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Annual Report to the


Message from the President Dear Stakeholders: This brief report highlights for you, our stakeholders, what has happened at Central Wyoming College over the past academic year and what is in store for the future of your community college. The report is organized around this past year’s strategic priorities, which focus on access and success in learning, engaging our stakeholders, and transition to the future. It’s a cinch that CWC would not be where we are today, nor would our future be as bright, were it not for the continuing support of the communities we serve. The opening of the Intertribal Education and Community Center last fall, which was used extensively this past year for student classes, special events, and major conferences, is a tribute to the ongoing support of the CWC Foundation, our state and local legislation delegations, the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes, our partnership with the University of Wyoming, and numerous private donors, both large and small, from throughout CWC’s service area and beyond. Then, in November 2010, Fremont County citizens banded together in an amazing show of grassroots support to pass a bond election for CWC’s new Health and Science


Center, scheduled to open in Fall 2013. A reconfigured and updated Classroom Wing, funded through federal sources, will greet CWC’s new and returning crop of students this fall, with September 16 planned as a special community celebration of CWC’s newly enhanced campus. As excited as we are about these new and enhanced spaces, we celebrate even more the learning that takes place within these spaces. This past year’s enrollment showed modest growth over and above the 45 percent enrollment gain of the prior three years, and an increased graduation rate demonstrates that “graduation matters” at CWC. This report also details the new programs and successes of the students we serve, both in traditional credit classes and in co-curricular activities, as well as through a growing array of workforce training options. We have reached out to more fully engage our stakeholders through re-vitalized community advisory committees to help us ensure that our students meet the needs of employers and to better prepare our students for a changing world. As long-time faculty and administrators retire or leave the college for other opportunities, we are actively engaged in providing opportunities for other people to step up, either from within our ranks or from the outside.

It’s an exciting future for Central Wyoming College. The college and community mutually benefit each other and help grow our economy, as demonstrated by the highlights of the recently completed socio-economic benefit study referenced in this report. Thanks for playing such an important role in moving us forward to serve you even better in the future. Sincerely,

Jo Anne Youtz McFarland, Ph.D.

CWC Board of Trustees

Board Mission and Vision The mission of Central Wyoming College is to enhance the quality of life through innovation and excellence in education.

Dr. Roger Gose, Chair Riverton-Shoshoni subdistrict

The vision of Central Wyoming College is to provide lifelong learning opportunities beyond the boundaries of time and place.

Caroline Mills, Vice Chair Reservation subdistrict

Charlie Krebs, Treasurer Lander subdistrict

CWC 10-11 Strategic Priorities • Increase Access and Success in Learning

Scott Phister Riverton-Shoshoni subdistrict

• Build and Strengthen Stakeholder Relationships • Transition to the Future

Colton Crane, DMD Secretary Lander subdistrict

Frank Welty III Dubois-Crowheart subdistrict

Judy Pedersen Riverton-Shoshoni subdistrict

CWC Foundation, Inc. The purpose of the Central Wyoming College Foundation is to promote, assist and extend financial support to CWC and its various educational programs and other services, and to provide scholarships, grants-in-aid and loans to students enrolling in the College.

Foundation Board of Directors Joseph R. Geraud, President Barbara Gose, Vice President Kate Martin, Secretary Jay Reddon, Treasurer Senator Eli Bebout Leslie Calkins C. David Clauss Colton Crane, DMD, CWC Trustee Joyce Dauler

Scott Estep Jo Anne McFarland, Ph.D. CWC President Travis Moffat Jason Norsworthy Monte Paddleford Margaret Reynolds Garland Samuelson Pat Skelton


Student enrollment continues to climb • Headcount increased 2.54 percent • Full-time equivalent enrollment increased by 2.7 percent • Part-time students increased by 5.71 percent • Full-time students decreased by 3.19 percent • Male student enrollment increased by 7.07 percent • Female student enrollments decreased slightly by 0.68 percent • Non-traditional aged students (older than 24) increased by 9.16 percent • Traditional-aged students declined by 3.04 percent

Enrollment at CWC has increased 45 percent over the past four years.

10-11 CWC Student Profile


Average Age: 26.8 Age range of CWC Students: 14-83 21 percent 17 and under 38 percent traditional-aged (18-24) 41 percent non-traditional (25 and over) 58 percent female 42 percent male 57 percent degree-seeking 43.1 percent non-degree-seeking 62.6 percent part-time 40.1 percent full-time 59 percent from Fremont County

Daniel Luna, a culinary arts student at CWC’s Jackson Center, is the head chef at Nani’s Cucina Italiana, an Italian restaurant that financially supports the Mexico native’s studies. In the past five years, student enrollment in Jackson has increased 119 percent.

91 percent from Wyoming 9 percent non-resident 77 percent White 10 percent Native American 8.1 percent Hispanic, Asian, or African American 36 percent in academic transfer programs 21 percent in vocational-technical programs 4 percent undeclared 48 percent of our students receive some type of financial aid

10-11 Financials Operating Budget *Grant

Operating Funding Sources Institutional (Tuition and Fees)

$ 4,244,555

Perkins (Vo Tech)



State Appropriation

$ 10,487,773

ABE (Adult Education) Federal



Local Taxes

$ 3,276,162

ABE (Adult Education) State





Employment Training




$ 18,634,768

Student Support Services



Upward Bound




Operation Uses

Gear Up




$ 7,035,081

Talent Search



Public Services


Gear Up - UW



Academic Support

$ 2,340,808




Student Services

$ 1,454,763

Environment, Health and Safety

$ 1,176,794

Institutional Support

$ 3,863,559

Rural Justice Training



Physical Plant

$ 2,677,524

Rec for Riverton






Carry Forward




$ 18,634,768


Special Budget

The Harry Jackson bronze of Sacajawea was moved near the Intertribal Center upon completion of the building.

Funded Programs:


*Not inclusive of all restricted programs

Operating budget = Special budget = **TOTAL

One Mill Fund


Auxiliary Services (Self-Supporting)

$ 2,309,019

Wyoming PBS

$ 4,258,103

Federal Student Financial Aid

$ 2,443,578

Capital Construction Projects

$ 3,679,795



*Federal and State Grants

$ 5,505,794


$ 19,713,819

$ 18,634,768 $ 19,713,819 $ 38,348,587


** This is a snapshot of CWC’s 2010-11 financials. To see the full CWC budget, contact the Business Office.

11 5

Priority: Increase Access and Success in Learning CWC rolls out


academic programs Radio, TV, Film and Communications Technical Studies Farm and Ranch Management Clinical Medical Assistant Event Planning


Partnering with the Wyoming Film Office, CWC has combined its radio/TV broadcasting and communication programs with a new program in film. Two new faculty members have been hired; one for film and another in communications, who will be developing a competitive speech program.

The Technical Studies program allows students to combine specific areas of study, such as automotive and business, to meet employer needs for unique skills combinations.

Culinary and Event Planning students put their skills to work at this summer’s Governor’s Summit on Workforce Solutions, hosted by CWC’s Workforce and Community Education Department. – Photos by KA Photography

GED restructure has

positive results • Instruction is more structured, causing GED seekers to become more focused, confident and responsible. • Life, workplace skills lessons are included. • Boot camps and scholarships are available for collegebound grads.

Research in Hot Springs State Park.

UNDERgraduate Research in first two years at CWC

Archaeology students have discovered significant artifacts along the Oregon Trail.


irst- and second-year CWC science

In 2010-11: • Number of associate degrees awarded increased 18.09 percent.

and Western American Studies

students have an unprecedented opportunity to participate in research projects and field studies, activities that usually are reserved for graduate students. Professor

• Number of certificates and credentials awarded increased 23.3 percent.

Todd Guenther leads a group of students on summer archaeological field expeditions along the middle Sweetwater River. Biology

• Overall graduation rate of first-time-full-time students increased from 33 percent to 35 percent.

Professor Steve McAllister and his students have been conducting an ongoing research project on the West Nile virus in Fremont County, and Geology and Chemistry Professor Suki Smaglik’s students have been researching the hot springs in Thermopolis and geomorphology at Table Mountain.

Graduation MATTERS

Seth Hosking delivers a presentation at the University of Wyoming on the INBRE team’s research on West Nile virus in Fremont County.


Priority: Build and Strengthen Stakeholder Relationships Workforce department responsive to community needs


s a comprehensive community college, CWC serves the unique needs of each community with a wide variety of services and programming through workforce development, customized training for business and industry to community service, recreation, and continuing education services. These efforts are directed at being responsive to the needs of each community.

The changing face of workforce needs in

Wyoming resulted in several new programs offered through the workforce and customized training department at CWC. In the past year, CWC: • participated in a statewide manufacturing industry partnership project, • offered workforce training at the Wind River Reservation, • developed Youth Summer Training program,

• hosted the Native American Business Expo, and the Governor’s Summit on Workforce Solutions, • offered farm-to-table symposium, • built Hoops House and offered facilities maintenance training at Sinks Canyon Center, • offered professional office assistant training, • offered weatherization courses, • developed phlebotomy technican courses, • taught leadership training, and • created Event Planning program.

Central Wyoming College engaged community members from all Fremont County cities and towns to develop a grassroots campaign with a goal of successfully passing a tax initiative to build a much needed Health and Science Center. CWC staff member Retha Reinke dressed as a campaign button on Halloween, just days before the election.


Priority: Transition to the Future Recognizing CWC has several long-time staff members reaching retirement age, the institution is focusing on the future while transititioning from a small intimate college to a medium-sized college. To prevent a loss of the institution’s forward momentum, the college began instituting: • Succession planning and leadership training at every level, • Mentoring on a one-to-one basis, • Strategic professional development,

• Cross training to empower and broaden leadership base, and • Campus-wide customer service training.

Study shows CWC annual local impact is $84.3 million Central Wyoming College plays a significant role in the local economy and is a sound investment from multiple perspectives, a report from Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. (EMSI) indicates. Students benefit from improved lifestyles and increased earnings while taxpayers benefit from a larger economy and lower social costs. CWC’s total economic impact on the college’s service area (Fremont, Hot Springs and Teton counties) is $84.3 million, or 2.6 percent.

Investment Analysis

Economic Growth Analysis

Student Perspective

College Operations

• Benefit in the form of a lifetime of higher earnings • Costs to receive benefit include tuition, fees, books, supplies and time and earnings given up while attending college. • Benefit-to-Cost Ratio is 5.5 • Return on Investment 19.2 percent

• Direct income of faculty and staff wages, college’s purchases for supplies and services. • Adjusted gross impacts to reflect local monies withdrawn from the economy. • Adjusted for alternative uses of funds. • $16.8 million net contribution to regional income.

Social Perspective

Spending of Students from outside our region

• Benefits to society include reduced medical costs, lower crime rates, reduced income assistance and the increase to business and property income. • Costs are the local and state government contribution to college operations. • Benefit-to-Cost Ratio is 11.2

Taxpayer Perspective • Benefits include added tax revenue from higher earnings of students, plus avoided social costs. • Cost is funding received by the college from state and local governments. • Benefit-to-Cost Ratio is 1.2 • Return on Investment is 4.3 percent


• Total spending by students from outside the region while attending CWC. • Adjusted downward to account for leakage. • $4.5 million net contribution to regional income.

Productivity effects of past and present students

To read the full report, go to

• Higher income of former students who are still active in the regional workforce. • Adjusted for time value effects. • $63 million net contribution to regional income.

Grand Total: $84.3 million which is 2.6 percent of the service region’s $3.3 billion total income. 9

McAuliffe recognized for work

CWC trio presented WACCT Awards A student, staff member and the board chair from Central Wyoming College were presented Leadership Awards from the Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees. Student Senate President Chloè Skaggs, Counselor Lance Goede and Board Chair Dr. Roger Gose were honored at the WACCT’s annual Awards and Legislative Reception in Cheyenne Feb. 1. Skaggs, who will intern this fall for U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi in Washington, DC, was also CWC’s third student in a row to be selected as Wyoming’s New Century Scholar.

English prof invited to Haiti This summer, CWC English instructor Buck Tilton trained hospital staff members in Haiti to transport patients from remote villages in the central region of the country. Tilton, the founder of the Wilderness Medicine Institute now operated by the National Outdoor Leadership School, also spent part of his time volunteering in rural clinics.

2010-11 Year in Review 10

CWC’s Dean of Workforce and Community Education Lynne McAuliffe was presented the Outstanding Individual Performance Award at the 7th annual Governor’s Summit on Workforce Solutions, which was hosted at CWC on June 9 and 10. McAuliffe was recognized for successfully developing and implementing numerous educational programs for low-income and socially and economically disadvantaged students at CWC over the past 10 years.

CWC president winner of western region award Central Wyoming College President Jo Anne McFarland has been chosen as the recipient of the Association of Community College Trustees 2010 Western Regional Chief Executive Officer Award. The award made McFarland the sole nominee from the western region for the prestigious Marie Y. Martin CEO Award. She and four other regional award recipients were recognized at the ACCT Annual Community Leadership Congress that took place in Toronto, Canada Oct. 20-23.

Crane on ACCT Board CWC trustee Dr. Colton Crane was elected by trustees from western states to serve on the national Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) Board of Directors.


Building for the future, celebrating our past

LATER, Long-awaited Intertribal Center opens

CWC moved into its new Intertribal Education and Community Center in the fall of 2010 though a formal dedication ceremony was delayed until spring 2011 when the officials who were instrumental in getting the long-awaited facility built were available. Conceived of more than 40 years ago, the center is an important way for the college and the community to expand the substantial presence of Native American cultural influences in this area. In addition to the much needed classroom space, the drumshaped facility has exhibit space for CWC’s collection of artifacts as well as historical photographs.

Main college classroom facility gets facelift; CWC prepares for Health and Science Center CWC condensed both the spring and fall semesters to accommodate an aggressive remodeling project in the college’s main classroom facility, which began May 2. The college is also conducting an energy retrofit of exterior lighting and making preparations to build a Health and Science Center next spring in time for the 2013 fall semester. The Classroom Wing remodel project includes a near complete alteration of the space, and re-roofing the facility. The abatement of the asbestos complicated the schedule but the facility will open in time for the fall semester. The majority of the remodel funds, $1.65 million, comes from the funds awarded to the state through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

2010-11 Year in Review 11

CWC Foundation Honor Roll of Donors – 2010-2011


ur Honor Roll of Donors is a public thanks to constituents who made financial and other donations of support to Central Wyoming College. Because of their generosity, the CWC Foundation is able to provide scholarship and program support to the college to ensure a successful future.


ecause of the CWC Foundation,

the college is able to offer programs, financial assistance, and opportunities that would not otherwise be available.

Platinum Circle ($10,000 and up) Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. Berte & Alan Hirschfield Ann King Lander Regional Hospital Lifepoint Community Foundation John & Carol Mangan Shirley Miller Olive Day Irrevocable Trust The Late Jack Rosenthal Alice Stump Golden Circle ($5,000-$9,999) ConocoPhillips Virginia Lynch Dean Fremont County Voitures # 1437 David & Jennifer Kellner National Intercollegiate Rodeo Foundation Pierle Family Charitable Foundation Wind River Honey


President’s Club ($1,000-$4,999) Eli & Lorraine Bebout ** John & Georgia Bircumshaw Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming R. Steven & Audrey Bonnett Kerry Cochran & Kenneth Applehans Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Colton Crane, DMD ** Joyce Dauler ** Martha Davey Mike & Charlotte Donelson Eagle Bronze Foundry Eastern Shoshone Business Council Anonymous Donor Netta Bell Girard Great Lakes Aviation, Ltd. Jackson Hole Restaurant Association Bobbie King Laramie County Community College Latino Resource Center

Tom Lucas Charlie & Jo Anne McFarland ** Fred & Alice Nicol Jr. Margaret Reynolds ** Riverton Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Riverton Tire & Oil Company Ron & Carol Rogers Richard Stevens Rosemary Stevens Dr. Mohammed & Roxanna Waheed Wyoming Fallen Heroes Leadership Club ($500-$999) Adiescents Inc., Adrienne Mitchell Alpenhof Lodge Bank of New York Mellon Bank of the West Employee Giving Program Carolyn Foundation Dr. Perry & Richard Cook Eugenie Copp Pieter Crow CWC Professional Staff Association

Devon Energy Corporation Farm Credit Services of America Fremont Motor Company Dane & Jodi Graham Dr. W. Douglas Hiller Lynette Jeffres Tom Williams & Cielette Karn Howard & Princess Killebrew Keith & Leslie Larsen Leslie Calkins Agency Marine Corps League Friday Truan Detachment Stanley Maxson PEO Chapter H Anonymous Donor Reddon, Koehn & Associates, CPAs, P.C. Riverton Artist Guild CWC Associate’s Club ($250-$499) Susan & Robert Anderson Antler Motel Anonymous Donor Community Entry Services Bob & Wendy Davis Hugh Ellis Zachary Even The Gated Garden Andrew & Jayme Goldberg Nate Guenther Tom & Barbette Hernandez Hotel Terra Bob & Sandi Hussa

In My Window Lander Golf Club Sally Letchworth Bub John Wood & Penny Mann Mike & Kate Martin ** Lynne McAuliffe Jackie Meeker Metropolitan Life Foundation Wayne Montgomery Michael Myers Mark & Jo Nordeen Jay & Jill Reddon ** Riverton Balloon Club Wes & Pam Roberts Marcia Russell Arlene Schommer Jack Settlemire Snow King Resort Joshua Sorenson Teton Mountain Lodge Wachovia Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Jason & Kathryn Wood Nancy Zupence Century Club ($101-249) Carolyn Aanestad Abernathy Ranches, LLC At Your Fingertips B&B Aggregate Dr. Brian & Twila Ballard Linda Bender Debbie Bessey Paul & Kelly Bessey Steve & Vickie Bessey Casey & Anthony Brown The Brunton Company

Jacque & Tom Burns Brenda Cadwallader Leslie & Kent Calkins ** Kirk & Diana Clark Mitch & Jeanie Cottenoir Crowheart Store; Lloyd & Delores Haslam CWC Bookstore CWC Classified Staff Association Cory Daly-Schmidt Dave’s Asphalt Days Spa Desert Mountain Corp. Dr. Jewel Dirks Tom & Marilu Duncan Scott & Donna Estep ** Fred Nicol Insurance Cache Fross Richard & Sharon Gist Lance & Kelly Goede Evelyn Griffin Robert Haight Hampton Inn & Suites of Riverton Valerie Harris Dennis & Elaine Heckart Hi Mountain Jerky, Inc. Intermountain Electric Service, Inc. M. Kay Jacoby Steven & Tina Kintzler Kister Eyecare PC Lander Cheese Cakes Lander Glass & Mirror Leda & Warren Lester Mary Lewis

John & Tammy Linton Alex & Stephanie Malcolm Steven McAllister Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Gift Shop Caroline Mills Mikki Moriarity New Dimensions II Anne Nez Connie & Brant Nyberg Papa Murphys Pizza Pelle Bella Day Spa Dave & Pat Pince Plains Tire Ray & Jodi Poffenroth Olivia & Larry Prince Rhoads’ Jewelry Riverton Vision Center Matt Salisbury Garland & Roxy Samuelson ** Sands Wild Water Sear’s Bill & Pat Skelton** Andrew Smith Southside Shell Al & Angel Sparkman Sprout’s Greenhouse Sweetwater Gardens TCI Verizon Wireless H. Scott Harnsburger & Teddi Winge Steve & Tamara Traylor Jane Warren Wind River Trading Post Worcester Furniture Wyoming Dinosaur Center Wyoming Public Television

Friends of CWC Gifts up to $100) A.D. Martin Lumber Co., Inc. A-1 Nails & Day Spa Sharon Adamson Airport Cafe All Creatures Veterinary Service Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Amend Anonymous Donor Barb Barber Debi Belville The Berry Patch Big Country Chiropractic Center Black Bear Cafe Virginia Bonnett Brewed Attitude Cafe Cabin Fever Books Jeromy & Sandy Caldwell Joe Cassinat Michael Cheek Beverly Cheney Megan Cole Skye & Skye Coleman-Weisz Kevin & Pamela Cowling Mike & Lisa Cunningham Darlene Dahlin Tom & Sally Davenport Daylight Donuts Nancy Domke David Duncan Rita Duty Audrey Eaton Cory Edwards Ralph & Louise Estell Extra Care Auto Flying Eagle Gallery

The CWC Foundation’s annual Oktoberfest fundraiser is set for Thursday, Oct. 6 at the Riverton Holiday Inn. The proceeds are used by the Foundation to provide scholarship money to the general scholarship package offered by CWC. With this money the college provides an outstanding scholarship package.

** CWC Foundation Board Member


The 2011 Wyoming Legislature generously appropriated an additional $500,000 to CWC in the form of endowment matching funds. These funds are going fast. Make a donation today to take advantage of this rare opportunity.


Kay Fossey Georgette Francis Kelly Frank Fremont Frameworks Fremont Vision Clinic & Contact Lens Center Gale’s Carpet One Girard Law Office Global Arts Scott Goetz The Golden Buffalo Joseph Gose Dr. Roger & Barbara Gose** Gottsche Wellness Center Chontelle Gray The Gun Barrel Steak & Game House Terry Hafner Hammer Electronics, Inc. Jason & Kathie Harris Marjorie Hart Hasco Industrial Supply Joyce Hazelwood Hello....the House Alec Henderson Jeremy & Amy Hernandez Sharon Hines The Hitching Rack Bill & Steph Hitt Ken & Darlene Hostetter Dr. Jason & Maria Howard Inberg-Miller Engineers Iron Works Gym Java Java Jerry’s Flowers and Things Mary Johnson Patricia Jones Wendy Jones

Cindy Keenan Blanche Kellogg John Kemp Suzie & Travis Koehn Alice Kucera John & Debbie Larsen Susan Lawson Randy Lehman Warren Lester Dave & Debbie Long Lucy’s Sheep Camp Lula’s Vintage Emporium Marcia Male Mike & Grace Manning Karen & Stephen Matson Susan Meeker Debra Meredith Rea Miller Miss Ginny’s Roost Steak House NAPA Auto Parts, Riverton Jay & Lori Nielson Thomas Nirider North Federal Animal Care Center Deborah Nunnink Alex Ognibene Old Town Coffee Owl Creek Graphics Donna Petersen Phil’s Dog Shak Profiles Hair Design Rainbow Chaps Western Supply Retha Reinke Justin Roberts Scott Rockhold Doris Samuelson Roxanne Seilaff Myron & Margaret Shavlik Sherry Shelley

Shirt Off My Back Shirts & More Mark & Carole Short Simply Shoes Kraig & Joyce Skaggs Judith Sleath Suki Smaglik Smart Start Quality Child Care Spirit Wind Glass Works Don & Marlena Stauffenberg Mark & Danette Stone Stones Throw Restaurant Storyteller Justin Stueckler Mike Svilar Svilar’s Inc. Dining Room Frank & Jeanie Tanner Terry & RoJean Thayer Thermopolis Hardware David & Laura Toppenberg Garry & Patty Trautman Joel & Kathy Vincent Chad & Taunya Vogelsang Ronald and Helen Warpness Daryl & Brianna Watson Welty’s General Store Dennis Wenner Howard Wenner Whippy Bird Wildwood Brian Shultz & Tara Womack Wood ‘n Rock Engraving April Woodward Woodward’s Floral Donald Wortham Wyoming Smokehouse Barbara & Bob Yates Thomas Zizzo

Memorial and Honor Gifts

Memorial and honor gifts are a wonderful way of remembering your loved ones. Gifts were made to the Foundation in memory or in the honor of the individuals listed below.

July 1, 2010—June 30, 2011 In Memory of Carl Andre: Kate & Mike Martin Lynette Jeffres In Memory of Denny Ashley: Kerry Cochran & Kenneth Applehans In Memory of Sheri Benvegue: Marcia Russell In Memory of Rich Bircumshaw: John & Georgia Bircumshaw Bobbie King In Honor of Bryce & Sharon Born: Wayne Montgomery In Memory of William L. & Sally Culbertson: Lynette Jeffres In Memory of Janet Daniel R. Steven & Audrey Bonnett In Honor of Marilu Duncan David Duncan In Honor Brad Eastman Pierle Family Charitable Foundation In Memory of Corporal Billie Farris Wyoming Fallen Heroes In Memory of Wanda Ford R. Steven & Audrey Bonnett

In Memory of Leslie Gabrielsen Carolyn Aanestad In Memory of Bernice Goertz Mike & Kate Martin In Memory of Karen Goetzinger Pieter Crow Martha Davey Marilu Duncan Lynette Jeffres John Wood & Penny Mann Jackie Meeker In Memory of Suzanne Hawkins Marcia Russell In Memory of Enez Hernandez Mike & Kate Martin In Honor of Ron Howard Barb Barber

In Memory of Hugh Jones Marine Corps League Friday Truan Detachment In Memory of George B. Krause Wind River Honey In Memory of Linda Marburger Mike & Kate Martin Lynette Jeffres In Memory of Tony Masters Patricia Jones Mike & Kate Martin

In Memory of Anthony Miscoe R. Steven & Audrey Bonnett In Memory of Laurie Stevens Nicholas Richard Stevens Rosemary Stevens In Memory of Beulah F. Novotny Alice Kucera In Memory of Patty Olson Mike & Kate Martin

In Memory of Lucille Maxson Stanley Maxson In Memory of Arturo Mejorado, Sr. Bill & Pat Skelton

In Memory of Heather Lynn Paul Bank of New York/Mellon R. Steven & Audrey Bonnett Andrew & Jayme Goldberg

CWC Foundation Pledge Card Return this form to: CWC Foundation, 2660 Peck Ave. , Riverton, WY 82501


Every gift is important. No gift is too small.

_____________________________________________________________ Name

o Honorarium/Memorial $______ any amount Yes, I would like to support the CWC Foundation. My _____________________________________________________________ contribution is $_________________________________ . Street _____________________________________________________________ City/Town State Zip Code

o Attached is my check made payable to the

_____________________________________________________________ Telephone E-mail address

Giving Levels

o Charge full amount to my credit card.

The CWC Foundation offers the following giving levels:

• President’s Club • Leadership Club • CWC Associates • Century Club • Friends of CWC

$1,000 - $4,999 $500 - $999 $250 - $499 $100 - $249 Gifts up to $99

CWC Foundation.

o Charge (#)______ monthly payments of $____________ to my credit card.


o MasterCard o Discover o AMEX

__________________________________________ ______________ Account# Expiration Date

John & Carol Mangan Rea P. Miller Wachovia Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation In Memory of George Reynolds Margaret Reynolds In Memory of William J. Ross R. Steven & Audrey Bonnett In Memory of Staff Sargent Ted Spatol Wyoming Fallen Heroes In Honor of Larry & Pat Stoehr Wayne Montgomery In Memory of Charles N. Stump, Sr. Alice Stump In memory of John Tillinghast R. Steven & Audrey Bonnett

Memorial and honor gifts are a wonderful way of remembering your loved ones and acquaintances.

In Memory of Brenda Townsley Debbie Bessey Paul & Kelly Bessey Steve & Vickie Bessey In Memory of Cindy Urbigkeit Steve & Vickie Bessey Desert Mountain Corporation In Memory of Dog Wister R. Steven & Audrey Bonnett In Honor of David & Julie Wright Wayne Montgomery


Wyoming College

Central 2660 Peck Avenue Riverton, WY 82501 (307) 855-2000

The CWC faculty march into Convocation, the beginning of the academic year celebration. The 2011 Convocation is scheduled for August 31.

10-11 Annual Report  

CWC's report to constituents

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