Winter 2018-2019

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> Active Input from CEO and it’s Benefits for All Juan Antonio Nino is the CEO and founding director of Active Capital Reinsurance (ACTIVE RE).


CTIVE RE has progressed from a niche regional reinsurer to a full-blown global reinsurance company – with a presence in 35 countries on four continents – in its 12 years of operation under Nino’s guidance. Nino is a firm believer in the company’s motto – “Benefits for all”. He was also the driving force and creator of the company’s main operational philosophy: “Put clients first, measure risks twice, and pay claims after due diligence – always!” ACTIVE RE’s active and creative CEO has more than 40 years of experience in the finance and insurance world. Since he started in the finance industry, way back in 1980, Nino has held senior positions in national and regional banks, working at times on behalf of more than a million clients. His was the most successful bank in credit card issuance in the Central American region. Nino and was a pioneer of the industry in Latin America, founding one of the first local reinsurers in 2000; he went on to found ACTIVE RE in 2007.

"Put clients first, measure risks twice, and pay claims after due diligence – always!" Nino possesses a strong business and leadership record and has a deep understanding of the business landscape in the Central American region thanks to his tenure as president of the Panamanian Banking Association (ABP) and the Latin-American Federation of Banks (FELABAN). He was president of APEDE (Asociacion Panamena de Ejecutivos de empresa) and was the first vice-president of the National Council of Private Enterprise of Panama (CONEP). Nino’s career in finance began in 1979, after completing a Masters degree in Finance and Economics at the University of North Wales. He completed several post-graduate programmes in prestigious institutions, including Wharton School of Business, in Philadelphia, and Harvard Business School, in Boston, Massachusetts. i 160

CEO and Founding Director: Juan Antonio Nino | Capital Finance International