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BARABOO A Children’s Story

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 A Publication of Capital Newspapers


o THAT’S where Baraboo is,” Santa said as he picked up a map from the Baraboo Chamber of Commerce. “I’ve gotten so many letters from the good boys and girls who live there that I’ve made my decision. I’m visiting Baraboo first for Christmas this year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 3

Capital Newspapers

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The elves erupted in applause, anxious to get this year’s Christmas trip started. They watched Santa pack his bags with toys, then helped Santa load them on his sleigh and leave the North Pole. Amid all the excitement, the elves didn’t see that one lonely bolt had fallen off Santa’s sleigh

Santa checked his GPS and flew as fast as his reindeer could take him. Soon he was close to Baraboo –he could see the smokestacks on the roof of Shield’s Fireside Hearth & Home in the distance – but something felt wrong on the sleigh when he started to land. “Noooooo!” Santa shouted as he held tight to the reins. His sleigh stared to shake like a freight train, then veered to the side and ... WHAM! ... crashed gently in Downtown Baraboo.

Baraboo’s boys & girls were climbing into bed when they heard an awful noise. They thought something might have hit the bull on top of the Meat Market – definitely something BIG. They rushed to their windows to see what had happened.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 7

Capital Newspapers

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Mary from Pizza Ranch quickly called the police to check it out, and they couldn’t believe what they discovered. There was a mangled sleigh, several bruised reindeer, and toys scattered all around on the corner by Oak Street Antiques. And there, in the middle of it all, slumped over beside the sleigh, was Santa himself with a big bump on his forehead. Pam from The Memory Bank, told Santa emergency care was available at St. Clare Hospital.

The police officers rushed to help Santa. “Oh, what have I done?” Santa said. “I crashed on my very first stop! If I don’t get help soon, children all over the world are going to wake up disappointed.” He looked around at the wreckage – the scattered toys, the limping reindeer – and lowered his head. Pete from Pete’s Glass, said “We’ll help you Santa!”

Soon more people from Baraboo were showing up at the scene, determined to do something about it. “Santa, we can help you with your sleigh,” said Katie & Mike from Parkside Motors Service Center. They pulled tools out of their truck and got to work hammering out the dents, fixing the broken parts, and replacing that missing bolt that the elves didn’t notice.

The staff from Oral Surgery Center in Baraboo were helping, too. “I can heal the reindeer,” said Dr. Steven Beckett at Baraboo Valley Vet. “We will repackage all the toys,” said Kim, Liz, Caitlin, Bridget, McKaela, Tessah, Todd and Shmelly from Just Imagine Toys. And Missy from Wild Apples replaced all the bows. “I can refill Santa’s hot chocolate,” said Maggie from Bekah Kate’s. They worked and worked until Santa was ready to fly again!

“I knew Baraboo was a great town,” Santa said, “but I had no idea you could be so helpful and kind. You’re showing what the spirit of Christmas really means – caring for others.” He looked at his watch that he picked up last summer at Thompson’s Jewelry. “Good heavens! I’ve got a lot of stops to make tonight, but I think I can finish on time. Thank you, Baraboo!”

The local people watched as Santa and everyone from Pointon Heating loaded the last packages on his sleigh, then took off into the night sky. A hearty “ho, ho, ho� echoed through the streets as he flew over Downtown Baraboo, then stopped quickly at every house in Baraboo to deliver his toys. From then on, Santa would make Baraboo his first visit every Christmas Eve.

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Capital Newspapers

Keeping Santa on Time Since 1946!

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Peace on Earth We’re proud to serve this fine community and wish all of our neighbors peace and contentment during this magical time.

We thank you most sincerely for your trust in us!

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... Because Santa will never forget how

Baraboo saved Christmas.

The Night Santa Came To Baraboo 2011  

A New and Unique Santa Story involving the community of Baraboo, WI.....see how a small town comes together to save Christmas.

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