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February 2018




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Message from Our Superintendent It is Time to Get the "Public" Back In America, we have a commitment and belief that it is our responsibility to provide a free and appropriate education to all students ensuring they are college and/or career ready. This is an extremely overwhelming goal when you put this into perspective. Based on 2017 data, the United States of America has about 50.7 million students attending public elementary and secondary schools. An additional 5.2 million students are attending private elementary and secondary schools. The simple fact that we aspire to educate all render many of the international rankings that are so commonly pushed at us by the media invalid and inappropriate. However, there is a pervasive sentiment within our country that schools are deteriorating and falling behind. This is an extremely complex issue that has no one singular driving factor. This is a culmination of societal, technological and system changes that have led to this overarching perception. Additionally, we as educators did not do a good enough job providing information to demonstrate to our communities that they were receiving a very good return on their investment. With this being the case, there is no one simple solution at the local, state and national level. Those that can legislate have attempted to accomplish change by mandating more curriculum, more programming on societal issues, and reform the model by implementing MORE and MORE testing to provide accountability. The result, no improvement and less confidence in public schools. The question then becomes where do we start and what do we do? I believe a way to make progress locally is to step back and evaluate the wisdom of those that aspired to accomplish the education

2 | February 2018

of all through public schools. At the fundamental core of the premise of public schools is community influence, voice, and direction. It is the idea that a community can establish expectations and outcomes for their school district. The collective we in society has added more curriculum, more mandated programming, and decided that the sole determining factor of success within schools is found in a litany of standardized tests. It does not require advanced degrees in education to quickly come to the conclusion that a productive educational experience is much greater than these factors. We provide many wonderful opportunities in our school district for young people. Much of this is due to the fact that we have supportive parents and community members. It is our goal throughout this spring and moving forward to push the conversation forward with our local community to clearly understand the expectations for our school. With clarity in understanding this, we can provide the best possible educational system for our students and in doing so develop an accountability system that shares our progress. On February 26, we will launch an online conversation to better understand your expectations and vision for our school district. We will utilize a platform called Thoughtexchange that allows you to share your opinions and rate those of others. This will result in emerging themes to provide direction for us moving forward. We strongly encourage all of you to have a voice by participating as together we define the future of our PUBLIC school.

Robert W. Hunt Superintendent Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools 440-247-4363 @Hunt_Edleader

A Review of the January Board of Education Meetings The January 10, 2018 organizational meeting brought enthusiastic energy with Greg Kanzinger and Phil Rankin taking the Oath of Office to join the board; Mary Kay O’Toole taking the Oath of Office to begin her third term; and Kathryn Garvey and me taking the Oath of Office to serve as Vice President and President, respectively. We also approved our 2018 calendar for board meetings, the majority of which will be on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm in the Sands Community Room. Agendas for pending board meetings are posted at this link at least 24 hours prior to the meeting: http://www. In determining committee designations and support group liaisons, the board engaged in beneficial dialogue around individual interests and talents. Not surprisingly, each member of the board expressed an interest in serving on multiple committees, and every member was eager to serve on the Facilities Committee. There is value in more broad participation from the board in the district facilities planning as we continue the work of the Intermediate School construction project and permanent improvement planning and funding. We are examining our existing committee structure to determine how we might better serve the district and involve interested community members in our work. At the January 24 regular meeting, the board received a mid-year goal update from the administrative team. Each member of the district administrative team participates in the shared goal to increase our Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Performance Index from 103.8 (our 2017 ODE Report Card score) to 108 for 2018. The district has selected the “Performance” indicator as an area of focus from the State Report Card as it gives us meaningful data on student achievement throughout the district through calculations of student performance on state tests in grades 3 through 8 and high school end of course exams. Each building administrator walked through an extensive list of data

sources used to identify areas of strength and areas of need, as well as an overview of instructional and programming changes that have been implemented to better support students and staff. The board also received proposals to consider the addition of two new positions that would provide district-wide support, a Special Education Transition Services Coordinator and a School Resource Officer (SRO). Requirements for school districts to provide quality and coordinated special education transition services have become more rigorous and the time commitment needed to complete the services for each student have increased significantly. The Special Education Transition Services Coordinator position would administer transition assessments, communicate results and maintain all records to support the student’s transition from Student IEP to adult services. The SRO position would provide ongoing training to students and staff members on safety protocols; be responsible for educating students about social media safety, bullying, and the dangers of drugs and alcohol; serve as an onsite resource for students, parents, and staff; and be a liaison between the local police departments and school district to improve both education and enforcement. Close to half of the districts in Cuyahoga County employ SRO’s with 103 of the Northeast Ohio police departments participating in the Ohio School Resources Officer Association. More information is being gathered to assist the board and superintendent in establishing staffing priorities. Looking forward, at the February 7 work session, the board will review the final design documents and an updated budget for the Intermediate school construction project. Sharon Broz President, Chagrin Falls Board of Education

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools Board of Education President: Sharon Broz (440) 715-0326 Vice President: Kathryn Garvey (216) 401-7735

Greg Kanzinger (216) 346-8272 Mary Kay O’Toole (440) 338-8636 Phil Rankin (216) 280-9092 Super News | 3

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools “Treasurer’s Corner”

Table 1 compares actual monthly receipts to the monthly estimates and to prior fiscal year actual receipts. General fund revenues spike in the 1st and 3rd quarter as a result of real estate tax collections.

Table 3 compares estimated and actual monthly ending cash balances demonstrating compliance with Board of Education cash balance policies.

4 | February 2018

Table 2 compares actual monthly expenditures to monthly estimates and to prior fiscal year actual expenditures. Expenses are typically fairly consistent throughout the fiscal year.

Table 4 is a cash flow summary comparing revenues to expenditures each month.

Chagrin Falls Schools Cafe Time with the Superintendent Robert Hunt, Superintendent of Chagrin Falls Schools, has scheduled a series of drop-in meetings throughout the school year for parents and community members to say hello and learn about what’s happening in the schools and district. Future meeting dates are February 23, March 9, April 6, and May 4 in the new Heinen’s Cafe in Chagrin Falls Village.

Residents are welcome to come and go as their schedule permits during each 60-minute discussion. Bring your thoughts, questions, and suggestions and enjoy one-on-one time with Superintendent Hunt. In the event of a cancellation or rescheduling of dates, please check the district website under the Superintendent’s page or the district Facebook page.

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Chagrin Falls Schools Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: An Update by Lisa Shannon, Assistant Superintendent During the summer months, a team of invested parents, teachers, administrators, and community members worked to identify strengths and gap areas of the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). One may describe Chagrin Falls as lacking diversity, and perhaps so in comparison to other communities, but a strong argument can be made that we cannot allow our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion to go unchecked. We need to intentionally study our practices and resources and respond to identified needs and deficits ensuring, to the best of our ability, that all people feel valued and safe within our school walls. To initiate the work, four areas of focus were distinguished: • School policy, handbooks, and regulations • Non-instructional offering and a strong community • Instructional practices, resources, curriculum, and professional development • CFEVS belief statements and the strategic plan. In addition to the work described above, district administrators and parent leaders met with the AntiDefamation League to leverage expert support and resources. They were instrumental in helping us to select a nationally-normed school climate survey tool for students in grades 5 - 12, staff, and parents. Many of you, nearly 400 parents, completed the survey, which will help to establish baseline data once results are analyzed. Students in grades 2 - 4 participated by taking a developmentally-appropriate school climate survey, also nationally normed, but found via the United States Department of Education. We will

6 | February 2018

continue to survey these same groups in upcoming years to collect longitudinal data and ensure a safe school climate. Presently, the surveys are being analyzed and results will be reported to the board of education at an upcoming meeting. It is vital throughout this work that many voices are heard and decisions made around well-informed conversation. While this small, yet representative group informed the beginning stages of this work, the district now invites participation on a larger scale. We are currently seeking interested parent leaders for each focus area committee who will cochair with a school district leader. Parents and staff could indicate their interest to serve on one of the committees when they completed the school climate survey. The district received such a positive response to this request with between 20 and 60 people offering to support each committee. If you indicated your interest to participate on a committee, you will receive an email asking about your availability and level of commitment. Please respond to the email so that we may further consider you for participation for a leadership role, participant, or “as available” volunteer. We appreciate and need all levels of support and if you missed an opportunity to submit your interest, please contact Lisa Shannon, Assistant Superintendent, at Lisa.Shannon@chagrinschools. org. Co-chairs will attend an orientation meeting on February 22, 2018, to prepare for committee meetings to be held in March, April, and May. It is vital to the well-being of all our students and staff to have an educational environment strong and rich with diversity, equity, and inclusion. In the words of Max de Pree, “We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion.”

Chagrin Falls High School Chagrin Valley Rotary Student of the Month Chagrin Falls High School senior Elise Kosmides has been selected as the January Chagrin Valley Rotary Student of the Month. Kosmides was chosen based on her leadership and service qualities she has displayed in her community. Kosmides has been the recipient of several awards during her high school career. These include AP Scholar with Distinction, Outstanding 3D Art Student, Scholastic Silver Key, and Scholastic Honorable Mentions. Additionally, Kosmides remains active in the school community as a member of the Art Club and the editor of Prism. She serves as the co-president for both the Engineering Club and the Gurney Coding Club. Kosmides also interns with the IT department. Outside of school, Kosmides is a clerk at a dry cleaner. She is also a Girls Scout Cadette where she has received the Silver Award, which is the highest award that is given to a Girl Scout Cadette. Her accelerated classes include AP Calculus BC, AP English Literature, AP Chemistry, AP Art 3D, and Honors Advanced Data Structures. After high school, Kosmides plans to attend college where she will major in either Computer Engineering or Computer Science.

Chagrin Falls High School We Solve Problems Essay Contest Kicks off Feb. 21 High School Students: Get ready to solve some problems and write some essays. The Third Annual We Solve Problems kicks off on February 21. The Gertsburg Law Firm and the Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce have given away $23,000 in cash these last two years to winning students and their schools. You’ll choose an important problem and solve it in one page or less, and you’ll be graded by local business owners and professionals, not your teachers! Go to to learn everything you need to know.

Parents: The essay contest is looking for judges and sponsors. Go to the above website to learn how you can contribute to this one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking essay contest.

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Chagrin Falls Middle School Students of the Month - December 2017 The mission of the Chagrin Falls Middle School Students of the Month is to acknowledge and reward students for exemplary performance. The students depict Tiger Techniques: Think, Integrity, Grit, Effort and Responsibility. Each month, the seventh and eighth grade teams collaborate and choose a male and female "Tiger of the Month" and the students receive a special treat from the PTO to take home and share with their family. December’s Students of the Month were Elizabeth Rankin, Dylan Glickman, Claire Stinson, and Andrew Zimcosky. Elizabeth Rankin has devoted extra time and effort into the Academic Club of Speech and Debate. She has a great attitude and is a real asset to the team. Elizabeth works diligently in class each day, always comes prepared to class, is responsible, and participates often. Elizabeth always has a smile on her face and is happy to do anything asked of her. Dylan Glickman is diligent about his work. He is always on task and asks when he does not understand directions. He works well in groups and is so open to other kids. He is a hard worker and an impressive young man. Claire Stinson is a bright, effervescent, ball of energy. Her positive attitude, smile, and passion for learning are contagious. She helps brighten every classroom. Claire’s questions and curiosity keep class lively and fun. Claire is an active learner and participates daily putting forth her best effort.

8 | February 2018

Andrew Zimcosky is polite and willing to lend a hand in band if extra help is needed. He is always prepared for class and focuses every day. Andrew excels in the classroom. He is constantly helping classmates with his kind, gentle manor. Andrew is a good student, organized, and responsible.

Chagrin Falls Middle School Students of the Month - January 2018 The mission of the Chagrin Falls Middle School Students of the Month is to acknowledge and reward students for exemplary performance. The students depict Tiger Techniques: Think, Integrity, Grit, Effort and Responsibility. Each month, the seventh and eighth grade teams collaborate and choose a male and female "Tiger of the Month" and the students receive a special treat from the PTO to take home and share with their family. January’s students of the month are: Mira Haines, Max Crandall, Maddie Ferguson, and Henry Newell.

Henry Newell is persistently cooperative, attentive, and helpful. He makes his classes and sports teams exceptional. He gives his best in every situation and his positive attitude is contagious. Henry is a fun person to have in class and is attentive and willing to participate.

Mira Haines is kind and helpful to everyone with a smile on her face. She is an accomplished debater and gives her best effort to Socratic Seminars. She won third place for Public Forum with Speech and Debate. She is an asset to the team as well as to the classroom. She is also a member of the Power of the Pen where her creative insights add to the writing process. Max Crandall works cooperatively with other students and comes to class with a positive attitude. He is always prepared for class and participates daily. He has volunteered his time by working with students with special needs. His work in class is excellent. Maddie Ferguson is creative hardworking, talented, kind, and dedicated to making a positive difference in all areas of her life. She is a role model for her peers in how to strive for excellence. She entertains crowds with her onstage performances as well as in class videos. She performs well on academic tasks and is always quick to volunteer in class or help a friend. She is an honest difference maker.

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Chagrin Falls Schools Students Fundraise for the “H(e)arts for Guatemala” Organization Chagrin Falls Intermediate School fifth grader Mason Hart was born in Guatemala. Mason and his family are living in the United States with easy access to the necessary resources to survive. But many people in Guatemala are not that fortunate. The Hart family decided to start a non-profit organization to show solidarity with those struggling called “H(e)arts for Guatemala.” The mission of this group is to support need-based projects and give hope to struggling families in underserved areas of Guatemala. Projects include a focus on hope, education, access to income opportunities, reversing malnutrition, providing safe drinking water, and improving housing. H(e)arts for Guatemala has been able to provide housing for families living in alleys, create bathrooms with electricity, and build a container for water so that it is clean and stored for use on demand. These projects were a result of donations from people just like students at Chagrin Falls Schools. Mason and his mother gave presentations about the H(e)art group to Ms. Heidi Stapulionis’ current Spanish classes. After the presentation, students in the Spanish classes spread the word to the rest of the school. Fourth graders made posters to hang around the Learning Village. Fifth graders made locker tags to hang

10 | February 2018

on fifth and sixth grade lockers as well as “God’s Eyes” crafts out of sticks and yarn to hang on the fifth-grade lockers. Sixth graders made morning announcements and created flyers to send home. The goal of H(e)arts 4 Guatemala this year was to improve conditions in a public school in Chiquimula, Guatemala. Even though public school is free, sometimes families cannot afford uniforms, supplies, and bus fares. The Chagrin Falls Intermediate School was able to raise more than $2,200. With this donation, H(e)arts for Guatemala provided 60 new school desks, three teacher desks, and three new whiteboards for the Shusho Abajo School in Chiquimula, Guatemala. The group also has enough to finish the construction of a new kitchen for a nutrition program and four new bathroom stalls within the school. The Hart family traveled to Guatemala this month to meet with the Habitat for Humanity Guatemala team who will complete the projects at the school. They will also meet with the principal of the school and provide school supplies to students starting the new school year. The Hart family said, “It does ‘take a village’ and our little village here is making a big impact on another village in Guatemala! Thank you!”

Gurney Elementary School Third Graders Use Google Expeditions to Learn About Rocks, Minerals, and Gems Chagrin Falls Schools’ PTO purchased the Google Expeditions virtual reality teaching tool for the district. It allows students an immersive experience without leaving the classroom. By using virtual reality viewers, educators can choose from more than 500 Expeditions for their students to experience including Animal Adaptations in Borneo, a Tour of Versailles, and the one that the third graders in Mrs. Lisa Todaro’s class experienced: Rocks, Minerals, and Gems. “Students have found it extremely engaging and are able to apply what they are learning as they visit these virtual locations,” said Tech Integration and Instructional Coach Nancy Kevern, Chagrin Falls Schools.

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Chagrin Falls Schools Students to be Honored for Artwork at Scholastic Exhibition Students from Chagrin Falls Middle School and High School will be recognized at the Scholastic Art and Writing Exhibition at The Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA). Student’s works of art that received a gold or silver award will be on display for the public in the Reinberger Gallery of the CIA from January 16 - February 2. Exhibition hours are Monday through Thursday from 10 am until 5 pm; Friday from 10 am until 9 pm; and Saturday through Sunday from 12 pm until 5 pm. Student’s works of art that received an honorable mention will be displayed digitally on a screen in the gallery. The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, identifies teenagers with outstanding artistic and literary talent and brings their work to a national audience through The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Every year, the Alliance partners with more than 100 visual arts and literary arts organizations across the country to bring the awards to local communities. Teens in grades seven through 12 can apply in 29 categories of art and writing. Submissions are judged by luminaries in the visual and literary arts, some of whom are past award recipients. Panelists look for works that show originality, technical skill and the emergence of a personal voice or vision. Last year, more than 1,800 students submitted more than 3,100 pieces of artwork and writing samples for judging. Gold Key winners continue on to the national competition in New York City. The 48 Chagrin Falls Schools’ students that were honored include: Distinguished Award Winners: Kathryn McCuaig (“Cake Walk”-Ceramics and Class)- Best in Show Ceramics and Glass Catagory Lindy Cunnington (“Edge of the World”-Mixed Media)Cleveland Institute of Art Recognition Award ($40,000 Scholarship to Cleveland Institute of Art) & David King Creativity Award Robin Barth (“Over the Moon and Back”- Drawing & Illustration) Best in Show (Drawing and Illustration Category) Gold Key Winners, High School: Bethany Bacus (“Haunting”-Photography), Robin Barth (“Over the Moon and Back”-Drawing and Illustration), Lindy Cunnington (“Edge of the World”-Mixed Media), John Gardner (“CTE” -Digital Art), Matthew Keiper (“Consistency of Progress”Photography), Kathryn McCuaig (“Cake Walk”-Ceramics 12 | February 2018

& Glass), Emily Owens (“Self Portrait”-Drawing and Illustration), Madeline Stapulionis (“Riches vs. Ruins”Sculpture). Middle School: Victoria Field (“Heading South”-Drawing and Illustration-Gold Key American Visions Nominee). Silver Key Winners, High School: Marguerite Augier (“The Apperception of Color”-Mixed Media), Marguerite Augier (“POPSYCH”-Digital Art), Paul Cantlay (“Knot Nature”Sculpture), Lindy Cunnington (“On Edge”-Mixed Media), Reagan Dowling (“Anxious Conscience”-Ceramics & Glass), John Gardner (“Basketblue”-Digital Art), Alice Patton (“Watch the Throne II”-Fashion), Mackenzie Shanklin (“Best Sands in Action”-Photography), Margaret Sobota (“Formative Emotion”-Painting), Kelly Wynveen (“Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You”-Ceramics & Glass), Kelly Wynveen (“Maybe So…”-Sculpture), Kelly Wynveen (“Meant For Features, Not Creatures”-Sculpture). Middle School: Sophia Avery (“Reflection”-Painting), Sophia Avery (“Anxiety”-Painting). Honorable Mentions for Portfolios, High School: Catie Beg (“Pakistani Pop: Self Portrait Wear”-Art Portfolio), Elise Kosmides (“Human Dependence”-Art Portfolio). Honorable Mentions, High School: Robin Barth (“Chicken Face”-Drawing and Illustration), Catie Beg (“Pakistani Pop Dress #1”-Fashion), Paul Cantlay (“Untitled Vase”-Ceramics & Glass), Paul Cantlay (“Unchained”-Sculpture), Ruby Castellani (“Self Portrait”-Painting), Lindy Cunnington (“Eye Poppin’”-Digital Art), Margo Hughes (“Does This Sweat Make Me Look Nervous?”-Sculpture), Riley Kirkpatrick (“Dream Cone”-Sculpture), Elise Kosmides “Man Power”-Sculpture), Grace Lowe (“In Her Head”Photography), Emily Owens (“Buttiful”-Drawing and Illustration), Abigail Patton (“Flowers”-Printmaking), Laney Russo (“Flower Girl”-Digital Art), Laney Russo (“Prismatic Portrait”-Mixed Media), Anna Sevich (“Sand”Photography), Mackenzie Shanklin (“Behind the Scenes”Photography), Madeline Stapulionis (“Dali”-Sculpture), Lillian Subel (“Dripping Record”-Printmaking), Derrick Vehar (“Tetra”-Comic Art). Middle School: Ella Angel (“It Looks Cooler up Close”-Painting), Sophia Avery (“Moon Man”-Printmaking), Sophia Avery (“Bamboo Spirit”Drawing and Illustration), Claire Stinson (“Sunshine bird”Drawing and Illustration).

Artwork can be viewed at

Gold Key Winners

John Gardner (“CTE” -Digital Art) Bethany Bacus (“Haunting”Photography)

Emily Owens (“Self Portrait”Drawing and Illustration

Kathryn McCuaig (“Cake Walk”-Ceramics & Glass)

Madeline Stapulionis (“Riches vs. Ruins”-Sculpture)

Lindy Cunnington (“Edge of the World”-Mixed Media)

Victoria Field (“Heading South”Drawing and IllustrationGold Key American Visions Nominee) Robin Barth (“Over the Moon and Back”Drawing and Illustration Matthew Keiper (“Consistency of Progress”-Photography)

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Chagrin Falls High School Tigers of the Semester

The Chagrin Falls High School "Tiger of the Semester" Award is presented to students who exemplify a positive attitude, work ethic, and service to fellow students and teachers at the school. Teachers nominate one student from their classes that impressed them with their achievement, attitude, hard work, willingness to help others and growth during the first half of the year. First semester Tigers were honored on January 25. The event was sponsored by Key Club.

14 | February 2018

Students recognized include Charles Armstrong, Talie Avatichi, William Bazzone, Ali Brown, Emily Collins, Joe Conway, Sarah Crane, Ella Deuberry, Lily Faulds, Thomas Gregoire, Andrew Guggenheim, Adriana Holst, August (Gus) Jansen, Isabella Klug, Steve Kruszenski, Jade Kruyne, Julius Lelonis, Peyton Lelonis, Sarah Levine, Brian Lordan, Connor Lynch, Caitlyn Mariola, Emily Mattson, Owen McClintock, Alexia Monteux, Alexa Nielsen, McKinley O’Brien, Katie O’Malley, Justin Rayner, Stephen Rust, Kelsey Taussig, Riley Thompson, Michael Tropf, Emma Vaccaro, Matthew Witalec and Joe Zimmerman.

Chagrin Falls High School Girls' Basketball Teams Partner with Empower Sports to Provide Sports to Others

On December 18, the girls' basketball team worked with Empower Sports, a nonprofit organization that provides sports and exercise programs to children and adults with various physical and cognitive disabilities. The team attends a practice each year at the Solon Community Center to talk with the athletes and play with them. Even though the team has games and practices six days a week, they have completed eight hours of community service for the month of December.

Chagrin Falls Middle School Students Compete in Mathematics Competitions

The Mathematical Association of America’s (MAA’s) American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) program leads the nation in strengthening the mathematical capabilities of the next generation of problem-solvers. Through classroom resources and friendly competition, the MAA AMC program helps America’s educators identify talent and foster a love of mathematics. The MAA AMC program positively impacts the analytical skills needed for future careers in an innovative society. The American Mathematics Competitions are a series of examinations and curriculum materials that build problem-solving skills and mathematical knowledge in middle and high school students. Students at Chagrin Falls Middle School participated in the competition and the top 25 students were: Christina Bencin Hansen Song Ben Thurman Brett Vaccaro Mira Haines Emily Nemunitis Calvin Struk-Marn Adam Hamden William Dietz Kendall Guddy Carter Kilby Sarah Snavely Cooper Hagan Marsel Gataulin

David Skocic Avery Shinkawa Katherine Azzolina Marnie Demangone Sofia Moffa Ryan McKendry Robert Brosnan Zach Neimeier Luke Yopko Henry Ryan Aubree Daugherty

Gurney Elementary School Spirit Week Highlights - January 29 - February 2, 2018

Mustache Monday!

Texas Tuesday!

16 | February 2018

Workout Wednesday!

Thawed Out Thursday!

Tiger PRIDE Friday!

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Chagrin Falls Middle School Visit to the Cleveland Art Museum - January 31, 2018

18 | February 2018

Super News | 19

Parenting has never been harder than it is today. Every generation of parents has been faced with new challenges. Our society’s increased access to information, people, and technical devices is arguably the most daunting challenge to come along in a very long time. Technology is constantly changing our world and most recently, our educational system. As a parent, supporting your student in the digital age can be stressful, problematic, and exhausting. It can even be difficult to find help especially when you don’t always know the right questions to ask.

Introducing Help @ Home The goal of the Help @ Home project is to help parents become better connected with their student’s digital lives. Sign up and you’ll receive a weekly email with relevant information on modern-day parenting as it relates to technology, education, and Generation C. Some sample topics to be covered include: • • • • • •

Digital citizenship Security and Privacy Trolls, hoaxes, and scams Filtering and monitoring technology use Social Media & Instafamous dreams Disconnecting (Healthy tech diet)

Help @ Home seeks to teach parents how to become a resource for their student(s), instead of a roadblock. Click here to sign up. Help @ Home is free and is available to anyone. While the project is currently being sponsored by the Chagrin Falls Exempted School District, you do not have students in the district to sign up for this weekly communication. Here are some of the more popular posts from the past few months: Social Media and Self Image - What can parents do to help? New Year, New Tools - 2018 has already brought parents two new tools for raising children in a digital age. GoGuardian Admin - A guide for parents that explains how GoGuardian Admin works to keep kids safe online. GoGuardian Teacher - This post discusses how GoGuardian Teacher provides educators with better control over their classroom. 20 | February 2018

The Netflix Generation - A look at how this "on demand" generation looks at technology as compared to previous generations. The New Celebrities - The influencers of Generation Z (its not who you think). Bad Apples - Some apps can signal your child may be up to no good. Sour Sites - A list of sketchy websites and how students use them. Limits, Locks and Learning - Suggestions and tools for limiting Internet content at home.

The Chagrin Falls High School Drama Club presents . . .

Chagrin Falls High School Drama Club presents “Anything Goes” March 8, 9, and 10 at 7pm and March 11 at 2pm in the Performing Arts Center at Chagrin Falls High School, 400 East Washington Street, Chagrin Falls. Tickets can be purchased online by visiting the Chagrin Falls High Schools website or at the box office. The box office opens one hour prior to curtain. The show, with music and lyrics by Cole Porter, takes place on the ocean liner S.S. American. A nightclub singer Reno Sweeney (Adriana Holst, junior) is on her way from New York to England. Her friend Billy Crocker (David Marquette, senior) has snuck onto the boat to be near his love Hope Harcourt (Marley Vidmar, senior) but she is engaged to Lord Evelyn Oakleigh (Joey King, senior). Other passengers on the liner are Public Enemy #13 Moonface Martin (Chester Hill, junior) and his partner in crime Erma (Allison Pilotti, junior). With the help of disguises, tap-dancing sailors, and blackmail, Reno and Martin team up to help Billy win Hope’s heart. The producer and music director is Nathan Bachofsky and the director and choreographer is Amy Greene.

S.S. American Super News | 21

Chagrin Falls Schools

invite families to participate in the 2nd

“Chagrin Cares Family First Night” of the 2017-18 school year.

Monday, March 12, 2018 - no homework assigned! - no studying for tests! - no athletic practices or games held! - no club meetings or activities hosted! Students and staff will leave school at the dismissal bell and are encouraged to only focus on connecting with their families. “We know that families are stretched in many different directions with many commitments and responsibilities in one day alone. Our hope is to provide a scheduled time that removes district expectations to allow for focused family time.” - Superintendent Robert Hunt, Chagrin Falls Schools In partnership with Community Education and Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce 22 | February 2018

Follow Us on Social Media and On-Line Facebook • Twitter • Website • Constant Contact The Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools intends to use a variety of avenues to communicate to the district stakeholders. The list below outlines the various methods to connect with the district through social media. District Website Facebook Twitter Join the conversation on Twitter. Use #CFEVS. You can also follow the school district administrators: #CFCONSTRUCT - To follow our construction project updates and photos Robert Hunt Superintendent @Hunt_EdLeader

Monica Asher High School Principal @MonicaJAsherED

Dr. Rachel Jones Gurney Elementary Principal @DrJ_cfprincipal

Christopher Woofter Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives @ChrisWoofter

Amanda Rassi High School Asst. Principal @cf_rassi

Charlie Barch District Athletic Director @ChagrinAD

Mike Daugherty Director of Technology @MoreThanATech Becky Quinn Director of Curriculum @becky_quinn1

CFHS Counselors @cfcounselors Laila Discenza Middle School Principal @CFMSdiscenzaPal Sarah Read Intermediate School Principal @read_chagrin District All Calls Our district uses an automated calling system to send out important messages such as school closings, school delays, or other valuable information when necessary. This service is only for the parents of district students. Parents will be eligible to receive these calls when they enroll their students. If you are a parent in the district and you are not receiving the automated calls, or if you need to change the number that these calls go to, please contact Pupil Services at (440) 247-4564.

Stay Connected Would you like to be notified via email of what’s happening in the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District? Register to receive emails through Constant Contact. Go to the homepage, In the upper right hand corner, click the “Stay Connected” icon to sign up.

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Super News February 2018  

The Super News is the digital magazine of the Chagrin Falls Schools

Super News February 2018  

The Super News is the digital magazine of the Chagrin Falls Schools