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Volume XXXV, Number 1


A Personal Look at The Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes........................ 1 Cover design by Don Chambers Debuting on FM 90.9: Tapestry of the Times............................................. ..2

Patterns (USPS 092-370) is published monthly at Campbell Hall for Public Telecommunication, 300 N. Goodwin Ave., Urbana, IL 618012316 by and for the Friends of WILL. Membership dues for the Friends of WILL begin at $40 per year, with $9.78 designated for 12 issues of Patterns. The remainder of membership dues is used for the support of the activities of The Broadcasting Service of the University of Illinois through the Friends of WILL. Periodicals postage paid at Urbana, Illinois, and additional mailing offices.

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Masterpiece Mystery! Welcomes a New Miss Marple.................................. .8 Doggone Good Advice on AM’s The Afternoon Magazine.................... 14


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A Message to Our Members If you are a regular listener to AM

580, you may have noticed that we have been off the air repeatedly during recent storm activity. It is a common problem for radio and TV stations to sometimes go off the air during severe storms, due to power outages and lightning strikes, but AM 580’s problems have become far more frequent than we would normally expect. In fact, on one evening during May, the transmitter had to be reset more than 40 times by the on-duty engineer! This should not be a normal occurrence, and our engineering staff has been investigating the cause of the problem ever since. During the last week of May, we brought in outside engineering consultants to research our problem, and, hopefully, to identify some solutions. Part of the problem is due to the age of the various AM transmitter components and towers. Some parts of the facility, including the building that


from General Manager Mark Leonard

houses the transmitter, date back to the original launch of the AM station in 1922! Both WILL’s FM and TV transmitters have recently been replaced and upgraded to digital broadcast technology. Unfortunately, we have not had the funds available to do the same for our AM service. Due to tight budget constraints over the past decade, much ongoing routine maintenance of the facility has been deferred. For example, the two transmission towers are desperately in need of guy wire tensioning, and the overall tower needs to be painted to maintain conformance with FAA requirements. (The FAA has guidelines in place for tower visibility and strobe lighting for aircraft safety). Just like deferring replacement of shocks and brakes on your car, there is eventually a day of reckoning when you have to replace those items. WILL is facing those issues with our AM transmitter, and all of the remaining analog broadcast and production equipment located at Campbell Hall. We are engaged in identifying our overall needs, and budgeting for these

overdue expenditures. The total price will be substantial, and may require several years to fund and accomplish. We hope to have this research accomplished by September and will share our plans with you then. Obviously, this is a difficult time economically to try to raise funds, but it is becoming apparent that many of these investments cannot be deferred any longer. In the meantime, we will continue to diagnose and repair the problems as quickly as possible to minimize future outages. WILL has secured partial funding for an emergency power generator for our TV and FM transmitters, which should ensure continued operation even when power lines come down during severe storms. We ask for your patience as we work to ensure our AM signal has the same reliability.

The Story Behind

A Prairie Home Companion with GARRISON KEILLOR

Lake Wobegon—where the women are strong, the

men are good looking and all the children are above average—has become America’s collective hometown, visited weekly for the past 40 years on a fictional radio program that creates bona fide nostalgia. With A Prairie Home Companion, Garrison Keillor became our national philosopher, filling the empty shoes of Will Rogers and Mark Twain, through his running commentary about the human condition and the social politic. With biting wit, a quirky perspective and an uncanny ability to take the pulse of America, Keillor’s themes and characters are somehow familiar to us all. For more than a year, American Masters followed this great raconteur—and his motley crew of actors, musicians and technical staff—as he toured the country, presenting his special program. The result is Garrison Keillor: The Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes, a look at the way an imaginary world became a real place that speaks to our inherent patriotism. It premieres at 7 pm Wednesday, July 1, on WILL TV. Listen to each week’s A Prairie Home Companion radio show on FM 90.9 at 5 pm Saturday and 2 pm Sunday.

Celebrate America’s 233rd birthday with WILL! The celebration begins with The

Capitol Steps Independence Day edition of Politics Takes a Holiday, which will air at 2:30 and 6:30 pm Friday, July 3, on AM 580. Sure to be included in the hilarity are Joe Biden, Arlen Spector and bits of legislation contained in the Political Satire Recovery Act of 2009. American music takes center stage on July 4, beginning with a four-hour edition of our annual special, Made in the USA! on FM 90.9. Starting at 7 am, host and producer Vincent Trauth will draw on such American classics as Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Sousa marches, Joplin rags, music by America’s first virtuoso pianist/ composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk, miniatures by Edward MacDowell, Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and

much more. American music continues throughout the day, including the Grand Canyon Suite featured on Classics of the Phonograph and Porgy and Bess on Afternoon at the Opera. Broadcast live in high definition at 7 pm and repeated at 9 pm on WILL TV, the 29th annual Capitol Fourth concert from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol features Aretha Franklin; singer and actress Vanessa Williams; international pop sensation Natasha Bedingfield; the Tony and Grammy Award-winning cast of Jersey Boys; multi-Grammy Award nominee Michael Feinstein; and acclaimed classical pianist Andrew von Oeyen with the National Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Erich Kunzel. The evening will conclude with the nation’s most spectacular fireworks display.

s Natasha Bedingfield PATTERNS • JULY 2009 

Kathy Munday Makes an Impact through Public Media sentimental Christmas song from Sesame Street prompted Kathy Munday to begin supporting WILL years ago when her children were small. “Keep Christmas with You All Through the Year” is still a Christmas staple in Kathy’s family as well as a pick-me-up any time of year. It’s so meaningful to her family members that they email the lyrics to each other when they can’t be together for the holidays. The song reminds Kathy of her first connection to WILL, when her son called in a pledge on Christmas Eve 1986. Her involvement with WILL has grown over the years to include becoming an underwriter of programs on WILL radio and television, a member of the WILL Community Advisory Committee, a pledge drive volunteer and a member of WILL’s Vision Circle of donors. Many of the reasons she supports WILL are a natural outgrowth of the role she plays in the community. A businesswoman and pharmacist who owns the St. Joseph Apothecary, Kathy knows it’s good for business to have people hear her pharmacy’s name on WILL. And giving helps her feel as if she’s a part of WILL and the benefits it provides to central Illinois.

Photo: Don Chambers


s Kathy Munday

But the personal connection she feels toward WILL, particularly WILL-FM, is the main reason she contributes her money and her time. “You don’t get many other places to listen to music that are so personal. People on the air make you feel like you are a part of the concert,” she said. Kathy recently sponsored a special project at WILL-FM, Roger Cooper’s “Women on the Prairie” edition of Prairie Performances on Mother’s Day. She mentioned to WILL staff members that she would like to hear more local female composers and performers on the air.

That was the genesis of the program that featured the University of Illinois Women’s Glee Club, Amasong, Marilyn Horne, Ani Aznavoorian, Charlotte Mattax, Ollie Watts Davis and Karen Lynne Deal. “I sat at home and listened, a beagle on each hip, and just loved it,” Kathy said. Being able to contribute an idea, and making it possible for WILL to turn the idea into a program, was a satisfying experience, she said. Danda Beard, director of major gifts for Illinois Public Media, said she has a number of special projects and valued local programs coming up for which she is seeking gifts like the one Kathy made for Prairie Performances. “We invite Friends to imagine their own best way to serve the community through public media,” said Danda. “We’re encouraging Vision Circle sponsors to make a gift in support of the 2009 University of Illinois Allerton Barn Festival Concert Series, the upcoming locally produced WILL-TV special Red Grange Remembers, Your Weather with Ed Kieser and Mike Sola, or one of many other programs and projects. For more information on how you can support a special project, call Danda Beard at 217-333-9393 or send email to

New Program Weaves A Tapestry of American and World Music

s Aaron Henkin

Once again, FM 90.9 brings you

another new and innovative music program with the addition of Tapestry of the Times at 10 pm Saturdays beginning this month. This hour-long show is produced by Aaron Henkin of Baltimore’s WYPR, in partnership with Smithsonian Folkways Records, which provides the vast music and sound archives on which the program draws.  PATTERNS • JULY 2009

Henkin’s reporting and features have aired nationally on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and The World, so it’s no surprise that while Tapestry offers an exceptional collection of folk, jazz, blues and world music, it’s Henkin’s focus on the people behind the music that sets the show apart. “I try to draw unexpected connections and find common ground among various genres of music, from one end of the globe to the other,” he said. Smithsonian Folkways is the record label of America’s national museum, continuing the work of Moses Asch, who founded Folkways Records in 1948 to document “people’s music” and sounds from around the world.

“I’m thrilled to share the 60-year depth of the Smithsonian Folkways sound archives through Tapestry of the Times,” Henkin said. Jake Schumacher, FM 90.9 program director, marvels at how perfectly the program will transition Saturday evening listeners from Nick Spitzer’s American Routes to The World Music Hour. “Tapestry of the Times will appeal to both older public radio music listeners who may have had several Folkways LPs on their shelves, and to younger listeners who are hungry for roots music from America and abroad. Aaron is a great music educator while managing to provide a fun and lively radio show. Give it a listen!”

Exploring the Quest for Gender Equity in Central Illinois This month on AM 580, a radio

documentary created by Urbana University Laboratory High School students looks at how the fight for gender equity took place in central Illinois. Airing at 11 am Friday, July 3, and 6 pm Saturday, July 25, Rethinking Assumptions: The Quest for Gender Equity in East Central Illinois, features interviews with 13 women and two men, who talk about how the struggle for gender equity has left an imprint on their lives. Students in the Uni High class of 2012 conducted the interviews. Some of the interviewees experienced discrimination or missed opportunities because of bias against their gender. Others worked to end this discrimination. Janet Morford, the Uni High teacher who supervised the project along with Illinois Public Media’s Dave Dickey, said she found it interesting that many women in Champaign-Urbana had come here because of the University of Illinois, but had been unable to work there because their husbands were employed there. “So many talented women came here and had to reinvent themselves because of the university’s nepotism policy,” she said. “Another interesting thing we saw in the interviews was the tension between gender and race,” said Morford. “We found that some people were torn between loyalty to members of their racial group and to their gender.” Some African-American women suggested that it was more important to stand up to racism, and to stand by African-American men, than to confront gender bias. Others spoke compellingly of the double burden of having their capabilities questioned on the grounds of race and gender, and recalled how these attitudes on the part of others only strengthened their own determination to excel, she said.

s Linda Ly and Maritza Mestre

The documentary also looks at how reproductive rights and women’s safety mobilized people on college campuses in recent years. “So much work in gender equity is still going on in the areas of domestic violence and rape,” said Maritza Mestre, one of the student co-producers of the documentary. The other student co-producer, Linda Ly, said she was shocked in researching the documentary to discover how long ago women began fighting for gender equity. “I didn’t realize how far back it went. It took so long for people to take them seriously,” she said.

“I discovered there is so much you can learn about people, but you can’t learn unless you ask. And they are so willing to tell their stories. You find out these amazing stories about their lives.” Those interviewed for the project were Erma Bridgewater, Ann Einhorn, Marianne Ferber, Cathy Garner, Rosetta Gray, Jacque Kahn, Matt Mitchell, Pat Morey, Millie Ransom, Helen Satterthwaite, Bernadine Stake, Cecile Steinberg, Shirley Stillinger, Ross Wantland and Ruby Weathersby.

Working with WILL on the project was an incredible opportunity, Maritza said.


WILL-TV Saturday Marathons in July

Create Schedule Cooking (midnight-2 am; 6-8am; noon2pm, 6-8pm) Sun and Wed: Simply Ming, Lidia’s Italy, Secrets of a Chef, Barbeque University Mon and Fri: Simply Ming, Lidia’s Italy, Daisy Cooks or Food Trip, Joanne Weir Tue and Thu: Mexico-One Plate at a Time, Baking with Julia, Christina Cooks, Primal Grill

Travel (2-3am, 8-9am, 2-3pm, 8-9pm) Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri: Rick Steves, Travelscope Tue and Thu: Rick Steves, Burt Wolf

Gardening/Home Improvement (3-5am, 9-11am, 3-5pm, 9-11pm) Sun and Wed: Garden Smart, Ask This Old House, For Your Home, Cultivating Life Mon and Fri: Garden Smart, This Old House, American Woodshop, Cultivating Life Tue and Thu: Victory Garden, New Yankee Workshop, Katie Brown Workshop, Glass with Vicki Payne

Arts and Crafts

Photo: Anthony Tieuli for WGBH

Six-hour block of themed programming July 4: All American Barbecue It’s time for the annual Independence Day cookout. Grill master Steven Raichlen takes us on a tour, from the Midwest to Southern California! Treat your Fourth of July revelers to an All American Barbecue.


9:00 The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer 10:00 Nightly Business Report 10:30 Worldfocus

July 18: Cool Off! As the temperature goes up, enjoy a big bowl of sorbet, ice cream or a milkshake with recipes from chefs Joanne Weir, Ming Tsai and Rick Bayless. July 25: Camp Create Parents, if your children are bored now that school is out for the summer, send them to Camp Create! Your children can join P. Allen Smith in the garden; craft with Vicki Payne, Sloan Rutter and Katie Brown; or sew with Nancy Zieman.

Photo: Gregory W. Morrison

s Photo above: Simply Ming; at right: Your Brush with Nature.

All your favorite local and PBS shows, presented in high definition when available. 12.1 Comcast: Channel 916 in C-U/ Bloomington-Normal; Channel 917 in Springfield/Decatur/Lincoln Mediacom: Channel 712


July 11: Crème de la France Experience the best that France has to offer! Stroll the quaint streets of Paris or tan on the beaches of St. Tropez with Rudy Maxa. Then pull up a chair at Jacques Pepin and Hubert Keller’s table for a sample of fine French food. Bon voyage!

(5-6am, 11-noon, 5-6pm, 11-midnight) Sun and Wed: Knit and Crochet or Lap Quilting, Beauty of Oil Painting or Gary Spetz’s Painting Wild Places Mon and Fri: Sewing with Nancy, Donna Dewberry Tue and Thu: Your Brush with Nature, Best of Joy of Painting

Digital TV means more viewing choices!

World Primetime Schedule

WILL World

PBS documentary, news and public affairs. 12.2 Comcast: Channel 417 in C-U/ Bloomington-Normal; Channel 416 in Springfield/Decatur/Lincoln Mediacom: Channel 119

WILL Create

Cooking, travel, how-tos, arts and crafts. 12.3 Comcast: Channel 219 in C-U; Channel 220 in Springfield, Decatur Mediacom: Channel 118

Sundays 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 11:30

NOW on PBS McLaughlin Group Bill Moyers Journal Global Voices Wide Angle NOW on PBS McLaughlin Group

Mondays 7:00 8:00 11:00 11:30

Inside (7/13, 7/20, 7/27) Nature Atchafalaya Houseboat (7/6) Inside (7/13, 7/20, 727) Call of the Wild (7/6)

Tuesdays 7:00 8:00 11:00

Lincoln and Lee at Antietam (7/7) Gettysburg and Stories of Valor (7/14) Johnstown Flood (7/21) Lewis and Clark (7/28) History Detectives Lincoln: Prelude to the Presidency (7/7) Horses of Gettysburg (7/14) Great Flood of 1936 (7/21) Blackfeet Encounter (7/28)

Wednesdays 8:00 11:00 11:30

P.O.V. (7/1) Kalb Report (7/8, 7/29) As We Forgive (7/15) In Country: A Vietnam Story (7/22) Expose: America’s Investigative Reports (7/1) Charlie’s Lake (7/8) Reading Your Rights (7/15) Expose: America’s Investigative Reports (7/22, 7/29) P.O.V.

Thursdays 7:00 Nova 8:00 Scientific American Frontiers 11:00 Nova scienceNOW

Fridays 7:00 8:00 11:00

Carrier (7/14, 7/24, 7/31) Liberty Or Death (7/3) Time Team America (7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31) Rebels and Redcoats (7/3, 7/10) Carrier (7/17, 7/24, 7/31)

Saturdays 7:00 8:00 8:30 9:00 10:00 11:00

American Masters (7/4) Nature 7/11/2009 History Detectives 3,2,1 Fireworks (7/4) History Detectives Scientific American Frontiers American Masters (7/4) Nature

Primetime WILL-TV

Daytime David Thiel, Program Director Monday - Friday



Maya & Miquel


Body Electric (M, W, F) Priscilla’s Yoga Stretches (T, Th)


Between the Lions


Curious George

French in Action

Martha Speaks

Sid the Science Kid

Make Way for Noddy

Curious George

6:30 7:00

Super WHY!

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

Sid the Science Kid


Clifford the Big Red Dog

Mama Mirabelle

Super WHY!

8:00 8:30

Bob the Builder

Zula Patrol

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Thomas & Friends

Wunderkind Little Amadeus

Sesame Street


Design E2

Saddle Club


Woodsmith Shop

Biz Kid$

Guten Tag

Sesame Street


Dragon Tales

10:00 This Old House Hour

To the Contrary



Super WHY!

10:30 11:00 Illinois Gardener/

Barney & Friends

11:30 Victory Garden

Market to Market

It's a Big Big World


The McLaughlin Group

A Place of Our Own

12:30 Cook's Country

eligion + Ethics R Newsweekly

Sewing Programs


Cooking with Friends

Foreign Exchange


Secrets of a Chef

Motorweek/The Great Circus Parade (7/12)


Joanne Weir’s Cooking Class

New Yankee Workshop

Martha Speaks


Primal Grill




Food Trip




This Old House Hour

Fetch!/Electric Company (F)


Volvo Ocean Race

Garden Home

Cyberchase/Design Squad (F)


Animal Attractions/ Rare Visions (begins 6/27)

Victory Garden

BBC World News



Tracks Ahead

Nightly Business Report


Rick Steves’ Europe

Red Green Show

The NewsHour


Lawrence Welk

Doctor Who

▲ ▲

Painting Programs

How Tos

America’s Heartland/ Hometown Housecall (7/26)

Great Performances at the Met (7/11)

America’s Test Kitchen

All WILL-TV programs are close captioned for the hearing impaired.

Key to Primetime Listings

(DVS) Descriptive Video Service available for the visually impaired through the Illinois Radio Reader. (TV-G) Suitable for all ages. (TV-PG) May contain material unsuitable for younger children. (TV-14) May contain material unsuitable for children under 14 years of age. (TV-MA) Specifically designed to be viewed by adults; unsuitable for children under age 17. (V) Graphic violence. (S) Explicit sexual activity. (L) Crude and indecent language. (HD) Available in high definition on WILL-DT (WS) Wide-screen format available

Friday Night Public Affairs

7:00 Washington Week 7:30 Now on PBS 8:00 Bill Moyers Journal

BritCom Saturday Night

8:00 As Time Goes By 8:30 Keeping Up Appearances 9:00 Are You Being Served? 9:30 Ever Decreasing Circles 10:00 YourWeather 10:04 Red Green Show 10:30 Doctor Who 11:15 Doctor Who Confidential

Daytime Specials Opera Great Performances at the Met presents La Sonnambula at 11am Saturday, July 11. Sunday, July 12

1:30 pm The Great Circus Parade

1:00 pm Sewing M: Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting Tu: Sewing with Nancy W: America Sews Th: Martha’s Sewing Room F: Knitting Daily

1:30 pm Painting M: Best of Joy of Painting Tu: Wyland’s Art Studio W: Jerry Yarnell Th: Beauty of Oil Painting F: Scheewe Art Workshop

2:00 pm How Tos M: Piano Guy Tu: Wai Lana Yoga W: Garden Smart Th: Scrapbook Memories/ For Your Home (begins 7/16) F: Katie Brown’s Workshop PATTERNS • JULY 2009 



7:00 American Masters (TV-G) Garrison Keillor: The Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes. See article page 1. Repeated midnight Thursday; 2 am Friday; and 3 am Monday. 8:30 PBS Previews: The National Parks (TV-G) Ken Burns’ newest film takes an in-depth look at the idea behind preserving some of our nation’s natural places for all to enjoy. Repeated 1:30 am Thursday; 3:30 am Friday; 1:30 am Sunday; 1:30 and 4:30 am Monday; 3:30 Tuesday; 1:30 am 7/27; 3:30 am 7/28; and 3:30 am 7/30. 9:00 Wide Angle Crossing Heaven’s Border. See article right. Repeated 2 am Monday. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose

Get the




7:00 Public Affairs (TV-PG) See page 5. 9:00 P.O.V. (TV-PG) Beyond Hatred. See article page 7. 10:28 Your Weather 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose

s Emilia Cumbane and a baby in Mozambique’s hospital, where Cumbane trained to be a midwifesurgeon.


7:00 Capitol Fourth (TV-G) See article page 1. Repeated at 8:30 pm. 10:00 Your Weather 10:04 Red Green Show 10:30 Doctor Who 11:16 Doctor Who Confidential 11:30 Live from the Artists Den (TV-PG) Aimee Mann.


7:00 Nature (TV-PG) (DVS) The Vanishing Lions. Africa’s dwindling lion population is bringing together scientists, farmers and Masai herdsmen in exploring solutions to save them. Repeated 4 am Tuesday.


Wide Angle opens its eighth season of up-

to-the-minute reports on hotspots around the globe. Featuring character-driven narratives instead of correspondents or analysts, the program informs a unique understanding of the complex issues shaping today’s world. The July 1 season debut is Crossing Heaven’s Border, which follows North Korean defectors who risk their lives to settle in South Korea. On July 8, Heart of Jenin explores the gift of hope that emerges from the death of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy, killed by Israeli soldiers, when his parents consent to donate their son’s organs. July 22’s The Market Maker profiles an Ethiopian economist who seeks a market-based solution to end hunger in her famine-plagued country. Birth of a Surgeon on July 29 highlights a bold grassroots initiative in Mozambique, where doctors are in short supply, to train midwives in advanced life-saving surgery. Photo: Joe Sinnott – Thirteen/WNET

7:00 Illinois Gardener Repeated 11 am Saturday. 7:30 Prairie Fire Blacksmiths & Woodwrights/Storytelling/ Lincoln: Circuit Towns 8:00 This Old House Hour (TV-G) Repeated 10 am Saturday; and 3 pm Sunday. 9:00 Soundstage (TV-PG) Sugarland. Repeated 1 am Friday; and 2 am Saturday. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose

Photo: Loui Bernal


s Host Aaron Brown

Wide Angle

u 9 pm

Wednesdays, beginning July 1


Photo: Courtesy of Thavisouk Phrasavath

Photo: Courtesy of Women Make Movies

Photo: Susan Meiselas/Magnum Photos

Photo: A First Run Features Release


u 9 pm

Fridays, beginning July 3

Confronting Emotionally-Charged


P.O.V. continues to showcase the

work of America’s best contemporary-issue independent filmmakers. Beyond Hatred is the story of a French family’s struggle to come to terms with the violent death of their family member at the hands of skinheads. Life. Support. Music. highlights the recovery of young New York guitarist Jason Crigler from a vegetative state after suffering a brain hemorrhage in 2004. The Reckoning: The Battle for the International Criminal Court follows ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo and his team as they uphold justice around the globe. The Betrayal (Nerakhoon) focuses on the thousands of Laotians, including Thavisouk Phrasavath’s father, who fought alongside American forces during the Vietnam War, then were abandoned and left to face imprisonment or execution. In search of safety, Thavi’s family made a harrowing escape to America. Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go examines Oxford’s Mulberry Bush School for emotionally disturbed children in Britain, where the school’s staff greets extreme, sometimes violent, behavior with consolation and gentle restraint.

s Clockwise from left: Alex from Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go, Jean-Paul and Marie-Cecile Chenu from Beyond Hatred, Professor Pilo inspecting a skull from The Reckoning and camp photo from The Betrayal.

rganic Strawberry Fields 306 W. S P R I N G F I E L D A V E N U E , U R B A N A • 3 2 8 - 1 6 5 5 W W W . S T R AW B E R R Y - F I E L D S . C O M

• • • • • •

Local Produce Local Meats & Dairy Monthly Specials Coffee Bar & Bakery Vitamins & Body Care Natural Cleaning Products

In-Store Nutritionist

Susan Kundrat MS, RD, LD

Listen to Susan the first Monday of every month at 1 p.m. on AM 580’s Afternoon Magazine with Celeste Quinn or visit her from 3-5 p.m. every Monday at Strawberry Fields. PATTERNS • JULY 2009 

WILL-TV 8:00 Masterpiece Mystery! (TV-PG) (DVS) Miss Marple, Series IV: A Pocket Full of Rye. See article below. Repeated midnight Monday; and 2 am Tuesday. 9:30 3,2,1 Fireworks Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Washington, D.C. July 4 celebration, featuring one of the world’s largest and most colorful fireworks displays. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Globe Trekker (TV-G) (DVS) Spanish Islands. 11:00 Jubilee (TV-G) Dan Paisley and the Southern Grass.


7:00 Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Philadelphia, Pa. Part 1 of 3. Repeated 1 am Tuesday; 4 am Wednesday; 3 am and 7 pm Saturday. 8:00 History Detectives (TV-G) A gun that may have belonged to a member of Al Capone’s gang; a letter allegedly written by John Wilkes Booth’s father; and

“There is a great deal of wickedness in village life.”

Photo: ©ITV Plc/Neil Genower for MASTERPIECE

--Miss Jane Marple


9:58 10:02 10:32 11:03

a device meant to guard against grave robbers. Repeated midnight Tuesday; and 2 am Wednesday. Make ’em Laugh: The Funny Business of America (TV-PG) The Knockabouts: Slip on a Banana Peel. Whether it’s Charlie Chaplin, the Three Stooges, Lucille Ball or Jim Carrey, their physical comedy and slapstick is comic genius. Repeated 3 am Wednesday. Your Weather Last of the Summer Wine Are You Being Served? Charlie Rose


7:00 NOVA (TV-PG) (DVS) Secrets of the Samurai Sword. A visit to Japan’s ancient foundries demonstrates the craft of traditional swordsmiths and reveals the art and science of making what many call the perfect sword. Repeated 1 am Wednesday; and 4 am Thursday.

Acclaimed British actress Julia

McKenzie (Cranford) takes over the iconic role of Miss Marple in four new episodes of Masterpiece Mystery! The classic Agatha Christie whodunits featuring the unlikely detective from St. Mary Mead include A Pocket Full of Rye, Murder is Easy, They Do It With Mirrors and Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?


8:00 NOVA ScienceNow (TV-G) (DVS) Series 4, Episode 2. The Kepler telescope; discovering genes for Alzheimer’s and autism; using computers to authenticate paintings; profile of spider scientist Maydianne Andrade. Repeated midnight Wednesday; and 4 am Friday. 9:00 Inside (TV-G) Battle of the Wines. The who’s who of the wine trade, from Spain to Napa Valley, gather each year in London to find out who will be crowned “Wine Maker of the Year.” 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 Time Team America (TV-PG) Fort Raleigh, N.C. See article page 9. Repeated 4 am Monday. 8:00 Ascent of Money (TV-G) (DVS) See article page 9. Repeated midnight Thursday; 2 am Friday; and 2 am Monday. 9:00 Wide Angle Heart of Jenin. See article page 6. Repeated 1 am Thursday. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 Illinois Gardener 7:30 Prairie Fire Senior Odyssey/Older Pilots/Lincoln: Friends & Family 8:00 This Old House Hour (TV-G) Repeated 10 am Saturday. 9:00 Soundstage (TV-PG) Death Cab for Cutie. Repeated 1 am Friday; and 2 am Saturday. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose

Masterpiece Mystery! 8 pm Sundays, beginning July 5


Photo: C©ITV Global Entertainment for MASTERPIECE

7:00 Public Affairs (TV-PG) See page 5. 9:00 P.O.V. (TV-PG) Life. Support. Music. See article page 7. 10:28 Your Weather 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose



11 am Great Performances at the Met (TV-G) La Sonnambula. 7:00 Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Philadelphia, Pa. Part 1 of 3. Repeated from 7 pm Monday. 8:00 BritCom Saturday Night See page 5. 11:30 Live from the Artists Den (TV-PG) Crowded House.


Dig It?

Photo: Crystal Street

Can You

Part extreme adventure, part hard

Time Team America

u 7 pm

At Fort Raleigh, N.C., the team untangles the mystery of the first English settlement in America, where 116 settlers vanished from Roanoke Island more than 400 years ago. The team wades into the swamps of Topper, S.C., to further understand-

ing of North America’s first human inhabitants. In New Philadelphia, Ill., the team joins in the search for the pre-Civil War schoolhouse where the community’s AfricanAmerican children learned to read and write in freedom. (Prairie Fire told the story of New Philadelphia in this season’s premiere episode. Watch an encore presentation at 7:30 pm Thursday, July 9.) The team also explores the picturesque and remote canyons near Range Creek, Utah, to examine what remains of the Fremont Indians who lived there 1,000 years ago.

Wednesdays, beginning July 8

Money as a Global Engine In a new four-part series, Harvard historian Niall Ferguson delves deep into how the complex system of global finance evolved over the centuries, how money has shaped the course of human affairs and how the mechanics of this economic system work to create seemingly unlimited wealth—or catastrophic loss. The program is based on Ferguson’s best-seller, The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World, which predicted the current economic crisis.

Photo: Dewald Aukema ©Chimerica Media

Photo: Laurance Johnson

science and part reality show, Time Team America takes you deep into the trenches of America’s most intriguing archaeological sites. In each episode, the show’s team of top scientists has just three days to uncover the buried secrets of their assigned dig.

Ascent of Money

u 8 pm

Wednesdays, beginning July 8




7:00 Nature (TV-PG) (DVS) Arctic Bears. Climate change is adversely affecting polar bears while grizzlies are thriving and expanding northward. When their two worlds meet, will polar bears become grizzlies once again? Repeated 4 am Tuesday. 8:00 Masterpiece Mystery! (TV-PG) (DVS) Miss Marple, Series IV: Murder Is Easy. See article page 8. Repeated midnight Monday; and 2 am Tuesday. 9:30 Big Squeeze John Ramirez, 16, and other young musicians do battle at the Texas accordion throw down, encouraged by family, friends and food. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Globe Trekker (TV-G) (DVS) Pakistan. 11:00 Jubilee (TV-G) Corn Island Band.


7:00 Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Philadelphia, Pa. Part 2 of 3. Repeated 1 am Tuesday; 4 am Wednesday; 3 am and 7 pm Saturday. 8:00 History Detectives (TV-G) A child who may have been exhibited in an incubator at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair; an early movie mogul’s dramatic rise and fall; and a controversial design woven into a Navajo rug. 9:00 Make ’em Laugh: The Funny Business of America (TV-14) The Groundbreakers: When I’m Bad, I’m Better. The most audacious comedians—from Moms Mabley to Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and George Carlin—invoked freedom of speech to bring dangerous laughs to Americans. Repeated 3 am Wednesday. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 NOVA (TV-G) (DVS) Secrets of the Parthenon. With this iconic structure undergoing a $10 billion restoration, scholars are getting the chance to probe the enigmas of its planning and construction. Repeated 1 am Wednesday; and 4 am Thursday. 8:00 NOVA ScienceNow (TV-G) (DVS) Series 4, Episode 3. Two drugs that may aid kids with muscular dystrophy; demise of the dinosaurs; profile of rocket scientist and astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz; the Northern Lights. Repeated midnight Wednesday; and 4 am Friday. 9:00 Inside (TV-G) Rolling Stones in Rio. A free concert on Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Beach for an estimated 1.5 million people presents extreme challenges for crew members, including how to transport more than 200 tons of equipment and keep fans under control. 9:58 Your Weather


10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 Time Team America (TV-PG) Topper, S.C. See article page 9. Repeated 4 am Monday. 8:00 Ascent of Money (TV-G) (DVS) See article page 9. Repeated midnight Thursday; 2 am Friday; and 2 am Monday. 9:00 Wide Angle TBA. See article page 6. Repeated 1 am Thursday; and 3 am Friday. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 Illinois Gardener Repeated 11 am Saturday. 7:30 Prairie Fire New Philadelphia/Lincoln Photographer/ Lincoln: On Slavery 8:00 This Old House Hour (TV-G) Repeated 10 am Saturday; and 3 pm Sunday. 9:00 Soundstage (TV-PG) Billy Idol. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 Public Affairs See page 5. 9:00 P.O.V. (TV-PG) The Reckoning: The Battle for the International Criminal Court. See article page 7. 10:28 Your Weather 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Philadelphia, Pa. Part 2 of 3. Repeated from 7 pm Monday. 8:00 BritCom Saturday Night See page 5. 11:30 Live from the Artists Den (TV-PG) KT Tunstall.


7:00 Nature (TV-PG) Superfish. Emmy award-winning filmmaker and biologist Rick Rosenthal shows marlin, sailfish, spearfish and swordfish—the largest and most highly prized of all game fish—in all of their incredible color-changing behavior. Repeated 4 am Tuesday. 8:00 Masterpiece Mystery! (TV-PG) (DVS) Miss Marple, Series IV: They Do It With Mirrors. See article page 8. Repeated midnight Monday; and 2 am Tuesday. 9:30 Quick Feet, Soft Hands Jim, a minor league shortstop, fights a

batting slump while his fiancée, Lisa, works to support them. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Globe Trekker (TV-G) (DVS) Special: Best American Water Treks 1 11:00 Jubilee (TV-G) The Farewell Drifters/Blue Moon Rising.


7:00 Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Philadelphia, Pa. Part 3 of 3. Repeated 1 am Tuesday; 4 am Wednesday; 3 am and 7 pm Saturday. 8:00 History Detectives (TV-G) A recording that may have played a part in the World War II treason trial of Tokyo Rose; a photo ostensibly of Crazy Horse; the poignant diary of a World War II pilot. Repeated midnight Tuesday; and 2 am Wednesday. 9:00 Make ’em Laugh: The Funny Business of America (TV-PG) Wiseguys and Smart-Alecks: Never Give a Sucker an Even Break. An exploration of why we love the comedians—from W.C. Fields to Chris Rock—who speak the truth, no matter what the consequences. Repeated 3 am Wednesday. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 NOVA (TV-G) (DVS) Kings of Camouflage. We already know that cuttlefish have the largest brain-tobody ratio of all invertebrates, but are they capable of learning and remembering complex tasks? Repeated 1 am Wednesday; and 4 am Thursday. 8:00 NOVA ScienceNow (TV-G) (DVS) Series 4, Episode 4. Rockets to the moon; the oldest known organic molecules on earth; neuronal processes that lead to producing sound; profile of climate scientist Lonnie Thompson. Repeated midnight Wednesday; and 4 am Friday. 9:00 Inside (TV-G) Space Launch. Go behind the scenes of a manned space launch from the Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome as seen through the eyes of a cosmonaut, an astronaut and a space tourist. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 Time Team America (TV-PG) New Philadelphia, Ill. See article page 9. Repeated 4 am Monday. 8:00 Ascent of Money (TV-PG) (DVS) See article page 9. Repeated midnight Thursday; 2 am Friday; and 2 am Monday. 9:00 Wide Angle The Market Maker. See article page 6. Repeated 1 am Thursday; and 3 am Friday. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine

WILL-TV 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 Illinois Gardener Repeated 11 am Saturday. 7:30 Prairie Fire Exotic Feline Rescue Center/Lincoln: Law Career. Repeated 4 pm Saturday. 8:00 This Old House Hour (TV-G) Repeated 10 am Saturday; and 3 pm Sunday. 9:00 Soundstage (TV-PG) Fall Out Boy. Repeated 1 am Friday; and 2 am Saturday. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 Public Affairs See page 5. 9:00 P.O.V. (TV-PG) The Betrayal (Nerakhoon). See article page 7. 10:28 Your Weather 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Philadelphia, Pa. Part 3 of 3. Repeated from 7 pm Monday. 8:00 BritCom Saturday Night See page 5.


Vroom Vroom

11:30 Live from the Artists Den (TV-PG) Josh Ritter.


7:00 Nature (TV-G) Silence of the Bees. Massive die-offs of honeybees have spurred scientists around the globe to research the cause of this ecological disaster. Repeated 4 am Tuesday. 8:00 Masterpiece Mystery! (TV-PG) (DVS) Miss Marple, Series IV: Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? See article page 8. Repeated midnight Monday; and 2 am Tuesday. 9:30 Reno Historic Races See article below. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Globe Trekker (TV-G) (DVS) Ice Trekking the Alps.

Each May, vintage car enthusiasts

from around the United States converge on Nevada’s Reno-Fernley Raceway to view classic race cars and mingle with millionaire racers, mechanics, self-described gearheads and collectors. Reno Historic Races features scenes from the 2008 event, including restoration of a vintage car and a tour of one of the world’s great Porsche collections.

Reno Historic Races u 9:30 pm Sunday, July 26


WILL-TV 11:00 Jubilee (TV-G) Hog Operation.


7:00 Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Fame and Fortune. Repeated 1 am Tuesday; and 4 am Wednesday. 8:00 History Detectives (TV-G) A fragment that may been a piece of Amelia Earhart’s plane; a letter from President Millard Fillmore commuting the death sentence of a Native American; a Colorado home whose supports may have been constructed from a railroad boxcar. Repeated midnight Tuesday; and 2 am Wednesday. 9:00 Make ’em Laugh: The Funny Business of America (TV-PG) Satire and Parody: Sock it to Me? From Will Rogers to the Saturday Night Live cast, we revel in the tradition of mocking American life and politics. Repeated 3 am Wednesday. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 NOVA (TV-G) (DVS) AstroSpies. Investigative author Jim Bamford probes the untold story of the elite corps of astronauts who, unknowingly, were part of a U.S. top-secret military manned space program during the Apollo era. Repeated 1 am Wednesday; and 4 am Thursday. 8:00 NOVA ScienceNow (TV-G) (DVS) Series 4, Episode 5. The science behind our sense of taste; carbon sequestration; evolutionary roots of human language; profile of medical engineer Sangeeta Bhatia. Repeated midnight Wednesday; and 4 am Friday. 9:00 Inside (TV-G) Tut’s Treasure Tour. Take an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at one of the greatest museum shows of all time as it travels on tour. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose

Champaign Cycle Because good things happen when you ride a bicycle

The Bicycle Specialists

Trek Fisher Dahon 12 PATTERNS • JULY 2009

Champaign Cycle 506 S. Country Fair Drive Champaign (217) 352-7600


7:00 Time Team America (TV-PG) Range Creek, Utah. See article page 9. 8:00 Ascent of Money (TV-G) (DVS) See article page 9. Repeated midnight Thursday; and 2 am Friday. 9:00 Wide Angle Birth of a Surgeon. See article page 6. Repeated 1 am Thursday; and 3 am Friday. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 Illinois Gardener 7:30 Prairie Fire Corn Detasseling/Exploring Illinois Towns/ Saving the Prairie. 8:00 This Old House Hour (TV-G) 9:00 Soundstage (TV-PG) Josh Groban. Repeated 1 am Friday. 9:58 Your Weather 10:02 Last of the Summer Wine 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose


7:00 Public Affairs See page 5. 9:00 P.O.V. (TV-PG) Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go. See article page 7. 10:28 Your Weather 10:32 Are You Being Served? 11:03 Charlie Rose

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uSpecial 7/3 Capitol Steps 4th

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Clear-Eyed, but Passionate

about Dogs

come to test drive the car and every time they drove the car back in the driveway, the family dog would think it was the father coming home.”

Although Carole Lindholm and Jim

Kuehl dispense clear-eyed, no-nonsense advice on dog training and behavior during their monthly appearance on WILL-AM’s The Afternoon Magazine, they admit to occasionally losing their cool. Sometimes they get sad, and other times they get mad. But on the air, they try to remain unruffled advisers. “We had a poignant phone call from a woman whose father had died and her mother was selling the dad’s car,” said Carole, describing a time she shed a few tears during the show. “People would

Then there are the frustrating calls like the one from a man who tied his golden retriever in the front yard every day and wondered why the dog barked. “Bring the dog in the house. He’s lonely,” Carole and Jim told him. “But he didn’t want to hear that. He didn’t want the dog in the house,” said Jim. Mostly, though, people are just looking for practical help with a dog problem. Although a lot of information on dog obedience and behavior is available in books and on the Internet, Carole and Jim think they offer something extra to callers at 1:06 pm the first Friday each month. “I think people with a problem want to talk to a real person and get that reassurance about what to do,” Jim said.

Alternatives to oil and the challenges

of developing other energy sources are the focus of two On the Radio hourlong specials produced by Purdue University’s College of Engineering. After Oil will air at 1 pm Friday, July 3, on AM 580.

On the Radio: New from Purdue U


Narrated by Barbara Bogaev, former fill-in host on Fresh Air, the program examines the impact an unmet demand for oil will have on the United States, which consumes 10 million gallons of petroleum every hour. Scientists and engineers discuss alternative fuel sources in the works as they plan for the day when the world’s supply of oil reaches its peak and begins to decline.

Both Carole and Jim are longtime teachers of dog obedience classes at the Dog Training Club of ChampaignUrbana, and Jim serves as director of training for the club. Jim is an attorney, and breeds malamutes, owning 20 of them. Carole works at the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. She owns two dogs, a golden retriever named Robbie and a golden retriever/ standard poodle mix named Andi. The Afternoon Magazine host Celeste Quinn said Carole and Jim listen well and know the right questions to ask a caller to get to the root of a problem. “They’re also funny. Both of them have wonderful senses of humor, so having them in the studio is a lot of fun,” she said. “They’ve helped an awful lot of people and an awful lot of dogs.” Because of the July 4 holiday, Carole and Jim will be The Afternoon Magazine guests at 1:06 pm Thursday, July 2, instead of on Friday.

Innovative ideas for addressing energy needs and environmental protection are the subject of Purdue’s second installment of On the Radio—Sustainability—also narrated by Bogaev and scheduled for 6 pm Saturday, July 18. Among the good news: sidewalks that remove carbon dioxide from the air, a professor’s work to transform municipal solid waste into ethanol, the Subaru of Indiana automotive plant’s nonexistent landfill waste, and New York City sanitation engineers’ clean-up of dead zones in the East River using their own invented process that could revive oceans and rivers around the world.


Jake Schumacher, Program Director

WILL-FM 90.9 and HD1 101.1 in Champaign-Urbana 106.5 in Danville

6 am The Morning Express with Vic Di Geronimo Everything you need to start your day, in one handy place! • Great classical music and companionship all morning long • A complete weather forecast at the top of each hour • NPR news headlines at 7:01, 8:01 and 9:01 • Frequent time and weather checks each hour • Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac at 7:45

10:01 am NPR News Headlines 10:06 am Mid-Morning Classics with Jeff Esworthy Noon Live and Local with Kevin Kelly Kevin’s lunchtime get-together features music and a daily serving of news about, and interviews with, area music-makers, plus a calendar of regional music events. (Now also available each afternoon on!)

s Evelyn Glennie (8 pm 7/20)

Tuesday: Chicago Symphony Orchestra 7/7


This Independence Day salute includes a bicentennial celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birth and a Song for World Peace by John Williams. Italian conductor Fabio Luisi leads a program spotlighting flutist Mathieu Dufour, plus a gamelan-inspired work by ethnomusicologist Colin McPhee.

1:01 pm NPR News Headlines

New York Philharmonic

1:06 pm Afternoon Classics


Julie Amacher, Lynn Warfel, Mindy Ratner, Gillian Martin and Bob Christiansen keep you company throughout the afternoon and early evening with music and occasional news updates, including NPR headlines at 4:01 pm and 7:01 pm.

8 pm (M-Th) The Evening Concert Great orchestras from the great concert halls!

Monday: Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra 7/6 7/13 7/20 7/27

Andrew Davis, cond; Anne Martindale Williams, cello CORIGLIANO, ELGAR, MOZART Leonard Slatkin, cond; Joshua Bell, violin BARBER, CORIGLIANO, MUSSORGSKY Marin Alsop, cond; Evelyn Glennie, percussion TCHAIKOVSKY, CORIGLIANO, PROKOFIEV Yan Pascal Tortelier, cond; Leonidas Kavakos, violin CORIGLIANO, PROKOFIEV, ELGAR.


Riccardo Muti, Colin Davis, Lorin Maazel, cond ROSSINI, BERLIOZ, TCHAIKOVSKY Lorin Maazel Farewell MOZART, ROUSSEL, BARTOK

Wednesday: Live! @ the Concertgebouw 7/1 7/8 7/15 7/22 7/29

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Ivan Fischer, cond BARTOK, TCHAIKOVSKY Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Jaap van Zweden, cond; Vesko Eschkenazy, violin WAGENAAR, BARBER, SHOSTAKOVICH Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Alan Gilbert, cond; Leonidas Kavakos, violin SCHUBERT, BRAHMS, SCHUMANN Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Kurt Masur, cond; Nelson Freire, piano BRAHMS, DVORAK Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra Valery Gergiev, cond; Nikolaj Znaider, violin BERLIOZ, KORNGOLD, BEETHOVEN

s John Corigliano (8 pm Mondays)

Thursday: Festivals! 7/2 7/9 7/16 7/23 7/30

Music Mountain Formosa String Quartet; Pamela Mia Paul, piano WOLF, SHIH-HUI CHEN, BEETHOVEN, BRAHMS Gilmore Keyboard Festival with Richard Goode & Ingrid Fliter Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Tchaikovsky’s Lament Gilmore Keyboard Festival with Marc-Andre Hamelin & Dick Hyman WEISSENBERG, LaCHIUSA Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center All Schubert Gilmore Keyboard Festival with Stephen Hough & Naomi Kudo Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Art of the Fugue I Gilmore Keyboard Festival with Ingrid Fliter Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Art of the Fugue IITOUZET, SCHUBERT, BERNSTEIN

10:01 pm NPR News Headlines 10:06 pm (M-Th) Night Music Gillian Martin, Bob Christiansen, Ward Jacobson, Scott Blankenship or John Zech keep you company through the wee hours.


Friday evening

WILL-FM 90.9 and HD1

8 pm Riverwalk Jazz

Jeff "Tain"Watts (6 pm 7/3) t

s Julian Lage (7 pm, 7/3)

3:59 pm Living Music Weekend

4:06 pm Broadway Revisited The American musical theater, explored by Art Hilgart. 7/3 Stephen Sondheim: The Story So Far. Now in his late seventies, Sondheim is still writing new shows. We review his first 50 years on Broadway. 7/10 The Theatre. How Broadway has covered itself. 7/17 Oliver. Lionel Bart’s musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist won the Tony for Best Musical and the Oscar for Best Film; we sample both. 7/24 Divorces Are Made in Heaven. Apparently, on occasion, not only marriages are made there. 7/31 Fred Astaire and Irving Berlin. Between 1935 and 1948, Berlin wrote the scores for six of Astaire’s films.

5:06 pm Fascinatin’ Rhythm Michael Lasser examines the history of American popular song.

6 pm The Song Is You Bonnie Grice talks with all sorts of people about the sorts of music that influenced them. 7/3 Jeff “Tain” Watts. At the age of 12, he was told that his teeth were wrong for playing the trumpet, so he built a career as


9 pm Rhythm, Sweet & Hot Rare and wonderful recordings from the ’20s through the ’50s, primarily from 78s.

To guide your choices, a calendar of weekend musical events in our area, presented by Roger Cooper.

4:01 pm NPR News Headlines

The Jim Cullum Jazz Band plays classic jazz. David Holt co-hosts. 7/3 Silver Shoes & Green Spectacles: A Jazz Interpretation of The Wizard of Oz. A listener favorite, with actor Vernel Bagneris. 7/10 Harlem to Hollywood: The Music of Harold Arlen. Vocalists Nina Ferro, Carol Woods and Becky Kilgore sing “Stormy Weather,” “I’ve Got the World on a String” and more. 7/17 At the Jazz Band Ball: Jazz Classics Live from the Stanford Jazz Workshop. 7/24 Turk & Lu: West Coast Classic Jazz in Concert. The Dawn Club and Earthquake McGoon’s were hotspots for San Francisco’s traditional jazz revival in the ’40s and ’50s, led by cornetist Lu Watters and trombonist Turk Murphy. 7/31 From Duke Ellington to Artie Shaw: Songwriting Bandleaders of the 30s. With vocalist Rebecca Kilgore.

7/10 7/17



a jazz drummer! PC Peterson. One of the stars of the new cable docu-series NYC Prep takes a break from shooting to play his favorite songs. Breena Clarke. We learn how important writing became to the novelist after the death of her son, and how important Taj Mahal and Nikki Giovanni have been throughout her life. Matthew Caws. Maybe it was hooking up “The Clapper” to his stereo as a teen that got the lead singer of Nada Surf started on his successful musical career. PT Walkley. This NY-based singer/ songwriter has already scored a number of commercials and music for several feature films starring his friend and bandmate, Ed Burns.

7 pm Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz Great playing, great conversation! 7/3 Julian Lage. A true jazz prodigy on guitar, discovered by Gary Burton when he was just 12 years old. 7/10 Barbara Carroll. The pianist and singer was McPartland’s second guest during the first season of Piano Jazz; 30 years later she returns to reminisce about the Hickory House. 7/17 Bobby Short. The MMPJ 30th anniversary season continues with an encore broadcast from the first season featuring the Danville, Illinois, pianist and singer. 7/24 The Hot Club of Detroit. A jazz quintet that takes its inspiration from the legendary gypsy-jazz juggernaut led by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. 7/31 Hank Jones. One of McPartland’s first guests 30 years ago returns to visit with guest host Bill Charlap.

10 pm Radio Deluxe Jazz singer/guitarist John Pizzarelli and his vocalist, wife Jessica Molaskey, host a two-hour weekly music party from their “deluxe living room!” Snappy patter, classics from the American Popular Songbook, and a lot of fun! Catch it Sundays from 4 to 6 pm as well!

Midnight Bluegrass Breakdown Nashville’s Dave Higgs presents bluegrass music, often with live performances in the mix.

1 am The Bluegrass Review More bluegrass music, interviews and features, with host Phil Nusbaum providing an historical perspective.

2 am The Folk Sampler From the foothills of the Ozarks, Mike Flynn presents folk, traditional, bluegrass and blues.

3 am The Art of the Song Exploring creativity in songwriting and other arts.

4 am Celtic Connections From Carbondale, Brian Crow plays music of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany.

t The Sparrow Quartet (7 pm, 7/4)


WILL-FM 90.9 and HD1

5 am Classical Music

8 pm American Routes

Ward Jacobson and Lynn Warfel help you wake up, or go to sleep, depending.

4:01 pm NPR News Headlines

A program of and about all the roots and branches of American music, with host Nick Spitzer. 7/4 Ponderosa Stomp, the Del McCoury Band & the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Celebrate our birthday with two live concerts of all-American music from the French Quarter in New Orleans featuring rockabilly, soul, country, R & B, bluegrass and traditional jazz. Fire up the grill, pull out your lawn chair and turn up the radio! 7/11 Summer Surf. Beach music from both coasts: we’ll talk with surf guitarist Dick Dale, go lobstering in Maine and visit Sea Breeze, a historically African-American beach in N.C. 7/18 Big River of Sound: Music on the Mississippi. The musical and cultural meanderings of the Mississippi River; jazz, ragtime, levee work-songs, blues, rockabilly, gospel and country. 7/25 Nashville. A two-hour trip to Music City, USA, a hub of playing and recording country music for over 50 years as well as the source of a steady stream of regional R & B hits.

4:06 pm Footlight Parade

10 pm NEW! Tapestry of the Times

7 am Weekend Blend Vincent Trauth puts on the coffee, along with classical music, weather, NPR news headlines at 7:01 and Garrison Keillor’s almanac at 8:01 am. 7/4 SPECIAL: MADE IN THE USA! See article page 1. 7/25

9:01 am NPR News Headlines 9:06 am Classics By Request John Frayne plays requests at this time each Saturday morning. Submit requests at classreq@illinois. edu or (217) 265-5084.

10 am Classics of the Phonograph John Frayne’s weekly exploration of classical music from the pre-digital recording era. 7/4 America on Vacation: Grofe’s Grand Canyon Suite. [note: airs at 11 am as part of our MADE IN THE USA! special, pre-empting From the Top today only] 7/11 Bernstein: The Early Recordings. 7/18 Famous Opera Intermezzi. 7/25 The Baroque Hit Parade.

11 am From the Top A live performance program featuring America’s best young classical musicians! Pianist Chris O’Riley hosts. (Each program can be heard again Sundays at 6 pm. See that page for program listings.) 7/4 SPECIAL: MADE IN THE USA! continues (see listing for 10 am above)

Noon Afternoon at the Opera: Lyric Opera of Chicago/ Los Angeles Opera Host John Frayne guides you through the world of opera each week, providing highlights and insights. 7/4 SPECIAL: MADE IN THE USA! PORGY AND BESS: Gershwin. Lyric Opera of Chicago Orchestra, Andrew Davis, cond, with Gordon Hawkins, Morenike Fadayomi and Jermaine Smith 7/11 THE RHINEGOLD: Wagner. James Conlon, cond, with Stacey Tappan, Lauren McNeese, Beth Clayton, Gordon Hawkins, Michelle DeYoung and Vitalij Kowaljow 7/18 THE FLY: Howard Shore. Placido Domingo, cond, with Daniel Okulitch, Ruxandra Donose, Gary Lehman, Beth

Clayton, Jay Hunter Morris and Ashlyn Rust THE BIRDS: Walter Braunfels. James Conlon, cond, with Desiree Rancatore, Brandon Javanovich, James Johnson, Stacey Tappan, Martin Gantner andValerie Vinzant

Bill Rudman presents musical theater, from Broadway to Hollywood. 7/4 American History (Broadway Style). A history class on the Revolutionary War, the Great Depression, WWII and more, taught by Robert Preston, Bing Crosby & Irving Berlin! 7/11 1950 on Stage and Screen. The best of the year including Broadway’s Guys and Dolls and Call Me Madam, and Hollywood’s Summer Stock. 7/18 Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? The social conscience of the American musical in songs that span 75 years of our cultural history. 7/25 Charmed. Broadway’s “charm songs,” a little species of its own designed to make you smile, from Maurice Chevalier’s “Mimi” to Harvey Fierstein’s “You’re Timeless to Me.”

5 pm A Prairie Home Companion Garrison Keillor and friends present music, skits, and the latest news from Lake Wobegon. You can also hear each week’s program at 2 pm Sunday, right here on FM 90.9! See article page 1.

7 pm etown A variety show recorded live in front of an audience, featuring top bluegrass, folk and country artists, as well as conversation about our communities and our world. 7/4 Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet featuring Bela Fleck. 7/11 Jorma Kaukonen / Guggenheim Grotto. 7/18 Ladysmith Black Mambazo/Darrell Scott. 7/25 Loretta Lynn / Chuck Mead. 6/27 Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks / Vienna Teng.

Programs of and about good music and good musicians! 7/4 The inaugural episode samples original legends Lead Belly and Woody Guthrie, plus blues from Robert Jr. Lockwood, gospel music and international folk songs. 7/11 An introduction to blind bluesman Reverend Gary Davis, the harmonies of traditional country singers Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerard, and the resonant voice of Paul Robeson. 7/18 Blues piano from Memphis Slim, marimbas from Guatemala, union songs, WWII anthems, Tuvan throat singing and oldtime tunes from Dock Boggs and Roscoe Holcomb. 7/25 Bluegrass from the Lilly Brothers & Don Stover, railroad tunes, sea shanties, mountain music, old-time songs, world music from Afghanistan and the Abayudaya people of Uganda.

11 pm The World Music Hour Dan Storper and Rosalie Howarth take you through music of many different cultures.

Midnight Blues Before Sunrise Where every month is Black History Month! Steve Cushing explores the highways and byways of African-American music on the best blues show on the radio!



WILL-FM 90.9 and HD1

s Springfield, Illinois, violinist Clayton Penrose-Whitmore (11 am Saturday, 7/18 and 6 pm Sunday, 7/19)

5 am Classical Music Scott Blankenship and Lynn Warfel select classical music for your Sunday morning, with NPR news headlines at 7:01 am and Garrison Keillor’s daily almanac at 8:01 am.

9 am Sunday Baroque Suzanne Bona provides relaxing early music by the likes of Bach, Handel and Vivaldi, at this new time. You’ll also hear NPR news headlines at 9:01 am and 12:01 pm.

1 pm The Thistle and Shamrock Fiona Ritchie hosts this program from Scotland, featuring traditional and contemporary music from Scotland, Ireland and elsewhere. 7/5 A Broader Canvas. The rich traditions of the “other” Celtic lands: Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Galicia, Asturias, Wales and Brittany. 7/12 On the Road. Itinerant work ways are celebrated in traditional songs, while today’s working musicians offer us contemporary verses of the traveling musician’s lifestyle. 7/19 Celtic Show Bands. With diverse instruments including big band-style brass sections, these bands fuse traditional and contemporary melodies into cutting-edge grooves.



Words Verses Music. Poetry tells the story this week, with songs and tunes inspired by poets’ lives and works.

2 pm A Prairie Home Companion Garrison Keillor and friends with skits, music, comedy and the news from Lake Wobegon! See article page 1.

4 pm Radio Deluxe Singer/guitarist John Pizzarelli and his singing wife, Jessica Molaskey, host a two-hour weekly music party from their “deluxe living room!” Snappy patter, great records from the American Popular Songbook, interesting guests, and a lot of fun!

6 pm From the Top A rebroadcast of NPR’s young musician showcase. Listings are for yesterday’s 11 am broadcast (except for 7/4) and today’s repeat. 7/5 Performances recorded at the Aspen Music Festival in Colorado, one of America’s best summer music venues, including a Winnetka violinist. (No Saturday broadcast this weekend.) 7/12 From one of the world’s leading opera houses, Houston Grand Opera, a program including performers from Midwest Young Artists in Chicago. 7/19 Violinist Clayton Penrose-Whitmore, 15, from Springfield, Ill., performs in a program recorded at the Mesa Arts Center in Arizona.


From the campus of the Warren Performing Arts Center in Indianapolis, a prize-winning quartet from Chicago and young musicians from Indianapolis and Bloomington, Indiana.

7 pm Classical Music Valerie Kahler is your Sunday evening host; NPR news headlines at 7:01 pm.

10:01 pm NPR News Headlines 10:06 pm Harmonia Angela Mariani presents an hour of Baroque and early music.

11:06 pm The Romantic Hours Music, poetry and romance, seamlessly woven by Mona Golabek.

Midnight Classical Music Scott Blankenship eases you into the new week.

Inside WILL Community Conversations on Economy Inform WILL’s Public Media Work Illinois Public Media will conduct a

series of community conversations this summer in an effort to learn about the effects of the economic downturn on the lives of residents in Champaign, Vermilion and Macon counties and to connect those in need with local services. The project is funded, in part, by a $9,000 grant from the National Center for Media Engagement. “It’s an effort to better understand people’s real lives so that Illinois Public Media can accurately reflect those realities and help marshal the resources of each community,” said Kimberlie Kranich, WILL’s director of community engagement. Television and radio producers, news reporters and others at Illinois Public Media are reaching out to direct service organizations and individuals in the counties. During June and July, they’ll conduct two conversations in each county, one with organizational leaders and another with the general public. “We’ll make the results public on our Web site and in a special series of radio programs in August,” Kimberlie said. “The Web site will also be a clearinghouse for those in need to connect with local organizations that provide direct services.” “After conducting some preliminary interviews, we know that more people are having trouble making ends meet, more people are accessing food banks, more people need help to stay in their homes and more people need workforce retraining,” Kimberlie said. WILL-AM news director Tom Rogers said the project is a unique chance to gather the thoughts and wishes of a wide variety of people in one process. “Normally reporters rely on private contacts with sources, press releases or even their own personal life experiences to gauge what’s important in their community and what needs their attention,” he said. “But this gives us a chance to stand back and ask uniform questions to a larger audience—not just of decision-makers, but of a cross section of people, all in one place to listen to each other.”

Old-Time Bluegrass and Gospel at Kickapoo Landing Come out to

Kickapoo Landing at Kickapoo State Park in Oakwood and enjoy old-time bluegrass and gospel music by Strings Attached on Friday, July 10, from 5:30-7:30 pm! The free outdoor concert, part of the regular Music at the Landing on Tuesday and Friday nights during the summer, is co-sponsored by Illinois Public Media in conjunction with its Kickin’ It at Kickapoo project. Bob Pearse, the group’s banjo player and the coordinator of the Kickapoo summer music series, said the Tuscola-based group began playing together in the mid-1990s and has managed to stay together. “Our core group is crazy about the music and really enjoys each other’s company,” he said. The group was created when Pearse, mandolin player Ron Korte and guitar player Don Thode met each other at the same Methodist church and discovered each played a stringed instrument. Bass player Bob Patterson is also a regular. The band loves playing at Kickapoo because of the wonderful natural scenery, the lake and the receptive crowd, said Pearse, who is one of three owners of the Kickapoo Landing concession. “People who come to hear the music are extremely appreciative of all the bands,” he

said. In good weather, as many as 300 people gather to hear the music. If it rains, the entertainment moves inside the Dockside Cafe. Other groups performing this summer include J.R. Country, Grass Roots Revival, Big Bluestem, Big Creek Guitar Band, High Cross Bluegrass, Timber Train, Stonecrik, Mitchells Bluegrass and Gospel, Joni Dryer, Deeper Blues and Sandunga. For a full schedule, visit the Kickapoo Landing Web site at kickapoolanding. com. Kimberlie Kranich, director of community engagement for Illinois Public Media, said WILL wants to encourage people to come out and enjoy Kickapoo. “We hope people will discover what a great resource we have in our backyard,” she said. In the Kickin’ It at Kickapoo project, 10 teens from the Danville Boys and Girls Club will experience the park and create videos to promote the park among their peers.

Watch for the new Patterns A new, compact Patterns is coming in August. Although Patterns is now avail-

able online, reader surveys show that many Friends of WILL still rely on the printed version of Patterns, especially for their TV listings. We hear you. We’re changing the size of the magazine to a 6-inch wide by 11-inch tall format to save printing and mailing costs. But we’re keeping the full TV listings. Other sections will benefit from spot color. Let us know how you like the new design.


Inside WILL

Photos: Lori Herber, U of I College of Education

Congratulations Young Authors

More than 400 children from seven

counties and three states entered the first-ever Youth Literature Festival writing contest sponsored by the University of Illinois College of Education, WILL and the U of I Library.

s Poem by Cameron Rex


U of I women’s basketball coach Jolette Law served as spokesperson for the contest. Young authors and their families celebrated with an event May 3 at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center featuring local student group Mo Better Music and storyteller Dan Keding, who dramatized excerpts from the winning entries. Congratulations to the first, second and third place winners for each grade: Kindergarten: Brooke Walder, Paxton; Ella Curry, Paxton; Adara Meyen, Clinton.

s Drawing by Grace Park.

First Grade: Zevi Bloomfield, Tuscon, Ariz.; Nicholas Liagridonis, Mahomet; Branson Ravanh, Champaign (Center photo with Coach Law).

Second Grade: Dana Chiueh, East Setauket, N.Y; Uma Basolé, Savoy; Alyanna Marie Posadas, Mahomet. Third Grade: Grace Park, Savoy; Noah Lewallen, Fairbury; Furkan Kose, New Castle, Del. Fourth Grade: Emily Gibson, Champaign; Cecilia Wilson, Champaign (Right photo with Coach Law); Ellen Loucks, Champaign. Fifth Grade: Cameron Rexroad, Urbana; Andrew Piester, Ivesdale; Haley Watts, Homer. The Youth Literature Festival Writing Contest sponsors thank spokesperson Jolette Law, volunteer contest coordinator Joan Friedman, the 28 screening judges and 12 final judges Elaine Bearden, Dan Keding, Gale Rost, Alice McGinty, Susan Herman, Carol Scharlau, Paula Kaufman, Connie Harbaugh, Melodye Rosales, Nathaniel Banks, Darren Hibbard, and David Chihfor all of their help to make the Writing Contest a success.

Vintage thanks! Vintage Vinyl raised more than $16,000 for the Illinois Radio Reader, a free

radio service for the blind and visually impaired community of east central Illinois. Volunteer readers produce about 80 hours of local programming each week. IRR Director Deane Geiken sends a big “thank you” to all of the businesses and volunteers that made Vintage Vinyl such a success: Lincoln Square, Busey Bank, Do It Best Hardware, Rick Law Roofing, Don Boskey, Rick Law, Derrick Goen, Scott Dobbins, John Frayne, Henry Frayne, Pat Shepard, Jim and Judy Vandeventer, George Carlisle, Robert Brown, Matt O’Brien, Wade Franklin, Alan Soard and all of the day-of-sale volunteers. We couldn’t have done it without you! 20 PATTERNS • JULY 2009

s Drawing by


Brooke Walde


to these Program Underwriters

WILL thanks these businesses for providing valuable underwriting on WILL AM-FM-TV.

For more information about how your business can benefit from underwriting, please call at (217) 333-1070.

s WILL corporate support director Les Schulte receives a $5,000 contribution from Dave Oloffson of the State Farm Public Affairs office as State Farm renews its partnership in WILL’s Young Learners Initiative

WILL thanks State Farm Insurance for renewing its partnership with our Young Learners Initiative.

State Farm Insurance Companies® supports efforts to provide all children with an education that will allow them to reach their greatest potential and prepare them to participate in a nation and economy that continues as a global leader. State Farm recognizes the importance of helping to make sure that children are able learn before they come to school. Learning barriers caused by poverty, neglect, violence or health issues are addressed through strong partnerships between public and private agencies, and by providing meaningful, high-quality pre-kindergarten education for all children. WILL thanks State Farm for its renewed commitment to our educational outreach efforts in area communities through the Young Learners program. For information on how your business can join them in supporting WILL’s educational efforts in reading and literacy, health and nutrition, and math and science, call us at (217) 333-7300 for more information.

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