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By Any Means Necessary

The Black August Resistance Calendar of Recognition Includes: • August 1619

The arrival of the first enslaved Afrikans to Jamestown, Virginia

• August 21, 1791

The start of the great Haitian revolution

• August 30, 1800

Gabriel Prosser’s rebellion

• August 21, 1831

The rebellion of Nat Turner

• August 22, 1843

The call for a general strike by enslaved New Afrikans by Henry Highland Garnett

• August 17, 1887

Marcus Garvey born

• August 27, 1963

W.E.B. DuBois died

• August 28, 1963

The March on Washington

• August 1965

The Watts Rebellion

• August 18, 1971

The defense of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika (PGRNA) from a FBI assault in Mississippi

• August 8, 1978

The Philadelphia police assault on the MOVE family

The events above are just a small sample of Black August observances. The institutionalizing of Black August Resistance is growing. Observances include, but not limited to Oakland, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Austin, New Orleans, Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, Tanzania, South Africa and Brazil. It emphasizes Afrikan liberation. For more information on Black August see Watani Tyehimba’s NAPO/MXGM Black August Connections 7-15-18. Its focus shares personal and relationship roles within the context of the commemoration and the formations which support it.

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By Any Means Necessary, Volume 1, Issue 3  

Black August Edition

By Any Means Necessary, Volume 1, Issue 3  

Black August Edition