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Contact sales: Netherlands Phone: +31(0)73 8882488

Contact sales: Germany Phone: +49 (0)208 8825080 Offer valid from 01-06-2021 until 30-06-2021


Art: 30668

Sambal Oelek 12x200g

Art: 30666

Sambal Oelek 12x360g

Art: 30664

Sambal Oelek 6x725g

Art: 30662

Sambal Oelek 6x1100g


TABERU Art: 84458 Korean Style Fried Seaweed Snack BBQ 3x(6x40g)

TABERU Art: 84464 Korean Style Fried Seaweed Snack Original 3x(6x40g)

TABERU Art: 84470 Korean Style Fried Seaweed Snack Spicy 3x(6x40g)

GO-TAN Art: 31432 Chilli Sauce Hot 6x270ml

GO-TAN Art: 31486 Rice Noodles Mihoen 12x250g

GO-TAN Art: 31438 Chilli Sauce Original 6x270ml

GO-TAN Art: 31426 Chilli Sauce (PET) 6x500ml

GO-TAN Art: 31468 Mie Noodle 24x250g

GO-TAN Art: 31498 Sriracha Chili Sauce 6x380ml

GO-TAN Art: 31422 Chilli Sauce (PET) 6x1Ltr

GO-TAN Art: 31480 Ramen Stick Noodles 10x250g

GO-TAN Art: 31416 **ORGANIC** Whole Wheat Noodles - 8x200g

GO-TAN Art: 31450 Ketjap Manis Sweet 6x1ltr (PET)

GO-TAN Art: 31492 Rice Sticks 12x250g

GO-TAN Art: 31410 **ORGANIC** Egg Noodles 6x250g


Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce NEW

Art: 34760

YELLOW 12x280g

Art: 34751

BLACK 12x310g

Art: 34757

Art: 34754

RED 12x280g

Art: 90864

Art: 34613

Chilli Paste in Soybean Oil 12x200g

Art: 34658

GREEN 12x280g

Art: 90860

Thick Oyster Sauce 12x815g

Art: 90870

Art: 90876

Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce 24x230g 12x475g Garlic - 12x510g Lemongrass - 12x520g


Art: 90882

Sriracha SUPER HOT Chili Sauce - 12x490g

Art: 90880

Sriracha SUPER HOT Chili Sauce - 12x835g

Art: 90820

Hoi-Sin Sauce 12x545g

Art: 90856

Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce 12x815g

Art: 86098

Sweet Chili Sauce Chicken 12x230g

Art: 86088

Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce 12x490g Art: 86094

Sweet Chili Sauce Chicken 12x850g

Art: 86050

Green Curry Paste 10x(12x50g)

Art: 86078

Yellow Curry Paste 24x400g

Art: 86068

Red Curry Paste 10x(12x50g)

Art: 86074

Yellow Curry Paste 12x1kg

Art: 86082

Yellow Curry Paste 10x(12x50g)

Art: 86038

Green Curry Paste 12x1kg

Art: 86056

Red Curry Paste 12x1kg


Art: 86108

Y P P A H T A -E

Tom-Yum Paste (Hot & Sour) 24x227g

OKF Art: 63035 Aloë King Original 20x500ml

Art: 86014

Coconut Milk (A) 19% Fat 24x400ml

OKF Art: 63030 Aloë King Mango 20x500ml

Art: 86010

Coconut Milk [A] 19% Fat 6x2900ml

OKF Art: 63045 Aloë King Strawberry 20x500ml

OKF Art: 63040 Aloë King Pomegranate 20x500ml


Art: 40361

Art: 40363

Instant AKA-Miso Soup 3-Portions - 2x(12x30g)

Art: 40365

Instant SHIRO-Miso Soup Instant TOFU-Miso Soup 3-Portions - 2x(12x30g) 3-Portions - 2x(12x30g)


Art: 40255

Art: 40213

**ORGANIC** Soy Sauce - 6x150ml

Poke Sauce 6x250ml

Art: 40351

Yakitori Marinade Sauce 6x250ml

Art: 40293

Art: 40334

Ponzu Lemon-Soy Sauce Gluten Free Teriyaki 6x250ml Marinade Sauce - 6x250ml


Art: 60865

Art: 60862

Soba Cup Noodle Classic - 8x90g

Soba Cup Noodle Chili - 8x92g

Art: 60871

Art: 60868

Soba Cup Noodle Sukiyaki Beef - 8x89g

Soba Cup Noodle Peking Duck - 8x87g

Art: 60877

Art: 60874

Soba Cup Noodle Thai Curry - 8x87g

Soba Cup Noodle Teriyaki - 8x90g

Art: 60880

Soba Cup Noodle Yakitori Chicken - 8x89g


DUY-ANH Art: 22768 Rice-Paper Springroll Round 22cm - 40x400g

DUY-ANH Art: 22740 Mung Bean Vermicelli 48x250g

DUY-ANH Art: 22748 Banh Hoi Fine Rice Vermelli 30x400g

DUY-ANH Art: 22772 Rice-Paper Springroll Square 22cm - 40x400g

DUY-ANH Art: 22764 Rice-Paper Deepfry Round 22cm - 40x400g

DUY-ANH Art: 22720 Fresh Rice Vermicelli 30x400g

DUY-ANH Art: 22758 Rice Vermicelli 30x400g

DUY-ANH Art: 22730 Hue Rice Vermicelli 1.8mm 30x400g

DUY-ANH Art: 22752 Pho Fine Rice Vermicelli 30x400g

DUY-ANH Art: 22778 Square Rice Vermicelli 30x400g

DUY-ANH Art: 22710 Brown Rice Vermicelli 30x400g

SA-GIANG Art: 73864 Rice Vermicelli 30x200g

SA-GIANG Art: 73860 Rice Vermicelli 20x400g

LONG-LIFE Art: 49020 Noodle 24x250g

LONG-LIFE Art: 49030 Quick Cooking EGG Noodle - 30x500g


HAPPY-BELLY Art: 33210 Gua Bao Buns -18°C 12x400g

HAPPY-BELLY Art: 33244 Peking Duck Wrappers -18°C 30x140g


SPRING-HOME Art: 80808 Glutinous Rice Balls Peanut -18°C - 24x200g


HAPPY-BELLY Art: 33232 Oriental Bread Pandan -18°C 12x300g

SPRING-HOME Art: 80816 Glutinous Rice Balls Red Bean -18°C - 24x200g

HAPPY-BELLY Art: 33216 Gyoza Skins -18°C 30x300g

SPRING-HOME Art: 80822 Glutinous Rice Balls Sesame -18°C - 24x200g

HAPPY-BELLY Art: 33238 Oriental Bread Plain -18°C 12x300g

SPRING-HOME Art: 80830 Mini Rice Balls -18°C 24x300g

Art: 56010

Blanched White Peanuts 12x1kg

Art: 56028

Art: 56016

Art: 56046

HOT Spicy Rice Cracker NORI Rice & Peanut 6x200g Cracker - 6x200g PER BOX

Art: 23310

Bowl 20cm 8x(1x1pc)


Art: 23315


NF Art: 59664 Bowl 18,5cm Celadon Green 4x(6x1bowl)

Art: 23320

Bowl 15cm 8x(1x6pc)

FUJI Cracker Mix 6x200g

Art: 56040

Art: 56070

MIX Rice Cracker 6x200g


EMRO - Tokusa Blue

Bowl 17,5cm 12x(1x3pc)

Art: 56022

Blanched White Peanuts 20x500g

Rice Cracker Mix w, Cheese - 6x200g

Art: 56034

KYOTO Peanut Mix 6x200g

Art: 56094

Wasabi Pinatsu 10x500g


Art: 23325

Bowl 11,25cm 12x(1x10pc)


NF Art: 59986 Tea-For-One Set 300ml Sakura - 12x(1x1set)

REMO Art: 68530 Electric Hot-Pot with Grill 30cm - 4x(1x1pc)

REMO Art: 68525 Electric Hot-Pot 30cm - 4x(1x1pc)


NF Art: 59992 Teapot 900cc Celadon 12x(1x2pc)

REMO Art: 68535 Hot-Pot 26cm 14x(1x1pc)

Surinam Rice PALMIER Art: 64250 Parboiled Rice 10x1kg

PALMIER Art: 64265 Surinam Rice 10x1kg

PALMIER Art: 64270 Surinam Rice 5kg

PALMIER Art: 64260 Surinam Rice 20kg


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Special offer Thai Mas December 2020  

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