The Centrifugal Eye Winter 2016 - Celebration-of-Poets - 10th-Anniversary Issue

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Chorlton, David (Feb. ’09): “Letter to John Clare” Christensen, Bryce (May ’09): “John von Neumann,” “Alamogordo” Christy, Elizabeth Juden (Wint. ’16): “Autotomy*,” “Spring Descent into a Dying Sea,” “Self-Portrait as Egg” Ciraolo, Laura A. (Feb. ’08): “On the Day of the Dead;” (May ’08): “Last Will and Testament;” (Feb. ’09): “About Bees;” (May ’10): “The strategy of seeds;” (Aut. ’11): “What Should Never Be in Poems” Clark, Antonia (Feb. ’09): “Ephemera;” (May ’09): “String Theory With Cat,” “Coming of Age in the Physical World” Clark, Jennifer (Aut. ’11): “Where Is Norman Rockwell When You Need Him?” Clark, John Thomas (Nov. ’07): “Ottawa, Your Goose Is Cooked;” (Feb. ’08): “Singing for my Supper;” (May ’08): “Life and Death on Planet Earth,” “Black Lights;” (Nov. ’08): “A Do-Over,” “No Bed of Roses;” (Feb. ’09): “At a Loss for Words” Coleman, Mira (Aug. ’08): “Leaving a Space” Cook, Nancy L. (Wint. ’16): “Las Lágrimas,” “On Seeing Shakespeare Performed in Stratford-Upon-Avon” Copeland, K. R. (Nov. ’05): "The earth is a decapitated head and somewhere its body dwells,” "Why Flutes and Mirrors Can't Fix Your House;" (May ’07): “Dear Sylvia,” “Dinner with Ms. Brooks;” (Feb. ’09): “From Moonrise to Dewfall,” “The Aftermath of Magic,” “Sentinel Infidelity,” “When the Written Word Conjures Concupiscence,” “More (or Less) than Breakfast” “Poetry: Permanent Ink or Impertinent Art Form?” (essay); (Aug. ’10): “Sew On and Sew On and So On” Cowtan, Cheryl R. (Nov. ’05): “Nothing Left But Tradition,” “The Hierarchy of Reincarnation,” “Either Way, the Poetic Sway” (essay); (Nov. ’07): “ON Commuting Views” Crew, Christopher (Wint. ’16): “Adjudicated Youth” Crew, Louie (Nov. ’05): “Calling all epic seers,” “Missionary Zeal” Crittenden, Chris (Feb. ’10): “A Midsummer Night's Glee,” “The Gods Explain A Failed Universe;” (May ’10): “Spruce Rising,” “Final Hug,” “Last Ride;” “The Fluid Looking-Glass” (essay) Crook, Seth (Aut. ’12): “Reference (or Subject Matter),” “R Is for Regress;” (Spr./Sum. ’13): “The Way of the Toe;” (Sum. ’14): “High Winds;” (Wint./Spr. ’15): “The Time Tree,” “Feet on the Sun Lounge Roof,” “Memo from the Short-Eared Owls on the Road along Loch Scridain,” “The man made of moss” Cunningham, Mark (May ’08): “Green Flash,” “Orion;” (Aug. ’09): “Ellsworth Kelly,” “Pisces” Dale, Kathleen (Wint./Spr. ’13): “Sonata,” “She Folds Laundry,” “Evergreen,” “I Am the Witch,” “We Only Think We Choose” (essay) Daley, Tom (Aug. ’10): “To Mima’s Vase” Davies, Gram Joel (Feb. ’06): “A Reading From the Book of Change – Duration and The Well;” (May ’06): “Into the Ticking Heart - an excursion into Jared Carter’s Cross this Bridge at a Walk” (review); (Aug. ’06): “Darkness and White Chocolate – venturing through Simon Armitage’s Cloudcuckooland” (review); (Feb. ’07): “Custom,” “To Bury Your Darkling Face,” “Transparent Meaning;” (Nov. ’08): “Sky Lanterns;” (Feb. ’09): “A Feather on the Breath of God: A Review of Gary Metras’ Poem (in chapbook form), Francis d’Assisi” (essay); (Wint. ’12): “A Funk of Weather Turns;” (Sum. ’14): “A Silted Thing: ...” (review); (Wint./Spr. ’15): “How Many Nights?,” “Catherine Chandler’s Glad and Sorry Seasons” (review); (Wint. ’16): “Bunchberries: A Review, in Tribute to…Merrifield…” (review) Davis, Donna M. (Nov. ’09): “The Biddy Bus;” (Sum./Aut. ’15): “Lola Montez” Davis, Nicelle (Aug. ’09): “Chick Fights and Heartbreaks” Davis, Paul R. (Aug. ’09): “Ascension” Day, Holly (Aut. ’12): “Summer 1985” de Boer, Geordie (Aug. ’10): “A-knit-omy,” “In Medias Res Into Ars Poetica” del Dardano Turann, Santiago (May ’08): “The Pigeon’s Tale;” (Aug. ’09): “Eros Awakening” Demaree, Darren C. (Aug. ’09): “Black & White Picture #112” Demaree, Robert (May ’09 ): “At the Science Center” Denenberg, Risa (Wint./Spr. ’13): “Reverse-origami,” “Take Heaps of Notes,” In the Time of Novels” Diggles, Tim (Apr. ’11): “A Tale of the Children I Never Had;” (Wint./Spr. ’13): “Macbeth at the Writers Group” Dima, Radu (Aug. ’07): “ramshackle song;” (May ’08): “ex nihilo” Dixon, Mary Marie (May ’10): “The Lady’s Mantle,” “The Vagabond Heart” Dodds, Colin (Sum./Aut. ’15): “Into the Lightning”


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