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CeMAP Training for Better Careers CeMAP training (Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice) is the qualification you need to acquire if you are planning to become a mortgage adviser – either as a self-employed professional or becoming an employee. The CeMAP exams can be viewed as a passport to working in the mortgage industry. Excellent future pospects are waiting for the people who complete the course and pass the exams. If you are interested in advising public on mortgage related issues then it is wise to pass this course. If you get certified under this then you will be recognized as a qualified mortgage advisor. To become eligible to appear for CeMAP exams, no specific academic qualifications are necessary. Though some mortgage industry experience may be advantageous, it is strictly not required.

The CeMAP exam comprises of three modules - CeMAP 1, CeMAP 2 and CeMAP 3. The requirements of CeMAP training is to clear out all its modules by obtaining 70 percentile in each paper. As the CeMAP exams are rather tough, it is recommended that you undergo some professional training. The three types of

CeMAP training course options are traditional classroom courses, online coaching programs and distance learning or home study plans.  Apart from these three well recognized methods, some aspirants choose a fourth method - intensive coaching or learning by attending seminars. You can pick on any of these as suits your needs and convenience. But whatever training method you choose to pursue, the grim fact is your success largely depends on your own personal efforts and commitment. You should also select a reputed and reliable CeMAP training institute that offers you quality training.  Please understand that the CeMAP certification is awarded by the Institute of Financial Services (IFS) and the certificate fully meets the requirements stipulated by the Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC). More and more people are today keen to acquire the CeMAP qualification as the career of mortgage advisers is extremely promising and very remunerative.  The simple fact is every individual – except for a few excessively rich ones requires money to buy assets or fulfill their needs. Mortgage advisers are listed to be one of the most required professional in almost all parts of the world. Generally, if person wants to offer the mortgage consultancy service in the state he is required to pass the CeMAP exam.  Without passing CeMAP exam or without any certificates, people are not recognized to offer mortgage consultancy service and as a result, the number of aspirants appearing for CeMAP exams is steadily on the increase. There is a high demand for qualified and experienced mortgage advisors in the market. But the number of CeMAP qualified persons is fewer. Thus to fulfill the gap of demand and supply many professional advisors are needed. The motive for studying CeMAP course is that a successful student will enhance his/ her own employment opportunities and/ or brighten the chances of

becoming a self-employed consultant in the market place. If a student succeeds in completing all the three modules of course in a said percentile of 70%, then he/ she is assured of a rewarding career in a mortgage industry. Thus if you are looking for a change in your profession and want to achieve higher growths in your career, CeMAP training is an option worth considering. Source:

CeMAP Training for Better Careers  

Greetings from CeMAP training (Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice) is the qualification you need to ac...

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