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Arson investigation seminar can earn students certificate and college credit The Department of Criminal Justice at UCF and the Division of Continuing Education will host “The Basics of Arson and Fire Investigations” Thursday, July 21, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students who attend the seminar for the full day will be awarded a certificate of completion from the Division of Continuing Education. Students can also earn one credit hour if they participate in on-line quizzes, tests and optional writing assignments. The seminar will be held in Room 126 of the Health and Public Affairs building. For more information, contact Associate Professor Ross Wolf at 407-8232603 or • Thursday, July 21, 2011

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UCF student arrested by FBI Tweet, blog post lead to investigation KATIE KUSTURA Editor-in-Chief

Be careful what you tweet, it could result in a visit from the FBI. That’s what happened to one UCF student a month after he sent a tweet to the FBI Press Office. Computer engineering major Scott Matthew

Arciszewski was arrested by FBI special agents on Tuesday for an “alleged computer intrusion” of InfraGard, an FBI program “designed to establish an alliance between academia, private industry and the FBI,” according to a press release from the FBI’s Tampa Division. Arciszewski was

To comment on this story visit: released from custody late Tuesday after making an initial appearance in Orlando federal court before United States Magistrate Judge Donald Dietrich, according to Special Agent Dave Couvertier,

the public affairs officer for the FBI’s Tampa Field Office. Arciszewski The FBI tracked Arciszewski for about a month after he allegedly tried to hack into the website. He also sent a message to the Twitter account for the FBI Press

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Post-grad struggle will soon improve Unemployment rates should drop in 2012 J.C. SMITH Like many recent college graduates in Florida and the rest of the country, Jessica Hewkin continues to struggle months after graduation to find a job in a bad economy. “I’m, of course, applying for job after job after job with lit- Snaith tle to no response, nevermind an interview,” said Hewkin, who graduated in May. The English literature and political science major says the few responses she does receive to her internet searches are either, “we’ll look over your application now, thanks for your interest” or “we’ve had a lot of qualified responses, and we aren’t able to offer you an interview at this time.” In the interim, she is using the time as an opportunity to gain more experience, serving as an intern for Ruth’s List Florida and Florida Rep. Scott Randolph. But Hewkin faces an additional

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Last space shuttle aims for Thursday landing CAPE CANAVERAL — On the eve of NASA’s historic, wheel-stopping end to the shuttle program, the four astronauts making the final journey and the flight controllers who will guide them home said they’re starting to feel a rush of emotions. “You know what? I really do feel like it’s coming near the end,” said the commander of the homeward-bound space shuttle Atlantis, Christopher Ferguson.


Anthony computer expert backs off previous claims


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ORLANDO — A computer expert who testified in the Casey Anthony trial is refusing to comment on media reports that evidence offered about extensive chloroform searches on the family’s computer was inaccurate. In a statement released Wednesday, a Michigan attorney representing computer software designer John Bradley says his client disputes “erroneous media reports” that claim he insinuated any wrongdoing on the part of prosecutors.

Office and created a post on his personal website questioning the security of InfraGard’s Tampa chapter. “The FBI cyber crime unit’s intelligence-gathering efforts and counterhacking techniques alerted us to potential plot,” Couvertier said in an email. “In anticipation of the attack, we contacted the website

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I.D.E.A.S. recognized by Obama administration JORDAN SNYDER Senior Staff Writer

From their weekly bike rallies to raise awareness about carbon emissions, to their efforts to save UCF’s arboretum, Intellectual Decisions on Environmental Awareness Solutions has been making efforts to get noticed. Recently, those efforts paid off when the Obama administration named the group Champions of Change. I.D.E.A.S. was founded in June of 2008 by UCF students Hank Harding III and Chris Castro, and since then the group has been gaining recognition around the nation. “People are becoming aware of what we’re doing, and that obviously has a direct connection to what we do,” said Sebastian


I.D.E.A.S.was recognized as Champions of Change by the Obama administration after posting on

Church, co-president of I.D.E.A.S. and senior English literature major. “I think it’s more in the fact that we’re turning heads and people are starting to

pay more attention, which is what I.D.E.A.S. is; it’s about environmental awareness solutions.” I.D.E.A.S., along with six other environmentalist

groups from around the country, was recognized by the Obama administration after posting their work with the Orlando community on DoSome- “We’re walking the walk and talking the talk, and it is really showing in terms of all of this recognition we are getting,” UCF alumnus Harding said. Champions of Change is a subsidiary group in the White House that honors students and young adults in the local community for the efforts to not only improve their area with service projects, but also to raise awareness about environmental issues. According to Harding, he and co-founder Castro had no clue that I.D.E.A.S. had been named Champions of Change until they held a video conference with Kal Penn, the director of the White House’s Office of Public Engagement.



July 21, 2011 •

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• July 21, 2011


InfraGard site ‘not safe, secure, or hacker-proof’ FROM A1 host who supported our efforts to protect their info and system.” Under the username voodooKobra, Arciszews-

ki tweeted, “InfraGard Tampa has one hell of an exploit,” to the FBI Press Office account. On his personal website, he posted, “Not only is [InfraGard’s] site not

safe, secure, or hackerproof, but it took me less than 5 minutes to find a vulnerability that could potentially allow anyone to hack in and obtain employee login informa-

tion, which could in turn be used to gain access to other FBI-affiliate websites and compromise national security. Imagine what damage could be caused if a sophisticated

hacker decided to look at their website.” He also tweeted from voodooKobra, on June 21, “No matter how intimidating a website or a website’s owners might be, that

doesn’t mean it’s necessarily secure.” His most recent tweet following his arrest? “I have had a very bad day. I am stressed to the max.

Students speak to Kal Penn FROM A1 “They were pretty vague in the email, but basically they wanted a group of students who were involved in the project to be on a conference call with a White House representative,” Harding said. Penn, who is also famous for his acting roles in such films as Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, asked the students who were named Champions of Change a series of questions about their beliefs and what they hope their organization can accomplish. Harding said the age range of students who were also recognized impressed him. So much so, that he may have stepped on Penn’s toes by stealing his closing remarks. “Kal Penn asked if there were any closing remarks, and I actually took Kal Penn’s thunder,” Harding said. “I was like, ‘Yeah, I wanted to say that I really admire the fact that all of you young kids are getting involved. I didn’t get involved in the environmental movement until I was a junior in college. You’re middle school level, high school level, and you’re just as impassioned as we are.’” Harding added that


Samantha Ruiz,left,co-president of I.D.E.A.S.and senior legal studies major, said raising awareness is important to members of the organization.

after he finished his closing statements, Penn said that Harding had said exactly what he wanted to say, they all had a good laugh, and then the video conference ended. It wasn’t just one project that got I.D.E.A.S. on the White House radar, but a series of ongoing projects submitted to These projects included, among other things, their beach and lake cleanups, building a livable shack out of recycled materials for UCF’s Shack-a-Thon and their efforts to save UCF’s Arboretum. “We had a ‘Save the Arboretum’ day,” Harding said. “We just basically showed our support of the local arboretum at UCF’s campus and brought awareness about how they were trying to build upon this arbore-

tum land, which is basically where the environmental movement at UCF started.” According to Harding, 2011 has been a year to remember for I.D.E.A.S.; the group was named best activist group by Orlando Weekly, was named Conservation Organization of the Year by the Florida Wildlife Federation and has now received the title Champions of Change. “We’ve been doing I.D.E.A.S. since June of 2008,” Harding said. “To brand ourselves and to let the White House see us was like passing our farthest line in terms of getting people to recognize our efforts, and we are all very proud of it.” Still, despite all of the recognition, the most important thing to members of I.D.E.A.S. is still to


I.D.E.A.S.was recognized by the Obama administration after posting their work in the Orlando community on

raise awareness about environmental issues. “Regardless of the issues that we are focusing on, we are getting people

involved,” said Samantha Ruiz, co-president of I.D.E.A.S. and senior legal studies major. “We are raising awareness and we are

making people start to be a little more conscious about the efforts that they can take to make the world a better place.”


July 21, 2011 •

Schools become hot spots for solar power SAVANNAH STEGALL Contributing Writer

Florida schools have the Florida Solar Energy Center to thank for a new source of power. “The solar electric systems, also known as photovoltaic systems, will provide power during outages, offset electricity costs to the school during normal operations and reduce greenhouse gases,” assistant director of communications for the Florida Solar Energy Center, Sherri Shields, said. As a UCF research institute, the Florida Solar Energy Center has been working with both small and large agencies, funding them through contracts and grants. One of them is the SunSmart E-Shelter program, funded by the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which provided these photovoltaic systems to schools with a $10 million stimulus grant, Shields said. Schools are able to apply for the grant through the program. To be eligible, the school must be a public school or college in Florida and a state-designated Enhanced Hurricane Protection Area shelter, according the Florida Solar Energy Center website. “Ninety public schools in Florida have been competitively selected to participate in the SunSmart Schools E-Shelter program,” Shields said. “Each participating school will receive a 10-kilowatt solar energy system with a battery back up, complete with installation.” The schools picked for this project were ranked based on demographics, emergency shelter needs, partnerships and existing renewable energy educa-

To comment on this story visit: tion and outreach plans, Shields said. “Geneva Elementary administration applied through a grant to the SunSmart E-Shelter School program in April 2010,” Tina Erwin, principal of Geneva Elementary, said. “The contractor contacted us in June 2011 and a site for the solar panels has been identified.” Geneva Elementary is one of the schools that has been provided with this project. Back in 2004 during the hurricanes, Geneva Elementary hosted about 150 people for several days and their temporary generator system kept malfunctioning, Erwin said. With the addition of new solar panels provided by this program, this will not happen again. In the event that the school is being used for a shelter, similar to Geneva Elementary, the back up battery pack in each solar energy system will provide enough power for critical energy needs such as lighting, communications and essential medical equipment during a power outage, Shields said. “As an emergency shelter site, the SunSmart solar panels will power the lights and convenience plugs in the cafeteria,” Erwin said. Energy curriculum workshops are available for not only teachers and students, but the public, as well. These workshops allow those attending to analyze the performance data that will be uploaded to The program also provides operation and maintenance workshops for the facility managers at the schools, Shields said.

“Two teachers attended an informational session at UCF on March 8, 2011 regarding the Solar Energy project and are excited to share future information available to teachers and students,” Erwin said. Each school’s photovoltaic system includes a data monitoring device that reports information to Anyone with access to the Internet can view each school’s electrical output and students can use their critical thinking skills to analyze data and compare their information with other schools, Shields said.

The photovoltaic system at Oak Hammock Middle School in Ft.Myers is near completion. UCF TODAY

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• July 21, 2011


Career Services helps grads find available jobs FROM A1 challenge. Born in England, she moved to the United States with her family at the age of 10. Now, she faces the likelihood of leaving the country if she cannot find a job that supports her work visa before her status as a student expires. The economy affects current students, as well. Junior political science major Ali Kurnaz found himself looking for his first job after a combination of cuts to the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program, an increase in tuition and his parents’ own struggles with money. Kurnaz went to Waterford Lakes Town Center to apply for a job and went “from Target to Best Buy and everywhere in between” with no luck. After searching since the end of April, he recently secured a job with the Walt Disney World Resort starting in August, but worries that the seasonal job won’t last. He’s also concerned the pay may do little more than cover his gas money for the 40-minute ride to Disney, the largest employer in Central Florida. The job market for many UCF students and recent graduates like Kurnaz and Hewkin remains gloomy. While Florida’s jobless figures seemed to offer a glimmer of hope in May, with unemployment at its lowest levels since August 2009, the national numbers for June painted a different picture. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national unemployment rate remained virtually unchanged at 9.2 percent, representing 14.1 million people looking for work. Job growth remained stagnant, with only 18,000 jobs being created. “The national numbers, I think, were a disappoint-

ment, and that may be an understatement,” said Dr. Sean Snaith, director of UCF’s Institute for Economic Competitiveness. “Only 18,000 jobs in total were added to payrolls last month. Given the millions of people who are unemployed, the rate of job creation is wholly insufficient to bring this economic recovery to the labor market, which has been waiting for a turnaround for many years now.” At 10.6 percent, Florida’s jobless rate remains higher than the national average, but has continued to improve after peaking in December at 12 percent. Snaith, a nationally recognized economist, believes the numbers are tied to weakness in the U.S. economy, surging oil prices and the disasters in Japan that disrupted supply chains. “I expect the second half of the year to be markedly better,” Snaith said. Despite the prolonged economic recovery, students and recent grads do have a place to turn. UCF’s Career Services offers an array of options to help students prepare for and conduct their job searches. Some of these programs include career planning and exploration, career fairs, workshops, résumé assistance, skill building, practice interviews and KnightLink, a job board featuring employers looking specifically for UCF students and recent graduates. “The economy has been bad; jobs have been down. That’s not news,” Career Services Executive Director Lynn Hansen said. “But students can prepare themselves in a number of ways to overcome it.” Hansen advised students to start the process of preparing for their careers early. In addition to earning


UCF’s Career Services helps students prepare for and conduct job searches.

good grades, she said students “need to have other things to make them competitive and marketable.” “They need to have a related job experience,” Hansen said. “That means, if you are working as a waiter in one of the hotels, that is an excellent experience if you’re hospitality major. But it is not necessarily the strongest experience if you are a computer scientist. You need to have work that is related to your major.” According to Hansen, leadership experience is also very attractive to employers. She suggests students become involved early in student organizations, student government, fraternities and sororities or athletics — anywhere they can take on structured leadership roles. Additionally, job seekers should be equipped with polished résumé and be prepared. “They need to make a good impression when they meet with employers, so they better have some communication skills,” she said. “There are a large number of applicants for every available job,” Snaith said. “Be patient, and do whatever you have to do to put yourself in the best possible light. Make sure that your résumé is in tip-top shape, and make sure every cover

letter is grammatically correct. You don’t want to give anybody any reason whatsoever to throw your résumé out of the pile and not consider it.” Both Snaith and Hansen point to health care and hospitality as examples of Florida industries that continue to produce the most jobs, but Hansen says she has seen improvement across the board this year. “I think the prospects for the state’s economy are still very strong,” Snaith said.

“The downturn in Florida was a cyclical one, though be it a dramatic one. But cycles reverse themselves; that’s their nature. We’re in that process. I think in the second half of this year we’ll start to see a little better job growth, but realistically 2012 or 2013 will be when job growth in Florida really accelerates.” With an average job search taking six months, Snaith says job seekers should “expect a long, frustrating, difficult search.”

“It’s a difficult labor market, that’s for sure,” Snaith said. “It might be a good time to consider graduate school.” But Hansen cautions against becoming discouraged. “Although the economy is bad and people are concerned that there aren’t any jobs, that’s not the case,” Hansen said. “There are jobs. I don’t want people to be paralyzed. Don’t be so discouraged that you don’t do anything.”

Sports • Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Men’s basketball


Getting buckets


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Spurlock helps kids on and off court through Team Buckets

NFL PLAYERS ON LOCKOUT ENDING:NOT SO FAST WASHINGTON — Cautioning not to assume the lockout will be over by the weekend, NFL Players Association president Kevin Mawae said his group is “not tied”to a deadline for getting a deal done in the next 24 hours. “We want to go back to work,” Mawae said Wednesday outside NFLPA headquarters, “but we will not agree to a deal unless it’s the best deal for the players.” If the four-month lockout — the NFL’s first work stoppage since 1987 — is going to end in time to keep the preseason completely intact, the players and owners almost certainly must ratify the deal by Thursday. The St. Louis Rams and Chicago Bears are scheduled to open the preseason Aug. 7 in the Hall of Fame game. The NFLPA’s executive committee and representatives of all 32 teams were meeting in Washington, prepared to review and vote on a full agreement — if they received it later Wednesday. Members of the NFL’s labor committee were meeting in Atlanta on Wednesday, so they could decide whether to recommend a finalized proposal to all club owners. The owners then would vote Thursday; at least 24 would need to OK the deal. If it’s passed by both sides, team executives would be schooled Thursday and Friday in Atlanta in the guidelines and how to apply them; topics would include the 2011 NFL calendar, rookie salary system and new free agency rules. “Our goal today is to see what is on the table and discuss outlying issues,” Mawae said. “The players are not tied to a July 21 timeline. Our timeline is that which gives us the best deal for the players — today, tomorrow or whatever it might be.” Two people familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press that players and owners were expected to review a potential agreement by midday Wednesday. Another person, however, said there still were issues to be resolved. All three people spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because the process was supposed to remain confidential. The NFLPA’s executive committee reviewed only portions of a potential agreement Tuesday, with not enough information to warrant a vote yet. There still were unresolved issues Tuesday, including what it would take to get the 10 plaintiffs — including quarterbacks Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson and Patriots guard Logan Mankins — to sign off on a settlement to their antitrust lawsuit against the NFL that is pending in federal court in Minnesota. Late Tuesday, Jackson tweeted: “I have made no demands, I wanna play ball like the rest of my peers!” “Obviously, there’s the litigation with the named plaintiffs, and I am not familiar with the whole legal part of it. ... But at the end of the day,” Mawae said, “the deal we are working on is the deal that’s best for all the players in the NFL, and not just four guys.” Another pending dispute has been the TV networks case, in which players accused owners of setting up $4 billion in “lockout insurance.” The country’s most popular professional sports league has been in limbo since the old collective bargaining agreement expired March 11. The lockout began hours later. The regularseason opener is scheduled for Sept. 8, when the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers are to host the New Orleans Saints.

STUDY: NFL IN L.A.CREATES $41 MIL IN TAX REVENUE LOS ANGELES — The company vying to build an NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles has released an independent study saying its plan could yield $41 million in new tax revenue each year. The study distributed in summary form Wednesday says the revenue would come from activity at the proposed venue and from activity in other parts of the city connected to the site. AEG funded the study as part of its research into its plan for a 72,000to76,000-seat stadium at the site of the city’s convention center. Another study released by AEG Wednesday said the stadium and related convention center improvements would boost the number of conventions in the city each year and prompt the construction of some 2,400 new hotel rooms. — ASSOCIATED PRESS

STEVEN RYZEWSKI Basketball beat writer

Last season, the Knights’ men’s basketball scout team was headlined by three transfers from major-conference schools: Tristan Spurlock from Virginia, Josh Crittle from Oregon and Jeff Jordan from Illinois, all ineligible for one year due to transfer regulations. They named themselves “Team Buckets,” because as Spurlock explained, they “felt like they could score at any time.” Thanks to the efforts of Spurlock and senior sports and exercise science major Josh Johns, a simple nickname given to the scout team has taken on a life of its own. Team Buckets is now in the beginning stages as a non-profit organization aiming to work with youth in the community, with the goal of providing children a positive influence. The organization is themed around sports, with a large part of the foundation based around the usage of athletes as role models and people who the youth will listen to. “We took that (the name) and we flipped it into an organization that we wanted to reach out to the community,” Spurlock said. Spurlock met Johns shortly after arriving on campus last summer, and the two quickly became friends. They now refer to one another as best friends, even brothers. When Johns kept hearing the nickname being thrown around by Spurlock, he said he spotted an opportunity. It all started with the name. “I told Tristan, ‘How can we turn this into CFF ARCHIVE

Tristan Spurlock,shown during a scrimmage,is involved with Team Buckets,a non-profit organization aimed toward helping children in the community.


Poorly paid Pirates are still finding ways to win Don’t look now. Better yet, do not move so much as a muscle – the Pittsburgh Pirates are in first place and threatening to disrupt the cosmos as I write this piece. After posting back-toback shutouts against the defending National League Central champion Cincinnati Reds the last two nights, the Pirates, with a record of 51-45, have leapfrogged the Milwaukee Brewers and ascended into the national spotlight. It’s been 19 years since the Pirates stood alone atop their division at this point of the season, back when a significantly lessmonstrous Barry Bonds led the team to the playoffs. Better said, “Baby Got Back” was the No. 1 song in the United States the

CHRIS BOYLE Copy editor

last time Pittsburgh was in first. The fact that this team, who the New York Yankees could most likely purchase if they so desired, is even above .500 can be attributed to nothing short of a modern-day miracle. The Pirates still rank in the bottom third of the majors in every offensive category, despite a breakout season from former top outfielder prospect Andrew McCutchen. Three offensive

starters – catcher Ryan Doumit, outfielder Jose Tabata and shortstop Ronny Cedeno – are all on the disabled list, while the 2008 No. 2 overall pick, third baseman Pedro Alvarez, struggles in the minor leagues. Not only are these Pirates hitters generally not talented to begin with, they’re not even healthy right now. So, how on Earth is this team contending right now? The pitching staff. Pittsburgh’s staff has improved as much as any team’s in the entire league this season, bouncing back from posting the worst earned run average among the 30 MLB teams in 2010. Starters Jeff Karstens,



Pittsburgh players Neil Walker and Jeff Kartens celebrate after a win.For the first time in 19 years,the Pirates are all alone in first place in the NL Central.

• July 21, 2011


Team Buckets sets positive example for kids FROM A6 something different?’” Johns said. “So right before I went home for Mother’s Day, I sat down and wrote out a tagline and stuff like that. ‘Get buckets every day in every way’ is the theme I came up with.” Spurlock and Johns say the message is to take the idea of “getting buckets,” commonly associated with scoring points in basketball, and apply it to everyday life for youth. “You get an ‘A’ — that could be a bucket,” Spurlock said. Team Buckets has had two events so far; a basketball tournament in Johns’ hometown of Pensacola and a community barbecue here in Orlando. “We just got a local park and gave away free tshirts to kids in Pensacola, kids who may not know what it takes to get to college,” Spurlock said of the tournament, which had a turnout of 80 to 100 people, and in addition to basketball, featured relay races and other activities. For the picnic in Orlando, Johns got in touch with Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic, and the collaboration led to a turnout of hundreds on Memorial Day at Turkey Lake Park. Magic point guard Gilbert Arenas also came out to the event which was advertised through Howard’s Twitter account. Johns knows Howard after playing against the now-NBA All-Star while Howard was in his senior year of high school at a tournament in Tallahassee. At the tournament, their teams stayed in the same hotel and became acquainted. In addition, Johns has also worked

part-time for the Magic during his sophomore year. Using athletes such as Howard and Arenas, and even Spurlock, is how Johns says he hopes to best connect with the youth. “You’ll remember if Dwight Howard says, ‘Hey, stay in school,’” Johns said. “I know that things like that will make a lasting impression.” Since the Memorial Day event with Howard, Johns says he has been focused on building a website and networking for the organization. He also says they are pushing for the next event to be in September, possibly a celebrity softball game or a 5K race. Spurlock, who hopes to visit some local schools this fall as part of his role with the organization, says specifically that he wants to show kids that while sports are important, there has to be more to a person’s character. “We want to show them that you can’t just be an athlete and get by,” Spurlock said. Johns admitted he has been nervous over both events with regards to turnout and success, especially the first event in Pensacola. That’s when he says he got some valuable advice from his grandfather and family. “They were telling me not to stress it, that if we touch just one kid and change one kid’s day then we’d done our job,” Johns said. “The smallest things can make kids have a great day and that’s fulfilling to me.” Team Buckets’ website is up, although still under construction, and can be found online at


Josh Johns,center (holding basketball),founded Team Buckets along with Knights basketball player Tristan Spurlock to help children in the community.

Pitching gives Pirates playoff hope FROM A6 Kevin Correia, Paul Maholm, James McDonald and Charlie Morton all have ERAs of less than four runs per game this year. By contrast, the team gave up five runs per game last year. They’ve also combined to win 39 games this season, more than all starters did a year ago. Perhaps most importantly, the Pirates actually have a legitimate option as a closer. Joel Hanrahan,

an All-Star, has picked up 28 saves and posted a paper-thin 1.24 ERA. Entering the season, the 29-year-old had saved 20 games. The Pirates are the classic small-market Cinderella story, much like the Tampa Bay Rays were in 2008. Divisional cellardwellers for the better part of the millennium, the Pirates rank 27th in the majors in team payroll, according to Maholm, making $6.25

million this season, is the highest-paid player on the roster. To put his salary into perspective, four players on the last-place Houston Astros make more. More than half of the team’s players are making less than half a million dollars this season. Alex Rodriguez’s 2010 salary of $32 million equals approximately 70 percent of the Pirates’ payroll. The Pirates have gutted their roster multiple

times to shed salary, as well. They have traded solid players like Aramis Ramirez and Jason Bay for less-than-average talent making very little money. It’s good to see baseball thriving again in one of America’s better, more loyal sports markets, one that has endured 18 consecutive losing seasons. Who knows? The Pirates may actually add a player or two before the July 31 trade deadline in an attempt to make a serious run for the postseason.

Variety The Student Newspaper at UCF since 1968 • Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Ibiza @ Roxy Nightclub 10 p.m. free - $7

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Back in Black: AC/DC Tribute @ The Social 9 p.m. $10

Sigma Chi alumni open spacious downtown bistro ALEXANDRIA NICODEMI Contributing Writer

Matthew Morrison @ The Amway Center 7 p.m. $40 - $105 SATURDAY

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Sounds Like Summer Concert Series: Karin Lawson A tribute to Janet Jackson @ America Garden Theatre 5:45 p.m. included with park admission SUNDAY

American Idol Live @ The Amway Center 7 p.m. $43 - $63

Kyle Israel experienced plenty of success during his fouryear tenure as a quarterback for the UCF football team, leading the team to its first conference championship. Now, he looks to find similar success in the business world, along with partners Travis Barr and Carey Sobel, by opening the American bistro, Terrace 390, in the heart of downtown Orlando. All three owners, former members of Sigma Chi fraternity at UCF, have made it clear that they are not going anywhere. Israel said he has high hopes regarding the growth of downtown Orlando. “UCF has been fueling the economy of downtown Orlando, alumni have been making the move to downtown Orlando upon graduation,” he said. Terrace 390 has a remarkable outdoor patio. The spacious, 10,000-square-foot terrace is perfect for enjoying the beautiful Floridian climate both day and night. With a huge outdoor bar and plenty of seating, this place is ideal for special events. Inside, well, it’s comfortable to say the least. The bar is the focal point in the room surrounded by 10 flat-screen televisions, making this spot an ideal location for downtowners to watch UCF football games. Weekly specials include “Get Over the HUMP” Wednes-


UCF Sigma Chi alumni Kyle Israel,Travis Barr and Carey Sobel opened the American bistro,Terrace 390,in the heart of downtown Orlando.

FOOD REVIEW days, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. By paying a $17 cover charge, customers receive all-you-can-drink wine, bottles of Budweiser and Miller Lite, sliders and house-made chips and live music.


Making music from Natura to Nashville AUSTIN CASTLE Contributing Writer

The Orlando music scene has missed folk singer and UCF alumnus James Roquemore since he left town in 2010 to find a music career in Nashville, Tenn. Once a local standout and open mic regular, Roquemore is now faced with rebuilding a fan base and gaining recognition in the musical city of Nashville. “The Nashville music scene is very interesting. It is definitely the most competitive scene I’ve ever seen. Everybody is a songwriter, everybody plays guitar,” Roquemore said. “In that sense, it’s a little intimidating to know that feeling that you’re not special because you’re a musician – you’re


UCF alumnus and folk singer James Roquemore moved to Nashville, 2010 to pursue a music career.

actually part of the majority.” During his years at UCF, Roquemore steadily

earned loyal fans, playing house parties and frequenting places like Natura Café and Austin’s Cof-

fee. At a CD release party held at the Plaza ‘Live’ Theatre in August 2009, Roquemore unveiled his

EP titled “The First,” which he recorded at FlatFoot records at Valencia Community College. His performance that night featured a full band and nine-piece string section. Now Roquemore spends his days writing songs for a new record in ambitious style. Outside of his own talent on guitar, piano, bass and drums, he also plans on recording with string musicians for roughly half the album. Roquemore said the record will consist of a wide range of “pop songs, to kind of darker blues songs, to sweet and slightly depressing folk songs.” “This record is going to be a lot different from the first. I feel like it’s


• July 21, 2011


Courtesy Paramount Pictures

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER (PG-13) Growing up a frail youth, Steve Rogers wanted to enlist in the army. However, because of his frailty and sickness, he was rejected. He is then offered the opportunity to take part in a special experiment, emerging with a body as perfect as a body can be and still be human. As Captain America he continues his war against evil both as a sentinel of liberty. Directed by: Joe Johnston Starring: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones, Neal McDonough, Sebastian Stan



Social networking is the best way to network While spending my summer in D.C., I have learned one valuable thing that I can’t put a price on – learning how to network is key. Whether you want to schmooze in the city’s inner business circle, meet and talk with future employers or share ideas with policymakers, the word “networking” will get you pretty far. Resources and relationships are key if any young, upcoming professional wants to embark on their career path and strive for that dream job. Business owners and entrepreneurs have told me numerous times that having the right connections


can make a huge difference in my success. The most important way to make that connection is through your online identity. Whether anyone chooses to embrace it or not, social media has taken this world by storm, and Washington, D.C. is no different. Facebook, LinkedIn,

Twitter, Digg, Friendster and now Google Plus — the list goes on and on. Hey, Barack Obama was even dubbed the first tech president. With various government and news organizations utilizing Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis, it’s no wonder the nation’s capital is ranked as one of the most “social savvy.” Through my time spent here in Washington, D.C., I have had the chance to create a branding campaign for myself. My online platform showcases my skills and what I want people to know and take away from me. With about every one in four employers

“Googling” potential employees nowadays, according to Epic PR President Adele Cehrs, the question you should be asking yourself is how you want to be perceived. Perfecting and enhancing my online identity did not come easy, but I learned valuable lessons and tips that show potential employers that I am ready for success. While building your professional brand online you must find a way to stand out in a crowd with appropriate profiles: understanding your employers’ point of view, keeping consistent, knowing when to draw the line between per-

sonal and professional and going the extra mile in search of what you want to portray. Now trust me, before entering the professional world I thought I could avoid social media and simply use Facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends and share pictures. I was anti-Twitter, antiLinkedIn and anti-anything online really. However, after attending an event on social media and how to use it properly, I learned that an online identity is like your credit score; if you want to be relevant, not having one is a big disadvantage.

CAMPUS STYLE Name: Jason De La Rosa

Courtesy Screen Gems


Year: Sophomore

Dylan (Timberlake) and Jamie (Kunis) think it's going to be easy to add the simple act of sex to their friendship, despite what Hollywood romantic comedies would have them believe. They soon discover however that getting physical really does always lead to complications.

Major: Computer Engineering What are you wearing and where is it from? Shirt- World of Warcraft shirt Shoes- TOMS Shorts- Cutoff jean shorts

Directed by: Will Gluck Starring: Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Patricia Clarkson

Where do you like to shop? Threadless Who is your style icon?Tom Cruise

Regal Oviedo Marketplace

How do you describe your style? I usually wear cutoffs or skinny jeans and a T-shirt all the time.

1500 Oviedo Marketplace, 407-977-1107 Captain America:The First Avenger (PG-13) 11:30am 12:30 2:45 4:00 6:30 8:00 9:25 10:50 12:15am

Captain America:The First Avenger 3D (PG-13) 12:00 12:55 3:30 4:30 7:00 7:30 9:50 10:20 12:40am

Friends With Benefits


Happy hour at Terrace 390 is every day from 4 p.m.until 7 p.m.and includes $3 wine and cocktails,$2 drafts and half-off flatbreads.

(R) 12:35 1:00 4:15 4:45 7:15 7:45 9:55 10:25 12:35am

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (PG-13) 12:05 12:25 12:45 1:20 3:35 3:55 4:20 6:35 7:05 7:25 8:05 9:35 10:00 10:30 12:40am

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2:3D (PG-13) 11:45am 2:20 2:50 5:00 6:05 7:35 9:10 10:45 11:55

Winnie the Pooh

Terrace 390 gives back to university FROM A8

(G) 11:50am 2:25 4:55 7:10

Horrible Bosses (R) 12:40 3:50 7:50 10:15 12:45am

Zookeeper (PG) 12:50 3:45 6:50 9:40 12:20am

Larry Crowne (PG-13) 12:15 2:40 5:05 7:55 10:35

Transformers:Dark of the Moon (PG-13) 11:55am 1:05 3:40 4:25 6:55 7:40 10:10 12:00am

Transformers:Dark of the Moon 3D (PG-13) 12:20 4:05 7:20 10:40

Bad Teacher (R) 11:40am 2:35 5:05 7:20 9:45

Cars 2 (G) 12:10 4:35 7:35 10:05

Green Lantern (PG-13) 11:35am 2:30 5:10 8:10 10:55

Super 8 (PG-13) 9:30 12:30am — Listings for Friday, July 22

Regal Waterford Lakes 541 N. Alafaya Trail, 407-207-9110 Captain America:The First Avenger (PG-13) 1:00 2:00 3:55 4:50 7:05 8:00 10:00 11:00 12:45am

Captain America:The First Avenger 3D (PG-13) 12:30 1:30 3:25 4:25 6:30 7:30 9:30 10:30 12:20am

Friends With Benefits (R) 12:15 1:05 2:45 3:50 5:20 7:10 8:15 9:50 10:55 12:35am

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2:An IMAX 3D Experience NEW! (PG-13) 12:45 4:00 7:00 10:05

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (PG-13) 12:10 2:05 2:30 3:10 4:20 5:05 5:35 6:05 8:10 8:40 9:35 10:25 11:20 11:45 12:40am Open Captioned & Descriptive Audio 1:10 7:25

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2:3D (PG-13) 12:25 1:35 3:40 4:40 6:25 7:45 9:10 10:50 12:25am

Winnie the Pooh (G) 12:00 2:10 4:05 7:15

Horrible Bosses (R) 12:50 3:15 5:30 8:05 10:40 1:00am

Zookeeper (PG) 12:35 2:50 5:15 7:50 10:20 12:50am

Larry Crowne (PG-13) 9:25 12:15am

Transformers:Dark of the Moon (PG-13) 12:55 4:10 7:20 10:25

Transformers:Dark of the Moon 3D (PG-13) 12:05 3:30 6:35 9:45

Bad Teacher (R) 12:40 2:55 5:25 7:40 10:15 12:30am

Cars 2 (G) 12:20 2:40 5:00 7:35 10:10 — Listings for Friday, July 22

There is also live music on Thursdays, and local DJs perform Friday and Saturday night. Happy hour is every day from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. and includes $3 wine and cocktails, $2 drafts and half-off flatbreads. Terrace’s menu affords customers a wide variety of options. The homemade potato chips, an absolute must, will redefine what you consider a potato chip. Terrace 390 also boasts a few family traditions, like Barr’s grandmother’s traditional meatball sub. Cost-wise, the menu is reasonable for a college student’s budget and has everything from fresh fish, flatbreads, sliders, pasta and much more. If reading the menu isn’t enough for you, Terrace 390 takes it to the next level by allowing customers to see every item on the server’s Apple iPad. “People eat with their eyes,” Israel said. “We want every customer to know exactly what they can expect from our fresh products.” With 85 percent of its staff coming from UCF, Terrace 390 has made it a priority to give back to the community since its opening on April 8. On June 8, Terrace 390 hosted the first Patch Party, a fundraiser that brought more than 450 people to the restaurant to promote the tradition of UCF athletics. UCF senior hospitality major Molly Mattox, a hostess at Terrace 390, worked the event. “It was a great event that really showed how much of an impact our alumni has on our

school still,” Mattox said. Head coach George O’Leary spoke at the event, and Israel noted how supportive O’Leary has been by coming in four to five times a week. In addition to fundraisers, the guys give back to UCF by marketing specifically to hospitality students at the Rosen College, sending emails when new positions are open. Samantha Major, a senior sociology major and waitress at Terrace 390, said she looks up to all three guys and all of the time and dedication they have put into making the restaurant a success. “It is truly inspirational and I really enjoy coming to work because there is such a great group of people here,” Major said. Interaction with staff is of the utmost importance to Israel. “We have a great team as far as balancing each other out; it takes time management and organization,” Israel said. So go out and support your fellow UCF alumni and take a trip to 390 N. Orange Ave. Whether it’s to grab a few drinks, enjoy dinner and live music on the terrace, or just to see a few familiar faces, this place is exactly what downtown Orlando needs — a little UCF spirit.

How would you describe UCF’s style? Anything and everything, pajamas to suits, whatever you feel like. What is your favorite item to wear? My favorite pants; I love skinny jeans. COMPILED BY KATIE DEES

Storytelling is key element FROM A8 going to be a lot more accessible,” Roquemore said. “There are a lot more upbeat songs and something hopefully everyone can sing along to.” At night, Roquemore can usually be spotted in one of the many music venues that line the streets of Nashville’s Music Row. He said he plays out often in order to network with people who know how to promote artists like him. “Country music is definitely [the city’s] main focus,” Roquemore said, but he hopes his focus on “storytelling and simple, solid songwriting” will provide something familiar to country, Americana and folk music fans alike. He added that his fiction writing studies at UCF, along with an interest in narrative film, aid the storytelling aspect of his songwriting. Roquemore returned to a crowd mixed with longtime fans to play an acoustic performance at The Abbey in Orlando on Saturday night. The show, part of a 21st birthday celebration for a friend, was an opportunity for him to record a live performance. “We are hoping to get some video out of this since it is a really nice venue,” his brother Peter Roquemore said at the show. Roquemore’s family, who also relocated from Orlando to Nashville, enjoys supporting his music career. “He has to re-promote himself all over again, which is always a challenge,” Peter said. “At home, we let him play music all the time.” For the rest of the summer, the folk singer plans to continue his “couch tour,” playing house shows in exchange for a couch to sleep on. After a short trip to Alabama, Roquemore will travel back


Once a local standout and open mic regular,Roquemore is rebuilding a fan base in the musical city of Nashville.

to Orlando for a show at fan Kelly Riordan’s house in August. “His songs are easy to relate to,” Riordan, a senior communication sciences and disorders major, said. “His music is really relaxed and so chill. Plus, James is just a really nice person. So because of that, I want to support him.” Fans can follow Roquemore on Twitter and Facebook, or visit his website at to find tour dates, music videos and his blog.

Opinions The Student Newspaper at UCF since 1968


Don’t burden students for debt I

f you don’t think you have a stake in this debt ceiling debate, then you had better start paying attention. At a recent White House meeting during the deficit reduction talks, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) proposed eliminating the in-school subsidy on student loans as one step toward cutting the federal deficit, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. The Chronicle reported that President Obama reacted strongly to that proposal and pushed back hard against Cantor. “I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to take money from old people and screw students,” Obama said. Having the government pay the subsidy on certain student loans provides a sense of stability and calm to students. It allows students to pursue their educational goals, knowing that they will only be responsible for the principal amount of their loan, rather than the interest. This also provides a suitable alternative to the unsubsidized version of these loans, which provides students with more cash but keeps the tab running on the interest while the student is in school. The interest subsidy provides students with the alternative of coming out of their educational experience owing less money than they would otherwise. This is not the first time that Republicans have tried this sort of thing. According

to the Chronicle, Republicans have been proposing making students pay the interest on their loans as far back as 1994, as part of their “Contract with America.” They brought the idea back to life in their blueprint for the 2012 fiscal year, arguing that there is “no evidence” that the subsidy increases college attendance, according to the Chronicle. Students who aspire to achieve a college education are not motivated to do so because of an interest subsidy. Students pursue a college education for a wide variety of reasons. In some cases, they may want a better career. In others, they may simply be after personal enrichment through the knowledge that they obtain while attending a university. Paying for this subsidy, however, provides those students that rely on loans to educate themselves a certain level of stability while they are in college. The peace of mind that this subsidy provides allows students to focus on their educational goals while not having to wonder how much they will owe when accounting for interest owed. According to the Chronicle, eliminating this subsidy will save the federal government $43 billion over 10 years. This is not likely to be enough to put a dent into the current federal deficit, which stands at nearly $1.5 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Most experts agree that the long-term drivers of deficit and debt are entitlement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Our leaders should be focusing on the solvency of those programs first, before electing to come after students. Obama has acted judiciously in standing firm and not giving in to Cantor’s proposal in order to secure a deal on the debt ceiling. It should be noted, however, that Obama has supported eliminating the subsidy for graduate students as a way to cover a shortfall in the Pell Grant program, according to the Chronicle. Many Republicans have consistently talked about not raising taxes on anyone in a bad economy. If Cantor’s proposal is any indication, however, Republicans are perfectly happy to increase expenses upon students in a bad economy. The proposal to eliminate the inschool subsidy is a bad one, and Obama rightly rejected the proposal and stood up for the students of this country. Student loans are an important tool that give all of us an opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Protecting the subsidy provided by our federal government is critically important.Let us hope that cooler heads can prevail and that we can find sensible approaches to bringing our federal budget into balance and reducing our deficit and debt.

I choose to stand with Planned Parenthood Imagine that you are standgroup is well known for their ing in between two opposing long history of opposing a groups. woman’s right to choose, fightThe first group, dressed in ing against gay rights and orange volunteer vests, stands spreading vicious anti-Muslim quietly by the main entrance hatred. This group preaches of a local health clinic. This non-violence, and yet they health clinic provides reprohave been accused of being ductive care for women, men involved in many violent and teens at an extremely discrimes. Indeed, the National counted rate. They offer an Abortion Federation has stated ANNA ESKAMANI array of services to the comthat throughout the last 20 Guest Columnist munity, including the testing years, anti-choice groups, and treatment of sexually including OSA, have been transmitted diseases, cancer screenings responsible for six murders and 15 and access to contraception—including attempted murders of abortion providers. free condoms. They have also been behind some 200 Yes, this health clinic does provide bombings and arsons, 72 attempted abortion services, but it should be noted arsons, 750 death and bomb threats and that these services only make up 3 perhundreds of acts of vandalism, intimidacent of what this clinic does. Indeed, it tion, stalking and burglary. can be said that this clinic works very I told you initially to imagine being in hard to prevent the need for abortions the center of these two opposing groups, through educating clients on all methods but you won’t need your imagination; of birth control, including abstinence. believe it or not, OSA is protesting aborOn the opposing side, surrounding the tion centers, LGBT centers and mosques clinic, are active protesters from across right here in the city of Orlando. They the country, practicing their First Amend- chose the City Beautiful as the location ment right to speak freely. This group for their 2011 national conference because holds obscene signs with images of they thought they would find support bloody, stillborn babies. They wear shirts here. With five anti-choice bills passed by printed with religious rhetoric and the Florida Legislature, that notion should attempt to take photographs of those who not be surprising. Though I cannot deny walk in, out and around the health clinic. that this group has passion, I absolutely They are well-equipped with a sound sys- despise their motivation and tactics. How tem and sing faith-based songs while can a group who practices their First simultaneously demanding those who uti- Amendment right to free speech deny a lize the clinic’s services repent immediwoman’s right to choose? How can a ately. They are pro-lifers, more commonly group who preaches love be filled with so known to many of us as anti-choicers. much hate? As you might have assumed, the first By no means do I intend to downsize aforementioned group is Planned Parent- the importance of faith in one’s life. Howhood, one of the nation’s leading ever, groups like OSA do not give religion providers of reproductive health care a good name. In contrast, their use of reliservices. One in four women has visited a gion to manipulate followers and cause Planned Parenthood health center in her chaos is both unnecessary and a true lifetime. Here in Florida, Planned Parentexample of the problems that stem from hood provides close to 53,000 patients extremism. with birth control every year, along with With all of this taken into consideranearly 14,000 emergency contraception tion, I leave the decision to you: who do kits. With two locations in Orlando, you stand with? Planned Parenthood has evolved into Personally, when I find myself placed becoming a major community source for on a line between rationality and extreme reproductive health and education. subjectivity, it’s easy to choose which side The group protesting its existence is I want to stand with. This is why I stand known as Operation Save America. This with Planned Parenthood. • Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is money or charity the key to our happiness? Everyone has heard dent Jimmy Carter startthe old saying, “Money ed to notice that Ameridoesn’t buy you happican culture had begun to ness,” but what does that “worship self-indulgence even mean? Money buys and consumption.” He me a trip to Paris with confronted the issue my family, doesn’t that head-on in 1979, telling make me happy? Money the American people that allows me to buy insurthere are two paths to ance for my house and choose, the path of greed health care for the peoor the path of helping BRYAN EASTMAN ple I love, doesn’t that those that need it the Guest Columnist make me happy? Money most. allows me better securiThe next year, the ty, freedom and luxuries, all of people made their choice and they which make me happy. voted out Carter and elected Yet America is ranked 14th in the Ronald Reagan, who ran promising world for happiness according to to cut taxes and take away regulaForbes Magazine, despite taking in tions from industries. more money than any other counReagan took the gross federal try in the world; more than two debt from $900 billion to $2.7 triltimes as much as second-place lion, according to the Ludwig von China. Mises Institute. More important Statistics like these are hard to than that though, the culture of fathom in America. We live in a cul- America changed. According to the ture that, at its core, believes in the American Psychological AssociaAmerican dream of happiness: tion, since 1982 personal savings owning a business, making good have gone from 11 percent to below money for your family and getting a zero. Personal Consumption job where you can afford that trip Expenditures leapt from $15,800 in to Paris. These are all great ideals, 1980 to $26,300 per person in 2005, but it’s also important to see what according to independent investwe’ve lost by becoming the great ment management firm Muhsuperpower that we are today. lenkamp and Company, Inc. Yet For instance, Americans take an despite all of this spending, accordaverage of 14 days off of work a ing to a study done at Harvard, our year, according to ABC News. Com- happiness has slightly declined pare this to the English, who take since the 1980s. off 24 days a year, and the French, So here we sit at another crosswho vacation an average of 39 days roads: more than $14 trillion in debt, a year. According to the Federal and talking about restructuring the Reserve of Minneapolis, we also U.S. government in ways unprecework 50 percent more than Gerdented in American history. Everymans, French and Italians. Thanks one keeps talking about this in to issues like these, Americans are, terms of numbers, but what we on average, twice as stressed as should be asking is deeper, more what is considered safe for human critical. Who are we, as a people, health, according to the American right now in this generation? Will Psychological Association. Further- we continue running toward the more, our insistence on constantly pursuit of money, or will we slow calling for lower taxes, yet refusing down and decide in creating a betto cut any programs we like, has left ter quality of life? Do we continue us more than $14 trillion in debt. to “worship self-indulgence,” like What’s interesting to note is that Carter said in 1979, or do we decide this hasn’t always been the case. In to help our neediest of citizens? the 1970s, America was at a crossThese are the decisions a generaroads: America’s dependence on tion makes that defines them forevforeign oil had come back to bite er. We have to decide if we continus, the economy was stagnant and ue to chase this myth of happiness inflation was soaring. The United by net worth, or if we want to make States was in a state of loss, not real substantive changes to the way sure where to head after Watergate we view the American dream. This and the hippie movement. Presiis the choice our generation faces.

The Future encourages comments from readers.In order to be considered for publication, letters to the editor should not exceed 300 words;we may edit for length.Submit them online at or fax them to 407-447-4556.Questions? Call 407-447-4558.





‘Are you concerned with secondhand smoke in public places?’ TITO AQUINO



Biology, junior

Computer engineering, sophomore

Criminal justice, junior

"I don't believe the laws of smoking in public are too strict.I'm an asthmatic and its really bad when I'm around my friends who smoke."

"My freshman year at Apollo,I was one of 4 in about a group of 20 people who didn't smoke. I tried to avoid their smoke because I know secondhand smoke can be very dangerous."

"Since I personally don't smoke,I don't think they're too strict.I'm fine as long as the smoke isn't concentrated."




English education, junior

Business, junior

Psychology, senior

“Yes,I am concerned with the effects of secondhand smoking because its not fair for you to have health issues because of it because you don’t have any control over it.”

“Yes,I am concerned with the effects of secondhand smoke because they can be hazardous to your health.”

“I think they’re fine where they are.I am concerned with the effects but I think there are bigger issues.”

Classifieds • Thursday, July 21, 2011

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ROOMMATES 1RM. avail. in 3/2.5 townhouse in gated comm. Close to UCF; furnished, upgraded decor, security sys. $500/rm/month incl. util., basic cable and internet. 954-849-9276 2 or 3 roommates wanted,live in beautiful 4/3 large house with UCF Alumni $475+ util only 2 miles from UCF call Annie 407-493-9589 SERIOUS STUDENTS- Rooms for rent in 4/2 home in quiet Alafaya Woods min from UCF. Phone, Cable, Broadband. Fenced Yard. $550/ mo. util. incl. Call Zach 239-789-5241 Room for rent, female only. Very close to UCF, shopping and restaurants. Nice community and clean place. $400 per month, everything included. Call 407-7018331, $425/mo. Avail. Aug 1st. Lg room with clean, quiet, grad students/young prof. Pool, h/s Internet, cable, W/D, garage. Mins to UCF & VCC. 321-243-7170 or

North Carolina Mountain Lakefront lots. New gated waterfront community. Dockable lots with up to 300’of shoreline, Low insurance, Low property tax. Call Now (800)709-5253


Rate For Sale: Automotive B For Sale: General A For Sale: Pets A Services B Announcements A Travel` B Worship B Miscellaneous B Wanted B

7 5

First issue: Each addl issue:

Rate A

Rate B

Rate C







• Pricing includes up to four lines,35 characters per line • Offering a successful average return of over 85% • Reaching UCF and East Orlando,multiple publication placement available for Oviedo and Winter Springs • Enter and view classified ads online 24 hours a day

3 1 9 8 6 8 4 3 9


5 1



6 8 4 7 1 3

2 9

Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9 with no repeats. Monday puzzle: Easy level Thursday puzzle: Hard level

Solution, tips and computer program at

CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Grafton’s “A” 6 Mill fill 11 Witchy woman 14 Aristotle forte 15 Major outlet 16 Chemical ending 17 Start of a quip 19 Lot 20 First name in hair products 21 Spanish possessive 23 Like the 4-Down in a 1960 charttopper 25 Quip, part 2 26 Bear 27 Champagne designation 28 “them” author 29 Payoff 30 Acquire 31 Word in a current account? 32 Quip, part 3 35 Take willingly 38 Dreyer’s partner in ice cream 39 River wriggler 42 Don’t just want 43 Top-secret org. 44 PETCO Park player 46 Quip, part 4 48 Hawks’ homes 49 Outclassed by a large margin, as competitors 50 You are, in Yucatán 51 Mid-seventhcentury date 52 End of quip 56 Deborah’s “The King and I” costar 57 Thumbs-up person, perhaps 58 “Amazing” magician 59 Ike’s WWII domain 60 Alex’s mom on “Family Ties” 61 Words of reassurance DOWN 1 Poetic pugilist

By Claiborne Thompson

2 Online chuckle 3 “Tell me already” 4 See 23-Across 5 Stranded in winter, perhaps 6 Reading pen? 7 Fabled flier 8 Like many “Twilight Zone” episodes 9 Pub choice 10 Pay after taxes 11 Member of an ancient Asia Minor empire 12 Beautifier 13 Columbus, by birth 18 __ Bo 22 Exchanges 23 “Conan” channel 24 Handel cantata “__ e Leandro” 25 Least arid 27 Go out with 30 It’s eight hours later than PST 31 Singer Grant 32 Cut 33 Forest safety concern

7/21/11 Wednesday’s Puzzle Solved

Monday s Puzzle Solved


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34 Actress Lupino 35 Wool-coloring agent 36 Close-cropped hair style 37 Italian horse 39 Inventing family 40 Prior to 41 French article 43 Feature of one who is barely sleeping?


44 “Great” czar 45 Former PLO leader 47 Corolla part 48 Pompeii burier 50 French 101 verb 53 Nintendo’s Super __ 54 Meter lead-in 55 Hägar creator Browne

Solution and new puzzles in next issue’s Classifieds

MISCELLANEOUS AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Train for high paying Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified – Housing available. CALLAviation Institute of Maintenance (866)314-3769. Heat & Air JOBS - Ready to work? 3 week accelerated program. Hands on environment. Nationwide certifications and Local Job Placement Assistance! (877)994-9904 ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Accounting, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call (888)203-3179,


July 21, 2011 •

CFF, 7.21.11  

The Central Florida Future from July 21, 2011.

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