harloHe A. Kendrick. M..,rlha Gail


Ke ndrid . Ro be r! T.


Ke nnedy, SU7a nne

183 .... 183

Ke nni so n, Wil liam G. Kep hart . MarCuS O wen Ker asmei ler. l i~da C. Kern, Dr. J oseph H.

155 127 , 23b

Ke rn, J ::::e H i'sch ..

108· 109. 281

Ke rn. M<.'I~ David

108 -109

Kes~le r, D~v id Ro y ..

IOb· 107 , 283 ,

188 Ke il ier. Karl K.

117. 2SS

11 1. 11 3, 113. 128. 255 KanzlI ki. Kah uloshi Koplo) n, Bruce AIM Keppa A lpha Ko pp" Del io... Kappo P~ i .' Kappll Sig ma Kaufm an. H arold Keo sler, 80bby ~ o rl Keathley, C lclro An ne Kee , Dr. Do ... id T.

Keega n, Rona ld ~dwin Kefa lonitis,

M~ r q<'He t

.. , 203


La Bo lue Judy l ynn


la8o\i€. l arry D~re


lachne y, Marie Eliz

283 283 18)

Lachn ey. M ort ha Ann Lock"!'''' BentoI' A lfred Ladey. Lind5 Den ise

90~9 1

l acc u r, C loudie An n

... 183

l aCou r, Elwood James

II 7. 255

110. 117 1-45, 28)


Lodd , Ch arl e s M.


2 29

l o Grange, Aroh Nodine ... 88 -S9,

Kimbro, H en ry Lee

2Bl 92.9 ) , 25 5

102· 10J. 255

183. 139

King. BMbare Ka thryn King . Ca rl W oyr.e

155. 106· 107 283 125, 283


Kinq . J o h n Jeffere y King , Judy

88 ·89. 55 18) .. 183

King. Sondra J o .. ' Kinq, T. N e a l .... __ _

.. 11 5

King. W .. ndy Katherine


283 229

King,t on. Howord See Ki nney. J omes Michael

155 91-93 . 28)

Kiper, Do ro thy l uello

11 7

Kirke nd<.'l ll , J a me$ C.

102- 103

Ki rkr..a m, Be lly Elo ine

Keith, Wi llidJTl Wes ley .. _... . 282

8S.S9, 127. 255


28) , 51

Ke ith. J ame s Dixson ... .. 2B2. 19b

l o Bo rde, Sue

Ki m. Yo ung J o

K i nn i ~ :::: n . Edward T.

2 55 136 181 281


Ki mba ll, Dr. Jock E.

Kin ni son. Phy lli , M.

103 189

leoBorde. Evelyn Marie .....


28 2

108- 109, 282 ,



100 -10 1 . .. 90·9\

115. 155

Ladner. Carolyn 5.

Kinq, Ju lio Frances

Ka h mer, Kristina E. .... . 84. B8.89.

La Bot, Re gin.!lld J o hn LaBo rde , B e~~y Taylor

l a Gaipa, Or. J ohn J .

Ju bert , He rman G ... 102·1 0) . lib.


11 9, 161 , 169

Lo Bo rbero , N ic P.


88 ·89.

Kirk hom . M",y Ann Kir~p<'ll ri d. Co ro lyn E. Kir~pa t ri d ,

Robe rT G.

11 9

13 I, 28)

155 134.283


Ki rsche nbau m. H o w",rd l ..... t08 ·

109 , 183

18' LoG rang e. Georqe A . ... 102 · 103. 284, 197 La ing. Sydno Elizabe th


l ~i rd.

28 .

J omes Pllul ..

l d ird , W illi am Eugene

11 1

La Mono , John Micha el


lamb , LHry Da le

155 155

l ambert. Ca rl Do ug las l onob . Gregory Po ul

28' l "wrenC!l, l inda Koy

8-4, H·QS,

113. 113. 114. 118. 1J0.156 l )j.264

125, 255

l ilwSO ro, Rcse lind Raye

.. 2S'

• Lea th. l eslie . . ..... 91·9S. 281 55 Le aas. Harvey Be rna rd ... 117.256 Le8os . Peter H .

139, 154.284

l eBIMc. Ron a ld Kei th

161. 173


l tlBlo nc , S te rli ng l.

100· 10),2S&

ledy. John D. Lee. Bobby Roy ...

' .. 18' ... 2e1

lee, Gi lbert Alvin. \1


Lee , H eleo Marie­ Le e , J ohn Robe r!

.... .... 156

Lee. l inda Koy

... 1'5. 18'

.... 284 ..... 26.

lee, Ma ry Elizo be th Lee, Ro ber! Edward

Lee. Sarah R o~ i leo ..... . 133, 294 Legg itt, CMI Edward


Lerner!. l ou ise Grey

..... 1)6

184 189. 191

l enox , Pe ter Lloyd

l eonard, Jimm y Wayne ...... Ib l LePorati, Mar ilynn C.

.. .. 25b

Le rner. Mc'.'lrl in leigh


284 .... 184

l e roy . J ohn l ouis



64. ])2,


l e 5he , Marilyn Anne Lester, Fred e ric E.


.. .. 136

l etson , Dr. Billy B. l ette rmen. Do nnie A. _. .

102- 103.

l e lt e rmo n, l inda D. ..

134. 2Sb


. _. 284-

Le t le rmdn 's C lub

li b, 122

l ev a lino. Samuel Roy .... 102·1 03

Richard J ...

l andry, A lfre d J .. Jr.

18. 156 28,

Le wis. Dou juo no

Lar"ldry. OM " Ray


Le wi s, J oh n C.

LMders, Rosel yn Kaye l ar,d re nea ux, Pldricl 6.

Lendry. Glen n Ja me s

125, 2Sb 106.1 0 7

l a ndry, l a'' ''rence J ., Jr. l ond ry. l yn Lydio.'l .' l a nd ry, Plwt Pete r. landry , Wil liom Ro y l ands . Barbara Ann

. , ... 11 9

.. 26'" ... 28"

l ewerJyon. Jo ni. Y. l~wis

Allo no Koy

... 156 ....... .. 136

l ewis. Nadi ne


l ewis, Ro nald De le


Lew is, Sa nd ro Go y

..... 2M

184 23.

lewis, Thomos H . .. . 119 161. 111

28' 284

l iq f-tfoo+. John Allan

l "nd s, J o hn Cho'lrles

125, 256

Lo ne. R<'Ilph

160. 200

La ne, W illia m Elv in .. 20-4-20S. 25b

Lic ht. Ar,n Charlotte

28' 18.

li g h t ~ ey. MOll P"lmer ... 112, 139.

2M li nd o w, 8 re nda K.

12 1. J45, 2Sb

l a ne, Wi llia m Floyd


Liner, Stan ley Dole


Lang. ld O'to .... .. ..


linge {elt, Lind o



li ~ hm 5 n. Brendo Ann



l angley, Judy Marie K. ...


Longs to n, Do lly M .. _'"


.. ... 18'

Lowrence. Ell is G.

La rn:a~ l er.

Kitche ns. J ames Robert Kni g ht, lindo Da le ... . ...

ti S 234

Lo!Incos le r. J r.. Don a ld D.

Ki tc hell. Den nis V. ...

Kni ght, Judy M orie .......... 2B)


lews, Sieve Wayne .. 10".IOS, 264

. . .. , ... 90·9 I

Kilpo trick , Mory Susan ....


Lo wrence , J effrey Ian .... 108 · 1~.

Laws, Loro;ne Ann


Ki lb')urne. oa lt y S.

10 4·1 05


L"wren ce. J r" Williom R... ... 2&4

Leo Dari, Ch l'!ry! A r. n

Kill in gswo rt h. J e sse D.

284 221 '04.t05.

l 5s trClpes, Judith C . 130, Lll suzzo, Wayne A. Love nd er. Me rl in Ed ...... , .. I )), lowley, Geo rgionn

145. 28 ]

Kull, Pemel " J e 5n ..

l llCO lJr. Peg gy SUlonne

Ki ng. Goorg8 P"ul

161 . 170. 155 .... , .. 181



King . Don r.<'I J ....

11 9,

136 IOb. 107. 283 Krotzer. Richard M. 88·89. Kul inski. Jo net Dor. ut a


". 181

J une au . Gle nn l o uis

J r .. Leo H. .... 255 Kr ll mer, Chadolle B. 28) .. 224. Kro me r. Dr. Edw()rd J . J.

Key'i, Cl ora Ruth

182 1)6

K ord~ meier,

Kidd er. Joh nic k ..

Kin coid , Ed werd H o ward

Joyn er, Mary M.

28 )

91 ·93 . 2ij)

Kendrick. Be ve rl y C.

129, 229

Joyne r, Donald E.

18) 255

La sseigne. Ir" J oseph ... lessd e r, Nid olos l aster . Harvey Charle ~

123. 128,


11 5. 283 Kemp Thomas Allen Kemp. Tom my Mic ha e l ... 100·1 01

J o rdan. Corale J .

100 ·10 1. 282


117. 136 183 155

Kno ll , Dr. Ro bot P.. Knox, li nd ., Lealice Ko lb. Carolyn Mo rt;n Kolb. James G raham


Kinerd. M. KMe n

J o we rs. G us Eric


183 255 236

J one s. Wi llia m T. J o rdol1. Je n J ustine



Ke lly, Victo r S.. Jr.

In. 254 181

J o nes. Wayn e James


100·1 01.

Ke ll y, IH . Homos P.

90-91. 182 10 4. 105. 116

Jone s Tommy

K ~ l! e r.

11 8. 28 4

u ltle , l ind d J "rrolt . . .. 92-93. 2M

Lo ngst o n. J an ice 8....... I ) I. 284

li tH e , Marilyn l. . _.......

l a Rocc a , Michael J ..... _ 10 -4 -105

litto n, Mi choel RdY ..... ... . 2as


Live ly, MoritlMe . 285 Livings ton, MMShtl ll L . 285 Lloyd, Robed Lee ........ ,.. 285 236 Lodh<!l rt , Jessie M. .... 256 Lofl in , Fra nces June 236 Loftin , W ill iam F. 236 Lo ft o n. Mtlbel M. 237

Logan . Sack


Lolley, J o hn La rry

Jr. ..

Lotz, Walter J.,

Louvie re, Dan o Andrew Lovoi, Jr., Ja sper J.


Martin . Dr. Fra nk W . . ,. MMt in, Glen n Wo rl ey

285 28 5

Ma rx, Joe E.. It l

108 . 109

MaBee , Ned Wal te r

104 · 105. 285

145, 285

Luce, S'J sa n Kay..

146 2&5 285 2)7

Mo!Irtin, J erry EddMd

Lowery , Ja mes De n .... 285, 5 1 80· 8?, 285

Massey, Virg inia ... .


M"the ny, Robert P.


Ma the rne. Wayne Jude

. . . . .. 237

Mathias , Jean M"rie '"

Luciano, Anthony J ohn



Lowery, J r .. C loude J ......... 237

Luff.ey, John L

Martin . Eli zabe lh J. ....

257 28 5

256 t 25. 256

Lowe ry, Dianll Lyn n ....

MiH:>ha ll , Deloris liB. Morshall , Melanie C . 13 1, M<Hshall, orv ille P. Marshall, Phil ..... .... ... . Ma rt ien, II I. Norm<'lO H . Martia n. Rebecca An n Marl in. C harles F. 160,

285 16 1, 17 2 9-4.95, 285

M ath is, Bedi Ann


Luttre ll. Connie Dia ne ... 90·91, 113. 124, 130. 153, 2B5

Ma lhys. Wilma Hesle r


Ma lte, Bruce M ichae l


lyle, Anit<!l Kaye "

.. 88.89 , 285

M" tt hew:>. Rudy Kent


Lyle, Bo bby Lamar .. 102.10) , 285

Maxwell , Susan Elaine


May , C ha rles Thomas


Lupo, Martho Rulh .....


M Mace luch . Sylvia Irene ... ,


Mead , Jea n ne . .. ..


Mack , Ma ry Fra nces


May, J!lcquelyn !',n ne


May, Lee Norris ....


May, Maria nne Bow er ... 224, 238 May, Moll ie OiMne


Mayea ux, Anward Jos. , Jr.

10-4 · lOS

Mad , Ma xie Carol

28 5

Mays , linda Al ice


Modde n, J ock Lave rne . . .


M cAlliste r, Sha ro n Ann


Mddd en, M<'Iri ha ..... ......


McA lmon d, He le n T..... jJ I, 286

Mdd dry, Ste ven C linto n


M cArthur, J3mes O.

25b MaGee, Larry Lee....

28 5

Mahoney, Be lty June .... 127 , 285 Mahone y. Lon nie L. . .

.. 285

Mah r, Terra nce Doug las

100·101 285

M6ins, J uan ita FlIye Ma lo ne,

M M~ h a

Eloin e


Ma lon e , Shoron T here~a


Mo lona , To ni l ee .... , ..

285 256. 106· 107

Manieri, J r.. Tyrell T. M:'ln iscoico, Ph il ip M.

.. 130. 285

Ma n n, Bobby J oe

.. 285

Mann, Do ro thy An n .. .. 88.89, 28 5 Man n, Peggy Ann .... 62. 79, 257 Ma nning, Be n Michoe l


Mannino, Rita Frances

92 ·93, 285

M annings. Jr., Captain J ames 237 Mdmur, J oAnne Mansur, Stephe n P':1U 1

257 16 1, 169, 197

28b 28b 28b

M cBride , Shelton E. McBride, Wade McCa n n, Thom(lS R.


Mc.Cdrty. Rebecca Ann .. 129, 257

Marara , Kalhy


224, 237 ... 92·93


286 129, 257

... 28b ... 28b .. qO·q l

M cGdhd, James Harold


Mc Gee , David young .... 286.5 1 McGee. Mic haE"t Lloyd M cGee, W ando Faye .. M cGeever. Ma ry M. ..

257 92-93. 286

88·89 ,

Mc G int y, M .::.ry France s


Miano, Robert S.


19. 125, 257. 196

Michel . Victo r Thomas .. . 144 . 28 7 Mich ie , Ju d ith G rey ... 92 .93 , 129. 287 Midd le br ooks, Wa lte r D.

123. 28 7 14 b 287

McGra w, Dr. Va n C.

237, 225

McG uire, Hen ry Aryon M cGu irt , Kare n Lyn n

286 90-91, 28 6

McGuirt , Merr i ~ne M c Hah o n, Bill

286 ........ 106· 107

McHale , BeHy B.......

n ·n , 257

M ci n tyre , J L.di lh Ann ... 128 . 129, 257

Kat heri ne

E.. .

286 286

. ....... . 287

Mc Keit he n, Gov. J oh n J .

287 208 187, 188, 192

McCoy, Sa rah Lo uise .... 145 , 257

M c Knee ly, Ken neth H .


Mc Kneely. Dr. L. MaNin 237 McKain. Cam ...... ..... ... 287 Mc Kowe n, John S.



Mclain. C harles M.



Mclo ug hl in, Edwdrd, III .. 102· 103. 2S7 McLdu rin , III . J ohn C.

100· 10 1, 287

Mc Curdy, Ralph Lee .... 100· 10 1. 286

McLauri n, Wayne

McCurdy, Robe r l Bruce

McLemore. Dr. J o hn A.

225. 237

McM~han ,

104. 105. 122, 28 7


257 126. I -iS, 14 7

D;ego ..

Middle to n, Will iam T.

Mc Ki nney, Jr., Sylvesfer

McDdn ie l, Kendall Ray ......

Erne~ 1

Midd le to n, Deboroh Sue

McCoy, Mi chae l Curt is ...... 286

Mdrgore t K.. . 13 I, 286

Me rlo,


McKelvey, Fra nc ine E.

M cCus~ er ,

Me re. Lind.:! B. ......... t) I , 287 Me redi lh, George W .



McCurl ey, Vicki Jdn .. ,', .... 286

92·93, 257

Residence Co uncil ..... I J3

McGoug h, Sdndra Kaye. ..



Melvin , G l e~d(l Kay M en ' ~

McGough, Brenda Sue.,., .


Q" .9S. 286

88 -89, 11 8, 287

100· 10 1

Mc.Kei th en , G lyn E.

McCu ist ion . Thomas M.


Mel i.:! , p...,lricia Ann

M cGa ha . Robert Le e ........ 286

t...1c Ke ithe n, E"dd y E.

102. 103,

Meeks, Donna Ed ris ........ 94-95 Me le rin e , Ro b!. Ant hony



McCue, J ame s Robert


C o nl'ic Jea n

94.95. 133. 287

McCoy , J oh n Benja min

11 7.257


M ee~s,

Me rrill . Sdrbar(l Dale


McCook, J e n ny An n ....... 9Vn

125, 257

Mears, Raymond Lynn

Methvi n, Cyn thia Sue

Mc Kee , J o h nny H.

M cCredd y. Lyn Earl

104· 105, 237

McGa ha , Mary Helen ....

McCl ure, Carolyn

M cCrory. Philip H., Jr.

Ken nel h Frdncis

M cG"h<!l, l orry Everett ....... 257

M cK ~y,

Me Cullin, Vid i Lynn ........ 117

Ma pp, Marcus



McCle lla nd, J a mes M . ... 125. 286

McCo y, K...,thl ee n Elil .... 120, 286


Mc W il liams, Fra nces J .

Mc Farl in , l indo Diane

McKay, GriH in Randall



McRee. Sheila Sue

McE lveen , Cearol Mae 28b Mc Ener'y, Fe licie . 88 ·89, 286 McFarland , Mic hae l Roy . .. . . 106· 107 , 286 106. 10 7, Mc Farlane, OOllid E. 257

McClei:>h , Do lp h H . ......... 237

McCoy, Lavern e Ma rie

Mc N a ug h t<!!n, DOo1dld S. McQuillin , G loria Ann

2&b 28b


.... 257

122, 257 287


McKoy. Dan Boies .. 100 · 101. 286,

McCu llar, Ju lia n n

Mapp, And rew Fra nkl in . . .... 1 19. 161, 169

McDowe ll, Adon"o Ly nn McDowe ll. David Ra y McDuffie, Georg e C. McDuffie. Ro:-.a lie W . McElroy. Bobby Gray McE lroy, Doris Joann ... McElro y, Glori" J.

McMoy, Ronald Lee ... McM ullen, Norma Sue

188. 190

McClary. Wile y Fo rd .... . 146. 56

285 285

McDonnell. Lorraine C . . M cDouga ld. Margare t A. McDo uga ll. J ack Howard

Mc Koskie, Sandr~ Lynn . ..... 286

285 . 85. 157

28b 28b 2&b

McClanaha n, Merlan J ....... 28b

Manu e l, A nlhony C. ...

Mdpp. Dia nn e Gu y . ...

I I S.

McCd rver. Judit h C ....... . . 28b

Md nue l, Debo ra h Anne Many, J eanette line r...

McDona ld , Ja mes CMson

Chdrles D. . .

M" Ma hon, Wi lliam James

Miguel, Lin dea

M Mi ~

287 287

M iklosey, Thoma. 01 1


Mi lan. Ml'ldelyn An tley Mile., Ma ry Louise


M ilford, James Di'llton


Mille. Merri! J o~eph

...... 287

Millen , Or. E"rI T.


Miller, A I W ill iam

119, 16 1, 162, 17 1, 287

M.lle r. Anna M.

'29, 258

Mille r, J r., Charles J os .


Miller, C harle:> Wm., Jr.


Mi ll er, Clifton Ayres.


Mill e r, George Benton

14 5, 287

Miller, G le nda J oy

. ....... . 287

Miller, l eo nard Greg Miller. Sa nd r" Kaye Mille r, Thomas

L e~ l i e

Miller, Timoll, y Millet, eyron Jame s Mills, J oh n Robert ..

Morko u, N(loum . . . ........ . . 285

McDaniel, Mary C ........... 28 6

Mc Mi ll in , Donald C ..... 116, 28 7

MlHrero, ReYM ld o ..... . . . . . 28 5

Mc Danna ld, RorHl ld A . . . ..... 286

McMil lin, Rc bbie Marie

Mdrsh, Mad JlImes .. 104·1 05, 158

McDo nald, Bax.ter .... ....... 237

11 8, 287

287 16 1. 173, 287 , 199 287 125 , 258 287

Milis, Pa mela l o uise ... 88 -89, 12 1. 287 Mi lls, Roger S ianley


Mil~ t ead ,


Ma rio n Ezra

M ilton, Audrey Sue Mi nniear, Mary J ane


130, 287


287 128, 146, 258

M ira n te, Peter Jose ph .. . 106. 107, 287 28 7 Milcham , Sam ue l Wayne M ilche ll, Dr. Haze l H.


M itc f,ell , Joh n Snyde r ... 102· 103 , 287 Mi tche ll. Noel Wendell

125, 258

Mitche ll, Pa ul Lee .......... . 238


Mo bbe rly, Jr., Dr. W illia m ... 238 Modern


120 287 287

Clu b .

Modisette . Bren da Kay Moh!. Siaden J c hn .. ..

112. 152,

Molcany, Robed W . Moncrief Kei lh Young . .

287 102- 103

Moncrie f, Manly

104. 105

Mo nroe , Dr.

J6me ~



Monroe. Miche lle Dene .,., 94·95,

287 Monroe . W ill io m J oy

145. 287

Mo nte ilh. John Bcl rry

..... 25a

Mon tgomery, C hll ryl Ko y ... 90 · 91 Montz, Dre ma

T~er esa

....... 288

25B 2B8 BB -G9 Murp hey Mic hael Anne 2B8 Mu rphy, DMie l Michae l B8-89 . 2B8 Murphy. Kerry l ynn 258 M urphre y. Mart ha Jo . , .. .. . 2 17 M ur p hy, Thomas A, 108· 109 Murry, Frank .. __ 2BB M urray, J ~ m es Joh n 288 Musgrove. Gwe nd olyn S. My~tt , Ale:':'M de r 8. 102 · 103 MYI) H, l ou Da vid.,.,.. 100· 101 Myers, Ke nneth B, ", t04. 105.288 Myrick, II, J. C, .. ,.,.,. 2BB

Moore , Be nlon Hen ry Jr ...... 258 Moore, Dorothy J. Jome~


13 0, 253 Wo lte r .... 102.

10l . 288 ... 288

Moore, Jonice l ou ise

Moore , Ke lhleen C ......... 88·89 Moo re , l e o nard Brva nt .. Moore , lindo Sue M oor~ ,

90 ·9 1,

Munson, Mary Katheri ne

92-93 . 288

Moo n, Sho rol'l Ann e

Mo ore, Jr.,

I 17,

M unn. Georg e I t'l mt'lr, J r.

100. 10 1.288 NoH, Da niel l ee Nc'l hlen. Ma ry Frances .. ...... 288 No jt, Sus"n Mo ry ........... 288 N a nce , C h':H li~ Eugene 90. 91 , Napper, J e ff

11 5

Na ~ h . C on~tan c e



Murray East ha m

100· \ 0 1

Moore, Noralyl'l Pe nney


N o~h, J 3ne t Dio nne .. ,

Moore , Pa t ri c it'l Ann


Na ~h,

MMY A nn ....



Purvis G le n .. ,....

Morales , Richard Alden

288 102-103. Mora n, Robe r! W ayne 288 258 Mo rM, Terry J osep h 133. 288 Mo rare , Ka1hrvn B. Moreau, Michoe l Henry ...... 122 122. 288 Morelt'l nd , D"" ic Pou l 2BB Moreland. Ernest .,. 2lB Morella, John R. Mo ra n, Errol l o uis

Mo ' gM , Beverly Jone


12 1, 288 . . . .. 288

N al ian ,,1 C olle g ia Ie Association for SecretMi es 12 1 Naf" I;, J o seph Arno\d


N eol. C<Holyn Sue .. ""

11 8, 2aB

Nec l)ise,

S ~m ue l

J, . III .. 147 , t 26

Ne e! . J<'Inice l ynn N e l~on,

A lvin J oseph

N el~on,

A rlh ur

N el~o n ,

Jes5ie Pa t rid

92 ·93 , 25B

0., J r.

28B 125, 258 288


Ne l~on,

l arry Dc'I!e



Nel son, Stephen O.


Morris, David Pt'ltrid

Nelson , Thom as Edward ..



Ne wcomer, Dono ld Henry

2B8 .

125 . 258

Morr i ~, Geneva Loui se .,.

Morris, Koren



94.95, 113 , t 24 ,

130. 2BB 2BB Mo rr is, Mary Mc M"n us Morris, Michael N. . . ... . ,., 28B 12b lvio rr is, Re x Be rtram 258 Morrow, Geraldine S. 28B 23B 25B 238

Morro w, Kenne th J oh n Morton . Howard W. Mo rto n, She lby Pt'l u!

Morl an . Ted J . M o ~es , J omes Fred e rick . . 102· 103 Mass. R"m sey Cla ir ..


Mouhot. Ken ne lh G. ......


Mou k, Do na,. as, 92·93 , 120 , 123 ,

12B . 258 Mo uron , Jonathan Ken t

11 7,2 88

Mowo d . Sami r C,

I 17. 288

Mull ens, Joh n L. ........ . 100·10 1 M ull:n~. Dr, J oe Barry

, . 22 5, 2) 8

M ulli ns , Pa t ric ia B. .....


Mulli ns, Th addeus F. . ... 147, 144. Mummert. Ger" ld E.

51 N e wma n, J<'I cq ueli ne M. .... ,. 288 Ne wma n, Mic h"e l Ve rnon ,'" 288 N ewm~ n , Step hen Ray ... 100· 10 1,

2BB Nichols, 6Mb",a L.


100-10 1, 25B Ni cholson , Jome~ M.... , . 21 2 Nd las , Dr . Me rrill S. 238 25B N icosit'l . A nthony Peter N ichols, J r., Th o mas J .

N ield. Phylli~ An ne

Obe r, RichMd G..... , ..... 239 .. . 2B9 O 'Brie n. Pa ls y Rebecca O ' Brien, Jr .. Robe rt ... 100 · 10 1,

2B9 O d en . Sharon Ki)ye . .. 92·39. ISS,


209 N ix, J "mes K. 23B N ix, Ro b ert Wil d e 28B N i ~on , C o nnie L. Dilvis 258 No b le, Ide l lorai ne . . 288 2B8 No ble t, Carol yn KQy 25 9 No lan, Becky FlI ye Nolan. John An d re w 2B8 NoJon , MMil ynn Sue 288 No lan, Mic he e l F, .. 104- 105. 288 Nole n. J oy .. . ..... . .. .... 28B


Norman . Gerry Lynn ......... 288


Norma nd , David Michile l ..... 2BB

Pnrd ue, JM is Ann

... .. . 289

Pordue , Van ENin ...... . 289, 197 Porker, 8111

..... 1:>2·10)

PO f ~e r, Dennis Sherma n

129, Ze?


Po rker, Ella Marg are t

.. _ 28'l

Parke r, FOf1da Ka v


Pbr ke r, Johr1 W ayne ..

I) I, 239

Parl: er , Ma rgMe t A nn Parx e r, N elrose

Pe rker, Pame la ... , 92·93, 129. 259 Pc'lr ~ er, Peggy Hewitt , .. . . " . 2&9 Pc'If~er,

Sharon Be th .. . ... . ... 2e9

Po r ~ersofl ,

J a mes W .......... 239

P a r ~ i nso n ,

Rona ld W.

. .... 289

Porh, Mil ice nt . ,. 92.?3. Il), 289.


Pc'l rks, Ronold D"" jd ..... . . ,' 146 Pa rra, W illic'lm l ouis

,. 100·101,

25' Pa rrott, DonM A. F fd n ce~

ee ·89.259


. , . 138

O ' Don ne ll , Ke nneth J , . . , .. ,. 289

Pa rrish,

289 Ogde n. Erne stine 116 O'Hara , F r a n ~ .. . . ...... . Ogden, MMga re t Lynn ... . 92 ,93.

Pa rris h, J omeS Michael ... .. . , 289

Orr, Geo rge Ne lso n ..

289 104- 105, 289 Ill. 2B9 29B 239 239 120, 2B9 102-103

Orr, Jr., James Mu rrell

.. 100 · \0 1

Oglesbee, Th o mas C. .. . O ld s, l e la Ga il O ' N ea l, Don Te rrel O ' N ec'l l, James M. " .. O ' R e~r. Jr., Ro be r! E.

Orill ion. He le n S.

Orr, Philip Woyne .........


Ortega, De ll nis l uke ...



J o~ep h i ne



O~ bor n , Aud rey Marie

I 13

O ~ bo rn , Ro lph Ge ra ld 259 Oswa ld , George R....... /1 7, 259

O tnoh, Marg a re t Kay


Otosh i, Tosh io ... ,... Otis,

D ~ ni e l


20 2 I 04~ I 0 5,

O twe ll , He rber! Wayne Oubre . Garry Pierre

259 2B9

102· 103 , 115

146, 258

Nix, Enoch T.

.. ... 289 PlIc e. Shirle y Ann 125. 259 P""ddod. Cc'lder Da"id Page, C"",lefon C . .. 239 Pa lmer, J omes Douq los ..... . . 229 P""PPd i, G ~ rv C, .. 1-4·105 ... ... !25 Palm isono. J ohn J. Jr, Pan h'( , l aney Michoel ,,' 115, 269

Por~s , Marv l o u .. , ... . ...... 2eq

Neal. Joyce DiQnne , ... , ..... 2G8

Morga n, l ois W at kins Morgan, V/ illiam G.



MorgQ n, J r., Joh n Dee ...... Mo rg an , Sh elton 8. ..

259 102-103 No rwood, l anny D6[e B8 -89 . j) I . Noyok. J a nice F" ye 289 2B9 Nug e n1, Ern es t W dyn e Nuebe rt, Jo hn ............. . 138 289 Nuge nt , Jo hny Mo rris 259 Nuge nt, J oyce F<'I )' e ••• • . 289 N ul l, Barbara l ou ise . 10B- I09. Nu !mCln , J effr ey Barry 2B9


197 123 . 288

2B9 J e rry Da n 289 Norris, Shirley An n Norris , Dr. W ill ia m W. 238 North. Ro bert B., J r. " . . 125 , 2SQ Nor theas l Accounting C lu b . .. 120 NortheM ! Agronomy Cub ..... 122 Nori heos t Hono r Society ..... 123 No rlh ead Ge ogr ~p h ical Societv 122 Norwood, Anne Monroe 92· 93. Norr i~ .

Ou liz . J a mes l c'lwren ce Overby, Roselie E. Overton, J oh n l indon

289 289 100 . 10 1.

289 O we n, 8en jQ min p, O wen s, Del il ah Mary.,

2]9 2, 289

O wen s, James Ro be d


O~ ford. Dr. lake C.


O~ ford , SU SQn Dia n


92 -93. 289 104-1 05.

Pa rrish, MinI'! Avalon Porrish, Pa ul Sfa nl ey

289 Parroit, Sh<'lfon D. , . .. . " . ... 289 Po;!rsons , H o rord R.

104- 105. 290

Pot rick, Dewey Thomos .. ... " 2% P" lrick, Rebecca Sue


Pat rick, Vi cki Janice . ..... ,"


P"tler~on . J"m e~

W . . ....... . 290

Pa tterso n, J omes R,

123. 29J

Pa tterso n, Pc'l tricio A.

14S, 290

Pa tt e rson , Ronny C lay


P"tten, M1!ble ... . ,

290 259 259

Pt'lyne, H ild i) Ela ine Payne , lind" Nell . .. .• ,

Pec'lcod. Dr. Rona ld G. . . . ... 239 Pear~on .

Tommie Rc'lv

.... . . 290

Peek , El iBbe th Lwe


Peek, Kath 9rn l anel!

145, 290

Pedd y, Wayne Ellis .,

. . " . , 198

Pedro, Con stan ce Ann

85 12e.

259 119. 174, ISS

Pee l Ri cky Pelt ier, HMve y A.

. .. . 209

Pend leton, Rob in E.. . .. 91·95, 259 Penn eba ~e r ,

Fran k M., Jr.


259 Pen nil , Me lod y .. , .. ". ,',. 8S·a9 Pennyweil, Micha el P.


Pentecosf, Charles Ray

r 16

Peppers, Beverly Je M ... . .. . . 290 Pe te , Domi nic C , III .... 161, 173 Pe rkins, Na ncy lee .. . .. . . , .. 259 Penid. Dr. Ro berti) S. . .. .... 239


Penick, Dr. W illiam T. . .. 225, 239 Perry. Bre ndll .. . . . 92·93, 120, 290

Pace, Ne rissa Cliro lyn , . .• , ... 289

Pe rry. C harles Kenley . ..••.. , 259

Perry , J e nny Le e Perry, Row! Md H erdy Pes 'ion . Gle n n Pau l Pe rers , Eddi e J oe Pete rs, N<'ln cy Vi rgi nio Peterson, Me rgMer l. , Pe terson Pe me la Ann e

8B, B9 106 - 107 102-1 03

Po rter, W;lli <!rTl Ed ward Posey. Brenda Ka ye


Post. F ra n~ H enry Potie r, Fe lix Edwdrd Po th. Thu rm" n I. Pounds. Na ncy Vi rg ir\ia

I 18, 290 29 0 90·9 1, 290 Pelra ili s, George P. . ....... . 290 . . .. 85. 259 Petrus, MMY Ellen 259 Pfrimme r, Faith F, 229 P{rimme r, Ro be rt John Phi Alph o Theto 124 Ph i 8e l o ... 124 125 Phi De lio 290 Phe lps. Ke nne th R. 290 Philli ps, Billy Garne r 290 Phill ips, Delo res Ann Ph ill ips. J<l ne L. ........ . 1 12, 290 Phill ips. Phillip s. Ph iil ips, Phill ips. Phill ips. Phil pot,

Myrlla A. Ndncy J o Ron d y G oyle Ril a Ed no '" J r.. She rma n A. CMolyn G wen

259 290 290 290 290 123, 129, 14 5. 259 .. 12 6 Phi Mu Alph a Sinfonia Ph i M u 92-93 Pi a se cki. Phil ip J. 290 92-93. 290 Pickett, Pa tric ia S. 161 Picou . George Alle n . .. 290 Pierce. Be lvis Ca lhoun 290 Pi e rce. Brend o 94-95, 290 Pie rce. Ke rr y Lyn n Pie rc e, Lind a Maf ie 145. 290 Pin ches, Roge r G .. 290 290 Pind"rd , Mary Doreen 290 Pinni ~ , Melody Gay le 290 Pirkey, Joe C arl Pi tre , Ca rl Anthon y . .... 16 1, 173 Pitre, C o nnie A nn 1)3 , 259 Pittmo n, R" chel Dione .. 94-95 . 13 I . 290 290 Pitts. Ch a rlo tte J. Pldisanc e , Sid ney F. 290 Pla tt. Den nis W ay ne ..... 10 2· 10 3 Pl aH , Ke nne th R"y

102. 10 3. 260

102-103 Plo tt. Ronni e Ea rl . .. 102· 103 , 290 P lea~. Ha nn" h . 290 Plitt, John MM k 90-91. 290 Poe, Ly nett e Ma rie 260 Pog ue, ShMon J ean ne S. 290 Po inter, Clyde Wa yne 2'10 Pola nd , J ooet C . ... 290 Po lk. AMon C. Po lk. MMY Ele ano r .... 90-91, 290 188. 190 Po lk. Richo rd Doyle Pons, Mic he le Ann 260 102. 103. Pool, W illia m Gary .... 154,29' Poole, Doroth y Ruth ... 291 .. 94-95, Poole. Miri om J eo nne 11 8. 291 29 1 Po pe, Pil l r!c i... Louise Pope , Di ena G ayie


Po d er. Bi ll ...


Porte r, Bill ie Lee Po rt e r, Denn is

94-95 , 260 239

Po rt e r, Donn a Sue

9 4.95, 291

Po rie r, Richa rd A.


Porter, Tho mM Henry ."

126. ''1 6, 260

Po we ll, Betti e J o Po well, Edward Byro n

126. 260 '1 8, 155, 29 1 29 1 260 22 6 9'1·95, 11 2,131. 29 1 291 106·)07 . 291

Po well, Glo ri" Dean ... ... 29 1 161 , 172. Powell. Ja mes A llen .. 29 I . . . 21 2 Powers, Dr. Gl enn F. Powers . G le nna De lore s .. 12 1. 29 1 Po wers, Ma ry Su e ... 29 1 Prag e r, Dc nr a Rde 118, 291 Pra tt. Terri Lee .. .. .. ..... .. 291 Pre-l aw C lub .. 126 291 Presn ell. Vicki l yn n Pl'e~se , Eilee n Noel Pre witt . Jr., J ohn W .

29 1 102 - 103, 29 I 291 291 126 29 1 ., 226. 239

Price. C harles Price . Gen e tte G. Price. G le nn Ga le Price. Kirby Oved Price. l. l eon , Sr. 145 Pri ce . MMY He len Price , Roy La velle 291 Price, William H. 291 239 Pri nce. Dr. B. Ea rl Pring le, C la rence E. .. .... 29 1 Prisoc. To mmy Earl ... ... 12 6, 146 I 13 Pritc hu rd . John .. ... . _. Pritc he tt . J ohn Edwa rd 144.260 Profit, J oseph .. 161, 173. 188. 192 Pru itt, Morsho ll ........ . .. 291 Psychology C lub 12 7 Puckett. Do nald Ed win


Pugh. Melbll Jone ."

29 1

Pu lIDm. Tom Spec...


Pull i&m , Cha rl es C. ... . .....

I 14

Pumphrey , Den ni s Ray ., .•..


Purdy. Ne ld d F6ye ..... 88-89. 29 1 Purgerson. J<'Imes Robt.

12 2

Pylan t. Louis Lani e r

123, 126, /4 7, 29 1

Pyl e , Patty C Ole tt e

29 1

o Quad e, J oh n Edwa rd

106-107 , 291

Q ua lls. Dr. Buckl ey E.

. . .. 222

Q uarles. Patsy An n . Qu"y. Oem.! Su san . _. Quimby, Jon e t l orai ne Qui nn. Buddy ..

29 1 94.9 5, 29 1 291 10 2-103

Ragas. Jr.. LI~yd A. " 291 Ragus. J erry Fra nklin..... 1 16 Raibrd, Jo Ann ..... 94-.95, 291 Ra imo. Vince nt MichQe l 106· 107 Rainbo lt , R. Ru sse ll ..... _.. " 239 92.93. 291 Roins. Elizabeth Je o n R" ins. Morlin Boyd ... . .. 100·10 1 239 R"m bin, J r. , W illiam R. Rilm bo. R" nd y 145 29 1 R<'Imbo . Wil lard R an~om Ramire z. Do n R.!Iy mon d 260 29 I R<'Imirez . Pa ul Roge r 12 5, 260 Ramirez. Gera ld lo uis Rand a1lO, Ant hon y V., J r. 260 Ra ndow. G len A lan 102- 10 3. 11 9 . 174. 260, 189. 185 153. 29 1 Roney. Do ro lhy J Me 291 Rd nkin. Charla Da le R /:I!i ~in. Ronald 291 Ra tcliff. Shoron Ruth 29 1 88·89, 291 Ro t hge b, Judit h Lyn n Rouer. Mi chae l Arl tnony 292 R<lwls. A lfred N. 104-1 05. 122 . 260 Rawso n, Pau l L. 239 R" y. No rma J ea n 292 Reo, Ba rbara 88-89, 145. 292 Rea , Corolyn . . 88-89, 62, 72. 260. 55 Re a, John Ru ssell ..... 102-1 03 Re ag" n. Ca rc lyn Kay ........ 292 Redd. Bre nd o Elm iro ... 92-93 Redd. Mary Ellen .. . 29 2 Reed . Carol in e Dianne 292 100­ 10 1, 292 Reed . Chorl es Ken t Reed , David Re ed , Don M iils .. 100-101 Ree d, Do na ld Kei th 260 Reed, Jo hn Dav id ... .. 292 Reed. Phyllis Ann . . .... 94-95. 292 Reed. Robe r! J ohn .. 292 Ree ms , Lin d a Sue .. . 292 260 Reeves , Jam e s. W. J r. . Reeves, T r"vi ~ Lamar .. . . 125.292 Reid , Fred M ic hae l ""'" 260 Reis, C o rl Scott . .... 100-101.292 102, 103, Re isig , Te rry Edword 16 1. 170. 292 104·' OS, Reihe ll . John Robert 115, 12 5. 128,260 Re ine ll. Sammy H . 292 Renz . Pete r Gera ld ... 292 Rep po nd . Koren Su e ,. 292 Res te r. J err y J edson 260 Re yno lds , Joseph S. 100· 10 1 Reynolds, Wi ll iom Pe te .. 102. 103,


292 Rh o C hi . . 127 117, 260 Rhodes, J ock H <'l lsey Rhon e. Jr ., R o ber ~ F. .... . 292 292 Ric ha rd. Josep h L. .. Richords. Mary Ann 292 Ri chards , O 'Brien

R Robol" is. Diln ny RdY Rabb , Thea M o r ~ i s

291 125, 29 1

86, 153 ·1 54, 260 . 54

Ric hMd son, Gory A .


Richordson, Gary W oyne


Richard~o n .

G len M.


R i c hard ~o n.

Ka y _. ....


Rab b, Jr., Th om a s V.

29 1

Richardson , Lar ry P.


Ra bu n. Dia ne Green . ..


Richa rdson. Ro be rt L.


Rac hol. Doris M(lfie .

29 1

Rickey. J<lme s M ichoel ... 145. 292

R<'I d o u, Gene She ldon •.. 115, 29 1

Rich ey, Jr., J ohn W . . ....... . 292

Richie. Eunice Rid s. Beve rly L. Ri c ke tt, Robert M . Rid d le, Mary Ann .. _ Rig gi ns. G. Lo wery .. 1« . Rile y C h~H le s Edw lHd Riley, Mary J ones .. . Riley , Purvis .. ........ . Rinoudo, Nicholo; J., J r. Ri n eh or ~. Pa lma R. . ... ... ... Rhin eh art, Re bec ca .. Rino , And reo Mori" Rio rdan, Conn ie Lou Rise r. III . Ch <'lf les J. Riser, Dorothy Lee .. . Ri se r. Fred Price. J r.. ........ Rise r, Lyne lle Ka ye .... 92 ·93, Ri ser. Pamela Sue G. Ri ,e r. Po isy C . RiHer, Thomas C li fton Rivette, Bla nche A, ..... . _. Roan . Le ste r L. Roa rk. D... vid Mo nroe Robb in s, M... ck Arth ur _.. 112.

229 239 23 9 292 239 292

292 292

292 292

l iS 292 292 292 292 260 292 261 292 147 26 1

292 292 26 1

292 Ro berts, Abi gai l 292 Robe rts. Bre nd" Goyle 146. 26 1 Ro b e rts, C la udia Ann Roberts, Elizabeth A. .. . . 131. 292 I aa, 190 Roberts, Mic hoer J . . . Roberts, Nash C. .' .. ... 209 Robe d s. Sharon Su e .... . .. 90·9 1 104- 105. Robertso n, Rich&r d Lee 292 102-103 Ro bertson, Ro nn ie E. Ro binette. A ngela D. 292 292 Robi nette, J acquelin e Robinson, Cheryl H ... ...... . 292 Ro bi nson. Joh n Aub rey ...... 14e Ro bi nson. Kelma Kay .. ...... 145 Ro b insol1 , Lowra nc e A. 86. 1 17, 26 1 102-1 03. Ro binson, Robt . Boyd 292 Roby, Phil ip Irving . . 1(}1-1 05. 292 Ro dde n. J osie Ann .. ... 145 102- 103 Ro d e n, Jom e5 Edwa rd Rodge rs, Jerry De von , .... 26 1, 54 292 Rodman . Teressa T. 292 Rod rig ue , A lf red Rene .... Rodrigu e , Rodd y ........ .... 138 293 Rodrig ue. Thoma~ J . 115, Rod rig ue z. Karl Emm e tt 136. 293 Rogers, Cha rles C la ude ." 11 9, 16 1-1 62. 168.293 Roge rs, Elizabe th Fa y.. 293 Ro gers, J ... mes Robert ... 123. 293 Rogers. Jerry ..... .. ........ 128 2q3 Rog e rs, Joh nn ie H erman _ Rogers. Kathy Ma ri e


Roge rs. Lamar E.


Rogers , Marilyn An n


Roge rs, Mo ry.D... le


Ro ge rs, Na Boyd Rog e rs. Ryan Lee

94·95 , 293 29 3

Rogers. Shefrel N .


Roge rs. Stanley S.

26 1

Rog iltio, J<'Inic e Fa ye .. . , 121,2 93 Rohne r, C h ..., le s An drew. ,. 11 9, 16 1_162,26 1 Rollings. De lores G e ne .... . 88-89. 123, 29)

Rollir,s, Jerry Wdyne 293 Romero, RichMd Wdyne 293 261 Roos, Louis Frederick Roper, Everetle L., Jr. ... 128,261, 52

RoqueHes, Thelmd A. Rosenberg, Joe Fred ... Rosenstein, Timothy J.

293 293

114, 125, 261

Ross, John Raymond .. .. 104·105, 293 139 293 293 197 240

Ross, Robert Don ..... Rodger Wdyne Ross, William Alvirl .. Roussel. Kenrleth Ddvid Rowdn, Jdck C. Rowan, Robert C. 100-101, 293 187, 188, Rowdon, Jeffrey John Ro~s,


Rowe, Cynthia Hazel

123, 146, 293

293 Rucker, Jorendd Sue Ruff, Jdd Colvin 145. 261 Ruffin, Nicholas C. 293 Rugg, John Wayne 144-, 293 Ruiz, Alvin Joseph 128, 261 88-89, 29) Rule, Pdtricia Ann _. Runnels, Ddyton W. 240 293 Ru,h, Barbara C. Russell, Leigh S. 9283, 293 Russell, Marilyn 293 Russell, Peggy Rul·h .......... 293 Russell, Rose Virginia ..... 293 240 Russell. Dr. William K. ..... Rutherford, Gary DeM .. 104-105. 261

Rutherford, Rdndy Lee 293 293 Rulledge, Larry Gaston RuHle, Margaret Ann... 293 RYlln, Daniel 147 RYM, Jr., Donald E. 293 Ryan, III, Frank I. 104-105,293 RYM, James .... 293 Ryan, Milton A. 240 RYlln, Owen Daniel..... 2, 293 Ryder, Dondld Joseph 161 Ryder, Gary Ray....... . . I 15 Ryland, Virginia Gllyle ... 131,293

s Sddler, Freidll Jelln SaerlZ, Reynaldo V. Sdlisbury, Sandra ... Slliter, J. Michael Sllmpieri, Paul Louis


240 293 122, 293 104--105, 293

SampognMo, Carmelia A.

92-93, 118, 293

Sdmpognaro. Mary P... 293, 92-93 SMdefur, Saundra GllY 293 Sanders, John Larry _.

116, 122

SMdifer, Jllmes Payne

.... 51

Sll nd rock, Gertrude M.


Sandrock, Kathryn Ann Sanson, Mable Cilludell


131, 294 294­

Sllulters, Glenn _.... 182, 183, 195 119, 174 Saulters, Grady G., Jr. Saulters, Larry Joe .. 119, 174, 186 Saunders, J. Harvey..... 240 Saunders, Susanne Gail

120, 294

Saunders, Wayne AIM 294 Sdvage, Jlln Lorroine ........ 294 Sllvoge, Johnny Charles 100-101, 294

Sovanna, ROrlold Stephe

104-105, 294

Savoie, Kennelh Lewis 261 Sawyer, Irma G. ..... .... 261 Scobbard and Blade 128 ScaFidel, Robed John _. 119,161, 162, 168.261 Scorborough, James F.... 102-103 Scarbrough, Glenda F........ 294 SCMbrough, Linda Goye ..... 294 Schaff, Michoel EdwMd 294 Schell, Roy Thomds ... 188, 189 90-91, 294 Schilling, Myrd E. Schilling, Philip R. ...... 294 Schlosmdn, Don 108-109 Schmidt, Elsie Theresa 294 131, 294 Schnall, Ellyn Carole Schneider, Herber! S. 294 Schoen, StOrlley 294 294 SchonfMber, Irvie Isa 100-101, Schubert, Christopher 294

Sch utz, EdwMd E. . ... 240 Schwartz, Jerry Ddvid ... 'f 108-109 108-109 Schwartz, Stewart M. ... Schwend, George Thom<'lS .. 106­ 107

Scogin, V. J. 209 Scott, Donna Louise 294 Scot[, Hal James. .. ...... 294 Scott, Captoin Hugh J ....... 240 Scott, Jr., Robert Lee 100-101, 294

Scruggs, Cecilia Ann ........ 294 Scruggs, MMY Diane. _..... 90-91 Scurlock, Willill.m R.•. _...... 240 90-91, 142, Sale, Kllthryn Jean 294, 53

........... 294 SeMcy, Dillnne SeMcy, Stephen Edward .. 102-103, 294­ Segrest, Jllcob L. ........... 240 Selby, MMy Ann ........... . 294 240 Selby, Jr., Edward B. 261 Selle, Robed Isidore Selman, Priscillo Anne 133, 294 Senior BOMd 128 Sepulvlldd, Timothy T_ 294 294 SerpllS, Ernest J., III Sewell, Barbara Ann 294 Sewell, M. JeMnelte Shadoin, Dr. BernMd

294 240, 227

Shamblin, Linda Sue..... Shllmblin, Sllmuel C.

294 146

Shanafelt, Raymond E. .. Shorp, ChMles Ray

240 294

Shaw, Cristy

...... 294, 55

294 Shaw, Patricia Shaw, Stanley Kevin ..... 104-105,

Shelton, Ddvid Brent

104·105, 294

Shelton, Janice Marie 261 Shepherd, Aubrey Jdmes 240 Shephard, Michael John ...... 294 Shepherd, Alice S........... 229 Shepherd, Michael B..... 261, 189 Sheppdfd, Teresa MMia 294 261 Shergdlis, Cynlhia Ann Sherman, Catherine J. . ... 90-91, 112, 294 Sherman, Mary E. 130, 294 294 Sherrod, Larry Evon 294 Shipley, MMY Jedrl 294 Shipp, Linda Jdne 294 Shirey, Michael Osborn Shively, Buford Alldn _. 294 294 Shively, William K. 294 Shcalmire, Phyllis G. Shorr, Jednne 227, 240 Shortz, Cllludia ......... 294 Shows, Melvin Ray 102-103, 119, 138, 161.261 104-105 Shows, Robed Michael Shulman, Lawrence B. 295 102-103, Shumlln, Jul:dn H., Jr. 119, 161 92-93, 131, Sibley, Kll"en Faye 295

Sides, Chdfles Harris .. 102·1 OJ 213 Sigler, Dean HermM R. 129 Sigmll Tau Delta 295 Sikes, Marthll Ann 90-91 Sikes, Polly . .... 295 Sikes, Paula Jean .... 90-91 Sikes, Polly 138, 295 Sikorski, Jllmes Alan .... 295 Silmon, Judy Ellline Silvll, Michael.. . ...... 106-107 130, 295 Silverstein, Fred Simmons, Colvin Ray 295 Simmons, Donna Sue..... 295 229 Simmons, Emma JeM ..... Simmons, Judy Ann 295 Simmons, Lottie Odell 118, 295 295 Simmons, Lynda Beth 295 Simms, CMolyn Joyce 261 Simons, Martha L. 295 Simpson, Anna Ruth 145 Simpson, Pdtrick ... 295 Sims, Jr., Monroe _. Sinquefield. John W .... 124, 126, 262

122, 295 Skinner, Gregory J., Jr. 295 Slack, Elizabeth 120. 295 Slagle, James F. SlaHer, Deborah Anne ..... 88·89 295 Slaughter, James B. _. 295 Sledge. Beverly Jean 295 Smelser, Dougl<'lS Wren 209 Smith, Adrian Dale 295 Smith, Allen Franklin Smi th, AnneHe Emilie


Smiih, BarbMa Louise

129, 295

Smith, ChMle'i Crdig ... m Smith, David Warren ... 123, 120, 216 Smith, oonClld Burkett ... 102·1 0) Smith, Donni, oe"n • 195 Smith, Ellen B.... 124, 195 Smith, Elwin oWdin 262 Smith, Jr., Frederick M.... 295 Smith, Gdyle ..... 128 Smith, Glendll Sue 2 ~5 Smith, Harry EdwMd 102-103,


Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smit-h, Smith, Smith, Smit-h, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith,

Or. J. Willillm ...... 2-41 Jomes Randolph ., 86 Janice Faye .... ,.... ' 45 Lula Mae 2,5 Marcia Gayle 262 MargMet E. J. 2b2 Mary Jane.. 262 Michc.el Craig 1<7 Pllmela Kay G. 13 1,2t2 Randy .. 153 Ricky M.... 188, :;2 Roger Eugene ... 295 Or. Ronald E. .... 117 Samuel H., Jr. 122,295 Sandra Kay 120, 1'0 Sarllh Ellen 295 Sherry Faye ... , .. , ... 2?S Terry Joel. 116, 122 , 295 Thomas C. 295 Thomds SullivM 102- 103, 295 Smith, Virgil PeMson 295 Smith, W~yne Edword 11 5,295 241 Smith, Dr. Wilford D. Smith, William Alan 145 Snellings, William E. . . ,. 17-1-, 18b Social Work Sociology Clu b .. 12q Soileau, ChMles Crllig ... 100-101 Soister, Donnd V..... , .. 2QS Somoza, Manuel Arturo 11 7, 295 Songy, Penny Dee ... 123, 295 Sonnier. Michael ... _ 114, 125, 262 Sorey, Peggy Sue .. , .... 146,262 Sowers, Sidney Michae l 18a, 189 Spaulding, John Crllig ....... 296 116, 122 Spearman, Arthur E. Spears, Susan Rhodes 29 6 Speech Arts Associllt i o~ . IJoJ Speights, Eorl D. 241 Spence, Aubrey L. 106- 107,262 Spence, Dllvid Payne 102-1 03, 296

Spencer, Marsha p. Speyrer, Ronllld Eli Spike5, Jerry DiMe Spillers, Sherry Ann Spillman, Lucille ... Spinks, Robert Lee .. Spivey, Jomes Potrick Spurgeon, BeHye C.

296 296 296

290 296 296 296 88-89, 112, 123 , 296

Spurlock, Katherine D.


Smirh, Benjllmin Smith, BeHy Edmisfon


Spurs, Lorethd Ann


Stackhouse, ConstMce Stagg, Dllniel Philip ... .

Sanson, Norman David SllPP, Rira Mary ..... _.. Saterfiel, Patricia M. ...

294 294 294

Shelby, Jomes Cole .. 100-101,200

Smith, CMey Paul

SaHerfield, Donald W. .. Sllucer, Theresll


Shell, David Waymon ........ 294


Shell, Lillie Mae ....•.. , ..•. 261

Smith, Carla Gayle Smith, CMla LenMd

Smith, Brendll KdY


92-93, 121, 295 295

146, 295 .. 262

92-9 3,


Smith, Bdrbara Nell ...

296 262 262

St-a.mper, ChMles F.... . 121, 26 2 262 Stamper, Jllmes Leeman Standard, Wm. Clyde, III .... 125, 196

102- 103 StMlhope . D~vi d .... 24 1 St,}nho pe . Eloise Co lhou n 296 Sto n ley . Morilee E. 92-93 Sionsbury. Ben ny W .. . 296 Staples, C harley 5.. J r. ... . Starsney, MargMei l. ..... . 296 296 Sto rsney, Virgi nia M. .. .. 296 Std le n. Marion Delo res .... Stoylo n. Wdndd Ann .... 13 1. 296 Stearns, G orre lt G. 10 4.105. 296 Steed . Michoel O wen 102- t03. 296 Stee le, Fra nc is M. 296 St ee lm an . Jerry W ~yne 296 Steinert. ChMles J . . . 106- 107. 296 29 6 Stell. Judy Ga rl a r,d ...... ,. Stephen s, Pa me l.!! J onet .... 90 -9 1

Su mt e r, Wi lli om ROnll id

104 105. 262

Su llo n, III, Fred F. Su tton , Ke nneth H ugh Sufi o n, Sherry Jeon . .. Sve be k, Carl Josep h . .

297 297 262 104. 105

Swann , Lo u is Howe ll, J r. Swee t, BMbMlI ..... . Swanso n, Fra nces W.

24 1 297 102·1 03. 170. 297

Swilley. Ben jam in M. Swindle r, Howard B. Syl:es, Dave NeWTon Syve rson, Philip G.

146. 297 I 12. 139 , 155 , 262

94·95, 11 2. 29 7

Szivos. Lind ll MMie

Steve n, Suson Bliss 296 Stevens, Donn ll Ma ri e _.. 13 0,296 Steve ns, Victor She lby 188 102 -1 03 Steve nson , Mike Steve nson. Tommy 174. 185 9 2.93. 129, 296 Stewa rt, Anndte 24 1 Stewd rt. Dr . Frc.n k Ed win SlewMt, Gla d ie Spe in .. .... . 296 296 Ste wa rt. J erry J e rome 188, 192 StewMt, J immy l ee .. .. . 296 Siewa ri , John ny Dewili SteWdrt, louis M icha e l ... 115, 296 Stewort, Me lb o .. 126. 262 90·9 1 Stewort, Sherry . . .. 143 . St impso n, So ndro Le ig h 147 .296 296 Stirrat, Kathl een Ann 174 . 296, Stockton, Rog e r Dal e 186 Siokes, Milford Ela m ....... . 2% Stone, Ann Ruth ........ 146. 296 Stone, C ath erin e Ann .. 90.9 1, 296 Stone , III, JlIm es Floyd . .. 104 - 105 .. 296 Stone, Jeff ............ Stone, Marty 146. 296 Sto rms, C lift on Mark ..... 100· )0 1 Sto ut, Elil0 be ih .. ' _ ......... 296 Stout, Eli zobefh An ne . . .. 1)1,262 Stova ll , Ash ley J ea n . .. . . 146 , 296 Stovall , Will io m G . ... . ...... 29 6 11 7, 262 St ra ho n, Ronald Wane 1) 1. 296 Sir", in, Be ve rly A. Si roi n, J immy R<'Ilph .. . Stratton , Freddy C lld es ...... . Strllub, Beve rl y Lou ise St raw hu n, GMY ........... Streete r, Jr., James Ed .. 104, Stricklin, Thomas EdgM Strong, Richord Thom ll s Strong, Sondr<'l Eilline Strumpell, Henry M. Strumpell, Susan G .... 94, 95, StuML David Wayne...... . Stud ent Lou is ia na TOllchers Associrdion ........... Stud ent Nurses' Assecilltion

262 296 145

Sturdivll nt , C lou is H. ..


Stu rg is, PlIlric ia An ne St u les. Mary Ka therine

16 1 l OS 241 11 6 262 24 1 296 296 1]2 I] I

.. 88. 89. 13 1.297 134. 297

Suqqs, Ro n nie B. .. .. 11 9 , 174 , 185 Sull ins. Ch orles J . ..•

123 , 297

Toba r. Mich/'> e l Ad (l m To lle y. J o ~ep h Edward

262 102· 103 . 297 209 297 263 263 297

Tonnah ill , Fred L. __ . Tonner. Delm ar W a yne T~ n ne r . Le51 ie F., J r. TdOne r, M icha el l ouis Torvef. J ~ me; Edward

T~rv e r, li nda Rut h Ta rver. Lind a Sue Ta te, J~mes Alex T~ l um, Ma ry Elle.1 Ta uzin , Vickie Elaine 92-9 3, Tayl e r, Co lone l Alton R. Tay lo r, Donold Lynn

T ~yror ,

Thom pson . A nn E. Thompson, Billy W. Th om p~o n , Cha rles E. Thom pson, FI:.-:: re nc e C. Tho mpson, G<'HY oo'l le Tho mpson, Ja m8S l ee 109, Th omp~o n , Jim Thompso n, LMry Ro bert Thompson , Linda KdY 112, 124, 130. Tho mp ,o n, Maril yn Ann so n, Mike 104, Th o mp ;o n, Pegg y Dianne Th o mp !;o r\, Ramona J eon Thompson, Te rry Lea Tho mson , F.'lI ne es South

297 241 241 297 29 7 297 29 7 297 297 109 207 I I J. 297 297 105 297 297 298 298

Thomso n. J lI mes Michoel Tho mso n, J ames Mic hoel


Ta ylo r. TlIylor. Tdy lo r, Taylo r. Taylor,

Thomas, Le e Edword Thomos. Dr. R. Da le Tho mas, W in nettll

297 207 297 297 297 227 29 7 297 Donnll Lynn 297 Du rand 121. 297 El do ra J o h n D. 106-1 07,297 MlIlor Joh n E. 24 1 MMc e le na H ill 263 PlI ul A. 10 0-I Ot. 297 297 Ron 297 Ro n nie Joe

Toyle r, Toylor, Toylor. Toylo r. Sdlly An n 297 Toylor, She ila An n .. 297 T~y lor. Wd nd o Lo u...... 297 297 Ta'r·lor, Wayne H ill.. Teekel! . Be njo min W. 16 1 297 Ternpa ls\:i, S~ndra M. Te mple , Ca rolyn o ene ... I H , 297 ... 145, 94·95 Templ e . Ju dy Lyn

298 104­ 105, 298 Tho l'n, Dale l eroy 298 Thornhill , Dr. J o d New lo n 241 Tho rn hill, Toni F. .. 90·9 1, 139, 298 298 T h o rnt~n , A lmo'l Le 9 222 Thornto n. Charles A. Thornto n, J erry Te mple . 263 Thornto n, Joh nny C lint 146 104- 105 Throshe r, Horace L. Th urmond , Eva K3Y ........ 90-91 Thysen , J o hn H. ........ 146, 241 Tidwe ll, Buddy 298 Tidwe ll . Rona ld G ....... 104-105. I 15, 298 Ti dwe ll. Jr" Viney W ......... 298 Ti enlor" Hugh .. 106·107 Tigre tt, W a yman Dud ley 117 , 263 Til e y, Po tr icill Ann. .. 298 Timmler, Pohic ia A. 263 Tip lon. J oh n K. 263 Tisda le , W ill iam Dole 263 Tode r. Marl in Steven 298 T010'11'. J o yce Ro g ers .. . ...... 298 To lbird . Mildred A. ........ 298 Tole I', Ti m Woyr1e .. ' 126, 130, 26) Tom p ~ i ns . Joe Alle n 263 185 Toms. Buster Toms. Gdry Edrl 298 119, 174 To"Os, Tho mlls E., Jr. 104­ Tono re, G eorqe Mich lle l 105 ,298 104· 105 Ton ore , Gerll id M . . . . . . To no re, Ro bart Pe te r . . . 104· 105 Tonry, Cio'lud i<'l Ju st in e .. 293 Toombs, J oe M a lcom .. . 298 Torre, M <'IrgMe ~ E. ... . 12 I, 298 Toups, Robe rt Dob I 14, 263 125. 263 Toups, W lIyne Be rM i d 92-93. 298 Townl e y, Et hel KlI Y Tr o!\be o u~, Nelki n J. 116 Tfav is, Eliza bet h J. 263

Trisler. W olter Horve Troegel , Re be cca Troseloir. Gory Poul

29B 298 130. t39 , 263 72, 73, 77 , Trud na k. A nn 146, 147, 298 Trusse ll. Rive rs Ray .... 102- 10 3 88. 89, Tuder. o3M Elizabeih 159 , ISS ,S] Tli cker, Eloine 139. 29B Tudei, Th omos Ern es t ... 104, 105 , 11 5, 298 Tuesday Ni g ht Bow:ing Lell g ue 130 Tutli s, J<'l ne 29B Tumi'!, ChM lene Kay 29B 293 TL'min e ll o , Pau l F. 298 Tu rno'lg e . J Oli n Belindll 29B Turn age, J o hnny C. ,. 29B Tu rner, Evel yn .. ........ . . Turne r. Mau reen Marie 86. 123, 12B. 263 Turne r, Mi choel Woyne . . . 298 Turne r, Sh oron Sus" n . . . 263 Tumipseed . C he ryl Lea ....... 298 Turvey. Kat hleen Fo'I Y •...•... 298 Tyl e r, Don na l. Wdqon e r ..... 298


u Ulric h, Ruthann Mari e .... 92-93 100­ Underwood, Ge offr e y F. 10 I. 29B Underwood , Menion 29B 242 Unger, Ge rll id D. 146, 242 Upchurch, J o hn O. 242 Upton, J erry W. Upfon, Jimm y Wray .... _.... 298 Usrey , Sh 8rry J eo'l n .. _ 121 . 298 Ussery , Sandy Jo 88. 92 .93 . 128, 132. 263 .. 134 Utley, MMY EleMo r


The tfo rd . C laudio M.


Thibodeaux. N e Lmo Ar,n

131 , 297

Thibodeaux, Ric ho rd J .


T ra~ ler,

Dewe y Condo ... 145. 298

298 125. 128. 263 263 Vanasselberg, Barbor., 298 144, 146 Vance , Jerry W. ..... Vonderberg, Larry Robf. .. 299 VlInn, Cho'lile s Leo .. 145. 147, 299 299 V<'Irn~do, James Alli son ... V~sseur, H,'my Le e ....... ... IS8 VoughM, Dr. Cath e rin e D. 242 Vegll, Jerry Jo seph ..... 11 9, 16 1, 172 299 Vegll , Thomos Anders Venoble , De nn is Dole 299 VerbHy, J ame s Thom a s ... 299 106. 107 Vet ive, M ic hoe l Louis Vesta l, C heryl Ly nn . ... 133. 299 Viguerie , J o hn C o rroll 264

Thibode<,wx, Rolo nd J .


T richel . Kristin Ma rie .. . . . 88. 89. 11 8.298

Vilemo nt, Joann ........ 11 8. 264

Te mpl e ton, Mitc he ll W.

100.101, I 13, 297 ..... 297

Terra l, NlI nc y Ann Te rry, Marg ie E.

....... 263

Tes to, Lou ise S.

94-95, 297

Th ome s. Timmie RlIY ..... 100-101, 297

Tho mas. Co ro lyn A nn


Thomos, C <'Ifrie An n


Tho md s. H o rriette FlIY


$ullivll n, De nnis Ke ith .... 262, 202

Thom6S, J eff rey J <'Id

Sulliv<'ln , P~ m e1.~ Gayle ... ' 88, 89, 131, 297

104 , 105, 297

Thomos, J udy Di<'lne

118, 26]

Trawee k, Do nna Gail

T richel. Vicki Eileen


12 1, 298

Vd irin , C leo Ellen .. . Vallee, J dmes l ou is

Vile monl, A lvin H o word


Villalobos, Rube n G . . ....... . 20)

Trimb le. El ise Rut h ... . 92, 9), 298

Vincen t, Ke nne th l ee


Tripi, Tho mlls A .. Jr.

Vines, Dr. Dwight .. .


Tripp, Jomes E., III

298. 188 298

Vines, Johnnie Ruth ..... 120, 264

Tris le r, Glor ia Jaon ... 94, 95, 298

Vining , Michll8l EdwMd ...... 174


299 104·105. 299 299

Vinso n, Lyn n CMol Vi nson, W e~ l ey Bruce

Visse r. Elil1! bet h M. Vo cke, Kat h leen F. 114. 264 Vocke , Ma uree n Clare . . . I)), 299 Vogt , Judy Ethe l ............ 299

w Wade, Corolyn Marie W aguesp ock, Gerald P. J

.. .. 299 102.103, 15, 117,264

W a ld ro n, Sus"n J " ne Wa ll e r. Be ll y W" I ~er, Cha rles T.. II W1! lke r, Eelfl W., tker, El aine M.

29' ... 146 11 2 , 299

264 90·91 . liB.


Wa l ~ er, Preside nt G eorge T.

Wa lker. Wo ll er. Walker. W o lke r, W al ke r. W ... lker,

2 10 Horold Anthony 264 J ames Ro bert 299 J o h n B. ... 264 John W al le r ... 264 l ibby ........ SS , 89. 299 Lind a M1!fce ll e 126. 264

Wo l ~ef , MMY El i1:abe th


Wa lke r, R"ndo l W a lke I', Th o mas La nsing

299 .


W al ke r, J r., Dr. W ill ia m A . . " W ll lke r, Will ia.m A. , III

199 22B. 242

123. 299 ,


Wollace, Wallece , W" IIe.ce . W " lIoce. W o ll <'lce ,


Ba rb ..'H o!l J eM 262 Fro nk Rod ne y Dr. He rb e rt S... ... ' 242

J ebn She ron ... . . . . . 264

Li nd" Sue ..... ... . . 299

W olle r, Setty Lau ro Wa lle r. Wi lliam W . . . . .



Walley. J r" Dr. Oscar N.




W" lIs. Judy Dio r,e 229

W il ll us, Robert .... 299 W e. lte r, Glenda Faye 299 Wolte rs. C letil G oil Wa lters. Rit<'l .......... . 123 . 299

100. 10 1,

W al to n. Ell ie Le l" nd 11 9 , 299

W a lt on, J OMes Be rt W ord , Add ison T. , II I W ard , J o h rl Ho wa rd Wo rd , R. Elgi n, Dr. W Md . Robe r! G. Word . William A lton W are , Ted Th o mos .... Ware . Tho ma s OmeH W arner. A lvo E....e rell Worne r. Amos C loude War"ler. Jerry W"yne .. Weor ren Donald Eugene Wa rren. J ame s Cul ly

.... 2'9 ... 299


2. 2

242 29'

W<'l~ h burne , Euge ne P. . . 123, 133. 129, 264 Woilsllb urne. Fr" n ce~ E.

299 W~ shbu r n e.

J a d N .. Jr.

125 260

W a shburne, WiU " rd F. . 125, W ash ing ton, O le.... io M....... Washington, J r .. W illiam ..... Washnock, Billy W oyne W iltermon , SUlo nne ..... 127, Wiltk ins. Or. C. Euge ne Walk ins, J oh" W ill io!l m .. . 122, Watson . Bar bMa Roye B. . . W", tso n. Coro l Su e ...... , .. , W 0 hon, G e org e Ea rI W il ison, Or. J e wel l ..... W lltson, li nd a Kay W lltson , Mory J ean . ,.. W~ tson . Mil ry Ma rg are t Wa tso n. We digo W a lte r



29q 2 64

29' 242



29 9

244 242 299

2q9 299


W ay, H enry l ouis ... 299 Web b. Caro lyn J o 299 Webber. G loria J ea n .. SB ·S9, 300 Webste r, Geo rge Allen .. 146, 147 Weferi ing. Kot hryn e l. .... . B8. 89,

26. We idho rn, J ock Warren .. 108 · 109 W e imer, De nis J oh n .. .... .• . 126 Wei sse r. Jeffrey Scoll ... 300

Welch , C ha rlo tt e E. ..... . 264 300 Welch , Ina J une

300 lOO lOO lOO lOO 10' ·105. ll)J

W elch . Morl ho Dia nne W elc h, Robe rt W<'lyne W e ld e n, Na ncy La tH<'l .. We lls , Brenda Raye .... We lls. Robert Ra y Web h, C liff o rd J .• J r. W eit, Sha ron An n ...

90.91. 11 2.

l OO

~We st on. Sl end a Joyce O.

W e ston . W e tzler, W hatley, Wha t ley. W hotiey.

Morgon C. )00 Lowre nce E. . . . ... 300 Dr. Edword C. 242 Ed .....o rd C .• J r..... .. 300 M orth" Goyle .... 92 .93,

lOO W heM, Don Gayden...... W he"ton . Ke n neth John Wh eeler, Lolo Marie W he tstone, W . E. Wh itaK e r, Moty C. ... W hitMd, Kadi e Lee Wh ite, Ba rba ra Eve .... . .. White , Be....e rl y Lyrl n 'vV'h ile, Billy Terral ... . ....... W hite, Bon nie Beryl

)00 )00 )00 209 300 264

300 300 300 265

W hite, Di~ i e B. ......... 160, 22 1

104· 105.

W hite , Wh ite . W hit e , White .

102· 10 3


Irma Eliza bet h Dr. Jackso n A . . .. 22S, J acq uel ine R. ... Janet Rut h .. .. 91, 9),

W hite. J"n ice Marilyn

122 , 19 1

119, 12B,

W hite. Jerr y G"le W hi te, La rry Nola n

300 242 26 5 )00

.. '14, 95 ,

laO lOO

Wilco ~ ,

J an ice May. ... 300 Wi ley, J r.. Ot i ~ O live r lOO lOO W ilh ite . Do uglil s C . ... . lOO W il ~ e r son . l ind<'l D.. . Wil ~i n ;;on , Georg e A. 126. 265

Wil ks , D€lbe rf J oe l aO

W illi !l 'T1s. A my Louise ..... lOO

W il li a ms, Barbo ro C. 112 . 300

W il lia ms. 8"lbar<'l J o ... 74. 75, S8·

B9. 300

Wi ll ioms, W illio ms, Will i"ms, W illi o ms, W ill iam;;, Wi ll i~ m s ,

Will ia ms, W illi<'lms, Williams, Wi ll iom s. W ill iams , Wi ll i<'lms, Willia ms , W illi <'l ms, W ill iams , Wil li<'l ms, W ill ia ms, Willi<'l ms, W illiams.

Be n ito Joy ... 88 ·89 . )00 Ber t Da .... id 265 Carol Dion ne 300

Cloud ine 300

Da.... id C. JOb· , 07 Do n nie Ray ..... 300

Ever ri tt N. ... 300

G le nn D. .. 104·105,265

G loria De<'lll ... . . 300

J . Larry .... . . .. ... 242

Jomes Emi le 265

J Met ... n.93 J oe W ise 126. )00 J o hn Do na ld 300

Koy ......... . II ), 124

Kath y Ann .. 94.95. 1\2 ,

Ill. )00 M"ry Irene ... 300 Mal\. H . 242 Mon ic o ... . . 92.93. \45. 300

M yra Annette 300

W ill i"ms. W ill ia ms. Noncy Coro l ..... . . 30 1 W ill i" mson, Mimi E. ... 301

Willis, Judy ... . ........ . .. 94·9 5

Wi llis. Roo se ....e lt E........... )0 1

W ill is. Sa nd ra G "yle ... 88·S9. 30 1

Wi llson. Sa ndra Lee .. . .. 145, )01 Wi lmot, Steven Ge ra ld . . 13 0, ) 0 1 Wil $o n, Borbo ro J ean .. .. ,.. )0 1 W ilso n, Bill y Euge ne ... ,. . 30 1

W ilson, Jerry Ro na ld .. ... 30 I W ilson. Kylene E. . ,........ 26 5 16 1 W ilson , l eono rd C. . . ... Wi lmn, Li nda Jea nne )0 1 W ilson , Ra lph M . .. 127. 242

W ilso n, R. Ridey 265

. .. 30 I W ilson. Wilb ur W. W im berly. Geo. A lle n 265

W imbe rly. Re b ecca An ne, . 88 , 89 .

265 Windham. Peggy Wi nega rdn er, Mary Sue

26 5

W in n, A l e ~ ande r R. .. ... 104. 105

W inslo....., Danie i Dav id .....


30 1

Warlid , Jan MMie

94.95, 29 9

Wh ite he (1d, James R.



W hiteh e<'l d , She l'ry .


Whi trield, Anne

lOO l OO

IDS , loq 300

Wo lf,


W omen 's Resid ence COJllcil III

W ood . Alelt"nder N. .. .. 10"

... HS

W ood , El ilo be th L. W ood. Ma lY Fra nces ... )0 1

W oodard, Boyd M . . .... . .. . 209

Wooden, Billy D. . ..... . 2!6

. )01 W ood en, l ester H. W ooden , Mic hae l OOl.lg . , 122.)01

Woods. Joy Li nda .... 128, 265

W oods, Nanll/l Annette .. I ~S, 265

Woods , Ste p hen P~ u l .... 106· 101

W ooley. Llljuana Jea n ....... lei

Works, Freddi e Ann . . . .... 301

W orley, A IM Morine. 104· 105,

3el W o rley , Michae l John ..... . 265

W o rth ll m, Howard l eroy 2 ~

Wr<'l ng o fski, Frllflk V. , Jr.... .. 130


W riqhl , Beverly J one lOI W right, Bill ie Joyce lO I

Wrig h t. Dorothy Jean lO I 102. 103. W right, George W.

lOI Wriq ht. M Il~ine B. . ......... 301

Wrig ht , Or. Oscar Lewis .... 229

Wright, Sherry ... . . . 94, 95

Wroten , Sob 100, 101

W urste r, Lynd a Lou ..... . . .. )01

W Y<'l n t, l otl-ie Loi., [)4. 301

Wyly, Fred Bro wning .. .. 100, 101


Yager, Virgi n;" . . .. ......... )01

Ya rb roug h. A lon Llltham ..... )01 ,

100. 101


Ya rbroug h. Amy Rebccll Ya rb rough, Je rry W .. ' Yates. Donna Kay Yeah, Sha ro n Ann ... . . 134, Yee. Ed nll T uey H il Yee , Pa tr icia r uey ......

Alan .. 10 4·1 05 , 158,

159. ) 0 I






Yesse, G"ry Sleven ........ .. )0 1

Younq . Diane MMia . . ... I)), )01 You ng, Do rothy ......... .... 301

YO\Jng, Elii" h O rum 126, 301

Yo ung, Fred Doug los . ... 229, 124

You ng , J oseph ine 301

Yo u ng , Laurie Ann 94.95, 113,


Yo u nq , M el b a G roce Young , Vidie Ann Youngblood , H ug h



.. , ... 100·1 01


Z"90ne , Mary J o Zamb ie , Mike Francis

90 ,91, 124


Wh ite hea d , Ann e . . ... .

Dorrell Eu gene

lOO W ig ley, RomoM 2 17 Wig ley, Silm uel Alber t ... 10 0· 10 1

W it-heringl on, Ji mmy D. ...

94-95 . 299

Wa ~ ha m .

94.9 5.

Wirth. Phifip W ll yde ... . ..

Wodid, Dorc1!s Ann

Wh ite, To mmy

... lOO .. l OO


W a rrin gton . Joh n D.

White , Jr., Luthe r M.

W ickli ffe, 8illy G. W ig g ins. Silly W ay ne W igqins. Debora h Emily

102. 10l

264 299 299

WM ren, Mory l ou ise

12 l . 154 . l OO


117, 264

299 299

Whi tlo d, J llme s Chas. . . ..... 300 Whi t te n, Freddi e G. 265 WhiHing lon, W anda Sue .... 11 2.

Zamed i. Dr. Ric hord Zaorski , Ste phan ie B. Ze Cl g l9r, Freder ick l. Zeag ler, Safah FrMces Zep p uh ar, Joe Lee Ze la Teu Alpho . .. Zim j ll ~ ~ i.

.. ". 301




lOI ) :) 1




Lind o A nn


W omack , Jo hn Rufus .. . ... ,. 30 1

ZilLmo n, Joh n E., III


Wome n's Rec rea ti o na l Associa t io n 134

Zoro , Eug ene S.


Zuccoro, J oseph A. ....

)0 1

Relolives of the lole l ewis C. Sio ter, first presid ent of Northeoit l ouisiono Sto te College. join President George T. Woner in viewing 0 point!ng of the Iota president which wo s hu ng in t he lobby of Sioter HolI, women's d o rm ito ry nomed in his honor.


• • •• •

• M • •• W •• •



1416 North Eighteenth Street

MONROE, LOUISIANA 7120 I Phone 322-1765

Specializing in



• ••• • • M' •• W •• • ••• •

Twin City Shopping Center

1100 Oliver Road-Phone 387-3220

Monroe, Louisiana






In n Progressi. ve Places

Thank you for



The Mo,t


Complete Men,, Shop in Collegetown EASTGA TE "

"W e Clot he Both Fathe r & Son




Home Of The

Wi,hing you the


of luck

fot 1967路68







Traditional Clothing

For Young Men of Distinction

Featuring Th ese Fashion Authority Brands:


• Sero of New Haven

• Manhatten

• Hathaway SLACKS BY

• Malibu • Hubbard • H.I.S.


• Countess Mara

• Resilio • Briar


• Bostonian


• Michael-Stern Ph.D. • Haspel • Lebow

• Society Brand SPORTSWEAR BY

• Catalina • H.I.S_ • Puritan • McGregor

.Two Convenient locations

OOxforb ~I)o P


~ ' . '''~

."''' ' ..


C lothing 415 Pine St.



609 N. 5th St.



12 Midnight-4 A.M.-All You Can Bowl For $1.75

HADDAD'S Hardware and Sporting Goods 405 Pine St.

You Can Put Our Fin. Bowli ng Equipment on Layaway

Phone 323-9431 For Lane Reservations

1402 Louisville

Ouachita Na!"!. Ban\(

DeSiard St.



W& ~n

The Squire Shop


.Botany 500 .Society Brand .Clubman

.Bostonian .Wren â&#x20AC;˘ Manhattan .York

Student Rates at All Times







RYAN CHEVROLET, INC. Chevrolet Cars and Trucks .


GMC Trucks



cc; .



Chrysler, Plymouth. Jeep





STEELE MOTORS, INC. Lincoln, Mercury, Mack Trucks













, ,,F_


Buick, Opel




'<.·f,"~·",' · "'.,,,


Ford Cars and Trucks



J ~



HOLIDAY DODGE Dodge Cars and Trucks





-足 ) \ -'

things go better with Coke after Coke after Coke. ' . . 0 ..... . ... (5




MODERN ELECTRIC SERVICE . . . STILL YOUR BIGGEST BARGAIN And here's why: Today, the average residential cus­ tomer of Louisiana Power and Light

A Full Service Bank

That Offers You

All The Banking

Services Under

O ne Roof.

Company gets more than twice as much electricity-for the same amount of money-than he did 25 years ago. In today's high cost of living, can you think of a better bargain?




1500 North Eight eenth

"Helping build Louisiana"

Monroe, Louisiana

Mem be r Feder,, 1 De potit Ins urance Cor p or<!ltion

Gibson's Wholesale If you didn't get it at G ibson's . . . you paid too much

3000 Louisville

2404 Cypress

Twin City Shopping Center 328

2213 Louisville Avenue


If It's Worth While Cleaning It's Worth WElL Cleaning

"We ?2ent o'ltml7dt crleqjtltinfj"








. ~,.;



2 LOCATIONS Monroe , Louisiana

West Monroe


508 North Fourth St, Phone FA 5·3162



.,", , . .. - .

... .... '

Mexican and American Foods


Private Room for Banquets








.' .

2004 North 18th Phone 325·8428

-....­ .­

KEENE'S SHOE STORES Shoes For The Entire Family


1400 Louisville 329

Just About Everyone in Louisiana*

Listening or Looking ...

Chooses a NOE Station

In Monroe ... It's





Stereo I00,000 Watts 101.9 Megacycles on Your Dial


Channel 8 Affiliated With

CBS and ABC Television Networks


In New Orleans ... It's






"'And thou sa nds in other states too.




Congratulations Class

of 1968

In Twin City Shopping Center, 2203 Louisville Ave.

Phone 323-4421

Of West Monroe, La.


Serving the Twin Cities


Deposits Up to $15,000 Insured by the Federal Insurance Corp.

Saluting Northeast

La. State College

and their continued


of progress








OLIN HALL I I stories high. is now open.


Com,lim,," of



1700 Louisville A venue Phone 323-0371


Everything for DISCOUNT DEPARTMENT STORE the College 1900 Louisville Monroe, Louisiana Student





342 ... 344




~rJ ~vl

StatlonenJ Companlj


Beauty Queen Headquarters





I n :lJdllion 10


'\ c' rc <1 1"1'

,'u"l"dl ,ln o f 0.1 .,',1111'­

,'"m ,I r ~"m , o f t he ' 1('1 1m,:

t'tc m~ \'\ (>('1 h

'II ~ :: :,


you .... " nl. 'W (' l..eq' .1

r('!!l'lr~ or

"IL' f lln !! .:h ln,\ :Int!

!! Id\\ f'dtt L'rn\ - lh\"~ , Oil (hO lhC .

Ih,' (> ICC':" ~O (I 11('1'(1 C"Il1(' 111 _

rq! i~ l cr - f., m l l) .•nrJ f ncnJ " "' III

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Congratulations to the Graduating C lass of 1968 from











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Burfo rd Bros, Shell-Corne r l oo p & Ib5 Highway


The Largest Shell Distributor in the South.




College Town






1820 Forsythe Avenue

Phone 387-0194

Phone 32-39657

Monroe, Louisiana



LUMBER COMPANY 901 South Grand





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Twin City Shopping Canl 2219 Louisville Avenul Monroe , Louisiana


ill "Mollroc!



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1968 book  

I am Northeast , bo rn in Septem­ ber, 1931, with a legislative act as my birth certificate. The bloodlines of the world run in my veins, be...

1968 book  

I am Northeast , bo rn in Septem­ ber, 1931, with a legislative act as my birth certificate. The bloodlines of the world run in my veins, be...