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Editors Letter You have probably noticed to new look of the magazine what do you think? I thought it was time for a change so I gave the magazine a more minimal, spacious look. Almost as if the magazine has grown up and become more mature. Anyway let’s focus on the topic of the magazine, ‘Ideal Homes’. This is the first all architecture issue of Ceiga, no organic models, no cars, just some brilliant images from some amazing artist. Hope you enjoy this issue, I certainly enjoyed putting it together.


Richard Bray

Jose Luis Heredia -

On the front This issue unlike the others was slightly more difficult to put together as the images (for some reason) were really hard to find, however when I stumbled across this beauty by Jose Luis Heredia I knew it would be the perfect image for the cover. Jose has done a brilliant job of bringing out the colours in this image, the blues, oranges, and yellows definitely stand out and add a lot of character to the image. Not to mention the incredible amount of detail on everything inside and outside the house. If you want to see more definitely take a look at his website, I highly recommend it.

LOUNGE (lounj) n. - A public waiting room, as in a hotel or an air terminal, often having smoking or lavatory facilities.

Marwan M. Saliba -

Hemant Barhate -

Patric Verstraete -

Stefano Tuveri & Roberto Caboni -

Hamed Aghajani -

Matthew Cooke -

Jacinto Monteiro -

Bรกlint Berki -

DINING AREA n. - A room, as in a house or hotel, in which meals are eaten.

Jacinto Monteiro -

Sparrow Interactive -

Hemant Barhate -

Dima Tereshchuk -

Rafael Hayafuzi -

Marwan M. Saliba -

Matthew Cooke -

Aleksey (vis-on) -

KITCHEN /ˈkiCHən/ n. - A room or area where food is prepared and cooked.

Jacinto Monteiro -

Nguyen Manh Hung -

Douglas Goulart -

Ronan Schaff -

Simone Bruni -

Nesar Alam Ansari -

David Houston -

Hamed Aghajani -

Chris Heeley -

BATHROOM /ˈbaTHˌro͞om/ n. - A room containing a bathtub or a shower and usually also a washbasin and a toilet.

Viarde Studio -

be3design -

Natrang Design -

Nguyen Manh Hung -

Moskou -

Wojtek Lubinski -

Gediminas ZDeco -

Dusan Vukcevic -

BEDROOM /ˈbedˌro͞o m/ n. - A room furnished with beds or used for sleeping

Jake Major -

Ismail Kรถse -

Andre Bittencourt -

Alla Kogan -

Alex York -

Ferry Sugianto -

Ismail Kรถse -

Luong Thanh -

Ceiga Issue16  
Ceiga Issue16  

The sixteenth issue of the free online 3d artist magazine Ceiga