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The Holy Grail of Medicine

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A Compassionate Voice 2013

Volume 33 / Number 2

Born This Way!

Leave the Door Open

More Alike Than Different




Pastor Robert Fleischmann

Mrs. Lynn Klammer

I Know the Plans I Have for You


Pastor Jeremy Husby

Q&A | 15

News & Views | 16

Mr. Andrew Gerbitz

The Holy Grail of Medicine


Dr. Robert Balza, Jr.

Special Gifts & Memorials | 18

Family Treasures & Gifts Christmas Catalog | 19 Flint Pregnancy Counseling Center Gets a New Start | 35

If we speak about love and do not demonstrate it we are hypocrites. If we profess a faith and fail to practice the faith we are spiritually dead. If we do nice things to earn our salvation we are hopelessly lost. Christian Life Resources has sought to proclaim the truth, connect people with our Savior, and practice His love towards others. In the fall of 2013 we officially launch our campaign, “A Compassionate Voice.” “A Compassionate Voice” reflects our commitment to be a voice of truth, a voice of direction and a voice of compassion by putting our words into action. The campaign seeks to: 1) strengthen our ongoing support; 2) tackle major efforts in the future (which includes someday opening a second home for mothers); 3) bring new resources to our affiliates; and 4) publish more informational material in book and electronic form. We will soon launch our website that will spell out our goals and objectives and provide you with ways you can help.

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c o m m e n ta ry

Born This Way! by Pastor Robert Fleischmann

Adapted from Pastor Fleischmann’s blog ( of August 27, 2013:

It is becoming a common mantra among those who cite sexual preferences outside of the norm. New Jersey recently banned counseling against homosexuality. California led the charge when it outlawed counseling against homosexual inclinations in late 2012. The state is now considering a challenge of the tax-exempt status of agencies like the Little League, the Boy Scouts, the Cub Scouts, the Girl Scouts, the Young Men’s Christian Association, the Young Women’s Christian Association, the Future Farmers of America, the Future Homemakers of America, the 4-H Clubs, the Boys Clubs, and the Girls Clubs if they do not embrace new proposed gender identity and sexual guidelines that are consistent with our permissive culture. C l e a r ly C a r ing

It’s too early to tell if this effort will get any traction, but experience suggests it is only a matter of time before the showdown will begin. It does, however, raise the question as to whether deviant sexual interests are products of the will or organically programmed into people. In other words, are some “born that way”? I have read my share of medical papers to believe that brain physiology, genetic predispositions, organically or artificially altered states, and environmental influences all remain reasonable explanations for departure from behavior deemed acceptable by Scripture. These things might explain maladies ranging from alcoholism to anger, from schizophrenia to suicide, from pedophilia to pornography addiction, and from asexual interests to hypersexualized and diverse sexual interests. Society has increasingly accommodated these deviations by ascribing degrees of guilt. In fact, there is even “non guilt” when mental defect can be established. God’s perspective on these things, however, remains unchanged. Scripture teaches us


2013 VOLUME 33 / NUMBER 2

that these anomalies to God’s standard of perfection are the result of sin in the world. The effects of sin are deep and infectious. The ground and the animals demonstrated the immediate effects of sin by yielding weeds (Genesis 3:17) and becoming dangerous (Leviticus 26:22).

schizophrenia, etc.) while changing its position on previously abnormal conditions (i.e., homosexuality). There is an arbitrariness in the way society picks and chooses what is perverse and what is now acceptable. Finding

The maladies of sin Scripture teaches us that these anomalies affect the human body. to God’s standard of perfection are Cancers corrupt cell structure. Telomerase the result of sin in the world. cells weaken and decline with age. It looks likely an organic explanation for a condition that vulnerability to maladies is sometimes simply makes accommodating it mapped in DNA structures, genetically pleasing to human reason. altering over generations. It is, therefore, not surprising, that the intellectual The reality, however, is the static nature organ (the brain) is or can be affected to God’s ordinances of pleasing and by time and the consequences of sin. non-pleasing lifestyle choices. It has Predispositions towards activities that been convenient for some to dismiss might not otherwise have been there portions of God’s Word which speak prior to the fall would be a natural against behavior that today is accepted consequence of sin’s degrading quality. in the secular world. The arbitrariness of that approach to Scripture casts into Though society recognizes this and doubt the pertinence of all Scripture. accommodates to some extent for the

effects of changes in the brain, it is noteworthy that society also prescribes treatments for some issues deemed undesirable (i.e., alcoholism, pedophilia,

In the end, however, our concern is always for the soul of each person. Because of sin, any sin, none of us meets God’s standard for perfection (Romans 3:23). God’s continued on page 7

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2013 VOLUME 33 / NUMBER 2

christian witness

Leave the Door Open by Lynn Klammer

“Can you help me?” came the plea from the other side of the table. I was sitting in a college study area waiting for my kids to get out of class. As often happens when I’m just “hanging out,” students talk to me. I think it must be my “mom” appearance that leads them to trust me, but over the past couple years I’ve been asked to sew a ripped sleeve, bandage a cut, watch backpacks and even had kids lie down next to me to take naps. I appear to be a magnet for students in need of mothering, and this day was no different.

mom already took care of Jenny’s baby and didn’t want to care for another child. As I reflect on my conversation with Jenny, so many others come to mind as well: • John, who was working his way through college and augmented his income by shoplifting. He said it wasn’t “stealing,” because he wasn’t using the money for drugs – but rather to pay for college supplies. • Becky, explaining her need for an abortion because this was her second unplanned pregnancy and she didn’t want another child. When I asked her about adoption as an alternative, she said it would bother her to know that someone else was raising her baby. • Shaun, who proudly bragged to me about how he lied on his financial aid form to obtain a grant. When I reminded him about the line he had to sign affirming that his statements were true, and asked if that bothered him at all, he said it was okay because he needed the money.

“What’s up?” I responded to the petite blond across from me. Her name was Jenny, and she was struggling with some academic issues. I helped as best I could, and the conversation slowly turned toward her personal life. Long story short, Jenny and her boyfriend had figured out that by moving in together and having a baby, they could both go to school for free (through government funding) and do far better financially than if they were married and working. She had been happy with the arrangement until her boyfriend began pressuring her to have another child (to bring in more money). She said her mother “would have a fit” – she explained her C l e a r ly C a r ing

Situations like these frustrate me. All of these students seemed like intelligent and “nice” young people – but somewhere along the road of life they had chosen to make decisions not based on right or wrong, but rather upon what was best for them at the moment. Living in a society that increasingly seems to support (and even encourage) decisions counter to our Biblical principles, seemed to only


2013 VOLUME 33 / NUMBER 2

compound these students’ problems. may never fit into society’s notions of As Shaun explained to me, “If you don’t what rational choices are, and we may learn to work the system, you’ll only miss even seem foolish by the standards of out. Everyone else is doing it too.” How those who are influenced by the worldly does a Christian relate to people holding view. However, by holding fast to God’s these kinds of attitudes? What is one to view we can be secure in the knowledge do in the face of such obstacles? When that we’re firm in His service, even if we my discussion with Becky turned toward sometimes make mistakes. All I could her spiritual views, I asked her how she felt God entered The Christian way may never fit into into her decision. She society’s notions of what rational replied, “God will understand choices are, and we may even seem what I’m doing being right foolish by the standards of those who for me. He loves me and wants what’s best for me.” are influenced by the worldly view.

We are told to hate the sin but love the sinner, and I often repeat that to myself when I’m in these situations. I know my own list of sins is certainly long enough that I have no cause to judge others, so I try my best to leave the door open, show the compassion and patience I know God would want me to show, and hope that my kindness and gentle direction will help people to see things more clearly.

do for Jenny, John, Becky and Shaun was lend them a sympathetic ear and gently urge them to reevaluate their view of the “right” path. Far more than rejection or condemnation would accomplish, demonstrating God’s love through my kindness toward them opened their minds to what I was saying, and will hopefully encourage them to re-think their choices.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my frustrations. For those who sometimes struggle as I do, I urge you to remember that we’re not striving for the worldly view of success but rather God’s view. The Christian way

Lynn Klammer is a licensed clinical psychologist, educator, author and mother of four from Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Born This Way! continued from page 5

solution is not so lame as to rest on human reason (1 Corinthians 1:18-25). In a mystery that confounds and sometimes separates Christian denominations, the act of believing rests not on the mere action of human reason but happens by the power of God the Holy Spirit (Matthew 16:16-17; 1 Corinthians 12:3).

them more aware of the challenges he or she faces in their desire to walk according to God’s will. To suggest that organic maladies make some sins permissible would be a denial of the consistent revelation of God as to the eternal consequences of sin. In the end the Christian leans on the merits of Christ. God accepted Christ’s work and credits it to our account before Him. God accepted the sacrifice of Jesus and declared us “not guilty” of sin. Our walk in life, therefore, is the perpetual mission of living up to that sinless declaration from God (Philippians 3:12-14) – regardless of organic explanations of the forces that compel us to do otherwise.

Maladies that affect our cognitive processes are no match for the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. Susceptibility to some sins possibly caused by something wrong in the brain creates a greater challenge for that person who, in faith, set out to live according to God’s will. Even the Apostle Paul could not beat his “thorn in the flesh” and rested wholly on the mercy and deliverance of God through Christ (2 Corinthians 12:7-10).

Rev. Robert Fleischmann is the National Director of Christian Life Resources. He speaks throughout North America on the Biblical approach to various life and family issues and counsels people with God’s Word in correct decision-making.

The blessings of scientific discoveries may conclusively identify organic causes for all things deemed sinful in Scripture. Christians will use those studies to make C l e a r ly C a r ing


2013 VOLUME 33 / NUMBER 2

real life

“More Alike Than Different” by Andrew Gerbitz

I played on 3 different basketball teams, 4-H, this grade school, and Special Olympics. My parents spent a lot of time driving me around, just like yours do. I still love to play basketball. I also like swimming. I’m the only person in my entire family, including my 23 nieces and nephews to swim competitively. My favorite is the 400m freestyle.

While I was in home-school high school, I decided upon a career in child care. I had some younger nieces and nephews Andrew & his friend Abbey who lived nearby, and my sister-in-law needed help. So This speech was presented by Andrew she and my mom taught me Gerbitz in September 2012 to students to care for them one step at a time. My of his grade school alma mater: sister-in-law knew that I needed written Thank you for inviting me to visit your instructions, so she always made a list school to tell you about my disability. I for me. Do you babysit sometimes? have a disability called Down syndrome. I took child care classes and became That means I have an extra chromosome certified by the State of Wisconsin. After in each of my body cells. I can boast that lots of volunteering and one job that I have more chromosomes than you do. didn’t work for me, I have my dream job. I hope when you leave here you will see I work in the day care center at the YMCA that we are more alike than different. Most at Pabst Farms. I have worked there for 5 importantly, we all have the same Jesus years. I have an apartment nearby. I don’t who forgives our sins and will take us to drive or own a car, so I need to ride my heaven. When you see me in heaven you bike, take a taxi, or ride with a friend or will not notice my Down syndrome. care-giver. I would like to drive someday. People who have Down syndrome can Would you like to drive someday? usually learn anything or do anything. It Along the way I was asked to be a selfjust takes longer to learn, and we need advocate (that means I speak for others more practice. My parents knew this, so I and myself who have disabilities). As started school when I was only 3 months a self-advocate I represent the Down old. That’s right, 3 months. Therapists Syndrome Association of Wisconsin showed my mom how to do the things and the Wisconsin Board for People that would help my low muscle tone. with Developmental Disabilities. Later speech therapists taught me sign I hope you were able to notice how alike language along with learning to talk. we are. I love to hang out with friends. I Sometimes students with disabilities enjoy the Brewers. I watch the Packers have special teachers and special and Badgers. I’ve forgotten Brett Favre, classrooms. I had special teachers, but gave away my jerseys. I have a cell my parents wanted me to learn together phone, PC, and iPad. No smart phone with kids who were not disabled, so most YET. I love pizza and ice cream. I almost of the time I was in a regular class. always like to have music playing. When I was in 4th grade I started at the I’ve heard people say that everyone has brand new Lutheran school in Hales some disability or other. So everyone is th Corners. I attended there until 7 grade alike in one way or another. That reminded when my parents began home-schooling me of your theme for this school year, me. They wanted me to get ready to live “Serving God while serving one another.” on my own and to have a job. I joined 4-H, I brought a little gift for each of you. It’s volunteered at several different places and a bracelet from the Down Syndrome started Special Olympics. For several years C l e a r ly C a r ing


2013 VOLUME 33 / NUMBER 2

Association of Wisconsin. It says, “Exceeding expectations.” That means that if someone expects us to do or learn something, we who have Down syndrome will surprise them by doing even more than they expected. The local Chapter of the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin is looking for board members. They also have an annual awareness walk that is lots of fun. So tell

your parents and teachers about how important and exciting it is to be aware of and support people with disabilities. Thank you. Andrew Gerbitz lives in Oconomowoc, WI where he works in day care. He is active in Special Olympics. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities.

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A G r e at N e e d


I Know the Plans I Have for You


by Pastor Jeremy Husby

The Husby family: Jeremy, Cassie & Laila

Pills. Oxygen. Nebulizer treatments. IV antibiotics. Sit down and rest. Cough. Hack. Spit up blood. Wash, rinse, repeat. Thirty-year-old Cassie Husby has Cystic Fibrosis. She’s had it all her life and, up until about three years ago, it was pretty much under control. Recently, though, it has been rough. Pulmonary Function Test scores are down. Her lungs are only working at around 20-25 percent. Infections come more often. Hospital stays typically run 10-14 days and are getting to be a regular part of the routine. Cassie is dying and, right now, there is only one thing on the horizon that promises to keep her alive. It has been about five months since she was placed on the waiting list for a bilateral lung transplant. In July, Cassie went through a dry run – an exciting 24 hours that began with a C l e a r ly C a r ing

wake-up call around 5:00 in the morning and continued with a 60-mile drive (that went more quickly than it usually does), 17 vials worth of blood draws, tests, tears, prayers, Scripture readings, and finally, after about nine hours of waiting, hugs and kisses with family. The medical staff put Cassie under anesthesia, drew cut lines all over her body, lifted the lungs out of the donor’s body – and deemed them unusable for transplantation. Excitement turned to disappointment as family and friends were informed of the bad news. But then it got a little bit worse. It was time to let a drugged and groggy Cassie know that the surgery didn’t happen. When she finally “woke up,” she asked questions, had conversations with the surgeon and came to the understanding that, medically speaking, the circumstances were all for the best.

10 2 0 1 3


But Cassie knew that already. Her Jesus already promised that to her. “I know the plans I have for you,” He told her over and again. “In all things, God works for the good of those who love him,” He promised. “Do not worry,” He reminded her.

Church was there, too, as she looked over cards and gifts from Texas, Florida and Tennessee. There is no doubt that the Great Physician, wearing His various masks, was watching over Cassie then, and continues to do so every day.

Nerves were there, of course, but a strange sense of calm came right along with them. The support of her family was there; holding her hand every step of the way. The support of a large and loving congregation was there as well, as phone calls and text messages came and went throughout the day and night. The support of the Holy Christian

For now, she waits. She breathes. She swallows pill after pill, uses her nebulizer and oxygen, and takes her antibiotics. She coughs, hacks and spits up blood. Wash, rinse, repeat – all the while appreciating the love and kindness of the communion of saints and trusting that her Jesus will take care of her.

A Great Need

Cassie Husby, the young wife of Pastor Jeremy Husby of Peace Lutheran Church in Hartford, Wisconsin, has a great need. The notice Christian Life Resources received this past summer reads as follows: Cassie has Cystic Fibrosis. This is a life-threatening genetic disease. Cassie has officially been placed on the lung transplant list. As soon as a pair of lungs is available for her, she can be called. The congregation is anxiously waiting for this blessing. There is a great financial need that goes along with this blessing. The lung transplant surgery is covered, but the post-surgery medications are not covered. The total expenses are estimated to be $60,000 to $84,000. Team Cassie, a committee from Peace Lutheran Church in Hartford, Wisconsin, has been established to help coordinate fundraising activities. We are appealing to you to help defray these expenses. The Hartford Area Foundation has agreed to assist in handling monies raised for Cassie. This will enable donations to be tax deductible and eliminate tax concerns for the Husbys. Checks should be made out to “HARTFORD AREA FOUNDATION” and designated for “TEAM CASSIE” on the memo line. A receipt from the Foundation will be mailed to donors for their income tax records. Checks may be mailed to: Team Cassie 1001 Center St. Hartford, WI 53027 We are instructed in Scripture as follows: “As we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers” (Galatians 6:10). Cassie represents a great personal need. Each of us can evaluate the resources God has given us to manage. If possible, please consider this need of our sister in Christ and provide a gift directly to the foundation indicated above. This is a great expense for a single family to handle. Collectively, however, we can do it! Follow Cassie’s progress: C l e a r ly C a r ing

11 2 0 1 3


s t e m c e ll r e s e a r c h

The Holy Grail of Medicine by Dr. Robert Balza, Jr.

Heart cells made from IPSCs

No one believed him. No one thought Dr. Shinya Yamanaka had managed to do the impossible. The 44-year-old physician/scientist from Japan had been encouraged to enter medicine by his father who found him unsuited for the family business. But young Dr. Yamanaka’s training in orthopedic surgery was a disaster. Simple operations took hours instead of minutes. His colleagues at National Osaka Hospital had taken to calling him “Jamanaka” instead of Yamanaka (Jama means “obstacle” in Japanese). Turning instead to academic research, he didn’t fare much better. With limited research funds he soon found himself spending more time changing the food, water and bedding of his mouse cages than doing actual research. He was getting nowhere fast. So when the little-known Dr. Yamanaka announced to the world that he had found the “holy grail” of modern medicine – no one believed him. In 2006 he claimed to have found a way to turn adult skin cells into the most powerful stem cells the world had ever known. While everyone knew this was theoretically possible – almost all cells in the adult body share the exact same DNA – most believed that once a cell had specialized to play a specific task, C l e a r ly C a r ing

there was no going back. Dr. Yamanaka claimed that he could turn back the hands of time to make old cells behave like young ones once again. He might as well have claimed to discover the fountain of youth. Eight years earlier, Dr. James Thomson from the University of Wisconsin showed cells taken from human embryos were capable of two impressive feats that no other cell could match. First, these so-called embryonic stem cells had the endurance to grow and divide indefinitely and second, these cells could turn into any other type of cell if only placed in the right nurturing environment. These two characteristics of embryonic stem cells could be matched by no other cell. Even powerful bone marrow and umbilical cord stem cells could not match either of these feats. For this reason, the isolation of embryonic stem cells by Dr. Thomson was considered by many the most important biomedical discovery since antibiotics. But for those who considered the sacrificed human embryos from fertility clinics to be young human beings, this breakthrough amounted to little more than high-tech cannibalism. To this day, embryonic stem cell research remains a divisive flashpoint. At stake on one hand is the potential to cure dozens of degenerative diseases (heart disease,

12 2 0 1 3


diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, etc.). But at stake on the other hand is the very sanctity of human life in its most fragile form. This concern for the dignity of these small embryos is what motivated Dr. Yamanaka to look for an alternative. While he recognized the vast potential of embryonic stem cell research he also recognized the embryos destroyed to obtain these cells were human. In a 2008 interview for a PBS television special documenting his work, Dr. Yamanaka described his reaction after observing human embryos in the microscope for the first time: “I have two daughters. I thought the differences between those small embryos and my own daughters are very small.”1 So he set out to find a more ethical alternative to embryonic stem cells: “If we can avoid the use of human embryos, we should avoid.” To everyone’s amazement Dr. Yamanaka claimed that he found several genes that, when placed into an adult skin cell, transformed these old adult cells into cells that looked and behaved just like continued on page 14

Dr. Shinya Yamanaka

Editor’s Note: Stem Cell Research Scripture teaches us that God both begins and ends human life (Deuteronomy 32:39). Scripture also clearly identifies that life exists at conception (Psalm 51:5); it is human life, worthy of protection, while in the womb (Psalm 139, Jeremiah 1:5; 20:17; Luke 1:41,44). Stem cells – sometimes referred to as the “basic building blocks of life” – hold great potential to address the many physical maladies of life in a sinful world. Their promise brings optimism to repair damaged hearts, regenerate neural tissue and perhaps cure some diseases. Three basic types of stem cells are used in research: somatic (or adult) stem cells, cord-blood stem cells and embryonic stem cells. It is the experimentation with embryonic stem cells which stirs controversy, because it requires the termination of the life of a developing human being in the embryonic stage to extract the stem cells. In the past several years, an alternative has emerged which brings the benefits of embryonic stem cells into use without the ethical compromise of terminating young human life in order to obtain them. Scientists derive these specialized stem cells from non-embryonic (adult) stem cells and reprogram them to an embryonic stem cell–like state. These cells are known as iPS cells (induced pluripotent stem cells). Professor Balza of Wisconsin Lutheran College is currently conducting research utilizing iPS cells and thereby introduces his students to this ethical form of research which holds wonderful potential. Professor Balza will be speaking at the November 2, 2013 National Convention of Christian Life Resources on this important research, and we are honored to include this article in Clearly Caring magazine.

Dr. James Thomson.

Photo credit: Jane Gitschier, 2008. PLoS

This quote is from an interview of Dr. Yamanaka that originally aired on PBS NOVA Science Now January 23, 2008. 1

C l e a r ly C a r ing

13 2 0 1 3


The Holy Grail of Medicine continued from page 13

Dr. Thomson’s embryonic stem cells. Dr. Yamanaka called these cells “induced pluripotent stem cells.” Induced pluripotent stem cells multiply indefinitely like embryonic cells. Induced pluripotent stem cells also have the ability to turn into any adult cell type. But the best part is that he did not need to destroy human embryos from fertility clinics to obtain these magical cells. It seemed too good to be true. Did Dr. Yamanaka really find the holy grail of medicine? In less than a year after Dr. Yamanaka’s announcement everyone knew that his induced pluripotent stem cells were the real deal. Other laboratories (including Dr. Thomson’s) had repeated his work again and again. In 2012 Dr. Yamanaka was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology for this discovery. Everyone believes him now. Dr. Yamanka is no longer an obstacle – he is a bridge.

rodents. Dr. Yamanaka’s induced pluripotent cells have been used to cure sickle cell anemia and liver disease in mice. Induced pluripotent stem cells are set to begin clinical trials for macular degeneration. It is now clear that pluripotent stem cells are the foundation upon which the burgeoning field of regenerative medicine is being built. For many stem cell biologists, the only question that remains is, “Which type of pluripotent stem cell shows more promise?” But for those concerned about the cavalier use of human embryos for research purposes, the only question that remains is how to convince others to weigh the cost of human life when balancing these two powerful types of cells. Thanks to Dr. Yamanaka’s groundbreaking work there is a bridge over the troubled waters of embryo-destructive research. Dr. Robert Balza, Jr. is an Associate Professor of Biology at Wisconsin Lutheran College where he and his students presently are engaged in muscle disease and regeneration research. He, his wife Nicole and two children reside in Menomonee Falls, WI.

Both types of pluripotent stem cells have been shown to have incredible promise. Dr. Thomson’s embryonic stem cells have been shown to repair damaged hearts and replace insulin-secreting pancreas cells in

C l e a r ly C a r ing

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q & a family and fellow Christians. This compassion and care for others extends to all people (Galatians 6:10; Matthew 25:31-46; 1 John 4:7-21). Of particular importance is that we are not to play favorites (Leviticus 19:15; 1 Timothy 5:21; James 2:9). Even when someone’s quality of life is diminished we should never prejudice against him or her but rather make that person an object of our special love and respect (Leviticus 19:32; Matthew 15:30-31; 1 John 3:17).

Questions & Answers

Living Eternally: In our world of countless blessings it is easy to forget that we are strangers here (1 Peter 1:1,17). Our life is forever in heaven. While facing the prospect of death can often cause us to measure life by what is being lost (i.e., we are losing our family member or our friend), God wants us to live optimistically even in the face of death (1 Corinthians 15:35-58; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).

LIFE SUPPORT Q: What does the Bible say about keeping someone on life support if they are seriously injured in an accident? I know that the Bible says to preserve human life so I am guessing this applies to life support. I need some proof from the Bible on this matter.

Doing What We Can: Issues (such as “life support”) beg the question, “How far do we go?” That is an “application” question that needs to reflect the above principles – along with one more principle, and that is that we do what we can.

A: Sustaining life is a matter of duty and opportunity. Biblical direction regarding duty can be found as follows:

Authority Over Life: This is the exclusive dominion of God (Deuteronomy 32:39). If God does not command or permit the taking of human life (ref. discussions on capital punishment), it is absolutely not permitted for human beings to end the lives of other human beings (Exodus 20:13; Genesis 9:6). Simply put, God does not want life to end by our will or actions unless He so commands it. That reality, therefore, calls for us to help protect and sustain life.

Everyone is blessed in different ways, and with those blessings as we have been given there are greater and lesser degrees of expectations (Luke 12:48). There is judgment upon those who can do something and fail to do so (Luke 10:25-37). Because of the disparity of blessings one person may have the means to continue extraordinary treatment while another person cannot. Some people have access to such treatment, others do not. The nature of “application” is that it applies unchanging principles to varying circumstances.

Caring for Human Life: The responsibility of caring for others is a primary responsibility for Christians. It begins with caring for one’s immediate family (1 Timothy 5:8). It then branches out into the Christian community (Galatians 6:10). It is not, however, restricted only to

A decision to engage “life support” is rooted in the following: continued on page 17

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News & Views North Dakota Becomes First State to Ban Abortions Based on Down Syndrome Diagnosis A federal judge on September 11 partially dismissed a lawsuit challenging the new North Dakota law that prohibits abortions based on a genetic defect (such as Down syndrome) or sex selection. The ruling means North Dakota has now become the first U.S. state to ban abortions because of Down syndrome. S OU RC E : 9/14/13 – Live Action News

Economic Recession Led to Surge in Suicides New data finds the 2008 global economic recession fueled an increase in suicides, including an estimated 5,000 additional deaths a year following the onset of the crisis known as the “Great Recession.” After examining suicide trends in 54 countries, researchers at the University of Hong Kong and other institutions found an association between unemployment and suicide rates. This evidence was particularly strong for men in countries that had previously had low unemployment. In the year 2009, 37 percent higher unemployment spurred a 3.3 percent increase in the global suicide rate for men, according to the study published online by the journal BMJ. That 3.3 percent increase means an additional 5,000 deaths occurred. S OU RC E : 9/17/13 – BMJ

Supreme Court to Look at RU-486 The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether states can require abortion providers to follow safety measures put in place by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA approved RU486 along with a set of protocols on September 28, 2000. Abortion advocates decried and largely ignored those guidelines. More than 2,200 cases of severe effects including hemorrhaging, blood loss requiring transfusions, serious infections, and at least 14 deaths C l e a r ly C a r ing

were reported by the FDA following the drug’s approval. As a result of those adverse events, the state of Oklahoma passed a pro-life law (the “Abortion-Inducing Drugs Safety Act”) requiring abortion providers to follow the FDA recommendations in the administration of the abortion drug mifepristone (or RU-486). A lawsuit commenced, and Oklahoma’s high court struck down the law in December 2012. The state appealed to the U.S. Supreme court – which agreed to hear Cline v. Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice during its current term. S OU RC E : Americans United for Life

Poll Finds Most Health Experts Oppose PhysicianAssisted Suicide A new poll finds a majority of medical experts in the United States are opposed to physicianassisted suicide (PAS). The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) conducted the survey among its readers, a majority of whom were healthcare providers. The participants came from 74 countries; over 1,700 of the total 2,356 votes were cast by U.S. readers. Overall, the results show about 65 percent of voters do not agree with the idea of allowing physician-assisted suicide. The rate among American voters was even higher: about 67 percent disagreed with PAS. According to the NEJM report, “A large number of commentators on both sides of the divide agreed on the importance of palliative care, including hospice, for helping terminally ill patients manage their symptoms, both physical and psychological.” S OU RC E S : 9/12/13 – “PhysicianAssisted Suicide - Polling Results”

U.S. Government to Explore Genome Sequencing for Newborns The U.S. government plans to launch a $25 million dollar program to consider whether comprehensive genomic testing should be conducted in the first days of a newborn’s life.

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The National Institutes of Health announced in early September it will fund a number of new research projects to explore the possibility of using such analysis as part of newborns’ routine screenings. Whole genomic sequencing would significantly increase the scale of medical information. Such testing could pinpoint thousands of known genetic diseases, instead of the several dozen currently being screened. At issue are concerns of health, privacy and ethics surrounding genome sequencing since the information also involves the child’s future health vulnerabilities including the likelihood of contracting diseases at adulthood that lack any known treatment. S OU RC E S : 9/4/13 – National Institutes of Health Release; 9/4/13 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Hawaii Governor Calls Special Session to Consider SameSex Marriage Legislation On September 9, Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie called for a special legislative session to consider a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage. The special session is set to begin in late October. Abercrombie acknowledged the bill would allow same-sex marriage but would include a religious exemption to protect First Amendment rights. Hawaii currently allows same-sex civil unions, but the state does not recognize marriage for same-sex couples. If passed, licenses could be issued beginning November 18, according to Attorney General David Louie. S OU RC E : 9/10/13 – Fox News

Babies Can Recognize Words in the Womb

Wisconsin’s Abortion Law Blocked by Federal Judge

New research shows as an unborn child grows inside its mother’s womb, it can hear sounds from the outside world and can even identify specific words shortly after birth. Scientists from the University of Helsinki used EEG sensors on 33 newborns and discovered the babies can listen to speech in utero during the last trimester of pregnancy when the soundprocessing parts of their brain become active. Sound is also known to carry fairly well through the mother’s abdomen. “Once we learn a sound, if it’s repeated to us often enough, we form a memory of it, which is activated when we hear the sound again,” Eino Partanen, a cognitive neuroscientist and the study’s lead author, told Science. “This leads us to believe that the fetus can learn much more detailed information than we previously thought.”

A federal judge on August 2 extended a preliminary injunction until late fall on a portion of a new Wisconsin law requiring doctors who perform abortions to have hospital admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. U.S. District Judge William Conley issued a temporary hold on the law in early July after Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and Affiliated Medical Services filed a lawsuit questioning the law’s constitutionality. Conley’s August 2 extension ruling blocks the admitting privileges requirement through the trial date on November 25. Two clinics – one in Appleton and one in Milwaukee – can remain open until a final ruling is made. The law would have closed the clinics because abortionists at those facilities lack admitting privileges within 30 miles as the law requires. S OU RC E : 8/15/13 – Live Action News

S OU RC E S : 8/26/13 – Science; 8/27/13 –

Q&A continued from page 15

1. What else is going on? Are other major organs failing? Does it appear that despite our best “life support” actions the patient will still die? Does “life support” present the real possibility of sustaining life, albeit of diminished quality? 2. Do we have access to the technology? This is both a geographical and a financial question. Some people do not have specialized life-preserving technology at their disposal or do not have the financial resources to secure it. Those who have the option and the resources face a different expectation than those who do not. C l e a r ly C a r ing

Because the “right answers” are rooted in obedience to God’s principles it takes considerable soul-searching to ferret out emotions, prejudices or biases. When access to life support is geographically and financial possible, and the patient does not otherwise appear to be dying (i.e., other organ failure), and even though the life sustained is of diminished quality, the principles compel us to support life. If, however, we lack the access and/or the body lacks the reasonable expectation of averting death, there is no responsibility to apply life-support measures.

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3/26/13 - 10/2/13

Bernice Uhr by Edna Swantz of Franksville, WI

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Jerry Birkholz by Sarah Berg of New Ulm, MN

Renee Rosebaum & John Rugen by Glenn & Mary Rosebaum of St. Joseph, MI

Mabel Toepel by Ken & Elisabeth Wells of Lady Lake, FL

Janice Thaens by Jennifer & David Rosenbaum of Merritt Island, FL

Orval E. Behnke by Paul & Debbie Christian of Carlsbad, CA

Henry Pautz by Larry & Karen Pautz of Wind Lake, WI

Howard Jaeger by Grace Jaeger of Cleveland, WI

Richard Kamin by Mrs. Betty Kamin of De Forest, WI

Rev. Daniel Hennig by Barbara Hennig of Manitowoc, WI

Arnold & Margaret Pernat by Mike & Gail Maron of Watertown, WI

Herman Fuhrmann by Harold Fuhrmann of Saginaw, MI

Mr. Randolph Hein by Pastor Dave & Becky Hein of Slinger, WI

Grandma Ottilie (Pieper) Albrecht by Eldena Albrecht of Rice Lake, WI Henrietta Baxter by Donald & Paula Sipe of Appleton, WI Marie Schubert by Mrs. Ellen Wellstein of Waukesha, WI

Hilda Louise Anderson by Jeannette Wickline of Niwot, CO Virginia Fessmann by Pastor Bob & Diane Fleischmann of Hartford, WI


Lorraine Korth by Orrin Korth of Watertown, WI

50th Wedding Anniversary by Jerry & Janice Braun of Fond du Lac, WI

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Our Mothers by Jim & Cathy Pope of New Ulm, MN

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Ages 3-6, 132 pages

of stickers

$2.99 $2.29 The Story of Christmas - Children’s Activity Book Includes 4

pages of stickers

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w llo t i a W 0+ rines .com 8 u d G Fin e Fig ilyT Tre .Fam w ww


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$36 $26.99 New Life Size: 8.5"H

$36 $26.99 Home

Size: 8.5"H

$36 $26.99 Our Gift

$33 $24.79 Child of my Heart

Size: 8.5"H

$33 $24.79 With My Grandmother $33 Size: 5.5"H $24.79 Father & Daughter

Size: 9"H

$33 $24.79 Mother & Son Size: 8"H

Size: 5"H

$33 $24.79 Father & Son

$33 $24.79 The Quilt

$33 $24.79 Mother & Daughter

Size: 5.5"H

Size: 5.5"H

Size: 8"H

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Size: 5.5"H

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Prices this good won’t last long! Supplies are limited, so act fast.




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Nana’s Blessings

Sizes 8-12

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Flint Pregnancy Counseling Center Gets a New Start By Mrs. Barb Yehle Our labor began about 15 years ago, and over the last 12 months the labor pains became more intense. There were false contractions, but on September 9, 2013, the Lord allowed us to give birth. The Flint Pregnancy Counseling Center (PCC) began in the lower level of a small commercial building on the west side of the city of Flint, Michigan. A few years later we moved up to the street level which gave us more visibility. During the last 15 years the neighborhood in which we’re currently located became less safe, and the building where we rented our space lost nearly 95% of its tenants. We were bursting at the seams and had nowhere to store furniture or off-season clothing. Through the years the building changed hands, and a year ago a new owner purchased the building. During that time our facility became more and more decrepit. The ceiling tiles were heavy with water from a leaky roof, and our door was painted shut when the outer lobby was refurbished! Last month we were stopped short of conducting a staff meeting because the wooden door was swollen shut. Things had to change. In October 2012 the Board of Directors authorized the PCC to begin looking for a new location. We looked at some buildings that were not suitable for our needs.However, two months ago we found the ideal place. It is in a safe area, located less than a mile west of a major mall. In addition, we have more square footage, and a huge dry basement with laundry facilities so we no

C l e a r ly C a r ing

A special Flint Pregnancy Counseling Center Dedication Service will be held at Hope Lutheran Church, 7365 Miller Road, Swartz Creek, MI, on Sunday, November 17, 2013, at 3:00pm. Following the service, tours of the center will take place. Come and get a first-hand look at the new location at 5154 Miller Road, Suite H, Flint, MI! longer need to take clothes home to wash them. The asking price was within our parameters, and we were shocked when the owner accepted our substantially reduced offer. We are located in a commercial condominium next door to a pharmacy. When the Flint PCC began we saw 12 clients a month. Now we average nearly three times that number! We are fortunate to be able to share the Gospel with so many people, and our new building will allow us to do so much more. We can now conduct client Bible studies and provide child care for their children; there are also plans to provide a Christmas VBS on the Saturdays before Christmas as a way to present mini-Bible lessons to the clients’ children while their moms take in uninterrupted holiday shopping. We are excited about our new start in a larger and safer place. We look forward to reaching out to the community with the word of LIFE! God has truly blessed us every step of the way.

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