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World Missions The Salvation Army USA Central Territory World Missions Bureau 2010: Make it a Year to Remember by Chris Shay Do you remember Y2K? Could you be counted among the many people who hoarded water and food, bought generators, and cringed as they expected their computer information to be wiped out and the world sent into chaos? Perhaps you remember praying with anticipation for the challenges that the 21st century might hold. While everyone responded differently, one thing that can be said for the beginning of the year 2000, was that it was memorable. But as we have just completed a decade since that date, God has prompted me to ask myself: what have I done in these past ten years that has made a difference for good in the lives of my fellow brothers and sisters, here at home and around the world? God asks us to live by faith in His son Jesus Christ. In doing so, He leads us into opportunities to develop into generous people who desire to love and serve others, people made in His image. We all have a need for purpose. May I suggest a few ways to show purposeful engagement in missions this year? • Learn about other people, nations, and cultures and bring that knowledge to your church or corps. It has never been easier to learn about the world, yet few of

us take the time. • Participate on a short term mission trip. There is nothing like going to another country and culture to allow God to open our eyes to see and relate to the people He loves. The Salvation Army offers a variety of mission trip opportunities at the corps, divisional, and territorial level. • Encourage a missionary. On the back of this newsletter contacts are given for our Central Territory missionaries. The message you send may be just the encouragement they need today.

Give to World Services. As I write this article today, Haiti is in chaos as a result of a 7.0 scale earthquake. Aid is coming in from all over the world, including the Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services. When things are stabilized, there will still be a great need for resources for re-building and repairs. World Services money helps with these needs in Haiti and throughout the world. • Sponsor a home, school, or children’s center. In Haiti, La Maison du Bonheur home for children has been affected by the earthquake, and the suffering is great. Perhaps in the past you have considered sponsorship but you have not acted on it yet. Now would be a good time! Haiti,

Volume 3, Issue 2 1st quarter 2010 World Missions Bureau Staff Chris Shay, Director Kristin Caddy, Asst. Director Sarah Kincaid, Sponsorship & Mission Support Coordinator Contact us! Phone: 847-294-2108 Email: Missions@ Website: Children from the La Maison du Bonheur home

Facebook: SA World Missions

as well as over 1000 other Salvation Army facilities for children worldwide, have great need of support. The most important impact we can have on world missions is to commit all the above to prayer regularly. As we do, we will become a more generous people, less concerned with material possessions and more concerned with glorifying God. How wonderful it will be in ten years to be able to say that we remember 2010 as the year we stopped hoarding and worrying over resources and allowed God to work through us to impact the kingdom, while trusting Him for our daily needs. May it be so. Happy new year to you!

Inside this issue: Love in Action


Share Your Christmas Joy 2 5 Lessons from SMT


Light of the World: World Services 2010


Overseas Personnel Updates


Sponsorship - Page 2

Volume 3, Issue 2

Love in Action In 2009 the Sponsorship Program's Love In Action project raised over $15,677.54. These funds were used to purchase school uniforms, food, mobility products, mosquito nets, farm animals, baby care kits, and senior care in the following countries or regions: the Caribbean, Kenya, Bangladesh, Zambia, The Philippines, Congo Brazzaville, Ghana, Malawi, Uganda and South America. Love In Action is based on the verse, 'Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.' 1 John 3:18. If you're interested in showing your love in action visit to learn how! Here are some stories of how Love in Action made a difference to children around the world during 2009: Witness Yohane is a young man from Malawi who lost both parents. He is staying with an old aged grandmother and looks after his four

younger brothers and sisters. He had this to say when the Project Officer interviewed him: ‘Life is so hard for me, and my brothers and sisters. We spend sometimes a week without food except water. I have to go out to well-to-do families each day to do some piece work labor to get some money to buy some food that will keep our bodies and souls together. Every morning we went to school and my brothers, sisters, and I were returned from school because Witness Yohane we didn’t have the uniforms the school would want us to put on. We only had the torn clothes our parents left us with. Life became so hard. We consequently lost hope for our future with no education as we had to stop going to school. But here I stand with joy and happiness for our restored future be-

cause The Salvation Army gave us school uniforms and some writing materials. We are now welcome at school and I even managed to write my standard 8 exams (exams for entry to high school)!” Community members and Salvation Army officers/project staff from Chimbalanga Outreach Unit in the Phalombe Division, Malawi, Africa were involved, along with the local government ministry of children and social welfare, in assessing the vulnerable children who needed school uniforms and school materials. Pictured below are some of the children who received green school uniforms (dresses and shirts) provided in part from Central Territory Love in Action donations.

Share Your Christmas Joy Report The World Missions Bureau is thrilled to announce that the total amount raised for Share Your Christmas Joy 2009 was $12,336.51! What a blessing it has been to see individu-

als, families, Sunday school classes, women’s ministry groups, and corps congregations give so generously that we could meet our goal in order to help others in need. With the amount raised we are able give

$100.00 to 123 homes and schools overseas! This year we were able to add 12 locations in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Venezuela, Kenya, and Malawi. What a joy it was for the children and staff of the homes and schools to experience the joy of a first Christmas party or Christmas gift. To make supporting children in need overseas a part of your everyday life, check out our website at http:// and learn how to become a sponsor of a children’s home, school or center overseas.

Summer Mission Team - Page 3

Volume 3, Issue 2

5 Lessons from SMT 2009 Submitted by Jerry Kwarteng, a Salvationist from Ghana Africa I had the opportunity, along with my friend Titus, to be part of the USA Central Territory Central Blue Summer Mission Team (SMT) 2009.

around. The other SMT members were very loving and welcoming, and it was obvious they were drawn by the Holy Spirit from different places in order to serve together in mission. HUMILITY James 4:6 says “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” God taught me that one way I can grow in Him is through humility. Throughout the summer, wherever the Central Blue Team went I saw humility in the officers. In Omaha we met a married couple who were so humble that, even though they were out of town, they opened their home for the team to stay there.

Jerry (far left) pictured with the Central Blue SMT

These are 5 lessons that the Lord taught me while on the mission trip: LOVE The Bible urges us as Christians to love the Lord with all our heart, body and soul and to love our neighbor as ourselves. This love was evident through all the staff of the THQ in the Central Territory. It was overwhelming how they received Titus and I as well as our friends from Ghana, Claudia and Jacob, who worked at the Midland Divisional Camp for the summer. Everybody was pleased to meet us, took photographs with us, and showed us

Jerry installing insulation in a New Orleans home while on SMT

ful through our senses and emotions. SMT helped equip me to conquer some of my personal fears. A weakness that I have is the fear of heights, but while our team was ministering in New Orleans, I overcame my fear and painted a two-story building. It was not easy at first when I was climbing the ladder, but God cared for me and protected me. Hallelujah! GROWTH & EVANGELISM When I remember SMT 2009 I think of the great impact it had on my ministry and Christian life. I experienced the presence of the Lord so much in the places where our team ministered and at CBLI. ‘IGNITE’ was a very powerful theme for CBLI and I still feel the power and passion to do the work of God, even more since I came back from the States. I desire to win souls for the Kingdom and point people to the One who can rescue the perishing from death.

FAITH “To have faith is to be sure of the things you hope for, to be certain of the things you cannot see” Hebrews 11:1. I learned that an indispensable tool for every Christian is a spirit of faith. Getting an entry visa to the United States from Ghana is very difficult, but I believed and had an extra-ordinary faith in God. I Jerry addresses the crowd during an evangelistic meeting in Ghana believed that In November 2009, after serving on He called me to this task and I was SMT, I went to the northern part of granted my visa. I know He will Ghana with my Territorial Comnever fail me. Brethren in Christ, mander and his wife, Colonels Dennis have faith in God and He will never and Sharon Strissel, for a convention disappoint you. and evangelism campaign. I was able OVERCOME FEAR to put into practice some of the lessons I learned while on SMT! One strategy that the devil uses to entrap Christians is to make us fear-

World Services - Page 4

Volume 3, Issue 2

Light of the World: World Services 2010 “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’" -John 8:12 The World Missions Bureau, in collaboration with the Visual Communications Department, is pleased to introduce the 2010 World Services/ Self-Denial materials. The theme for this year “Light of the World,” inspired by John 8:12, focuses specifically on how the light of the Lord is shining through The Salvation Army’s ministry in the Eastern Europe Territory.

Eastern Europe Territory. • Four “Light of the World” video segments suitable for worship services, Bible Studies, Advisory Board meetings, as well as in other settings. The videos all focus on the work of The Salvation Army in the Eastern Europe Territory with the themes: Light to the Eastern Europe Territory, Light through Renovation, Light to Refugees and Homeless Populations, and Light to Children. These videos will be sent to each corps in DVD format in February.

This year the resources available include:

Bulletin inserts, flyers, posters, banks, and envelopes to encourage giving and raise awareness. These materials can be ordered from Resource Connection at

“Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” -1 John 3:18

Light to the Eastern Europe Territory The Salvation Army has been at work on and off in Russia since 1910.

A world services website


containing fund-raising ideas and educational information about the

needs of people through its 80 churches and social services centers in the territory. Without the generous world services donations from territories like the USA Central, many of these ministries would not have the necessary resources to continue. What personal sacrifices can you make to help support the work of The Salvation Army in the Eastern Europe Territory?

Through the years, the Army’s work has expanded in Eastern Europe and is now established in the countries of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and Romania. The Salvation Army experienced some obstacles in establishing its presence in this region, but the Lord is faithful and His work continues. Many residents of Eastern Europe face financial, physical, and spiritual challenges on a daily basis, but The Salvation Army is doing much to provide for the

Light Through Renovation In the Eastern Europe Territory many devoted Salvationists work hard to provide ministry to children and adults though the physical structures where they meet are less than adequate. While they do their best to create a safe and comfortable environment, resources are limited. During the Spring of 2009, a Global Mission Team from the USA Central Territory partnered with the Eastern Europe Territory to renovate some of The Salvation Army facilities in

World Services - Page 5

Volume 3, Issue 2 Georgia, including repairing a basement that had flood damage, replacing a leaky roof, and replacing poorly insulated windows. The partnership was established as Georgian craftsmen were hired to work alongside United States handymen and women to bring the buildings up to a more useable standard. Today, many of the programs held in these buildings are thriving and men, women, and children are being discipled in their walks with the Lord. “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16

Light to Refugees and Homeless Populations

nently affected. However, The Salvation Army was there to meet the needs of the refugees, and Salvationists were able to share the light of the Lord with those who had little hope. In every urban city worldwide you may find people who are homeless, and Eastern Europe is no exception. The Salvation Army in the Eastern Europe Territory has several programs that reach out to homeless individuals, providing them with meals, hot showers, and a place where they can do their laundry. As one Salvationist noted while serving with a mobile feeding program in Moscow, “It’s so interesting because the minute that the people there see the Salvation Army truck pull up, they’re there and they know The Salvation Army and they know that The Salvation Army is there meeting their needs.” “You are my lamp, O LORD; the LORD turns my darkness into light.” -2 Samuel 22:29

Light to Children Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matthew 19:14).

During times of crisis throughout the world, people may be forced to leave their homes, possessions, and all they know in their community, sometimes never to return. This was the case in the country of Georgia in August of 2008. As a result of a border conflict in Georgia, 150,000 people scattered and though the war only lasted a few days, thousands of lives were perma-

Among the landscape of old buildings and tall, dark, Soviet apartment housing, you will find children who are filled with joy, evidence of Christ’s light shining brightly in Eastern Europe. But there are other children who face emotional and social struggles because of illness, an absence of parental support, and lack of basic needs such as clothing and food being met. The Salvation Army works to

meet the needs of the children in the Eastern Europe Territory through ministries such as afterschool programs, mobile medical clinics, and HIV/AIDS outreach programs. “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light.” – Ephesians 5:8

As we become aware of and respond to the needs of those around the world through prayer and financial giving, we can be part of the Lord’s plan to bring His Light to the World!

Overseas Personnel - Page 6

Volume 3, Issue 2

Updates on our Missionaries Serving in Europe Captains Jeff and Valerie Carr Serving in Madrid, Spain Opening themselves to serving God worldwide, Captains Jeff and Valerie Carr accepted a calling that God had been preparing for many years. Captains Carr, along with their sons Bramwell (age 4) and Jonas (age 2), began serving in Spain in August 2008 as the corps officers in Dénia, Spain. Dénia is an international corps, serving Spanish as well as a multilingual immigrant population. In October 2009 Jeff & Valerie received a new appointment as corps officers of the Madrid Central Corps, the heart of the Salvation Army’s work in Spain. Please lift up the Carr family, specifically their children, as they continue to adapt to a new language and culture. Majors Richard and Brenda Herivel Serving in Moscow, Russia of the Eastern Europe Territory Majors Richard and Brenda Herivel began serving in Russia during the summer of 2007. Major Richard is the Territorial Secretary for Mission Resources while Major

Major Brenda ministers to street children in Moscow.

Brenda is the Russia Divisional Secretary. Recently they spent some time in Moldova in order to renew their Russian visas and are pleased that their new visas have been approved! Please join in prayer regarding the following requests and praise reports submitted by the Herivels. Prayer Requests: -for the souls of the lost in Eastern Europe -for continued guidance in finances during this time of financial crisis -for continued progress in getting up to date on all accounting in the territory -for cadets who are on field training assignments across the territory through mid-March -for personnel resources as some expatriate officers come to the end of their terms in 2010 and 2011 -for Commissioners Willem and Netty van der Harst, currently the territorial leaders, as they retire on February 28 -for the new Territorial Leaders Majors (then to be Lt. Cols.) Ken & Paula Johnson from the USA Southern Territory -for the Russia Division, the Institute for Officer Training, Taganka Corps and Homeless Services, as the building they share had fire damage on January 14. Pray that repairs and bureaucracy are speedy.

and Russia -for new donors from inside the territory Captains Sergey and Tanya Katchanov Serving in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Captains Sergey and Tanya Katchanov began The Salvation Army’s work in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine in October 2006. Since that time their congregation has grown and they have been able to reach out to many in the name of the Lord. There are four children’s shelters in Dnepropetrovsk. Usually homeless children spend 3-11 months at a shelter during the process of adoption or orphanage placement. The group from the Dnepropestrovsk Corps regularly attends and assists at one of the shelters, Rostok, and visits the other three shelters during holidays and to put on concert programs. During Christmas 2009 the Katchanovs and their congregation had an

Praise Reports: -for new souls finding Christ -for new adherents, soldiers and local officers The Dnepropetrovsk Corps visiting the Barvinok Shelter across Eastern Europe -for the current session of opportunity to visit Barvinok Chil8 cadets and their dedication to God -for a good holiday season of ministry dren’s Shelter and share a Christmas concert program and provide huto those with various needs -for Angel Tree programs in Georgia manitarian aid distribution. Our Lord was glorified by the joined effort of

Overseas Personnel - Page 7

Volume 3, Issue 2 the Dnepropetrovsk corps congregants and the local university students. They prepared the special Christmas & New Year program with drama, dances and games. There was also a visit from Santa & Snow Girl! The children were very happy and their faces just radiated with joy and gladness. What was most important was the opportunity for the Salvationists to share the love of Christ.

and was able to invite the German Territorial Commander, Commissioner Horst Charlet, to be the guest preacher at the final meeting on Sunday. Also, Captain Camie is busy coordinating the World Day of Prayer, which this year will take place in the Hannover Corps. Approximately 7 churches come together each year to celebrate this prayer day and this year it is the Army’s turn to host the meeting.

Captains Timothy and Camie McPherson Serving in Hannover, Germany

The Hannover Corps is requesting prayer for their children's group and is trying to make sure that the children reached (who are from unchurched families) will feel that the corps is their spiritual home. Pray that the congregants will have grace with the chilThe Hannover Corps dren and that hosted a Family Party on the children will January 3 continue to grow spiritually.

Captains Timothy and Camie McPherson serve as the corps officers of the Hannover, Germany Corps, along with their sons Zachary (age 3) and Nathanael (age 2). Christmas Eve is the main family holiday for Germans. Because of this, the corps held their fifth Christmas Eve celebration for those who are alone. They served a traditional meal of kale, potatoes, and smoked sausages and hosted 36 people at the corps from 7:30-11:00 PM. The Salvation Army in Hannover has developed a good relationship with the local Methodist church. While their own corps hall was being renovated in 2008, they combined services with the Methodist Church. Since then, The Salvation Army has continued to maintain this relationship, realizing that they can help each other out with their respective ministries. In response, the Methodist Church has asked to help The Salvation Army with their social services, an area of their ministry that they have been trying to develop. It has been a blessing to see this relationship developing with a neighboring church. Recently the corps was involved in an Evangelical Alliance Prayer Week. Captain Timothy is on the leadership committee of this alliance

Finances are always an issue at the Hannover Corps, but they are thankful to the Lord for the provisions He has given. The McPhersons are preparing to return to the Central Territory this summer, and they have a personal concern that the corps will continue to grow and reach people for Christ once they have left. Pray for the McPherson family as they prepare for this transition, especially for the boys, who have never lived in America. Major Violet and Captain Felix Ezeh and Bob and Vicki Poff are Central Territory missionaries serving in Haiti. Please pray for strength, safety, and wisdom for them as they are involved with the recovery and rebuilding efforts following the earthquake in Haiti on January 12.

Overseas Personnel Changes Congratulations to Major Eliana Cristi who retired from service as a Salvation Army officer on November 30, 2009. During her time as an active officer, Major Cristi served on 5 different continents in a variety of capacities. May God continue to bless and guide Major Cristi as she enters into retirement. After serving a total of 25 years in Germany, Majors Jim and Judy Garrington have returned home to the States where they will assume appointments as Pastoral Care Officers at the end of January. During their time overseas, Majors Garrington have had many unique opportunities for ministry including smuggling Christian literature into communist East Germany, housing homeless people while the Berlin Wall was coming down, and overseeing the work of The Salvation Army as it began in the country of Poland. Please be in prayer for the Garringtons as they adjust back to living in the United States. Majors John and Nancy Mowers have concluded their appointments at the Training College in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After a short time of furlough, on January 27 Majors Mowers will take up pro-tem appointments at the Central Territory College for Officer Training in Chicago. Please keep the Mowers in your prayers during this time of transition.

Birthdays & Anniversaries January 3—Rich & Brenda Herivel 6—Kristen Holness 13—Jim & Judy Garrington 16—Sergey Katchanov 25—Judith Garrington 28—Patrick & Karen Holness

February 2—Tanya Katchanov 11—Michael DeJesus (‘01) 26—William Roberts March 4-Dennis Strissel 20—Jeff Carr

Overseas Personnel—Page 8

Volume 3, Issue 2 USA Central Territory Missionaries Lt. Colonels Brad & Heidi Bailey Chief Secretary / Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries Ejército de Salvación Casilla 3225 Santiago CHILE Email Brad_Bailey@ Heidi_Bailey@ Birthdays 5/4 (Brad), 7/17 (Heidi) Anniversary 8/12 Captains Jeff & Valerie Carr (Bramwell & Jonas) Corps Officers c/Benito de Castro No. 7 Apto. 5 C 28028 Madrid SPAIN Email Birthdays 3/20 (Jeff), 4/16/07 (Jonas), 8/21 (Valerie), 11/7/05 (Bram) Anniversary 8/21 Captains William & Cassie DeJesus (Alejandro, Michael) Territorial Youth & Candidates Secretary / Corps Officer Casilla de Correo 2240 (C1000WAW) - Ciudad A. de Buenos Aires ARGENTINA Email Birthdays 2/11/01 (Michael), 9/30 (Cassie), 12/5 (William), 12/18/98 (Alejandro) Anniversary 12/30

Majors Richard & Brenda Herivel Territorial Secretary for Mission Resource / Russia Divisional Secretary The Salvation Army 109044, Moscow Krestiansky Tupik 16/1 RUSSIAN FEDERATION Email Richard_Herivel@, Birthdays 10/4 (Rich), 12/26 (Brenda) Anniversary 1/3 Captains Patrick & Karen Holness (Kristen) Corps Officers 57 Mannings Hill Road #8 PO Box 2760 Kingston 8 JAMAICA, W.I. Email Birthdays 1/6 (Kristen), 4/29 (Patrick), 9/12 (Karen) Anniversary 1/28 Captain George Katchanov Corps Officer The Salvation Army 38-2nd Ave NE Dauphin, MB R7N 0Z4 CANADA Email George_Katchanov@ Birthday 8/12

Captains Sergey & Tanya Katchanov Corps Officers Sergey and Tanya Katchanov Сергей и Таня Качановы P.O. Box 1785/ а/я 1785 Dnepropetrovsk 49027 UKRAINE Email Major Violet (Doliber) & Captain Dr. Felix Birthdays 1/16 (Sergey), 2/2 (Tanya) Anniversary 4/11 Ezeh (Matthew) Captains Timothy & Camie McPherson Clinic Administrators (Zachary & Nathanael) Armee du Salut Corps Officers PO Box 301 Die Heilsarmee Port-au-Prince HAITI Am Martstall 25 Email 30159 Hannover GERMANY Birthdays 4/20 (Violet), 4/30/02 (Matthew), Email Timothy_McPherson@, cross11/22 (Felix) Anniversary 5/19 Birthdays 5/22/06 (Zachary), 8/16/07 (Nathanael), 10/5 (Camie), 11/3 (Timothy), Majors James & Judith Garrington Anniversary 10/12 Corps Officers Temporary Address: 10 W. Algonquin Rd. Des Plaines, IL 60016 Email Birthdays 1/25 (Judy), 6/28 (Jim) Anniversary 1/13

Majors John & Nancy Mowers Homeland Furlough Temporary Address: 10 W. Algonquin Rd. Des Plaines, IL 60016 Email Birthdays 4/26 (Nancy), 9/25 (John) Anniversary 12/17 Bob & Vicki Poff Children’s Home Directors Armee du Salut PO Box 301 Port-au-Prince HAITI Email, Birthdays 8/6 (Bob), 12/7 (Vicki) Anniversary 8/10 Commissioners William & Nancy Roberts Territorial Commander/ Territorial Leader of Women’s Ministries The Salvation Army, PO Box 660 Kakamega, KENYA 50100 Email William_Roberts@KYW., Birthdays 2/26 (William), 10/27 (Nancy) Anniversary 11/16 Justin Rose Territorial Youth Worker The Salvation Army, PO Box 660 Kakamega, KENYA 50100 Email Birthday 8/21 Major Cindy Shellenberger Corps Officer The Salvation Army 1 / 76 George St. Norwood, SA 5067 AUSTRALIA Email Cindy_Shellenberger@ Birthday 11/23 Colonels Dennis & Sharon Strissel Territorial Commander/ Territorial President of Women’s Ministries The Salvation Army PO Box CT 452 Cantonments Accra, GHANA West Africa Email, Birthdays 3/4 (Dennis), 10/7 (Sharon) Anniversary 6/14

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