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1000 E. Century Ave. Bismarck, ND

April 2010


From China to North Dakota, sophomore Xiaoping Ni experiences Bismarck

29 Sophomore Danny Zeric shares what makes him the person he is today

28 Lily Holt and Ed Bullinger come together to form a perfect but odd couple


The reason why Isaac Sauer is never bored

15 Laura Asplund gives insight into her colorful life

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letter FROM THE editor

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On this here flight to Portland, Oregon, I am thinking. Though my career should be a professional contemplator, I tried not to hurt my brain on this occasion since the concept is quite simple.

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To the front of the aisle there is a man. Standing tall in khaki pants and a baby pink button-up, he sways his body back and forth like a kid too antsy to sit. Though he just took my spot in the bathroom line, I can’t help but wonder about this man. Obviously, he is tough enough to wear pink, brave enough to budge in front of an editor-in-chief and just sweet enough to wink at the flight attendant before taking his seat in the back row. Why he was standing in front of the entire plane is beyond me.


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To analyze this man’s outside appearance is one thing, and another is the personality traits I’ve drawn from seeing him once in my life. I start to wonder what he does for a living, where he grew up, if he ever was in the Army, if he ever smoked pot or has ever protested outside of a government assembly.

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The STAR newsmagazine policy The Star policy is a document that covers everything from our purpose to our plan of action if something goes wrong. It’s the staff’s guideline as to how our decisions are made. The Star is a studentgenerated newsmagazine published through the efforts and decisions of its editorial board and staff without any prior review. It is produced, edited and maintained by students. It is an open forum for student expression and the discussion of issues of concern to its audience. The Star and its staff are protected by and bound to the principles of the First Amendment, made possible by the Constitution and various laws and court decisions implementing those principles. The Star staff will strive to report all issues in a legal, objective, accurate and ethical manner, according to the Canons of Professional Journalism developed by the Society of Professional Journalists. The Canons of Professional Journalism include a code of ethics the Star staff is encouraged to follow. The Star publishes itself and covers the budget costs entirely through advertising sales, subscriptions and fund-raising projects.



Just like any other observation, the bottom line is that people are curious creatures. Not only in the way they think or want to learn, but also in the way they carry out their brain’s deepest thoughts and opinions. This is self-expression. In the second-to-last issue of the Century STAR, I challenge all of you readers to really acquire a taste for the following pages. Without flipping through quickly, learn what these people have to say and stand for, because there was obviously a reason as to why we chose them. Along with reading the profiles, pay attention to each of the styles. As journalists working towards the common goal of informing, it is our sole job to express ourselves in writing, photographing and designing. With that, I would like you to explore our self-expressionism issue. While you venture out to new lands, personalities and political views; just think. Think about whatever your little heart desires, that is, however, your self-expression.

Century High School 1000 E. Century Ave. Bismarck, ND 58501 (701) 323-4900 ext. 6627 Fax (701) 323-4905 / April 2010 / STAR 3

Staff self

expression Take a look at how the Century STAR staff expresses themselves Top row: Kellan Second row: Alecia, Paul, Greg, Dave, Casey Third row: Jocelynn, Breanne, SaraJo, Macy, Alex Fourth row: Abby, Jordee, Sue, Tonya, Sammi Fifth row: Bailey, Alyssa, Brianna, Alli, Norah Front: Amanda

Kellan- Life is a video game, there’s always someone controlling your actions. Alecia- I express myself by living day by day and just having fun with anything I do. And I like colorful clothes on random days. Paul- Taking nothing seriously. Greg- Living my life the way that I want to. Dave- Living each day to the fullest, and taking advantage of every opportunity I get. Casey- I express myself through my interactions with people and my vast assortment of bandanas. Jocelynn- I express myself by taking life day by day, being optimistic, and by trying to live out of the box. Breanne- I express myself through my keen sense of surroundings which impacts my design abilities. Sara Jo- I express myself by not censuring myself to anything or anyone. Macy- I express myself through my actions and the silly way in which I handle life’s situations. Alex- I transform blank pages into works of color; it’s very gratifying. Abby- I say exactly what I mean to whomever wants to hear it. Jordee- I do everything with a full heart, I don’t hold regrets. Sue- I actively pursue abundant life. Tonya- It is not important what others think of me as long as I am proud of the person I’m becoming. Sammi- I don’t let other people’s opinions change who I am; I do what I love. Bailey- I share my life with others, trying to show them God, and sing from the bottom of my heart. Alyssa- Not holding back. Doing and saying what I feel is right at all costs. Brianna- Just being myself and saying what I want to. Alli- I express myself by being myself, I believe that being who you really are is the best way to be happy with yourself. Norah- I find time to myself no matter how busy I am, and I handle tough situations with a clear head. Sarah McP- I express myself by color. What color I wear usually refelcts how I feel, note my yellow high top converse. Amanda- One sentence is not enough. I express my thoughts, ideas and brain functions through listening, thinking, storytelling, writing, singing, imagining, daydreaming, dancing, screaming and giggling. I am, however, tremendous. We all are tremendous. / April 2010 / STAR 4

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APRIL 2010


Man of experience........................................................8 A headstart............................................................................9 Write on track....................................................................10 News shorts..........................................................................12 The American dream.................................................13

{sports: Sportin’ it everyday.......................................................14 Taking off.................................................................................5 Dude, where’s your longbaord?.......................16 Sports shorts.........................................................................19 Powder pits..........................................................................20 Life behind (handle) bars.....................................22 No fear of cheer............................................................23


1000 E. Century Ave. Bismarck, ND

April 2010


From China to North Dakota, sophomore Xianping Ni experiences Bismarck

29 Sophomore Danny Zeric shares what makes him the person he is today

28 Lily Holt and Ed Bullinger come together to form a perfect but odd couple


The reason why Isaac Sauer is never bored


Laura Asplund gives insight into her colorful life

About the cover:

Century High School sophomore Isaac Sauer is featured with his longboard. For more on Isaac, turn to page 16. For more on self-expression, feel free to read the entire issue. photo.abbykopp





.......................................................... / April 2010 / STAR 5

{feature: Loving Landeis........................................................................................26 Feature shorts.......................................................................24, 27, 36 Opposites attract..................................................................................28 The mane idea......................................................................................29 Different doubles..................................................................................30 A different breed of girl..............................................................32 There is so much more..................................................................35 From across the world.....................................................................37 “At least the hallways are big enough”........................38 Fun size.........................................................................................................39

{opinion: Paul.....................................................................................................................41 Alyssa..............................................................................................................43 Jordan..............................................................................................................44 Cara..................................................................................................................45 Rants and raves......................................................................................46


56 30 / April 2010 / STAR 6

Jazzin’ it up...............................................................................................48 A gaming experience....................................................................49 Maximum talent.....................................................................................52 To his own beat....................................................................................54 “My life is an unfinished painting.”...................................55 The music man......................................................................................56 How to dance.........................................................................................58 North of Dakota....................................................................................59 The individualized expression................................................60 Prom..................................................................................................................61 It’s my life....................................................................................................62


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Man of


One student ‘ s outlook on teens and the government profile&photos.briannabrown


he importance of politics is not normally on the mind of the average teenager. Even though the government will mainly be run by the next generation in the years to come, teens still do not seem to have a large interest. Many believe that teens should be more involved and have a stronger voice about the government. Century High School sophomore Dylan Becker feels that every person should be involved in politics in some way or another. No matter what a person’s age is, he feels very strongly in having teens take part in their government. “I think it’s a civil responsibility for someone to take charge of their own country. I mean, that’s what we’re based on,” Becker said. Because of Becker’s strong belief about government he has started a club at Century called Students For Limited Government. He has had an interest in government ever since his dad first started talking to him about the subject. “I personally have a large interest in politics, and I want to share that interest with others and get them more active in government,” Becker said. Becker feels that students need to have a larger interest in politics and hopes that starting the club will help them want to take part in it more. “I think teens are pretty apathetic about that actually,” Becker said. But, this politically driven teen doesn’t spend all his free time stressing over the government. He enjoys writing fictional stories

Dylan Becker stands in front of the capital building. He started for Students for Limited Government at Century High School last fall.

of his own; he gets most of his ideas from his own personal life experience. He very much enjoys reading; his favorite author is Ayn Rand, who wrote Anthem. He makes video games and stories to help express himself. His own personal individuality is very important to him. Becker feels his life experience has made him who he is today; he likes to consider himself a “man of experience.” “I like to try everything new...I think experience is what people should live for, not money.” Becker said. Becker hopes to become a psychologist when he grows up; he has a strong interest in knowing how things work and is very curious about anything and everything. He can sometimes be considered a functionalist. He hopes that by becoming a psychologist he can provoke deeper thinking in people. He wants to be able to learn more about other people, but also be able to learn more about himself.v

“I live life in the moment.” / April 2010 / STAR 8

Students for Limited Government will be having their next meeting on Friday, April 30th after school. The upcoming subject at the next meeting will be about health care. In the past they have discussed mainly the first ten amendments and watched the movie “V for Vendetta”.

A headstart



Horizon freshman is getting a jump start on her high school career profile&photo.aleciasmith

Ellie has been in tennis for two years. She decided to join simply becuase it looked like an enjoyable sport and it proved to be true.


alking into Century High School next fall won’t be anything new for Horizon Middle School freshman Ellie Simonson. As an eighth grader she took enriched Algebra II at Century; this year as a freshman she is currently taking orchestra, enriched pre-calculus and French also at Century High School. Simonson hopes to continue her advanced education next year as a sophomore by taking calculus BC, chemistry, probability and statistics and summer school biology, along with the required classes. All the advanced classes Simonson is planning on taking will hopefully lead her to her dream job of working as an aerospace engineer for NASA. Simonson is looking forward to having more freedom and


the loose atmosphere at Century next year, which she has already had a taste of, from spending time at Century. She is also excited to take take an art class at a higher level and being an “orch dork.” The only things that make Simonson nervous about being a sophomore at Century are getting a lot of homework and bad drivers. Simonson participates in tennis, Real World Design Challenge for aviation, Strolling Strings, youth group and takes violin lessons. She also enjoys playing chess, reading, art and especially painting, hanging out with friends, biking, picnics, and generally being outside and having fun. v

Religion plays a big role in Ellie Simonson’s life, here are some of her favorite Bible verses and what they mean personally to her.

“Everyone would be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, for man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.” James 1: 19-20 I need to be slow to anger and love everyone I meet.

“Rejoice always.” I Thes. 5:16 It means to me that no matter what the situation is I need to turn to the Lord. I have so much more than many, even though I am no better than anyone. God will provide.

Visit the web: Want to know what goes on in Ellie Simonson’s mind? visit the STAR’s web site at

“Submit yourselves, then to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and He will come near to you.” James 4: 7-8 If you tell the devil he has to leave you alone, he does, God is way stronger than the devil and can keep you safe. / April 2010 / STAR 9





Former Century High School student Tait Ressler finds his passion in fiction writing profile.norahkolberg photos.sammimoss


ait Ressler’s apartment comes off like a mirror image of the for getting him interested in writing at a young age. writer. On the eastern end of Mandan his brownstone brick “I wrote [the books] not necessarily to copy her.. she’s just building creates a writer’s haven: quiet and comfortable, just been a huge inspiration to me,” Tait said. “I like wizards and a young man and his laptop. Tait opens the door to his apartmagic so I thought I would give it a try myself.” ment with a soft-spoken smile and motions for me to come Tait recently went on a trip with a Bismarck State College in. I’m struck by how clean the living room is- aren’t authors group to where Rowling got much of her inspiration for the supposed to be messy? Aren’t 20-year-olds supposed to be Harry Potter series: her hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland. messy? A box of poker chips lays neatly on the shiny glass There he went on a ghost tour, saw Queen Elizabeth’s vacation coffee table, and a fluffy couch big enough for at least eight home, Balmoral Castle, and even visited the Elephant Cafe, people hugs the left corner of the smooth white walls. A small where Rowling wrote much of the series. The experience was tree stands proudly in the corner next to the entertainment one that inspired Tait in his own writing. center. The only thing in disarray is the gaming station: cases “Just knowing that the author that inspired me lives there, and disks are strewn around a PS3. Above them, a television and that’s what inspired her to do what she does today- it’s displays Brad and Angelina carrying guns and running in fun,” Tait said. black suits. For Tait in his own work, the writing “Watching a movie?” I ask. “I try to spend as much time process begins in a quiet room, usually Tait shrugs and gives his warm grin with music playing. Classical music like as I can writing and when again. Beethoven helps him focus on his writIt’s doubtful Tait ever actually I’m not, I do whatever I can ing. watches a movie. He loves to go to them, “Writing process is different for every to try to think of something,” person. he tells me, because they often get him For me, it’s relatively easy to thinking up ideas for his books. Though come up with book ideas. I listen to a Tait graduated from Century High School just two years ago, lot of classical music. I watch a lot of fantasy and sci-fi stuff, he’s a published, working author whose “favorite job in the too,” Tait said. “It’s like every time I listen to a song, I can whole world” is writing. His trilogy, The Legend of Walt the somehow think of something to help me with my novels.” Wizard, was published by Author House in February of this Besides being a full-time author, I ask Tait what his other year, but the idea began six years ago when the Harry Potter interests are. He tells me the regular list: hanging out with series inspired Tait to begin writing his own fantasy novels. friends, going to movies, visiting the mall. He’s a normal guy Once Tait finished the book, he did what most young people with the usual activities. When he switches gears and tells seeking help do- searched Google. Tait found and called me about his new book idea, though, it becomes clear that Author House, who asked him for a sample of his manuscript. writing truly is his passion, something that is woven into his life “A few days later they called back and said, ‘We like it, through everything he does. we’d like to help you,’” Tait said. “[Waiting] was probably the “I try to spend as much time as I can writing and when I’m hardest thing besides getting the book marketed.” not, I do whatever I can to try to think of something,” Tait said. Dozens of phone calls and a lot of hoping later, Walt the Is there anything else he wants people to know? I ask him. Wizard hit Barnes and Noble shelves and The “One of the first things people think when they meet me trilogy tells the story of a young man with a family secret that is that I’m a really shy person. Not all writers are like that, but throws him into a circle of magic. The style of the story is remiI express myself through writing the majority of the time,” Tait niscent of Tait’s favorite author, J.K. Rowling. Tait credits Rowling said. “I write some things in a way that I couldn’t say it.”v

Tait’s book is available for purchase in the school store and for check-out in the library. Support this CHS alum by joining the Tait Ressler Fan Club on Facebook. / April 2010 / STAR 11


Balding for the battle short&photo.jordankalk

Usually when a person gets a haircut it’s for a cosmetic reason, but sometimes it’s for a greater purpose. Last month four Century High School students participated in St. Baldricks’s day by shaving their heads. The event took place to raise money for children’s cancer. The Bismarck event was held at Basin Electric Power Cooperative. Many businesses and community

Karly Engelstad

by the numbers short.macyegeland

She is

5’11 1/2

She has


10 shoes.

tall and wears size

3 dogs, 1 cat and




She owns pairs of sunglasses and pairs of shoes.



Her favorite number is, and she thinks if she hadn’t eaten in awhile, she could probably eat hot dogs in sitting.


A day in the life of the homeless short.jordankalk

Karly Engelstad, a senior at Century High School, was born on, making her years old.


members participated in the event. Participants were asked to raise money. Century senior Chris Clinton donated $70 to the cause of cancer. “It’s not much but every little bit helps.” This was Clinton’s first year shaving his head; he said he would definitely participate in the event again.

1 / April 2010 / STAR 12

The ability to have food to eat and shelter at night is a gift many people take for granted. On May 8-9 some people in Bismarck will have a chance to experience this. “No Vacancy: A Day of Hunger & Homelessness” is hosted by Youthworks. The weekend includes a day of fasting and a night spent in a cardboard box. Activities are planned and prizes will be given away. Other entertainment will include local bands; This Tastes Like Change, Electric City, Slave to the Mushroom Cloud, The Vexed, Mike Swenson, Sam Hall, and Chelsey Johnson. More than 120 high school students are expected to attend. They hope to raise about $9,000.

The American




Foreign exchange student is loving America profile.greghilzendeger photo.submitted


ost students know him simply as the Brazilian kid, but to truly know Century High School senior Pedro dos Santos one needs to discover the person behind the accent. Dos Santos is far more than just a foreign exchange student. He is a state champion swimmer, a soccer fanatic and a person that has gotten so immersed in American culture that he has decided to stay for the foreseeable future. Dos Santos first came to the United States as a foreign exchange student from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2008 for his junior year. His sister had previously participated in the foreign exchange program, and "she had a great experience; she talked a lot about it." With the encouragement of his sister and his parents’ support, dos Santos decided to come to Bismarck and attend Century. "It's a better education, more opportunities. You know, America's the Promise Land." Dos Santos's high hopes for America did not disappoint. “I like many He enjoyed his experience in Bismarck enough to express things. I don't desire to return to Century for his senior year. He discussed the know if there is possibility with his host family, one thing. I like and when they said that they the people here, would be happy to have him back he was set to finish his the American high school years in America. way of life." "I want to go to college here and the experience I had last year was good so I thought why not?" Dos Santos has quickly adapted to the different aspects of American culture, and he finds himself loving every one of them. "I like many things. I don't know if there is one thing. I like the people here, the American way of life." Dos Santos has been doing all that he can to get the most out of his American experience. He took a trip with his host family last spring to Mount Rushmore, and has traveled to Las Vegas this year. He has also gotten himself involved in many school activities. He has played soccer and competed for the track and swimming teams. Swimming for the Bismarck Aquastorm club team, dos Santos won the 5w0 backstroke at the state swim meet in March. "I wasn't expecting it at all. I was totally shocked. It was a good way to finish my swimming career." Dos Santos has cherished his time in America. While he misses the "family, friends and weather" of Brazil, he plans to stay here for now. He wants to attend college in North Dakota and Minnesota and go into computer science or business. Beyond that he is unsure of his future, but he thinks that he may take advantage of all the America has to offer. Though he loves living in the United States, dos Santos knows that there will always be a part of him back in Brazil. "I'll probably go back at certain times. There is my country, there it's home."v

Century High School senior Pedro dos Santos sits in front of the state capitol building. Dos Santos first came to North Dakota last year for his junior year, and he decided to return for his senior year.

Basic Portuguese words and phrases Bom dia- Hello Adeus- Goodbye Como vai?- How are you? Me chamo…- My name is... Qual é o seu nome?- What is your name?

Vamos- Let's go Boa tarde! Good afternoon Boa noite! Good evening Por favor- Please

Source: / April 2010 / STAR 13


Sportin' it everyday

Being loud and proud is how he expresses himself profile&photos.allithorson


is purple and gold Lakers hat can be seen almost everyday in the school store during second period while his country music plays in the background. And if he’s not talking about the Los Angeles Lakers or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, well then he might be talking about “his chicks” or maybe he’s not talking at all. Century High School junior Colton Brendel is known throughout the school as “that guy who’s obsessed with Kobe Bryant right?” Well, yes that would be Colton, but people would be surprised if they knew why he really is obsessed with his favorite sports teams. “[It’s because] they’re the best,” Brendel said. That’s not a very complex answer and certainly nothing to think hard about, but that’s how Colton is. He’s been a Buccaneers fan since he was four years old. And not because his dad was a major fan; in fact, Brendel’s dad hated the Buccaneers and still does today. It started with a man named Warren Sapp. As a little kid Brendel became a huge fan of Sapp as he became more

Colton takes a break to check the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offseason updates.

popular and became a star on the football field. Brendel followed him to the Buccaneers and has been a fan ever since. Brendel looks at Sapp as a personal hero of his. Now Brendel’s idol has become Tampa Bay’s star running back Cadillac Williams. Having Williams as his favorite has shown through his personality. Brendel seems to try to live up to Williams’s name and be the star and a ladies’ man like Williams is. Brendel isn’t shy when it comes to bragging how much the ladies love him. When it comes to the Lakers, Brendel isn’t shy, even for a moment, about his pride for the team. Even those mornings after a tough loss he still wears his gear and assures everyone in his path that his teams are still better than the rest. His passion for the Buccaneers has held tight despite their losing record for the past couple of years. Wearing his purple and gold hat shows how he represents the Lakers and lets people know how big of a fan he really is. Being the sports fan that he is, is how he expresses himself.v

Colton vs Kobe Colton Raylee Brendel Born: June 12, 1993 in Medford, Oregon Height: 5’ 10” Weight: 150 lbs. High School: Century High School Basketball accomplishments: Colton unfortunately has never come close to being able to dunk a basketball. / April 2010 / STAR 14

Kobe Bean Bryant: Born: Aug 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Height: 6’ 6” Weight: 205 lbs. High School: Lower Merion HS (PA) Basketball accomplishments: Kobe made his first legitamite dunk at the age of 14.



Taking off Diving in and out of the color wheel. profile&photos.abbykopp


tanding on the diving board for a second year in a row, watch movies, watch The Office, and play volleyball and walCentury High School senior Laura Asplund probably has a leyball.” Michael Buble tune stringing it’s way through her mind, and Asplund is known for many things around Century, but one the calming realization that this is where she belongs. of the most obvious would be her love of bright colors. More “It’s the weirdest feeling ever. You jump as hard as you can, specifically, her brightly colored neon pants. While her favorite then fly through the air, and land on water. It feels so good,” color is green, Asplund has been known for wearing pants Asplund said. that come in all highlighter shades. Two years ago Asplund walked onto the “I like bright colors, and I’m not afraid to diving team, and never looked back. Since be an individual. I know a lot of people say “In the end, I don’t then she has made a lot of new friends, taken but in the end, I don’t really care what really care what other that, first in several meets, and has also received other people think of me.” various team awards. To describe Asplund as happy would be people think of me.” During the months when she isn’t on the an understatement. Her bright and bubbly diving board, Asplund dives into her schoolwork. Often found personality is obvious to anyone that happens to meet her, but with her 13-year old cat named Kitty by her side, she finishes her fears and everyday habits are the same as any individual. her homework and practices her alto and tenor saxophones. She fears getting into car accidents and her favorite movie is “I like to make people’s days a little better by bringing their “Up.” She likes to meet new people and wants to make “a small moods up with with music and sound,” Asplund said. difference in everybody’s life.” Asplund is as busy as busy can be. Between band, school, Next year, Asplund is looking forward to pursuing a and diving, she is also in soccer and enjoys spending time pharmacy degree and being in the marching band at NDSU. with her friends. Although she’ll be away from home, she hopes her legacy will “My friends and I do anything we can. We like to bake, be a good one.v / April 2010 / STAR 15



longboard? profile&photos.abbykopp

“Hey guys, wanna sesh!?” These words ring in the air on the first spring day of the year. Century High School sophomore Isaac Sauer spends up to four hours each day riding his long board all around town, not going as fast, and feeling as free, as a bird. While most may see what defines him as a skater boy with slightly overgrown hair and purple shoes, him. He is an optimistic there’s much more to Sauer than what meets the eye. and outgoing person who likes to About two years ago Sauer decided to put some longboarding enjoy everything there is in life. tricks onto a skateboard. After discovering that he wasn’t a huge “I’ve got a sarcastic personality. I just like to have fun. fan of skateboarding, he decided to buy a longboard. I’m pretty much ADHD and I get really bored, really quick. I like “Skateboarding was too slow, and longboarding was a little bit to always be doing something,” Sauer said. faster,” Sauer said. There’s much to do. Between his schoolwork, Speed is one of the many perks to longfriends, and longboarding, Sauer also spends a large boarding. While speeding down a hill on “I like to always be amount of time helping the kid’s pastor at his church, Washington Street last year, Sauer passed a doing something. ” Evangel Assembly of God. car. When the car caught up to him again it “God has called me to be a kid’s pastor, and I was going 42 mph. Although the speed is what enjoy doing it a bunch,” Sauer said. originally attracted him to the longboard, Sauer now finds that isn’t This summer, Sauer plans on going to Israel with his family. the only thing it offers. Aside from that big adventure, he will continue to help at the “I can do whatever I want when I’m longboarding; it’s fun, and church, hang out with his friends, juggle and unicycle (at the it makes me feel free,” Sauer said. same time) and continue to longboard for as long as his heart Now, a few years later, there are few places that Sauer will go desires.v without his longboard. Wherever he’s seen, whether he’s at school or at church, his longboard is never far behind. Last summer Sauer and some of his friends made a video for the longbaording company Loaded. The video is titled Clarity and can be found on They received two longboards and money for payment. Often, longboarders and boarders in general are looked down on for being “pot-heads” or “druggies”. Although Sauer has been pulled over four times by the police to be checked for drugs, he has never gotten in trouble for it. “I don’t do drugs, and stuff like that, but it stinks when I’m yelled at for being a pot head,” Sauer said. Although longboarding is what Sauer does to pass the time, it’s / April 2010 / STAR 16

How to:

Do a Tiger Claw.

1. Ride the board at a steady pace. 2. Step on the tail of the board and fling up the nose. 3. Grab the inside edge with your opposite hand 4. Twist the board in the air and set it back down. 5. Jump back on the board and keep riding.



Sauer spends much of his time working on new tricks. One of his favorites is the double finger flip. / April 2010 / STAR 17

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“I haven’t washed these socks since...” Century High School athletes describe their superstitious habits when it comes to their sports short.allithorson

Picking Numbers

The STAR asked three Century athletes about the significance behind their jersey number short.greghilzendeger





Tate Leapaldt: “I wear the same hat I’ve worn since freshmen year even though we get new ones every year.”

Dillon Downing: “During the day of my games I make sure I eat Pizza Hut buffet, and I check my bag 20 times to make sure I don’t forget anything. I also HAVE to listen to heavy metal before my game, otherwise it doesn’t feel right.”

Senior, Arika Westbee “There was a small in my size.’”


Junior, Tessa Neameyer “It used to be David Beckham’s number.”

Sophomore, Tom Fraase “It is the number of my favorite baseball player, Coco Crisp.”

Sophomore Taylor Stute: “I have to wear the same batting glove under my glove every game and practice ever since the fifth grade! It’s so gross now!” / April 2010 / STAR 19


Powder pits A nickname that changed everything column.tonyabauer


n the following paragraphs, I may embarrass myself, enlighten gifted with a shirt to call my own, but the weekend of state tennis, others, or just sound like a fool, but it's a momentous occasion in this all changed. Being a team that bonded together on and off my life that I am sharing with you all. It's scattered and it's plain, just the court, these girls knew everything about me, and proved it by like me. There isn't a point or a moral to this tale, but it's entertaincreating a one-of-a-kind shirt that was mine. ing I suppose. Mostly, I am laying myself on the line, exposing my A huge grin spread across my face as I glanced upon my personality, and hoping that I don't get too many giggles in the shirt. I finally felt accepted, like they approved of me. I don't mean hallway. to sound superficial; I don't need anyone's approval, but when it Recognition, especially in sports, is often given to those who comes to teammates, it feels good to be accepted. My shirt was break records, who reach new heights, who do the impossible, but filled with pictures of my "badly awesome" shoes and the McDonin my mind the most memorable athletes stick out ald's logo, but in humongous letters on the back for a different reason. More and more athletes “We were noticed for side of the shirt read the nickname I had so lovseem to be finding a different way to be noticed; ingly been graced with- Powder Pits. No, I do not how we played, but their look or actions in and outside of the game. smell bad, at least I don't think I do. I have and adThough we were not recognized much outside we were remembered diction, I admit, an addiction to deodorant. I don't the high school tennis community, the girls' tennis want to smell bad, it's not a crime, but it is grounds for what we wore.� team created quite the impression last year. With for a head-turning, brain-scratching nickname. some of the top players in the state residing at The shirts look similar from far away, but they Century, we knew it was going to be a successful season. What no are each unique to the person who wears it. We may look silly and one expected was that we would be remembered for a different receive many giggles, questions, and a bunch of strange looks, but reason. we receive them together and that's what makes it fun. I remember distinctly the morning we walked in to play our last match Well, I guess you'll want to know if we won or lost. Sorry to disapof the season, the match for the state championship. We strutted onto point, but that day we didn't beat Red River for the state championship, the court in our homemade t-shirts covered with pictures and inside we had to settle for second place, again. However, winning wouldn't jokes, our white sweatbands around our heads, and diligently crafted have changed a thing. Winning wouldn't have brought us any closer or French braids. What put us over the top was the knee high tye-dye changed the way we felt about each other. We were noticed for how we socks we wore; one blue and one red. This was the end of our season, played, but we were remembered for what we wore. What created the the end of our story that began only eight weeks before. shirts was our friendship, the friendship among the team off the court. The first day of practice, with a strong varsity line-up returning, We met on a slab of concrete, but our relationships will take us much we were in for a successful season. What began as a simple way farther.v to express themselves, the Varsity turned their homemade t-shirts into their West Region uniforms. Being number seven I was not yet

20 / April 2010 / STAR 24

204 West Front Avenue Bismarck, ND 58503 701-250-1717


Life behind (handle) bars One student’s passion for biking profile.greghilzendeger photos.sammimoss


he sun has long sunk beneath the horizon. The ride or anything else in his expansive arsenal of streetlights provide the only light in Bismarck. tricks. Dirt jumps are also a favorite of Mahowald's, Under one of these lights sits Century High School and he and his friends will build them wherever senior Mike Mahowald on his bike. He begins they can find the land to do it. While the pleasure pedaling and picks up speed. He jumps up onto of biking would be plenty enough for Mahowald, a curb with a 360, rides right into a manual, and it has its other benefits. His ability as a biker has jumps back off with a 180. With an exhilarated gotten him sponsored by Deity Components. look on his face he rides by his friends and slaps "I always called and talked to them. Then I sent in high-fives. He sits on his brake-less bike and smiles a video and got lucky" for a second before saying Mahowald's passion for biking simply "Next spot." isn't just limited to riding. It has “It’s turned into an addicBiking has been Mahowald's reached into almost every astion. If I can’t get out and one true passion since he pect of his life. He is employed began riding "seriously" four bike, I sort of just go crazy at Barry's Bikes, and has been years ago. While he is also working there fixing bikes for in band, plays baseball, and inside.” about one year. Building and recently won first in state at fixing bikes has also become the TSA robotics competition, one can't truly know a sort of hobby for Mahowald. He personally built Mahowald without knowing him as a biker. Biking from scratch the bike that he currently rides. is the obsession that consumes his life. He will ride "I know how I want it to ride and [others] don't." any chance he can get, often deep into the night. For Mahowald, biking offers a sense of freedom "It's turned into an addiction. If I can't get out and and pleasure unparralled by any other activity in bike, I sort of just go crazy inside." his life. Though biking usually conjures up images of "My favorite part about biking is that I don't have highly-trained athletes riding long distances with a coach telling me when to ride and how to do it. the goal of speed, Mahowald is quick to tell I can just go out with my buddies and ride how people that this is not what he does. we want." "When I tell people that I like to ride bike, what With graduation fast approaching, Mahowald's life they're thinking is that I wear spandex, have a rewill be undergoing great change. He will be going to ally high seat, and peddle as fast as I can up hills, college in South Dakota at The School of Mines next but I jump around." fall. When college begins many things will be differThere is no set plan for Mahowald when he bikes. ent, but one thing can be guaranteed: Mahowald will He will ride almost everywhere in town, looking ride on.v for prime spots to do jumps, spins, ride stairs, wall / April 2010 / STAR 22

aykj j f ffFFFFj j l a l No fear of cheer



The girl behind the pom poms


profile.caseykrefting photos.sammimoss

.. ....

...................... ....

... ........ ........... ....

place at the State Cheerleading competition this cheerleader, a photographer, a poet, an year. Although the achievements are impressive, individual. Century High School senior and they weren’t expected. pro-life advocate Amanda Horner lives life on “It started out as a hobby and turned into a a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s relaxing while passion.” watching Chicago alone in the confinement of The common cheerleader has a multitude of her basement or pepping up the student body traits that supposedly define the athlete. Popular, at sporting events as the only senior cheerpretty, and perfect consumate the standard stereoleader, Horner’s attitude towards whatever she’s typical cheerleader’s characteristics. Horner does doing remains positive. Living up to expectations not necessarily fit the stereotype. is a given as she faces the world with ... ......... . . . a really hard role to fill because girls in . . a smile etched on her visage and . . . .... “It’s real life don’t always look like that. For me, .... “It words of inspiration issuing from watching movies and seeing cheerleaders her gifted voicebox. started out on TV and looking at the way I am, there One would wonder what as a hobby, are things about me that don’t fit that would motivate someone to It makes me sad; It’s a struggle.” get up in front of people and turned into mold. Although the battle to overcome the and enthusiastically rouse a a passion.” anxieties of being a part of the public eye sometimes less-than-enthusiastic seems daunting, Horner’s positive outlook crowd. endures. It’s obvious that cheerleading will play “I like to inspire people. I like a crucial role in Horner’s future. to make people feel passionate about “I would like to continue cheerleading in the something. It’s kind of like what writers do. Writfuture. I am working on getting a job coaching ers write to empower people and write to instill cheerleading for the Jamestown high school passion in people and that’s kind of what I do cheerleading team next fall.” as a cheerleader. I like to get people excited Horner admits that cheerleading has helped about what I’m excited about.” shape who she is as a person. With that kind of dedication and eagerness, it’s “It’s given purpose to my highschool career and a bewilderment that the legion of fans aren’t up I feel like I’m leaving a legacy behind and I have on their feet dancing, screaming, and cheering done something to empower the people of Cenalong with Horner and the other cheerleaders at an arduous pace. Horner’s hard work hasn’t gone tury and help boost our cheerleading program.“v unnoticed. Her accomplishments are among getting nominated for All-American Cheerleader in the summer of 2008 and 2009, actually winning the title in 2009, taking first place in top performance team at camp this year. The team also took first

...................... .

Amanda Horner practices her cheer moves in the Century High School Gymnasium. She has been the only senior cheerleader all year.

The Liberty What is a Liberty? “It is a stunt requiring 4 people. There are 2 bases, a backspot, and a flyer. Basically, we put the flyer in the air and she is balancing on one foot with her other foot resting near her kneecap.” / April 2010 / STAR 23

{feature Sophomore, Lexi Hagler “I fell in a hole that had bugs and rats and all these creepy things were in it and it was really deep. My mom was standing over the top and tried to reach me but she couldn’t and then she said “Oh. Oh well” and walked away. What do you think it means? “I think my mom doesn’t love me.”

Junior, Omani Luger

Sweet dreams

Century students open up about what they dream about at night and what the dreams might mean. short.paulmurphy

Senior, Braden Stevenson “I had a dream where I was in a building and there was a hole in the floor in the center of this sort of indescribable room and I tripped and I fell through it, and below that was another floor with another floor and so on and so forth. I just kept falling through these holes in the floor and I started looking around and each floor I was at the bedroom of a person I knew and I was seeing all these people I knew doing miniscule tasks. Most people were just doing their homework, some people were yelling at their parents, and some people were playing video games.”

“There was this really big slide that had like eight different sections and me and my mom and my sister were all going down this huge rainbow slide that went down to the ocean and then there was a shark in the water and it scared me. What do you think it means? “I think it means that I’m afraid of sharks and that I like rainbow slides.”

What do you think it means? “I always think of people from an outside perspective, like what I see them as but not what they’re actually like by themselves.”

Measure Of displeasure The STAR asked what bugs students like no other. short.caseykrefting We all have them, we all hate them. Pet peeve’s tend to annoy some of us to the point of insanity, no matter how insignificant they may be. Century High School students are no exception to the spell of irritation that has the power to consume the serenity of even the calmest of souls. Here are some examples of Century High School students pet peeve’s:

Senior Taylor Stockert“I hate when people chew their gum loudly; Keep your gum chewing to yourself.”

Junior Shannon Brass“I hate when people only respond with Lol over text; Be more creative or just don’t reply.” / April 2010 / STAR 24

Sophomore Morgan Wanner“I hate when other people talk louder than necessary; Keep it down, your voice is annoying.”

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1/28/2010 11:27:13 AM

LOTS! with the U-Mary Freedom Plan! As a graduate of Century High, you are eligible to participate in the University of Mary Freedom Plan! For all four years, you will receive: • Free Room • Free Meals • Free Broadband Internet • Free Telephone • Free Laundry • Free Cable Television • Free On-Campus Parking • An Outstanding Education If you decide to live at home, you have the freedom to choose the Freedom Plan Tuition Discount. But it’s only available the semester after graduation, so don’t wait.

Call today to learn how you can get a quality, private education for the cost of a public one. To learn more call Pam Helm at U-Mary 355-8390 or e-mail: Visit us on the web at

Chelsey Meier, CHS Class of 2009 University of Mary Class of 2013


Loving Landeis


Karri Landeis is an AP english teacher here at Century High School. This is her first year teaching an AP class, she previously taught English 11. Target lover, Bon Jovi fan, AP English teacher Karri Landeis is a hardworking teacher, but that’s only half her job. With her weakness for jewlery, this redheaded loves reading, cooking, singing songs, and creating art projects with her two little girls Ellie and Abby. She and her husband both work to contribute to their children’s growth in hopes that they grow up confident in themselves and passionate about the things they love.


Q: What is self expression to you? A: Accepting who you are- never pretending to be someone you're not. Q: How do you express yourself? A: By being enthusiastic about what I do and who I am and I suppose it shows outwardly- my wild hair and all those bracelets! Q: How do you help your students express themselves? A: Encouraging them to love themselves, be confident about what their passions are. Q: Why do you like Bon Jovi? A: The man is a humanitarian and his music rocks!

Q: What is your dream? A: I love to sing, but my more attainable dream is to become an author. / April 2010 / STAR 26

Q: Why did you become a teacher? A: I was an art major, but after one of my art teachers told me I couldn't draw I went back to the drawing board. I was in an English class talking about it and I felt like it was a calling. Q: Where did you meet your husband? A: In Minnesota when I was on break my sophomore year of college. Q: How are you a role model for your girls? A: I want them to see mom as someone who values family first and that I can value being intelligent and fun at the same time- having a zeal for life! Q: What is the most important thing you want for your girls as they grow up? A: What I want for them more than anything in the world is for them to be happy and confident and to find their place in the world and to feel good about who they are. v For a playlist of some of Bon Jovi’s top songs go to

Century’s future stars



Century High School students were asked what difference they will make in their future short.allithorson photos.submitted


Conrad Schwarzkopf

“Hopefully I’ll be a professional football player someday.” In the picture: Century High School sophomore Conrad Schwarzkopf runs out of the starting line at a Century home football game.


Kara Rosenau:

“I would like to be famous for dancing, because it’s my passion in life and something I would like to continue to pursue in the future.” In the picture: Century High School senior Kara Rosenau dances as a flower in dances in the Northern Plains Dance winter recital The Nutcracker.


Jordan Stoddart:

“I would like to be the first person from North Dakota to successfully go pro and make a living off snowboarding.” In the picture: Century High School junior Jordan Stoddart poses for a picture during a ski trip in Montana.

Bumper huggers short.alyssameier

Several Century students tell us what they do when another car is following them just a little too close Senior, Daniel Draovitch- “Ignore them or tap on your brakes to try and get them to lay off.” Senior, Job Stramer- “Keep going, brake check, or turn away.” Junior, Colton Brendel- “Go even slower.” Junior, Colby Farver- “Speed up!” Junior, Zach Triplett- “I make random turns to see if they follow.”


at their finest

Century students share their biggest fears short.tonyabauer

Kate Link Junior Fear of vegetables

"I am deathly afraid of vegetables."

Madi Williams Sophomore Fear of biscuit cans

“They can pop and explode in your face.”

Michael Bjork

Junior Fear of waking up in the movie Arachnophobia

“I think it would be scary being surrounded by spiders that could kill you.” / April 2010 / STAR 27


Oppositesattract They show how similarity isn’t always the case for a perfect match

profile.allithorson photos.sammimoss


he’s a cheerleader and he’s obsessed with Pokémon video games; that doesn’t seem like the typical high school couple, yet Century High School juniors Lily Holt and Edward Bullinger seem to be perfect for each other. What took only four days of knowing each other has turned into a long-lasting and promising relationship between the two of them. Ironically, when Ed decided to ask Lily out, Lily didn’t even hear what he had said, she just said yes and walked away. Later on when she asked him what he said to her she was completely embarrassed but glad she said yes. “I was obsessed with her from the start,” Bullinger said. For anyone that is acquainted with Bullinger and Holt, they can see the differences in personality that seem to mesh together so well. “Opposites attract,” Bullinger said. “He’s loud and obnoxious and I’m quiet,” Holt said. The connection between the two seems inseparable. The differences in their personality come together to form one person which, in an odd way, makes them exactly the same. Bullinger and Holt spend most of their weekends together just spending time with each other or their families. It may not seem like much, but every moment spent together is a good moment for them. What makes them stand out from the other couples

at Century is their lack of arguing. Sure, they have small disagreements now and then but they’ve never had a real fight with each other. What is difficult for their relationship is the space apart that they have to face sometimes; for them, going a few days without hanging out after school is their major problem. Dealing with the dating scene in high school is nothing of a major concern to them. They have each other and for them, that’s all that is important about dating. The drama of high school dating doesn’t seem to come near them, which makes their relationship work so well. Bullinger looks at her as the sweetest girl he has ever met. The way he feels about Lily is something he has never felt before with anyone else. This relationship makes him thankful to have her be with him for over fifteen months. The two say their relationship has lasted so long because of how much they talk to each other. If something is bothering them or one of them just needs to talk the other is always there. Bullinger says that there is never a dull moment when he’s with Holt. Holt sees a future with Bullinger. She’s gotten so close to him and trusts him with all her heart. For her, there’s something there that could last for a long time. The two of them may have completely different personalities, but one thing they do agree on is that they complete each other.v

“I was obsessed with her from the start.”

For more pictures of Lily and Ed go to the Century Star’s website / April 2010 / STAR 28



The mane idea


Century Sophomore Danny Zeric doesn’t plan to change his hair style. He has used appearances as part of his self expression. “Just the fact that I can, made me want to,” Zeric said.


s he walked into Century High School for the first time this fall, the new sophomore had a feeling that may be rare for a high school guy. Danny Zeric wasn’t sure how other students would react to his skinny jeans. “People didn’t start wearing [skinny jeans] until recently,” Zeric said. Although Zeric’s choice of clothing is not uncommon around Century, there is one thing that makes him stand out in the crowd. “I have an Afro,” Zeric said. Zeric’s hair requires a morning routine. First he wakes up, second he showers, third he towel dries and fourth he uses a pick to brush it all out. For the moment, he doesn’t plan on changing it.

Having a physical trait that stands out in a crowd is something some teenagers would shy away from. Zeric, on the other hand, embraces it. He says the best compliment he ever received about his hair was when someone told him it was cute. But his hair isn’t entirely what describes Zeric’s personality, music, by far, is. He plays saxophone in band as well as guitar for fun. His favorite genre is hard rock. “I’m going to go to a college for a certain instrument,” Zeric said. As the chatter of Century is heard in the hallways, one could say it is easy to spot Danny Zeric. However, what most would consider much harder is to forget his presence.v

Standing out Danny Zeric is 5’10’’ feet tall. His hair is 5.5’’ inches tall.

This totals up to 12.73 percent of his height. / April 2010 / STAR 29


Rob and Julie feed each other fruit snacks as youngsters. / April 2010 / STAR 30

Rob: What’s your favorite color? Blue Favorite food? Mashed potatoes What kind of music do you like? Anything. Sometimes country. Summer or winter? Winter What’s your worst fear? Heights Favorite animal? Monkey or penguin What do you like about having a twin? The best thing about having a twin is if my parents give her money I have to get it too. So, financial benefits. What don’t you like about it? There’s nothing bad about being a twin. I love being a twin.

Different doubles



Century High School seniors Rob and Julie Puttre could very well be the world’s most unlike twins out there

profile.macyegeland photos.macyegeland&submitted


irst off, who’s older and by how much? Julie: Robbie’s older. Rob: By 15 minutes. Just by looking at you, it’s hard to tell that you’re twins. But are there any similarities in appearance you guys have noticed? Julie: Our eyes are the same. Rob: We both have small mouths and the same size hands. Have you noticed any similarities in your personalities or things you both like? Julie: We both like the outdoors. Have your parents mentioned anything about you two being so different? Rob: Sometimes they say we do the same things the same day. Julie: Yeah, like one time I called my mom for something and ten minutes later Robbie called and asked her the same thing. What’s your style? How are they different? Julie: Robbie, you’re more snowboarding stuff. I wear stuff from Wet Seal. What do you guys do when you hang out with friends? Julie: I go out with friends. Rob: I kind of chill. When I’m with my friends we are either doing sports or nothing really. How do you think you’re different? Julie: We don’t really agree on anything. We’re just completely opposite. Rob: We have different interests.

Julie: What’s your favorite color? Pink Favorite food? Pasta What kind of music do you like? Rap and R&B Summer or winter? Summer What’s your worst fear? Someone breaking into my home. Favorite animal? Dog What do you like about having a twin? Just the fact that I have a sibling because I have nobody else. I sometimes forget he is even my twin we are so different. What don’t you like about it? I get really annoyed.

Do you ever say things at the same time? Rob: We don’t really hang out that much so it doesn’t really happen. On the first day of school when you’re meeting your new teachers and they ask if you guys are siblings, do they ever not believe that you’re twins? Julie: Sometimes they don’t believe we’re twins. Rob: They ask if we’re identical. v / April 2010 / STAR 31


Junior Courtney Mittlestadt poses for a picture on top of her horse, Moon. Courtney has been riding her whole life, and hopes to for the remainder of it. “I always loved the Western way of life.� / April 2010 / STAR 32



A different breed of

girl Junior Courtney Mittlestadt trades in skirts for saddles profile&photo.alyssameier


very day hundreds of pairs of shoes walk the halls of Century High School. The spectrum of styles consist of flip-flops and heels, Converse and tennis shoes, “skater” shoes and sandals. As for Courtney Mittlestadt, her cowgirl boots are a somewhat rare sight inside the school. She grew up in and around Bismarck, surrounded by horses, rodeos, and a strong country influence. She stands out everywhere outside of her close group of friends, who have dubbed themselves “a different breed of girl.” She is unique from her shoulder length blond hair all the way down to her scratched up boots. She has loved being outside her whole life, choosing mud and grime over dresses and dolls on

every occasion. Her horse, Moon, occupies the majority of her spare time otherwise devoted to her friends or school. Though her plans are not completely sure, she hopes to grow up to be a photographer, possibly for rodeos. The western way of life has always intrigued her and has always been a major part of her life. It can be seen by watching her spend hours riding her horse, listening to her talk about it, or catching a glimpse of her personalized license plate on her Chevrolet reading “LILRDNK.” She is by no means the average teenage girl, and has no problem with that. Mittlestadt, her cowboy boots, bright red truck, and trusty four-legged friend continue to walk against the norm, smiling all the way. v

For a further look into Courtney’s life, check out the rest of the photo shoot at the STAR website / April 2010 / STAR 33


Marked short.breanneskalicky&sarajohardmeyer photos.breanneskalicky

Piercings Bridge- Make a bridge from eye to eye this piercing goes there. Septum- Piercing directly though the septum of the nose, it is also known as the Earl. Nose- Placed on either side of the nose, add jewelry to make it your own style. Labret- Usually located on the center of the chin. Eyebrow- It is usually pierced vertically, but can be horizontal. Obviously it is located on the eyebrow. Vertical labret- Vertically pierced through the center of the lip. Lip- Pierced right below the lip, can be centered or off centered. Monroe-It is usually placed diagonally below the nose, its purpose is to appear as a birth mark. Cheeks- Piercings to make dimples on both sides.

Healing time * Nostril (Nose)- 6 weeks to 6 months * Septum- 8 weeks to 6 months * Eyebrow- 6 weeks to 6 months * Bridge- 10 weeks to 12 months * Labret- 6 to 8 weeks * Lip- 6 to 8 weeks * Cheeks- 6 weeks to 6 months

Century High School Senior Sarah Levi applies to the following peircings: Monroe, Industrial and ear gauges. “I enjoy being unique,” Levi said.

Tattoos Inside the lip: This is the perfect place to hide a tattoo. If your parents don’t know you got it try to refrain from giving the sad face. Inside arm: Before you get a tattoo here you might want to consider getting a job first. Although it may look cool it doesn’t always look professional. Lower back: Be careful when considering this area. It can come off as inappropriate and offensive to many. If you do have a tattoo here it is considerate to be more conservative. Belly: Unless you’re Lil Wayne please strongly refrain from this spot. It’s not an appealing area and if you’re a girl it may end up twice as big as when you got it. Shoulder: This is a very popular spot to get a tattoo so make sure to keep it original. Refrain from wings, crosses, etc. Make sure it means something to you. Feet: Although your tattoo may look cute here...feet aren’t always so pleasant. Behind the ear: If you have a tattoo here props to you. This is a clever spot that is easily hidden with your hair down and looks adorable when you show it off. / April 2010 / STAR 34

Century High School junior Shane Fetch displays his recent tattoo. These song lyrics from his favorite band, Four Year Strong, represent what he stands for.



There is so much more... scouting these days profile&photo.aleciasmith


Jon Anderson has been in boy scouts for six years. He started in scouts because his older brother Matt Anderson was involved.

Scout Oath (Promise): On my honor I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times;To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

n the desert of New Mexico Jon Anderson has everything he needs to survive in a 100-pound backpack. He must carry everything with him including food, water, clothing, a shelter, and tools that will be needed along the trail. Within the next twelve days, Anderson and his fellow crew members will cover 80 miles on foot in the arid desert. Century High School junior Jon Anderson has a life full of adventure through Boy Scout troop 123. Not only is Anderson in Boy Scouts, he also participates in Venturing, a high adventure program for both boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 21. Anderson has logged countless miles of backpacking on many different trips, but backpacking is not the only adventure Anderson has participated in. He has also cycled 50 miles on several different occasions and canoed 75 miles. He has gone rock climbing, mountain biking, spelunking (cave diving), zip lining, white water rafting, shooting, hunting and skiing all through scouts and venturing. On his own time Anderson enjoys working on his car, shooting five stand, and taking pictures out of the sunroof. Anderson has made many friends throughout his years of being in scouts such as Century High School junior Drew Molesworth and Bismarck High School senior Luke Peterson, Chris Vandal, and Cory Wrolstad. All these people have pushed him to do his best, yet his biggest supporter would have to be his mother, Tina Anderson. Though all the adventures were a crazy good time, Anderson says his biggest accomplishment was finishing his Eagle scout project by replacing a flood light. He finished this only a few days before his 17th birthday.v

“I get to do things that other people don’t get to do”

Visit the web: Want to find out what it takes to go on a backpacking trip? Visit the STAR’s website at / April 2010 / STAR 35

What’s your life song?


short.briannabrown photo.sammimoss

Open Mic Night short&photos.briannabrown

The small Mr. Delicious is normally just a quiet restaurant in downtown Bismarck, but every Thursday night it is home to the new Open Mic Night. Whether you are a musician or a poet or something in between, the mic is open to you. Just go to Mr. Delicious and sign up for a spot.


Katelyn Fass- “Lost” by Gorilla Zoe


Ashtyn Andres- “Waste of Paint” by Bright Eyes


Breanna Herman- “All I want to do” by Sugarland


Lucas Sackman- “Welcome to My Life” by Simple Plan

Strut your stuff

What song would you walk the runway to? short.norahkolberg

Sophomore, Allison De Krey “Put Your Records On” Corinne Bailey Rae “It’s an amazing song and makes me smile. It makes me want to get up and start moving around.” / April 2010 / STAR 36

Junior, Morgan Frerking “Kiwi” Maroon 5 “It’s very upbeat and you could have a lot of fun with it on a runway, I bet.

Senior, Cody Willits “Let it Rock” Kevin Rudolf “Usually I would say ‘I’m Too Sexy’ because I am, but I decided to go with this one.”

From across the world



Sophomore Xiaoping Ni moves from Lianjiang, China to Bismarck, ND

profile.baileycarlson photo.submitted

Learn to speak some O Mandarin Chinese Mandarin is spelled with characters, not the English alphabet, but for the sake of learning some simple phrases the pronunciation below is used.

Hello: Ni hao Goodbye: zaijian Thank you: Xiexie You’re welcome: Bukeqi I’m sorry: Duibuqi What’s your name?: Nin guixing?


ne look at Xiaomping Ni gives an image of a young Chinese girl with long black hair and a smile that comes unexpectedly. Ni is quiet and doesn’t want to draw attention to herself but wants to share her ideas. “I want to share my idea with others but I’m afraid to tell,” Ni said. “Sometimes I want to make friend with somebody, my mind want but my action do not.” “I just want Unlike what has become a dream for many high school students, Ni is not interested in standing out or achieving fame. She doesn’t enjoy dancing or being the center of attention. “I don’t think I want people to know about me,” Ni said. “I just want to be common.” It was the dream of Ni’s parents to own a restaurant and after moving from China to New York to Minnesota to North Dakota they found the opportunity to own the Chinatown Buffet in Gateway Mall. Ni works there everyday after school until 11 P.M. and on weekends. She lives close enough to the restaurant to be able to walk there and bikes often.

“I like work there but if I have many homework sometimes I went home early,” Ni said. Despite Ni’s limited free time she finds the time to participate in art club and enjoys drawing at home. Ni’s passion lies in art, though Ni’s family doesn’t want her to be an artist. “I feel I have a sense of art,” Ni said. Ni likes the quiet of Bismarck and the environment but the closeto be common.” misses ness of neighbors in China. She would visit with them and they would help each other out. “It’s kind of quiet here,” Ni said. “Here, people are in their own house, don’t come out often.” Ni misses China. Her family left behind a lot for a new life in the U.S. “Every second, all the time [I want to go back],” Ni said. “I miss my friends and own culture and my grandma. She’s all alone.” Though Ni wants to return home and has difficulties with speaking the English language she is excited for next year. “I will make more friends,” Ni said. “I think it will be better.” v / April 2010 / STAR 37


“At least the hallways are big enough to do a cartwheel”

Isaac, who stands at a giant 6’8, has been playing guitar for 8 years. He uses music as a way to express his personality and thoughts. “I like to write [music] more than anything,” Lovdahl said.


t 6’8, this musical prodigy, who is obsessed with velocoraptors, has a size 17 shoe and has never touched drugs or alcohol, is anything but average. Century High School junior Isaac Lovdahl, an avid music writer and performer, not only has been given the gift of being tall, but also hands out the gift of entertainment. Whether it may be in his choir class or throughout the hallways, Isaac is known as the funny kid. Using his humor at the right moments, Isaac is also passionate about life, music and his best friend, Mitch. Of all the things surrounding him in life, and trust us, there is a lot more to observe from 6’8, there are four main elements in his life that remind him of who he is each and every day. Starting with number one, Isaac is a devout Christian who dedicates much of his time and effort towards religion. Secondly, music is the basis of his love and passion in life. Thirdly, his supportive family has been a contender in the life of Isaac Lovdahl which leads us to number four: Mitch. Mitch Geiger, Isaac’s cousin and best friend, has a superb effect on Issac’s life. From the very beginning, the two were destined to do great things while cracking great jokes, and though they differ in age by three years, the two are quite inseparable. “I like to keep incest out of the picture,” Isaac says with a chuckle. On an average day, Lovdahl can be found at school bright and early only to go home, squeeze in whatever important homework there may be, workout and finish the evening with his own personal jam session. Playing guitar roughly for eight years, Lovdahl’s hobby for music has developed into his passion and dream lifestyle. “Not for the purpose of making a profit, but rather the passion.” Lovdahl can be seen at school, parading around the hallways / April 2010 / STAR 38


with his tall frame and untouchable brown curly hair. While being known for his height, Lovdahl also has a personality and gift to make people smile. Behind this tremendous personality, Isaac can be found in a pair of casual jeans and soft colored t-shirt which prove his subtle way of expressing himself. “[Self expression] is acting how you want to as long as you harm no one else, no negative outcome.” While music theory and writing is what Isaac truly loves to do, he also enjoys playing the drums, cello, bass, piano and sings in both choir and around his house, which doesn’t seem to please his younger sister, Mandy, much. Setting apart from the average teenager, Isaac would rather stay home and practice his passion than go out and drink or do drugs. “I don’t see a need for it. It’s more hurtful than helpful.” Isaac Lovdahl, who is bothered by Ke$ha, thinks that “pape” is the best word ever, uses “fizzle” as the gangster word for five and enjoys dancing through the hallways, is a good for a giggle, inspiration and best of all, a big, squishy hug. Towards the end of the interview, Mitch started to sound like a butterfly. Zzz…zzz…zzz…v

If we were to take everyday items and line them up end to end, next to Issac Lovdah, there would be...

20 Twinkies


three tennis rackets

15 soda cans 44 bouncy-balls Nearly seven Subway footlong sandwiches




profile.amandalittrell photos.heidijaeger&submitted


urpassing the average schedule of the typical high school student, Century High School senior and student body president Ashley Bernhardt has a heaping amount on her plate. Standing at the ‘funsize’ of 5’1, 5’2 on a good day, this girl who always matches her headbands to shirts, also records varsity basketball statistics, works at Medcenter One as a nutritional aide and is involved in both Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble. Expressing herself through her leadership abilities in the school and also through her love of Taylor Swift, Ashley finds it hard to not be your own person. If she’s not snacking on kneophla soup, drinking Mountain Dew or watching the Little Rascals, she is listening to some classic T Swift. After waiting five hours with her best friends this summer at the State Fair for Swift’s high-end performance, Ashley left with a sense of happiness. “To accomplish as much as she has in her lifetime is quite remarkable. She’s—simply fearless. And her music is fun to dance and sing to in my car (smiles).” Known throughout the school as the sweet girl who has enough guts to get up in front of the entire student body, Ashley’s involvement in student council has influenced her life in more than one way. Her improvement in public speaking and ability to be more reliable shines above all. “I’ve become more reliable and it helped me grow as a person.” Later in life, Ashley plans on furthering her people skills by becoming a physical therapist. “It’s always been my idea, and all my sports injuries have helped, too.” In her spare time, this student body president is just like any other student. Alongside her dog, Oreo, Ashley finds it relaxing to hangout at home or to hangout with friends. Though she may seem always busy, this senior is going places, and fast. She plans on attending the University of Mary for an undergraduate degree in exercise and wants to go away somewhere to do clinical. “I think I’ll end up here in the long run.”v

Ashley leads the student body at a pep rally. Ashley has been the headliner for every pep rally since the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year.

And just how many headbands does Ashley own? “Sixty three, I have 63 headbands.” / April 2010 / STAR 39

{opinion / April 2010 / STAR 40



Gone to the dogs

Learning how to open up thanks to a retriever column.paulmurphy


henever I leave my house, there’s an important habit I follow only in the spring, one of those subtle shifts in routine that goes almost entirely unnoticed but without it, I just can’t feel prepared for the new, snow-less season. It’s simple, just the casual watching of my garage door as it slowly opens. While leaving in the winter is typically a race against the clock, a hurried rush to jump in and start my car before the fluffy precipitation can fill the stall entirely, I like to take my sweet time while departing in fair weather. I might leisurely pace as the door creaks up inch after rusted inch, but usually I just stand and watch, basking in warmth as sunlight slowly fills the concrete garage. On this particular observing, the glow was filtering in just right, filling me with optimism for the new day when I noticed a shadow fall across the cement. I followed it up to the red paws, wagging tail and panting mouth of a dog I knew all too well. My heart froze. It’s a far from typical reaction when encountering my family’s half Retriever, half German Shepherd, big hearted pet Rigsby, but I knew he wasn’t supposed to be out and couldn’t help but panic. It was an overreaction, I know, but I’ve always been sort of a worry wart, and my usually frayed nerves had been on red alert for a couple of days ever since I spent the better part of an afternoon thinking I’d lost my dog forever. Despite my fear-induced grip, everything seemed to be okay with Rigs, who gazed up at me and seemed to be grinning ear to ear, asking if I wanted to play. I never used to be the sort of person to give human qualities to dogs, choosing instead to laugh quietly at the owners who dress their dogs in sweaters and include them in the family pictures, until I found myself being the Murphy to point Rigsby’s long muzzle towards the camera for the annual Christmas Cards. I suppose having a dog does that to a person and, looking back at the moment I first laid eyes on him, I never really stood much of a chance. I remembered that moment from four years ago as if it had been just a few weeks. I sat anxious and cross legged in the field outside of the Humane Society, trying to keep from shaking as the dog walked towards me. I was nervous of being bitten, sure, the sometimes fierce barks of the homeless canines never failed to scare me, and even though Rigs hadn’t made a sound, I still imagined his teeth were as big as any. More than being bit though, I was nervous that he would just ignore me, fully aware that a dog’s cold indifference hurt more than its incisors ever could. He trotted up to me, spent a moment sniffing around, and placed his head on my chest, just above my heart. The weight of him pushed me to the ground, where he curled up on me before licking my nose. By the time I stopped laughing and rubbing the back of his head, the Murphy family was sold: my dad and brother, both suckers for dogs, and my mom, a sucker for corny KODAK moments. column continued on page 42 / April 2010 / STAR 41


and she gave up on texting me completely, and so I sat, alone. This was If anyone had reservations about taking Rigs in, it was me. I had put it, the day I’d dreaded for so long, life without Rigs. I sat and thought off my canine-centric father’s offer to look at dogs as long as I could, of my future without him and realized I had been wrong about how it not because I don’t like them, but because I love them too much. The would feel. The cold thing settling in the pit of stomach was worse than great tragedy of anything is that it never lasts forever, and I was familiar I could have thought, and I worried that it would be with me for the rest enough with Where the Red Fern Grows and Old Yeller to be fully of my life. aware of how the time-old tale of man and his best friend ended. IneviIt would be another hour before I got the text saying “dad has him tably, the dog falls sick, is given up, gets hurt, passes on, or runs away, he is ok,” plus an additional hour and countless sighs of relief later leaving behind the owner to pick up the pieces and move on. As much before I understood what actually happened. As it turned out, the as I loved and wanted a dog, I couldn’t stand the thought of forging a whole thing was a miscommunication between my parents and my mom, relationship that would ultimately break my heart, which is really the unaware that my dad had taken Rigs for the day, had assumed he was same problem I have with any other personable connection in my life. gone. It should have been a happy ending, but the experience had Still, I knew I was outnumbered and whatever cauchanged me, made me paranoid. I never left the tions I had about caring for my dog quickly went out “This was it, the day I’d house without checking the gates, the doors, without the window. On warm days I chased Rigs in looping making sure he was there and couldn’t leave or get dreaded for so long” circles across the yard; on cold ones I tossed the ball hurt or eat something he wasn’t meant to. The fear of to him before wrestling it out of his mouth; on the days that taxed me anything happening to him kept me distant from Rigs and, now aware beyond all belief I just laid on the ground and scratched behind his of how real losing him felt, I didn’t know that I could bring myself to ears, happy to have a dog, a friend, to lie with. I had even put my woroverlook it this time. ries about life without him out of mind, or at least I had, until a couple And now all of that came to a head, standing in the garage with days ago. him outside, I was flooded with fear. I checked around the corner of I had been gone for the afternoon, having completed one of the my driveway and, sure enough, the fence gently swayed open in the first garage door ceremonies of the year, when I got a text from my breeze. He had been outside for ten minutes, and could have left anymother, in her familiar, elementary school dropout looking format. “Hav time he wanted to. Outside the yard there was a whole world of rabbits u seen rigs”. It was innocent looking enough, but it ran my blood cold. to chase, of UPS men to bark at, of people to sniff, and my dog, Rigs, optI answered back that I hadn’t, numbly aware that he was nowhere to ed to just sit outside patiently until someone let him back in. “Good boy,” be seen before I left, though at the time I figured he was just out in I scratched behind his ears, the fear running out of me and replaced by the yard. My mom’s answer made me nearly drop my phone. He was the love I’d always had for him. “Good freaking boy.” The truth of it was gone. I called her in a frenzy, yelling that she needed to, expletives that he and I wouldn’t last forever, nothing could. One day I would be omitted, “find him right now”. I snapped the phone shut before sinking without him, but moments like this could never leave my sight. I crouched to my knees. There was no way for me for me to get home, no way I down next to him and Rigs gently put his nose against my chest, dead could look for my dog. I resigned myself to texting my mother every 30 center on my heart. That burning in my eyes, I told myself, was a newto 40 seconds, demanding constant updates. It took a grand total of two found reaction to pet dander. Had to be.v minutes for her to get fed up with my rude, censor needing messages / April 2010 / STAR 42

Filling in the b l a n k s



with a little more empty space column.alyssameier


y arms wrapped around my knees while I rested in the itchy question: who is judging me? There I was in a baggy black sweatshirt cushion of the chair. My eyes strolled back and forth across and faded jeans, cuddled up on a chair by myself. So, how do I know faces and figures, between walls and windows. The people I saw were that every one of the people I was staring from across the isle wasn’t mostly exact copies of the ones I had seen moments before. There staring at me when I was looking the other way? were hundreds of teenagers balancing a half-dozen shopping bags How do I know how the world perceives me? What do I look like to on their arms while never letting their eyes stray far from the screen a stranger, to a friend, or my family? Until their opinion is directly given of the phone in front of them or the closest attractive individual. There to me, I never truly know; and maybe it’s that insecurity that bothwere the middle aged women speed-walking through the crowds, and ers so many people. I think everyone has to answer those questions others wearing cut-off shorts and shirts like saran wrap. The elderly about themselves at one point in time. We take our lives, lay them out were seen mostly through windows of restaurants or walking slowly in front of us, and wonder “who am I really?” Maybe it’s too general next to an equally aged person with hair sitting a-top their head like of a question, but how many people live every minute of their lives a giant cotton ball. There were the children and infants either crying, wondering about the answer to it? We wonder about how we look to screaming, laughing hysterically or sleeping in the arms of a parent. other people, and how others will remember us when there is no more The same people came and went dozens of times, with slight variatime to make memories. This in itself doesn’t cause problems, but what tions separating one from the next. These people does is how early people start asking this of made me smile, while others annoyed me or made So, how do I know that themselves. me sad, but that is not why I remained in that In photography we were taught how to every one of the people uncomfortable chair in the middle of a noisy mall develop pictures in a dark room, and mainly, the in Fargo. While I was sitting there, I was not the most important aspect of this art is time. If the I was staring from across audience to their lives, but the writer of them. picture isn’t given enough time to develop, then the isle wasn’t staring at The people passing by me each provided me there isn’t much more than blank paper to look with an opportunity to contemplate who they were. me when I was looking the at. If one allows the picture the time it needs to I was given the chance to give them an identity, change, than something amazing happens. The other way? a name, a story. With every face that passed by image slowly appears, becoming more and more me, my mind went scampering off thinking of what vivid as the minutes go by. I think how we look lay beneath that stained sweater or that shiny black pair of shoes. To at ourselves works the same way. Even as teenagers we often question me, there was a reason for every single thing surrounding that certain our purpose, our fate, our impact on the world. But for most of us, our individual, and it was my job to discover what exactly that was. The picture has just started to develop and there really isn’t much to see mass of people I saw was a giant coloring book in my lap. There were yet. As teenagers we are constantly working to develop into adults and dozens of pages, all with the outline of an image draped across the do what it is we were meant to do, but what if we don’t know yet what page. The empty space inside of those lines, behind their faces, was that is? We are in our prime developing years, yet there are constantly mine to fill. hands prodding us and trying to see what we have measured up to The strip of nylon was stretched out in mid-air; one end disappearso far; some of them belong to parents and teachers, some are friends’, ing into the clenched hand of a middle-aged brunette woman in khaki and others are our own. Ms. America would most likely claim we need shorts and a brightly colored t-shirt, and the other angling towards the world peace, some would argue food, and many, love. My vote, goes to ground. The navy leash branched off and swallowed up the torso of patience. Maybe it is too much to ask of the world to slow down, but I the toddler walking in front of her mother. She skipped in an uneven will ask that it gives people time to grow. I ask for patience from and rhythm, either because of her yet undeveloped coordination, or the for everyone possible, in hopes that maybe someday this generation harness constantly pulling her closer to the woman staring through a will have more answers than questions.v window at a denim jacket under a “half off” sign. I sat there watching them walk towards me, and then past me, completely unaware of my gaze. The sight wasn’t especially exciting, or unique, but it seemed to remain in my head for the next few minutes. My mind went gallivanting off writing the woman’s and young girl’s stories. I sat pondering questions about strangers who I had only seen for a few moments. How old is the little girl? Where is her father at? Where did she wander to in the first place that now requires her to be permanently connected to her mother’s wrist? A half-dozen scenarios played out in my head about a little girl sneaking away from her mother to chase after a man that looked just like daddy. I imagined the girl’s father playing catch with his son in a shady park, teaching him how to fish or watching a baseball game together. I imagined this absent father as a soldier far away, a businessman, or a drunk. The mother was a bank teller, teacher or nurse. The little girl spent summer days with her best friend playing with their dolls in her taffy-colored room and creating masterpieces in the sand box outside. These people’s identities were left for me to contemplate; whether or not I had dreamed up anything accurate, was unsure. I’m not sure how long I was there, but by the time I got up to leave, I had gotten hundreds of first impressions by people that I never saw up close, talked to, or even made eye contact with. I had sat there and silently judged them, because they would never know what I was thinking, right? Although I asked dozens of questions about these strangers and their pasts, I never dared to ask myself one certain / April 2010 / STAR 43


A matter of


Life lessons always come when least expected column.jordankalk


he hinge of the door screeched; I peered out of bed only to find my four-year old cousin staring at me with an awe of disbelief. “Jordee,” he said with the deepest concern. “Why are you always the last one out of bed?” I can’t help but laugh hysterically, it’s only 9 A.M. There is no point in turning over back to the pillow; the day has begun. For the record, I am not one to be extremely fond of kids. Now, I mean that with a loving heart. I’ve done the whole babysitting bit, and the “Oh, that’s so cute,” but as an unwritten rule, I have about a three day limit with kids. However, there are always the exceptions. Maybe it’s because he’s my cousin, maybe it’s because he’s a genius, (okay so I’m a little biased) but this 4-year old is going to go places in life. For one, he may be the only person to ever get me out of bed on a Saturday before 9 A.M. Those who have been around me for any length of time will start to realize that I have the driest of dry sense of humor. As the two of us sit on the floor playing with his toy house and figurines, also known as the Batman Cave, I try to persuade him that the bad guy, Penguin, is not a bird at all, just like all penguins. He looks at me with eyes that could burn. “Yes they are, yes yes they are,” he said. I continued on, “Well they don’t fly, do they?” Without a second for thought, he yelled from the depths of his tiny stomach, ”Well ostriches don’t fly and they’re birds. They run super fast.” So the score resides my cousin one, and me, well, a fat zero. It’s a good thing the points don’t matter. Thinking I would have time to grab a cup a coffee and get ready, I head upstairs. I’m all dressed with my hair in place and, let’s face it, well-caffeinated. One last thing to do; put a pony tail on my wrist, you never know when it could come in handy. Before I can even get through the doorway I hear a crash; my cousin is just behind the door waiting. He puts a ponytail on his wrist like me. My first thoughts; “How sweet, he wants to be like me.” Then about two hours later, I see him shooting the ponytail with his hand as a weapon, or maybe just something to do while he’s bored in the car. The score now: cousin two, Jordee zero. So typical. At this point the weekend is winding down. I’m about ready to depart back to Bismarck, but what better way to fill the time than play with dinosaur figurines with my favorite little dude? I hear all about the T-Rex, Tarascosaurus and Terradacty. I try to keep a straight face, but let’s face it, hearing those words out of a 4-year old’s mouth, who may have a slight speech impediment is a hard task at hand, but that’s beside the point. I do my best to ask questions; from there I learn which ones eat just plants, just meat, or even the occasional omnivore. I’m impressed to say the least. During this whole prehistoric lesson, I sporadically answer my phone. I send a text or two, then continue on with the listening and occasional attack with dinosaurs. He must have decided that the lesson needed to step up a notch, because I then received a whole speech about camouflage. Apparently swimming dinosaurs are blue so they can blend in with the surroundings, same with the green ones that only eat trees. I didn’t quite have the heart to tell him that I knew most of this fascinating information; instead I answered my phone and attempted to listen intently. He must of gotten mad, because next thing I know he’s right in my face speaking with sincere certainty, “Jordee you need to listen.” So I did. My cousin, wanted to share a part of his life with me. And what did I do out of respect? Nothing. I instead assumed I knew most everything about the topic and moved on to something else, never thinking that it might have offended him. Guilt arose in me, how to fix it? (He was up three to zero in the score by now.) / April 2010 / STAR 44

“Rawr,” I said. He looks at me, probably thinking I was going to pretend attack his dinosaurs again. “It means I love you in dinosaur,” I continued on. He giggled and gave me the “You’re silly” expression. “Rawr,” he screamed back. At the end of the weekend the score resided with my cousin three, and myself one. It’s a really good thing the points don’t matter. The most valuable lessons come when people expect it the least. Sometimes all we need to do is take an outside approach on reality, or maybe, speak a little dinosaur.v

Making wishes come true The power of changing a child’s life





he curtains open, the stage is set and the models appear. This isn’t firefighter or dolphin trainer. The second grouping is “to meet” such as a just any fashion show, this is a show that makes a difference in a famous celebrity. The third grouping is “to have” such as a play house. The child’s life. Usually I write about topics that don’t personally affect final grouping is “to go” such as to Disney World. That’s the beauty of a me, but today I decided to write about something that is very close to my wish. It can be anywhere or anything in the world. The average wish costs heart. $6,000 and by what I have done, I have proven that I For the past three years I have had the opportunity have the capability to grant a child’s wish! “I had people backing me to make a child’s wish come true by putting on a That second year I was fortunate enough to have up and that itself was a four more Wish kids join my show. You may think I’m fashion show for the Make-A-Wish foundation of North Dakota. The whole thing started back when I but I call it helping others. It may sound cheesy true feeling of success.” crazy, was in the eighth grade and one of my middle school to the average person, but I truly am the type who classmates, Amber Desroches, passed away after a four year battle with puts others before myself. There is no better reward than seeing a child’s Leukemia. Earlier that fall, a friend of mine, Kayla Hillstead was diagnosed face light up with joy because of something I did. I have now proved with cancer. I saw what a struggle it was for her and her family. I went to that even at a young age, anyone can make a difference in the world in Amber’s funeral and her family had all her Make-A-Wish items on display. which we live in.v They were so grateful because when they went on her Make-A-Wish trip, it was a time where Amber could escape the reality of her illness and just live life like a normal teenager. I saw what an impact the organization had made and decided that I too wanted to make a difference for a child in our community who is battling a chronic disease. I have to admit I was on pins and needles the first year I organized the show. I was an eighth grader trying to put on a show of my own. I wanted to raise a large amount of money for this fabulous organization. Was I crazy? Little 5’1” Cara trying to put on a show and influencing others to attend. I stayed determined and continued to work hard on the show. I spent many nights staying up late working on programs, calling models, cutting music, printing tickets, laying out the stage pattern, and so much more. I was taking on an unfathomable amount of work as a teenager. I consider myself to be a busy person. I spend my days at school then I go to dance for about four hours a night or else mentor younger children and go home to do homework late into the night. If that isn’t enough on my plate, I decided to take on a fashion show! Sure there were days when I became over-stressed with all I had to get done, but when those days came I spent part of the day reflecting on what I was about to do. I was impacting a child’s life. That thought kept me determined to continue to strive for success. When we ran through the show that first year, I remember Kayla was feeling sick and was barely able to stand up on her own. Yet, she was determined to model her brand new wigs, which she looked beautiful in. I had a model come up to me when she saw what condition Kayla was in and said to me, “Cara, it has finally hit me. This isn’t just a fashion show. This is so much more than that. You are making children’s wishes come true!” The day of the show, I began to worry. My hands started to sweat and my adrenaline began to rush. I had only sold 30 tickets in advance and the feeling of failure began to engulf me. Then something magical happened. Twenty minutes before the show started, people began to rush in, filling the auditorium seats. Tickets were being sold to the point where I even ran out. Still to this day, I don’t know the exact count of the number of people in attendance. I remember tears began to fill my eyes as I realized what an amazing community I live in. I had people backing me up and that itself was a true feeling of success. That first year my goal was to raise $1,000. I ended up raising $2,517. The second year I raised close to the same amount resulting in a total donation of $5,867. This year I am determined to raise at least double the amount of the previous years. The Make-A-Wish organization is the largest wish-granting organization in America. Every 40 minutes a child’s wish is granted. Wishes are categorized into four groups. The first grouping is “to be” such as a / April 2010 / STAR 45

{opinion I really dislike talking to substitute teachers. Honestly, I don’t want to hear your jokes from LaffyTaffy wrappers or about your failed attempts to run for public office. I just want to ask to leave the room. Steve Baker

I absolutely hate when teachers give papers at the end of the year when they know students won’t have their mind on work anymore. There’s just something about the warming weather and the nearing of the school’s end that stops a student’s ability to think properly. Andrew Wiseman

Wanna spend 30+ dollars on an article of clothing that has no use at all? Buy a flat-billed hat! The most useless thing a person can buy, hats are made to block out sun, not just to hold a guy,s hair back. You don’t even watch baseball and you know it, so take off that white socks hat, pull up your pants and get to work. Seth Ebach

I thoroughly dislike customers who walk into my store AT close. The sign says 9:30, that means you should not walk in at 9:30. Workers have lives; believe it or not we do not live to serve you. Despite what we say, it is not fine that you are here after close. Molly Zachmeier


I hate ridiculous pick up lines. They are super cheesy and annoying because they are over used. Tia Jasper / April 2010 / STAR 46



I love Velveeta. Without its synthetic cheesy existence, my memorized recipe repertoire (macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, etc.) would be eliminated. Besides...who doesn’t love a good prepared cheese product? Steve Baker


Big Boy’s Hot N’ Tot combines two of my favorite things: pop and cinnamon. Knowing that whenever I’m thirsty I can simply stop on by and grab a refreshing drink is a comforting thought. Lexi Hagler

I like being able to make stuff up even when I should have been prepared. Zach Triplett

I love Mountain Dew Code Red. BEST POP EVER EVER. Maddy Frederickson

I love arguing about pointless things, money, and tacos. Matt Painter / April 2010 / STAR 47


Jazzin’ it UP!

Some styles are meant to be noticed profile&photoillustration.tonyabauer


he freedom to shed her khaki pants and giggles. polo tops opened up a new world, a world Towner would love to be a contestant on full of plaid skirts, band tees, ripped up jeans, America's Next Top Model or become an and Converse boots. Her love of Pete Wentz, actress. She sets lofty goals but believes Snickers and her red high heels have shaped wholeheartedly that she can reach them. She Jasmine "Jazzy" Towner into the person she is loves art and fashion but can't help randomly today. quoting Star Wars. After Century High School junior Jazzy Towner wants to leave a legacy at Century, Towner attended Catholic school for eight but not because of her achievements in any years, all she wanted to sports or her impressive “I want to leave do was be herself, create social skills. Towner doesn't her style, and find her want anyone to be afraid to behind a sense of personality. Her time be themselves and that it understanding [that] it’s doesn't matter if you fit in. had come; public school welcomed her with open okay to be yourself.” Towner loves herself and her arms. style and wants everyone Like most teenagers, else to be as confident as Jazzy was afraid to be labeled "the weird kid," she is. but she wasn't going to let that fear suppress “I want to leave behind a sense of her crazy, artsy, energetic, child-like self from understanding [that] it's okay to be yourself," being shown to the world, or, at that moment, Towner said. Horizon Middle School. She wants to work with the organization While searching for her style and personality Invisible Children. She loves to scream at she has discovered her love for Hollister's the top of her lungs in empty rooms. She mens’ cologne and saltine crackers piled high loves to pretend the floor is lava when she with butter and sugar. She's also developed is home alone. She's random, she's different, a love of scary movies; not only does she get and she wouldn't have it any other way. v an adrenaline rush, but they also give her the

Jazzy's outfit break down: Black leggings Target

$30.00 / April 2010 / STAR 48

Jean shorts American Eagle


Red high heels Shoe Carnival


Ke$ha t-shirt Hot Topic




A gaming experience Senior Nathan McNamara shares his insights on gaming profile.kellanstaebell photo.jordankalk


he TV screen flickers in the dark room where Century High School Senior Nathan McNamara spends some of his spare time playing video games with friends or by himself. "My brother introduced me to some games, but other than that my friends introduced me," McNamara said. After being introduced to games, McNamara joined Gamers Club when he got into high school. "I joined 'cause my friends heard about it and I thought it would be fun," McNamara said. McNamara plays on a variety of different consoles, which include GameCube, Xbox 360, PS2 and Nintendo 64. The console that he plays the most when he gets the chance is his Xbox 360. McNamara plays games called RPG's or role playing games. "I play anything that catches my attention and that I think is fun. I mainly play RPG's just because of the

length of time and progressiveness of it," McNamara said. McNamara doesn't think much of expression when it comes to gaming. "Well kinda, it really depends on what type of gamer you are," McNamara said. Other than playing games McNamara has other hobbies, “I honestly don’t play that many video games anymore since I work and hang with friends, but, when I get the chance, I play with friends on Xbox Live, it just depends what mood I’m in,” McNamara said. When it comes to playing games, McNamara gets in an hour or two playing video games. “When I get out of school at 2:34 p.m. I get an hour to relax then go to work at 3:30 p.m. at Dan’s,” McNamara said. v

Senior Nathan McNamara plays on an Xbox360 during a gamers club meeting. / April 2010 / STAR 49

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Converse opened for business in 1908. One hundred years later, the shoes have hit the big time. The classic, all star, low and high top shoes come in all of the classic colors, but now Converse has added a twist. On their website people can now design their own shoes. The tongue, sides, inside, and stitching can have different patterns, colors, and textures. Words can also be added to the back or side of the shoe. This is one fashion trend that won’t soon go out of style.


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* Videos of our talented featured students:

Colton Brendel Lily and Ed

Mike’s biking video Isaac Sauer’s music video Lucas Rutten playing guitar

* Mr. Lee’s bear video! * Recognition for academic, sports, music and art excellence / April 2010 / STAR 51


MAXimum talent profile&photo.macyegeland


s the music rolls in and his voice sounds out, jaws begin to drop. When senior Max Redmann performed “Never Have I Found” by Josh Garrels during the talent portion of the 2009 Mr. CHS pageant, many were surprised by the skill he had been keeping to himself. Redmann exudes confidence. Standing at six foot six inches, it’s almost a requirement. But Redmann admits that even though he’s comfortable in front of a group of people, he was pretty nervous before his performance. “I had the shakes, but I tried to play it off.” Ever since he was little, Redmann has been involved with music. He sang in his church choir when he was younger, played the trombone first chair from fifth to ninth grade, and played guitar for three years. Now older, there are few places and events to perform at as a solo artist, so Redmann sticks to sharing his talent with his friends. “Most of the time when we’re in the car I will put on a song I like and sing it.” Since it’s only a select few that get to listen to him sing, people didn’t believe what they were hearing during Redmann’s Mr. CHS performance. “People think I lip synced it, but I didn’t.” / April 2010 / STAR 52

Throughout his life, Redmann has had a lot of encouragement when it comes to music. His family has always been there to back him up, but one member in particular pushes Redmann to be the person he is. “My brother is a big inspiration. He’s really confident in everything he does so it makes me want to do the same.” Redmann said that his favorite thing about singing for people is that “[he likes] being able to show good music to people.” So, in the future, he will continue to do what he loves and surprise more and more people with his talent.v

10 favorite songs

Max’s top

So Long, Lonesome- Explosions in the Sky My Mind is Ramblin’- The Black Keys Long, Long Winter- Bob Marley Midnight on the Run- Boombox Roadhouse Blues- The Doors Heartsprings- Heiruspecs In The Summertime- Mungo Jerry Low Tone Energy- Kanser The Rain Song- Led Zeppelin Lisztomania- Phoenix



Lady Gaga, the simple facts



She has sold 10 million copies of “The Fame Monster.”



The song “Radio Gaga” by Queen is the idea behind her stage name.


At age four she taught herself to play piano.


Dropped out of NYU at the age of 19.

Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani.



Gaga thinks of herself as a lady.

Gaga was once mistaken for Amy Winehouse, this is why her hair is blonde now.

7 10

She is the original artist of the song “Fashion.”


She designs her own wardrobe.

Gaga has been performing since the age of 13.


Radio head aches

The STAR asked what songs make people turn the volume off short&photos.paulmurphy Junior Steve Baker What song? “Songs by Ke$ha” Why? “She has a third grader’s vocabulary, except for her sexual references and her drug references and whatever ‘Brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack’ is.”

Senior Micheal Manders What song? “Party in the USA” Why? “It’s a horrible, horrible abomination to music. It’s horrible.”

Sophomore Sam Baglivio What song? “Love Story by Taylor Swift” Why? “It’s one of those songs that you get stuck in your head and you wanna pound your head against a brick wall to try and get it out but you’re singing it. You’re mildly enjoying the singing but you hate it still.” / April 2010 / STAR 53

To his own beat




lay ‘Reprisal’, dude.” The words hang for just a second as Century High School senior Anthony Howe settles on his stool. Most drummers take a moment to breathe deep, to concentrate, but Howe sits at ease, he smiles, then he starts the thunder. His hands move without restraint, a blur of splintered sticks chewed up and spat out after years of lip rolls and spins. The unused guest room isn’t big enough to contain the sound, not nearly. The trap set sits just past the door along with, watch your step, bits of older sets: a bass drum here, a cymbal or so there. Before long, Howe’s bandmate Tanner Leier calls out again, “Jazz, now.” Howe listens; it’s a trust built between the two from their year of playing in Bismarck’s metal band If I Ran The Zoo. Their time together, whether it’s spent rehearsing, playing shows or huddling in their van in negative 20-degree weather to keep warm, has forged a deep bond between them. “We have a lot of fun together. I think it’s lame when people are like ‘Oh, they’re my brothers’ but, I don’t know, it’s kind of like that.” Brotherhood or not, Anthony isn’t afraid to fight for his idea of what If I Ran The Zoo should sound like, which means the occasional “Choke Out Submission Match” between the band members. Even the times he taps out first, the drum part usually goes how he wants it. “We’ll practice it one way, then we do it live and I’ll change it up a bit.” The band, Anthony claims, never holds it against him. “They usually realize I’m right.” That performance is important to Anthony, whose philosophy that “Music is something meant to be live, not on a CD,” pushes him to record his drums in a single sitting. “It’s either all one good take or if I mess up once, whatever, I’m done, I’m doing it again.” Anthony’s pursuit of a live, authentic sound is only natural given his love and enthusiasm of performing for a crowd. “I try to make myself put on a show, I try to make it look like I’m having fun, because I am.” More than impressing the crowd with his talent, Anthony views the shows as a way to connect with people, going so far as to consider each and every member of their growing fanbase a “friend.” “No one is an outcast at a show, everyone comes to see the music.” The bonds Anthony builds through his shows are one of the reasons he loves life on the road, even the times when the band members go without meals or get short changed after playing at venues hundreds of miles from home. Despite their constant search for more shows, Anthony and the mem-

bers of If I Ran the Zoo chose not to label themselves as a “Christian” band, a tactic used by other local groups to play shows sponsored by churches, whether or not the bands themselves hold the morals of the venues they’re performing at. “I hate playing with bands that go up and say ‘Praise Jesus’ at the end of their set and then they’re drinking and doing drugs in their van after the show. Don’t claim to be something you’re not, that’s just scum. I hate that.” Christian or not, Anthony believes that If I Ran the Zoo goes against the violent stereotype of “deathcore.” “Our lyrics definitely have a positive message, like maybe the world is just crap and there’s nothing good in the world right now but we’re not gonna let that stop us, we’re gonna be good people, we’re gonna live a good life, no matter what’s going on around us.” It’s an attitude Anthony didn’t have before meeting the members of the band, a time when he was making a lot of mistakes falling into the dangerous pitfalls music offers. Witnessing the drive and focus of his bandmates inspired Anthony to clean up, adamantly rejecting that sort of lifestyle. “It just gets in the way and I don’t think it’s worth it. If something is getting in the way of my music, I’m going to take it out of my life.” What unites If I Ran the Zoo, above labels and scenes, images and hairstyles, is a passion for what they do. “We make music because we like to make music,” and it’s as simple as that. Several songs and genres later, Tanner runs out of things to yell. Anthony lets the cymbals settle before shifting his hair out of his eyes and getting up to leave. In a few days, he’ll be leaving for a town he can’t quite place on a map, unsure of where he’ll stay or what he’ll eat. Anything could happen. And he can’t wait. v

“...we’re gonna be good people, we’re gonna live a good life, no matter what’s going on around us.” / April 2010 / STAR 54

Members of If I Ran the Zoo: Anthony Howe- Percussion; Josh HaiderLead Vocals; Tanner Leier- Guitars; Casey Miller- Guitars; Bassist- Currently looking; Find more about If I Ran the Zoo at Wanna see Anthony on the drums? Head to The Century Star Website for a short session.

"My life is an unfinished painting."



Every brightly colored thread, every splash of paint and every doodled-on notebook page embody Century High School junior Savannah Link. She can't be tied down to any stereotype, because, in a way, she fits all of them. profile&photo.sammimoss Q: What makes you unique? A: I just like a lot of different things. I've never liked the norm, I try to stay away from it. Q: Why? A: You see it all the time, so why not show something else, you know. I like color and stuff and bright things that make things crazy and fun. Q: Why did you choose clothes as your way of expression? A: They have so much color and they are so fun. When you dress the way you want to be dressed, how you're feeling on the inside shows on the outside. Q: How do you choose your outfits? A: I wake up and whatever my eye goes to I'm like, 'Okay, that one.' A lot is the weather too. But if I feel girly and fun I will usually wear a dress. It depends a lot about how I'm feeling and how much I want to put into my outfit picking. Q: Where do you get most of your clothes? A: Oh boy, my sister's closet. I like sales from Target and I like a lot of accessories from Hot Topic, Wet Seal. Delia's is my favorite but I only get a couple of clothes there because it's in the Mall of America. Q: You're always so friendly and happy all the time, what makes you like that? A: Not all the time, people don't see me at home! I don't have much to be sad about. I have a good family, and in the Bible it always says, 'Love everybody,' so I just try to do that. If you're friendly you get to meet people you wouldn't normally meet. And usually they have something that can make your day a whole lot better. Q: What do you love? A: I love people. My friends and my family. To see people smile and stuff and getting to talk to them. I love to paint. There's so many things I love I could go on and on and on.

Q: What are you afraid of? A: Like fear, the feeling. I'm always scared the day of a [track or cross country] race about the feeling I'll get when I'm racing, the feeling of not being able to accomplish things I guess. And the dark, too. Q: Why do you run? A: It frees me. When I've had a really hard day and stuff and a lot of problems, instead of just sitting and thinking about them I try to just run and it's like I feel like I'm free and I'm just running them off. I know it's crazy, some people are like, "What?! Are you kidding?" Q: What would you do if you were never afraid of anything? A: I'd probably do some crazy stuff. I would probably make sure to live every day and go skydiving and stuff like that. Q: What is your passion? A: I think I want to be a teacher. But I'd like to be able to paint, but I don't think I will be able to be an artist or anything. Q: Why not? A: I don't know. I'd have to move to a big city or something. And even then there's so many good painters and stuff that my little doodles wouldn't... I was thinking about art teacher maybe someday. I want to have an impact on [people's] lives and I think in high school the teachers that you have help you choose what you want to be and how you want to live your life. Q: What do you think about love? A: I think love is the best thing there is. It’s what makes life worth living. Without love I’d never be able to make it through the hard times in my life. If you’re having a bad day, the simplest hug from a friend and smile and just knowing that you have people that love you gets you through the day. When it all comes down to it, that’s all that really matters, how many people you loved.v

To see more of Savannah’s outfits, visit us on the web! / April 2010 / STAR 55


C The music man profile&photos.sammimoss

Century High School junior Lucas Rutten shares his passion for music, badminton and life


erhaps a song, with touches of Ben Folds and The Shins, would do a better job of describing Century High School junior Lucas Rutten. Unconventional lyrics and dancing melodies might better capture the vegetarian guitar player whose biggest fear is being kidnapped. It's the offbeat and unusual, the badminton skills ("skills with a 'Z'"), the love of music and the 5-year-old goldfish named Simba, that make Rutten who he is. His first guitar came when he was five years old. Ever since then, his passion and dedication have left his fingers callused and his hands aching countless times. Even so, music is his outlet, his way of expressing himself. As he puts it, "Music works when words don't work." Rutten isn't the typical guitar player that wants to become a famous rock star and earn millions. He would prefer to work behind the music, as a writer and producer. He wants to do more than sing songs and entertain audi-

ences. Through lyrics and rhythm, he wants to help people understand that it's okay to express themselves. From a glance, one might suppose that Rutten has an obsession with fashion. Despite always looking sharp in a blazer or corduroys, Rutten usually puts little time into his ensembles, "When I see nice clothes in my closet, I always think, 'Why would I wear anything less nice than that? That's nice.' So I put it on." The inspiration for all Rutten does comes from the people around him. He pulls from what he sees of their lives, the way they act, how they let their mood affect them, their body language. He sees every emotion and from them, finds inspiration. For someone who thinks a lot of people take love too seriously, Rutten seriously loves music. It's this passion, along with his odd quirks and quirky oddities, that set him apart from the masses.v

To hear Rutten play, visit / April 2010 / STAR 56



1. Music- “It’s the air I breathe and it’s what gives life purpose for me.” 2. Family- “They make me laugh and because they give me a direction.” 3. Chapstick- “It’s almost a comfort thing, because it’s always in my right, front pocket. I’d be scared to leave the house with out it.” 4. Dr. Pepper- “You can’t get the feeling of high fructose corn syrup pulsing through your veins anywhere else.” 5. Theater- “It’s another really awesome way to express yourself. I love it when theater drains you and it feels like all your emotions are spent and you get to do it all again the next night.” 6. Peanut Butter English Muffins- “They fill me up and they’re delicious. I eat them every morning and I never get tired of them.” 7. Education- “Where would we be without it? It’s sort of our life at this time.” 8. Simba, my goldfish- “He’s the best listener I know.” 9. British Comedy TV shows from the 90’s- “They have an edge on humor that Americans can’t even come close to. That’s what I grew up on without cable.” 10. My Friends- “They make life fun. They’re always there to listen and play.”

8. 6.

4. 2. 3.

1. / April 2010 / STAR 57




dance The Hustle, Century STAR style short.jordankalk&tonyabauer photos.amandalittrell


Next, four disco’s to the right, John Travolta style, don’t forget to move those hips!

Starting with the right foot, take four steps forward


Two arm beaters to the right


Step four steps back


Two arm beaters to the left


Grapevine to the right, then clap


Chicken strut while doing a quarter turn


Grapevine to the left, then clap -If you’re feeling groovy, add a turn to the grapevine


Put in music; either the Hustle by Van McCoy & the Soul City Symphony, or whatever you think is best

2. / April 2010 / STAR 58


Repeat four times for a full turn



North of Dakota Watch out, USA- this kid is going to be big profile&photo.norahkolberg


rt class with Dakota Noot is like a 50-minute late night talk show without the late night band. He’s constantly talking to the nearest ear, getting the nearest ear to talk back. The art teacher can glare, issue as many “get-to-work’s” as he wants, but Dakota continues chatting about anything and everything with his sharp, lively voice. Plenty of laughter comes from Dakota’s corner, but so does plenty of work- thoughtful, original, visually astounding work. You may not know it from the show he puts on in the art room, but Dakota is one of the most recognized and talented students in the halls of Century and the city of Bismarck. Take his sophomore painting. Dakota’s Art II class was assigned a pop art painting in the style of Andy Warhol. Most students took pictures of themselves or friends using the classic Photobooth effect- the one that turns you a Crayola color in each of its four frames. Some of the more ambitious students manipulated Internet images of everyday objects in Photoshop. Dakota printed a black-and-white picture of singer Amy Winehouse, drew a rough sketch on his 11x14 canvas, and painted her into a surreal, rainbow-colored icon, blowing a cheeky kiss at her tabloid admirers. This ability to see what others may not and translate it into art is what makes Dakota a true artist and individual. On the surface, though, Dakota is your average junior, dressing in skinny jeans and artsy tees that he tells me his mom buys for him. He loves Ruby Tuesday and Burger King for their burgers-- “Ruby Tuesday is better, but Burger King is trashy-good.” He and his “really normal” parents have a close relationship, going out to eat and shopping together. His father, Paul Noot, is a local artist and art educator. When I ask him who the best artist in the family is, Dakota laughs. “My dad’s a better artist,” he says. “But I’m more creative.” I believe it. Creativity shines through in each of Dakota’s pieces, be it a charcoal close-up of an aging medicine man or a watercolor penguin with a fork for a head. His taste in music and movies follows suit when he cites the movie Female Trouble as a favorite-- he saw it late at night on the Independent Film Channel. He loves the SyFy channel, and his favorite is Lifetime TV because “it’s cheesy, sappy, and cheating girls always die.” But when he says he likes electronic rap, I have to ask him what exactly that means. “You know, stuff like Peaches and Fischerspooner.” No, I don’t know, but I give “Emerge” a listen and immediately make a mental note to download it. Where all this diversity came from is beyond me, especially in someone with the same name as the quiet, conservative state in which he lives. Surprisingly, with his outgoing attitude and carrying voice, Dakota says he’s still shy around some people. “I think they’ll beat me up,” he says. I’m also surprised when he tells me he’s not sure if he’ll go into art in the future. “I want to model for Vogue, maybe Cosmo,” he says with a laugh. “Really, I just want to entertain people.”v Dakota in his backyard with his sophomore year pop art painting. Dakota gets much of his inspiration from reality TV and the popular obsession with fame. / April 2010 / STAR 59

of Josie Christiansen

ed t an w "I

." y t i al u id v i ind




profile.baileycarlson photos.sammimoss


he’s a new face around Century, but one who is not afraid to stand alone. Junior Josie Christiansen transferred from St. Mary’s High School to Century this semester to allow herself more individual expression. “I wanted individuality,” Chrisitansen said. “At St. Mary’s it feels like you can’t do anything that describes yourself without everyone ganging up on you. Everyone has to be one unit.” Christiansen enjoys singing, reading, drama, speech, basketball and volleyball and being outside as much as she possibly can. “You can sing about anything really,” Christiansen said. “It’s really easy to express yourself.” Chirstiansen doesn’t follow the crowd, and her personality doesn’t either. She believes people should find out things for themselves, not always believing what they hear. “I’m really different- all over the place,” Christiansen said. To Christiansen, stereotypes are just excuses to hide personality. She doesn’t believe stereotypes can ever accurately describe people. “Not everyone’s the same,” Christiansen said.

With three brothers, three sisters, one mom, one dad, one stepmom and one stepdad, Christiansen has many to love, and her biggest fear is to lose them. Christiansen’s stepdad has been to Iraq and his participation in the military has affected her choices for the future. Christiansen used to be in WILY, an organization that develops leadership in teens who have connections with the Army. She went on three trips with them, doing service projects and communicating with other teens who have gone through similar experiences. Christiansen plans to receive some mechanics training with the Army for at least four years. “I could probably get better training going into the Army and doing it than going to a college,” Christiansen said. “I’m going to be helping my country.” As children laugh and play on the playground near her home, Josie smiles with them. A boy screams, “I like custard, and I hate mushrooms” and Josie’s smile grows wider. The random outbursts of children perhaps remind herself of her own crazy personality. Stepping out of the norm is nothing new to her.v

“I haven’t really grown up yet,” / April 2010 / STAR 60




Bustamove Prom is fast approaching and as a part of the traditional ceremonies a grandiose parade of suave suits and frilly frocks traversing a narrow path in front of hundreds of teary-eyed parental units takes place. The thoughts and opinions pertaining to Grand March are as diverse as the dresses. Whether you consider the menagerie an exciting addition to the prom line-up or a necessary evil, there’s an opportunity to have fun and make it your own. Here are some moves you and your date can perform on the illuminated runway:

must haves

short.macyegeland photos.macyegeland&sammimoss



ent I



The guy takes the girl’s right hand with his left and turns her out to her left (she should be going counter-clockwise) as she steps to the left. Once the girl is fully extended outward to her left, a couple of steps away from the guy, the guy then spins her back towards him as she steps back to her right under the guy’s arm (clockwise) until she is back in her original position on his left.


Pose it upIf the moves mentioned above are beyond you and your partners skill set, try doing a simple pose. It can be anything from the classic 007 back-to-back hands in the shape of guns pose to the girl in the guy’s arms wedding pose. As long as you make it your own and be creative you are bound to have a good time.




The guy’s left hand takes the girl’s right (ever so gently) and spins her in place in a counterclockwise rotation until her back is perpendicular with the guy’s arms. The guy then places his right arm under the girl’s backwhile continuing to hold her hand for support and he dips her. Once the dip is completed to the heart’s content, lift the girl back up to a standing position and spin her back into her original position (she should spin clock-wise in place).

mascara and cover-up

Dip- / April 2010 / STAR 61


It’s‘ my life

Inside Century High School teacher Mr. Lee’s brain may seem like a cool place, but we’re here to show you, it’s way cooler than you think. profile.amandalittrell photos.submitted

Q: How long have you been teaching? A: “Do you really have to ask that? (chuckles) Twenty seven years, I’ve been at Century since the fall of 1995.” Q: What all do you teach? A: “I’m no longer a coach which is a big change, and I’m pretty heavy in filmmaking and documentaries. Me and Palmer have done some in school but also on the side. They’re about a variety of things, people want a story done on this and that. Storytellers through film.” Q: Why did you become a teacher and why have you decided to stick around? A: “At that time, I liked a combination. I liked history. I liked coaching and sports and I wanted to stay around that. I saw the teachers I had in high school and they seemed to have a pretty neat life. Always something going on around the school. Happenings.” Q: You seem to bond with your students. Joke around with them and make them feel important. Why? A: “That’s been one of the reasons why I’m quite pleased with what I do. In my own little way, I feel like I’ve never left high school. In that way, I would say many of my friends and acquaintances are jealous as they grow old and pathetic. That bond comes from me never really losing sight of young people in high school and college. That world is fun to me, lots of energy.” Q: So please tell me about the bear video… A: (Smiles) “I’ve been a lifelong backpacker, or as Murdock calls it, backsacker. / April 2010 / STAR 62

A number of years ago, me and a buddy of mine came upon a young male black bear. We have an intense fear of grizzlies. We came across and were feeding him caramel toffees. We were really getting up close and personal and it turned out stupid, we got in a fight.” Q: What does self-expression mean to you? A: “It means letting your personality come out, trying to be uninhibited.” Q: It seems like you’d listen to some crazy awesome music. Who are some of your favorites? A: “I’m kind of ashamed and embarrassed but I’m being uninhibited, Lady GaGa. She is the next future phenomenon that will make Madonna look like nothing. And if I had to go back to classics, Led Zeppelin.” Q: How about favorite movie? A: “ I have two, they would be Jeremiah Johnson and 300. Q: Food? A: “Steak, medium.” Q: Anything else you’d like STAR readers to know about you? A: “I have a major disappointment that I missed out on… the Brett Kelly Phenomenon. I never had him in class. But, Michael Oberlander has promised to get me a Brett Kelly t-shirt. That’s all I want from the graduating class. Also, I need comedy to make it through the day and that’s a certain type of thing a student likes. Without humor everyday, I would fall asleep standing up.”v

THE DIFFERENCE IS ME 80+ Fields/Programs of Study in: w Business w Information Technology w Communication Arts w Social Science w Education w Fine Arts w Mathematics w Science w Health w Physical Education

Alex Granfor Bismarck, ND MDU Resources believes a good education is key to a successful future. The MDU Resources Foundation granted more than $120,000 to fund scholarships at area colleges in 2009.

Supported by the MDU Resources Foundation: California Polytech State University | California State University | University of the Pacific | Colorado School of Mines & Technology | Western State College | Bemidji State University | Lee Franklin West Central Initiative | Minnesota State Comm. & Tech. College | Southwest State University | University of Minnesota | Dawson Community College | Fort Peck Community College | Miles City Community College | Rocky Mountain College | Montana State University | Montana Tech | ND State College of Science | Devils Lake Community College | Dickinson State University | Jamestown College | Minot State University | Trinity Bible College | Valley City State University | Williston State College | North Dakota State University | United Tribes Technical College | University of North Dakota | Bismarck State College | North Dakota State College of Science | Cankdeska Cikana Community College | Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges | Rogue Valley Foundation | Southern Oregon University | Oregon State University | Oregon Independent College | Black Hills State University | South Dakota School of Mines & Technology | Western Dakota Technical Institute | Texas Tech | Northwest Community College | Sheridan College

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