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Taking the know-your-customer into new territory, Arche Associates subscribes to the philosophy that wealth management needs to be a fully transparent and friction-free conduit that allows clients to reach a future crafted to their personal needs and aspirations. Ideally, the wealth manager dissolves into the background as the unseen hand that gently shapes resilient portfolios. Based in Luxembourg, Arche Associates maintains three separate companies that each serve a different customer demographic with the same relentless dedication to excellence and the cultivation of trust. Arche Wealth Management, Arche Family Office, and Arche Private Advisors benefit

from synergies and shared expertise whilst maintaining a differentiated approach to the design of investment portfolios. Known and celebrated for their attention to detail, finesse, and professionalism, the advisors at Arche Associates manage a number of thematic investments that seek to optimise exposure to especially promising sectors and industries. The firm is recognised for spotting trends early on and carefully building up positions long before the overall market wakes up. Arche Associates maintains a spotless track record for finding alpha within the customer’s carefully assessed risk parameters. Arche Associates has registered strong growth on the back of its innovative client-

focussed approach to wealth management, establishing long-term partnerships with customers in order to allow for the steady appreciation of the capital entrusted to the firm. The CFI.co judging panel fully agrees that wealth management revolves around the twin core values of trust and transparency. Arche Associates has taken these timeless principles to the next level by adding a vital third ingredient – segmentation by investor demographic. No two investors are quite alike. By recognising this simple yet often ignored fact, Arche Associates has set itself apart from the herd. The judges are pleased to present Arche Associates with the 2018 Best Wealth Manager Luxembourg Award.


In Sweden, the engineers of Cimco Marine developed the world’s first truly highpower diesel outboard engine. The OXE Diesel Outboard generated so much demand that the manufacturer had to accelerate expansion plans by turning to the stock market. In July 2017, the company celebrated its IPO and debuted on Nasdaq First North, generating considerable excitement amongst investors who eagerly snapped up its shares. By the close of its first day of trading, Cimco Marine shares had soared by 23% over the issue price, reflecting solid investor confidence in the company’s ability to successfully leverage – and monetise – its technological edge. 90

The development of the OXE Diesel power plant represents a marine tech breakthrough that called for an out-of-the-box approach to outboard engine design. To increase both endurance and reliability, Cimco Marine engineers decided to ditch the prone-to-failure bevel gears and transfer shafts usually found in outboards with belt technology that allows for high torque transfers and a considerable increase in the engine’s endurance. Complying with NATO’s single fuel directive and thanks to its unequalled reliability, the OXE Diesel outboard is particularly popular with the military and law enforcement agencies. In order to meet demand from marine and CFI.co | Capital Finance International

fisheries patrol agencies, Cimco Marine also offers a 150 hp model. The CFI.co judging panel is always happy to consider nominations of engineering companies that venture into uncharted waters, pushing the technological envelope, and identifying – and meeting – pent-up demand for a product not yet developed. Cimco Marine is such a company. Now that its high power OXE Diesel outboard engine is readily available – and making more than just proverbial waves – its absence can no longer be conceived. The judges are therefore pleased to grant Cimco Marine the 2017 Best Industrial Exporter IPO Sweden Award.

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