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On Thursday 28th April 2011, Chokoli Strawberry brings to Hong Kong four incredible artists, coming from the four corners of the world armed in four differing graffiti styles each representing their four unique artistry expressed in their individual pieces of artwork on view. Now imagine this if you will, that The Space on 210 Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan serves as a blank canvas to which each of the four artists have been assigned their respected corners. Then take in all the days leading up to Thursday 28th April 2011 as days to which the artists (just like he were to be painting an actual canvas) builds up their final “pièce de résistance” starting from their assigned corners, moving inwards, in collaboration with each other to reach their final destination point. In this particular case we essentially mean, the date, Thursday 28th April 2011, whereby all four artists unleash their uniqueness and definitive styles marking their name on The Space, the imaginary life-size canvass that will serve as an explanation of how from humble beginnings each of these artists worked with passion, determination and aggression to get from not famous to infamous, sticking true and loyal to their language of graffiti and translating their own graffiti style in their own individual expressive canvasses.

Ceet, Noe Two, Shenzhen (China) 2008

CEET Originating from Toulouse (FRA), Ceet Fouad relocated to Hong Kong several years ago and established himself in Asia as a graphics designer, graffiti artist, DJ, sculptor and in recent years, father to his son, Paul. His fascination with graffiti art came at an early age, where he found much joy, pleasure and amusement in the playing around with lettering and colors to which in his later graffiti days he would incorporate depth perception, shadowing and other visual technical tricks using only the control and pressure of a spray can, placing him at the forefront and key figure in the graffiti movement in France. In 1999, Adidas hailed Fouad as one of their art ambassadors having commissioned him for his designs and it was not too long before the world witnessed his graffiti style alongside prestigious luxury brands Louis Vuitton, Prada and Ecko placing Fouad’s work and skill into a higher-tier of reputability and notoriety. One of the founding members to old-school graffiti group Tru-Mac, he has shared walls with graffiti giants T-Kid, Cope, Tats Crew, Toast, Seak, Daim, MAC Crew, Noe2 and the like, Ceet Fouad is considered as one of the forefathers of graffiti in France and undeniably an artist whose work has most certainly best catapulted him into the realms of being infamous.

“Mickey Moussa” 2011, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 120 x 130 cm

“Mc Mao” 2011, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 110 x 140 cm

“Staying alive” 2010, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 120 x 130 cm

“Cubik” 2010, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 120 x 130 cm

“Inside out” 2010, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 120 x 120 cm

KONGO Having become famous at an early stage as a graffiti artist, Cyril Phan knew his destiny lay in the expression of color on canvasses, murals and walls almost instantaneously. Better known in the art world as Kongo, he taught himself initially the art of graffiti but later his transition into painting, showcasing to the world his steady maturity into the vast world that is of artistic expression and ability. Branching out from Paris, Kongo originates from exotic and colorful parts of the world which comes to no surprise when one is faced in front of his artwork for here is an artist who truly makes the world a better and happier place with his grand boisterous use of color to compliment his natural graffiti style. A founding member of Tru-Mac, Kongo also played an influential role within the MAC Group in France to which the French graffiti community have in turn graced, recognized and knighted him as one of the Godfathers of the graffiti movement, having actively promoting graffiti through his own work for the past 20 years. His love for artistic expression, color and culture has taken him around the globe in a variety of events, exhibitions, festivals and global tours like “Kosmopolite” and more notably, as part of the founding members taking Asia by storm with the aptly titled “Eating Frogs Tour”, a travelling showcase of graffiti artists through Mainland China and Hong Kong. Fame and notoriety has come somewhat slow, steadily and with surety for Kongo and it is his consistent and persistent pursuing of the acceptance of the graffiti style, movement and artistic expression into the world of art that places Kongo today an infamous artist in today’s world.

“Rien a declarer” 2010, spray paint on canvas, 150 x 150 cm

“Visa obligatoire” 2010, spray paint on canvas, 150 x 150 cm

“La Soufriere” 2011, mixed media, 90 x 90 cm

“Memoires” 2011, mixed media, 100 x 100 cm

“Wall street” 2011, mixed media, 147 x 144 cm

MIST Born in the early 70’s in Paris, Mist was a late bloomer in the discovery of graffiti having noticed the expressive style of art along the walls of Paris’ suburban railway service, RER (Regional Express Rail) on his commute to and from the city while he was studying at a graphics art school in the late 80s. Captivated and in awe of the brave and wild style and form in the displaying of graffiti art, Mist quickly absorbed as much technique, understanding, skill and variation that the graffiti world had to offer and it wasn’t before long until the world embraced Mist as a prominent graffiti artist himself. Ten years later, Mist would captivate others with his work, having incorporated sculpturing and characterization into his artistic expression and in 2001, Mist created “Bonustoyz” a label for his extension into the world of designer toys. Succession followed a year later with the signing to Medicom Toy Corporation, creator of the famous Kubrick Be@rBrick toys and in today’s recognition of designer toy designers/artists, Mist is placed in the top five alongside Kaws and Futura, and undeniably made naturally infamous on his own.

“Pogodancers” aerosol and gouache 100cmX 100cm

“ Wallpapers I” 2011 aerosol and gouache 100cmX 100cm

“Wallpapers II” aerosol and gouache 100cmX 100cm

“ Wallpapers III” 2011 aerosol and gouache 100cmX 100cm

“ chamawlus” 2010 resine paint limited edition n°5/ 8 pcs

TILT Discovering the world of graffiti as an adolescent in the late 80’s through cheeky tagging of his name on walls whilst hustling around the streets of Toulouse on his skateboard. What was once an act of teen rebellion and angst through vandalizing walls with spray cans, later became Tilt’s bread and butter having realized how much personal enjoyment and fulfilment the art and expression of graffiti brought to him. Maturing his skill, artistic expression, technique and styles through the simple physical movement through cities and countries around the world, Tilt is quite an anomaly in the graffiti scene. This is only because of the stark contrast in his refusal to join the mobile modern technological age and the preference of communicating in more simpler, old fashioned ways of actual face to face communication and meetings comparative to his own natural expression in graffiti art form and style of large, vivacious boisterous lettering shaped in bubbles and scattered in sharp colours and tone. Tilt is passionate in demonstrating how the basic elements that make up the art of graffiti can often be even more complicated with the introduction of 3D lettering, depth perception, shaping and shadowing. To truly remain as a connoisseur of the graffiti art world and regarded as the same, Tilt shows us that the artist must constantly remind himself that the canvas or wall that he is working on is a dialogue, an expression, a conversation whereby the paint itself represent the words, the artist’s technique, skill and style represents the individuals voice and the final piece of art represents the expression, the final words.

“Astro” 2011, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 114 x 146 cm

“Luigi” 2011, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 120 x 120 cm

“Mario” 2011, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 120 x 120 cm

“Princess Peach” 2011, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 120 x 120 cm


Just like cupid shooting his arrow at two fated individuals destined to be together, Anais & Lamia conceptualized Chokoli Strawberry on Valentines’ Day. One whose heart is filled with a constant flow of fresh ideas for events and social gatherings and the other’s passionately in love with the world of art. Together they formed Chokoli Strawberry, a sensual, classy and thoughtful concept bringing over prominent and well-established reputable artists from around the world to Hong Kong, China home to both women. Serving as both a public relations firm and as artist representation and management agency, Chokoli Strawberry has successful launched unique events for a number of diverse clientele ranging from the former establishment of the world’s first shareholders club M1NT, the internationally renown top club Dragon-i, the fast growing network of young active people French HK JCI and more notably, HK’s Le French May, one of the largest French arts festival in Asia with over 18 successful years run in Hong Kong. Opening the year in true form, Chokoli Strawberry’s involvement in the HAINAN RDV 2011 allowed them to truly showcase their skill for their clients Airbus, Azimut, Lacoste and Perrier Jouët as well as celebrate their 1 year anniversary with incredible succession. Their portfolio of clients is indicative of their quality, uniqueness, professionalism and their genuine understanding and appreciation of their clients’ specific and detailed needs. Coupled with their ability in matching their client’s needs together with a unique concept for an event which is tailor-made in each and every aspect and angle to suit their clients overall ideals for the event. With each and every event concept, Chokoli Strawberry not only provides the right theme, artist, entertainment and ambiance to accentuate their clients present status but also provide an extra hidden bonus… a dedicated number of attendees who, loyal in celebrating each and every one of Chokoli Strawberry ‘s events, attend with an eager anticipation for with each event both Anais & Lamia’s love for their work grows… and it shows!。 Anais Barclay - Lamia Mahjoub -

A rescue, rehabilitation, and development action to improve the life of the underprivileged of Kolkata and rural Bengal in India. A 30-year crusade of love and sharing sponsored by international author Dominique Lapierre.

City of Joy Aid is a non profit humanitarian organization dedicated to helping some of the world’s most underprivileged. Based in Kolkata, India,

this network of clinics, schools, rehabilitation centers and hospital boats has brought relief to the poorest of the poor since 1981. Founded and funded by French author Dominique Lapierre and his wife, the organization has neither religious nor political affiliation. Through royalties generated from Lapierre’s international bestsellers, The City of Joy, Beyond Love and A Thousand Suns, through lecture fees, and donations from readers, the organization has rescued 9,000 children suffering from leprosy and other diseases due to malnutrition and poverty; suppressed tuberculosis in 1,200 villages; dug 541 tube wells for drinking water; provided medical assistance to over 5 million patients in the last 10 years; and taught the women of a thousand villages to read and write. The Lapierres cover all operating expenses to ensure that every dollar given or received by City of Joy Aid goes directly to Kolkata to serve a priority: even the smallest of gifts is significant.

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During the French May 2010, Mist , Tilt, Kongo and Ceet had a show at the Space in Hong Kong