Annual Report 2017/2018 - The Community Foundation

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Annual Report 2017 / 2018

The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region

We live in an amazing community.

It is an honor to lead the way as devoted advocates for our region.

The Community Foundation Board of Governors

2017 - 2018 Board Members Christine Repp President Benjamin Wafle President Elect Christian B. Franklin, Esq. Secretary Harry D. Dickinson, PhD, CPA * Treasurer Stuart A. Ashton, Jr. Leah K. Cox, PhD Aaron L. Dobynes, Sr., PhD Dori G. Eglevsky R. Leigh Frackelton, Jr., Esq., CPA * Maria S. Franklin Daniel I. Hansen Margaret F. Hardy, Esq. Lucy G. Harman Michael T. Kennison, CPA Michele R. Mansouri Benjamin R. Maxwell John F. McManus, Esq. Gregory R. Mueller Mary Jane O’Neill James A. Scully Nicky Seay Samer Shalaby Kirstin A. Snead, Esq. Jon Van Zandt Catherine M. Wack

All photos by Tina Jackson Photography except front cover by Odd Box Aerial Photography, page 8 by Peter Cihelka/The Free Lance-Star, and grantee photographs used with permission.

Past Board Members as of June 30, 2018

Alice L. Moore Richelle D. Moore, Esq. Erik J. Muller J. David Mullins John C. Neal Beverley C. Newlin Sean R. O’Connell, CPA Michael A. O’Malley M. Saundra Pearson Betty J. Poole Richard L. Potter * Xavier R. Richardson Donald J. Rooney Anne W. Rowe † * Paul A. Simpson, Esq. George P. Snead, Esq. Douglas G. Stewart * David W. Storke Neil S. Sullivan Janet T. Taczak Barbara C. Terry † Katherine Q. Wafle Jon D. Wallace Keith L. Wampler, CPA * Kenneth T. Whitescarver, Esq. † Susan S. Williams, Esq. Barbara P. Willis Georgia M. Willis Fauber Alma F. Withers Linda D. Worrell * Dale L. Wright, PhD † William B. Young * William B. Young

Mona D. Albertine Stephanie A. Armstrong, Esq. Stephen P. Batsche G. William Beale Joanne G. Beck, PhD Gerald A. Bellotti, MD E. Thomas Blalock II Jeffrey H. Boutwell, PhD Ronald W. Branscome Thomas L. Bricken, Esq. † Raul Chavez-Negrete, PhD Ana Garcia Chichester, PhD Anita W. Churchill George W. Coghill, Jr. John H. Coker, Jr., DMD Gilbert I. Coleman, PhD † Richard E. Conway James C. Dannals Lawrence A. Davies Bruce L. Davis Rosier D. Dedwylder II, MD Norris E. Dickard Janet C. Erkert Marilyn R. Farrington John F. Fick III Allen H. Fisher Jr. * Heather B. Foley, CPA Robert P. Fuscaldo Christopher M. Hallberg * Homer L. Hite Cynthia C. Hoffman, Esq. William J. Howell, Esq. * * Founding Board Member Kelly G. Johnson † Deceased William R. Johnson Past President V. Veronica Kelly, PhD Beverley G. King William J. Kinnamon, Jr., Esq. † Larry E. Lenow Charles T. Lewis Bernard W. Mahon, Jr. Ravi N. Mathur Craig Andrew Max, JD, CPA † W. Richmond McDaniel Wayne McHargue Catherine W. McKann † John D. Mitchell

Annual Report 2017 / 2018

The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region

Our community’s most generous people and businesses trust The Community Foundation to handle the challenges of effective charitable giving. In FY 2018, we managed $22,426,538 in 153 named funds.

Annual Report 2017 / 2018

The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region

Arts, education, health, justice, hunger, environment: essential charities and causes find the resources they need through the foundation. We’ve granted over $9 million to local nonprofits since the foundation began. 1

One Region, Many Partners, Our Future For each and every advancement, we are thankful for our community of problem solvers. It’s a privilege to work with you in all areas of our community sharing one goal - to build a healthy and strong region for years to come. For the 2018 fiscal year, The Community Foundation ignited our Board of Governors’ new strategic plan and the impact was immediate. We amplified our unwavering focus on building community assets and witnessed remarkable regional strides. The Community Foundation seeks best-fit and bestapproach solutions. Whenever possible, we created opportunities to work together and multiply impact. The success stories below and in the following report create a cadence and a roadmap for growing partnerships within our community. Area nonprofits agreed. Our special Visionary Grant cycle distributed $80,000 – one $20,000 grant in each of four categories: Environment, Education, Health/Human Services, and Arts. The winning nonprofits met our challenge to change our community for the better over the next 20 years and launched their own vision. A grant to Friends of the Rappahannock gave the community a health report on our beloved Rappahannock River, paving the way for citizens to become river protectors. A grant to Germanna Community College built a guidance system that helps area students pinpoint course choices to gain key skillsets and unlock access to regional job opportunities. A partnership between Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic and Legal Aid Works ensures that low-income patients can overcome unjust legal barriers that affect their health prognosis. Arts and Cultural Council of the Rappahannock is helping promote our area as an arts destination with their new Porch Fest event in Fredericksburg and revamped online directory of artists and events. Our donors agreed. With gratitude and excitement, we announce gifts from our generous donors of $3.4 million to reach a fund balence of $22.4 million in charitable assets for our community. Historic contributions are now at $26.4 million.

million Doris E. Buffet Pool Fund, which was established by the Sunshine Lady Foundation to help ensure free pool access for every Fredericksburg resident. Leaving a meaningful and lasting mark, donors advanced youth engagement literally in our backyard. From granting funds that ensure access to swimming and recreation, to working with area high school students who adopt best-practices through our Youth in Philanthropy program, to hundreds of women supporting STEM initiatives through the Women and Girls Fund, the foundation validated our role as a community leader for powerful engagement that is focused on our future. We all agree. We live in an amazing place. It is our honor to lead the way as devoted advocates for the vitality and well-being of our region. The Community Foundation and our initiatives are successful because of people like you, and we are grateful.

Christine A. Repp President 2017-2018

Teri McNally Executive Director

These increases allowed us to grant $1,358,681 from the 153 named funds we steward. One of them, The Community Fund, grew from $626,705 to $947,806. This fund meets the emerging needs of our region and can address emergencies that may arise. Another highlight is the $1


Foundation Scholarship Funds are Essential

The Community Foundation awarded $137,748 from 40 scholarship funds it administers. The 54 winning students represent high schools across the region.

Amadi Shekanino Amadi Shekanino, a recent graduate of James Monroe High School and the Gladys P. Todd Academy, was a 5 time scholarship winner this spring. “I am going to be enrolling in mechanical engineering at VCU. I hope to intern with NASA. My goal is to design cars that are environmentally friendly and built with safety in mind.”

At the age of 9, Amadi’s family immigrated to the US as refugees from Congo. Susanna and Bill Botts have been mentors to Amadi and his family. After experiencing the regional celebration and recognition of students at the foundation’s annual awards reception, they established the William and Susanna Botts Scholarship for Immigrants Fund. This scholarship will support the educational dreams of other hardworking, high achieving immigrant youth, beginning in 2019.

Amadi is a Monroe Scholar, National Society of Leadership and Success Alpha Pi and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. He volunteers at Downtown Greens Community Greenspace, as a soccer camp coach, at New City Fellowship church and Open Hand of Fredericksburg. He is a soccer player and worked at downtown restaurant, Mercantile. Amadi was awarded each of the following scholarships: The Craig “Cujo, Jr.” Bennett Scholarship The Como Farm Scholarship The Seay Family Scholarship The George D. Taylor Scholarship The Mary B. and Perry A. Thompson Scholarship

Susanna and Bill Botts 4

Annual Report 2017 / 2018

The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region

Supporting a student’s dreams of education is an essential investment in our community’s future.

Scholarship Funds are a vital resource for students and schools. 51

The More You Give, the More You Want to Give

Cathy and Ron Davis learned about the value of giving back throughout their careers working at organizations that put a high value on community philanthropy. “We both find the more you give, the more you want to give.”

Associates estate planning advisor for Mary Washington Hospital Foundation, and their attorney, Paul Simpson of Parrish, Snead, Franklin, Simpson, recommended it as a good way to give to our community while lessening their tax liability.

According to Cathy and Ron, “It’s simply part of being a good citizen. It’s our responsibility to help make our community the best place it can be to live a good life.”

“We had both wanted to open a family fund and this seemed the right time to do it.”

The decision to open a Donor Advised Fund at The Community Foundation was part of their financial planning process. Both Chad Leitch, Thompson &

Cathy and Ron Davis 6

The couple view the fund as a great opportunity to involve their young adult son Nick in giving decisions and help share their values related to giving back.

Youth in Philanthropy Launches Advocate for Children in Need

As an Outreach Paralegal with Southern Poverty Law Center, Taylor Sutton investigates and monitors prison conditions in Florida with a goal to end practices like prosecuting children as adults, placing them in solitary confinement, or limiting their access to educational opportunities. “Everyone deserves a second chance, and sometimes maybe a third, but no one deserves to be treated as less than human.”

Taylor Sutton was a member of The Community Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) program from its first session in 2005 through his high school graduation in 2008. He also volunteered as a YIP mentor in 2013 and 2014. His YIP experience was an essential launchpad to his current career. “Philanthropy is the backbone of most communities. We’ve all received some kind of help at some point in our lives

from family, friends, or coworkers. Giving back is the building block that makes a true community.” “Growing up you always hear that if you do what you love, then it won’t feel like work. YIP taught me there is joy in service and helping others who are less fortunate. I definitely would not have pursued a career in Public Interest Law without my YIP lessons and experiences.”

Youth in Philanthropy teaches area high school seniors how to evaluate real life issues and nonprofit programs to award grants that will make a difference for our community.

Taylor Sutton, Outreach Paralegal, Criminal Justice Reform Practice Group - Southern Poverty Law Center 7

Annual Report 2017 / 2018

The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region

The Community Foundation awarded $1,358,681 in grants and scholarships from 153 charitable funds. |

Grants in Action

The Community Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Visionary Grant project was designed to accelerate local nonprofits’ biggest dreams for a thriving community. Four grants of $20,000 - $80,000 altogether! - were made from The Community Foundation’s Community Fund. The Community Fund is our signature fund for local grantmaking and is an essential resource for area issues and causes. Directed by the foundation’s Board of Governors, this fund ensures that the foundation can act on the most promising opportunities for impact – efficiently and effectively. We love our community and want it to grow and thrive. Giving through The Community Foundation’s unrestricted fund is a powerful way to take action for the greater good. Entrust The Community Fund of The Community Foundation to support essential programs in our region like the ones in this report. Make a gift online at or contact Teri McNally at 540.373.9292 or for more information.

Environment - $20,000 Friends of the Rappahannock River Report Card This grant has the potential to influence the quality of life in our region in the near future and for generations to come. Friends of the Rappahannock is building a culture of clean water. Their River Report Card program shares hyper-local data about water quality, wildlife and recreation access – information that informs and inspires citizens to take action as river advocates. River report card data is made accessible online to anyone in our community. Education - $20,000 Germanna Community College Paving the Way to Completion: Using Meta-Majors to Streamline the Path to Student Success The visionary grant made to Germanna Community College accelerates students’ progress to reach meaningful certificate and degree goals. It provides detailed information about well-paying jobs in our local area and it helps students map their course work to build relevant job skills efficiently. Over time, this grant program is expected to increase graduation rates and job security for students in our community. Health/Human Services - $20,000 Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic Medical Legal Partnership This grant establishes a part-time social worker embedded at Lloyd F. Moss Clinic who facilitates a Medical-Legal Partnership between the clinic and Legal Aid Works. When legal services and expertise are available to address social needs, people are admitted to the hospital less frequently, report lower stress and are more likely to take medications as prescribed. This grant is helping support free clinic patients who face legal barriers that affect their health prognosis, while potentially reducing medical costs community-wide. Arts - $20,000 Arts and Cultural Council of the Rappahannock Comprehensive Community Calendar and Directory/PorchFest The wealth of artistic talent and opportunity in our region is recognized in this grant. Arts and Cultural Council of the Rappahannock is creating an online guide to visual arts, music, theatre and more. Their revamped website offers a directory of artists and venues, as well as a comprehensive arts and cultural events calendar. Known for coordinating and leading artistic happenings in the area, the council’s latest effort, Porch Fest, began with support from this grant as well. Together these activities are helping grow the region as an arts destination. 9

The Women and Girls Fund

We’re building a $1 million endowment to empower local girls and women.

The Women and Girls Fund involves women as leaders in impactful charitable giving that supports local women and girls.

members who fulfilled their terms of service in 2018, as well as Teri McNally, The Community Foundation Executive Director. Thank you for your generosity, devotion and hard work to make the Women and Girls Fund a success!

There are giving options for everyone. It takes as little as $200 to get started. Many women choose to make gifts of this size over a five-year period. A onetime payment is welcome, as well. A special thanks to fund President Mona Albertine and these fund board

Mona Albertine, President

Sue Bridi, Events Chair

Ana Chichester, Grants Chair

Cathy Davis, Vice President

Tricia Garner, Secretary

Teri McNally, Executive Director

Jan Taczak, Member at Large

Penny Turner, Member at Large

Cathy Wack, Treasurer


Fiscal Year 2018 Financial Summary

Revenues, Gains and Losses Contributions and Agency Receipts: to Funds Temporarily Restricted Unrestricted Special Events Revenue Administrative Fees Interest and Dividends Realized Gains (Losses) Unrealized Gains (Losses) Total Revenues and Support Expenses Grants and Program Support Management and General Fundraising and Special Events Total Expenses

Funds by Type Agency Funds Donor Advised Funds Designated Funds Field of Interest Funds Scholarship Funds Unrestricted Fund Tax Credits Fund

Fiscal Year 2018 Cash Paid for Grants, Scholarships and Distributions

$3,387,920 13,799 412,214 158,152 7,226 518,533 369,076 600,969 $5,467,899

1,457,533 130,008 97,840 $1,685,381

Arts, Culture and Humanities Animals Civil Rights Community Development Disaster Relief Disease/Disorder Education/Scholarships Employment Environment Hunger and Food Security Health and Human Services Housing/Shelter International Mental Health Piblic & Societal Preservation Religious Sports / Leisure Youth Community Philanthropy

$1,358,681 $67,767 $32,289 $2,000 $11,878 $500 $1,500 $705,069 $11,000 $21,684 $17,500 $179,647 $12,061 $2,000 $36,082 $4,780 $41,452 $11,850 $8,508 $70,118 $120,996

$22,426,538 $782,656 $12,057,950 $3,956,351 $1,329,798 $3,156,544 $1,109,824 $33,415


Component Funds of The Community Foundation New funds are in red

New Funds Established After June 30, 2018 The Jan and Björn Bieneck Fund The William and Susanna Botts Scholarship for Immigrants Fund The Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Directors Fund The Fredericksburg Regional SPCA Endowment Fund The Hilldrup Move Up Fund The Pineapple Fund The Dietmar and Mary Lou Weselin Charitable Fund

The Repp Family Fund The Jeff and Charlotte Rouse Family Endowment Fund The Josiah P. Rowe III Family Legacy Fund The Schwarz Family Charitable Fund The Scully-Kujala Family Fund The Nicky Seay Charitable Fund The Share Our Selves Fund The Rodney I. Smith Charitable Fund The Sullivan Family Legacy Fund The David and Shirley Swisher Charitable Fund Unrestricted Funds / Think Broadly The Taczak Family Endowment Fund Donors who contribute to the foundation’s Community Fund or The Teddy Fund establish their own Unrestricted Fund can participate in The The Ukrop’s Endowment Fund Community Foundation’s annual competitive grants program. The Vittoria Family Fund These donors can support a broad range of local concerns, The Kathryn and Benjamin Wafle Endowment Fund including fast-emerging issues and future needs that we can’t yet The Wafle Family Fund anticipate. These flexible funds put the responsibility of identifying The Daniel Wildman Charitable Fund community needs and researching and selecting worthy charities The Mary and Joe Wilson Family Fund on to the foundation, relieving donors of these challenges. The Youngblood Family Charitable Fund The Richard Linden Zirkle Fund The Community Fund Designated Funds / Provide Ongoing Support Donor Advised Funds / Stay Involved Establishing a Designated Fund allows a donor to support one Donor Advised Funds provide a simple, powerful and very personor more specific charitable organizations. For example, a donor al approach to giving. Donors stay actively involved in suggesting who has contributed to a nonprofit’s annual campaign year after uses for their gifts. Donors can recommend charities to support at year may be ready to establish a permanent asset on the charity’s any time during the year, or work with foundation staff to identify behalf. which community nonprofits are doing the best work on the issues most important to the donor. The Sara P. Boutwell Memorial Fund The Doris E. Buffett Pool Fund The Beringer Family Endowment Fund The Harry and Marie Dawideit Fund The Calvin Burns Family Fund The Wayne A. Dennison Fund The Caroline County Community Fund The Dori Gaythwaite Eglevsky Endowment Fund The Caroline County Public Spirit Fund The Falcon Fund The John and Linda Coker Family Fund The Governor’s Row Fund for Teachers and Students The Colangelo/Phalen Family Legacy Fund The Haven Make A Difference Fund The William and Barbara Cooper Memorial Fund The Holy Cross Academy Fund The Alan F. Courtney Fund The Human Kindness Foundation Fund The Ron and Cathy Davis Family Fund The Kerry Keilty Memorial Endowment Fund The Kevin Dillard Charitable Fund The William Lakeman Habitat for Humanity Fund The Female Charity School Endowment Fund The McCabe-Felder Endowment Fund The Forbush Family Legacy Fund The O’Neill Family Legacy Fund The Duff McDuff Green, Jr. Fund The Barney Reiley YMCA Fund The Hansen Family Fund The Chris Ross Memorial Fund The Hicks Family Fund The Kathy Salvas Charitable Fund The Honeywell Charitable Fund The Stafford Parks and Trails Fund The Fred and Tanya Howe III Charitable Fund The Aune Sturdy Animal Protection Fund The Ellen Sullivan Jarrell and Chris Price Giving Fund Trust for Public Education IV Fund The Alice Gray and Rick Johnson Fund The Elsie, Carroll and Willie Wheeler Hospice Support The K-T Charitable Fund Care, Inc. Fund The Kallay Family Endowment Fund The Elsie, Carroll and Willie Wheeler Rappahannock Area Agency The King Family Endowment Fund on Aging, Inc. Fund The King Wack Family Endowment Fund The Mahon Family Fund Organizational Funds / Advanced Fund Development and The Mansouri Family Charitable Fund Sustainability Tools for Nonprofits The Marstel-Day Community Conservation Enhancement Fund Area nonprofit organizations establish agency endowments (a type The Hugh and Marion McCabe Charitable Fund of Designated Fund) as a way to strengthen and grow fundraising The Rennie and Richmond McDaniel Fund efforts and to ensure permanent operating or program support. The Mary Wynn Richmond McDaniel Fund The Community Foundation assumes the challenges of endowed The John F. and Deborah L. McManus Family Fund fund management for participating charity organizations, enabling The Micah 6:8 Benevolence Fund them to fully concentrate on their mission. The David Morgan Fund The Muir Family Fund The Dahlgren Rescue Squad Fund The Mike and Patty O’Brien Charitable Fund The Fredericksburg Area HIV/AIDS Support Services Fund The Robert Cullen O’Neill Memorial Fund The Fredericksburg Area Service League Endowment Fund The PNC Community Endowment Fund The Fredericksburg Festival for the Performing Arts Fund The Dulcie H. Potter Memorial Fund The Fund for the disAbility Resource Center The Doug and Betsy Quarles Family Fund


The Fund for Downtown Greens Community Greenspace The Kenneth T. Whitescarver III Memorial Scholarship Fund The Greater Fredericksburg Habitat for Humanity Fund The Clay and Elsie Williams Rural Conservation Scholarship Fund The Hospice Support Care Fund The Beth and Jay Jarrell Endowment Fund for Field of Interest Funds / Address Important Issues RF&P BikeWalk Virginia Donors who establish a Field of Interest Fund target their gift to The Mental Health America of Fredericksburg address a specific area of need. Whatever areas of interest inspire Suicide Prevention Education Fund you to contribute – the arts, access to healthcare, the environment, The Rappahannock Big Brothers Big Sisters Fund etc. – The Community Foundation can assist in establishing a fund The Rappahannock Legal Aid Works Justice Fund and recommending strategic gifts to address the causes you care The Stafford Junction Fund about most. The John Tippett Legacy Fund for the Rappahannock River The Behavioral Health Fund Scholarship Funds / Invest in Deserving Students The Jon P. and Meredith M. Beckett Charitable Fund Donors help students achieve their dreams through education by The Anne Felder Fund establishing or contributing to a Scholarship Fund. Community The Kelly Givens Memorial Fund Foundation staff help donors establish guidelines for students to The Hesed Fund apply for financial assistance through the fund. Scholarship eligibilThe Jack O’Neill Fund for a Green Community ity might be based on a student’s achievement or a demonstration The O’Neill Fund for the Stewardship of Historic Resources of financial need. Some scholarships focus on community involveThe Virginia Heritage Fund ment, a commitment to a particular field of study or demonstration The Michael W. Robbins Fund for the of leadership ability. Some donors choose to meet or correspond Enhancement of Workplace Safety Education Endowment Fund with students after the selection process is complete. The Wilson Family Fund for Health and Education The Linda and Billy Beale Scholarship Fund Community Foundation Funds / Collaborative Solutions The Craig “Cujo, Jr.” Bennett Scholarship Fund In our work with donors and charities across the region, we The Mary E. Berger Scholarship Fund sometimes identify larger issues and opportunities that merit the The Robert H. Bradley, Jr. Memorial Golf Scholarship Fund community’s attention. In these cases we create the appropriate The Baron P. “Deuce” Braswell II Memorial Scholarship Fund fund to harness the charitable power of many individual donors to The Ian D. and Jalen G. Brown Legacy Scholarship Fund help address the issue or opportunity. The Como Farm Scholarship Fund The Brian Conner Memorial Scholarship Fund The Community Fund The Christine and Will Dickinson Memorial Scholarship Fund The Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund The Mary Carter Frackelton Scholarship Fund Virginia Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits The Molly Gill Memorial Scholarship Fund Program Fund The Douglas T. and Helen L. Gray Scholarship Fund The Women and Girls Fund The Jeremy Daniel Hawley Skilled Trades and Youth in Philanthropy Technical Education Fund The Richard C. Hayden Family Scholarship Fund Legacy Society / Planned Gift Donors The Peter D. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund How do you want to be remembered? Your vision and passion can The King George High School Sports Hall of Fame help ensure a vibrant future for the Rappahannock River Region. Scholarship Fund The Community Foundation can show you how to plan a legacy to The Brandon Thomas Lawn Memorial Scholarship Fund support the causes you care about for generations to come, while The Betty Booker Lontz Scholarship Fund providing tax savings and, in some cases, income for life. The Bill Lontz Science Scholarship Fund The Walton Mahon Scholarship Fund Anonymous 1 Mrs. Mary Jane O’Neill The Betty Merrill Scholarship for Excellence in Latin Anonymous 2 Mrs. Kay Orr† The Irene A. Miller Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund Anonymous 3 Mrs. Janice Olsen The John C. Neal Scholarship Fund Mrs. Lillian P. Ashton† Mrs. Dulcie H. Potter† The Paul E. Neri Memorial Scholarship Fund Mrs. Mary E. Berger Mr. Alan F. Potter† The Nuckols Family UVA Law Scholarship Mr. Alan F. Courtney Mr. and Mrs. Morris R. in Honor of Gary M. Nuckols Mrs. Paula Felder† Reamy The Kay Orr Memorial Scholarship Fund Ms. Mary Carter Frackelton Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. The Lee Wingate Pappandreou Drama Award Mrs. Helen L. Gray† Roberts The Rev. Douglas T. Pinkard Memorial Scholarship Fund Mr. Duff McDuff Green, Jr.† Mrs. Kathleen F. Salvas The Horace A. Revercomb, Jr. Scholarship for the Mr. Michael T. Grinnan Mr. Nicky Seay Continuing Study of Music Mr. William F. Lakeman† Mr. and Mrs. Aric N. Wagner The Chris Ross Memorial Scholarship Fund Mr. B. Walton Mahon Mr. and Mrs. Dietmar Weselin The George A. and Lucy Mae Scott Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. McDaniel Ms. Elsie Wheeler† The Seay Family Memorial Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Newlin The ShackLax Memorial Scholarship Fund The Sofia Silva Scholarship Fund If you have included a gift to The Community Foundation in The Steven Snyder Memorial Scholarship Funds your estate plan, please contact us so we may recognize you for Colonial Forge and for North Stafford as a member of our Legacy Society. The Crittenden R. Sullivan, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund The George D. Taylor Scholarship Fund The Mary B. and Perry A. Thompson Scholarship Fund The Lauren Allie White Memorial Scholarship Fund


Ring in the Holidays 2018 Cheers to the Community!

The Community Foundation’s annual holiday party is a critical source of operating support for our mission to preserve and grow the quality of life in our region by making philanthropy efficient, effective and essential. We are grateful to each generous event sponsor. Cheers to the Community! 2018 Theme Sponsor Synergy Periodontics & Implants Lillie Pitman, DMD and Thanos Ntounis, DDS, MS Tent Sponsor Mary Jane O’Neill Bar Sponsor Access Eye Arash and Michele Mansouri Tasting Room Sponsor Cooper Financial Group Douglas Cooper & Joshua Cooper Food Sponsor sPower Platinum Beveridge Seay, Inc.| Nicky Seay Bruce and Sandra Davis John and Sharon Fick The Gemini 3 Group, Inc. Germanna Community College Hirschler Kaeser Compressors PBMares, LLP Sands Anderson Union Bank & Trust Virginia Interventional Spine Associates | Dr. Bhavin and Mrs. Sandra Suthar Wack General Contractor Wagner Wealth Management of Davenport & Company Wells Fargo Gold BB&T BB&T Wealth Dynovis | Chris and Brad Repp Edward Jones Investments Ben Maxwell Goodloe Asphalt, L.C. In the Red Catering

Parties by Dori Stafford Printing SugarOak/Westwood | Maria Ross Surgi-Center of Central Virginia Silver Atlantic Builders Jessica and Chuck Beringer John C. Cowan Featherstone LLC Field at Snowden Farm Fredericksburg Smile Center Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation The Hagerman-Falkenberg Family Heritage Wealth Advisors Hope Springs Marina Stacy and Andrew Horne Dee and Eddy Hwang Johnson Realty Advisors, Inc Kelly and Fitz Johnson The Keddie Group of Davenport & Company LLC Patti and Bill Lynch Mason Investment Advisory Services, Inc. Tricia and Charles McDaniel Lloyd F. Moss Jr. DDS and Lloyd F. Moss III DDS Missy and Steve Norair Parrish Snead Franklin Simpson PLC Peoples Community Bank Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg Doug and Betsy Quarles Quarles Petroleum Telly and Marc Salafia | Stone Center Joe and Sharon Schmidt Janny and Shane Sims The Sprinkle Family Suzy Stone Van Zandt Restorations Christopher and Jodie Vaughn Virginia Partners Bank Waterloo Farm Bronze Affordable Suites of America Fredericksburg, Quantico Mona and Jack Albertine Allergy Partners of Fredericksburg Mark Wenger MD, Jonathan Mozena MD, Jonathon Posthumus MD and Nicholas Klaiber MD Applied Technology, Inc. The Beals Family

Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region P.O. Box 208 Fredericksburg, Virginia 22404 540.373.9292

Rob Billingsley, Wealth Management Advisor, Northwestern Mutual Bishop, Farmer & Co., LLP Black Knight Technology Inc. Jim and Ginnie Branscome Patti Bricken and Felix Fraraccio Cary Street Partners Andre G. Pineda, Walter D. Bayne & Daniel W. Clendenin The Cohen Family Community Bank of the Chesapeake Theresa Y. Crawley, DDS Dameron Home Builders Ron and Cathy Davis Kate and Matthew DuMont Jenny and Dudley DuPuy First Citizens Bank Mary Carter Frackelton Fredericksburg Orthopaedic Associates, P.C. Dr. Kostas Constantine Debby and Ross Girvan Gail and Joe Greene The Greenlaw Family Hallberg & O’Malley Financial Hilldrup Properties, Inc. The Hoffman Family | Fredericksburg Cindy and Tim Hughes Leanne and Paul Janney Linda and John Janney JON Properties Keystone Coffee & Auto Spa The King Family Jason Kunkler Eleanor and Marque Ledoux The Law Office of Amy E. McCullough, PLC McManus & Associates, Internal Medicine, PC Brooke Miller Real Estate LLC New Street Home Solutions LLC Don Newlin | Stifel Investments Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Associates Rappahannock Electric Cooperative Rappahannock Orthodontics Rappahannock Restoration Roxbury Mills Salon 730 Jamie Scully and Jess Kujala George Solley and Mari Kelly Total Wine Tulip Salon & Spa | Aveda Utility Professional Services, Inc. Fred & Tanya Howe Kitty and Ben Wafle Barry and Paola Waldman Kelsey T. Williams

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