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The Best Summer Of Your Life! CCUSA is the top summer camp and international work adventure specialist. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service, affordable and exciting program options and representation in over 40 countries world wide! Since our inception in 1986, we have placed over 100,000 young people in positions at summer camps across the USA. We are designated by the US Department of State as a J-1 visa sponsor, which means that you can rest assured that you are using an agency that works in direct conjunction with the US government to ensure you have a fantastic experience in the USA. CCUSA is an American owned company with our head office based in San Rafael, California. We have an office in Warsaw and a network of Area Representatives all around Poland. CCUSA staff have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in your ultimate international adventure.

What do I get with the program? It’s not as simple as it may seem to get organized to work overseas (especially in the USA). As a US Government appointed J1 visa sponsor, CCUSA offer everything needed to make the experience a success for you. LOW PROGRAM FEE

Starting at 1045PLN, our program fees are affordable and straightforward. There are no hidden fees! J1 VISA CCUSA is an official designated sponsor of the J-1 visa and will help you every step of the way with the visa process! We will issue the documentation that you require to apply for your J-1 visa and will assist you through the visa application process. The visa is valid for up to 4 months of work (only at a US based summer camp) plus an additional 30 days of travel in the USA once you have successfully completed your camp contract. FREE FOOD/ACCOMMODATION Your meals and accommodation are provided by your camp (during your contracted work period), so you get to save your hard earned cash for post-camp travel! ANNUAL CAMP JOB FAIRS CCUSA hosts annual job fairs in Poland. Camp Directors from the USA will be on-hand to meet, interview and hire candidates to work at their camp this summer! Visit our website for more information on this year’s camp fairs! INSURANCE CCUSA provides you with comprehensive medical insurance for the duration of your camp contract. If you wish to extend your insurance to cover your post-camp travel period, you can do this easily before or after you have arrived in the USA! SEVIS FEE PAID Your US Government SEVIS tracking fee (US$35) is included with the program and not charged to you (this is not the case with all US camp programs!) FLIGHTS TO THE USA CCUSA is the only camp program in Poland to offer the most affordable and flexible flight options to suit your budget and preferences. You can either opt for CCUSA to book your return international flight to camp from Poland OR you can book your own international flights! We also help arrange your domestic/ ground transport in the US from your arrival airport to camp. POCKET MONEY The highest earning potential - you can earn more with CCUSA than with any other camp program! 24 HOUR ASSISTANCE While in the USA, you will have access to our 24/7 hotline. CCUSA staff are on hand day and night to help you with any matters that may arise! TYPES OF CAMPS CCUSA works with a diverse group of over 600 camps across the US who are eager to hire talented international staff like YOU! We will carefully assess your skills, personality and the camps types you select, in order to find you the perfect placement! With over 30 years of excellence in the camp staffing industry, camps know that they can rely on CCUSA for their international staff needs. PRE-DEPARTURE ORIENTATION CCUSA prepares you for camp and your travels before you leave Poland at this fun and informative meeting. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet all the other like-minded participants heading to camp. You might even find a travel buddy! (*Meetings held at various locations around Poland.)

What experience do I need to be a Camp Counselor? This program is for Students and non-Students, but most importantly you need to have a strong level of English speaking and comprehension, an interest in working with children and previous experience working with children (formal or informal). Additionally, CCUSA look for enthusiastic people who have skills they can teach or assist teaching to American children. There are over 200 activities that might be offered at camps across the following activity areas: • Arts & Crafts • Athletics/Sports • Circus • Digital Media • Extreme Sports • Fitness • Gymnastics • Horse Riding/Farm Animals • Outdoor Adventure • Performing Arts • Ropes/Climbing • Target Sports • Water Sports • Certification or degree that relates to children. To find a full list of skills that we recruit for visit our website Camp-Counselors-USA/Pracawychowawcy for details.

What experience do I need to be Support Staff? This program is for full-time Students. You need to have an interest in working in an environment surrounded by children. You need to have personal or job related experience in one or many of the jobs available for Support Staff at camp. Most importantly camps are looking for a cheerful and hardworking attitude as you play a very important role in the smooth and efficient operation of the camp.

Types of Camps You are placed at a camp based on your own camp type preferences (you need to choose at least 4 types for Camp Counselor and 5 types for Support Staff from the list below), the skills that you offer, dates you are available to work and your experience with children. Camps start between mid May and mid June and run until mid to late August. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Traditional Camps Specialist Camps Girl Scout Camps (No previous scouting experience is needed) Underprivileged Camps Religious Camps Special Needs Camps Camps for people with Special Requirements Day Camps

Detailed descriptions and videos of the camp types are on our website.

Jobs for Support Staff: •

Maintenance: Grounds Work, Repairs, Handyman, Mowing, Painting, Stable Work Kitchen: Chef/Assistant Chef, Dishwashing, Food Service, Kitchen Assistant, Food Prep, Waiter, Waitress. Cleaning: Housekeeping, Janitor, Laundry, Rubbish Removal.

Camp Job Fair CCUSA has been hosting camp job fairs in Poland for over 18 years. Each year, camp directors from the US make the trip ‘across the pond’ to come meet and hire talented international staff ‘face-to-face’ at these events. Information on all the camps who will be attending, along with their profiles and positions they are hiring for, will be posted on our website at by December. Make sure to apply early so that you can attend one of these great events!

Krakow Saturday, January 27


Apply at

What You Earn

There is an application fee of 200PLN. Once you have been accepted to the program (after your interview), you will have the chance to select which Flight Option you prefer:

1. 2. 3. 4.

Check below for what pocket money you can expect to earn over the summer.

CCUSA Flight Option - 1595PLN OR Own Flight Option - 845PLN Apart from the fees you pay to CCUSA, there are some thirdparty fees you will need to consider: 1. J-1 Visa fee (paid directly to US Embassy) - $160 (correct at the time of print) 2. Criminal Background Check fee - 30PLN 3. Medical Check fee (if you use private healthcare) 4. Flight costs (if you select the ‘Own Flight Option’)

Visit your prefered program (Camp Counselors USA) and begin your online application. Download, sign and return your Program Agreement to the CCUSA office in Warsaw. Upload a smiling profile picture. Pay the application by bank transfer or online. Once we have received this and your completed online application, we will contact you to set up a face-to-face interview with one of our representatives based in your local area! 5. You will need to provide; Support Staff: 2 references; Counselors: 3 references (one must be on the official CCUSA Reference Questionnaire form) 6. You will need to upload a 1 min (or less) introduction video of yourself. This should tell a camp ‘who’ you are and why they should hire you! Make sure your personality shines through! 7. Provide a Criminal Background Check (if you have a previous criminal record, this may affect your chances of acceptance to the program and ability to obtain a J-1 visa). The instructions for applying for your check are in the online application. If you have any questions regarding the application process or the program, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We love camp and we look forward to helping you have the Best Summer of Your Life!

Other CCUSA Programs Available to You Work Experience USA, Intern USA, Practical Training USA, Camp California in Croatia.

Own Flight* Counselor Aged 18 Aged 19 - 20 Aged 21+ Support Staff Returnee

US$1,285 US$1,550 US$1,645 US$1,650 negotiable with camp Advanced Skill Level Counselor Aged 18 US$1,435 Aged 19 - 20 US$1,700 Aged 21+ US$1,800

CCUSA Flight** US$700 US$850 US$1,000 US$1,100 N/A

US$850 US$1,000 US$1,150

If you work more than nine weeks as a Camp Counselors your camp will pay you US$39 for each additional day. If you work more than nine weeks as a Support Staff your camp will pay you US$49 for each additional day. Wage paying camps participants may expect hourly wages, which may result in higher than at the pocket money paying camps. *Participant is responsible for international and domestic travel arrangements. **CCUSA includes one way international and domestic travel from Warsaw to your camp and return international travel from New York to Warsaw.

CCUSA Poland ul. Dobra 56/66, BUW Poziom (-1) 00-312 Warszawa


PHONE 22 552 71 87 OR 509 075 790


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