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March 2012



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Philadelphia’’s Premier Party Yacht


Ben Franklin

Welcome aboard the Ben Franklin Yacht Where memories are made and last a lifetime.

An afternoon or evening cruise aboard our private yacht is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Whether it’s a Sunday brunch, birthday party or formal wedding, the Ben Franklin Yacht can accomodate your every need. Our fabulous cuisine partnered with our personalized service will make your party an Affair to Remember.

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We offer a variety of cruise packages at very competitive pricing including:

~Sunset cruises throughout Philadelphia’s Historic Waterfront - enjoy the skyline of the city, views of the Battleship New Jersey and the Ben Franklin Bridge ~Three hour sight-seeing cruise - packages starting at $49.99 ~Corporate or social cocktail parties ~Wedding receptions, engagement parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners ~Customized themed events along with Brunch & Luncheon Cruises

March.April From the Publisher’s Desk Center Stage Events Calendar

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City Life & Style

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Philly Top Phive Does Mr. Right Really Exist Around Town with Amy Miss Adventures in Dating

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Arts & Entertainment Center Court: Surging Sixers Sherry’s Pheelin’ Philly Art & the City Get Out Guide

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Center City Food

Petits Fours: Desserts to In this Spring 57 Dishing it Out: Love for Locavores 58 Plate2Palate: J’Eat Yet? 60

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Karen Adams Haz Bey Amy Dultz Lauren Pappas Jorge Vergara

From the Publisher’s Desk... Center City Magazine Turns 1 Those of you who have been with us for a while will no doubt notice some changes with this issue. We now transition from Advertorial to full magazine. Moving forward, it will be our goal to cover Center City life and lifestyles like no one else. In the future, you will see expanded coverage of City Life, such as interviews with local people who are making news and icons of City Life. Events will both be covered and sponsored. In June, we will be adding additional distribution via electronic media and so much more is being planned. We’re inviting you to our party. We’ve only really just begun and recognize that there is a long way yet to go. We try to the look at each issue with a critical eye and move forward with something better for the next one. Recently, I was asked how I started this magazine. I said, “I went out and sold 20 ads. Then I sold more and then more. I added people who actually knew what they were doing and then sold more.” The individual asking the question just stared at me and said, “you know, typically it takes a quarter million dollars to start a magazine”. Ooopps. Sorry, I guess? The point is this. I have always had a vision of what CCM should be. A magazine of Philly, about Philly. By the people, for the people. Fun, tough, resilient and pulling no punches. Relentlessly pursuing our goals, no matter what the odds or obstacles. I’ve always believed that anybody can achieve whatever they want, as long as they are willing to work hard enough, smart enough and sacrifice enough to do it. And fortunately, I’ve been able to convince a few people around me that my crazy vision for a magazine just might work. As we continue to grow and expand our reach, I want to be reminded of that, always. And should I forget, I invite you to remind me as well. Our advertisers, staff, and I thank you for your support, thus far. More good things are coming. Lots of great parties too! Stay tuned... -Ron Hatfield the Editor’s Notebook Welcome spring! Sure, we got off easy this winter (sorry my snow-loving friends) but despite the mild winter it’s still great to usher in the warmer months and all the sensual delights of spring. The perinnials are popping up from the ground, the tables line the sidewalks throughout the city and we get to people watch over our lunch once again. Speaking, of which I love this time of year for all the great people watching it brings. We shed our heavy overcoats and we sport colors again. Boots are traded in for sandals and sunglasses come back into vogue. Fashion just becomes a lot more fun. And speaking of fun fashion, get inspired to shop with our fashion piece on hot spring trends. This issue we welcome our new fitness columnist, celebrity trainer Lauren Pappas. Check out her first piece in this issue where she shows us how to shed that winter weight we packed on. And when you are done your workout, head to our Food Section to find an array of tasty bites like Karen Adams’s new column, Dishing it Out, where this month she tells us all about the exciting ways to get in on the Farm to Table trend. Jorge is back from the clubs with an in-depth report from the trenches on um, the female form and my dating column tackles the dicey issue of ending it with an ex. That’s only a sampling of what’s inside, so go on and dive in. We had a great time putting together this latest issue of Center City Magazine. In a sense the magazine is blossoming this spring and we are hoping you enjoy. Cheers!


-jackie rupp

Center Stage

Clockwise from top: Philadelphia Auto Show Blacktie Tailgate, Philadelphia Flower Show Preview Party, Press Day for the Opening of Valley Forge Casino Resort.


Events Calendar March

17 13th Annual Black-Tie GayBINGO Come to this uber-glam evening of bingo, auction, cocktails and entertainment. This HIV/AIDS benefit is hosted by the Bingo Verifying Divas and begins at 6:30pm. Tickets are $20-150. 18 First Annual Garces Bridal Showcase Garces Catering hosts its inaugural Bridal Event at the new Cira Centre. Enjoy the twilight skyscape, sumptuous samples and meet an array of wedding vendors. 4 to 7pm. Free. Cira Centre, 2929 Arch St. 25 American Swedish Historical Museum’s First Ever Waffle Day The ASHM dusts off its waffle irons to welcome the public to indulge in freshly baked waffles with jam and whipped cream and saft (ligonberry juice) on the side. $10, 11am-3pm 1900 Pattison Ave.


Through April 21 Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival This huge month-long event features near-daily activities. Sakura Sunday on April 15, is the centerpiece event featuring Tamagawa Taiko drum, dance performances and hands-on family fun (plus anime cosplay AND Harajuku fashion shows!). Ages 14+: $5. Fairmount Park Horticulture Center, Montgomery Drive & Belmont Ave. 29 Fairmount Arts Crawl Art lovers come out for this stroll where art comes to the Fairmount business district. There will be music, dancing, kids activities, live demonstrations and more. 2-6pm. West of Broad St., between Girard Ave. and Spring Garden St. 20-29 The Philadelphia Science Festival Get your science nerd on! Restaurants, bars, and cafes will come alive again with science speak, but don’t be intimidated! Learn about the scientific wonders of beer, chocolate, cheese, and other gastronomic delights at multiple events. The Science Carnival on the Ben Franklin Parkway, April 21 from 11am-4pm is a fun-filled family science event. And check out the numerous astronomy nights, like the one on April 27 at Laurel Hill Cemetery. It’s BYO! April 27 to May 1 Philadelphia Antiques Show The place to be for antiques in the city. The show features an abundance of Americana pieces, fine and folk art, as well as English pieces and Chinese porcelain. Check out the Antiques in Bloom displays that combine the beauty of florals with antiques. General Admission is $17. Held at the PA Convention Center


PHILLY’S BEST BACHE ACHELOR OR, WORK & DIVORCE PARTIES! Just minutes from Olde City Mention this Ad for Free Admission (215) 423-6000 WWW.PHILLYPENTHOUSE.COM 3001 CASTOR AVENUE • PHILADELPHIA, PA 19134

Healthy You


Spring Allergies

Spring in bloom might be a beautiful sight, but if you’re one of the 54 million allergy sufferers in the U.S., the spring can mean welcoming back some unwanted guests, like inflammed sinuses, irritated eyes and runny noses. Aside from having the over the counter antihistamines at the ready, there are other things you can do to minimize your exposure to pesky pollen, mold and other seasonal allergens and their allergic effects. Make sure it is an allergy. Your doctor can you give you a simple test to find out, but generally allergy symptoms don’t include a fever. Itching however is a major symptom of allergies. Avoid allergy triggers. If you have a pollen allergy, curb your outdoor morning activities. However, if mold is the culprit, stay inside in the late afternoon, when mold spore counts are at their peak. For more allergy tips visit the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America at www.aafa. org

Other ways to avoid pollen and mold: Keep your windows closed and wear a dust mask when doing yard work. Always remember to change clothing and shower after extended time outside. Saline nose sprays work well at ridding the nose of allergens and eye drops can soothe watery irritated eyes. Now we all know avoidance can only go so far. And with several medication options on the market, it’s easier than ever to find relief. Many allergy sufferers have found success with using their antihistimines proactively before they are exposed to triggers and suffering symptoms. It may also be helpful to consider allergy shots for severe cases. These shots work to desensitize the body from the allergic triggers, but work over time, unlike over-the-counter meds.


Mon-Sat:10 AM to 6 PM Sun: 10 AM to 5PM

1526 E Passyunk Ave

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Urban Jungle is in bloom! We boast a full array of flowers, plants, garden and home items. A full custom design service is also available for your home and office. +

we are organic

Creating sustainable green urban environments is the driving force nurturing Urban Jungle. Urban spaces present challenges to all gardeners and Urban Jungle envisions gardens that maximize the use of the abundant vertical and small spaces the city has to offer. Each project is tailored to the demands of the site, the taste of the client and the goal of bringing color and life to your specific environment.

B u i l d i n g B e au t y


Bye-Bye Brow Lines

otox has grown to become a favored treatment for erasing lines and wrinkles that appear as we age. Both men and women today are taking advantage of this wrinkle-smoothing treatment because of the ease of the procedure and successful results.

There are myths and misconceptions surrounding Botox therapy though. Some people don’t like the idea of the Botulinum toxin being used in the therapy. However the cosmetic injections contain a very minute amount of the actual bacteria and would not be able to cause sickness.

One of the most popular target spots for Botox treatments is the brow area, above the nose and between the eyes. The “furrowed brow” is one of the most noticeable places lines develop and one of the earliest places wrinkles occur. Years of these muscle groups being used can result in them contracting even when we aren’t consciously using them.

It has actually been a decade since Botox received FDA approval and actually has applications in everything from excessive sweating to muscle pain and uncontrollable blinking of the eyelid. It’s also a common misconception that Botox numbs the application site. Making sure you select an experienced and highly qualified doctor can diminish such risks. A cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist would be a licensed and qualified practitioner to visit for Botox treatments. The treatments are generally administered at a physician’s office and take just minutes to apply. Thankfully, results last longer!

Botox operates by soothing the muscular tissues that contract and lead to frown lines and fine wrinkles. Small injections of Botox work by relaxing these muscles and removing the wrinkle in the process. 16

Generally you can expect the smoothing results to last up to four month, after which time you can return for follow-up treatments. Post-treatment recovery is quick, with some patients reporting tenderness at the site and slight bruising, but generally this diminishes by the next day. Patients are often advised to work the facial muscles that were treated to even disperse the therapy and create optimum results.

C & G Optical

the look you want at the price you can afford complete pair with frames and lenses starting at $79 C & G Optical 215.677.9111 10787 Bustleton Ave Specializing in Contact Lense Fittings Accepting Most Forms of Insurance

LaurenAshley Fitness



pring is definitely in the air Philly and summer is quickly approaching. Are you ready? Maybe you want to lose those extra pounds you gained this winter or just tone up for the beach. I’m going to give the best tips to help you get in shape for the summer. Have Goals and Write Them Down I always tell my clients to write down their goals. When you put goals in writing they become more tangible. Try making a plan. If you want to lose weight, you need to keep track of what you eat. Decide how many days a week you’re going to work out and when, work it into your schedule. If you want to lose weight, you need to make exercise and eating healthy a habit. Find a Workout You Love You don’t have to go to the gym to get in shape. Try a dance class, go biking or sign up for a 5K. Or workout with a positive friend and help keep each other motivated. In LA, I love going hiking on Runyon Canyon. Find a fitness routine you love. You may even forget you’re working out. Be Consistent The fastest way to get results is through consistency. Be true to your workout plan. Make working out and eating healthy a priority. You owe it to yourself and your body. If you didn’t put gas in your car, and ignored your check engine light your car would stop running. Your body is the same way. Unfortunately, many people treat their cars better than their bodies. Respect your body and it will reward you. Use Your Own Body Weight


These exercises are a great thing to incorporate into your day. You can do them anywhere, anytime, with no equipment necessary.

Squats: The most effective exercise for your legs and your glutes. Place your feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, pull your navel toward your spine. Keep your shoulders back and bring your bottom toward the floor like your sitting down, making sure your knees don’t go past your toes. Come back up and repeat. Push-Ups: A great way to tone your arms. Lie on the ground with your hands placed slightly wider then shoulder-width. Keeping your core tight and your body straight, lower your body to the ground, bending arms at the elbows. Raise your body up off the ground by extending your arms and repeat. To modify this exercise try it on your knees. If you find knee pushups still too challenging try the “wall” push up. It dramatically reduces the pressure on the arms, upper back and abs. The closer you stand to the wall the easier it is. Crunches: Stick with basic crunches for your core. Start and end each crunch with your shoulders blades off the floor, keeping your navel tight, chin off the chest and your eyes focused on the ceiling.

For more fitness tips, follow Lauren on Twitter: @LaurenAPappas

Lauren Pappas is a celebrity trainer, group instructor and fitness model. When not at the gym, she acts and competes in beauty pageants. As a Bucks County native, she grew up with healthy living in her blood. Her father, nutritionist Dr. Philip Pappas, is the owner of Earth Foods, a health food store in Holicong PA, specializing in supplements, health foods and natural beauty products. Now living in sunny Los Angeles, she helps some of Hollywood’s finest stay in shape. Look for Lauren on her many visits back to the city!

Summer’s Almost Here!

City Fitness

Gets You in

City Fitness Trainers Show You How... 1. Resistance Training Tone up and slim down with machines that work every key problem area. City Fitness has a full circuit to give you a balanced workout.

City Fitness Offers Two Convenient Locations: 200 Spring Garden Street 2101 South Street 215.923.4114


2. Cardio Burn calories and burn fat. But Cardio doesn’t need to be boring! The City Fitness Spin Studio will speed you into shape.

3. Weight Training Free weights don’t need to be intimidating anymore! City Fitness trainers will guide and spot you through workouts, turning your body into a calorie burning machine! 4. Flexibility Don’t forget to stretch! City Fitness makes it easy to incorporate stretches into your regime with their popular Yoga classes.

Are You Ready?

Philadelphia’s Premier Fitness Center At City Fitness our #1 goal is to offer all our members a diverse, clean and comfortable club at an unbeatable price. Our 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art fitness center, located at Second and Spring Garden offers the ultimate in both atmosphere and convenience.e Whether you are a fitness fanatic or a first-timer, City Fitness has something for everyone!

Try Before You Buy! FREE Trial Membership We are proud to be the first club in the area to allow you to try before you buy. We want you to become a member because you feel that we are the right choice for you. We know that you have other options and we appreciate that you have taken an interest in us. We think City Fitness is the best in the area and we’ll prove it by offering you a FREE 7-day trial membership. You get the chance to try the club out, experience our staff and become a member because you want to become a member. Absolutely no risk and no obligation to you. member.

Absolutely no risk and no obligation to you.

INTERIOR INTUITION Joseph Matthews is the founder and owner of Matthews Interior Design, a Philadelphia-based design firm offering a wide range of interior-design and decorating services. Matthew launches this month a “do it yourself ” online store that focuses on designer items and features a 3D floor plan tool to help visitor’s plan out their design ideas. Visit his blog at:

This issue we’re focusing on an item from the Spring International Furniture Market in HighPoint, NC. The metallic trend is alive and well with this sexy dining table. Not for the bland of taste, this table serves you up a double dose of drama for any home interior. When your appetite for bold and beautiful is there, you get it with this stunning dining table design. The metallic base boasts a ribbon wound around, supporting the circular glass top, finished in dramatic black on the outside and a glitzy gold peeking through from the interior. Stunning and delicious!

This Season’s Home Events Greater Philadelphia Spring Home & Hot Tub Show:


March 23, 24 & 25. Philadelphia’s Premier Spring Home and Landscape Show, where homeowners are able to view and compare the latest in remodeling, landscape and design. Come see merchandise displays and sample interior and exterior vignettes from experts that specialize in unique home products and services. Held at the PA Convention Center.

Bucks Count Designer House & Gardens:

May 6 through June 3. A fundraiser for Doylestown Hospital, this designer home tour is a Bucks County tradition. This year the featured home will be Spring Valley Farm. at 3864 Spring Valley Road, Furlong, PA. Tickets are $25 at the door, $20 in advance.

One of Philadelphia’s Historic Landmarks

Weddings Engagement Parties Rehearsal Dinners Cocktail Parties

225 N. 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 922-2446

We source our ingredients locally and take pride in serving you, your family, friends, and colleagues the best quality food in Philadelphia. Our menu changes daily, and our doors are always open for happy hours, weddings, romantic date night dinners, special events and parties.

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Let’s fast forward back to this season. The Sixers jumped out of the gate like gang busters with a 20-9 record and were third in the Eastern Conference. They smothered teams with their defense and confused teams by moving the ball effenciently to multiple scoring options around the court. When you don’t turn the ball over and you play great defense, you will win and win big in the NBA. That is what the Sixers seem to be doing. Andre Igudala finally received the All-Star bid that was due to him three years ago and the Sixers are receiving the respect around the league they haven’t had since “The Answer,” Allen Iverson was leading them to the playoffs on a yearly basis. Everything was going great until the “Injury Bug” hit. Spencer Hawes was playing at a close to All-Star type level and then back and ankle problems have gotten the best of him, side lining him for many games this season forcing two young rookies to step up and fill in his void. Lavoy Allen WHERE DID THEY COME FROM!?? & Nikola Vucevic are playing as well as rookies can, considerBY HAZ BEY ing the circumstances, but their play together does not match what Spencer Hawes brought to the team on both ends of the AST SEASON THE 76ERS LOOKED HORRIFIC. They were 3-13 and considered the worst court. Spencer was having his best NBA season while averagteam in the league. Coach Doug Collins was changing ing 10.8 ppg with 8.3 rpg & 2.3 apg. He was scoring inside & line-ups on what seemed to be, a nightly basis. Then out, rebounding at a high rate and protecting the paint like a good big-man should. Elton Brand has been in and out of the all of a sudden something clicked in Coach Collins’ line up as well leaving the Sixers very undersized in the paint. mind & he decided to define roles for his young team. This has allowed teams to score inside on He shuffled his starting line-up with not them and get to the free throw line more just his best players, but his best mix of frequently. The combination of all factors players. This year’s team was built to be involved, including a stretch where the Sixathletic, with undersized, fast wing-men ers had to go on the road for a four out of and jump shooting bigs. But Coach five game trip resulted in a five game losing Collins is a true teacher of the game & streak heading into the All Star break.

The 76ers L

commands the respect that warrants The Sixers opened the second half of all hands on deck to comply or else. So the season with a 20-14 record. I believe Doug decided to start Jrue Holiday & there are several ways the Sixers need to sharp-shooting Jodie Meeks in the back improve on to finish with one of the top court teaming them up with a front line three seeds in the East. First, Andre Igudala composed of Spencer Hawes, former All needs to drive to the basket more to create Star Elton Brand & team captain Andre foul shooting opportunities. And, if the Sixers can get their Igudala. This move provided not just balance & stabilroster completely healthy in the next few weeks, they should ity at the start of games, but it allowed the Sixers to kick be able to maintain their dominance of the Atlantic Division. it in high gear and emerge as the leagues best 2nd unit. When the Sixers are healthy, they are one of the most balanced

When Lou Williams, Thaddeus Young & then rookie Evan Turner are called upon, the Sixers do not miss a beat. For 48 minutes opposing teams have to match their intensity while not running out of gas doing so. The 76ers fast-break is deadly with their young, athletic talent coming at you full speed. Nine times out of 10, fans are treated to a spectacular play resulting in a Sixers score. Last year, the 76ers ended up as the seventh seed in East with a first round match-up against the Miami Heat. They lost the series four games to one, but fought Miami to the very end. 26

and deep teams in all of basketball. They run teams to death. They also have an insticnt for thrashing the teams they are supposed to beat. So let’s just say as this team’s health declines, so does their position in the Eastern Conference.


ottom line, Philadelphia has a winner on the basketball court. A team they can be proud of. A team that is exciting. A team that has a chance to achieve something great. The Philadelphia 76ers are on the right path to greatness, let’s see where their journey takes them.


CUCINA ITALIANA Dine on some of the finest Italian food and award winning pizza in the city and you’ll become a part of the Marra’s legacy. The restaurant has been visited by hundreds of celebrities throughout the years including Frank Sinatra, John Travolta and Conan Obrien to name a few. So come and bring your family to meet ours. Let’s together celebrate generations of hardwork, fine Italian food and pizza i in an atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. We welcome you to come enjoy the Marra’s Experience.

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1734 East Passyunk Avenue 215-463-92449

Bold, Blooming Spring Fashion This Spring/Summer fashion season is an exciting one, filled with plenty of new looks. Here’s just a sampling of what we found sprouting up this season. Clockwise, from right: Olde City’s Smak Parlor is “in the navy” with a ton of nautical looks. We especially dug the pinup-inspired bags and maritine thigh-highs. Look for polyester mod dresses to be a popular trend this year. The flattering cuts to these ulta-modern dresses mean they should be a go-to piece this summer. (bottom page) Fabric Horse has been designing belt bags for sometime now, well tis’ their season. The modern-day fanny pack (yes we said it) are super-functional and now, chic. Neon shirts and pants are lining the shelves all over these days. And, finally, Smak Parlor shows off a few of the hottest colors for the season: coral, orange and pale pink.


Custard’s Last Stand

7302 Rising Sun Av Philadelphia, PA 215-722-3190 Water Ice Soft Served &

Hand Dipped Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt

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! E V



BOARD GAMES by Darnell Hicks

LET’S JOURNEY BACK IN TIME TO THE DAYS WHEN PLAYING GAMES WITH YOUR FRIENDS WAS A LOT LESS, SHALL WE SAY “COMPLICATED”. Back then it didn’t involve buying a $300+ gaming system, or purchasing a $50 game (instructions and cheat books not included!). If you don’t remember such a time, you must be under 20 years old! Before the modern video game era, all we needed were good friends, a sturdy table, a bowl of Doritos and our favorite board game for entertainment. So what was your favorite childhood board game (TV not required) growing up? Here are my picks!

Candy Land (ages 3-6 yrs)

Operation (ages 6-14 yrs)

The Strategy of Sweets

Malpractice in the Making

One of America‘s all time classic games. For many of us, it’s the first board game we ever played. It doesn’t require reading or counting (just like most video games today!) and the rules are easy. Just pick a card with a color, advance your piece to that color on the board, while looking at all the yummy candy in the process! Mmmmm *drool* Back in my kindergarten days, I would always choose the green guy as my game piece. Unfortunately, my mother had to frequently remind me that my “Candy Apple Soldier of Justice” wasn’t edible which to this day, I always seem to forget. 32

Let’s face it, that poor guy with the Three Stooges hair cut had it BAD. There was a pencil wedged in his forearm, a huge moth in his stomach and somehow he had a small horse stuck in his hip…In the real world that’s instant death. Nevertheless, this game remains a classic among kids today. I remember playing this game so much the AA batteries would die. But as a child, my cousins and I would still try to play it anyway. We quickly realized playing Operation without batteries was like playing Atari without a joystick…there was no point.

Hungry Hungry Hippos (ages 3 yrs and up)

Monopoly (ages 8 yrs and up)

Mouse Trap (ages 6 yrs and up)

Yummy Plastic Marbles Who didn’t love Hungry Hungry Hippos as a child? Introduced in 1978, this game was the perfect aggression release for children suffering from a sugar high. We got to smash on a pink colored hippo while we frantically attempted to eat more marbles then our friends…It doesn’t get much better than that!

Everyone Can Be a Mogul Aside from checkers and chess, is there a game more recognizable than Monopoly? It has had hundreds of makeovers, add-ons, special editions and revisions to easily be considered one of the greatest games in American history. I guess Rich Uncle Pennybags (the little old man with the top-hat, don’t act like you knew that was his name!) will keep “Passing Go” until the end of time.

Bonus Points if You Made it Through the Entire Game Some found it entertaining, others found it frustrating. No matter your perspective, one cannot argue that Mouse Trap was a classic among childhood board games. Many architects have attributed their designing skills to this complex game of plastic cranes, tubs, buckets and stairs.

Players uncontrollably bang on the Hippo’s protruding black spine (the lever) until all the marbles are devoured. He who hoards the most wins. I recently played Hungry Hungry Hippo with my daughter Mikayla. Throughout the first few matches, I noticed she was lacking the animallike aggression I possessed during the game. So I decided to light a flame and talk smack to my 11-year old baby girl. Needless to say, I lost the next few games and ended up with marbles being chucked at my head.

Players each begin with $1500, then take turns rolling the dice, while advancing clockwise around the board, buying property, laying down hotels, collecting cards, going to jail and even parking for free! Ultimately, the winner is that one rich b@*#%!$ who has sucked the cash out of everyone by loading the board with hotels. While everyone picked the sports car, horse and battleship, I always remember choosing the thimble. Why you may ask? Because the idea of a “entrepreneur thimble” running around the streets of Atlantic City buying up property is not only absurd, but embarrassing to the other pieces getting BEAT by it!

Twist out all the plastic pieces and place them around the board. Then choose a mouse, roll the dice and guide him through the gameboard loaded with cheese cards and building instructions. The player with the last un-trapped mouse standing wins. For whatever reason, I was obsessed with this game as a child. I don’t know if I ever actually played the game, I just liked building the contraption and tearing it down after a few test runs. Watching that poor plastic guy back flip into the bathtub was always a joy for me…I mean, “c’mon fella, don’t you have anything better to do?”

Remember These? Other games we loved: Chutes and Ladders,Clue, Battleship, Connect 4 Sorry, Scrabble, Risk and Stratego

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Weary Workers Needing a Weekday Break

URBAN SALOON SPECIALS Sunday - Football NFL Package $2.75 Miller Lites and $11 Lite Pitchers Monday - Free comedy show in the back room, MNF in the front $3 Coors light, $3.50 Blue Moon Tuesday - Game night! Cornhole, Connect Four, Operation and more! Wednesday - Quizzo at 9pm $2.75 Miller Lites and $11 Lite Pitchers Thursday - Buy a Pitcher and get a Free POUND of wings! 12 great crafts on draft and a Brewery of the Month always discounted, every day!

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o you just got out of a long-term relationship and your once high expectations have suddenly come crashing to the ground. Initially, you wanted your partner to be that perfect “Soul-Mate.” That dream was short-lived. After a few arguments and some unreturned phone calls, you decided to write him off as a tax liability and continue your search for “Mr. Right.” I always find it interesting when a girl says she’s waiting for Mr. Right to come sweep her off her feet. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but “Mr. Right” doesn’t exist! Wait by the window as long as you want, but no Prince Charming is going to come galloping up your driveway on a white horse. That “perfect” man is as real as Ryu from StreetFighter! Listen ladies, we are all flawed. When a man messes up, understand that it’s part of our human nature. And what’s so ironic is that many girls find the good guys of this world (aka the Mr. Rights) boring & unexciting! Instead, you find yourself attracted to that loud obnoxious guy at the end of the bar with twenty tattoos who’s smacking his friend on the head!


But why is this? Why do we often want what isn’t good for us? Have you ever noticed how sometimes we are attracted to people that we normally wouldn’t consider “Our Type”? Could it be chemistry?

This “Chemistry” may attract you to your stereotypical “Mr. Wrong” but there’s nothing you can do about it! Those who ignore this chemistry and date based on looks find themselves with an attractive person whom they have no real connection with. On the other hand, there are many people who find a sub par looker that they are absolutely crazy about… because the chemistry is there! Let’s face it, in the world of dating and relationships, chemistry is a must. Yeah, he may be a four-foot tall chocolate maker, with green hair and an orange face, but if the connection is there…go for It! In conclusion, no more saying “ I’ll keep looking for Mr. Right” because that guy doesn’t exist. Instead, try building a relationship with that person you seem to click with. Yeah, he may get moody from time to time or he may belch loud after a meal, but when you lower your expectations, you’ll be surprised what you can put up with.

Around Town



s n o i s r u c x E r oo d Out

Lorimer Park

183 Moredon Road, Huntingdon Valley Plenty of people use Pennypack Park everyday, but not as many hike the trails just to the north at Lorimer Park. Here’s there a rich and diverse ecosystem, from meadows to woodlands. Steep inclines that will give you a challenging workout and an enormous rock overlook you can climb to the top of easily for a great view of the park below. It’s been said, that the Lenape tribe used this landmark as a meeting place and it’s obvious why. Located close by are the Fox Chase Farm (you can see the cows from many park trails) and The Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust, which should definitely go on the hike agenda, with its sweeping old growth forests and winding trails.

Schuylkill Valley Nature 8480 Hagys Mill Road

Over three miles of hiking trails will provide even an experienced hiker with a good workout. What’s great about the landscape here is the natural diversity. In one hike, you can experience forests, fields, wetlands and meadows. There are some trails at Schuylkill Valley that take as little as ten minutes to traverse and others that take over an hour. Of course, you could combine several trails for a well-rounded hike. Don’t miss the Wind Dance Pond Trail. This time of year it is active with nesting ducks and you can maybe spy a Great Blue Heron.


The Morris Arboretum 100 E. Northwestern Ave This is a great place to go if you don’t want a rugged hike. The paths are paved and there’s something around every corner to see in this well-manicured garden. But it’s not just potted plants. There are sweeping vistas, a gorgeous pond and beautiful bits of architecture to explore. Although it’s a garden, you will feel like you are discovering ancient ruins and stepping back in time to a lavish estate along many of the pathways. That’s what makes The Morris Arboretum so memorable. Also the rose garden smells amazing this time of year! Just don’t forget to say “hi” to the swans.


786 Church Road, Wayne, PA Some call it the greatest of the local gardens, and it’s gotten that reputation because it is such a unique and breath-taking place to visit. Taking a trip to Chanticleer for good reason feels extremely indulgent. You can bask in the pond’s edge and listen to frogs croak, sit in the stone living room and overlook the rolling acres of land or relax on the opulent patio surrounded by gigantic potted plants. Many people have never heard of Chanticleer and therefore haven’t gotten to enjoy its splendor. Which is a shame, because a visit here can be like a minivacation. It’s worth a trip just to walk along the flower-filled “stream garden” and lose yourself in the strikingly quiet sound of the landscape.

Sherry’s Pheelin’ Philly A Photographic Essay

by Sherry Ruczynski


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Joe the Jeweler Opens a 2nd Location INin

Miss Adventures in Dating Someone told me recently that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit. But, how many days does it take when that habit is another person? I think it’s a lot longer than three weeks. I think people can become like drugs for us, addictions that hurt us that we just can’t walk away from. Just one more hit is all we need sometimes. Shawn was my drug. He didn’t give me anything more than a temporary fix, empty promises of momentary highs, no past and no future.

ing, reconnections and ultimately immense passion. But several nights ago, I made the first step to breaking the cylce and the habit. For the first time, I saw his text come in and I let it sit. And I looked at the “hey” on my phone and didn’t do a single thing. I had missed texts and calls from him before, but this was the first time I know-

At one moment in time, we were based in reality, a vital relationship alive with passion. He, to my surprise, started out as a rebound date and I took for granted the immediate chemistry. I fell for his unassuming laugh, his nervous stride down South Street on our first date that kept me gasping for breath in so many ways and his empathic grins that to this day make me feel safe and comforted.

But distance and circumstances made us grow apart and eventually he became nothing more than words on a phone screen. Even that though, was enough to carry me through a week. Distance turned into new relationships and I knew there was someone else who was going to get his tomorrow, his actual touch, his time. But the lies we tell ourselves can become our truths. He can’t love her if he’s talking to me..We have something special...I just need to show him what he’s missing.... He gave me vague answers when I pressed him for reasons why we were still, well...what we were. Why did he keep coming back? Why did I keep responding? I felt like we were in one of those bad cliched cycles of goodbyes and long48

ingly didn’t respond. The temptation was there and I let it go. And it hurt like hell. That’s when I realized how tough addiction is. It’s not saying no to something you know is bad. It’s saying no to something that you know will feel so damn good. The epilogue to this story of course is that, like with most addictions, I relapsed. And although, I could only ignore the temptation for so long, the missing outweighed the would-be regret. I ever so effortlessly typed that “hey” back. Cue the floodgates. It takes 21 days to break a bad habit afterall, but a whole lot longer to break yourself of someone you love. -jackie rupp

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Wednesday AND Thursday 3 TACOS FOR 5.00!! NOW YOU CAN ORDER ONLINE AT. GRUB HUB, EAT24HRS AND ZUPPLER. Los Taquitos de Pueblo Taqueria 1149 9th Street Tel: 215 334 0664 Fax: 215 334 0365

Art & the City

Art in the Open Philadelphia May 18 - May 20: Along the banks of the tidal Schuylkill River, from the historic Fairmont Park Water Works and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, south to landmark Bartram’s Garden.


Art in the Open Events

The 3rd Annual Art in the Open Brings Art into the Great Philadelphia Outdoors: Art in the Open (AiO) hits the streets again

May 18th through the 20th. This citywide event celebrates art in an approachable way, demonstrating the relationship between artists and their environments. Only in its third year, the event began on the banks of the Schuylkill River. Here a group of artists focused on rexaming the River, from the historic Water Works section to the natural expanse of Bartram’s Gardens. Once again this May the artists will take to the river’s edge. But this event isn’t just for those doing the plein air painting (or constructing, or molding, etc). The public is welcome to come interact with the artists. In conjuction with the outdoor art, there are several related art events scheduled during the weekend.

May 17 Guided Tours of the Sculpture Garden The Park House Guides of the Philadelphia Museum of Art give outdoor walking tours of the Anne d’Harnoncourt Memorial Sculpture Garden. May 19 Guided Tours of the Impressionist Galleries-Manet’s Gang: French Impressionism Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby a design competition and parade of human powered vehicle floats, Trenton and Norris Streets in the Kensington Section. Guided Tours of the Sculpture Garden May 20 Drawing Together in the Sculpture Garden Draw outdoors in the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s sculpture garden! An art teacher will be on hand to provide materials and guidance. “Art in the Garden” Family Gallery Tour Children ages 6-10 and their families will explore the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s sculpture garden on an interactive tour led by a Museum Educator. please note Philadelphia Museum of Art activities are free after museum admission.



November 2011


1. Urban Saloon 4. Bliss 2120 Fairmount Ave 220 S. Broad St

7. LaScala’s 615 Chestnut St

2. City Hall

5. Giancarlo’s Lounge 1506 Spruce St

8. M Restaurant 225 S. 8th St

3. Visitor’s Center 6th & Market Sts.

6. City Fitness 2101 South St

9. Walnut Street Supper Club 13th & Walnut St

11 1

O U T G U I D E 54

1 13

2 3 3 44 5




10 12

6 9

10. Red Zone 35 N. 2nd St.

11. King’s Oak 1001 N. 2nd St

12. Mint Lounge 50 S. 2nd St.

13. City Fitness 200 Spring Garden St

615 Chestnut Street

ITALIAN AMERICAN HOME-STYLE LaScala’s Cordially Invites You to share a meal with our family

Give the people what they know and make it the best they ever had -Executive Chef Joseph Michael Nocella

Enjoy the open and airy dining experience with the warmth of exposed brick and cozy high-booths. Dine in our casual bistro or more formal dining room, at the over-sized bar or high-top tables. Catch your favorite game on our big screen TVs or enjoy dining al fresco under our cafe-style sidewalk with grand awning. And when you’re too busy to dine-in, we offer convenient take-out.

Free Parking Mon-Fri after 3pm and All Weekend

215-928-0900 Reservations Welcome

CENTER CITY FOOD Petits Fours: Our Favorite Desserts to Indulge in this Spring

1. Brown Betty Dessert Boutique

The Lemon Cupcake or the Vanilla Cupcake? Lemon...Vanilla? This is the hardest decision to make at the NoLibs bakery that looks more like a gorgeous library than a place churning out baked goods. If the opulent setting isn’t enough, the decadent over-sized desserts should seal the deal. Moist, rich and definitely a meal in themselves, these mighty cupcakes make the perfect reward for all your dietary sacrifices. And with different flavors offered daily (Company’s Comin’ Coconut Poundcake with Coconut Frosting anyone?) there’s always a reason to pay a visit. 1030 N. 2nd St.

2. Sugar Philly

When you think crème brulée, you generally picture a delicate cream circle on a fancy white plate probably garnished delicately with fruit or ganache. But, the Vanilla Crème Brulée from the Sugar Philly lunch truck is more of a hearty working-class version. Flavored with Madagascar Vanilla Bean and that trademark crunchy caramelized sugar, this little bit of creamy heaven is served up in a no-frills scorched tin foil cup.

3. Northportfishington Cookiefactory

This all-vegan bakery supplies a variety of cafes in the city. with non-dairy cookies and sweets. But it’s their Mocha Brownies that stole our hearts. Using Earth Balance as a butter substitute, unbleached flour and chococovered espresso beans, there’s nothing lacking in this deep, dark dessert.

4. Tartes

A short review for the teeny tiny Olde City bakery that serves up sweets through the front window. A unique treat: the pecan sweet potato tart. This little tart could be a new Southern classic. 212 Arch Street 57

Dishing It Out

Love for Locavores



hen you think “Farm-to-Table”, you may envision influential tree-huggers driving up to city farmer’s markets in fancy cars to fill cloth bags with expensive produce and free range chicken. But, that’s really not the case. Look closely. It’s not just the elite or hipsters who have grasped this local food movement. You’ll see immigrants shopping as they did in their home country. Many middle class customers start at the market and end up with farm shares. Community supported agriculture is a network of individuals who support a local farm to share the benefits of food production. Members pay at the beginning of the growing season for a share of the harvest. In some cases, members can contribute in labor instead of monetarily. Once harvesting begins, each member receives a weekly share of vegetables and fruit. Sometimes herbs, cut flowers, honey, eggs and dairy products are part of their weekly take as well. Typically, these farms are small and family owned and prepaid sales of shares at the beginning of the season help farmers pay for operations during the growing season.

meant that it must be superior quality. And we were happy to pay big bucks for apples with little stickers and tasteless strawberries. These days, an increasing number of us are grasping the importance of healthy eating along with the concept of supporting our local growers. It’s easy to do, even right here in Philly! Reading Terminal Market, the Italian Market and Fitler Square are all great places to go to bring the farm to table concept home. And spring means local farmer’s markets are opening up again all over town! Community gardeners are probably now collecting seeds and anxiously waiting for the time to come to begin to plant. There seems to be a waiting list to be part of a community garden here in Philly, but you can still enjoy being your own grower. Start with a single tomato plant in a pot on your stoop; eggplant on your roof deck or herbs in a kitchen window. Nothing fancy ~ just the satisfaction of knowing it’s fresh, free of pesticides and good for you! The PA Convention Center has announced the very first Philly Farm & Food Fest coming for one day ~ April 1. It’s touted as a collaboration between Fair Food and the PA Association for Sustainable Agriculture. Re-

The Philadelphia restaurant community has embraced the importance of naturally raised and organic ingredients. Many of our best restaurants share a solid commitment to using only locally-sourced ingredients from farms and farmer’s markets. On any given day, at a local farm or farm market you may see a chef buying local produce and making a relationship with them to set up their own deliveries.

The first priority of the best restaurants is always excellence in cooking. Their strong farm-to-table focus brings understanding between farming, food and health. Farm-to-Table also links our students to local farms, school gardens and healthy eating through classroom education. First Lady Michelle Obama helped plant the first White House garden a few years ago, the first since Eleanor Roosevelt’s victory garden back in World War II. Mrs. Obama’s agenda is to promote healthier eating habits as a way to reduce childhood obesity. Years ago we’d walk into a supermarket or restaurant and choose from the food the big trucks had delivered. Many of us thought that a product being imported


gional farmers and providers of sustainable goods will be featured. This might be a fun place to connect with and support farmers and others who are dedicated to producing and preparing wholesome local foods. Is this farm-to-table movement new? No, it’s just taken us generations to get back to our “roots”!! (yes, the pun was intended!)

Karen Adams is Director of Sales for FISH Restaurant and self proclaimed recipe hoarder.


J’Eat Yet? Our Favorite Interpretations of Classic Philly Foods

Re-making some of our hometown classics has become a sport for local chefs and we love what they create, There’s something special about a city’s classic Scrapple comfort food landing amidst a lavish dinner that Sheppard Inn puts a smile on our face. Here’s some that inspire a 117 Frederick Street Hanover, PA super-sized grin. It might not be in the middle of town but Chef Andrew Little of Sheppard Mansion in HaThe Soft Pretzel nover, PA has been gaining national attention for Union Trust Steakhouse his reinterpretations of classic PA Dutch cuisine. 717 Chestnut Street One of his signature dishes? Scrapple! But it’s not It’s not that there’s anything exotic about the soft served all mushy with eggs on the side and maybe pretzel bites served right along side proper pumsome maple syrup if you’re feeling frisky. No this pernikel and traditional dinner rolls in the bread scrapple is delicately prepared with a savory mix of course. We appreciate the nod to Philly foods, but baby arugala, strawberries and almonds. these soft preztels are worth mentioning because No shame in that dish! of just how good they are. Soft and warm in the middle with a salty crunch on the exterior, they’re served with a zesty mustard that perfectly compliThe Tastykake ments. The setting is much better than a highway Adsum median as well. When Adsum Chef Matt Levin made the leap of putting Kandy Kakes into a sandwich, it just seemed too inspired. There’s something about the right mix of sweet and savory and add a Philly icon like Tastykake to the mix and you know you have a hit. With the Kandy Kake Sliders, brisket was married with the chocolate and peanut butter we all The Cheeseteak know and love. Top that with American cheese King’s Oak and jam and we see a world of possibilities 1001 N 2nd St for the humble kake. Yes, we know some sort of cheesesteak hybrid is now an essential at any catered event in Philly. But King’s Oak sets there bite-sized steak sandwiches apart with a cheesesteak dumpling that balances the cheese, the steak and the onion perfectly. The seriously spiced ketchup sauce that’s paired with them gives these little appts personality. Our only issue? Craving just one more. 60

Introducing Have your next party with us in our elegant private dining room or let us cater your next event

Giancarlo’s Lounge & Wine Gallery

g Continuously servin Italian tapas from Noon to 1 a.m. 1506 Spruce St. (park conveniently across street) 215.790.1133

220 South Broad Street 215.731.1100 Call Now for Reservations

LIVe FRESH Pacific Cuisine

Modern American Happy Hour E very Weekday

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Don’t You.... 15 minutes

If you have ...check out the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym (1834 E. Frankford Ave) that’s sort of like a co-op/Planet Fitness for artists. There’s all sorts of heavy equipment to admire as well.

an hour

to burn... drop in on a First If you have Person Arts StorySlam and get a laugh out of improve. Scheduled for ever second Monday at World Cafe Live (3025 Walnut St) and fourth Tuesday at L’Etage (6th & Bainbridge Sts) the stories start slamming at 8:30. We promise you’ll stay longer than 60 mins.


free... sure you could do If you have a brunch or a museum tour, but on April 8 it’s so much cooler to be a zombie and join the 7th Annual Philly Zombie Crawl down South Street. Who knew zombies frequented good bars. Living dead make-up supplied for only $10! (it won’t fool the real zombies!)

Friday night

, try don’t know what to do on mixing chocolate and alcohol together for some fun. La Golosa Chocolate Bar and Dessert Lounge’s (806 South 6th) BYO menu has a chocolate mix to match your rum, vodka, tequila or wine. Yes, you will need to workout this weekend. Need to ... head to the Insectarium on 8046 Frankford Ave in Northeast Philly. It doesn’t cost a whole lot and live speciments of black widows and millipedes provide the high ick factor nearly every gradeschooler will love.

occupy the kids

impress a date

Want to ... then you can’t go wrong with singing waiters. At the Walnut Street Supper Club, the retro ‘40’s chic Midtown Restaurant, there’s unpretentious Italian dinners served up by performers who take the stage nightly. 1227 Walnut St.

Center City Magazine's March Issue  
Center City Magazine's March Issue  

Philly's a Tough Town! Personal Trainer Lauren Pappas visits City Fitness and tells us how to get in shape for the Summer. Haz Bey breaks do...