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Happy Birthday; Meet the law calebCARNEY

staff writer

At sixteen years old you can obtain your class E drivers license. When you turn seventeen years old you can view “R” rated movies. Everyone knows the advantages in the real world when you turn eighteen, but what are the changes at school? According to Florida law, when you turn eighteen years old you are legally and unarguably an adult. You are granted access to rights such as but not limited to: voting for government officials, buying and consuming cigarettes, buying lottery tickets, gambling, etc. Sounds great, but hey… what’s the catch? The day you turn eighteen, you lose many rights that protect you as a child under Florida state and federal laws. For instance, if you touch or strike a student with malicious intent – the student being younger than eighteen, and you are eighteen years of age or older – then you may face serious charges of child abuse. However, a seventeen year old may also be charged as an adult if he/she does not comply with the juvenile court. Depending on the severity of the act, the offender may face jail and or prison time. Since child abuse is a felony in

the state of Florida, the minimum prison sentence is one year. It is common for people who turn eighteen, or are already of age, to exercise the rights that the second amendment protects; the right to bear arms. Although all Americans are guaranteed this right when they turn eighteen, Florida statute has designated specific areas where you may not carry a gun even with a license. Designated areas include, but are not confined to: public schools, colleges, airports, and any other state or federal building. Despite the fact that earning your gun license means that you can carry a concealed firearm, if you encroach on any of the designated areas with a firearm it is considered a felony. In 1999 the toughest gun-control law in Florida was introduced. It stated that any person that uses a gun to commit a felony will serve a minimum sentence of ten years and a maximum of life in a state prison. You may be telling yourself that with age comes responsibility, but age also comes with privilege in the Pinellas County school system. If you become of age and find yourself still in high school, don’t fret because you have a few advantages over younger students. Considering the fact that you are an adult, you are treated like one, although you must still follow school statute. As an adult, you can sign yourself out of school any time you wish, but your le-

Students governing America ajCABERTO

opinion/grub editor

Writing bills, debating topics, and learning about politics are just some of the many skills learned in Youth In Government club. Seems interesting? Then stop by G9 and sign up for Countryside High School’s very own Youth in Government Club. Not only will you receive an experience of interesting discussions about the government but you will also get the chance to “take over” the city of Tallahassee as student congress members. This club will help you get published, let your voices be heard and provide an outlet for a new found confidence. This club is advised by social studies teacher, Mrs. Tait. She has been advising this club since its creation three years ago and has done a very good job so far. This hard-working teacher is doing everything she can to get her students published. “This will help students get a better understanding of democracy and learn the importance of being involved in their community,” said Mrs. Tait. Once you join the Youth in Government Club, your work has begun. The first thing on everyone’s to-do list is to come up with their own bill; it can be any issue they want to be changed. This year’s president, Mariah Salas had her bill passed last year when she was in the 9th grade. She made a bill about who should clean up the oil spill. “It was a wonderful experience for me” she said. Her belief in herself has helped her gain the confidence of standing in front of everyone in the room and fight for her bill. Just like in congress, each student will be assigned to either the House of Representatives or the Senate. In there, you will have the opportunity to prove that your bill is one of those problems that need focusing on. Getting your bill passed is one of the main goals in this club. Though, if you want it passed, you will need to come out of your shell and let you inner strength out. Once your bill is passed in whichever group you are on; the senate or House of Representatives, It’ll go to the other group to be discussed then the cabinet, then the student governor. Do you think you have what it takes! Well throughout all those stages, discussion and debates will encounter. “This club might sound hard, but it is a lot of fun,” added Mrs. Tait. It’s true! But with all those hard work, comes with many accomplishments, plenty of friends, and a fun experience you will never forget.

gal guardian will still be informed of your absence. If you choose to sign out more often than stay in, then your grades will be affected drastically as a repercussion. However, you cannot have your license suspended or be arrested for truancy, for said absences, when you are eighteen years old. Yes, it is true that there are many federal and state laws that high school students are not aware of until after the student commits a crime. Most people that are seventeen years of age are ignorant of the fact that they, as well as any eighteen year old, can be tried as an adult under Florida state law. These laws and statutes are made to protect public high school students as well as any other Floridian. More students are able to abide by these laws, and avoid prosecution, if they are educated on them and take them seriously. All in all, when you turn seventeen you are vulnerable to a much harsher form of punishment along with the few privileges you receive. The day you come of age and turn eighteen, you will be given the rights of an adult, you will be seen as an adult, and be charged as an adult according to Florida state and federal law.

Democracy: For the people? kathrynWILLIAMS


The senate and gubernatorial races just recently came to an end. Voters went to their designated polling precincts and marked down who they wanted to represent them. The question is, do the people really realize who they are voting for? Are there any good options for representation? Government was created so that the people would have a voice through a representative with their values, but voters seem to be settling for the “lesser of two evils.” The institution of government has been slowly rotting away. The current junior and senior classes of high school students will be able to vote in the next presidential races. What will be left for us when it is our time to vote? Paul McCartney said “Money can’t buy me love,” but obviously money can buy a vote. Meg Whitman, the republican candidate for governor of California, spent over 163 million dollars on her campaign. This could send 8,879 students to the University of Florida and 2,731 students to Yale. Republicans aren’t the only politicians spending enormous amounts of money. It seems, in today’s society, government is no longer about who will personally and emotionally invest in the country, but financially invest in the country. The wealthy are the only people that run for office, and that begs one simple question: political campaigns are based on the idea of “I am just like you,” you being the American people. The majority of people are not millionaires. How can they truly understand the single mother that cannot pay her mortgage, or the father who cannot support his family on unemployment? Negativity is the new way of persuasion of the political world. It’s come to the point where you would rather watch the “head-on” commercial than the latest Alex Sink commercial. Voters hear less about what politicians are going to do, and more about what they dislike about each other. Not a one of these politicians are willing to find a middle-ground. It may not seems like it is relevant now, but the next elections will be criticla to this country’s future. Thought it sounds boring, watch the news and read the newspaper. Keep up with what is going on around you before it catches up to you. it: vince


“With age comes responsibility...”



Clearwater lights the night abbyMILLS

staff writer

Cancer, 1 out of 3 people have been touched by the disease, and 500,000 people lose their life to it each year according to cancer studies. Melanoma, or commonly know as skin cancer, is the most common cancer contracted by Americans, but lung cancer claims the most lives. Ironically more than half those cases would not exist if those people had taken care of themselves and been more aware. Even more devastating is when a healthy man or women’s life is taken by the disease. But there are also 2,300 children dying each year from cancer. One of the biggest acts to fight cancer consists of relay events that raise money for research. Participants include survivors, family members, and caring citizens wanting to make a difference. They range from a brisk walk in a local park to an all out run down by the beach. These walks “celebrate those who have battled cancer, remember those lost and get inspired to fight back. Those who have shared the same experience find common ground, hope and healing at Relay”, quotes the Relay for Life Organization. Light the Night took place on November 6th, at

Bright House Networks Field in Clearwater. This specific event was hosted by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. People of all ages walked the baseball stadium with lit balloons and t-shirts. Events such as this onetake place rain or shine; the walks to fight cancer go on because cancer doesn’t take rain checks. A student here at Countryside, Monika Kress, took part in Light the Night with her own team. She is a sophomore and a cancer survivor. She knows what it is like and how it affects families. By participating, it is her way of saying thank you to all of the wonderful people who assisted her along the way and also to help others who might be in her shoes one day. “I had Hodgkins Lymphoma about 3 years ago, and Hodgkins is one of the types of cancer that the walk helps raise money for. The Leukemia and Lymphoma society helped to make my cancer experience better by hosting all these fun events, and this is my way of saying thanks.” Giving back and supporting organizations that personally supported her through an unimaginably rough time is high on Monika’s list of doing good. By

walking, donating, or even encouraging peers is a step to fight cancer. Getting a group together with that same objective and creating events will lead to motivating walks to cure the disease. The effects of cancer are devastating and stay with people throughout their lives. Cancer walks such as these are trying to lessen the number Americans effected by cancer each year. When you and your friends participate, you too are joining the fight against cancer.

Lfriend, Jackson Gallegos, outside of the Light the

eukemia survivor, Jessica Milanese, left, stands with

Night event.

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Is AP for everyone?

Super juniors aren’t so super




Applying for college has become one of the most strenuous and competitive moments of a high school students life. Though colleges look for well rounded students (i.e volunteering, clubs, extracurricular activities), academics are still extremely important when applying to a college. Students take Advanced Placement courses to help further their chances of getting into a university. The growing issue involves Advanced Placement courses, or more commonly known as AP courses. The question is whether or not every student should have the opportunity to take these courses. Parents of Pinellas County students are speaking out. Advanced Placement are some of the most challenging classes Countryside has to offer. The majority of students that take AP come from a honors background and/or are recommended to take them by their teachers. A St. Petersburg Times poll shows that 66 percent of parents think AP classes should be open to any student, while 28 percent said they should be open to only the most advanced. ( Countryside teachers are already feeling the pressure with the amount of AP classes they are teaching this year and the students they are teaching; the prepared and the severely unprepared. Many parents and students interviewed by the Times, say that taking the class, whether or not they pass the exam, is extremely beneficial. Other than the college credit, AP classes are said to help prepare students for college and the workload. In the end, it all comes down to what the student signs up for and the councilor signs off on. Maybe the school councilors need to push more students into the harder classes, or maybe students need to be better judges of their own academic tolerance level. All that is apparent, is that once again there is another controversy, if not a quiet one, surrounding the Pinellas County and fueled by parents. AP classes are not impossible courses, and it is proven that even though college credit may not be obtained, valuable experience is accumulated. What comes out of the whole situation is that the argument will be a constant one and that the choice is still up to parents, students, and teachers.

photo credit: Alex Andersen

staff writer

Mrs. Santiago. If you do choose to neglect the chances of speaking with your guidance counselor or making up failed classes you will become a super junior. A super junior is someone who has to retake their junior of High School. You can find that out the first day of school when you receive your “Super Junior” schedule. On it you will realize that your grade will be 11th and you have officially been held back!

Attention all juniors, as of June 8th 2011, be considered a “senior”. This can assure you the perfect dream of living senior the last day of this school year, you must have at least seventeen credits to year, senior prom, senior homecoming, blackout senior nights and even senior breakfast. The school year of 2010-2011 came with lots of changes, photo credit: including the new regulation of having a minimum of seventeen credits and you must have twenty-four to graduate. Seventeen credits means you have not failed any classes, you have taken your H.O.P.E (Health and Physical Education) your sophomore year, and three math, English, and history classes. Sometime though out the school year you should speak with your guidance counselor, check your Portal, have a parent-teacher conference, or ask for a credit check. If you are short of any credits there are many ways to make them up such as Florida’s online school, also known as F.L.V.S., you could also take night classes at Clearwater High School and/or Nova Net, which is an online class that you can take at Countryside High School on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-5, that is a credit replacement. “It’s your responsibility” said the guidance counselor



The Deal on Drugs haleyPETERS

staff writer

We’ve all heard the speeches given by our health teachers, our parents, and the gate-way drug speakers who visit the media center every year, attempting to coax Countryside High schoolers into avoiding drugs and alcohol. From an outsider’s view, the strategy seems to be working. Amidst construction papered doorways and the red ribbon clad wrists of “Drug Free Week,” teens proudly acclaimed their intent to be above the influence during last month’s festivities. However, some students smirked at the “Only dopes do dope!” and “Sniff flowers not drugs!” slogans painted on posters. Perhaps they were recalling their motives that differed greatly from those of the smiling faces who handed out ribbons to bystanders. Unbeknownst to many of us, there are hundreds of students at Countryside who regularly smoke, snort, or drink. Alarmingly enough, the number of these students is on the rise; statistics show that 23% of students ages 12-17 have used drugs or use them on a regular basis. Personal accounts are even more upsetting; take Shelly* for example, who began using when she was just 13 years old. Shelly said,“I started smoking weed and getting drunk around freshman year. Ecstasy came a bit later. Oh, and I’ve been using Nyquil as a way to get drunk. My parents have no idea I've been getting [wasted] off the stuff in my medicine cabinet.” Her cavalier tone and nonchalant

attitude towards the subject reflects that of many other students as well. Teens who claim they are “only after a little fun” often wind up with a distorted self-image; not to mention they acquire trouble with their family, their friends, and the law. Shelly went even further and said, “I’ve had sex to get money to buy weed. Drugs have [messed] up my life, but the high is worth it.” Margret*, a junior at Countryside High, shares a story that parallels Shelly’s in many ways except the final outcome. “I remember 8th grade being a tough year for me. There was a time when I was snorting 6 pills a day,” said Margret. However, she’s remained drug free for 3 years since, claiming, “I have a better view on life now.” Unfortunately, not all teenagers change their self-destructive habits as easily as Margret. There are those who struggle to take hold of their life without relying on drugs or alcohol. Ashley Bishoff, a junior at Countryside, stated this as her philosophy regarding illegal drug use: “Drugs are not the answer! The people who think you need to be high or drunk to have fun are very wrong! You’ll hurt both yourself and others around you.” Even though teen drug use is on the climb, there are still students who have not succumbed to peer pressure. They are teenagers who choose to maintain a healthy, drug-free lifestyle and are proud to remain part of the other 77%. *Name has been changed to protect the privacy of the source.

Te e n t e c h n o l o g y questions morality kelleyBUTTERFIELD

staff writer

First of all, what is sexting? At first glance, the term ‘sexting’ seems like just a dirty text message but there is more to it than that. Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones. When you send a picture message, it has to go through the world wide web first. During this process it can be copied thousands of times and distributed all around the world. World wide distribution of these pictures can lead to a series of unfortunate events. An in-depth, dirty discussion can start with something as simple as ‘I liked those jeans you wore today, you looked good in them.’ Sexting is not just pictures though. It is any steamy message sent or received. Deputy Paul Martin of the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office says, ”Sexting is just wrong and gross. Kids need to learn to keep themselves contained until they are old enough to actually do the things they say they want to. If you are dumb enough to get all ‘dolled up’ for this person who is really only using you (sorry girls) then be ready for the consequences if that image or text gets into the hands of police officers. ” When asked, 9 out of 13 people openly admitted they have ‘sexted’ and only because “It is fun.” Out of those nine, six were girls. A Countryside sophomore, Hannah Fraccalvieri said, “No, I don’t sext! It’s just disgusting and you should know that it never goes away.” Another sophomore on the other side of the fence, Megan Robinson said, “Yes, I do sext because it is fun. People who sext are just average teenagers.” If you tell one person you were sexting that hot guy that sits behind you in Marine Science, word gets around pretty fast and it is an instant labeling.“ So is sexting a teenage stereotype? According to Officer Cavaliere “no, it is not a stereotype because I know of young adults who are like 20 and sext as well.” Volleyball coach and teacher, Ms. Berry says “I have never heard any of my students talking about sexting. If someone were to come to me because their ‘sexts’ got sent around or posted I would tell them to learn from it. What you send has [the] potential to go to more than the person it was intended for. In time people will forget about it but just make sure it doesn’t arise again.” Coach Reynolds said “If you don’t want everyone to see your junk, then don’t put it out on the front lawn for everyone to see.” One Countryside student says “You get lost in the moment and don’t even realize your talking like that until after you finish the conversation.” Some girls give in easily if you tell them the right things, and some guys will do anything to “hit it and quit it.” If you get caught in a sexting frenzy, do not panic. Try and ease your way out of it, make the texts a little less intense and less descriptive. You can even tell the other person you need to go and eat or take a shower. Parents are a great excuse. Use the popular phrase that your parents look through your phone and you do not want to do it. The easiest way to avoid sexting is to just not do it. Overall, picture sexting is illegal. If you get caught sending, storing, receiving, or taking inappropriate photos it is legally considered child pornography. According to the Florida State Statutes you can be put into jail anywhere from a year and a day up to a life sentence. Miley Cyrus-ice cream truck pole dance, 2009 Teen Choice Awards. Katy Perry-sexually explicit outfits and gestures, 2010 release of “Teenage Dream”. Lady Gagawell...every music video since the 2008 debut of “Just Dance.” Yes, we are a nation surrounded by sexually explicit icons. Those people are getting paid hundreds and thousands of dollars to do those things. It is a very bad example for little kids and teenagers mostly. “I get all of my ‘fun’ ideas for me and my boyfriend from music videos, MTV, and Vh1.”-anonymous. Access to these videos and shows are as easy as the power button on the television. Just because we see this happening, does not mean we need to act it out, it means we need to act upon it. Stop sending pictures. Stop sending dirty messages. Help us recensor middle schoolers. It is not cool to look for something in your 12 year old sisters phone and find porn. Could you imagine? Stop before you press that send button, before you even get undressed and remember, “If you wouldn’t want to say it/show it to your mother, don’t say it/ show it in a text message.”

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Countryside Country Club



Swift falls short of fearless meganMASON


With peppy beats and witty lyrics, Taylor Swift has taken the music industry by storm since her self-titled album release in 2006. Continually at the top of the charts with heart-tuggers like “Love Story” and “Fifteen”, Swift has also mastered the realm of break-up songs with “Should’ve Said No” and “Picture to Burn”. Her much anticipated album, Speak Now, hit the shelves October 25th, and led fans along with the earlier released single “Mine”. Unfortunately, the rest of her album falls just short of good. It seems Swift is reminiscing, if not regretting, her actions and therefore spends much of her time telling the audience to “Never Grow Up”. In fact, she dedicates two entire songs to this cause, along with several lines in the majority of the rest of her songs. And long gone is the Swift that can laugh about crazy exes and tell them off with her jaunty prose. This album beholds a Swift who would much rather be on the playground at recess than face her new life as an adult.

Join the Brotherhood


entertainment editor



Set in the 16th Century in different cities in Italy, you play as Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the same assassin from Assassin’s Creed II. The gameplay mechanics are the same easy to use controls from the previous Assassin’s Creed titles. This notorious free-running game has added a few free-running aspects, none of which are game changing, but are fun and easy ways to help get you around the world faster. The two biggest additions to Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood are the new multiplayer modes and, in single player, the ability to control the Assassin Brotherhood. There are a total of 4 modes available in multiplayer, with a mix of free for all and team based games. Although there is a very limited amount of characters to choose from in multiplayer it does not take away from the gameplay. The multiplayer is always competitive, and when the timer begins to tick down the last seconds of a match, the players throw the stealth aspect away and rush to get a few more points before the end of the game. The single player half of the game will take about 12 to 16 hours to complete, depending on the players’ skill and whether or not they do side missions. Playing as Ezio, you now control the Brotherhood. Which means as you take out certain military leaders, citizens that you help will want to join you. When you have recruits, you can send them on missions or have them on stand-by just in case you need them to help you in battle. The story is not as in depth as the previous titles but the cut scenes, involving progression of the story, are actually important. It seems that the developers wanted to cut down to a basic and simple story and concentrate on letting the player do what they want to. The scenery in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is absolutely beautiful. It may not look exactly like old Italy, but the cities and towns you go through seem like an actual city you may have seen during the 16th century. Some parts of towns were in shambles due to war, some citizens begging for money and others just doing daily chores such as sweeping or carrying packages back to their homes. The major cities are under heavy military control and the lower class is widely separated from the upper class. loy m .co ng alk


: dit cre

Single Player- 9.5/10 Multiplayer- 8/10 Gameplay (overall)9/10 Graphics9.5/10

And forget country, Taylor’s left behind her modest roots as the girl in “Tim McGraw” and headed for weak rock, if at best “pop-ified” folk. With solemn beats that all sound relatively the same, and for that matter songs that generally have the same theme, Swift’s album is a mash-up of music that says: don’t grow up, being an adult isn’t fun and love is a lost cause but I guess I’m willing to try. Thankfully, the star made up for what the music itself lacked with her clever words. Once again, she has proved photo credit:

herself a lyrical genius -- coating her songs with hidden meanings, subtle jabs at former love interests and a certain level of comedic value. For die-hard Swift fans, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the entire album combined can’t compare to even half of her songs from “Fearless” and there are but a couple of songs worth listening to, let alone buying. For those of you who are willing to give it a shot, despite the initial disappointment, check out “Speak Now”, “Better Than Revenge” and for the softer side “Haunted” or “Enchanted”. Perhaps one too many tough relationships (inevitably always ending in a song) and the harsh reality that indeed we do not live in a fairytale has finally taken it’s toll on Swift. With this disappointing followup to two wonderful albums, Swift may have finally crumbled under the pressure of being “Hollywood’s Country It Girl.” 2.5/5 Stars

Good Reads for the Holidays kellyPETTIT

staff writer

This new series phenoma, The Millennium Trilogy by the Swedish author Stieg Larsson, has now swept the United States. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is the first instalment in the series. The novel starts with Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist who is investigating a case about a murder with the help of a rather interesting character, Lisbeth Salander. It is a whirl wind of a story, blending murder-mystery with love, adventure, thrill, and also a little financial interest. The Washington Post stated that “[The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo] was for readers looking for an intelligent, ingeniously plotted, and utterly engrossing thriller.” photo credit: hollywood. com Just as interesting as the books themselves, is how they were published. Sadly, in November of 2004, Larsson passed away before he saw any of his novels on the shelves. It was not until after he passed that the three novels in The Millennium Trilogy, were published in 2005, 2006, and 2007. It is ironic because he was considered to be the 2nd best author worldwide in 2008, but unfortunately he was never aware of the remarkable and esteemed admiration he has now. Even though there

will not be any more books released in this series, all readers should experience the first three marvelous treasures that Larsson was able to leave us behind. Graceling by Kristin Cashore. This epic young adult fantasy will take readers into a world with seven kingdoms and rare Graceling citizens, which have a supernatural affinity toward a specific skill, called a grace. The novel is told through the perspective of Katsa, a 17 year old girl with the grace to kill, but without the desire to. After years of being forced to use her gift for the benefit of her uncle, King Randa, photo credit: she escapes with the help of a new friend, Prince Po. Together they journey through the kingdom on a mission of their own where they each will discover more about themselves and each other than they had ever known before. Graceling has earned countless awards including making the New York Times and Publishers Weekly best seller lists. Graceling has also made this years 2010-2011 Sunshine State Young Readers Award list. Cashore’s debut novel is an essential for both avid readers and anyone who’s looking for a story packed with action, adventure, romance and a tint of magic.



Fa c e b o o k ; w h o c a n u s e i t ? ajCABERTO

opinion/grub editor

Thinking about it; it’s creepy to have your teachers as one of your friends on Facebook, where they are able to see your statuses or sometimes even those unruly comments you post about them. Many states have already banned this situation, including Florida. Let’s not think about the negatives, because there are a lot of benefits as to having a teacher as your friend on your social network account. Why is it so wrong to have teachers as your friends on Facebook, whether it is student or teacher that sent the request? Isn’t this an easier way of communicating with them, to get help with homework or any other assigned school work? If you remember the old version of Facebook, it says on the homepage, “Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you.” Right u n der that, next to the sign up button it says that “everyone can use Facebook”. Whatever happened to that slogan? If Facebook says that anyone can befriend anyone, then no one has the right to change that rule. It is the person’s choice whether or not they want to accept the person adding them. If the teacher decides to approve or decline a

student’s friend request, then it should be accepted by everyone, and continue with their lives. Right when that last bell rings, teachers have to go to meetings or grade papers, and students have to go to clubs, or catch the bus. T h e y all do n o t


natomy and Physiology teacher Mr. Bryant and sophomore Laura Fredrick are portraying an example of student-teacher confidetiality over facebook. photo credit: AJ Caberto

have the time to go to their teachers after school and ask for some help. It is not easy to find time to meet in person to talk, though, everyone seems to have time for Facebook whether they’re busy or not. A group from Facebook that was liked by 1,535 people can prove this; it is called “I Plan to Get Things Done....... But End up on Facebook All Evening! AGAIN!”. This is a common belief; in fact there are more groups on Facebook that indicates the same message. Facebook is a perfect way to destroy the student-teacher barrier, and if successfully done, it will enable teachers and students to communicate and solve their problems a lot easier. Facebook was made to be used only by its owner, it’s like a servant you can ask it whatever you want it to do, and no one should be able to stop you. If you add someone and you do not want that certain person to see it, then hide them from your profile. After all, there is a reason why they kept on updating the privacy settings on this website. All in all, teachers should be able to control what they want to on their Facebook. No one is telling you to do how to do your job. Do not tell anyone how their life should be done.

“Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you” Tis’ the season to be slender


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Everyone dreads the holidays a little bit, besides the presents and delicious food, they are nothing but long lines, annoying relatives, and unwanted weight gain after eating all the food. Gaining a few pounds during the holidays is almost inevitable because most people eat, lay around, and eat more.There may be no way to avoid the family chaos and cheek pinching, however, there are ways to prevent those unwanted pounds from adding up. Thanksgiving is definitely the deadliest holiday when it comes to eating. Some people go to more than one house throughout the day, consuming unusual amounts of food. The ridiculous amounts of grease, and fat in the desired food does not help with losing weight. Christmas is no exception to the rule. Families have rituals for gathering around a huge table of very unhealthy foods. In these settings, it is pretty much impossible not to gain a pound or two. To prevent that here are some tips: First of all, don’t just sit around! It might be chilly outside, but there are inside gyms to go to. That’s the most important thing. You can have whatever you want to eat if you are working out on a continuous basis. The number one way to stay healthy and fit is doing some kind of movement. Let’s say if you are busy over the holidays with family, you can still fit in a little exercise. Take the kids out and play a game of catch or tag. Anything will do the trick. Also, make healthier choices. There are plenty of things to eat that are just as delicious, but without the fat content. You can have turkey, plus vegetables are always healthy, minus the butter and sour cream. Have cut up fruit instead of the pies. When preparing the Christmas dinners think of the things you would normally put in it; ingredients are everything. Chose low-fat options instead of the usual. Just because you are trying not to over eat, do not starve yourself. Make sure you are eating, and not skipping meals so that you can eat more later. Smaller portions more often is the way to go. The holidays are all about having fun and enjoying time with loved ones. You should celebrate by eating the foods you love, just in moderation.

Rita’s ser ves up happiness behind the cool glass counter. Almost everyone is familiar with Italian ice; we see it at beach concession stands, It’s Tuesday, the day that reminds us that we have three sporting events, and in big tubs at Sam’s Club. Its generally long days left of the hectic school week. Normally, most thought of as a cheap alternative to ice cream, but no more! high schoolers would spend their Tuesday afternoon do- Flavors like mango, green apple, and passion fruit await ing homework, working, or cramming for that chemistry just inside the freshly-painted red doors. But Rita’s has test you meant to study for over the weekend. While Tues- bravely experimented with riskier flavors. Tubs of pumpkin days were designed to turn our brains to mush, a different pie, birthday cake, and Swedish fish sit boldly alongside mush was on nearly every cougar’s mind on October 19th; the fruitier flavors. As if an Italian ice and custard store didn’t sound temptRita’s. Do not make the mistake of calling Rita’s an ice cream ing enough, Rita’s had one final selling point; free cups of shop, someone might overhear you and get offended. This ice and $1.00 Gelatis! Teens, adults, toddlers and Marco’s new kid to Northwood Plaza has made it their objective employees alike all jumped in the long trailing line for their to add the word “custard” to everyone’s vocabulary. This chance at the free hand-outs. The craze went on for a full week as crowds of football playsweet, creamy substance is unior Rachel McKeever and Senior Izzy Kobitter ers and swimmers fresh-outlike a relative to ice cream... are enjoying their free italian ices from the grand of-practice piled in through the a richer, higher calorie first opening of Rita’s. photo credit: Rachel McKeever and rita’ doors for seconds and thirds. cousin. Soft-serve After seven days of ice-scoopdeliciousness is ing madness, the Rita’s available in vacraze has nilla, strawberry died down and chocolate, and the however the long line original vanilla has been reins supreme reduced and is the perto a steady fect completrickle of ment to any of costumtheir Italian ers. Howices (Gelati, ever, judging anyone?). by the mob Custard of hungry is in no way sweet-tooths the only star on day one in this show. and the ecItalian ice static response of every from costumcolor and ers, Rita’s has flavor is in won us over. abundance right haleyPETERS

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As the ball is dropped and the whistle is blown, the boys’ soccer team kicks it into the 2010-2011 season.To start off the year the boys won b o t h their pre-season games a n d destroyed the Tarpon S p on g ers in their first game of the season. So far the b o y s have won 3 out of 3 games. Mercy Ruling 2 of the sc hools, p e n d hot o cr ing the g ames edi t: w ear l y, winning ww .sp ort 8-0. In the game they sau tho rity played on Monday, m ber 15th the boys beat Clearwater High 9-1-1. The team is on a roll to states. In the biggest game of the season against Palm Harbor University, the boys got yet another win 3-1. With an undefeated status, this season is sure to be a good one. “The win against PHUHS really has pushed us to continue our winning streak and kill it at states.” said junior, Danny George. The team is hoping to make it states, and bring home the state title and trophy. This season will definitely be one to watch.


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For a select few Countryside students, October 1st is the start of the fresh ice, sharpened blades, and the renewed hope of going to the state hockey championship. This dream to be the best is what motivates the players that makeup the Dunedin, Tarpon and Countryside High School hockey team, known as DTC. Like the Countryside teams of the past, the DTC team has high hopes for the 2010-2011 season. “We expect a lot from this upcoming season. We have a completely new team, new players, and a new coach. We are better than previous years and we are hoping to make a run for the state championship this year,” said junior, Cameron Rolon. The DTC hockey team is currently 6-4. They are tied for third place with two district rivals, Palm Harbor and Steinbrenner. With their 6-4 win over Steinbrenner on Friday November 5th, 2010, the team looks to be a strong competitor hoping to force their way up the divisional standings. With the team’s talent, it is safe to say that DTC will be a strong contender in the Western Conference of Florida High School Hockey Association. The team has already exceeded the total number of wins it had all of last season. Come the final game in February, the players will know whether they have reached their team’s goal of i m p ro v i n g and reaching the state championship. And for the Countryside players, the dream of bringing the state championship to Countryside and again to ice a strong team that only Countryside can call its own.

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too, when he completed 9-of-16 for 100 yards. The Cougars were on fire. The started off the playoffs was against the Brandon EaThe Countryside Cougars have done it again! Dis- gles. The Countryside Cougars started the game off letting trict champions for the second year in a row, with a win the Eagles score two touchdowns leaving them with a lead against the East Lake Eagles on Friday, October 29th. of 16-7. The crowd was getting a bit defeated when BranThe Cougars were not going to let those Eagles have their don used a fake field goal against the Cougars to score their second touchdown. way, they were determined to win After halftime that 5A-8 title, and they proved though, Countrythemselves to do so. side came out a The game was intense when whole new team. the Cougars did not start off well. Terry JohnFans and the team alike were getson, came out full ting frustrated. For three quarters, force and scored everything seemed to be going their second wrong. touchdown leav“The seniors realized that if we ing the Cougars lost this was our last game on our only two behind. home field, that kind of inspired Then kicker, Ryan us to win,” said senior James HolHalter, kicked a sten. 28-yard field goal, In the last quarter of the game giving Coutryside the boys really had a fire under enior Terry Johnson flys through the air, over a Brandon a one point lead them. They were not going to let player to get a first down on Friday, November 20, 2010. over Brandon. East Lake snatch the title away. photo credit: In the fourth Junior, Nico Morgado, scored quarter, Brandon the first points of the game for the Cougars with a 16-yard catch.Then with the crowd started to fall, and it gav e the Cougars an opportunity to screaming senior, Terry Johnson broke his way through show their talent. Sophomore Diomi Roberts, opened up East Lake tackles to get the 38-yard game winning the quarter with a 1-yard touchdown after Countryside drove 55-yards on nine plays. The Countysaide fans were touchdown. The Countryside fans went wild as the team ran on the at an all time high, as the Cougars, Marrieo Taylor, got an field, the scoreboard flashing 14-13. The district champi- interception ending in another touchdown. Making Brandon go home, heads hanging, with a final score of 46-16. ons being Countryside High School. “We never gave up, we fought to the end, and played In the game against Largo High, on Friday November 5th, the Cougars made Countryside history when they Cougar football.” said sophomore Marrieo Taylor. The second playoff game was against Tamp a beat the Packers 38-14. Countryside High School has The Cougars started the game off never had a 10-0, undefeated season yet. This was a huge Bay Tech. right with a 19-yard run by Johnson. In the win for the Cougars. “I never imagined making it this far, my senior year. It third quarter, Gray Crow broke a 14-14 tie with a 94-yard touchdown pass to Nico Morgado. This is the longest play means a lot.” said senior Tyler Pierson. Countryside families and fans screamed for joy when in Countryside history, winning the game 34-21. “It was a great feeling knowing that I had just broken the clock ticked down, everyone knew history had just been made. The Cougars started the game off right, a record, but that play couldn’t have happened without the Nico Morgado. taking a lead of 31-0 going into halftime. Sophomore, team right behind me.” said junior In the last game the Cougars played Diomi Roberts, proved himself in the first half getinto ting nine carries and 133 yards. Roberts set u p against Plant, Countryside went senior, Terry Johnson, f o r the game with high hopes of revenge on the school that three touchhad beat them last year in downs. Not the region-finals, 24-9. only did RobCountryside had taken erts and Johnan early lead with a score son do well, of 13-7, until the fourth but Gray quarter. Plant got a touchC r o w down, making the final showed score 21-13, giving the Couhis talgars their first loss, and ending e n t s their long season of 12-1. The Cougars had an amazing season, and made Countryside history in more ways than one.


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