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The panel of judges, Mychael Barratt, Julia Beaumont-Jones, Bruce McLean, Mike Taylor and Trevor Price, selected 155 pieces from the thousands of submissions with no criteria or agenda beyond acknowledging those rare pieces that compelled them to enthusiastically raise their hands and say - yes please, let’s have that one! As an art organisation run by artists, the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers is constantly working to create longer-term opportunities for artists and to promote printmaking to a wider audience. Exhibition dates: 21 September - 2 October 2016


The National Original Print Exhibition, established by the Royal Society of PainterPrintmakers (RE), is an international open submission exhibition celebrating the best of contemporary printmaking. Now in its third year the show has an exciting and diverse blend of work by emerging young artists and established professional printmakers.

From Belle Époque to Brexit Nancy Campbell In 1876 the French writer Marcellin Desboutin declared in tones of mock outrage that Edgar Degas was ‘no longer a friend, a man, an artist! He’s a zinc or copper plate blackened with printer’s ink, and plate and man are flattened together by his printing press whose mechanism has swallowed him completely! … He is a real poem! He talks only of metallurgists, lead casters, lithographers, planishers!’ Desboutin’s comments reveal the hard work, knowledge and dedication that is required of the great artist printmaker. Over a century on, Degas’ enthusiasm - one might say, his obsession - is shared by many other artists who have in turn been ‘swallowed’ by the printing press: discovering its possibilities, mastering its technical challenges, and committing their stamina to often physically demanding processes. The resulting artworks are just as thrilling and poetic as any of the experiments that Degas pursued in the workshops of Belle Époque Paris. But what good is all this alchemy with metallurgists and lead casters if the prints remain a well-kept secret in the studio? The National Original Print Exhibition brings original prints - many with ink still fresh from the press - to Bankside Gallery on London’s Southbank to be enjoyed by everyone. In this celebration of the best contemporary printmaking from around the world established names from the Royal Academy and the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers exhibit alongside enterprising students and other emerging artists. Since its establishment in 2014, the National Original Print Exhibition has become a significant date in the capital’s art calendar. The works on show, selected by prestigious judges from thousands of international entries, provide a fascinating survey of printmaking today. The

techniques that Degas experimented with, such as lithography, can now be seen as classics of a canon that is constantly embracing new forms of reproduction, from screenprint to digital. The extent of mood and scale that can be created using different techniques is dazzling, from the impulsive abstract strokes of Morgan Doyle’s monoprint Orange September to the intricate etching of botanical forms in Bamboo by Lars Nyberg. The original prints on the walls at Bankside Gallery may share a similar gold standard, but they display a wide range of styles and subject matter. Here the viewer can admire landscapes of remote regions hung in close proximity to depictions of the modern city, such as ColonsayMachrins (Towards Jura) by Brian Hindmarch and GD#1 Kanazawa by Laura Rosser. The marks made by an artist on the plate may evoke the layers of experience in a Welsh Miner’s face (Hilary Powell’s portrait of Simon Sam ‘Thomas’) or a fleeting expression of horror, as in Alice Irwin’s Faces of War; Leonie Bradley, meanwhile, depicts personality by what is absent, revealing the paper below the image in her wood engraving Feeling Invisible. Several works comment on global politics and culture, whether providing a satirical glance at the human condition (Hilary Paynter’s The Republican Candidate) or a transcendent vision of architectural achievement, in the Brooklyn Bridge series by Anne Desmet. The National Original Print Exhibition reveals printmaking to be just as exciting and experimental a pursuit today as it was in the time of the Impressionists. Come and discover the latest work from favourite artists and new names alike, and leave with a renewed appreciation for the art of printmaking - an art that enables us to see the world in ways both subtly and strikingly original.


BADGER PRESS AWARD Studio access to the value of £120

HAWTHORN PRINTMAKER SUPPLIES AWARD Materials to the value of £150

birmingham PRINTMAKERS


DEBORAH ROSLUND HON RE PURCHASE PRIZE Purchase prize to the value of the selected print

EAST LONDON PRINTMAKERS PRIZE One year’s full membership plus ten free open access sessions

GALLERIES MAGAZINE PRIZE Full page colour advert

GREAT ART PRIZE Art materials vouchers to the value of £250

HOT BED PRESS BURSARY A six month’s residency at Hot Bed Press. Prize value £500

INTAGLIO PRINTMAKER PRIZE Materials to the value of £150

JOHN PURCELL PAPER AWARD £150 worth of paper

PRINTMAKING TODAY PRIZE An editorial feature in the magazine

RK BURT EXHIBITION AWARD A solo show in the RK Burt Gallery


Mychael Barratt | President of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers Julia Beaumont-Jones | Print Historian & Author Bruce McLean | Artist Trevor Price | Vice President of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers Mike Taylor | Director of Paupers Press

SELECTED ARTISTS Ade Adesina Louisa Albani Ruth Ander John Angus Dana Ariel Margaret Ashman Philippe Auriol Michelle Avison Gino Ballantyne Martin Barrett Paul Bawden Sally Beaumont Melanie Bellis Alison Bernal Beata Bialek Lynne Blackburn Giulio Bonatti Elisabeth Bond Neil Bousfield Leonie Bradley Kate Brett Ian Brown John Bryce John Buck Jim Butler Antรณnio Canau Judy Carpenter Samantha Cary Maria Teresa Cascon Peinado Ian Chamberlain Sara Clark Austin Cole Gianluca Craca Emily Crookshank Robert Cunnew Blaze Cyan Olga Danilova Louise Davies Diarmuid Delargy Marcus Delves Anne Desmet Peter Doubleday Grainne Dowling Morgan Doyle

Stephen Edwards Tabitha Fedden Pine Feroda David Ferry Peter Ford Ros Ford Sarah Frances Michele Fuirer Theresa Gadsby-Mourner Ramona Galardi Lavinia Gallie Colin Gillespie Veta Gorner Ken Gowers Terence Gravett Nick Greenglass Emma Gregory Michael Griffiths Rachel Grigor Vanessa Hall-Patch Joanna Ham Dorothy Hanna Brian Hindmarch Paul Hipkiss Wuon-Gean Ho John Hodder Paul Hogg Tessa Holmes Laura Hudson Gwilym Hughes Brian Innes Alice Irwin Lisa Ivory Barbara Jackson Georgia Keeling John Kelly Anita Klein Emily Lang Martin Langford Peter Lawrence Ursula Leach Lisa Chang Lee Jonathan Lloyd Ross loveday

Image: Wuon-Gean Ho, Orchis Five v7 [detail], monoprint screenprint

LUCE Gail Mallatratt Sonia Martin Derek Mawudoku Astrid McGarrighan Stephen Mumberson Olenna Mokliak Elizabeth Moriarty Mika Murakami Jackie Newell Lars Nyberg Carolyn Oakley Steve Owen Helen Pakeman Hilary Paynter Sumi Perera Hilary Powell Robert Pugh Ian Rawlinson David Robertson Laura Rosser Marielle Schram John Scott Martin Margaret Sellars John Sexton Yoonjung Shim Nana Shiomi Peter S Smith Tim Southall Jane Stobart Julie Sullock Josephine Sumner Despina Symeou Stewart Taylor Paul Thirkell Sebastian Thomas Simon Tozer Edward Twohig Kirsten van Schreven Geri Waddington Jane Walker Roy Willingham Ruby Wright Minami Wrigley

From top left (clockwise): Anne Desmet, Brooklyn Bridge: Night Ice, wood engraving & linocut | Kirsten van Schreven, Array III, drypoint & etching Lisa Ivory, Sibyl in the Idyll, wood engraving | Astrid McGarrighan, Seeds of Change, etching & aquatint Sumi Perera, 2B or not 2B [III] - Triptych [detail], mixed media, etching & aquatint | Tabitha Fedden, Knot, linocut & etching

From top: Austin Cole, Beijing Hutong III, etching & aquatint | Blaze Cyan, Wellington Woods, etching Michelle Avison, 2 Puddles, woodcut | Ros Ford, Shelter, Sparke Evans Park, etching & aquatint

From top: Ruth Ander, Birds at Brean Sands, monoprint on tissue paper | Sarah Frances, Brno Mix, polyester lithograph & screenprint with chine-collĂŠ Ade Adesina, Wild Awake, linocut | Kate Brett, Where, screenprint | Minami Wrigley, Floating Peninsula, etching

From top left (clockwise): Antonio Canau, Tie in Gold!, digital print | Hilary Powell, Farewell Rock: The Last Miners of South Wales - Simon Sam “Thomas�, lithograph Peter S Smith, Passing By, wood engraving | David Robertson, Collateral Damage, wood engraving

From top: Louisa Albani, Barge Worker, screenprint, stencils, collage, pen & ink | Ian Brown, The Seven Seas (Modern), Artic Ocean, screenprint Olenna Mokliak, Untitled, etching & aquatint | Derek Mawudoku, Not Even The Crumbs From My Table, drypoint | Ian Rawlinson, Vestige, silkscreen

Hilary Painter, Hilltop Village, wood engraving collage

From top left (clockwise): Colin Gillespie, New Development, relief print, mixed media & assemblage | Carolyn Oakley, Mother-Daughter, woodblock Marcus Delves, Untitled VII, etching | Lavinia Gallie, Wayfairer, woodblock & chine-collĂŠ | Yoonjung Shim, Pianoforte, etching & aquatint | Louise Davies, Secret Mountain, etching

From top left (clockwise): Dorothy Hanna, Ortus, collagraph | Stephen Mumberson, Camera, relief etching | John Hodder, A Storm of Days, monotype Judy Carpenter, Birds, drypoint & etching | Anita Klein, Picking Lemons, linocut | Peter Doubleday, Great Friends, photo etching

From top left (clockwise): Philippe Auriol, Traces of Justice, screenprint | Stephen Owen, Spotlight, screenprint Jonathan Lloyd, Mirrored Bather II (Narcissus), woodcut | Robert Cunnew, No, vector graphics archival inkjet print | Ruby Wright, Self Portrait with Bomber Jacket, linocut

From top: Brian Innes, Blue Horse, etching | Margaret Sellars, Table-Turning III, etching & monoprint Helen Pakeman, Homage to Morandi I, woodcut | Giulio Bonatti, Valdarno, wood engraving & etching | Wuon-Gean Ho, Orchis Five v7 [detail], monoprint screenprint

Laura Rosser, GD#1 Kanazawa, woodcut

From top: Leonie Bradley, Feeling Invisible, wood engraving Ken Gowers, Where Have All The Grey Apes Gone?, etching & aquatint John Buck, Lost Man IV, etching

From top left (clockwise): John Angus, Portrait E, screenprint | Michele Fuirer, Echelle II, etching & aquatint John Kelly, Cow Boy, etching | Stewart Taylor, Pedro II, silkscreen | Gino Ballantyne, The Badge, etching

From top left (clockwise): Ross Loveday, Life Lines, drypoint & carborundum | Geri Waddington, Peacock Garden, wood engraving Sebastian Thomas, Hi Poet, Say us a Poem!, lithograph | Samantha Cary, Night Time Catch [detail], screenprint Veta Gorner, Swell, relief etching & lithograph | Alison Bernal, Open Prison I, relief, emboss & deboss

From top left (clockwise): Sally Beaumont, Pamela and Mr. B in the Summerhouse, lithograph | Mika Murakami, A-126, etching Sara Clark, Reification 3, photopolymer etching | Ramona Galardi, Who Am I?, lithograph | Jane Stobart, Watching I, woodcut

From top left (clockwise): LUCE, Contemplation, reduction woodcut | John Scott Martin, Red Tramway - Deep Down, mixed media linocut Stephen Edwards, Tharsis Montes II, linocut | Despina Symeou, Japanese Catwalk (Wallpaper), solar plate etching & chine-collĂŠ

From top left (clockwise): Georgia Keeling, Untitled, carborundum on plexiglass | Brian Hindmarch, Colonsay-Machrins (Towards Jura), etching | Pine Feroda, Weather, woodcut Edward Twohig, Chanctonbury Revisited, drypoint & etching | Laura Hudson, Comparable Limitations, monoprint | Barbara Jackson, Basement Gathering, etching & aquatint

From top left (clockwise): Jim Butler, A.M.D.G [detail], artist’s book, etching & screenprint | Emily Lang, Two Little Boys Verse 3, artist’s book, screenprint Ian Chamberlain, Transmission III, etching | Margaret Ashman, The Bewildered World, Titania, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 2, Scene 1, photo etching Neil Bousfield, Taking the Sea Air, wood engraving | Marielle Schram, Standing Still with Eyes Closed, monoprint & screenprint

From top left (clockwise): Tessa Holmes, Monte Palatino III, monoprint | Ursula Leach, On the Horizon II, carborundum Paul Bawden, Untitled, screenprint | Terence Gravett, Serenade for W, woodblock | Michael Griffiths, Comply, screenprint | Josephine Sumner, Proboscis Monkey, linocut

From top left (clockwise): Nick Greenglass, Gentle Polygon, silkscreen, digital hybrid print | Peter Lawrence, Duet for Six, wood engraving Lars Nyberg, Bamboo, drypoint | David Ferry, Connected Forms, digital archive with glitter | Theresa Gadsby-Mourner, Sea Forts, monotype & etching

From top left (clockwise): Roy Willingham, Turmoil, monotype & collage | Morgan Doyle, Orange September [detail], monoprint Gwilym Hughes, Alan Turing, woodcut | John Bryce, Castelrigg Stone Circle, wood engraving | Sonia Martin, One Afternoon, etching & aquatint Grainne Dowling, 7am Dublin, etching & aquatint

From top left (clockwise): Peter Ford, Hell of a Business, photo etching & mezzotint | Rachel Grigor, Hanging Out, etching Robert Pugh, Beach House, etching | Jackie Newell, Twin Derricks at Battersea, etching & aquatint Vanessa Hall-Patch, From the Shade of the Trees, screenprint & blind embossment

From top: Lisa Chang Lee, The Pond, drypoint | Tim Southall, Miramar, monotype | Nana Shiomi, Basic Room, Ichimatsu, woodcut John Sexton, Hall, etching | Diarmuid Delargy, The Circus Animals’ Desertion/Munich Atelier, etching & aquatint

From top left (clockwise): Dana Ariel, Placed Object, photo etching | Julie Sullock, Winter Light, etching | Beata Bialek, L’Enfant, etching & aquatint Melanie Bellis, US Embassy Construction Site, Nine Elms, etching | Alice Irwin, Face of War, etching | Paul Hogg, House, linocut

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Bankside Gallery 48 Hopton Street London SE1 9JH 020 7928 7521 Cover Image: Joanna Ham, Woman, Fig. 18 - with Suitcase [detail], photogram, drawing & screenprint

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