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By Any Means Necessary

MXGM Atlanta Report Nyeusi Jami

On May 18th and 19th, MXGM Atlanta hosted the 30th annual Malcolm X Festival in Malcolm X (West End) Park in Atlanta. Many thousands of people came to the festival over its two days. The weekend was full of spectacular entertainment and education, including a performance by the Last Poets. The city of Atlanta gave a proclamation recognizing the Malcolm X Festival as a cultural mainstay in the city. July 7th-13th MXGM hosted the 25th year of our annual Camp Pumziko. Camp Pumziko is sponsored by the New Afrikan Scouts Organization (NASO), the youth arm of MXGM, which started in Los Angeles in 1979. The first Camp Pumziko was held in 1994 in Alabama, organized primarily by Sanovia Muhammad, Ahmed Obafemi, and Kwame Kalimara. In its 25th year, Camp Pumziko had well over 100 campers and staff members coming from cities all over the country. It was a resounding success and an excellent example of grassroots movement, receiving zero corporate or big foundation sponsorship.

Camp Pumziko 2019 Photo Credit: Nyeusi Jami

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and the Imam Jamil Action Network are partnering to host a conference called “Relearning H. Rap Brown: A Prisoner At War, 75 years of Life, 60 Years of Conscious Struggle.” The conference will be held October 4th-5th in Atlanta at the Auburn Avenue Research Library. The first day will focus on the 50th anniversary of the classic book Die Nigger Die, and Imam Jamil’s work in the Black Power movement. The second day will focus on his imprisonment for his beliefs and the efforts to free him. Visit for more information.

MXGM Philadelphia Report Akanke Washington

The Philly chapter of MXGM has taken on a variety of initiatives designed to develop ourselves politically, connect us with the community, and align us with the Jackson-Kush Plan. Recently, during local elections, we assisted North Philadelphia organizer Sheila Armstrong in her attempt to obtain the required sig-natures to get on the ballot for City Council Representative. Our goal was to make connections with residents and local organizations in North Philadelphia so we can begin to explore the possibility of creating Peoples Assemblies around housing and other pressing issues affecting the Black community. The members of the organization did have extensive internal conversations about the role of electoral politics before we embarked on this endeavor. Although Sheila Armstrong was not successful in her attempts to get on the ballot, we still remain in the beginning stages of building a relationship with her. We also sponsored the annual Anti-4th of July Barbecue, which MXGM member Ismael Jimenez started in 2011. We used this platform to share information about the historical context of the 4th of July for New Afrikans and our Political Education series which we began to hold every first Saturday beginning August 3. The first session honored the spirit of Black August by centering political prisoners, mass incarceration, and how these ongoing struggles are connected to gentrification. Local activists helped provide insight and strategic suggestions. We look forward to deepening our relationships with the community and politicizing the masses.

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By Any Means Necessary, Volume 1, Issue 3  

Black August Edition

By Any Means Necessary, Volume 1, Issue 3  

Black August Edition