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Lynchburg College MBA


S T H G I E H W E N G N I H C R EA Y T I C L L I H IN T H E Alexandra Skinner talks to Joe Turek and Atul Gupta » Lynchburg College - An Introduction


Lynchburg College will be celebrating its 110th anniversary in April 2013. What would you say

have been the college’s most noteworthy contributions to the domestic and international business communities over the last century?

The College has been recognised for its contribution to student character building. We have twice been selected for the John Templeton Foundation’s Honor Roll for Character Building Colleges. We have also been identified in the book, Colleges that Change Lives, by Loren Pope. We are one of only two Virginia colleges, and one of only 40 colleges in the United States, to be featured in this book. I think the aforementioned recognition is important because it really underlines the essence of our mission, which is to help students reach their full potential. A number of our MBA

graduates have gone on to serve in important leadership positions in a variety of business, governmental, and nonprofit institutions. Regionally, since 1990, the School of Business and Economics, in conjunction with the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, has organised an annual economic outlook conference for members of the regional business community. Community leaders consistently tell us that an understanding of current economic conditions and emerging trends is essential for effective decision making. We’ve also developed a customised MBA programme, which was designed in concert with a number of regional businesses. We are also working with the regional marketing group for the area, Region 2000, in order to support entrepreneurship as a foundation for economic development. Institutionally, the School of Business and Economics has developed relationships with institutions in Austria and South Korea, and is currently in the process of developing a relationship with an institution in the UK. We’re trying to expand these partnerships in order to increase the number of opportunities for our students to engage in international study and travel.


As a liberal arts college, your focus is on experiential learning in a student-centred environment. Please

can you expand further upon the learning environment that you have created for your students and your pedagogical approach? DR. ATUL GUPTA, PROFESSOR OF MANAGEMENT, DIRECTS LC’S MBA PROGRAM, AND DR. JOE TUREK, IS DEAN OF SOBE.

The mission statement of the School of Business and Economics - Engaging students through active learning to build character and advance knowledge - is what experiential learning at Lynchburg College is all about.


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CEO Magazine - Volume 9  

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