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CENTRAL SPEAKS March 27, 2014 • Daily News at

Early voting ends saturday! See page 14 for details.

The Clear Choice for Central Central Speaks Endorses Dave Freneaux for Mayor

Election Central Editorial

Editorial note: I am Beth Fussell, the owner and editor of Central Speaks. Publishing a newspaper in a small community provides me with a unique and very informed perspective on our city. In addition, since they are my parents, I have known Dave and Mia Freneaux for a lifetime. I have always been taught by my father to defend and support what I believe in. In the case of the Central Mayor’s race, as someone who has seen my dad’s work and appreciation for this community in action, I believe in him. Without reservation Central Speaks fully endorses Dave Freneaux as the next Mayor of Central for the reasons outlined in this article. When Central elects its next mayor on April 5th the voters will be entrusting that individual with the financial security of our city and the direction of our community. My dad has spent a lifetime proving his ability to be a responsible steward of our tax dollars and has been an involved and supportive of many of Central’s worthwhile organizations. These two ingredients uniquely qualify Dave to serve the people of Central for the next four years. The Forman and Treen side of Dave’s

Quilting Demos & Live Music at CCF Coffee Hour Tonight

The Central Cultural Foundation Coffee Hour is tonight, March 27th, at 7PM at Central Perk. Quilters from The Quilt Corner will be there to do a demonstration and display quilts. Anyone who owns a family quilt and would like to share their story is welcome to bring it to this free event. There will also be musical entertainment by Brandon Carraway and Erin Gourley. CCF Coffee Hour is, as always, free and open to the public.

Dave & Mia Freneaux

family settled here in the 1920’s and his cousin Dave Treen became the first Republican Governor of Louisiana since Reconstruction. Even with deep family roots in Central, Dave maintains that it makes no difference whether you were born See Endorsement, Page 2

Debates and CPAs - Just the Facts

Election Central

Separating the truth from political propaganda during an election is difficult. So that Central’s voters can make an informed decision, here are seven facts about Woody Jenkins’ attacks on Dave Freneaux. Fact: The State Board of CPAs of Louisiana reviewed Dave Freneaux’s campaign literature and found it not to be in violation of any statute. Further, since leaving the full time practice of Public Accounting Freneaux has never promoted himself as a CPA for the purpose of doing work as a Certified Public Accountant. Dave Freneaux is officially “CPA Inactive” and has not been questioned about any inappropriate use of the term CPA, except by Shelton’s supporters. Woody Jenkins

was aware of all of this information PRIOR to publishing his article in which he tried to make the public believe that some law had been broken. Fact: The final instructions from the debate organizers directed that there would be “2 Questions from Dave Freneaux’s representative.” There were no instructions as to how the two questions were to be formulated, and Freneaux’s representative walked into the pre-debate question selection meeting and stated “Here are the two questions emailed to me by Mr. Freneaux”. Woody Jenkins was aware of all of this PRIOR to publishing his article making it seem as though the debate was somehow rigged. See Just the Facts, Page 2

Woody Jenkins Goes Negative for Shelton Attacks on Shelton’s Opponent Disguised as News

Election Central

Woody Jenkins, a career politician, is well known among news correspondents for his journalistic tactics of political attacks made through innuendos and misleading partial truths. These days, he is portraying these attacks as news articles in his own Central City News tabloid in an attempt to get Junior Shelton elected as Central’s mayor. Jenkins' latest target is Dave Freneaux, the political newcomer with a strong business background and track record of community involvement. Freneaux is also the founder of Central Speaks newspaper that competes with Jenkins for advertising revenue in Central. Jenkins has falsely accused Freneaux of rigging a mayoral debate and of See Negative, Page 2


Freneaux Endorsed,

here or moved here last week, because we all stayed here for the same reasons. A quiet and enjoyable place to raise families and enjoy friends, excellent schools, safe homes, and economic stability are the hallmarks of Central. Dave is committed to protecting and improving on all of these. Fiscal Responsibility “Central needs a mayor who understands the business of running a city while knowing the importance of being a community.” Dave said in an interview this week. Indeed his background as a degreed accountant and his three decades of successful business management well qualify him for the business side of running our city. Dave opposes any additional city taxes and has outlined plans for maintaining cash reserves to protect Central’s future while investing the city’s resources to improve our roads, drainage and public safety. Community Involvement If you show up at almost any event in Central, you are likely to see my dad there. Dave is the founder and chairman of the Central Cultural Foundation, an active member of the Central Chamber of Commerce and he and Mia serve as the publicity chairs for Cooking in Central. He has been a

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long time Corporate Sponsor of Central High Athletics and is a member of the Central Republican Coalition and the Republican Women of Central. Asked about his dedication to so many groups Dave explained “I’m not suddenly getting involved around Central because I am running for Mayor, I am running because I have been involved for years and love what this community is becoming.” Giving the People a Voice Dave has taken a strong stance to give Central’s citizens a stronger voice in the decisions that affect their lives. He has pledged to work to establish Council elections by District, giving each area of the city a representative on City Council. He further pledges to hold quarterly Town Hall Meetings. Dave explains “Our citizens deserve an opportunity to voice their concerns and have their ideas heard in an informal setting where elected officials will hear concerns and answer questions.” Proven financial responsibility, a history of community involvement, and a solid plan to hear and act on the concerns of our citizens are some of the many reasons that Dave Freneaux is the clear choice for Mayor of Central.

Shelton, Messina, & Washington Subject to Ethics Penalties

Election Central Mayoral candidate Junior Shelton and Council candidates Wayne Messina and Ralph Washington have each failed to timely file Financial Disclosure or Campaign Finance reports as required by Louisiana Law. Under Title 18 of Louisiana Law, the Louisiana Election Code, there are automatic financial penalties which may be assessed against Shelton, Messina and Washington. Louisiana’s Ethics laws require that every candidate for office file a report detailing contributions received and expenditures made in 2013 campaigning for an elected office. Junior Shelton failed to timely file this report. All candidates are also required by Louisiana Law to file Personal Financial Disclosure statements within three days after qualifying ends. Council candidates Wayne Messina and Ralph Washington, both incumbents, failed to timely file these required reports.

CONTACT Central SpeakS 12023 Sullivan Road Central, LA 70818

P.O. Box 78137 Central, LA 70837

Just the Facts,

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Fact: Junior Shelton serves on an EBR political committee chaired by Woody Jenkins, who then endorsed Shelton, debate organizer Harry Rauls, and others in the name of the Republican Party. Fact: Junior Shelton was appointed by Woody Jenkins to chair a City of Central sub-committee of this same EBR political organization, and Junior Shelton appointed seven of his associates to serve on this committee. Among these Shelton appointees were Harry Rauls and Ted McCulley, the two persons joining Junior Shelton and Woody Jenkins in claiming that the mayoral debate was unfair. Fact: Junior Shelton was named to the Executive Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of EBR which was founded and is chaired by Woody Jenkins. This EBR Chamber competes with the Central Chamber who assured the public that the debate questions were properly handled. Fact: The repeated claims by Woody Jenkins that Dave Freneaux is “negative campaigning” are based solely on Freneaux stating the truth that Junior Shelton attempted to hide his almost $2 million bankruptcy from the voters. A candidate’s ability to manage a business has a direct bearing on a their qualification to be Central’s mayor and manage its $6 million annual budget, and that the voters have a right to know that fact in order to cast an informed vote. After the political spin wears off…. those are Just The Facts.


violating laws in his status as a CPA Inactive, although neither is true. In fact, Jenkins was informed of Freneaux's compliace with CPA regulations before he published his last edition. In these final days of the mayoral race in Central, Jenkins has apparently turned his monthly "Central" newspaper into a political tabloid, using misleading statements and negative campaigning on behalf of Shelton, the candidate he has endorsed. The multipage, multi-article attacks on Freneaux are an apparent attempt to divert attention away from Shelton’s $2 million bankruptcy, which Shelton had effectively concealed from the voters during the last election. Louisiana Political News Service first reported that Shelton’s bankruptcy was exposed in the mayoral debate that Jenkins is now trying to discredit. Shelton admitted at that same debate he had only worked three months of the last year, opting to campaign for the city’s $55,000 taxpayer-funded mayor’s position during the rest of the year. Jenkins’ newspaper has printed no statement on Shelton’s bankruptcy, although The Advocate and Louisiana Political News have both accurately reported the truth. The Jenkins-Shelton connection began long before

Email: Phone: (225) 262-3730 Fax: (888) 220-8396

News & Commentary: Dave Freneaux

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the current election. Shelton serves on a parish-level political committee which is under Jenkins’ control, and which endorsed Shelton as the "Republican choice." At the same time, Shelton, who has paid more than $7,500 to Jenkins’ company during his election campaigns, was also named to the executive committee of the Chamber of Commerce of EBR which was founded by Jenkins and competes with the City of Central Chamber. Jenkins is now devoting his tabloid to attempts to discredit Freneaux. The result of these attacks are that his endorsed candidate Shelton is in the privileged position of letting his de facto campaign manager do his negative campaigning on his behalf. Jenkins has used these tactics before to sway voters. However, in this election Central voters are speaking out against Shelton’s $2 million bankruptcy and his attempts to hide it. They are questioning Jenkins' motives in once again getting involved in Central politics and trying to distort the facts. One resident stated, “Jenkins doesn’t even live or work in Central, so why is he getting so involved?" Voters are now asking what Jenkins stands to gain by getting his political allies like Junior Shelton elected in Central. Published Weekly 51 weeks a year Deadline 12 NOON Tuesdays Article submission is free of charge.

Editor: Beth Fussell

Production Editor: Lindsey Pyburn Print Edition • Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why I Chose Dave

I want to introduce you to my husband Dave. Many of you know him through church or civic activities or Central Speaks, but very few of you have had the opportunity to know him as just Dave, your average Central resident. I met Dave 35 years ago at the University of Virginia. The first time we met, we talked for four hours straight. His warmth, humor, intelligence and genuine-ness attracted me, and I fell in love and have never fallen out. Dave has always been an entrepreneur, and as anyone who owns their own business can attest, that makes you one of the hardest working people on earth. While attending college, he also held down two jobs so I could stay home with our newborn daughter. Because Family is one of his biggest priorities, he continued to do whatever it took to provide for us so that I could have the privilege of being a stay at home mom. Dave deliberately sought a form of employment that allowed him the freedom to coach his daughters’ softball teams, go to their school productions, and drive their band’s


- by Mia Freneaux

equipment to football games. He has built sets for CHS’s plays, founded and organized CHS’ choir backers, enabling the choir to raise money to be able to sing at Carnegie Hall, and been a faithful corporate sponsor of CHS’s athletic program. Dave was a youth counselor with me for 25 years, literally hundreds of kids have passed through our door - many asking him advice on topics like dealing with parents, interviewing for a job and how to ask for a young lady’s hand in marriage. He became a marriage mentor because he has always believed a strong family unit is the backbone of a stable society. He continues to this day to encourage young adults in their endeavors, offering advice on how to achieve success in the workplace and at home. Dave used his considerable skills on many occasions to benefit the church, believing it a privilege to serve God in this way. He developed a state-wide mission support effort for the United Methodist Church’s Louisiana Conference, and was recognized for that effort at their annual conference. He was secretary for the Louisiana United

Methodist Cursillo, and helped develop a scholarship program that is still being used today. He has donated countless hours of his time to our home church, Blackwater, on finance committees, and as council and stewardship chair. Why have I encouraged my husband to run for Mayor of Central? Because, beyond having

This page paid for by the Dave Freneaux Campaign Fund

the financial background, business experience, and strong community involvement, he is a Good Man. I am not comparing him to anyone, because, for me, there is no comparison. I love you, Dave. -Mia Freneaux.


Thursday, March 27, 2014 • Print Edition

Crime Stoppers: Have You Seen These Fugitives? Call Toll Free at 1-877-723-7867 Crime Stoppers will pay cash reward for information leading to the arrest of these WANTED FUGITIVES:



If you have any information on these fugitives contact: Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP(7867), text CS225 plus your message to CRIMES (274637) or email us anonymously from our facebook page or website www. **Remember you do not have to give your name to collect this or any Crime Stoppers Reward but you must call Crime Stoppers ** These fugitives are active as of March 26, 2014

Hooper Road Public Information Meeting April 15

Let’s Build Team Central Accountable- I will be accountable to all citizens at all times.


I will never support a raise in your taxes.

Sweat Equity-

I will put in the work, the research, and the long hours to ensure you get the best value for your tax dollars.

Build A Team- I will only be a part of Team Central.

I am

ready, willing, and able to work with everyone that is elected. Bringing the city together will the main purpose of my term.

I’m invested in Central, I work in Central, I spend my money in Central, I’m Committed to Central, because

I LOVE CENTRAL Paid for by the Mike Gardner For City Council Campaign

OPEN HOUSE PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING STATE PROJECT NO. H.002316 / H.002317 CITY PARISH PROJECT NO. 12-CS-HC-0017 HOOPER ROAD (LA 408) BLACKWATER ROAD TO SULLIVAN ROAD EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH, LA Sigma Consulting Group, Inc., in association with East Baton Rouge Parish and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD), is conducting a public information meeting to assess the proposed construction of widening improvements to Hooper Road (LA 408) from the existing twolane roadway to a four-lane divided roadway from just east of Blackwater Road to Sullivan Road. The purpose of this meeting is to provide information about the project and to obtain public input on three design alternatives currently being proposed for the widening of this portion of Hooper Road as part of the Environmental Assessment Study phase of the project. The meeting, which will be open

to the public, is scheduled for the following date, time and location: Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 5:00 – 7:30 pm, Central Middle School Cafeteria, 12656 Sullivan Road, Central, Louisiana 70818. All members of the general public and/or their representatives are welcome to attend for the purpose of becoming acquainted with the project, reviewing findings to date, and providing comments and input. Written statements or verbal comments may be submitted at the meeting. Written comments may also be mailed to the following address and must be postmarked within ten days following the meeting (April 25, 2014): Hooper Road (LA408) Improvements, Sigma Consulting Group, Inc., Attn: Robert Lear, 10305 Airline Highway, Baton Rouge, LA 70816. If you wish to participate in this public information meeting but require special assistance due to a disability, please contact Sigma Consulting Group, Inc. at the address above, or by telephone at 225-298-0800 at least five working days prior to the meeting.

CALENDAR 5 Print Edition • Thursday, March 27, 2014


Central Speaks hits the streets and mailboxes CPS JV/Varsity Track Meet at Centreville Tent Sale, Gayle’s Hallmark Shop, 9-7PM Crafting for a Cause, Pride-Chaneyville Library, 1PM Paint-In, Magnolia Methodist Church, 1:30-5PM Collage Self Portrait Teen Program, Greenwell Springs Library, 3PM CHS Softball vs Live Oak, Home, 4PM CHS Varsity Baseball at Scotlandville, 4PM Otaku Club: Mardi Gras Bead Mosaic, Central Library, 4PM The Sid Edwards Show, 910 AM & Live from DeAngelo’s, 5-6PM Board of Adjustments meeting, Kristenwood, 5-6PM Planning and Zoning meeting, Kristenwood, 6-7PM Central Legends Radio Show, 910 AM & Live from DeAngelo’s, 6-7PM Live Music with Cory Landry, Caliente Mexican Craving, 6-9PM CCF Coffee Hour, Central Perk, 7PM

FRIDAY 3/28:

Tent Sale, Gayle’s Hallmark Shop, 9-6PM Paint-in, Magnolia Methodist Church, 9:30AM-12PM CHS Freshman Baseball vs Denham Springs, Home, 4PM


Early Voting Ends Magnolia Methodist Market, 8AM-2PM Tent Sale, Gayle’s Hallmark Shop, 9-6PM CHS JV Baseball at Denham Springs, 10AM Kid’s Story/Craft, Greenwell Springs Library, 11AM CHS Varsity Baseball at Denham Springs, 1PM

SUNDAY 3/30:

See you at church! Art League Reception, Central Library, 3-5PM

MONDAY 3/31:

CHS Freshman Baseball at Zachary, 4PM CHS JV Baseball at Zachary, 6PM


CHS Softball vs Phoenix, Home, 4PM CHS Varsity Baseball vs Zachary, Home, 4PM Kid’s Night, Free ice cream, Caliente Mexican Craving, 5-8PM


CHS JV Baseball at Broadmoor, 4PM CHS Softball vs Denham, Home, 4PM


Central Speaks hits the streets and mailboxes CPS JV/Varsity Track Meet at Silliman Crafting for a Cause, Pride-Chaneyville Library, 1PM Paint-In, Magnolia Methodist Church, 1:30-5PM CHS Varsity Baseball at Broadmoor, 4PM The Sid Edwards Show, 910 AM & Live from DeAngelo’s, 5-6PM Central Legends Radio Show, 910 AM & Live from DeAngelo’s, 6-7PM Live Music with Chris Bradford, Caliente Mexican Craving, 6-9PM


Paint-in, Magnolia Methodist Church, 9:30AM-12PM CHS Softball vs Doyle, Home, 4PM CHS Freshman Baseball at Walker, 5PM


Magnolia Methodist Market, 8AM-2PM

Choose a Chapter Book Club, Pride-Chaneyville Library, 10:30AM International Children’s Book Day, Greenwell Springs Library, 11AM CHS JV Baseball vs Walker, Home, 11AM CHS Varsity Baseball vs Walker, Home, 1PM Butterfly Garden Plants, Central Library, 1PM Scene Design with Nels Anderson, Greenwell Springs Library, 2PM

6 COMMUNITY Print Edition • Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday, March 27, 2014 • ANNOUNCEMENTS Print Edition11

Sheriff Sid Gautreaux Elected LA Commission on Law Enforcement Board Chair

Pictured above: Executive Director Joey Watson, Former Chair Ascension Parish Sheriff Jeff Wiley, and New Chair East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux EBRSO Press Release

The Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement elected East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux yesterday to serve as Chair of the Board. Sheriff Gautreaux stepped in for Ascension Parish Sheriff Jeff Wiley who has served for the past six years. Nominated by the board, Sheriff Gautreaux ran unopposed and was unanimously elected. As Chair, Sheriff Gautreaux will be the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission and oversee all board meetings. The board consists of 54 members representing criminal justice agencies throughout Louisiana. The Mission of the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement (LCLE) is to improve the operations of the criminal justice and juvenile justice system and promote public safety by providing progressive leadership and coordination within the criminal justice community. To this end, the agency provides a forum for all elements of the criminal justice system to come together in common cause and to develop multi-agency programs which serve the needs of a wide range of criminal justice organizations, support proven, critical, or innovative operational initiatives through the grant programs administered by

the agency, promote the highest professional and ethical standards in law enforcement through high quality training programs, and to provide quality services to the criminal justice community and victims of crime within the framework of state and federal law and policy. Public safety is a key element in the quality of life for all Louisiana citizens. The Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement seeks to create an environment in which all aspects of the criminal justice and juvenile justice system work together to promote the security of all people in the state. We seek innovation where old solutions are not working, and seek proven programs in those areas where success has been attained. In decision making processes, we seek to bring together representatives from all aspects of the criminal justice community, so that decisions reflect the needs of the whole, and build on strengths of all agencies involved. The Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Criminal Justice is an Equal Opportunity Employer pursuant to the requirement of federal and state law. Applications for employment are handled through the Department of State Civil Service. CHURC Print Edition • Thursday, March 27, 2014

Local Mom Working with CFD to Bring Project Lifesaver to Central

Randi Stephens, pictured above with one of her sons, is a remarkable woman. The mother of two young autistic children, she saw a need and found a way to meet it. “We had moved to Port Allen from Raleigh, North Carolina. In Raleigh, we had a system in use to keep track of our son, who is a flight risk. Once we moved to Port Allen, there was no such system available. That year, a 6 year old child with autism left a Christmas party and was run over by a car and killed. I knew I had to do something.” Randi found a nation-wide system called “Project Lifesaver”, a search and rescue program founded in 1999 by an initiative of the 43rd Search and Rescue Company of the Chesapeake, Virginia Sheriff’s Office. It features personal radio transmitters which are placed on identified “flight risk” individuals, such as those with Autism, Down’s Syndrome, or Alzheimers. Responders go through training to know how to handle the equipment and reassure the confused, frightened individuals whom they rescue. Since its inception, Project Lifesaver has saved about 3000 individuals, most in less than half an hour. The Port Allen Fire Department was approved for the program in early March and has been very impressed with its accuracy. A spokesperson for the Fire Department said the program has such accuracy that they were able to locate the transmitters in hidden locations all over town in LESS THAN 11 minutes. “It’s very quick, very helpful,” she said. Randi moved to Central recently, and wanted to start the same program here. She contacted Coach Sid Edwards, who himself has two autistic children. Coach Sid, once he heard about Project Lifesaver, became very enthusiastic and arranged a meeting with Central Fire Department Chief Bill Porche. After researching the project, Chief Porche and the CFD wholeheartedly embraced the concept. “We’ve had experience before with dementia patients wandering off. This is a great method to reduce the time it takes to locate these patients. Search and rescue operations are always made more difficult in wooded areas or darkness, and the personal locators

will be a great assistance,” Chief Porche stated. Project Lifesaver is the only manufacturer of the innovative equipment used, which consists of a battery powered bracelet for the individual to wear (seen above on Randi’s son) and a 5 band receiver, vehicle antenna, and headsets for the rescuers’ use. Medicare, Medicaid, and some private insurance companies currently cover the devices in certain states. Caregivers are only responsible for checking and changing the battery, which lasts 30 + days depending on the battery chosen. As soon as the CFD is approved to participate in the program, fundraising will begin to cover the department’s equipment costs. “I don’t think we’ll have any problem getting approval,” shared Emily Clark, who is in charge of the application process. Those interested in finding out more information on the program can go to Project Lifesaver’s website,, or call them at 877-580-5433. Project Lifesaver is endorsed by the National Autism Association, The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, and many Sheriff’s Associations across the country. Stay tuned for updates on the process and ways you can help.

Thursday, March 8, 2012 • CentralSpeaks.comCOMMUNITY Print Edition 7

The Active for Autism 5K Run/Walk and Fun Fest is being held on Saturday, April 5th at the State Police Headquarters on Independence Blvd. The event begins at 8 AM. Registration is available online at Proceeds from the event go to Families Helping Families of Greater Baton Rouge, a nonprofit, family-directed resource center for individuals with disabilities and their families. Run, walk, or come enjoy the activities at Active for Autism.


Thursday, March 27, 2014 • Print Edition

BREC Central Sports Park Opens

Photos by Michael Spangler

Gafford Builders, Inc.

Twin Lakes Estates – This is

Central’s newest subdivision, located off of Denham Road. This easy to get to location in a country setting makes for a quite and peaceful place to call home. The subdivision features large spacious lots both on and off the spring fed lakes and have large, well-landscaped green space. The houses in Twin Lakes will start at 1850 square feet and feature many high-end amenities like custom cabinets, custom granite counter tops, beautiful tile showers, 10’ minimum ceiling heights. The house will also boast large yards and outdoor living spaces with fireplaces and kitchens. Of course, as with every Gafford Builders home, the plans are fully customizeable and drawn in house. If you’re looking for “Upscale living in a country setting”, this is the place for you.

Burlington Lakes - Continuing to grow, this subdivision is perfect

for first time homebuyers or retirees looking to downsize. Homes start in the low 200k and feature beautiful amenities to please all.

Village at Magnolia Square - Dwayne

looks forward to starting construction in this traditional development where residents can live, play and work. With the New Orleans style architecture, shops, restaurants, spas, playgrounds, and walking paths throughout the neighborhood, it is a community in itself.

Phone: 225-261-6185 Email: Website:


Want to keep your paint brushes soft and pliable? After using clean the bristles thoroughly. Then add a drop of liquid fabric softener to a quart of water and clean the brush in the mixture then rinse and store the brush. Print Edition • Thursday, March 27, 2014


CAYL Kicks Off Spring Tournament

Photos by Michael Spangler

Top Left: BREC Superintendent Carolyn McKnight, Senator Bodi White, and Central Mayor Mac Watts throw the first pitch to open the park.

BREC held an opening ceremony on Friday, March 21 at the Central Sports Park at 10501 Lovett Road. The ribbon cutting and opening ceremony also marked the beginning of the CAYL Spring Tournament. The new park includes five lighted and fenced baseball fields and lakes with a walking path. This is the first phase of the project. The second phase will add two more baseball fields, a playground, and multi-use fields.


Thursday, March 27, 2014 • Print Edition

CHS Bowling Teams vs Albany CHS Boys Bowling #5 in State In their regular season finale on Wednesday (3-19-14), #5 Central Boys Bowling (9-2) looked to rebound from a stunning loss two days earlier to St Amant (6-5) and get back on track against the Hammond District Champion, Albany (6-4). And get back on track is just what happened. Central had a school-record setting performance in their 25.5-1.5 and 3521-2629 victory. By almost 200 pins, the 3521 series is by far the highest series ever rolled by a Central team. Central ran away from Albany by winning Game 1 7-1 (1175908), Game 2 8-0 (1133-862) and Game 3 7.5-.5 (1213-859). Individually, Jacob Garretson (Junior/Captain) regained his Central Boys Series Record with a tremendous 755 series (257, 229 and 269). The previous record holder, Parker Aucoin (Freshman) added a 617 (216, 204 and 197) and probably the hottest Wildcat lately, Sean Murphy (Senior) rolled a 621 (233, 191 and 197). In the game, Dylan Ringo (Freshman) added a 203 and Johnathan Ryder (Sophomore) rolled a 202. With the match never in doubt, Central finished the match on a high note and will try to keep the momentum going on Monday (3-24-14) at All Star Lanes 3:15pm against former state powerhouse St Michaels (1-10) in Round 1 of the LHSAA Bowling State Playoffs. #3 Central Girls Bowling (10-1) ended their regular season with their biggest win of the season on Wednesday (3-19-14) at All Star Lanes. In what turned out to be the match of the year, Central knocked off #2 Albany (9-3) in a nail biter that went down to the very last bowler. Central would open the match with a Game 1 victory and take a 5-3 and 961-917 lead. The 961 is a new Central Girls Game Record. Kaylee Robinson

(Sophomore) came out on fire and finished with a team high 217 in Game 1 and Haley Young (Junior/Co-Captain) added a 181. Game 2 couldn’t have been any closer as Albany grabbed a 5-3 and 872-871 victory. Albany would even up the score at 8-8 and only trail the Wildcats by 43 overall. Sarah LeDuff (Sophmore/Co-Captain) would lead all bowlers with 182 in Game 2. With the match basically all tied up, both teams matched each other mark for mark in Game 3. In fact, the match would come down to a freshman picking up a spare. That freshman was Brittnee Robinson of Central and with the match on the line, she delivered! With the spare (and good pin count on the “fill ball”), Brittnee not only won her match by 2 pins, but helped Central maintain their overall Total Pin lead by 21 pins. Albany won Game 3 5-3 and 875-853, but Central won Total Pins by a score of 2685-2664 for the extra 3 points. After all the points were calculated, the Wildcats would squeak out a 14-13 victory over one of the best teams in the state. Young would lead the Wildcats in the final game with a 227. Overall Young led the Wildcats with a 574, LeDuff rolled a 485, Kaylee Robinson had a 480 and Brittnee Robinson chipped in a 447. Albany’s lead-off bowler, Alaina Blahut, was high with a 507 (192). Central will begin the LHSAA Bowling State Playoffs on Tuesday at 1:30PM against the winner of St Amant (2-6) and Denham Springs (4-5). The Wildcats look to continue their quest for a State Championship with a win and head to New Orleans for Bi-Regionals on Thursday (4-3-14) at AMF All Star Lanes in Kenner, LA. Follow and “Like” us on Facebook: CentralHighWildcatsVarsityBowling

Central High Boys Bowling (9-2) finished the season as the highest ranked team in the Baton Rouge area at #5 and roll into the LHSAA Bowling State Playoffs as one of the few favorites from Baton Rouge to make a serious run at a state title. After Monday’s (3-24-14) action in the Regionals of the playoffs that is exactly what Central is looking to accomplish, along with making a “Final Four” appearance for the first time in CHS’s history. Central dismantled St Michaels (1-10) and barely escaped a scare from Denham Springs (6-3) in Rounds 1 & 2 and will be bowling next week at AMF All Star Lanes in Kenner, LA on Thursday (4-3-14) in the 3rd Round. Round 1 was a quick match as #5 Wildcats (3-Seed) shut out St Michaels (14-Seed), 27-0 and 3381-2335. Only needing 14 points to win a match, Central had the match wrapped after 2 games leading 16-0 (1094-754 & 1104-771 in Total Pins). The Wildcats came out strong in Game 1 behind Parker Aucoin’s (Freshman) 217 and Kevin Kennedy’s (Senior) 195 and Game 2 was led by Sean Murphy’s (Senior) 213 and Jacob Garretson’s (Junior/Captain) 201. The good bowling continued in Game 3 as the Wildcats finished sweeping all the points with an 8-0 and 1183-810 win. Garretson led the Game 3 attack with a 235, followed by Aucoin’s 216, Kennedy’s 206 and Murphy’s 193. Overall Garretson led Central with a 623 series. Aucoin chipped in a 600, Murphy rolled a 583 and Kennedy was close behind with a 574. Round 2 was against district rival Denham Springs (6-Seed). This was a rematch from a month ago in which Central won easily 22-5 and by almost 600 pins. But this match didn’t go like the previous match and Central would have

to withstand a season high score from Denham Springs. In Game 1, Central jumped out to a 6-2 and 1130-1016 lead and was led by some great bowling of Garretson (246) and Murphy (212). The Yellow Jackets would come back strong in Game 2 and run away with a 5.5-2.5 and 1098-1004 win. Central’s anchor was the one bright spot as Garretson rolled a 246. With Central up 8.5-7.5 and only 20 Total Pins going into Game 3, Central managed to knock down just enough pins to pull out the victory. Coming through in the clutch was Murphy. The senior needed a mark in the 10th Frame to pull out the win and without hesitation Murphy fired the most important strike of his Central days to lock up the match. Denham would win Game 3 5-3 and 1024-1023, but Central would win the Total Pin battle by 19 pins to earn the 3 overall series points. Dylan Ringo (Freshman) was the high Wildcat in Game 3 with a 215 and Johnathan Ryder (Sophomore) rolled a 190. When all the pins settled, the final score was 14.5-12.5 and 3157-3138 in Central’s favor. The 3138 by the Yellow Jackets was a season high by almost 200 pins! Garretson led the Wildcats with a 662 series and Denham was led by Jonathan Ingalls (159 avg) with a 711 (254, 246, 211 and 234 pins over average!). Central moves onto the Bi-Regionals next Thursday (4-3-14) at AMF All Star Lanes (Kenner, LA). Bi-Regionals will consist of 5 teams from the Baton Rouge area and 3 teams from the New Orleans area. Only two teams will advance on to the State Finals on April 12nd to bowl against two teams from the Lafayette/ Bossier/Houma/Lake Charles regions in the LHSAA Final Four. Central’s coaches would like to thank the parents and fans for coming out this past Monday. The team looks forward to having everyone’s support once again next Thursday!

SPORTS 11 Print Edition • Thursday, March 27, 2014

CHS Baseball and Softball Fields To Finally See the Light

Baseball and softball field lights are in progress! We are moving forward with the lighting of our ball fields at the high school and it is exciting! We finally have gotten good weather in recent weeks and progress is moving rapidly. A new fence has been erected at the baseball field and the softball field is a true park now thanks to the many volunteers. Many have asked about the lights and are curious. Please be patient, they are coming! Our baseball field was resurfaced and is gorgeous! Everyone wants a timeline, but what I can tell you is it is going to be stellar when we hit that switch after 40 years of not having them! In construction, as many of you know, the wheels can turn slow due to many factors but we are on pace! Look for an announcement soon with festivities that will be planned for the flipping of the switch! Let there be light! -Yours in Christ, Coach Sid

CHS Baseball players and coaches

The CHS Softball team and coaches

CHS Baseball coaches Frank Fresina and Steve Johnson


Thursday, March 27, 2014 • Print Edition

CHS Girls Bowling Ranked Coastal Anglers Can Now Help 2nd Going Into Playoffs the Less Fortunate through Central High Girls Bowling (10-1) has quickly become one of Hunters for the Hungry the best teams in not only the Baton Rouge area, but in the state of Louisiana. The 2nd Ranked Wildcats have only one senior on this year’s roster, it appears Central will be a contender for District and State titles for years to come. After Tuesday’s (3-25-14) action in the Regionals of the LHSAA State Playoffs, the 2014 Baton Rouge District Champions showed they’re ready to make a run towards a “Final Four” appearance which would be a first in CHS’s history. As the 1-Seed in the Baton Rouge Region, Central received a bye in Round 1 and faced 4-Time State Champion Denham Springs (4-5 and 4-Seed) in Round 2 of the LHSAA Bowling State Playoffs. After beating Denham twice this season (18-9 and 20-7), the Wildcats quickly wrapped up Round 2 as Central routed the Yellow Jackets 24½-2½ and 2569-2216 and extended their winning streak over the former state powerhouse to 3 matches. Only needing 14 points to win a match, Central wrapped up the match after 2 games by winning Game 1 7½-½ (871-801) and Game 2 7-1 (869-790) and taking a 14½1½ lead. The Wildcats finished the match by winning Game 3 7-1 (829625). Haley Young (Junior/Co-Captain) led all scorers with a 202 game and 517 series, followed by Sarah LeDuff (Sophomore/Co-Captain) with a 187/490 and Brittnee Robinson (Freshman) with a 431. Central’s winning streak is now up to 6 matches and Central now moves onto Round 3 of the Bi-Regionals next Thursday (4-3-14) at AMF All Star Lanes in Kenner, LA. FOLLOW AND “LIKE” US NOW ON FACEBOOK TO GET UP-TODATE RESULTS FROM MATCHES:

New Coaching Staff for Central Football Teams

Tommy Hilliard

Justin Hutchinson

Central athletic director Sid Edwards is excited to announce a restructuring in the football program. Coach Justin Hutchinson has been named the new head football coach at Central Middle School, and Brandon Oneal has been named defensive coordinator at the middle school. "We are so excited that these two veteran football coaches will be

leading our middle school program along with coach Joey Pezant, Kobe Griffith, Todd Jackson, Leroy Williams, and Cody Rogillio. This is going to be a stellar staff!” Tommy Hilliard has been named head freshmen football coach at the high school. He will be assisted by Steve Johnson, Frank Fresina, Mike Forbes, Kaleb Shows, and Clark Noncentelli. Several of the coaches on both staffs will have some varsity duties as well; this will help grow our program and tie all three teams together. All prospective middle school and 2014 freshmen football players - be expecting sign up in the next couple of weeks.

Hunters for the Hungry (HFH), a non-profit organization whose mission is to feed the hungry through the collection and donation of game, fish and other food items to local food banks, announces a new program aimed at giving Louisiana anglers an opportunity to help the less fortunate while at the dock. In partnership with Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Louisiana and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, HFH has started placing freezers at marinas along the Louisiana coast. Anglers now have the opportunity to donate some or all of their catch to be processed and given to local food banks, at no cost to the donor. "How many times have you returned to the dock after a successful day on the water and wondered how you'll ever use all your filets," said HFH's Andy Record. "Now, you can keep what you need and donate the rest to those who are less fortunate." Record says that special HFH freezers will be placed at marinas across the coast. Anglers can give fish to the fish processors at those marinas, who will clean and package the fish, in many cases at no charge. If no fish cleaning service is available, anglers who clean their own catch can simply arrange with marina staff to add their donated filets to the freezers. From there, HFH volunteers and food bank staff coordinate regular delivery of the fish to the food banks. In fact, the first HFH freezer is already in place at Venice Marina in Plaquemines Parish, and has been a big hit with anglers. Fish and ducks donated to the program are cleaned and packaged at no charge

to the angler, due to the generosity of Venice Marina owners Mike and Bill Butler. HFH is currently working with marinas across the coast to identify additional locations. CCA Louisiana has committed to purchase the next 10 freezers for the program. "Part of being good stewards of our coastal resources is to be responsible consumers of those resources," said CCA Louisiana Executive Director David Cresson. "I can't think of a better way to use a natural resource and set an example for young anglers than to help those in need. CCA is proud to play a role in this important program." For 20 years, HFH has been processing and collecting venison and other donated game to feed the hungry. In 2013, HFH in Louisiana collected 30,000 pounds of venison alone, providing protein for roughly 150,000 meals. Since fishing is a year-round activity, HFH organizers hope that this new marina program approaches or exceeds those numbers each year. "Anglers should be on the lookout for our freezers at their favorite marina in 2014," said Record. "We hope to have them spread across the coast this year, and we encourage all anglers to participate in our efforts." In 2013, the Louisiana legislature passed a bill that allows LDWF to include a “check off” on hunting and fishing licenses for sportsmen who can voluntarily choose an amount to donate to HFH. Sportsmen are encouraged to participate in the program in this way as well. For more information about Hunters for the Hungry, please visit Print Edition • Thursday, March 27, 2014


Louisiana Legacy 2014 CAYL Season Opening Tournament Champions

High School Bowling Power Rankings

The Louisiana Legacy won the Girls Coaches Pitch division of the CAYL opening season tournament. The tournament took place March 22nd–23rd at the new Central Sports Park. Middle row left to right: Tori Baudry, Annie Talbot, Alyssa Wilson, Emily Breaux, Kamryn Eaton, and Kylee Savant Bottom row left to right: Madalyn Ashford, Marlee LeSage, Evie Wilson, Blake LeBlanc, Olivia McLin, and Lindsay Morain

CHS Baseball vs Scotlandville Tonight; First District Game April 1st

CHS vs Catholic Lacrosse this Saturday

The Central High baseball team opens up district play tonight at Scotlandville. The first home district game is April 1 against Zachary. The Wildcats are coming off of a grueling pre-district schedule which included playing in 4 away from home tournaments against several teams that are currently ranked in the top ten in the state. Central High is looking to return to the playoffs for the first time since the 2011 season. The Wildcats are led by senior shortstop and pitcher Cole Edgens, who leads the team in several categories. Edgens is returning to form since missing all of last season due to injury. The team has seven seniors who have all contributed thus far in the season. So, come out and support Coach Forbes and the Wildcats in their quest to win a district championship.

Central Rage are Tournament Champions

Submitted by Stacey Cazes

This Saturday, March 29th, the Central High Wildcats Lacrosse Team will take on the Catholic High Bears in their last game of the season at home at Wildcat Stadium. This is also Senior Day. We will be honoring our seniors on their last home game as a Wildcat Lacrosse Player. Varsity plays at 11 am, followed by JV at 1 pm, and then an added bonus - the Baton Rouge Mustangs will take on Catholic’s U15 team at 3 pm. So, for $5, you have a chance to watch 3 full games of action packed lacrosse! We have 10 seniors whom we will be honoring starting at 10:45 am. Of those 10, 7 were on the original Wildcats Lacrosse Team that started it all. So, please come out this Saturday morning to help us honor these boys and then watch them play the sport that they love so much! If you have ever wondered what the sport of lacrosse was all about, come out Saturday to Wildcat Stadium (the old Central Middle). With 3 games and 3 different age groups playing, you will not be disappointed! Also, we will be selling jambalaya dinners for $6 a plate. So remember: 11 am, 1 pm, & 3pm; pick your game to come watch. 1 game, 2 games, or all 3 games! $5 for adults and $2 for students.

Congratulations to the Central Rage team who went undefeated to win the CAYL Pre-Season Boys B League Baseball Tournament. Pictured left to right: Top row: Coach Charlie Mascagni, Evan Bernard, Markham McKnight, Cameron Vidrine, Dylan Holmes, Coach Randy Ernest, Coach Chris Ernest. Bottom row: Kade Stuart, Nick Major, Tyton Chiasson, John Mascagni, Skylar Bond, Trevor Tortorich. Not shown: Cole Brocato


Thursday, March 27, 2014 • Print Edition

St. Alphonsus Prime Timers Planning Trip to Branson In Memoriam: Velva Smith

The PrimeTimers at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Greenwell Springs are planning a trip to Branson in September. Two information sessions will be held at the church on Tuesday, April 1st at 9:30 in the morning and at 6:30 in the evening. For more information Call Tootie Bonacorso at Vacations by Crown at 225-236-1185.

Congratulations, Early Voting Ends Dr. Fountain! This Saturday

Early voting runs until March 29. Anyone may early vote, and you do not need a specific reason to do so. Choose any of the following locations to early vote during business hours: 222 St. Louis St. Room 201 in Baton Rouge; 10500 Coursey Blvd. Room 203 in Baton Rouge; Louisiana State Archives at 3851 Essen Ln. in Baton Rouge; or 2250 Main St. in Baker. Visit the Secretary of State’s website at for more voting details or for phone numbers of these early voting locations. Bring a form of I.D. to vote.

ALC High School Art Show Closing This Sunday

Dr. Jason Fountain, Principal at Central Middle School, was recognized and congratulated at the CCSS School Board meeting this week. Dr. Fountain has successfully completed the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He is pictured above with CCSS Assistant Superintendent Sandy Davis.

There are only a few days left to check out the free art show at Central Library on Joor Road. The Art League of Central partnered with local high school students to display some wonderful student work. Stop by any time during library hours, and vote for your favorite piece for the People’s Choice Award! Awards will be presented for first, second, and third places, along with two honorable mentions. The closing reception and awards presentation will be held on Sunday, March 30th at 3:00 PM. The reception is open and free to the public.

“God saw I was tired and a cure was not to be, so He put His arms around me and whispered come to Me.” God called Velva Rose Drwenski Smith home on March 13, 2014 at the age of 88. Velva was a native of Casper, Wyoming and a resident of Central. She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and sister who is survived by her husband, Julian Smith; her children, Laura Knight, Rudy and wife Ginger Smith, and R.L. and wife Sharie Smith; six grandchildren, Aaron Knight, Jeff Knight and wife Brittney, Rudy Smith, Jr. and wife Francine, Jessica and husband Roger Blouin, Christopher Leon Smith, and Michael Taylor Smith; eight great-grandchildren; sister Lollie Miller and husband Donald; brother Ray Drwenski and wife B.J.; and former son-in-law Harry Knight. She is preceded in death by her parents, Robert and Pauline Drwenski. Pallbearers will be the grandsons. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to St. Jude. Visitation was held at Greenoaks Funeral Home on Friday, March 14, 2014 from 5pm until 9pm. Visitation resumed on Saturday, March 15, 2014 from 8am until funeral service at 10am. Interment followed on the grounds of Greenoaks Memorial Park. The family would like to give a special thank you and express their appreciation to LA Hospice, Barry Scannell, and Grace Williams. “I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness.” II Timothy 2:4

PUZZLES 15 Print Edition • Thursday, March 27, 2014


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Robotic-Assisted Simple EBRSO Accepting Applications for the 2014 Prostatectomy Provides Relief for Men With Urinary Issues Reserve Academy Dr. J. Dudley Atkinson performs robotic-assisted simple Prostatectomy surgeries along with a full complement of traditional urologic services at Ochsner Medical Center – Baton Rouge, Ochsner Health Center – Summa, and Ochsner Health Center – Prairieville. Nearly all men experience prostate enlargement as they age, also referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Symptoms can include extremely slow urination, frequent urinary tract infections, urinary retention, frequent bleeding from the prostate, bladder stones, and even damage to the kidneys. These problems can severely interfere with your daily life and affect the quality of life you live. If you suffer from any of these symptoms of BPH, your doctor likely will suggest a procedure known as simple prostatectomy. This involves removing the inner part of the prostate gland pressing against the urethra. There are several different methods used to perform simple prostatectomy, but robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy is the latest advancement in this type of surgical technology and is also less invasive than traditional open surgery. Robotic-assisted laparoscopic

prostatectomy is done by making five small incisions (one-quarter to one-half inch each) in the lower abdomen where advanced optics provide 10-times magnified, threedimensional images of the prostate and surrounding nerves and tissues, and robotic arms eliminate even the slightest human hand tremors. So in addition to being less invasive than open surgery, there also is less blood loss, less post-operative pain, and a quicker recovery. Note that this procedure differs from a radical prostatectomy, which is used to treat prostate cancer and remove the entire prostate gland. Simple prostatectomy removes just parts of the prostate that are causing complications from enlargement. As with all surgeries, simple prostatectomy comes with a few risks. These include incontinence, urethral stricture, infertility, and injury to internal organs. A patient’s age and overall health also will make a difference in his recovery. With the absence of complications, patients should see a complete recovery in six weeks and regain normal urinary tract function. The blood loss and hospital stay of a simple prostatectomy are shortened a great deal by using the robotic surgery system. For more information or for an appointment, please call 225-761-5200.


Central Speaks 03/27/14