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An inside

glimpse at Tim Burton, cult film director, and his work.



Turning 18 Century students celebrate becoming an adult in many different ways.


What “Thanksgiving” really means.


“Do you want to know a secret?” the Beatles are back so “Come and get it”.

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November 2009

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An inside

on the cover: In our third issue, we profile cult film director, Tim Burton. On our cover is one of his most beloved characters, Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

glimpse at Tim Burton, cult film director, and his work.



Turning 18 Century students celebrate becoming an adult in many different ways.


What “Thanksgiving” really means.


“Do you want to know a secret?” the Beatles are back so “Come and get it”.

century 1000 E. Century Ave. 58503


November 2009

table of


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Touché................................................................................................21 Sport shorts....................................................................................22 Editor:

FICTION: Intro.......................................................................................................26 Spy Car.............................................................................................28 She Whom I Love Like Rain.........................................29 Open Your Eyes.......................................................................29

OPINION: Editorials...........................................................................................30

I read, and re-read “A Not So Secret Life.” The stories featuring three tremendously strong young women was flawlessly structured. This story showed the bitter reality of teen pregnancy. It was not glamorized, it was real. I liked how it showed all aspects of the journey. I adored the little tidbits about quirky food habits. And I would like Tate Leapaldt to know that is how I eat my popcorn too, he is not alone. The features of so many individuals allow students to get to know each other’s stories, and help us realize that we are all worth getting to know, and all very different. I could not be more pleased with the art section, because it seems like sports are so important that the talented artists are not given the time of day, and now it sheds a new light on this whole other side of our school. The pictures greatly improved from last issue, and the entire paper was very well layed out. This issue encompassed our school and was the best I have ever read. Sincerely, Madison Barney

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ENTERTAINMENT: “One person’s craziness...”................................................24 Post secret.......................................................................................34 The Beatles are back..........................................................39 Entertainment shorts.............................................................42

Editor: I loved the article in the October issue of the Star about the Century Swim team. These girls work their butts off for a majority of the first semester and hardly ever get recognition. Three hours a day, everyday, they’re at the Y swimming or doing dry land running and abs and strength building exercises. They hardly have any weekends free, and for the most part, they don’t have lives. I’m glad the newspaper decided to show these tremendous athletes. Their dedication is overwhelming and they don’t have as many supporters or fans as the football, hockey, or basketball teams do. Swimming is more than booking it from one side of the pool to the other. For these girls, it’s about doing something they love, and being good at it, but it’s also pushing themselves harder than they ever have before, just to be called one of the best. Sincerely, Abby Kopp

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Thankful students / november2009 / STAR 6

Students around Bismarck volunteer their time to help the community. Some examples would be picking up trash or doing lawn work for a neighbor.

Volunteering isn’t dead among high school students story.jordankalk photos.alyssameier

Usually when teenagers think about volunteering they think of dull activities or a chore that’s required for activities at school. However, more often than not volunteering can be interesting and has the good of the community in mind. In the recent holiday season, one of the first events was Thanksgiving: a day meant to commemorate the traditions passed down from generation to generation and to give thanks for what people have. After this, the holiday season moves rapidly until it hits the end of the year with New Years Eve. “(Volunteering) would be giving, so that would be adding to the season of giving,” Century High School senior Holly Krein said. Krein used to actively volunteer at the State Historical Society. She isn’t able to as much anymore due to a busy school and work schedule. Every family has their own traditions, whether it be gifts or time with their kin. For Thanksgiving some do acts of kindness in remembrance of the first anniversary of the pilgrims and the Native Americans working together to make it through a successful first year and harvest. Today many people, including students, volunteer all year around. Often times people feel pressured into volunteering, or it is just done for another motive. Sometimes people forget what volunteering is really for, and how it helps the whole community, not just one’s personal satisfaction. Century sophomore Alicia Srohlich makes volunteering a major part of her life. She spends about ten hours a week volunteering with youth groups, at schools and at nursing homes. She started her own tutoring program at Horizon

Middle School on Nov. 9. Srohlich decided to try various types of volunteering to figure out what she likes best. Her favorite work is with kids; one day she would like to be a youth pastor. “You have to have the heart for it,” Srohlich said. “Everyone can volunteer, you just have to find your area.” Srohlich suggests students work behind the scenes at stage performances or volunteer to work for a day at a local thrift shop. “It would be cool to do something special for Thanksgiving or Christmas,” Srohlich said. Srohlich is in the process of working on an activity for the holidays. “It would be at the elementary schools, some way to help kids reach out into the community and to show them to be thankful for what they have.” Volunteering can be beneficial for a two fold reason. One, the group volunteers for benefits as well as the person doing the volunteering. In another way Srohlich notes that one of her coworkers on the ministry team, Make A Change, was able to get into a prestigious college and receive a scholarship due to all her volunteer work throughout high school. “(Volunteering) is something fun to do with time, and benefits the community,” Srohlich said. In the city of Bismarck, local people do weekly events to support those who are not as fortunate. Trinity Lutheran Church is the host of Thursday night banquets for about 300 people. The dinner is sponsored by a local business, school, or any other group of people. The group buys and prepares all the food, and the people they serve are usually low-income families. “The people that come here love to see the

people that are involved in helping out. It’s amazing how you [the volunteers] feel when you’re done,” Tudy Fennern, the director behind Thursday night banquet dinners, said. Fennern started the events in 2005, when the pastor from Trinity Lutheran Church asked her to. She started advertising by hanging up posters around town and placed some ads on the radio. Eventually the event was spreading by the word of mouth. “We serve the people with dignity,” Fennern said. “We touch a lot of lives.” “We would love to see more high school students become involved,” added Fennern. At Century there are many volunteer opportunities awaiting students. Teachers offer up their time to give students a chance to let loose in school. Century History teacher Jan Reisenauer often offers students this chance. Reisenauer believes that having a party before a holiday or special event is a good way to help get teens in good spirits. Her classes have parties for Halloween, winter break, Valentine’s Day, Easter and the end of the school year. Reisenauer also tries to do a good job of reading upcoming events and taking time out of class to congratulate students on their success in school and out of school activities. “Announcements are a good way to let kids know about volunteer opportunities,” Reisenauer said. “Often there are telephone surveys at Hughes or chances to help out with basketball tournaments.” Around Bismarck and inside Century, students are celebrating through works of charity. The upcoming holiday times and school sponsored activities provide chances for students to get out into the community. / november2009 / STAR 7


ighting for

story.aleciasmith photo.submitted

the name


Controversy strikes over new mascot for UND

The University of North Dakota hasn’t done anything to misrepresent the Sioux tribes in any way


housands of fans ranging from young children to older alumni are decked out in green, white, black and even pink to support the University of North Dakota. The crowd goes wild as the Fighting Sioux skate onto the ice in the Ralph Engelstad Arena. It’s been years since the University of North Dakota began using the nickname “Fighting Sioux”. Ever since it started people have been against it, claiming the phrase “Fighting Sioux” is racist towards Native Americans. “This controversy has been going on for over 40 years,” Director of Native Media Center of UND Holly Annis said. She also graduated from there. The University of North Dakota was founded in 1883. Six years later North Dakota became a state. The University of North Dakota logo has had many different reactions since then. “The University of North Dakota hasn’t done anything to misrepresent the Sioux tribes in any way,” UND cheerleader Brittany Fixen said. The name and logo stands for the Sioux tribe and is meant to compare the good of the school and tribe in ways such as courage, pride and honor, as announced at the beginning of sporting events. “UND’s sports teams show dedication. They strive to be the best, and do it in a mannerly way,” Fixen said, “The University represents what they stand for: their bravery, their confidence.” The logo for the Fighting Sioux is similar to the North Dakota

Highway Patrol symbol, which is highly respected. The Fighting Sioux logo was created by Bennet Brien of Belcourt, ND. He is of the Ojibwa ethnicity, also known as the Chippewa tribe. “Every national Native organization has spoken out against the use of American Indian people as mascots, logos, etc.,” Annis said. Only one of the two Sioux tribes in North Dakota have voted whether or not to change the name. The Spirit Lake tribe voted in favor of keeping the Fighting Sioux nickname and mascot. Standing Rock reservation, on the other hand, refused to vote on the subject, making it impossible for the name to remain the same as it has been for years. “The name needs to be retired,” Annis said, “I do not [believe there is an easier option].” The deadline for the university to officially change their mascot name continues to be pushed back as gatherings of officials are held and agreements made. “[Many] people love the name more than anything,” Century High School junior Omani Luger said, “They might start a ruckus.” Omani Luger is of Sioux descent. “I actually don’t get why there’s a big thing about it,” Luger said. Next hockey season the hockey fans may replace their chants of “ Go Fighting Sioux!” to “Go, Flickertails!” or any other name suggestion that comes up. Time will tell whether this will be accepted, or whether the controversy will only continue.

A Fighting Sioux hockey player patiently waits for the game to start. An announcement at the beginning of each game asks all the fans in the Engelstad to respect the UND mascot as well as the opposing team. “When a student enrolls at UND they become a part of it all; they are a fighting Sioux fan, or player,” Fixen said. “If they take that away... it will be sad, like a part of us is being ripped away.”

What does the Sioux logo stand for?

Fighting Sioux logo explained by Bennet Brien, a Native American artist. short.aleciasmith • • • • • •

The feathers symbolize the outstanding rewards that students, faculty, staff, and alumni will achieve for academic, athletic and lifelong excellence. The determined look in the eyes symbolizes fortitude, never giving up and the focus necessary for sustained academic, athletic and lifelong achievement. The paint on the cheekbone symbolizes that life can be a battle and we have daily struggles. The color green symbolizes the development of young people and their growth at the University of North Dakota. The color yellow symbolizes the sun, which provides humanity, light and warmth in order for life to continue. The color red symbolizes the lifeblood that has been poured out to make our state and people great.


Turkey siesta There’s an old wives’ tale that tells of turkey making a person sleepy. These tales aren’t always true but there is some reliability in the tale. Turkey does contain L-tryptophan, an amino acid with proven tests of inducing sleep in people. L-tryptophan only works when it is taken alone; when eating turkey there is usually enough carbohydrates to deactivate the amino acid. However, L-tryptophan can be reduced to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate sleep. When one eats turkey they are often eating it with a large meal. When someone eats a large meal they intake many calories of rich food. Blood rushes to the stomach to aid in digestion, and foods that are high in fats slow down the digestive tract. This combination makes for a sleepy frame of mind. With the holiday season coming up, remember to stay relaxed, eat a big meal and have a pillow ready.

source: holidaysseasons/a/tiredturkey.htm



Epitome of scientific genius Researchers are always working to find the next big breakthrough. Their work has been responsible for some of the greatest advancements in the world. Amid this greatness there is some work that we would be willing to bet they aren’t so proud of. Here are some studies that money has been wasted on over the years that revealed something painfully obvous, or were just downright stupid.

short.greghilzendeger photo.tonyabauer -Candy leads to prison. -Women don’t like to be told they look fat. -People tend to put on more clothes when it’s cold. -Bullies tend to have problems relating to others. -People who exercise tend to have a lower weight than those who don’t. -People binge drink on their 21st birthday. -Girls tend to like the color pink. -Underweight, overweight, or uncoordinated kids seem to dislike gym class. -Ducks like water. -Face shields on football helmets do, in fact, protect the face. -Violence occurs frequently near bars and liquor stores. soruces:


Roughing it through winter The following items should be stowed away in everyone’s car. These items will sustain a person if and when they become stranded in the tough North Dakota winter.


• • • • • • • •

blankets hat and mittens snowpants transmitter radio handwarmers flashlight extra batteries non-perishable food

bottles of water


18 Turning The day a teenager becomes an adult is one of the most important days of their lives. After turning 18, a lot of new doors are opened up and newly turned adults have a considerably larger amount of opportunities ahead of them. The Century STAR interviewed several students who have taken advantage of becoming an adult. Their stories range from simply buying something they couldn’t before to living in an entirely new place. These students didn’t hesitate a bit to begin checking off the things they’ve accomplished on their newly opened list of adult opportunities. Century High School senior Andrew Wiseman had a busy night on June 25, his 18th birthday. It was a school night when he and his friend Greg Hilzendeger, also a senior at Century, went to Waffle Cone Wednesday at TCBY as they always do. After deciding he was going to buy a lottery ticket once midnight rolled around, he soon found out that the Red Carpet Car Wash wasn’t open that late. He and Hilzendeger proceeded to the Oasis gas station where they stayed for two hours. At midnight they walked up to the register to buy their ticket, but encountered a minor set back.

Century students celebrate their 18th birthday in many different ways


The day a teenager becomes an adult is one of the most important days of their life.

{FEATURE} “Our phones said midnight but [the clerk’s] dang clock said it was only 11:59 and she wouldn’t let me buy a ticket,” Wiseman said. They waited another minute and finally bought the ticket. He didn’t win anything on the night of his birthday and has continued to buy a lottery ticket every week since. Wiseman is still waiting until the day he will finally win the lottery. “We accomplished all of our goals except winning a million dollars,” Wiseman said. Instead of staying in Bismarck to celebrate her 18th birthday on October 2, senior Sara Hardmeyer spent her birthday in New York. This was the first time Hardmeyer had been to New York where her and her family stayed for five days. “It seemed so crazy being in a completely different environment,” Hardmeyer said. While in NY, Hardmeyer got her industrial pierced and was able to see a lot of different sights. “[My favorite part was] the cruise because you see everything and you could see Ground Zero,” Hardmeyer said. Seniors Levi Jensen and Ben Chaussee aren’t simply buying something they couldn’t before, they have decided to live in a completely new place. Jensen and Chaussee plan to move out of their parents’ homes and into an apartment together in about a month. “We will have more freedom to do what we want,” Chaussee said. Jensen said that his mom plans to help them find an apartment and help pay for it. Senior Megan Rude decided to get something more permanent when she turned 18, September 28. The Friday after her birthday, Rude got a tattoo on her right shoulder. “It’s a cross and it says ‘live, laugh, love,’” Rude said. Whether these students decided to celebrate becoming an adult by simply buying something small or getting something permanent on their body, all have an interesting story and a good start on their check lists.

Things you can do when you’re


Buy/own tobacco Buy pornography Vote Get a tattoo or piercing Get married Buy a lottery ticket Get a hotel room Gamble Go to jail Buy ammunition Move out of your parents’ house Adopt/buy a pet Buy things on TV You have no curfew when it comes to the police.

Making a difference

Students share their first time experiences at a Lutheran Youth Organization convention in Dickinson, North Dakota story.briannabrown photo.submitted

A group of girls work together filling bags of food for Kids Against Hunger. At 4 p.m. October 22, 2009, teens from around North Dakota gathered at the The Grand Dakota Days Inn in Dickinson, North Dakota. The teens piled into the large conference room and took their seats; yet as the teens kept piling in, the room almost seemed to shrink. The amount of people in the room was insane and filled with excitement. Peder Eide, a Christian speaker and singer, got up on the stage and sang as the teens all stood up and sang along with him. It was easy to feel the excitement even beyond the doors of the hotel. Teens and their chaperons were enjoying the experience together; they were dancing to the songs and jumping up and down. All the workers and volunteers that were at the conference were showing their excitement by running up and down the isles and giving high fives. Friends that had not seen each other in awhile were giving each other hugs and laughing with each other. The Lutheran Youth Organization is a convention for junior high and high school stu-

What is LYO?

The Lutheran Youth Organization was created in 1987 and is a combination of three Lutheran church bodies that came together to make a place where teens can come to worship and talk about the same things that they all believe in without being judged. The ministry was made for youth to work, worship, and pray together. They work for the community to show that teens can do God’s work as well as adults.

dents who are invited every year to come and worship together. Again this year the teens got together for worship and a community service project. This year the project was to help the Kids Against Hunger Association. This group helps poor families in Africa receive food. The teens and chaperons went together in a large warehouse on the outside of Dickinson and filled bags with dried vegetables and other nutrients. These bags were shipped to Africa and some areas of the United States as soon as possible. In the one day that the teens helped out Kids Against Hunger, they made approximately 50,000 bags of food. One bag, that to some may look small, will actually feed up to six people at once. For Century High School junior Katie Peterson, this was her very first LYO convention and she had an amazing time. "I loved meeting new people and having so many people there all for the same reason," Peterson said. Peterson loved being able to help out at the Kids Against Hunger store room and fill food bags. Her chaperon, Melea Grabinger, also went to help fill bags. Grabinger had gone to LYO conferences when she was in high school and now had the experience to go again with her niece and two other girls. "It was a really neat experience," Grabinger said. "I have never done anything like that before." Grabinger and her niece McAyla Hegre had talked about going to LYO but never had the chance. "I didn't know what to expect, but it was so worth going," Bismarck High School junior

McAyla Hegre said. Hegre loves doing community projects and thought it was a great experience to go and help out. She was really looking forward to the idea and was ready for whatever work they gave her. "The Kids Against Hunger experience was really rewarding," Hegre said. The people in the warehouse had an amazing feeling of accomplishment by filling the bags. The bags contain one cup of dried vegetables, a cup of rice, and a large nutrition pill. Once the bags get to their destination they are mixed together in water and the pill is added to give the meal a better balance for the family eating it. "It feels good knowing that you're helping out people that you know really need the food and help," Peterson said. Not only did the teens get to sing and worship together, but they also did "action tracks", which are small group activities such as how to be a camp counselor, learn hip hop, group games, and what it means to be Lutheran. In some of the action tracks the teens had to make up skits to show a scenario. Many of the head counselors that were putting on the conference had been camp counselors before and knew what teens would want out of the experience. They made it energizing and exciting for the teens. "I loved how the leaders were getting everyone involved in the singing and dancing," Peterson said.


Top 10 places to visit before you



short.sarajohardmeyer photos.sarajohardmeyer

Grand Canyon, Arizona. The one place you can feel as small as you’re ever going to be.


New York City, New York. You name it, and you can most likely do it here.


San Juan Islands, Washington. There is plenty of exploring to do, and an amazing city life.

4 6

Bryce Canyon, Utah. Make sure to bring your hiking boots.

5 7

Hawaiian Islands. These islands will give you the relaxation that you deserve on an hourly basis. New Orleans, Louisiana. If you love seafood I’m sure you’ll fit right in.

Chicago, Illinois. Great place to get the feel of the metro lifestyle.


Charleston, South Carolina. The beaches are always a spectacular plus to a getaway.


Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. The most visited parks in the U.S. Check it out.


Historic Williamsburg, Virginia. The history of our country lies here, oddly.


Crazy food cravings Do you ever have that one food you have to have, right NOW, a super craving, for one specific snack, food or candy? Some Century students share their crazy cravings with the Star: short.jocelynnsonnenberg Alina Poberezhnik Senior Chocolate

Carly Crane Junior Flying Style Pizza Burgers

Lindsey Horner Sophomore Sugar Kuchen

Amanda Horner Senior Sour Patch Kids

Emma Sattler Junior Burritos

Aleesha Klein Junior Hot Wings

Fired Audrey Hoffman, sophomore

We asked Century teens about their work experience and we recieved some interesting responses. short.ambreeschmidt Chelcia Bauer, senior

Breanna Schrock, junior Where did you work? Rockin’ 50’s.

Where did you work? Red Carpet Car Wash.

How long did you work there? 2 months.

How long did you work there? About a week.

For how long? Four months

Why did you get fired? I was late too often and didn’t meet the requirements.

Why don’t you work there anymore? I called in sick within the first week. They still wanted me to come in but I didn’t show, so I got fired.

Why don’t you work there anymore? My brother fired me for not showing up twice.

Do you have a job now? Nope.

Where are you working now? Ruby Tuesdays.

Do you have a job now? No, but I’m looking for one.

When you get another job, what will you do differently? I’ll be on time every day and meet all the

What did you learn from getting fired? Having a job is a huge responsibility and a lot of

Where did you work? McDonald’s.



Bizarre b reakfast

What did you learn that will help you at a new job? Know your schedule and be responsible.

The Century STAR asked a few random students what they had for breakfast and we received some answers that would be considered a normal breakfast, but others that were anything but ordinary. short.macyegeland Ed Bullinger Junior Leftover Little Caesar’s pizza and some soda Shauntya Jasper Senior One cheese stick. One bagel with cream cheese. One mocha truffle from Gloria Jeans. Mikaela Brandner Senior Coffee Kasandra Cariveau Junior Mashed potatoes and corn Kevyn Loraas Senior Diet Mountain Dew

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Chelsey Meier, CHS Class of 2009 University of Mary Class of 2013

What you can do with Thanksgiving leftovers Got turkey and cranberry goodness just waiting to be eaten? Here are a few recipes to keep those Thanksgiving yummies going. short.amandalittrell photos.amandalittrell

Holiday Pumpkin Chesecake

Wild Rice and Turkey Soup

2 9” ready-made graham cracker crusts 3/4 cup pineapple juice 1 16 oz can pumpkin 1 cup brown sugar 1 tsp. cinnamon 1/2 tsp. ginger 3 eggs, slightly beaten 1 envelope Knox gelatin 2 8oz. pkg. cream cheese 1 Tbsp. vanilla

1 Tbsp. vegetable oil 2 large carrots, finely chopped (about 1 cup) 1 large onion, finely chopped (about 1 cup) 1/2 cup finely chopped celery 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 cups chopped leftover cooked turkey 2 cups cooked wild rice 2 cans (14 1/2 oz. each) chicken broth 1/4 tsp. salt 1/4 tsp. ground black pepper 2 cups heavy (whipping) cream 2 Tbsp. dry sherry 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh parsley, optional

Combine juice, pumpkin, brown sugar, eggs, spices, and gelatin in a medium saucepan over medium heat to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer gently for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Beat cream cheese and vanilla until fluffy. GRADUALLY add warm pumpkin mixture. Beat until well-blended. Pour into shells. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Garnish with whipped cream. You can also use a can of crushed pineapple, drained, (using 3/4 cup of the juice for the recipe), and mix the pineapple with 1 cup mini marshmallows and 1/2 cup whipped cream and use this for the garnish. (I don’t like marshmallows, so I just use Cool Whip for the garnish.) Enjoy.

Mad __________ Burg-

Heat oil in large saucepan over medium-high heat. Add carrots, onions, celery and garlic; cook and stir 5 minutes, or until vegetables are tender. Stir in turkey, rice, broth, salt and pepper; cook 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add cream and sherry; cook until heated through, stirring occasionally. Ladle soup into serving bowls; sprinkle with chopped parsley, if wanted. Makes 8 (1 cup) servings. source: source: Better Homes and Gardens Magazine


Fill in the blanks to make your very own Century story! Repeat the chain of words to yourself or to a friend to find the phrase or saying.


Yesterday I was _______________(verb ending in -ing) down the Century hallway when I suddenly ran into a _______________(noun). I was so _______________(adjective ending in -ed) that I _______________ (verb) loudly and tripped over my _______________(noun). I was so _______________(emotion ending in -ed) that I walked to the commons and sat down at a _______________(noun). I _______________(verb ending in -ed) so much that _______________(Century teacher) asked what was wrong with me. I still couldn’t speak because I was so _______________(emotion ending in -ed), so _______________(same Century teacher) sent me to the _______________(place in Century). Later, when I got out of _______________(class) I _______________(verb) and decided to go to _______________(place) to attempt to forget my _______________(adjective) day.




I’ve never met anyone from North Dakota.

Eleven journalism students, eight from newspaper and three from yearbook, took a trip to Washington DC for the JEA/NSPA fall high school journalism convention. The Century Star took fifth place in the newsmagazine category. Individual awards go to Sammi Moss, who recieved an excellent rating in review writing, and honorable mentions go to Jordan Kalk for feature writing and Breanne Skalicky for newsmagazine layout. However, the trip wasn’t all work and no play; the students visited many historic monuments, including the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and, of course, the White House. While the trip had its ups and downs, the students returned with memories that will last a lifetime.


The truth is served A tennis star’s startling admissions may not be as horrible as they seem column.greghilzendeger Stupid, pointless, shocking. These are words used by sports writers across the country to label former tennis great Andre Agassi's admissions made in his autobiography "Open". I have a new word to add to the list: enlightening. Why would Agassi, completely unprompted with nothing to gain, admit glaring faults to his shining image, such as his experimentation with crystal meth? What could he possibly be seeking to accomplish by exposing how he lied to the Association of Tennis Professionals about his drug use? Why would he reveal that the game that gave him so much is one that he hates "with a dark and secret passion". Well, Agassi is a figure that sports desperately needs. He realizes that as an athlete he is not perfect, and he knows that, while he may be safe hiding in the shadows of a lie, fans and the sport of tennis deserve the truth. Agassi has already been under heavy scrutiny for his book. His admissions have been called disturbing and detrimental to the sport by some of the game's most prolific stars, such as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. I don't see how this book can ruin the sport for anyone. If anything, it should be viewed as a blessing. Tennis is one of the few sports that has almost completely steered clear of the era of drugs and performance enhancers. Now, when one of its athletes fell to the pressure of drug use, he has had the integrity to admit his guilt on his own, something that sets him a level above most athletes in sports. Agassi should be the model for all athletes who've been engulfed by scandal. I'm not condoning anything that Agassi is admitting. In no way am I trying to say that all athletes need to start using meth and sport fake mullets. But when they make a mistake, which happens all too often in athletics these days, they need to come clean. Baseball has taken a huge step backwards because of the steroid scandal. Not just the fact that seemingly every star player in the past couple decades is guilty, but the shower of lies that have been thrown around to try to cover their mistakes. The sport would be far better off today if Rafael Palmeiro wouldn't have made his finger-pointing declaration of innocence, if Mark McGwire had wanted to talk about the past, or even if Alex


Rodriguez had come clean on his own, instead of confessing his guilt only when backed up against a wall by an army of microphones. As cliche as it sounds, the truth really can set you free. Those like Jason Giambi, who have admitted their offense, have been able to move on personally and in public opinion, but players such as Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds, who have maintained their innocence amid all the evidence against them, have been made outcasts of the sport. Baseball could be on the tail end of the steroid era right now if the players would've owned up to what they had done, but their lies and denials have made it a festering sore from which the game may never fully recover. The fans once trusted their heroes in sports, but it has been abused by many athletes to a point where it is going to be hard to regain it. As more and more players prove unworthy of this trust their respective sports suffer. The constant deception casts a shadow of doubt over any accomplishment. The fans deserve the truth. They shouldn't have to question the legitimacy of every claim made by athletes, or wonder if performance enhancers played a part in every great feat. Agassi gives hope that the truth can still shine through in sports. The brutal honesty he displays when telling the story of how he rose to the top of the tennis world after hitting rock bottom does wonders for the integrity of the sport. Despite what many have said since the book surfaced, he is not a disgrace to the game. He is perhaps, in more ways than one, its savior. In the end, maybe Agassi really doesn't hate tennis as much as he thinks. Maybe he loves it too much to stay quiet.

The fans once trusted their heroes in sports, but it has been abused by many athletes to a point where it is going to be hard to regain it.

“ / november2009 / STAR 20


photos.amandalittrell story.allisonthorson

A sport with little popularity begins to surface in the lives of Bismarck students

The sound of the boiler room can be heard from the floor. Each strike is loud and clear as the blades crash against each other. Only a small group participate in practice each week, but together they make the perfect team. Century High School junior Eryn Anderson is part of the fencing group that practices in the World War Memorial basement. When it comes to being within a sparse group, Anderson is a perfect example of a minority within a minority. Anderson is currently the only Century student that is part of the fencing sport. She has been fencing for over two and a half years, taking part in state competitions and friendly in-team duels. She practices twice a week with about nine students and her two coaches John Garnas and Mathew Kramer. Anderson remembers what it was like for her when she first started fencing; now she’s thankful she’s not a beginner but still has some reminders of what it’s like to be a beginner “It hurts really bad when you’re up against a newbie,” Anderson said. “They think it’s all about being fierce and fast.” The art of fencing is now a sport that is an adaptation of an old fencing style used to battle for honor back in the 1300s. This traditional sport is now practiced around the world for competition. Anderson describes this sport as being about grace and patience. “With attacks, the best moves are the subtle ones,” Anderson said. Bismarck High School sophomore Hunter Gabel has been fencing for over three years now and has never stopped loving every moment of it. Gable said he found it very difficult to stay with a sport he felt comfortable in, with

his height only around 5’4” and low physical ability. After a friend suggested the sport to Gabel, he finally found a sport that fit his needs. Gabel also found a place where he felt he belonged. “The people in fencing are kind of cut from the same cloth so I always got the sense that I actually belonged somewhere,” Gabel said. Growing up, Gabel always dreamed of sword fighting, and now to be able to do it as a sport is an extremely satisfying feeling. As a child Gabel was very jumpy and energetic. His favorite attack during fencing shows this very clearly. The calupstra attack is his preferred attack because of the advantage he naturally has being apprehensive. “As a kid, and even a little now, I was pretty jumpy, so being able to use that to my advantage is an awesome feeling,” Gabel said. Also new to the sport is Bismarck High School’s sophomore Jesse White and senior Rachel Rixen. Both are quite new to the sport, but enjoy it just the same. White was suddenly thrown into the program when his mother signed him up. Lucky enough, he enjoyed it so he decided to stick with it. Rixen, on the other hand, always loved the concept of the sport and when she found out that Bismarck Parks and Recreation offered fencing she jumped at the chance to learn the sport she had admired for so long. For Rixen, fencing is a great physical and mental exercise with many different aspects that keep her mind focused. “It’s so much fun and everyone involved enjoys it. What’s better stress relief than stabbing people?” Rixen jokes.

Fencing lingo

Bout: A contest in its entirety between two fencers. Counter-parry: A defensive move where a fencer makes a circular movement around the opponent’s blade and moves it away. Parry: A defensive action where a fencer blocks the opponent’s blade. Stop-thrust: A sudden counterattack made by extending without lunging. Touch: A hit with the point of the weapon or a cut with the edge of the sabre, scoring a point. Source:


Another one bites the dust short.greghilzendeger photos.submitted

Shooting a mountain lion is deemed a great and rare accomplishment for any hunter. Century High School senior Andrew Wiseman is making a habit out of it. Wiseman took his second mountain lion on October 23. He is the first person to kill two mountain lions in North Dakota. Wiseman has shot a lion in each of the two years that he has tried for one (by law hunters can only shoot one a year). Last year he killed a 75-pound female and this year's catch was a 92-pound female. Both were killed in the same general area: in the Badlands south of Watford City. The season for mountain lions in the Western area of the state runs from September 4 to March 31, or until a quota of eight lions are killed.

Congratulations Century Girls’ Swimming and Diving short.greghilzendeger photo.submitted The Century girls' swimming team capped off their season in the best possible way: winning the state title. It was Century's second girls' swimming title and their first since 1993. Their dominance in Grand Forks on November 13-14 gave Century 290 points to end Minot's six-year reign at the top of North Dakota girls' swimming. Most of Century's state qualifiers reached the finals to help overcome the affect of Minot's national record setting swimmer Dagny Knutson. Century had no individual champions, but they won the 200 and 400 freestyle relays. Their time in the 400 was a state record. Kalee Kemmesat, Emily Smallbeck and Cassie Walth claimed runner-up finishes in individual events. / november2009 / STAR 22

How to: stay fit in winter

Fact: Cold weather forces your body to exert more energy to stay warm, thus burning extra calories. photo.breanneskalicky short.sarahmcphillips 1. Cross-country skiing can burn up to 544 calories per hour, and if you add poles you will be challenging your whole body. 2. Snowboarding at a moderate pace can burn an average of 414 calories per hour. Get together with a group of friends and take a weekend trip. Not only will you have fun, you’ll be working to keep fit at the same time.

3. Downhill skiing can burn an average of 374 calories per hour; this will work your core.

4. Snowshoeing at a moderate pace burns up to 544 calories per hour, working your core muscles, thighs, and calves. 5. If you’re not into being in the cold, workout videos are a great way to workout in your own home without spending a load of money.

6. Ice skating burns up to 425 calories per hour and shapes your thighs and calves. Skating backwards will challenge even more of your muscles. It’s fun, but don’t forget to dress warm. Source:

"One person's



Some would describe him as immensely creative and extraordinarily talented. Others would say he is all too eccentric and an absolute weirdo. For some, words simply fall short. He is director, producer, artist and storyteller Tim Burton. Best-known for his unconventional stories and bizarre characters, Burton has worked in all areas of cinema from quirky, live-action movies, five-minute short films and Disney, to strange, stopmotion films and musicals. "His movies are kind of different," Century High School junior Ali Cahoon said. "...they are really dark." Burton's characters are unmistakable. The puppets used in his stopmotion films usually involve a tall, thin body with spindly legs and a gaunt face with sunken, large eyes. The actors in his live-action films often look similar. The combination of his idiosyncratic sets and characters bring his work to life. Along with creating off-beat tales from his own expansive imagination, Burton has taken many classic stories, such as "Sleepy Hollow" and "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street", and made them his own. "I like how he takes the dark stuff and makes it interesting,� junior Jasmine Towner said. “His work is really intellectual.� Nevertheless, not all his movies contain head-slicing, scissor-handed, gruesome plots. Burton's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and the upcoming "Alice in Wonderland" offer his own unique take on these beloved, family films. "You can't turn those [movies]


<source: nm0000318/bio>

-Made short animated film "Vincent" about horror actor Vincent Price and later collaborated with him in Edward Scissorhands -Is engaged to actress Helena Bonham Carter -Named Johnny Depp the godfather of his son Billy Ray Burton -Played water polo and swam at his California high school


down," sophomore Marissa Sipes said. Still, a majority of Burton's work tends to be avoided because the movies can be deemed too grim and bizarre. "Lots of people think it's dark and depressing. I don't think it's depressing, just really emotional," Sipes said. "Lots of people don't really get that." "His movies are There is no doubt kind of different... that Burton's films are far from "the usual". they are really His uncommon ways of dark." directing, producing, drawing and writing frequently leave audiences leery of his next project. All the same, no one can say he conforms to Hollywood's standards. His work remains true to his own distinct visions. Whether a person chooses to be an obsessed fan or a wary bystander, Burton's films remain cult classics.

" another person's reality." -Tim Burton

image source: http://search.creativecommons. org/?q=tim+burton&sourceid=Mozilla-search


Mikaela Bradner Senior

Artist of the


Skyler Husebye Sophomore

Who is your favorite writer? Jacobe Shaddix or Billie Joe Armstrong What is your favorite book? The Gunslinger by Stephen King How long have you been writing? Five years What is your favorite work you've written? My new album "Stolen Alive" is my favorite work so far. What is a quote that inspires you? "Diagnose your symptom/disease" from my song â&#x20AC;&#x153;Symptom/Diseaseâ&#x20AC;?. Why do you write? I write songs I want to hear. I don't care what others want. What kind of writing do you do most? I always write songs with a message. I hate not having a meaning. What do you want to do as a profession? There's nothing I want more than for me to form a band and hit it big. What goals do you have for your writing? I want to reach people and tell them they're best off pretending to be themselves. What's your favorite class? I don't want to make any teachers mad; but if I had to choose it would be P.E. What inspires you? I am inspired by the urge to do something that's never been done before.

Open Your Eyes Alyssa Meier I see your tears Before you wipe them away I see the fear Written on your face Every scar on your heart, every bruise You try to keep it inside, but it slips through So let it go Let it out Let the pain show Scream and shout Put down the mask Don't try to hide Embrace your past Now open your eyes Those walls you build Tear them down Leave any guilt On the ground You don't have to be strong When you want to cry You don't have to hold on As you crumble inside So let it go Let it out Let the pain show Scream and shout Put down the mask Don't try to hide Embrace your past Now open your eyes Holding it in Only makes it worse Lose the grin Release your hurt The pain can't leave If you keep it inside Now it's time to breathe You'll be alright So let it go Let it out Let the pain show Scream and shout Put down the mask Don't try to hide Embrace your past Now open your eyes


Mylee Schorsch Sophomore She Whom I Love Like Rain By Daniel J. Draovitch "If it's ka, it'll come like a wind, and your plans will stand before it no more than a barn before a cyclone." -The Dark Tower IV I was once a leaky tower on its way to ruin, But you came along and built me strong. A noble worker without a cause for you doing You built me strong and showed me my wrongs. Yet, you asked me "How much do you love me? How much do you care?" And I replied sturdy as a tree With emotion I could hardly bare. I love you like rain falling from the sky. You fell beside me by a mere chance, But never left me to my fate as others had tried. Surely, ka is doing its lovely dance. As we fall through the frigid air. And I say to you my love As the sun shines from its far off lair Making you glimmer in its light above. We will fall from this sky never completely sure where we'll end, But where it is we'll never bother to try

To end up somewhere else around the bend. But when we find our mark against this earth Worry not my sweetest love For we will never stray far along the turf, And even when we are separated by powers above Worry not for we will meet again To carry on falling from the sky Kissing each other again and again Until we make Mother Earth cry all the more. You my love will always adore. You're my lost Lenore That I search for what seemed for forever and more, And now that I have you I cry in bliss forever more. "Your hair is winter fire, January embers. My heart burns there, too." -Stephen King's â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;?

Spy car Michael Bjork It was a beauty. The sports car rolled to a stop under the green canopy’s shadow at the entrance of Francois’ Gourmet. The freshly polished hood and silvery hubcaps reflected the restaurant’s facades and all the valets that stood at the ready. I pulled back the white cuff of my uniform to check my watch and smiled. It was seven P.M. Right on time for his reservation, as always. No one knew for sure what brand the car was, nor its model. Frankie, a friend and coworker who just so happened to be at my side, was practically twitching he was so excited. The two of us were the biggest car fanatics that worked at Francois’, but we still couldn’t identify it. Not wanting our reputation to be hurt, we’d settled on telling everyone it was most likely a custom-made foreign car from Germany or something. Sure, we could have asked the owner himself what it was, but where was the fun in that? The two door car had a black base paint and a crimson streak running from the headlights on both sides to behind the doors. It had a streamline design, with its smooth curves and subtle spoiler. Through the windshield I could see the eggshell-colored leather interior, the well-dressed owner and that week’s date sitting comfortably within the air conditioned walls. I wiped the sweat from my brow. It was hot, and the prospect of cool air was nearly as inviting as the hum of the engine begging me to let it loose. The man shut off the engine and got out of the car. He walked to the other side, opened his lady’s door and, with a bow of sorts, offered his hand. She took it and stepped out, giggling at his formality. His date, as usual, was a babe. She was wearing a dark blue, ankle-length dress that hugged her curvy figure before draping loosely past the hips. Her long, honey-blonde hair could only be described as bouncy, for with every turn of the head her wavy locks seemed to dance about in celebration of some unknown joy. She seemed a bit air-headed compared to his usual dates. I didn’t plan on bringing that up. I looked from her to the man and couldn’t help but shake my head. How he found all these beautiful women, I didn’t know, nor did I know how he romanced them into a date. He was always at least ten years older than them. His brown hair was lined with a few streaks of gray was greasy, having been slicked back with a glob of pomade. He wore the same black suit every time I saw him, a white dress shirt beneath the suit jacket and red tie. He was smiling as she took his arm in hers, an amused tug at the corner of his lips. “Good evening, sir,” I said as they walked up. “Ma’am.” I bobbed my head towards his date. She smiled back with bleach-white teeth. “Yes, good evening,” the man replied with a British accent, dropping the keys into my open palm. I handed him a ticket with a number as he put a hand on my shoulder and smiled. “Careful with her now.” “Don’t worry,” I said, flashing what I hoped was a trustworthy smile. “She’ll be fine in my hands.” He chuckled, finding it amusing. “Oh, I know you’ll do fine. She hasn’t come back with a scratch yet has she? No, it’s just a habit. I’m sure you can handle her. Shall we?” He turned away and led his date towards the entrance while whispering something in her ear that aroused a fit of giggles. I walked over and opened the car door. Residual cool air seeped out. “Tip is on the seat,” the man called from outside the restaurant’s entrance. I turned and thanked him with a wave as he passed through the open doorway. The tip. Another great reason to park the man’s car. I plopped into the comfy, leather seat and took the crisp, 50 dollar bill sitting on the passenger seat. I pulled out my wallet and slipped it inside. Whenever the man came it was always a big tip. The only reason there was little competition for being his valet was because I told everyone I’d yet to receive more than a dollar. Well, that and the fact that he didn’t trust anyone else with the car. Why, I didn’t know. Then again, I didn’t care. With my wallet back in my back pocket, I stuck the key in the ignition and fired it up. The engine hummed lightly, discretely, as if to say there wasn’t really anything special to be expected from it. Although I’d never experienced it, I knew there was power hidden within that unassuming hum. It was like a lion in sheep’s clothing. I put the car in drive, and pulled forward.

To read the conclusion of this story go to the Star website.

Place Sarah McPhillips

Long gravel roads leading nowhere and everywhere, Dust lifted up by the four large wheels passing over them To get to the metallic grain bins that reach to the high heavens. As a breeze blows I can smell the mint Yes, spearmint, green and refreshing, cool Though the sun beats hot on my back. Wiping the dust and sweat from my exhausted brow I see the glistening waters that surround this beautiful farm land I hear the chirping of birds, warblers and sparrows, cardinals and bluebirds, the common yellow throat and the marsh wren As they all sing their brilliant songs. I hear the rustling of wind through the leaves of every tall cotton wood tree that surrounds me And I see the stirring of the tall grass I stand on. Stirred by the little creatures that live here. Beauty surrounds me in every form, From the nature To the man who holds my heart as he points out this tempean place he calls home. But just like the seasons, all good things come to an end. Turning back to the gravel roads I say goodbye Leaving a trail of cloudy dust behind.

Katie Johanson Junior


Holding onto the holiday spirit Every season we, as a staff, hear numerous stories about the holiday spirit in our community. Last year, there were numerous accounts of “pay it forward” happenings at our local Starbucks that made the news almost weekly. There is noticeably more friendliness just walking in public during the holiday season as well. More people hold the door open for others, let the lady with only a few items go in front of them, and overall there is a more cheerful environment all around. We all enjoy the holiday cheer but once we have rung in the new year, suddenly the cheer diminishes. We’re hoping that this year it might be possible to hold onto the holiday cheer for at least a few more months, because it’s always nice to see good deeds rather than the constant rage and annoyance that we all seem to surround ourselves with.

Drab dryers We, as a staff, like having dry, clean hands- emphasis on the dry. Our hand dryers just don’t seem to cut it. Not only does it take numerous tries under the hand dryer to get them even to the point where they aren’t dripping wet, most of us are impatient and end up drying our hands on our clothes and leaving it at that. Another thing is that just because the hand dryers blow air at 290 degrees doesn’t mean they’re going to dry our hands any faster. We’re waiting for the day we get second-degree burns as a consequence for having to go to the bathroom. It’s understandable that our janitors have a lot on their hands, and having to use paper towels is not another thing anyone is looking to add to the list of things scattered around on the floors of our school. We’re not asking for paper towels or new hightech hand dryers, we’re simply looking for an update. We would like something that will leave our hands dry and burn-free. / november2009 / STAR 30



ancing by myself

Better understanding friendship at an arm’s length column.paulmurphy His eyes are shock-shelled wide, lids tight around the edges and I’m a hair’s breadth away from making a joke about them freezing forever until I decide against it. They are unblinking, but it’s not a huge deal because I figure my own eyes are doing more than enough fluttering for the both of us. The pointed lights seem to swarm over me and, even with my eyes closed, they rage a spotted neon inferno inside my skull. But as the reds and blues swim over his eyes, they don’t move, not an inch. They’re transfixed and stark still, a deer in technicolor headlights. The only reason my normally dull abilities of perception even pick up on all this is because we’re standing barely an inch away. Around us is the kick drum beat of moving bodies, continually pressing and pressing in on us. I’m breathing in and out with forced concentration, trying my best to shut out all of the revolted discomfort building in my stomach. I usually manage to go through life with a certain degree of composure, even when my senses are assaulted with the things I can’t stand, but human contact is just one of those things that I can’t seem to “Human contact is just one smile my way through. of those things that I can’t I’m not sure just what it is that makes me so utterly uncomfortable with physical interaction seem to smile my way but I know that, for someone with such a trait, high school dances are probably the last place through.” to hang around. Around me hips and hands sway as if hypnotized by the pumping sounds flooding out of the speakers. This goes on for a straight three and a half minutes, the standard radio cut of a song, until the beat fades and a new one fires up when, in a hormonal game of musical chairs, everyone frantically switches partners, hoping to not be the loser without a seat to claim. Like short-skirt Cinderellas at midnight they scurry from one backwards cap wearing Prince Charming to another, not leaving so much as a glass slipper behind. Most touching makes my skin crawl, but caressing intimately for a few minutes before moving on to the next girl makes it flat out erupt in goosebumps. Thanks, but no thanks. With such an attitude towards dances, I naturally figured on not attending the one that weekend, or any in the future for that matter. Yet my friends had been surprisingly devoted on going; one in particular stood out as being especially overzealous. “You’re coming with, right?” His dark eyes locked on to mine with a force I found uncomforting. I figured it wouldn’t be so bad to stand around and look bored for awhile, especially when I remembered that I go through all of my days with roughly the same format and I told him I would. Those eyes looked satisfied and turned to hunt for someone else to convince, leaving me puzzled with why he cared so much in the first / november2009 / STAR 31

{OPINION} It was those forceful pupils, the same ones that got me into this sweaty gymnasium, that now stared vacantly into the DJ’s cascading lights and I was starting to understand why he had made such a point about going. His eyes were focused to the front of the room and, after awhile, I started to make out the shape he was zeroed in on. They rolled from one side to another and now it was easier to tell that it was two people, interlocked tightly and still swaying as the song ended and a new one started, as if the beat was just a formality they needed to be that close. As the lights washed over them, I realized I knew her. She and my friend had dated, briefly, and it had been awkward and messy until, finally, they broke up on unsure terms. I was seeing now his reason for going. Like any corny high school movie, he wanted to win her back at the big dance. I imagined he would stride up to the front of the gym, take the microphone and, although never rehearsed, deliver a beautiful, natural monologue right off the top of his head. He would tell her it was a mistake to go off to college with the blond, clearly evil star football player and that he would make her happy. As his Shakespearean speech dwindled to a close, a solitary clap would start. Slowly, but with considerable power, it would be joined by more and more raucous applause until he embraced her on the dance floor. The crowd would form a wide circle around them, cheering and cheering until he finally kissed her. As their lips met and the camera slowly panned around them, the crowd would reach it’s enthusiastic climax, putting him on their shoulders and parading around as the music, victorious and triumphant, rose to a swell. Freeze frame. Roll credits. Allow the audience to wipe the tears from their eyes. High school movies never show teenage years as they really are, with good reason. What I’m looking at is the reality of it. As he and I stand in silence, I’m struck with the idea that, as complicated and horrifying as romantic love can be, platonic love is no less difficult. As I watch the light fill his eyes to the brim, shimmering in what looks like the beginning of tears, I want to reach out and pat him on the shoulder, assure him that everything will be okay. But in doing so, I would make his sorrow clear and so I do nothing. Even with all of our time together, spent driving across town or climbing roofs or lazing the hours away, I can’t manage to let him know I’m there for him and, even more disturbing than the thought of being touched, is the idea that I can’t think of a single way to be his friend when he needs one. He finally snaps out of his trance, only to look at me and his gaze reads loud and clear, those damp eyes asking that I never, ever speak of this moment for as long as I live. I nod ever so slightly and then clear my throat. “Well,” I tell him, “I can’t see a thing and this is even duller than I thought it would be. Everybody’s leaving, you coming?” and even though my head is killing me and the lights are blinding, I’m pretty sure his eyes fill with a certain light and he smiles. “Sure, I’ll meet you at my house.” I walk out into the full parking lot, thankful to have something as bright as the moon light the way. As I start the car, I see him get into his, as seemingly hyperactive and carefree as ever. I pull into the street and hope that, tomorrow, we think of something better to do. / november2009 / STAR 32

Heads or tails

If only someone would be there to tell me what the right decision is every time I’m unsure column.alyssameier I’m standing in the doorway, my feet cemented to the ground. My hesitation is slowly agitating the hungry teenagers waiting behind me. I finally take a step forward, one that would have been considered small for a child. I look around again, reading the signs and debating, momentarily lost in my dilemma. This isn’t a new decision for me or for anyone else in the school, but still I can’t seem to make up my mind. I decide to start small and think of what I want to drink. The selection of milk to my left doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever. I turn away from it, silently promising my bones that I will drink twice as much tomorrow. Without looking across the crowded room at the other drink options I decide on water, knowing that my beverage dilemma was most likely not over yet. I realized long ago that my mind changes considerably more than it is made up. I move on to the salad bar where I scoop up a spoonful of the mixed fruit, and pause before deciding on which well of my tray it was meant to reside in. After placing the fruit chunks in their temporary home, I slowly shuffle my way over to the hot lunch line and let my eyes run and rerun over the dry erase board. It’s a simple question; hamburger or corn dog? It’s a choice I’ve made dozens of times throughout my school years, picking the hamburger for as long as I can remember. I stop and wonder if today would be the day that I finally choose the alternative. I creep forward in the line and, lifting my tray, inform the woman behind the counter that I’d have the hamburger. I heard somewhere that every day the average person makes around 2,000 decisions. How significant these decisions really are varies but the majority of them are enough to make me stop what I’m doing and debate every single one of the possible outcomes. A decision that would take the average person a few minutes could take me a day to contemplate. I’ve grown accustomed to subconsciously over-thinking things to the point where I often don’t realize I’m doing it, unless, that is, I stop and think about it. I could not begin to count the number of times I have heard adults ask teens whether their particular dilemma at the time is a life changing choice or not. For years I had been trained to say no in 99 percent of those situations, until one day I realized that every choice I make somehow changes my life. If one day I pick to wear a green shirt instead of a yellow one, that small decision has altered a small part of my life. I doubt that a simple choice of clothing will affect anything dramatically, but it has changed my life in that minuscule way. With this theory now planted in my head, I slowly started to think more carefully about all the decisions that I made more carefully, until I finally grew into one of the girls that is never ready to order her meal, no matter how many times the waiter comes back. Whenever I’m faced with a slightly more relevant decision in my life than what to eat, no matter how obvious the choice may be, I end up occupying an excessive amount of time trying to find an alternative that appeals to me more. In my mind I set up a stainless steel table and lay the situation down on it carefully. I circle it slowly, over and over, hoping to see something new. When my feet grow tired I sit down at the microscope and look over it again, seeing everything I had before on a greater, less focused scale. For hours and days I examine the specimen, cutting chunks off of the whole and slicing the rest paper thin, as if by chance it would change what I knew was still there. In the end, I am left with the same thing lying before me, now raw and tattered, but still telling me the same path to take that it had at the beginning. Somewhere in my mind I have decided that every choice I make I should be completely sure about. When I am given the opportunity to decide what could make me happy, why not take an extra minute to make sure I’m making the right choice? Whether it is who I’m going to date, what I’m going to eat, or even just the shirt I choose to wear, the decisions we make as people all somehow affect our futures. If I have the chance to make my future a better one, I’m going to take it. So, if you ever see me around, I’ll most likely be staring off into space or somehow holding up the traffic at school, but as long as I know I made the right choice once I do make up my mind, I’m happy. For now, I need to decide on what flavor of water I am going to buy. Whether or not that is a life changing decision is up to you.


Staying Strong When everything fell apart, I learned how to put myself together column.briannaherman / november2009 / STAR 34

My life has always been about staying strong. In life I’ve found that no matter how much you want to give up and run away, it’s impossible to run away from yourself. I’ve always been a person of internal and external change. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known. Although I’ve been broken and built myself back up to something that may be hard to describe at times, I yearn for simplicity in life. My mother is my rock, she’s always been able to hold my life together for me when I’ve been unable to do so. Divorce is just the beginning of what I’ve been through, and the biggest change that I’ve needed to get used to. There were many nights of crying myself to sleep, trying to run away in my pink, electronically powered Barbie jeep, yelling and shutting myself out from the rest of the world. It wasn’t easy and being pulled in different directions happened often. Less than one month after my mom and dad decided to separate, my dad found someone new and decided it was time for her to move in. The divorce hadn’t even been finalized yet. My mom, on the other hand, had quite a struggle transforming into a single parent and learning to make ends meet. I remember the first time I heard that my parents weren’t going to be together anymore. I was out riding my bike on a nice summer day and when I came home to get some Kool-aid, I arrived to my parents bickering back and forth in the garage at our house in Lincoln. What made this situation worse is that they didn’t realize I was standing there, listening to the entire argument and weeping. Neither realized I had been there until I ran past my dad and slammed the door behind me. From there, I locked myself away in my bedroom for a few proceeding hours. As much as they tried to convince me everything was okay and that the fight meant nothing, I think I knew this was the end of one battle and the beginning of another. Throughout the divorce process, I would often scream and tell my parents they would get back together. I knew it was unlikely and foolish to wish something so extreme because I saw everything happen right in front of me, but I just wanted something to be consistent in my life. I experienced the nasty and numerous custody battles, getting used to a new step-parent, choosing sides, and moving schools three times before the third grade- which in turn made it hard to make friends, because as the moving became more frequent, my motivation lessened. I lost my home where I grew up, and my parents. Since then, I have turned into a very independent, emotionally weak person, yet my external appearance would express otherwise. My mom went back to college and got a degree so she could support my sister and I. As hard, time consuming and expensive that was, she never gave up and I had never been more proud of her than I was on her graduation day. I was 14-years-old and an eighth grader at Simle Middle School. I had come a long way and so had she. After graduation, life around the Herman household began to look up as I looked up to my mom and turned to her for support every step of the way. In the past, divorce was a very quiet topic and nobody liked to believe or admit that their family had inside issues, and as much as I would still like to believe my family is ideal, reality starts to set in at some point during the journey. Being in a family that has been torn apart by divorce is a learning and a grieving process, to say the least. Being tolerant and accepting of changes is something that may take some time, but sooner or later, these changes are made, and what makes you happy may not be what makes others happy.


Century students anonymously submitted secrets to the STAR and ten of them were chosen for this issue. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re interested in posting, write down a secret of any kind, decorate the card if you wish, and put it in the green box outside of room 117. / november2009 / STAR 35


FarmVille on Facebook; this is a joke, right? I don’t care how many lonely black sheep showed up on your farm today nor do I care that you won a ribbon for having a green thumb. This is embarrassing. I am embarrassed for you. Please, go find something productive to do. Watching paint dry actually might be a little more productive than harvesting your crops on FarmVille, so please, for the sake of all that’s good, stop farming on your computer. Nikki Zimmerman I’m running late for work, find a horrible parking spot, have to go back to my car for my name badge, and after all of this, when I go to my locker for my uniform I realize I have absolutely no idea what my combination is. I think there is a 6, maybe a 3 or 2? I’ll just spin and yank at it for a while for there is really nothing else I can do. I wish I could go back to kindergarden where I had to wear a necklace with my info on it. Ugh. Alyssa Meier I wonder how much time I’ve wasted with an open Coke bottle in my hand, trying over and over to get that wretched cap back onto it. There is no way something this difficult is just a mistake. I am convinced the people at the Coke company sat around and discussed the best way to waste their consumers’ valuable time. Somewhere there is a group of executives sitting around a monitor watching a helpless blond girl struggle with their own form of a chinese finger trap. Alyssa Meier

Personally, I really enjoy flying. But there’s always that one person that ruins the whole plane’s trip, and somehow, he’s always sitting next to me. I honestly never thought that someone could possibly complain about as many things as this man did on an hour and 15 minute plane ride. He complained about not having ice in his water, how I was too close to him and that the plane was bouncing. Of course it was bouncing! And believe me, if I was able to sit further from you, I most definitely would have moved already. Macy Egeland

RANTS After a good 10-minute stretch when I awake from my slumber the night before, I come across something I find quite disgusting: morning breath. As if this traitorous figure of death isn’t bad enough, I make my way to the sink to freshen up and see none other than toothpaste scattered around the cream colored counter top with the cap M.I.A. The old fluoride based solution has now crusted over and created its own lid, well equipped with one small opening for what’s left of the toothpaste. As it oozes through the small bacteria-ridden hole, I can’t help but think of germs, germs and more germs. Thanks, but no thanks. Amanda Littrell

This time of year brings holidays and holidays mean food, lots and lots of food. Best of all is the perfectly chocolate and sugary crunch that is puppy chow. Oh the heavens truly blessed us with this amazing invention that has mouths watering this very minute. What makes it so delicious? Is it the chocolate, the powdered sugar? No, it can’t just be one thing. The combination is what makes this snack rank number one on my list of favorite holiday treats. Alli Thorson

I consider Black Friday a holiday in itself. Not only do I manage to get the majority of the holiday season’s shopping done, every year I am able to witness hundreds of people who have all been sleep-deprived fighting over the smallest item that has now been put on sale for half the regular price. It might be because I’ve only gotten three hours of sleep, but I find Black Friday the most entertaining and fulfilling shopping day of the year. Nikki Zimmerman

I have made a recent discovery of how completely awesome boots are. It took a while for me to adjust to the idea of starting to bundle up for winter again, but now that I have made the commitment I don't think I'll ever be able to go back. Boots keep your feet warm, dry and, well lets face it, in-style. So as you’re walking down the hallway with a flimsy shoe, I'll be strutting down in my tall, sturdy boots. Jordan Kalk

RAVES I know I may be called crazy or insane, but I just love the snow. It brings back memories of catching snowflakes on your tongue or having forbidden snowball fights during recess. I will continue to wake up every morning and rush to the window in hopes of finding that wonderful white layer covering the ground. Tonya Bauer

If there were anyway to creep around this rave I am about to state, I would most definitely do it. I, as well as every female and maybe even a male or two, would have to agree that “Party in the U.S.A.” is the guiltiest pleasure of them all. Even though Ms. Cyrus makes me want to rip my hair out piece by piece, if I am crabby, blue or just ready to get down with my bad self, this song always puts me in the mood. The upbeat melodies and poppy guitar simply makes my ears happy, and as much as I never wanted to do this...I am thanking you Miley. Now if only all your songs made me this giddy. Amanda Littrell

My Christmas wish list:


y Spirit Ye a r u t Cen

! ok o b

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Prices go up Jan. 16 2010 2620 State Street â&#x20AC;˘ Bismarck PAR3035





are back story.tonyabauer

A sixties band that is rocketing to fame once again

They sang about timeless issues.


hether you’ve heard “Hey Jude” in Laurie Foerderer’s art class or have been humming the catchy tune known as “Yellow Submarine”, the Beatles are very well-known, and now they’re back. After rocketing to fame in the early sixties, the Beatles have resurfaced as a band that plays great music and creates a sweet atmosphere. “It’s easy to listen to,” Century High School art teacher Laurie Foerderer said. “It’s upbeat; it’s the Beatles.” / november2009 / STAR 39

{ENTERTAINMENT} Junior Jenessa Whitmore is an educated fan of the Beatles. She has gained a wide knowledge of their background from the many books and other articles she has read about them. “The Beatles [are] the most talented, creative, revolutionary, and influential rock group of all time,” Whitmore said. According to, The Beatles have not always been The Beatles. It all began with John Lennon’s love of rock n’ roll. Out of this passion emerged the Quarrymen, a band he formed at his high school. He was later joined by Paul McCartney and George Harrison and though the lineup changed frequently throughout the fifties, these three members remained. Then they found their drummer Pete Best. The Quarrymen proceeded to change their name to the Silver Beatles, and soon dropped the silver to become The Beatles. “They were a group of 16-year-olds, it was a new style of music,” Whitmore said. “No one can ever repeat the Beatles sound.” The Beatles 1963 performance at the London Palladium launched Beatlemania in the UK. It is said this Beatlemania has never ended. According to the Rolling Stone’s website, 70 million people watched the Beatles on February 9 and 16 in 1964, when they appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. said this television interview launched the British Invasion. “It’s the diversity of their songs,” junior Maddy Freder-

ickson said. “No song is really alike.” According to, the Beatles gave their last live performance in 1966, and in 1967 they lost their creative manager. Lennon stated it best when he said, “That was it, the beginning of the end.” Rolling Stone’s website states that on April 10, 1970, McCartney publicly announced the end of the Beatles. Even though the band members had all gone their separate ways the Beatles were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988. “They sang about stuff that was popular at the time,” Whitmore said. “But it will never go away, they sang about timeless issues.” The Beatles have since come back into the media with a Beatles Rock Band and the movie Across the Universe, released in 2007. Across the Universe tells the story of two lovers through the Beatles music. “It explored many different levels of the Beatles music,” Frederickson said. Frederickson believes the Beatles music challenges people to see a different perspective of music, while Whitmore thinks that it is unique and has a pick-me-up aspect to it. Whatever the view may be, it is an undeniable fact that the Beatles music is legendary. “I think it’s timeless,” Foerderer said. “All generations like the Beatles.”

The top five Beatles songs according to CNN’s Todd Baxter Top 5 Beatles songs I Saw Her Standing There

Twist and Shout

She Loves You

All My Loving

I Want to Hold Your Hand / november2009 / STAR 40

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Cover Songs


Some songs are so nice, they need to be made twice. Others were so great the first time, remaking them is a slap in the face. Here’s a list of the hits and misses from these go-around songs. short.norahkolberg

“Twist and Shout”-- Did we even know this was the Isley Brothers’ song before the Beatles covered it? Do we really care? Possibly the best cover ever.


“My Generation”-Believe it or not, Hilary Duff had the gall to record this youth-revolution anthem by The Who. It’s the equivalent of her acting in a gritty indie film. Oh wait, that happened. With the same results.

“Proud Mary”-- She never, ever does nothin’ nice and easy. Bayou rockers Creedence Clearwater Revival first recorded this song, but Tina Turner’s get-upshake-it cover still gets crazy radio play.

2 ”Hello Goodbye”-Honestly, it’s a matter of respect. If you have a contract with the Disney Channel, you are not allowed to remake a Beatles’ classic. The Jonas Brothers deserve a family time-out for this one.

“Tainted Love”-The original by Soft Cell is a nice throwback to 80’s synth’s glory days, but Marilyn Manson knocked us out with his 2001 metal remake.

“Time After Time”-Cindi Lauper’s love ballad was a slowdance staple in the 80’s, but there’s something about Quietdrive’s rock version that makes you want to really get down.

Top 5 Best

“Dancing in the Dark”-- Bruce Springsteen’s original will make you want to dance, Tegan and Sara’s version will make you want to cry. In a good way. Promise.

3 4 5

Top 5 Worst “I Love Rock n’ Roll”-Sorry Britney, but you’re no Joan Jett. And you just can’t remake the intense guitar or the battle cries on the original.

“Whatcha Say”-Okay, so it’s not a total cover, but Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” was not supposed to be put to a beat. Ever, Jason Derulo.

“Beat It”-- In all honesty, it was a respectable re-do on Fall Out Boy’s part, but the Michael Jackson original practically has its own cult following. Remake unnecessary.

These are a few of my favorite things Toria Bondeson shares with us a few of her favorite things. short.ambreeschmidt photo.tonyabauer

1. Phone “It contains half my life.” 2. Car “It gets me places I need to go.” 3. Art “I get lost in it.” 4. Cowboy boots “They make me feel cool and they are comfy.” 5. Room “It’s my space.”

Land of the Lost review.sammimoss

I'm sure those who grew up watching Land of the Lost every Saturday morning would appreciate the movie version of the popular TV show more than I did. It was, in every way, a Will Ferrell movie. It was completely inappropriate, most of the time in a non-humorous way. The acting was overdone, though obviously on purpose. Telling the bizarre tale of a group of people thrown into an alternate dimension, the 1974 television classic was campy to say the least and the movie stayed true to that feeling. With advances in technology since the 70s, a lot could have been done with the digital graphics. However, the evil Sleestak seemed to be stuck in the 70s version and the giant T-Rex that pursues the characters throughout the film was entirely unbelievable. Despite all of this, the movie stayed true to the TV show. It was clearly made for those who woke up early every Saturday so they wouldn't miss an adventure in the Land of the Lost. The best part of this movie was watching my dad reminisce about the original show.

The Wood House review.abbykopp, j1 Driving into the Wood House parking lot, the building doesn't even resemble a restaurant. In 1969, the Wood House opened as a King's Food host. Shortly afterwards, they changed the name to the Wood House. The wooden planks and the green overhangs give it a homey feeling. The "please seat yourself" sign hasn't been moved in years, and that isn't the only thing slightly old-fashioned. Fans creak when they spin and there's not many people under the age of 40 in the place. The menu is posted at each booth with a note tacked on the bottom, "tips appreciated.â&#x20AC;?. Phones hanging next to each menu are used for easy ordering. Customers can call right into the kitchen, and the waiters bring your food right out. Soon after sitting down at the too-low booths, a waitress in an uncomfortable looking green shirt shows up with water and the soup special of the day. The dining area is always cold with fans going nonstop. Dingy lighting hardly makes for a pleasurable dining experience and the kitchen racket making it hard to concentrate on a conversation. The booths are too close together with some seats ripped. All of the food on the menu is about average in price and way beyond average in taste. The burgers are to die for along with the chocolate shakes, made fresh to order. The cheeseburgers, which are filling enough, are often accompanied with fries, coleslaw, and onion rings. A drive through was recently added to accommodate the working staff that don't have time for a sit down meal. The Wood House is a sit down meal that doesn't cost much and goes by relatively fast. All and all, it may be old-fashioned, but the food is worth it.



review.allithorson From t-shirts to CDs, the new hit TV show "Glee" is sweeping the nation. Each Wednesday on FOX, televisions around the nation are tuned in to "Glee". Skepticism grew with the fear of another "High School Musical" reaching television, but after the first episode all doubts were gone. The acting in each episode brilliantly brings out the suspenseful plot line, but what fans love most of all is the gifted voices that come from each young star. Rachel Berry played by Lea Michele steals the show with her sensational voice that warms the hearts and souls of each viewer. Far from anything else that's on television these days, "Glee" is a refreshing turn in our weekly shows. Instead of adding another hospital or detective show, FOX gives us a new hip show about high school minorities and the power they can have over the school with their talents. Students from every click come around to join Glee club. Jocks, nerds, and the middle class groups all seem to form together to sing in perfect harmony for this show. Not only does Glee provide entertainment for all but also a feeling of hope and courage in the the souls of aspiring singers and actors. I give "Glee" two thumbs up plus another 5 stars.

Dashboard Confessional Alter The Ending review.paulmurphy Since Dashboard Confessional's formation in 2000, singer-songwriter Chris Carrabba's intimate acoustic ballads about love and loss have defined the band, providing melodic heartbreak anthems for sorrowful teenagers everywhere. In what seems an attempt at more mainstream accessibility, their latest album, Alter The Ending, is a major overhaul. Carrabba's wistful lyrics are lost entirely in a whirlwind of cliche guitar hooks; too poppy to be taken seriously but heavy enough to detract from what the band has been doing for the past decade. The overly helpful heaping of pop-rock riffs drains the songs of any real power and, while some like "Get Me Right" sound nice enough the first listen, they lack the substance and re-playability of Dashboard Confessional's earlier hits. While the deluxe edition's bonus disc featuring the entire album in acoustic form makes Alter The Ending a worthwhile listen, the standard edition is best off avoided. Newcomers are likely to be easily bored by the lack of originality, while veteran listeners are likely to roll their eyes with disgust.

This Is It review.nikkizimmerman

“This Is It” is a documentary film on Michael Jackson’s final moments preparing for his comeback tour. Since his death, Michael wasn’t able to perform the show and his director and family decided to take the private footage and show the world a little of what he was preparing as a way to honor all of his hard work. The film showcases how Jackson embraced his imagination and pushed everything to the limit with spectacular effects such as fire, 3D movies, aerialists, and numerous things that had never been attempted before, such as new things with stage mechanics and crystal costumes. It gives a look into everything from the dancers to Jackson’s hands-on work with the backstage crew. The film is an outstanding summary of how Michael Jackson’s talent created his place as the true King of Pop.

Beauty and the Beast review.tonyabauer

The students of Century High School and Bismarck High School combined, yet again, for their annual fall musical. This year's selection of The Beauty and the Beast was entertaining with its enchanted storyline and well-choreographed dance numbers. The little things, such as the rose that had a constant presence in the corner of the stage and the strobe light at the end of the second act, gave the play that extra something. While Ally Martin of Bismarck High School and Lucas Rutten of Century High School carried the lead roles of Belle and the Beast well, the smaller parts drew much attention. Tyler Tkach portrayed Gaston in the appropriate cocky, arrogant manner and Ammon Miller gave the crowd many laughs with his spot on French accent as Lumiere. Making inanimate objects come to life and seem believable may seem hard, but the costumes were spectacular and made the play. With wonderful acting and harmonious singing, this play really was "a tale as old as time”.


‘ It’s My Life profile.briannabrown&jordankalk photos.submitted

Cara Mund Sophomore Age 15

Century sophomore Cara Mund poses for a photo with her crown.

Since she was three she has been dancing at Let’s Dance Studio; her 12 years of dedication have paid off an incredible amount. Since she was five she has been in pageants, she adores the feeling of looking beautiful and standing on stage. A twice renouned National Queen, constantly living for the moment of having the crown to show her acheivement. She is in Brad Paisley’s “Welcome to the Future” music video. A member of the Rockettes two years in a row, she absolutely loved it and had an amazing time. She is also planning on dancing with them again this summer. Thirty-six states have come to know her through dance competitions and pageants. She created a Make a Wish fund for her community service project which raised $5,000. She loved being able to help make kids’ dreams come true. Dedicated to dance practice every day of the week, when she is not dancing she likes to scrapbook and do community service. She hopes to become Miss America in the future; she has been to two Miss America Pageants. She is Junior Miss United States of America. She is Cara Mund, a dance fanatic pageant queen, with the biggest heart and a smile always on her face.

Mund jumps in the air during one of her dance solos at a Spotlight Dance Cup Competition.

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The Century Star - Issue 3  

The Century Star's Third issue, featuring an article about Tim Burton written by Sammi Moss.