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CELTIBERO RACING COMPONENTS Winterthurerstrasse 18B 8610 Uster, Switzerland Phone: +41 (0)43 366 58 13 Fax: +41 (0)43 366 58 12

Celtibero Rotax Circle-F 500


Novara, Italy, October 15, 2011, 09:00am

There you go. Again it seems you are far too late and too fast to make the corner, but it's also late in the evening and the track is grippy enough, so you press your right boot to the foot peg and lie down a bit more... now centrifugal wins over centripetal, so your back wheel starts to slide, slowing you down and allowing you to close the radius around the corner to rebalance the forces... Like almost every time, you will feel you should have taken it much quicker.

Greyhound Stadium, Oxford, United Kingdom, May 6, 2011, 08:00pm

Jacopo Monti Born on March 25, 1975 Tradate (VA), Italy

Winner Redmax Thunderbikes UK!



4th Grand National Championship UK! ! Winner Int. MEFO Sport Flattrack Cup!


Winner Int. Short Track Cup!



Winner Italian Flattrack Championship!


Winner Italian Flattrack Championship!


Winner Italian Flattrack Championship!


Winner Italian Flattrack Championship!


Winner Italian Flattrack Championship!


Season 2011 Redmax Thunderbikes UK Champ. Rd 1/5 Oxford Speedway Stadium!


1st place

Rd 2/5 Amman Valley Trotting Track!


Rd 3/5 Leicester Stadium!



1st place

Rd 4/5 Kings Lynn!





Rd 5/5 Rye House Speedway, Hoddesdon!

1st place

Let your suspension focus on traction, your physics concentrate on control and raise your riding performance by making use of our light weight racing components.

Rider: R. Krummenacher Motocycle: Celtibero Rotax Circle F Location: MSC M端hldorf, Germany

Let your suspension focus on traction, your physics concentrate on control and raise your riding performance by making use of our light weight racing components.

Psssssst! Don't tell anybody there is a piece of paradise hidden in the middle of the woods. Jaco' and Ulde's hand shaped little flattrack sculpture is another proof

celtibero test track

novara, italy

45째 28' 55" N 8째 25' 23" E

HONDA CR500AF Bailey I remember well an athlet trainer discussing with a journalist saying, ...imagine a 20 min sprint race, agains the clock, not on an olimpic stadion but on a course full of mud, obstacles, changing every lap, having to make choices on your lines, your landing points after jumps, concentrating on finding constantly the shorter way and the highest speed, and all this surrounded by 40 guys trying to do exactly the same just quicker than you, please, never doubt again if Motocross is not most probably the hardest sport under the hard sports. Well, it gets even harder if you have to ride a modern motocrosser with a 500cc 2stroke racing engine. For this reason, we made our choice and called the Honda CRAF500 to our workshop, as the ultimate testing machine for the final validation of our light weight technical components such as chain sprockets, transmission chains, suspension links, frame plates and exhaust systems. Ok, ok, much simpler than this. We love this bike.

A. Salvado Celtibero Racing Components Team

David Bailey AGE:




Bailey was born on December 31, 1961 in San Diego. When he was 10, he started traveling the country with his stepfather, Gary Bailey, a motocross star of the 1960s who ran a traveling racing school. Young David started riding and racing mini-bikes. His racing heroes as a youth were Roger DeCoster, Bob Hannah and Marty Smith. He turned pro in 1979. Bultaco sponsored his dad, so that’s what Bailey rode. In fact, as Bailey remembers it, all his equipment that first year was from his dad’s sponsors. "I didn’t like all the stuff I had to use in that first year," remembers Bailey. "All my friends were riding Yamahas and wearing JT gear and I always wore some other stuff." In 1980, Bailey became one of the first Team Green Kawasaki support riders. His results rapidly improved and he won the minor championship of the support class of the Trans-AMA Series. (The Kawasaki win ads read “The Little Professor Graduates,” in reference to his dad’s nickname of the professor) He also cracked the top 10 at a couple of the 250 nationals and one Supercross national that year. By 1981, Bailey was clearly one of the leading young riders coming through the ranks, after finishing seventh in the final standings of the AMA 250 Motocross Series. His steady progress led to a factory ride with Honda for the 1982 season. On the factory Honda team, Bailey began to turn in some good performances. He earned five podium finishes in the 250 outdoor series and one in Supercross. At the end of that year, Bailey was named as an alternate on the Motocross and Trophy des Nations team and was called to ride after Donnie Hansen was injured in a crash just before the international competition. Bailey says of all the Motocross des Nations he competed in, the first one was the most memorable. The 1983 season proved to be a turning point for Bailey. His off-season training paid off and he opened the year with his first AMA national victory in the Anaheim Supercross. Bailey went on to win the AMA Supercross title. He then won the 1983 AMA 250 National Motocross title as well, after tallying three national victories. Bailey finished runner-up to Jeff Ward in the Supercross series by a single point in 1984. Honda wanted to spread its talent around in motocross and moved Bailey to the 500cc series, where he completely dominated by winning eight straight races in the 10-race series The 1986 season was a busy one for Bailey. He competed in three series, Supercross, 250cc and 500cc motocross. He won the 500cc title over Honda teammate Ricky Johnson, but was runner-up to Johnson in both the 250 motocross and Supercross championships. During that year, Bailey came out on top in what is considered by many to be one of the greatest AMA Supercross races of all time – the ’86 season opener at Anaheim, California. Bailey won an exciting race-long battle with rival and teammate Johnson, which saw both riders in their primes pushing one another to the limits. Unfortunately for motocross racing fans, 1986 would prove to be the final time they would get to see Bailey on a motorcycle. Just a couple of weeks before the start of the 1987 season, Bailey suffered a hard crash during a practice session at a track near Fresno, California, and was paralyzed. It was a devastating blow to the entire motorcycle racing community. "I was attempting a double jump that no one else was even thinking about doing," Bailey says of the accident. "It was a case of too much confidence. I felt like I could do anything on a motorcycle at that point. (Johnny) O’Mara came up to me just before the accident and said he couldn’t believe how fast I was riding, but at the same time he cautioned me that I was maybe pushing the limits too far. It took me a long time to realize what had really happened to me. I just couldn’t really even comprehend it." In 1993, Bailey was asked to provide expert commentary for ESPN coverage of AMA Supercross. He put a lot of work into learning to be good on television. He credits Dave Despain for helping him learn how to bring out the thoughts he had as he watched the races. Bailey became a great commentator. He was a fanatic on physical training when he was racing and that carried over after his racing career. He became a leading triathlete and in 2000 won his division of the prestigious Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii. David Bailey will always be remembered for his smooth and fluid racing style and his short, but outstanding career. When he was forced into retirement in 1987, Bailey was third on the all-time AMA Supercross win list with 12 victories and fourth on the combined Supercross/motocross all-time win list with a total of 30 national victories. He was also a member of five winning U.S. Motocross des Nations teams.

Source: AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

! The late autumn sun and a perfect track surface after last week's rain welcomed us for another great day of riding...

" Celtibero Rotax Cirlce-F 500



Just after the morning cafe (thanks Valentina!) participants jumped together with Jacopo onto the old bicycles.


After half an hour of braking without brakes, everybody was warm enough to start serious riding with the four CRF100.

" CRF Honda 450R. Full product of Jaco and Ulde

Amazing how emotive it can be to see the progress that a 14 and a 55 year old bloke do on the bikes and on the track after severely following the instructor's advice. It took 30min on a bicycle and 90min on a motorcycle, and both where sliding into the corners not even knowing where the brakes were.

READY TO LINE UP Novara, Italy. Wednesday, May 5, 2011

for the

UK Shorttrack Championship 2011

After hard and meticulous mechanical work rebuilding the base bike, engineering and tests on our low inertia Celtibero Racing Components, comings and goings from test bench to test bench, from test track to workshop and back to make sure our parts work out as good as we target, this along with lots of great support from friends and family (thanks Jan-Willem for the beautiful head work), we can't wait any longer and go now racing. If you love riding like we do, you know how hard the waiting can be until you fire up the engine, select first gear and start rolling. Finnaly ready for the track! Last week we went to Jacopo's and Ulde's beautifully shaped and very technical training track in Novara, Northwest Italy, for a first real roll out. Jacopo, very fit and critical as I have never seen him before, welcomes the great power at high revs, the ability to pull the gears over 10'000 engine rpm and the light and nimble frame. He starts tighting corner lines and sliding as deep as he points, which looks like a game when you watch from the wall, scares you when you observe it close at the corner entry, and don't believe when you see it on pictures. Thankfully, little issues came up, like a fuel-tank cracke, a leak in one fork, and wrong mounting clearances between our own

silencer and the swingarm, but, hey! we didn't even had to make a single adjustment on the suspension. So now, 2 further crazy days sorting last details, organizing logistics, (like always, we are later than late on that) then entering the real life: The round 1 of the 2011 Pozzani Grand National UK Championship. Our goal for this Friday in Oxford: see Jacopo challenging the best shorttrack riders in europe, UK's number 1 Aidan Collins, number 2 Tom Wooley, 2009 Champion Peter Boast, Les Collins, Eddy Kenneth, Steve Plater, and guest riders like Dave Alana (USA), Tyson Nelson (aus) and many more, and see all souls involved in our quest with a big sincere smile in their faces. Monti’s unmistakable style will be, in any case, a guarantee for that smile.

photo shooting

Friends told friends, and then Tom, the soul behind Racerfish, made an indecent proposal. A piece of Celtibero against professional advice and an introduction to social media. I still can't see what his part of the deal was, but we took big notice of what it takes to communicate real values, and how different eyes and perspectives make for the real true picture. Big, big thanks to Bea and Diego for design and programs and to Tom for making it happen.

Greyhound Stadium, Oxford, United Kingdom, May 16, 2011, 08:00pm #As the Thunderbikes final gets closer and stadion lights turn on, Felipe from Celtibero Racing Components lets this Circle-F Rotax look really good$

#Taking care of functional details and using the best performing technical equipment like the Olimunllum速 light weight components, means not only that thenrace bike is ready for the rider, it makes the rider feel proud of his ride, and believe me, this makes more than just tenths of a second.$



A built up from scratch light weight steel US-Circle F frame, perfectly welded to embrace an old-school Rotax 500cc single four stroke engine attached to it by means of Olimunllum速 engine mounts transmitting the power through a light weight chain and Olimunllum速 transmission has been the base for our racing campaign. The Celtibero exhaust provides the missing extra power to our little engine, and help it rev higher. This prouves of good help when you squeeze the power down the straights at the long tracks.


single cylinder, air-cooled, 4 valves SOHC


500 cc

Max. Power

72.7 HP / 53.5 KW @ 8880 RPM

Max. Torque 59 Nm @ 7950 RPM

Greyhound Stadium, Oxford, United Kingdom May 6, 2011, 08:00pm

At Oxford, everybody was inspired. First race of the season, new bikes, old bikes, new contenders, old friends, and it ended up as the best overall result in the season, with two podium finishes, winning the Thunderbikes on the Celtibero Rotax and finishing a strong third on the GNC Class with the Honda. A. Salvado Bike manager

Rye House Speedway Stadium, Hoddesdon, United Kingdom September 17, 2011, 08:00pm

The final race of the season. Having lost one race due to a technical DNF and not showing to the August venue at Amman Valley, Jacopo's chances to take the #1 plate where gone, but the target was the same; win the race. He did. Like in every single race he has finished in the season. 3 of 5. 3 times 1st.

Angel, his only mechanic at Rye House records:

"for me it has been one of the nicest racing ever. The track was superb, the bike performed like a swiss watch, the floodlights, the crowd, the riders, our friends and our adversaries made for a long lasting good racing evening, and Jacopo rode stylish and serene as I have never seen. I just got stressed once in the whole weekend: after oil and high octane refueling, re-do the bolts, some grease, firing up the engine and warming up the bike for his next heat, Jaco jumped in and after taking his start grid position, he shouts to me '7 minutes, then take the Spaghetti off the fire', I would rather sacrifice the spaghetti than a win, though I wouldn't tell him that, so I had to stay there a

the track side lane ready for any crash, re-start, and for pictures, so just after the checked flag, I had to run to the pits to take the Spaghetti that Jaco was cooking for half the paddock off the gas burner right before he arrived, doing as if I had been there the whole time. That was close to a disaster.

BLANK PAGE CONTEST Become our 2012 photographer of the year

Marvelous track! ‌but the italians didn’t want to get wet San Paolo di Montegiorgio, Italy Rd 3 FMI Flattrack Championship 2011

For the first time the 800m long Hippodrome San Paolo, in Montegiorgio, Italy, opened the doors to motorcycles, were the round 3 of the FMI Flattrack Championship should have taken place. Unfortunately, a heavy summer downpour cut off the training rounds and quickly flooded the track. Race cancelled and the Celtibero Rotax Circle-F, quiet in the pit box. It would have felt at home screaming down the long straights. Jacopo Monti could just do a few test rounds, with his Honda "La Favorita". Here some pics of our round trip to South Italy, and back.!

Uster, Switzerland, July 3rd, 2011, 01:00am

Montegiorgio, Italy July 3rd, 2011, 11:00am

the essence of style



ENGINE single cylinder, air-cooled, 4 valves SOHC


500 cc


72.7 HP / 53.5 KW @ 8880 RPM

Max. Power

59 Nm @ 7950 RPM

Max. Torque

FRAME steel, welded tubular main frame, bolted rear sub-frame


105kg / 231 lb


1397 mm / 55 in


23° (adjustable)

Steering rake

73 mm (adjustable)


60 mm (adjustable)


conventional SHOWA adjustable 41mm forks

Front suspension

single PENSKE adjustable shock absorber

Rear suspension

disc, Grimeca hydr. big-bore single caliper

Rear brakes

Maxxis DT1, 27.0x7-19’’ on a 2.75x19’’ rim

Front wheel

Maxxis DT1, 25.5x7.5-19’’ on a 3.0x19’’ rim

Rear wheel

That the Olimunllum速 race products do also look unique is not a coincidence. Real performance seldom looks wrong.


Damping properties comparison of Olimunllum速 QI-Grade against standard carbon composites


Epoxy/CF (T300)

0.040 0.035

Damping [-]

0.030 0.025 0.020 0.015 0.010 0.005 0









T [属C]








Celtibero Silencer









0 Km/h RPM

82 4000

102 5000

122 6000

143 7000

163 8000

184 9000

204 10000

224 11000

The continuous search for weight reduction i.e. the measure to ease control of the inertial forces-, illuminates the real limitations of most of the modernly used light weight materials. The classic thermoset carbon fibre composites seemed once to be a real break through, but soon fatigue resistance became the killing limiting criteria that brought many technicians back to the proven metal solutions. Unease by progressing one step forward and two steps backwards, we at Celtibero worked hard on a new pragmatic approach, and found Olimunllum速 to reset the barriers for modern light weight materials. Olimunllum速 is the sum of the proven high performance carbon fibre and the probably most preciously engineered plastic of our time. The result is the high tenacity of the reinforcing fibers paired with the strength, excellent impact, creep and temperature resistance of the polymer, that makes Olimunllum速 our choice for dynamic loaded structural parts -like engine mounts-, wear resistant components -like chain wheels-, and heat resistance products like our exhaust systems-.

Flattrack training MSC M端hldorf, Germany May 20, 2011 It honours us that current Moto2 world championship rider Randy Krumenacher trusts on Celtibero Racing for his preparation, and it puts a big smile in our faces when he enjoys his work on track so much.

Flattrack training with Randy Krummenacher MSC M端hldorf, Germany, May 20, 2011

I could take my line and do what I wanted to do with it. The traction and drive was amazing, I felt that I was one piece with the Celtibero Rotax, drifting and having both feet on the footrest was a great feeling.

Randy # 4

Road racers are not kamikazes. They develop reaction skills and senses for speed and momentum that makes them feel safe in situations not really natural to human life. And what do they do to improve this skills? yeap. They go flattrack racing. Why? it is high speed. It is a loose and slippery surface. It is the purest and therefore most demanding way to test your riding skills, get instant feedback and then improve your performance.

Flattrack training with Randy Krummenacher MSC M端hldorf, Germany, May 20th, 2011


2011 POZZANI GRAND NATIONAL UK FLATTRACK CHAMPIONSHIP ON MOTORS TV GNC Class and Thunderbikes The UK Flattrack Grand National Championship is set to make its television debut later this year in thousands of homes. Tapes Up Productions will link once again with Motors TV to provide coverage of the sport, which has an ever-growing fan base in Britain. BARB audience figures for the British Indoor Championship broadcast in February topped 10,000, placing the show among Motors TV’s most popular for the month. The combination of fast-paced, high-octane action with insight, analysis and interviews made the show one to remember But the episodes will not only be shown in Britain, as again coverage will be provided on Motors TV’s pan-european feed, meaning they will go out to 54 countries and close to 16 million households. And on the strength of the competitiveness of the first two rounds, every viewer is in for a treat, as reigning Champion Aidan Collins does battle with a host of international stars including the classy Tyson Nelson. The series rounds will be broadcast in consecutive weeks after the final event of the Championship, occupying some of the best slots in the channel’s schedule from October onwards. Each show will be approximately one hour in length, affording an excellent opportunity for exposure.

ABOUT MOTORS TV Motors TV is a television channel dedicated to news, documentaries and coverage of motorsport. It is available in more than 40 countries via satellite and cable, with audio in English, French, German and Serbian languages. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


September 1, 2000

Owned by

Motors TV S.A.

Picture format



High Speed Television


United Kingdom

Broadcast area





riders and teams

Tim Neave Flattrack rider, Team Silkolene Suzuki Born on May 28, 1995 Nationality: British

Aidan Collins Flattrack rider, HM Plant Honda Racing Born on April 21,!1982 Nationality: British

Gregory Alan Hancock

Tim Greig Flattrack rider, Taz Racing Team Nationality: British Rigo Moto Supermoto racing team Italy

Peter Boast Flattrack rider, Team Silkolene Suzuki Nationality: British

Speedway rider, Team Hancock Racing Born on June 3, 1970 Nationality: USA

Sammy Halbert AMA Pro Racing Flattrack rider Born on September 15, 1987 Nationality: USA

Bryan Smith AMA Pro Racing Flattrack rider Born on June 24, 1983 Nationality: USA

Team Honda Vico Motocross racing team Spain

Mario Bertocchi Motocross rider Born on January 10, 1994 Nationality: Italian

Robby Bottesi Motocross rider Born on February 1, 1990 Nationality: Swiss

Ivan Cervantes Enduro rider Gas Gas Racing Team Born on May 2, 1982 Nationality: Spanish

Randy Krummenacher Moto2 rider, Grand Prix Team Switzerland Born on February 24, 1990 Nationality: Swiss

Winterthurerstrasse 18B 8610 Uster, Switzerland Phone: +41 (0)43 366 58 13 Fax: +41 (0)43 366 58 12

Designed by: Beatriz Salvado

Celtibero Story Book 2011  

"There you go. Again it seems you are far too late and too fast to make the corner, but it's also late in the evening and the track is gripp...

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