Central Coast Newspapers

Central Coast Newspapers

Gosford, Australia

Ducks Crossing Publications is a production house specialising in design, layout and production of magazines, newspapers and catalogues.

Newspapers are published under the Central Coast Newspapers business name while everything else is published under the Ducks Crossing Publications business name.

Publications are produced from raw material and may vary from mono to full colour depending on the client’s needs. Digitally supplied material is preferred.

Expert graphic design and editorial advice is provided and where required, advertisements are also made up for inserting in publications at the client’s request.

Printing is arranged at economical prices and turnaround is usually within two weeks from receipt of copy to delivery of the finished product, subject to proofing delays by the client.

Quantities need to be in excess of 1000 copies and magazines need to be at least eight A4 pages while newspapers need to be at least four tabloid pages.