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And strong opinions. And multiple viewpoints. Is climate change occurring? Not everyone agrees. We cannot possibly verify what will or won’t happen tomorrow or in 2100. What we can do is look over the landscape of the past and quantify what’s seen. To present a range of contemporary climate change information in this Guide, the Foundation turned to people recognized in Colorado—and around the world—for their roles in research, modeling and education. Their work resonates with policy discussion topics. For example, the debate about fossil fuel use and its effects has a markedly political cast. The Foundation, whose role is education, does not take an advocacy or political stance. We hope the Guide underscores the reality that Colorado’s water supply, as always, involves risk and uncertainty and requires careful planning. In fewer than 50 pages, the authors write about the overarching themes and findings of their specialties. They include references for climate change studies, presentations, books and Web pages. The authors each approach climate from slightly different directions. For instance, Brad Udall, who directs the Western Water Assessment program, discusses the Rocky Mountains from the standpoint of the challenges they pose for computer modelers. State Climatologist Nolan Doesken talks about the same topography, but from the perspective of how it affects climate. And climatologist and researcher Roger Pielke, Sr., provides an alternative viewpoint, that there’s more than carbon dioxide involved in climate change. Forest research scientist Linda Joyce explains how species adjust according to elevation and climate. In presenting the authors’ assorted viewpoints, we take to heart the comment of Foundation Board Member John Porter. The retired director of the Dolores Water Conservancy District, Porter is a cautious man. He carefully considered the Guide’s content and the reactions climate change discussions evoke. Said Porter: “It behooves us to be prudent stewards and mitigate our negative effect in a manner that is efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly.”

Citizen’s Guide to Colorado Climate Change Introduction by Lori Ozzello, Editor

Colorado Foundation for Water Education


Colorado Foundation for Water Education

Citizen's Guide to Colorado Climate Change  

This guide presents a range of contemporary climate change information presented by Colorado experts.