By Any Means Necessary: Volume 3, Issue 3

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going in out of the empire’s cages. I know that the Monster Kody to Sanyika Shakur story can inspire those millions today just like it did for me twenty-five years ago. In addition to his autobiography, Sanyika wrote a novel called T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E., as well as another book called Stand up, Struggle Forward: New Afrikan Revolutionary Writings on Nation, Class and Patriarchy. Please read his writings and continue to lift up his name. Long live the revolutionary spirit of Sanyika Shakur!

Section 4: Culture

Do it Fa’ the Culture [ Word on the Street! ] Fasting for Black August ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ifetayo M. Flannery

Word on the Street! is our way of highlighting the local issues, thoughts, and developments of New Afrikans (Black folk) in cities where we have MXGM chapters in ways that are unmediated by algorithmic social media feeds. On July 1, 2021 I interviewed two MXGM members; representing Atlanta and Oakland, to tell us ‘what’s the word’ for New Afrikans around the practice of fasting during Black August. I asked each monumental elder the following questions regarding the discipline, healing, and metaphysical orientations to fasting in the freedom struggle: ● What is the significance of fasting in the context of Black August? ● What techniques do you tend to employ around fasting successfully? ● What are some spiritual or metaphysical rituals we should be doing for the mind & body while we are fasting? ● What tips would you offer to first time Black August fasters?

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By Any Means Necessary

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