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For people with learning disabilities and their families

Issue 20 Spring 2014

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Family Carers Update For family carers of adults with a learning disability

CONTENTS p.2-4: Islington News p.5: A Tribute to Owen Clinton p.6-7: Camden News p.9: What’s On? p.10-11: Notice Board p.12: Dates for Your Diary Produced by Centre 404 404 Camden Road Islington London N7 0SJ 020 7697 1336 Email: family@ Views expressed in this newsletter are those of the contributors and may not represent the views of Centre 404, the London Borough of Islington or Camden

Carers Week 2014

Join in. Help carers. 9–15 June 2014

BeWeek a part of something big: There are over 12,000 events and activities Carers is a national annual campaign which aims to improve ever the livesdrive of carers plannedout throughout the UKin during the greatest to reach to carers theCarers UK and the people they care for. It does this Week 2014 including information events, by raising the profile of the role of caring roadshows, sponsored walks, tea parties in the media as well as celebrating and and information displays. Centre 404 are recognising the contribution the UK’s 6.5 involved in several events in the local area million carers make to the people they care over the course of the week. Go to page 9 for and their communities. see what’s on. This year Carers UK is launching the Carers Week Quest which aims to be the greatest ever drive to reach out to carers in the UK. Alongside hundreds of individuals and other organisations, Centre 404 has made a pledge to carers:

“Centre 404 pledges to continue to support carers in their fight for recognition of the role they play in society. This year Centre 404 will be hosting the largest carers’ health and wellbeing event across Camden and Islington.”

We will be releasing more details of the events closer to the time, but for more information or to sign up to the e-news to keep you informed of developments please contact Helen Clarke at carers UK by email or telephone 020 7378 4955. Visit our website at Find us on Facebook: Follow us on twitter: @centre_404

Islington News

Family Carers Reference Group Recap

The Family Carers Reference Group (FCRG) is a family carer led group that meets every two months to gather the views, needs and wishes of family carers of people with learning disabilities in Islington. If you couldn’t make it to the last meeting, here is a recap of what was discussed.

The March Islington learning Disabilities Partnership Board discussed Health, so the FCRG looked at Health Checks, Health Action Plans and Reasonable Adjustments. Following an Annual Health Check (see page 4 for more details on this), the patient should receive a Health Action Plan. It can be completed as part of the appointment and either handed to the patient as they leave or sent on to them shortly afterwards. Health Action Plans can take many different forms and may be drawn up by a medical professional, service provider, support worker, family carer or anyone who knows the individual’s health needs well. Doctors have a duty to make their services accessible to people with learning disabilities and their family carers. They can often achieve this through making Reasonable Adjustments. Firstly, in order to make any Reasonable Adjustment, the practice must be made aware that the individual has a learning disability and that their family carer is recorded as a carer. Examples of what you can ask for include: having more time for an appointment, a quiet area to wait in, an appointment at a quiet time of day, being phoned/texted with a reminder or a home visit if necessary. If you have a problem with the service you receive and it isn’t solved by speaking to anyone at the practice you should write to the practice manager and if you are not happy with their response then get in touch with The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). During the second part of our meeting we watched the Learn with Us DVD. This DVD came about through the involvement of the FCRG and funding from Islington Council’s training department. It demonstrates the importance of communication and understanding between family carers and support staff when working in partnership to support the people we care for. There will be a larger scale launch event for ‘Learn with Us’ very soon. The next FCRG meeting takes place 7th May 10am-1pm at Centre 404, 404 Camden Road, London N7 0SJ. For more information about the group email 2 or call 020 7697 1336

Get on Your Bike! Getting around town on a bicycle can be a healthier and cheaper option than a car or public transport. With the weather getting warmer, now is a great time to start cycling in the city! Transport for London have funding for some fantastic cycle training throughout most London boroughs. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced cyclist, there’s a cycle course for you. You can either use your own bike or borrow one from the trainer. Sessions are held in traffic-free spaces where instructors can help you get your balance and learn to control your bike. You’ll hone your skills so you can cycle with confidence on roads with more traffic or complex layouts. Training is either free or subsidised depending on your borough. For more information on how you can get started, cycling/11689.aspx or call 0343 222 1234.

Islington News

In Case You Missed it...

A Recap of the Housing Options Workshop Karen Lucas (Head of Housing Needs Islington) and Sue Powell (Head of Service at Islington Learning Disability Partnership) headed an event at Centre 404 on 11th February. Karen outlined the various housing options for people with a learning disability and gave us some interesting insights and background information. There are currently around 19,000 households on the housing register and only around 1,200 properties a year become available. The housing options for people with a learning disability include private sector housing, shared ownership or social housing that is a council or housing association property. It is difficult for people with a learning disability to have enough points awarded to apply for accommodation. However, Islington Learning Disability Team can now nominate up to 15 people with a learning disability for a property. Appointments with their Housing Surgery are available for people with learning disabilities. If you would like to find out more contact the Islington Learning Disability Team or ask for an appointment on 020 7520 6600.

Tips to Save Money on Energy Bills A household is said to be in fuel poverty when its members cannot afford to keep adequately warm at reasonable cost, given their income. If you are paying more than 10% of your income for energy costs you are in fuel poverty. We are all affected by fuel poverty, especially children and adults with low or no mobility. The suggested temperature should be 21 degrees celsius in the living room and 18 degrees celsius in the bedroom. Ways you can keep warm in your bedroom: •Thicker curtains, carpet, window and door draft excluder •Thicker quilts or blankets, flannelette sheets •Electric blanket, hot water bottle or microwave pillows Ideas for trying to save money on bills: •Gas is cheaper than electric •Draught proofing windows and doors •Low energy light bulbs •Running a washing machine at 30 degrees •Do not leave any equipment on standby (as it still uses energy) •Loft insulation •Double glazing •New boilers are more cost effective •Switching energy tariffs We will be running a workshop on Fuel Poverty in the future and we could all start putting things in to place for next winter so if this would interest you please call 020 7697 1336 for more details.

Pedal Power Pedal Power is the cycling club for teenagers and adults with learning disabilities providing cycling opportunities for people of all abilities. It encourages family members and support workers to cycle so that they in turn inspire the people they support to cycle. Pedal Power organises regular fundraising and Special Olympic events and aim to pay for people to be trained as cycle trainers. Based in Finsbury Park Basketball Courts, Pedal Power meets alternate Saturdays 12-4pm. For more information and details on meeting dates, visit or phone 020 8809 7718.

Universal Credit on the Red Button Millions of people who do not have internet access in their homes can now find information about Universal Credit and finding work by hitting the red button on their TV remote control or by using their Nintendo Wii Console. Universal Credit is a new benefit designed for people of working age who are looking for work or on a low income. It’s being introduced gradually between April 2013 and 2017. SOURCE: Department for Work and Pensions


Local News

Call for Carer Involvement

University College London Hospitals (UCLH) is looking for carer representation on our learning disability Steering Group. This is a group that has representation across hospitals, including doctors, senior nurses and dentists, community teams from Camden and Islington, commissioning from Camden and Islington and carers representation (and soon someone with a Learning Disability). The group sets the strategic direction for caring for patients with a learning disability who come into our hospitals. There is an opportunity for all members to feedback their experiences to help us develop actions to address any problems. We monitor the progress of these actions in the meeting to ensure improvements are being made. The meeting is every other month for an hour at the hospital headquarters at 250 Euston Road. We are committed to not only improving patient experience, but also the experience carers have. We have a carers policy and within that there is a “carers contract” which sets out what should happen if a carer is staying with the person they care for while they are an inpatient. We agree what care is provided by whom to avoid confusion or misunderstanding that lead to care being missed. If you are interested in being a carers representative at UCLH please contact Bob at Centre 404 on 020 7697 1325 or Anne Schlattl at UCLH

Emergency Patient Priority Card A new priority assessment card is being issued for patients who arrive at the emergency department at University College London Hospital (UCLH) with relatively rare medical conditions and learning disabilities which can make diagnosing their problem more difficult. The cards flag up those people who should be assessed as a matter of priority. This does not mean they are necessarily eligible for priority treatment. Carers and community teams are asked to suggest patients who might benefit. Amanda Webb (Matron at UCLH) said “The card alerts emergency department staff to the fact that this group of patients may need prompt assessment.” The card includes the patient’s name, hospital number and the fact they have a clinical care plan available on the hospital computer system. Recipients are advised that if they have a medical emergency that requires life- saving treatment they should attend the nearest hospital. The emergency department treatment priorities remain the same and elderly people, children, people presenting with chest pains, cancer patients and those brought in by ambulance for medical emergencies will be prioritised.


If you feel you or the person you care for could benefit from the card please contact Anne Schlattl direct or via the community team who can contact her.

Free Health Checks for People with Learning Disabilities

GP practices can sign up to a contract with NHS England that specifically relates to reducing the health inequalities experienced by people who have Learning Disabilities. This is called the Direct Enhanced Services (DES) contract, and practices signing up to this are agreeing to a set of standards that improve life expectancy for those that have learning disabilities, such as providing an annual health check for people with learning disabilities. Practices work with Islington Learning Disabilities Partnership (ILDP) to match their register of people with learning disabilities (the LD QOF register) with the ILDP register, which contains all of those who have been confirmed as having global learning disabilities. From this, practices know who to target for annual health checks. GP practices get paid extra for health checks under the DES, and are paid in retrospective quarterly payments. The numbers of health checks completed are extracted remotely from GP practice databases and payments made are based upon this. The health check carried out as part of the DES needs to be compliant with NHS England’s requirements, and should consist of a physical examination, a blood test, and questions around lifestyle and emotional wellbeing. The Cardiff Health Check is the most widely used tool for the health check, and is recommended by NHS England. You can have a look at this here Cardiff_Health_Check.pdf The DES is not compulsory and GP practices can choose not to sign up to this. If you are registered with a practice that has not signed up to the DES, you can still ask for reasonable adjustments to be made. Currently 33 out of 37 practices in Islington are signed up to the DES, and training sessions are provided once a year to help practices deliver it better.

A Tribute to Owen Clinton 1950 – 2014 Beloved Brother and Carer of Dora Family Carer Rep on Islington’s Learning Disability Partnership Board Adult Education Teacher Musician Actor Owen and I first met when he joined the Family Carers Reference Group, helping us represent our views to Council managers. He was relatively unusual in our group for being Dora’s brother, whereas most of us were parents, and had managed the ups and downs of coping with disability and the various services since our children were born. He brought a fresher view, having been a carer in the formal sense for only 10 years. Everything he contributed was pithy, perceptive and cut through what I will politely call waffle. He was always amazed at how much jargon we had to understand when dealing with services. We appreciated him very much. Ten years ago, Owen took early retirement when his frail mother could no longer look after his sister Dora on her own. They moved in with Owen and his partner Mary, who supported him unstintingly in his caring role. Three years later his mother died, and Owen became Dora’s main carer. Their affection for each other was a delight to see. In his teaching post at Southgate College, his great achievement was to pioneer a bridging course for disadvantaged youngsters so they could take qualifying courses. Once retired he had more time for his beloved music, as the talented lead guitarist in the Irish band Chief O’Neill. With Mary’s support he was able to fulfill a long held ambition to train as an actor, and performed in a number of plays. The high point for him was when he appeared in a play in Dublin, to a full house, in the same theatre where his father had directed a number of productions. In the last three years he took on a more active role, becoming a family carer representative on the Learning Disability Partnership Board. There are two of his contributions which will carry on to the benefit of all of us. The first was when he took over facilitating the Way Forward Group for family carers wanting to think about and plan ahead for the future of their disabled relatives. He introduced new ideas into it, but most significantly in the last year when he knew he was facing terminal illness he made us look at the difficult issues of ensuring the well being of our relatives after we are gone. The second was his involvement in a training DVD that the Family Carers Reference Group have made in partnership with Islington Council. It is called “Learn With Us” and will help front line support staff, and others, who look after our disabled relatives to work better with families – not always easy on either side. Owen is a real star in this film, making strong and thoughtful contributions about the experience of being a family carer. Dora moved last year into a supported living house in Islington, looked after by Centre 404. She is happy and settled there, and it was a great relief and comfort to Owen that her move was so successful. Owen was a man of many talents and achievements, who was a special and valued member of the Family Carers Reference Group. We will miss him very much. Our condolences go to Mary, Dora and his extended family. Clare Palmer * “The Way Forward Group” will relaunch as “Future Planning for Family Carers” at Islington Learning Disability Partnership, 52d, Drayton Park, N5 1NS. For further information see page 9 or contact Anna McGrath at ILDP or 020 7527 3956, Wednesday to Friday.


Camden News Free Counselling Services in Camden Camden Carers Voice (CCV) is the forum for all carers and former carers living in Camden, or caring for someone who does. We meet five times a year to campaign and lobby for carers’ rights. CCV is carer-led, drawing on everyone’s skills, talents and abilities.

Dates for the year: All meetings are between 10:30am and 1pm • Thursday 1st May 2014 (Argenta House) • Thursday 3rd July 2014 (Argenta House) • Thursday 25th September (venue TBC) • Thursday 4th December (venue TBC)

• Meet and talk with other carers • Meet council officers who provide services and share your experiences with them • Find out more about what is available to you • Campaign for change Are meetings difficult for you to attend? Please feed in your ideas by email, telephone or post before the meeting. For further information please contact: 020 7697 1336 Or Camden Carers Service 020 7428 8955

The Camden Listening and Counselling Centre (CLCC) was established in 1998 and has been an independent registered charity since 2002 (No: 1090999). It is a unique service in Camden which provides: • • • •

A one-off crisis listening service to people who need someone to talk with. Low-cost counselling service for those needing longer term support. Weekly Art4Health drop-in sessions. Group or individual dramatherapy sessions.

Their mission is to provide a listening service to people in crisis and a low cost counselling and therapy service for those needing longer term support. This is offered on a weekly basis in a safe and confidential environment. Their opening hours are: Mondays 6-9pm Wednesdays 3-9pm To book a free assessment or for further details then phone the CLCC (ideally during centre opening hours), on: 020 7482 6200

Services for Carers in Camden Launched in April 2013, three organisations — Camden Carers Centre, Centre 404 and Crossroads Care Central and North London — came together to form Camden Carers Service (CCS). With a commitment to identify new carers, CCS supports all unpaid carers living, working or studying in Camden, or caring for someone who does. In addition to direct support CCS, has a wide network of support, advice and information across the borough. Groups funded to identify and support people with caring responsibilities include the African Health Forum, the Bengali Workers Association, Camden Cypriot Women’s Organisation, Castlehaven Community Association, Elfrida Rathbone, Holborn Community Association, Kilburn Older Voices Exchange, Mind Yourself, People’s Centre for Change, Third Age Project, Voluntary Action and Women and Health. You can read more about our partnership work and see if there is something going on near you by going to or ringing us on 020 7428 8950/55.

Urgent respite care

CCS can provide urgent respite care for anyone living in Camden aged over 18 who has substantial caring responsibilities for someone also over 18. It could be a temporary measure while someone is awaiting a Carer’s Assessment, it could be extra support needed at a particularly stressful time, or because someone is going through a period of change. CCS can provide care for up to six weeks, free of charge. The service is delivered by experienced Care Support Workers employed by Crossroads Care who speak a variety of languages including Bengali/Hindi, Somali, Cantonese, Spanish, Arabic, Bantu, Krio, Lithuanian. We can also assign either male or female support workers to people in need of care who want a support worker of their own gender. If you or someone you know would benefit from the urgent respite service, contact CCS for an informal chat or to arrange a needs assessment. Ring 020 7428 8950/55 and ask for Emergency Breaks. Likewise, for all carers in Camden, help is now just a phone call away, or send us a message on and check our website for activities, services and support: 6

Camden News

Learning Disability Services in Camden

Camden learning disabilities service (CLDS) is a service for adults with a learning disability in or from Camden and it is based in council premises. CLDS always tries to tailor communication to the individual and use easy read and multimedia formats where appropriate. All new staff learn about their accessibility standards as part of their induction. They offer a carer’s assessment in order to ensure you are getting any help you need to fulfil your carer role. They work with carers to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities and also signpost them to other agencies and sources of support. The CLDS team comprises social workers, managers, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, clinical psychologists, specialist support workers, a physiotherapist, a consultant psychiatrist, a counsellor and an accessible information worker. When your daughter or son first contacts CLDS (independently or via their GP, parent, carer or another person) they may do an initial assessment to see if they meet the eligibility criteria. This assessment is usually done by a psychologist and measures the degree to which a person has a learning disability. If CLDS can offer the person you care for a service, they look at what support they need to live their life and be as independent as possible. They are at the centre of this assessment and we make sure we listen to what they want and to what you, as their family member or carer, tell us about them. Once a support plan has been agreed, CLDS take whatever steps are necessary to implement that plan and set up their support. To get in touch call 020 7974 3737 email or visit CLDS in person at Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, London WC1H 9JE You can also visit their website or easy read information

Free Courses in Camden If you’re over 18 and a Camden resident, you could enrol on free courses with Community Learning in Camden (CLiC) across the borough. You could learn something new for work, for everyday life or just for fun. Courses include training on how to use computers, mobiles and iPads for everyday life - great if you want to use new technology but don’t know where to start! There are also courses on ways to save money by using the internet to shop and use comparison websites. There are many more courses available - for more information, call the Camden Adult Community Learning Team on 020 7974 2148 email or visit their website 7 adultlearning


What’s on? Do you look after an adult family member with a learning disability? We want to grow a strong voice for carers in Camden, a voice that will be listened to by the council when they design and deliver services, and for that we need to hear your ideas and experiences. • A chance to discuss the issues that are important to you • A unified and powerful voice for carers • Hear about what the Council has been doing and feedback to them about your

Are meetings difficult for you to attend? Please feed in your ideas by email, telephone or post before the meeting.

experiences • An opportunity to influence the

For further information please contact: 0207 697 1336 Centre404, 404 Camden Road, London N7 0SJ

planning, development and delivery of services

Dates for the year:

All meetings take place between 10am and 12.30pm at Centre 404 • • • •

Wednesday 26 March Tuesday 8th July Wednesday 1st October Wednesday 3rd December

Soon to be launched in Islington: Future Planning for Family Carers Thinking about the future for our learning disabled relatives, about the time when we will no longer be able to look after them is very difficult for us. It’s not just a question of where they will live. Who will deal with their benefits, their personal budgets and direct payments? How can we leave money in our wills that will help improve their lives? Previously the Way Forward Group, Future Planning for Family Carers is a group for carers living in Islington. It is facilitated by Clare Palmer, Family Carer, assisted by Simon Court and Anna McGrath of Islington Learning Disabilities Partnership (ILDP) and in partnership with Centre 404. Meetings take place at: Islington Learning Disabilities Partnership 52D Drayton Park N5 1NS 10.30am-12.30pm.

Future Workshops: •

Client Affairs, Holding Accounts and Individual Service Funds (ISF) - Thursday 10th July 2014

Appointeeship, Deputyship, and Lasting Power of Attorney (for us) - Thursday 11th September 2014

Wills, Discretionary Trusts and Letters of Wishes Thursday 13th November 2014

Housing Options, including Tenancy Succession issues and update - Thursday 15th January 2015

Future Housing Projects for People with Learning Disabilities - Thursday 12th March 2015


Carers Week Events (continued from the front page)

As part of Carers Week this year, Centre 404 will be working alongside Islington Carers Hub and Camden carers Service to put on several events around the local area. Here’s what’s on:

Monday 9th - The Islington launch event at the Resource for London Centre on Holloway Road Tuesday 10th - Information stall at the Whittington Hospital Wednesday 11th - We will be hosting our annual Carers Health and Wellbeing Fair at Centre 404 Thursday 12th - Information stall at 222 Upper Street Friday 13 - Closing event at the Islington Town Hall th

For more information contact: Anna McGrath at ILDP direct on 020 7527 3956, or on the switchboard 020 7527 6600. Email

Carers Health and Wellbeing Fair This year’s free event will be a lovely day of pampering, relaxation and generally a chance for carers to unwind. There will be massages, a makeup artist, a colour therapist and much more. We will also have several information stalls and a lovely healthy lunch available. When: Wednesday 11th June 10.30am-3pm Where: Centre 404, 404 Camden Road N7 0SJ and St Lukes Church on Hillmarton Road N7 9JE Contact: 020 7697 1336


Notice . Jargon-buster! Co-production l are involved as an When you as an individua g the support and equal partner in designin -production recognises services you receive. Co ir ial care services (and the that people who use soc can t tha and experience families) have knowledge es better. Not only for vic ser be used to help make people who need social themselves but for other care. Eligibility your council’s criteria for When your needs meet l support. Your local counci council-funded care and ur yo on support, based decides who should get ources available in your res level of need and the area. Primary Care t is the first point The part of the NHS tha is includes GP’s, Th . of contact for patients acists and dentists. community nurses, pharm Signposting ht direction of Pointing people in the rig uld find useful. sho y information that the

Need help with costs for a TV or radio?

WaveLength provides televisions and radios for isolated and lonely people, at no cost to the recipient. In some exceptional cases, they can also help cover the costs of a TV licence or aerial for beneficiaries who don’t already have one. WaveLength takes care of all installation and delivery (although beneficiaries should retune and maintain their sets). If you think you or someone you know would benefit from this service call their freephone: 0800 0182137 or main office: 01708 621101 or visit their website for more information.


Shared Lives Short Breaks for Adults with Learning Disabilities A new project called Shared Lives Short Breaks is being launched across Islington and Camden. From time to time, we all need a bre ak from our day to day living. Short Bre aks is an alternative source of respite for adu lts with Learning Disabilities who usually live with their families but want a break. The scheme is open to service users with a respite allocation from Islington Lea rning Disabilities Partnership (ILDP). The paid Short Breaks carer would provide accommo dation and support on a temporary basis (on e or more nights) within the carer’s hom e. Carers are fully vetted, trained and supported by the scheme. Matching is an integral part of Shared Lives placements. The pro cess involves participants getting to know each other at their own pace, before mak ing any commitment to sharing their home and family (and/or community) life. The goal of Shared Lives is to match the individu als in need of service with others who will be compatible to them to act as ‘extend ed family’. We are actively recruiting part time Shared Lives Short Breaks carers who have a spare bedroom. Experience of Learning Disa bilities is valuable but not essential as full sup port and training is given. Carers can com e from a range of backgrounds with differe nt family circumstances and don’t necessarily have to live within Islington or Camden. To find out more about using the serv ice or becoming a paid Shared Lives Short Breaks carer yourself please contact Laura Titt ley Shared Lives Short Breaks Project Ma nager on or 020 7527 2312


t ou


t an




Handy numbers: Have something to say? The Supporting Families notice board in the hall at Centre 404 is a place for you to post news you think others would find useful so please go ahead and use it!

Centre 404 Supporting Families 020 7697 1336

CORRECTION to Issue 19 of the Family Carers Update. Page 3 “Planning for the Future - Wills and Trusts Workshop” the article should have read “Writing a letter of wishes is a way in which you can give instructions and guidance on your affairs. Since it is NOT a legal document....”

Your Opinion Matters!

Centre 404 is committed to providing the highest standards of service to carers. We are always looking at ways to improve and the best way to do this is by asking for feedback from the people that matter - YOU! We regularly carry out evaluations over the phone to find out your opinions on the work we do. Over time you may receive a call from one of our specially trained volunteers asking you for your feedback. If you have safety concerns, you can always ask them to hang up so you can call the usual Centre 404 number to confirm their identity. If you have any questions about the collecting of this feedback, call us on 020 7697 1325 or 020 7697 1336.

Islington Carers Hub 0800 0851141 Islington Learning Disabilities Partnership 020 7527 6600 Camden Learning Disabilities Service 020 7974 3737 Camden Carers Service 020 7428 8955 BILD (British Institute of Learning Disabilities) 01562 723010 Challenging Behaviour Foundation 01634 838739 National Mencap (learning disability) 0808 808 1111 The Elfrida Society 020 7359 7443 Carers Allowance 0845 608 4321 Benefits Advice Line 0800 88 22 00 Islington CAB 020 3475 5080 Islington People’s Rights 020 7561 3685 Islington Income Maximisation Team 0800 731 8081 Mary Ward Centre 020 7269 6000

Centre 404 Membership: Don’t forget to renew your membership as it runs out every year. Perks of membership include receiving the general Centre 404 newsletter 4 times a year and money off coach outings. Simply ask at the reception for more details.

For all the latest Centre 404 news, benefits updates and top tips follow us on Twitter @Centre_404 and Facebook For help on how to access them, please see p.7 & 8 for computer skills training.

Motability (car scheme) 0845 456 4566 Shelter (housing advice) 0808 800 4444 Hospitals: Royal Free: 020 7794 0500 Whittington: 020 7272 3070 UCLH: 0845 1555 000


Dates For Your Diary 7th May & 1st July at Centre 404

Have your say about the big issues facing people with learning difficulties and their families in Islington. Light lunch will be provided.

8th May

Meet Your Future Islington Councillors

13th May

Meet Your Future Camden Councillors

at Centre 404

at Centre 404

21st May & 18th June at Centre 404

11th June

at Centre 404 and St Lukes Church

8th July & 1st October at Centre 404

3rd Tuesday of the month at Centre 404


Islington Family Carers Reference Group

(see page 2 for more details)

(see page 7 for more details)

Councillors’ Surgery

Raise your issues with a Borough Councillor at Centre 404 by appointment only. Contact 020 7697 1336 for more details

Carers Health and Wellbeing Fair (see page 9 for more details)

Camden Family Members Reference Group

Open to all carers of adults with learning disabilities. (See page 9 for more details).

Carers Coffee Morning

A great way to meet other carers, share ideas and find out what Centre 404 has to offer. Contact Pat on 020 7697 1336 for more details.

For more information about events, training and workshops, call us on 020 7697 1336

Family Carers Update Spring 2014  

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