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Congregation B’nai Israel 727-381-4900

Shabbat Services & Candlelighting

Contacts Friday, August 6, 2010 Candlelighting 7:59 pm Musical Shabbat 7:30 pm Glimpses Into Jewish History Speaker: Jesse Rodman The Ronco Menschmeter Saturday, August 7, 2010 Shabbat Services 9:00 am Sermonette – Dolores Diamond Experiences in India Minha, Maariv & Havdala 8:00 pm Friday, August 13, 2010 Candlelighting 7:54 pm Musical Shabbat 7:30 pm Anniversary Shabbat Glimpses Into Jewish History Speaker: Marvin Jacobs What It Means to be an American Saturday, August 14, 2010 Shabbat Services 9:00 am Sermonette - Mark Lewis Justice: Don’t Just Do It, Pursue It Minha, Maariv & Havdala 7:55 pm Friday, August 20, 2010 Candlelighting 7:47 pm Musical Kabbalat Shabbat Service 6:30 pm Installation of Board of Trustees 2010-2011 Got Shabbat? Dinner, 7:30 pm Saturday, August 21, 2010 Shabbat services, 9:00 am Minha, Maaariv & Havdala 7:50 pm Friday, August 27, 2010 Shabbat service, 8:00 pm Saturday, August 28, 2010 Shabbat services, 9:00 am Bat Mitzvah of Talya Elisheva Kohan Shabbat Minha, Maariv & Havdala 7:40 pm


CBI Website

Please join our twice daily minyan which meets weekday mornings at 7:45 am, Sunday and National Holidays at 9:00 am and weekday evenings and the following times: August 1 - 5: August 8 - 12: August 15 - 19: August 22 - 26: Aug 29-Sept. 2:

8:00 pm 7:55 pm 7:55 pm 7:50 pm 7:40 pm

SHABBAT GAMES FOR THE KIDS.. Look what's new for you! CBI will now have a Shabbat Game Cart located in the alcove of the Social Hall each Shabbat morning. The game cart will have games for children to play while their parents enjoy the Kiddush. PARENTS! Please assist your child in cleaning up before leaving.

PARTICIPATE IN ALIYOT The Ritual Committee of Congregation B’nai Israel encourages worshippers to participate in services by performing aliyot. If you would like to receive an aliyah, please call the synagogue office at 381-4900, or kindly speak to one of the ushers when you enter the sanctuary, and every effort will be made to accommodate your request. Those wishing to receive an aliyah on Shabbat morning are asked to arrive at services no later than 9:30 am. We look forward to your participation. Shalom, Morry Bornstein, Ritual Chair

Rabbi Jacob Luski, D.D. 727-381-4900 Ext. 207 Hazzan Paul D. Goldstein 727-381-4900 Ext. 205 Executive Director, Sara A. Latham 727-381-4900 Ext. 202 Pauline Rivkind Preschool Director Bonnie Halprin 727-381-4900 Ext. 211 Pauline Rivkind Talmud Torah Education Director, Ilana Dayan 727-381-4900 Ext. 310

CHILD CARE To request Shabbat morning childcare for preschoolers, please call the Synagogue office by Wednesday prior to Shabbat.

Youth & Family Program Director Sandy Brasch 727-381-4900 Ext. 209 Torah Reader, Deborah Marmon Office Manager, Pam Askin 727-381-4900 Ext. 203

CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST The Mitzvah Men’s Club provides a Continental Breakfast for all worshippers on Minyan Mornings in the alcove of the Social Hall. Please join the Minyanaires for the morning Shaharit service and relax and schmooze over breakfast bagels, cream cheese, coffee cake and coffee/tea.

Receptionist, Anita Helfand 727-381-4900 Ext. 201 Accounting, Barbara Jarvis 727-381-4900 Ext.204 PRTT Secretary, Patzi Gil 727-381-4900 Ext. 210 President, Karen Sher Sisterhood President, Alice Ettinger Men’s Club President, Keyvan Kohan USY President, Julia Halprin Bulletin Committee:

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES If you are interested in sponsoring an Oneg Shabbat on Friday evening, a Seudah Shlishit on Shabbat afternoon or a L’Hayim following a Morning Minyan in honor or memory of a loved one or a special occasion, please contact Synagogue office.

Layout Editor, Masha Ronay Coordinators, Pam Askin, Anita Helfand and Carol Marcin B’nai Israel Review Publishes 11 times a year by Congregation B’nai Israel 300 58th Street North St. Petersburg, FL 33710 727– 381-4900 FAX 727-344-1307 All rights reserved. No part of this document can be copied without the permission of Congregation B’nai Israel

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From the Rabbi I share with you as story and give you some homework to do before you come to Services on Rosh Hashana. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes was sometimes quite absent minded. The incident is told that once when he was asked for his ticket on a train, he could not locate it. After searching all his pockets and his briefcase he was unable to produce the ticket and he became quite disturbed. The conductor, knowing Dr. Holmes and his sterling reputation, said reassuringly, “Never mind, sir. When you find it, I am sure you will mail your ticket in.” Holmes was not comforted. “Mr. Conductor,” he replied, “you don’t understand. The question is not ‘Where is my ticket?” The question is “Where am I going?’” That, my friends, is the question we all have to ask ourselves as we enter the New Year 5771!

What in this last year brought you the most joy? ....the most regret? Where would you like to be five years from now? If you had all the money you needed, would you still work at your present job? Who do you admire most and why? Who did you fight with last year? Join us on Friday evenings at 7:30 p.m. for these last weeks of the summer

I offer a series of questions that will help you clarify the ramifications of this challenging question:

series .

What was your greatest achievement in this last year? What was your greatest disappointment in this last year?

Who do you wish you could make up with in this New Year? Sit for a few minutes every day of Elul and answer the questions as honestly as you can. When you have the answers, then you will also have the answer to the question that Holmes asked and, hopefully, some answers as to what you want to do with your life in the coming year and years. Joanne joins me in wishing you a healthy, happy and fulfilling Shana Tova. Shalom,

Rabbi Jacob Luski

In 1985 Congregation B’nai Israel established a special award to encourage young students to continue to strive for the perfection of the beautiful art and skill of Torah Reading. This past year, the 25th Anniversary of the CBI Golden Kipah Honor Society, two young Torah readers were inducted during the services in which they presented their fifth Torah reading since their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Honor Society members must have also maintained their enrollment in ongoing Jewish education to qualify for admission. The newest members, numbers 130-131, of the CBI Golden Kipah Honor Society are: No. 130 - Ariel Reich on September 12, 2009 No. 131 - Naomi LeVine on March 6, 2010 Each year those young students who earned the Golden Kipah Award have their names inscribed on the Golden Kipah Honor Society Plaques, which are located in the Hall of Honor just outside the Gordon Youth Lounge. Todah Rabah to Ron and Claire Yogman who have undertaken the project of providing the four Golden Kipah Honor Society plaques and adding new inscriptions each year. For information on becoming a member of the Golden Kipah Honor Society, please contact Hazzan Paul Goldstein at 381-4900 ext. 205, or e-mail:

CBI CHOIR REHEARSALS Hazzan Paul Goldstein will hold rehearsals with the CBI Choir Thursday evenings, August 5th, th 19 and 26th at 6:00 p.m in the Chapel. All Choir members and those who are interested are invited to attend.

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From the President Summertime has a tempo different than the rest of the year, and sometimes, offers an opportunity to break from the routine. But the joy of living Jewishly is a routine that needs no break, and the pride in being a part of the CBI family, is a sensation that fits all seasons. Regardless of welcome climate, topography, or culture changes during summer travel that may require some adaptability, our Jewishness travels effortlessly and is a comfortable fit all over. It’s mid-June as I’m writing this article, almost the official start of summer. As much as I am enjoying the delicious summer differences, I am already looking forward to returning to the comforts of routine. Soon after the time you’ll be reading this, we’ll be gathering together for the High Holidays and welcoming the familiarity of faces, sanctuary seats, and liturgy. The sanctuary will fill with buzz and energy as we greet each other and exchange stories of our summer experiences. So, let’s live in the moment and seize this season’s opportunities, including beginning to prepare us for new beginnings in 5771. Best wishes.

Karen Sher President

From the Executive Director As the 5771 CBI calendar is shaping up, it is jam packed with something for everyone. All activities take time to plan and require cooperation between volunteers and staff. Over the summer, many of our groups and committees have been organizing so that we can get off to a smooth start. The CBI Review, weekly Shabbat handout, E-news, mailings and website ( keep you informed. So, whatever attracts you to CBI, make it your own by participating. To give you a preview of the year, here are some things to get involved in: Daily minyan, Shabbat and holiday services, including Havdalah at the Beach, and Shabbat at the Beach; Adult Studies programs; Preschool, PRTT (religious school), Youth programs; Membership programs, House Committee, Finance Committee; Sisterhood and Mitzvah Men’s Club meetings and events; Family programming featuring Got Shabbat! Gemulit Hasidim – visiting the ill; Hevra Kadisha; Fundraising activities – Kol Nidre campaign, Book of Remembrance, Gift & Craft Show, SCRIP, Goodsearch (see Laurie Reiskind’s article), Concert, Newspaper recycling. Check out the Buns Family Library for all types of Judaica materials. The Library key can be checked out in the synagogue office. And don’t forget Operation Isaiah food drive on Kol Nidre to benefit Gulf Coast Jewish Family Services and Mitzvah Day. If you would like to find out more information on any of the above, give me a call or stop by. I’m here for you, our CBI members. Have a relaxing rest of the summer and an early L’shana Tova!

Sara Latham Executive Director

Your Home for the Holidays!

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600 6th Street South St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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SHOFAR SOUNDED DURING THE MONTH OF ELUL During the month of Elul, this year from August 11, 2010 through September 8, 2010, the Shofar is sounded every morning except Shabbat at the conclusion of the Shaharit service. The traditional cycle of tekiah (one blast) shevarim (three blasts), teruah (a series of short blasts) and a final tekiah is sounded daily followed by the recitation of Psalm 27, the Psalm for the Penitential season. Hearing the Shofar reminds us that the High Holiday season is upon us. We are inspired to thoughts of repentance – making peace with our fellow human beings, with ourselves, and with God. When Rosh Hashana arrives, we sound 100 blasts, an even more powerful reminder that the time to change is now. Finally, we conclude our services on Yom Kippur with a resounding tekiah gedola, signifying that the heavenly gates have closed and that our fate of the coming year is sealed. So come to services each morning during Elul to hear the Shofar as we begin our spiritual preparations for the upcoming Days of Awe.

SELIHOT AT B’NAI ISRAEL Saturday, September 4, 2010, 9:00 pm You are cordially invited to attend our special Pre-Selihot Program in the Benjamin Social Hall to include: Havdala Installation of USY Officers and A Special Musical Program by Hazzan Paul Goldstein Todah v’Zimrah (Thanks and Song) “A Taste of the Music of the Choirmaster Louis Lewandowsky” Reception to follow hosted by Joan & Phil Redisch In Honor of Phil’s 75th Birthday. Selihot Eve Services Begin promptly at 10:30 pm Conducted by Rabbi Jacob Luski and Hazzan Paul D. Goldstein

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Please patronize our advertisers Come join us! For membership information please contact: Susan Kagan – Membership VP 727-347-3243

St. Petersburg Chapter

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SISTERHOOD Be on the lookout for Sisterhood! We are planning to roll up our sleeves and work hard to meet our goals and objectives of supporting the Synagogue, assisting with the youth programs, and helping in many other ways. This is the year that we need you! We need your voice, your support, your ideas, and your membership. Please consider attending meetings so you can participate. There is something for everyone. Of course, we will continue to have programming such as the Membership Fling and Hamantashen baking. But stay tuned for the many new and exciting projects that are coming your way. First, we are planning to support a monthly Birthday Kiddush following Shabbat services. We will be asking our CBI family to join us with a birthday sponsorship to celebrate their birthday. Expect a phone call, email, and/or letter asking for your support. Another new initiative will be home made baked goods for Oneg and Kiddush. Please join the

team in the kitchen to help make some of your favorite recipes. We promise this will be a fun and fulfilling experience. Call Ruth Ann Mizrahi if you would like to be a part of this and share your baked treasures with the membership. Once again we want to thank Marilyn LeVine for her commitment to Torah Fund. It will be time again to contribute to this worthy endeavor and to see this year’s beautiful pin. Don’t forget that we will be continuing with our Bima flower sales for any simcha or holiday. Give Marilyn Goldberg a call and she will order the flowers. Think of Sisterhood first when you are planning an event and would like special catering. We have some new menus and can provide most anything you might like. There are very talented “chefs” in our midst! Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has agreed to be on the Sisterhood Board. Your commitment is most important. I look forward to an exciting and productive year. I invite every woman to join and be a part of the fun. Alice G Ettinger, CBI Sisterhood President

MITZVAH MEN’S CLUB The new Mitzvah Men’s Club board has spent the first half of summer making preparations to introduce a fresh approach to our organization. The following list highlights our 2010-2011 officers:       

Keyvan Kohan, President Bill Marger, Immediate Past President Herb Brasch, First Vice President Larry Ettinger, Recording Secretary Sam Janofsky, Corresponding Secretary Sandy Heller, Financial Secretary Jesse Rodman, Treasurer

Feel free to approach any of us at any time. We welcome your questions and look forward to offering a calendar of fun-filled events. Keep an eye on your mail for a membership packet. The club is as strong as its members and we want you to be a part of it. Feel free to contact me anytime at B’shalom, Keyvan Kohan Mitzvah Men’s Club, President

QUOTE A person’s prayer is not acceptable unless he puts his heart in his hands. TAANIT 8a

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This year I am turning to an old friend to many of us, Mister Rogers, to inspire me in writing my bulletin articles. I hope you enjoy them. The quotes come from The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember by Fred Rogers. Congregation B’nai Israel is a community. Each area ~ Preschool, Sisterhood, Men’s Club, Board members, and more make up the community. In this community, we need each other. “As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us really is, that each of us has something no one else has ~ or ever will have ~ something inside that is unique to all time. It’s our job to encourage each other to discover that uniqueness and to provide ways of developing its expression. Look around our community. Who can you encourage to become more active? Who can you invite to a synagogue function? Who can you express friendship and show interest in? Start the year off by finding out what make someone new unique and share that information with someone else. Build our Community. Pauline Rivkind Preschool accepts all unique individuals in our program. Our school has classes for children ages one year old through five years old. We participate in the Voluntary Prekindergarten Program (VPK). The school year begins August 23, 2010. Please contact Bonnie Halprin for more information.

All parents and children are invited to attend the Opening Day Festivities for the Pauline Rivkind Talmud Torah on Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 9:00 a.m.

B’Shalom, Bonnie P. Halprin, Preschool Director

CHANGE IN ACADEMIC SETTING We welcome children who have changed their academic settings. Please contact the PRTT office for information and a registration form.

JUNIOR CONGREGATION Some of the most important components of a good Jewish background need more than just study in a classroom. It is essential that our students have regular synagogue experience on Shabbat that interests and inspires them. Here at CBI we hold special Junior Congregation services for children in grades 3-7 on Shabbat mornings in the Chapel at 10:00 am. All CBI Youth have the opportunity to worship together. They will put into practice the lessons they have learned during the week. Each student will have the opportunity to lead parts of the service, learn new melodies, and explore Shabbat teachings and stories. They will also gain the confidence they will need when it comes time to lead services for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations. Junior Congregation will begin Shabbat Shuvah, Saturday, September 11th, 10:00 am.

You will be able to meet your teachers, hear about the NEW exciting curriculum & activities for the coming year, meet your old friends and make new ones! If you need a registration form, please contact the synagogue office.

Shalom, Ilana Dayan, Education Director

HEBREW HIGH SCHOOL The Fall Semester 5771 of Hebrew High School begins on Wednesday, September 1, at 7:00 p.m. Hebrew High School serves a vital function as a focus for discussions and study under the direction of Rabbi Jacob Luski, at the crucial period in a young adult’s life prior to college. Classes meet weekly for two hours and are open to all students in grades 9 through 11 who have completed elementary religious school. Students in grade 12 participate in Hebrew High School classes in addition to special seminars geared for the college bound. Registration materials for the Fall Semester will be mailed to all high school students about August 4th.

COLLEGE CORNER The College Committee would like to receive your children’s college mailing addresses and email addresses, so that we can stay in touch with them while they are away from home. The College Committee sends out Holiday greetings, information about travel opportunities and scholarships and notices of special events and programs. When you receive the College Questionnaire requesting this information, please return it as soon as possible. If you would like to participate on the College Committee, please return it as soon as possible. Remember you can help us out by sending your children’s emails and addresses to us. We need your help to stay in touch. The College Committee

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YOUTH DEPARTMENT It is with great excitement that I begin my third year at CBI! Now that the ground work for the Youth Department is laid it is time to kick it up a notch. This year PRTT (Pauline Rivkind Talmud Torah) and the Youth Department will practice integrated learning. The Youth Department will support what is being taught in PRTT through informal education with a variety of programming and activities and conversely PRTT will enhance, for example, a theme used at a Kadima convention. This style of learning opens up exciting new opportunities. USYers will continue this year to assist Ilana Dayan in Junior Congregation and introduce new approaches. Kadima and Halutzim will have their opening programs Sunday, August 29 as part of opening day of PRTT. Mazal Tov to the 2010-2011 USY (SPUSY) Board. President: Julia Halprin Programming /Executive V.P. Yael Reich Communication: Jesse Sokolov Social Action: Naomi LeVine Religious Education: Elissa Reiskind Israel Affairs: Harvey Halprin Membership/ Kadima: Alyssa Kobernick Historian/ Secretary: Elliot Sutton Installation will take place before Selihot Services, Saturday, September 4.

CBI STUDENTS INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN SHABBAT SERVICES On Shabbat morning, children are invited to participate in Congregation Services by leading Ein Keloheinu and Aleinu at the conclusion of Musaf. Please make plans to have your child present at the assigned time. We look forward to hearing our children’s voices raised in song and prayer as they take their places along side all those who continue who make services meaningful, spiritual and successful here at CBI. Date



September 11


January 8


September 25


January 15


October 2


January 29


October 9


February 26


October 16


March 12


October 23


March 19


October 30


March 26


November 6


April 16


November 13


April 23


November 20


April 30


December 4


May 7


December 11


May 14


December 18


This year SPUSY will host Mercaz Sub Regional Convention April 1-3 2011. What an amazing opportunity this is for CBI. Please let me know if you are able to help with housing, cooking or chaperoning. It is SPUSY tradition to have a Jewau, a tropical themed pool party as the opening event and this will take place Sunday, August 22 at the home of Alyssa Kobernick. The CBI Youth Department is open to any Jewish child of the appropriate age regardless if the family is affiliated with CBI and we welcome them to register as a member of Halutzim, Kadima or USY. It would be my pleasure to send information to anyone interested in hearing more about our programming, so please share your interested friends contact information with me. Join me in making this a successful year for the youth at CBI! Sandy Brasch Youth and Family Program Director August Calendar August 15: USY Board Meeting 12:00 pm August 22: USY Opening Event: Jewau 4:00pm-6:30pm August 29: Kadima and Halutzim Opening Program 9:30am-12:00 pm


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ADULT STUDIES Our full Adult Studies program for 5771 will begin in October after all the holidays are over. The following on-going classes will meet in August and September: Talmud Made Easy, led by Stephen Wein Tuesday, August 31st at 7:00 pm Wednesday, September 15th at 7:00 pm In the Buns Family Library CBI - Hadassah Book Discussion Club Wednesday, September 15th at 10:00 am In the Buns Family Library To discuss: Day After Night by Anita Diamant

NEW!! For those who have always wanted to learn to read Torah, here is an opportunity for you to begin working toward that goal in a small adult class: TORAH READING CLASS FOR ADULTS Beginning October 12th, 2010, Hazzan Paul Goldstein will teach adults how to read and chant Torah. This six week course will meet on Tuesdays at 7:15 pm for 1 hour.

Program of Study The following objectives will be covered: A brief history of Trope (the cantellation symbols) An understanding of the function of the Trope The Major and Minor Trope The Chironomy (hand signals) for each Trope Applying the Trope to short passages


How to read from the Torah (without vowels or Trope) Study methodology

There is no cost for this course, but please call the office to register, 381-4900, Ext. 201.

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FLORIDA WEST COAST AJL CHAPTER MEETING AT BUNS FAMILY LIBRARY The Association of Jewish Libraries, Florida West Coast Chapter, held its spring meeting in the Buns Family Library On Thursday, May 27th. Hosts were the CBI Library Committee, consisting of co-chairs Janet Augenbraun and Ruth Lebowitz, plus Sandy Harwood, Jane Markowitz, Esta Blaxberg, and Shoshanna David. There were over twentyfive attendees, including AJL members from Sun City and Sarasota, other local librarians, and interested CBI members. Lunch, purchased from Jo-El’s, was served in the Atrium prior to the meeting in the library. The featured speaker for the meeting was Caryn Baird, CBI member and a librarian and researcher for the St Petersburg Times. Caryn enthralled her listeners with her fascinating life story and her work pursuing facts and verifying information for the St Petersburg Times reporters. Along with anecdotes of stories she’s tracked down, (such as spotting phony driver’s licenses) Caryn included handouts of the websites she uses, plus invaluable tips for using sources not usually known about.

NEW ACQUISITIONS In other library news, a number of books, current fiction and non-fiction, have been purchased, processed, and are available for summer reading. Included are the books to be discussed at the CBI-Hadassah Book Club Meetings in the upcoming season.

CBI - HADASSAH BOOK DISCUSSION CLUB MEETINGS The CBI-Hadassah Book Clubs will continue to meet monthly in the Buns Family Library for lively discussions of current books. We will meet on Wednesdays at 10:00 am on the following dates. The Readers Schedule for next year is: September 15, 2010 DAY AFTER NIGHT by Anita Diamant October 20, 2010 HEDWIG AND BERTI by Frieda Arkin November 17, 2010 THE FAMILY ORCHARD by Nomi Eve December 15, 2010 A PIDGEON AND A BOY by Meir Shalev January 19, 2011 THE WORLD TO COME: A NOVEL by Dara Horn February 16, 2011 NOT ME: A NOVEL by Michael Lavigne March 16, 2011 REPENTANCES by Annette Meyers April 13, 2011 RESPONSIBLE MEN by Edward Schwarzchild (Note: one week earlier due to Passover) May 18, 2011 THE THREE WEISSMANS OF WESTPORT by Cathleen Schine If you would like to lead a discussion group, please call Sheila Wasserman at 347- 5816

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“May you be inscribed and sealed For a year of health, happiness and peace�

The Bulletin Committee


During the High Holiday period, it is traditional to visit the graves of our loved ones and of those who created our Jewish community.

USHERS FOR HIGH HOLIDAYS We will soon be organizing our ushering committee for the high holidays 5771. We need new ushers and the old regulars. There are many shifts that are open and no one works too hard. Ushers collect pledge cards for the Israel Bond Appeal, Kol Nidre and Yizkor as well as making sure our congregational family is safe during services. We Need Your Help! Please call the synagogue office at 381-4900 and let us know that you will be interested in ushering. The High Holiday Ushers meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 24 at 6:45 pm.

Kevot Avot Memorial Services will be conducted by Rabbi Jacob Luski and Hazzan Paul Goldstein. On Sunday, September 5, 2010 at: 10:30 a.m. at Menorah Gardens, Chapel Hill Memorial Park, Largo, and at 11:30 a.m. at the CBI section at Royal Palm Cemetery, St. Petersburg.

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FUNDRAISING REPORT I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer. It is going by quickly and my children are finishing their summers at Camp Ramah Darom and on Ramah Israel Seminar. As summer ends, we will be starting our new routines. When you begin your new routine, please make some time for CBI. Let me know how you can help. The talents and time of every member can be used on the fund raising team. One way is to support Les Pearlstein and the Kol Nidre Committee. Naomi Berg will once again chair our phone a thon and her committee deserves a huge Todah Rabah! When you are asked by your fellow members to support CBI monetarily, please respond generously. As I write this article, the SCRIP program is making some changes at the national level. These changes should make it much easier for our members to use this program. As we learn more about the changes, we will keep you informed. Until then, you can still order cards whenever you need them. Order forms are in the office.

Directory. Is your personal or business ad included? Don’t be left out of this great CBI resource. Todah Rabah to Anita and Lorrie Helfand for their work on the Book of Remembrance. Do you shop and surf online? Most web searches and purchases can benefit CBI. If you shop online and would like to help CBI, contact me. We need to educate our members about this untapped potential. One great site is This site has a search engine and online mall. If you have not yet signed up, go to and enter Congregation B'nai Israel of St. Petersburg as your charity. Then click the link to add the Goodsearch toolbar to your computer. Installation takes under 5 minutes. There is NO ADDITIONAL COST to you and CBI makes money on each purchase and web search- WINWIN- please sign up now!! Todah Rabah to all that have already been using this tool as a way to raise funds for our shul.

Laurie Reiskind

Todah Rabah to Joan and Phil Redisch for chairing the

3rd Vice President, Fund Raising

CBI Website

FAMILY PROGRAMS Are you aware CBI is growing?! We are, as individuals and as a Congregational Family. We have spread our wings and have tried new ways to do the things we have been doing for years. Once again this year we will together make Havdalah and daven Kabbalat Shabbat on the beach. We will shake it up at our Gift and Craft Show by offering a sneak peek Saturday night, December 4 and conclude the show with the CBI annual Hanukka celebration! As a Congregational Family we will learn together, play together and continue to grow stronger and stronger. If you have not been to a CBI event lately, join us, support us and grow with us. CBI wants to know “What’s on YOUR Plate” for 2010-2011? Friday evening, August 20 the “Got Shabbat” dinner series will kick off this year’s series. Leave your coat and tie at home and come dressed casually for a Musical Kabbalat service followed by a southern style Shabbat dinner. Seating and serving will be down home and family style. Please refer to the flyer in this bulletin for all the details. Get your reservations in on time!

Due to the overwhelming response to the “Got Shabbat” dinners a strict reservation deadline will be followed! Don’t be disappointed! Make your reservations early! With the High Holidays quickly approaching I find myself reevaluating the year gone by and setting personal and professional goals for the new year. As you do your personal evaluation, my hope is you will choose to become more involved in CBI and take advantage of all it has to offer. Shana Tova! Sandy Brasch Youth and Family Program Director “Got Shabbat?” Dinner Series August 20, 2010 - Shabbat Southern Style September 24, 2010 - Sukkot, hosted by USY Alumni January 14, 2011 - Hosted by Sisterhood March 25, 2011 - Hosted by Mitzvah Men’s Club May 6, 2011 - Dine Israeli-style at the Kotel

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LIFE CYCLE EVENTS MAZAL TOV TO: ACHIEVEMENTS:  Livia Wein on being named 2010 Chris Seegert Memorial World Language Teacher of the Year by the World Languages Teachers’ Association of Pinellas County.

We share in the sorrow of the passing of:


Shirley Sommella on the birth of her 9th great-grandchild, Jacqueline Beatrice Glick, daughter of Dustin & Pamela Glick, granddaughter of Carolyn & Harold Glick. Jean & Harry Kraff on the birth of their great-granddaughter, Macie Karlyn Jenkins, daughter of Daniel & Stacey Jenkins, granddaughter of Tina & Bill Hager.


Tatiana Baccari, daughter of Barbara Baccari and Dr. Eric Weston, on her graduation from Shorecrest Preparatory School with high honors and will attend NYU’S Tisch School of the Arts. Jennifer Zdankowski, granddaughter of Dr. Ruth Lebowitz, on her graduation from Florida State University with B.S. in Recreational & Sports Management.

WEDDINGS:  Miriam Tambor on the marriage of her grandson, Michael Schroeder to Keisha Rowe.

TREE OF LIFE Looking for a special way to honor your family and friends who are celebrating a simha? The TREE OF LIFE at CBI is just the answer. What a joy it is for someone to walk into our shul and see a Tribute of their special birthday, anniversary or wedding. Does your child/grandchild have a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah or Graduation coming up? What a great way to honor them! Order forms are in the synagogue office and lobby. The minimum donation for leaves is $218.

Mazal Tov to our New 50 Year Honorary Members Audrey Kopelman and Beatrice Wallace

JANINE WARSAW Wife of Robert Warsaw Mother of Dayle Miller, Nancy Steen and Jeanne Gazga BERNICE “BUNNIE” ROTHBLATT KATZ Mother of Sandy Brasch & Ilene Horowitz Sister of Audrey Chenkin HENRY GOLDSTEIN Uncle of Hazzan Paul Goldstein HAROLD PACKMAN Father of Arlyne Popick Grandfather of Scott Popick & Marti Pennell SYLVIA PACKMAN Mother of Arlyne Popick Grandmother of Scott Popick & Marti Pennell EDNA COHEN Sister of Dr. Barnett Stein RONALD KEITH GILBERT Son of Jerry & Thelma Gilbert Brother of Mark and Scott Gilbert Father of Kimberly Gilbert & Candace Gilbert Alford

THANK YOU TO OUR VOLUNTEERS Todah Rabah to the following volunteers who have assisted with the office work and special mailings this past month: Sheryl Sutton, Murray Rubin, Kitty and Marvin Jacobs, Marian Lustigman Rooth, Sally Swale, Vivian Neumann and Sally Cohen. Through their efforts many tasks have been accomplished and their and assistance are greatly appreciated. Our apologies to anyone we may have inadvertently omitted. If you would like to do volunteer work, please call the synagogue office at 381-4900.

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PRAYER FOR THE ILL Each Saturday morning Congregation B’nai Israel offers prayers of healing during our regular Shabbat morning service. We invite you to join us for weekly Shabbat worship so that you might pray for a loved one and/or yourself at that time in our prayers. If you wish to have someone’s name specially mentioned from the Bimah, please call the synagogue office at 381-4900 with that individual’s English and Hebrew name and that of their parents. May God offer healing to all that are ill. The Gemilut Hasadim Committee

Cell phones, pagers, cameras, and other electronic devices should not be used anywhere in the building or on the grounds on Shabbat and holidays. In addition, cell phones should be turned off during funerals, weddings, baby naming ceremonies and britot and during classes.

MINYANAIRES ARE NEEDED! Who Knows Ten? MINYANAIRES ARE NEEDED! WHO: Ten men/women at our Daily Minyan morning and evening. WHERE: The Grossman Family Chapel. All congregants can fulfill a mitzvah by attending MINYAN! An extra special challenge: Every month on day of your birthday, plan on attending MINYAN!

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Join us in wishing Mazal Tov! to members celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries and B’nai Mitzvah. Your good wishes can be part of their memories, while at the same time, supporting B’nai Israel’s commitment to help our schools, youth groups and Synagogue through your donations to our Mitzvah Fund .

4 Dr. Michael Worman 6 Sally Cohen 6 Diana Litt 6 Gerald Milov 7 Edwin Shapiro 7 Helen Pertcheck 7 Stella Maganiaris 8 Dr. Michael Franklin 8 Midge Seltzer 11 Mary Wygodski 11 Moshe Gershuny 11 Noelle Walters 12 Joseph Cohen 13 Lorne Abrams 13 Alison Hitzel 14 Cary Reich 15 Lori Alperstein 15 Esta Blaxberg 15 Nicole Melamed 16 Ruth Ann Mizrahi 16 Frederick Silverman

16 Lynn Amy Nast 17 Dr. Diane Piper 18 Dr. Barry Caplan 18 Diana Rosin 19 Marcus Bennett 22 Miriam Barshefsky 23 Louis Dubinsky 26 Ceceil Kramer 26 Lillian Schertzer 26 Charla Fogel 26 Yolette Frey 26 Arline Dresdner 26 Barbara Feinman 27 Henry Rosen 27 Henry Kahalas 27 Shirley Sommella 28 Andrew Giskin 29 Ricki Lewis 30 Betty Sue Shane 30 Lisa Hertz 31 Capt. Allan Lonschein

2 Victoria Schwartz & Dr. Jeffrey Ewig 5 Barbara & Michael Noonberg 7 Ilana & Sami Dayan 10 Cindy & Dr. Robert Weisberg 12 Loreli & Dr. Dale Monast 13 Dr. Leslie & Dr. Mitchell Weiss 13 Debbie & Bob Jacobs 13 Araceli & Alan Gross 15 Janet & Barry Augenbraun 17 Ana & Joseph Masri 17 Dr. Charlene Wygodski & Dr. Steve Bloom 18 Joyce & Dr. Harold Seder 19 Teddi & Dr. David Robbins 20 Janie & Dr. Jeff Pincus

21 Rose & Abe Luski 22 Liza & Stefan Haberer 24 Judi & Dr. Mark Gordon 24 Susie & Alan Schwartz 24 Janice & Dr. David LeVine 25 Karen & Cary Reich 26 Bebby & Dr. Arthur Marlin 26 Karen & Jay Kauffman 26 Diana & Jeff Litt 26 Laurie & Dr. Marc Reiskind 27 Martha & Dennis Vorob 28 Barbara & Jerry Levin 29 Rachel & Dr. Maury Seldin 31 Gerry & Richard Mensh 31 Jill & Dr. Greg Engelman

Friday, August 13, 2010! In Honor of: ________________________________ Check the names of everyone to you would like to send a Mitzvah Gram. Send this form together with your check, minimum $10 donation each, to: Congregation B’nai Israel, 300 58th Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33710 *The minimum donation per acknowledgement is $10.

Please print: Your Name: ______________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________ City, _____________________________Zip: __________________ Telephone: ______________

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Dr. Larry & Vera Green

ADULT STUDIES Sandi & Jesse Rodman Lou Bader Robert & Carolyn Isakson

IN HONOR OF Happy Birthday to Steve Wein Happy Birthday to Lou Frey In appreciation of the new Prayerbook Workshop

Dr. Larry & Sheryl Feinman

ADULT STUDIES Dr. Brian & Susan Kagan and family

IN MEMORY OF Maisie Kagan

Thelma & Jerry Gilbert

Dr. J. L. Azneer return to good health

Beverly Dikman

Happy Birthday to David C. Gross, Myra Gross,

CAMP RAMAH DAROM Shelley Lynn Claire & Ron Yogman

IN HONOR OF Happy Birthday - Dr. Leslie Pearlstein Sharon Grau's engagement

CAMP RAMAH DAROM Rabbi & Mrs. Jacob Luski

IN MEMORY OF Henry Goldstein, uncle of Hazzan Paul Goldstein

CANTOR'S FUND Sandi Rodman

IN HONOR OF Hazzan Goldstein for gracing Hadassah Installation in song Thank you for the pleasure of singing and music

Happy Anniversary to Doris & Herschel Hochman, Harry & Jean Kraff Happy Birthday to Kitty Jacobs, Rabbi J. L. Azneer, Vivian Lurie

Janet Wexler

Rabbi Jacob Luski

Alan & Susie Schwartz

Happy Birthday Dr. J. L. Azneer Sherrie Weissman's wedding

Robert & Carolyn Isakson

CANTOR'S FUND Jesse & Sandi Rodman The Goldstein Family Gail & Michael Frye

Ann Haendel, Judy Ludin, Sharon Gershuny

IN MEMORY OF Henry Goldstein, uncle of Hazzan Paul Goldstein Leonard Relen Henry Goldstein, uncle of Hazzan Paul Goldstein

JACOBS' BEAUTIFICATION Bob & Debbie Jacobs, Abby & Bill Jacobs Claire & Ron Yogman

IN MEMORY OF Bunnie Katz

LIBRARY FUND Minyanaires Carolyn Isakson

IN HONOR OF Happy Birthday - Steve Wein CBI & Hadassah Book Club

Sandi & Jesse Rodman

Marietta Drucker, Rivy Chapman, Miriam Tambor

Bunnie Katz

Minyanaires - Steve Wein's Birthday

LIBRARY FUND Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Chodosh Jane Silverberg

IN MEMORY OF Dr. Harvey Kopelman Jane Esther Goldman

MITZVAH FUND Beverly Dikman Shirley Bulkin Ruth Lebowitz Dr. J. L. Azneer & Dr. Patricia Cottrille

IN HONOR OF Happy Birthday Edna Sonkin Happy Birthday Lou Frey Happy Birthday Helen Kahan Happy Birthday to: Abe Luski, Dr. Bernardo Stein Mussie Eidelman, Rose Luski, Margot Benstock Steven Grau, Pearl Azneer, Morry Bornstein, Barry Augenbraun, Alan Kay, Steve Wein, Kitty Jacobs, Shelley Lynn, Sheryl Feinman, Dr. Robert Weisberg Happy Anniversary to: Dr. Mark & Debbie Sokolov, Dr. Larry & Sheryl Feinman, Dr. Michael & Sandy Slomka

Happy Anniversary to Dr. Larry & Sheryl Feinman, Sharon & Moshe Gershuny, Dr. Sidney & Lil Grau, Dr. Michael & Sandy Slomka Sally Swale

Appreciation to the office staff

Helen Kahan

Aaron Barbanel Wein's 1st Birthday

Jean & Harry Kraff

50th Wedding Anniversary - Ralph & Ruth Ann Mizrahi



Millie & Lenny Gelfond

Bunnie Katz

Lou Bader

Bunnie Katz

Jean & Harry Kraff

Bunnie Katz

Marion Samson Joseph

Bernard L. Samson

Bea Wallace

Bunnie Katz

Susie & Alan Schwartz

Bunnie Katz

Miriam Barshefsky

Rebecca Rosen

Harriett Lieberman

Bunnie Katz

William Dolgoff

Esther Dolgoff

William Rosch

Dr. Bernard Rosch

Terri & Jay Gross

Esther Goldman Helen Silverberg

Jean G. Wittner

Aaron Mershen

Mr. & Mrs. Cory Weitner

Bunnie Katz

Marilyn Benjamin

Leon & Lilly Haliczer

Helen & Ben Pertcheck

Bunnie Katz

Arlene Rosenthal

Bunnie Katz

John & Anne Dieumegarde

Elias Gottfried

Judy Schaffer Carr

Bernard Schaffer

Hank & Nancy Greenberg

Dr. Harvey Kopelman

Jean G. Wittner

Robert Robbins

Helen H. Rosen

Isaak Petnov

Ruth & Richard Erman

Evelyn Holland

Dr. Harold Pollack

Loved ones

Anita & Dr. Harold Pollack

Gertrude Stromwasser

Mary Ann & Anthony Sklet

Dr. Harvey Kopelman

Joanne Montgomery

Sy Stern

Robert Warsaw

Ben Rue, Sylvia Warsaw

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Hagendorf

David Hagendorf

Carol & Bill Marger

Edie Loebenberg

Sandy Brasch & Family

Bunnie Katz

Anne & John Dieumegarde

Bunnie Katz

Liz & Greg Sembler

Bunnie Katz

Page 24 Sam & Beulah Steel

Philip Steel

Dr. Harrison Jerrold

Dr. Theodore Jerrold

Marilyn Benjamin

Bunnie Katz

Mrs. Ricki Lewis

Dr. Israel Nemiroff

Vivian Neumann

Bunnie Katz

Howard Isaacs

Mollie Isaacs, Lester Isaacs

Shelley Lynn

Bunnie Katz

Myra Gross

Hilda Belenky

Marvin & Lee Leibson

Bunnie Katz



Annette Rosch

Dr. Julius Rosch, Lee Rosch

Elinor Citrin

Murray Citrin

Sheila Knapp

Sima Grusmark

Nancy Rosenberg

Murray Citrin

Richard & Gerry Mensh

Henry Goldstein

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Lachter

Sam Lachter



Thomas & Carol Epstein

Lola Epstein

Arthur Marlin

Eva Marlin

Mrs. Sylvia Ayes

Minnie Winaker

Paul & Cookie Shapiro

Abe Mellitz

Rae Schuster

Annette Silverstone

Dr. David H. Gross

Stephen J. Gross

Lewis Unterman

Anna Lavenberg

Shirley Sommella

John Sommella



Sonya Miller

Leon L. Haliczer

Robert & Carolyn Isakson

In appreciation

Barbara Jarvis

Happy Birthday Kitty Jacobs



Lorraine Hackett

Misheberah for Jim Ryan

Naomi Berg & Wes Sawyer

KC Kennedy graduation FSU

Beverly Dikman

Happy Birthday Lee Ross

Robert & Carolyn Isakson

Graduation of Jason Goldstein

Kitty & Marvin Jacobs

Happy Birthday - Sheryl Feinman

Marion Samson Joseph

In appreciation



Dr. & Mrs. Fred Feld & Family

In appreciation

Charlotte Levine

Al Levine

Shirley Sommella

Happy Birthday - Shana Gaines, Dr. Robert Sheppard,

Dr. Larry & Vera Green

Bunnie Katz

Helen Kahan, Kitty Jacobs, Dr. J. L. Azneer,

Kathy & Frank Mendelblatt

Bunnie Katz

Ralph Mizrahi, Stephen Wein

Anita Sher

Bunnie Katz

Mazal Tov - Hebrew High Graduates 5770

Gail & Michael Frye

Bunnie Katz

Marilyn & Jack Goldberg - Birth of new granddauaghter

Doris & Herschel Hochman

Bunnie Katz

Michael & Arlene Hurwitz

Bunnie Katz

Sheila & David Hutman

Bunnie Katz

Randi Rabin

Bunnie Katz

Marilyn & Dr. Morris LeVine

Bunnie Katz

Lisa & Adam Reisbord

Bunnie Katz

Lucille Ginsburg

Bunnie Katz

Phil & Joan Redisch

Bunnie Katz

Caren & Larry Appel & Family

Bunnie Katz

Mark & Ricki Lewis

Bunnie Katz

The Kagan Family

Bunnie Katz

Harold & Charlotte Goldberg

Bunnie Katz

Allison, Adam, Zach, Jake &

Bunnie Katz

Happy Anniversary - Dr. & Mrs. James Post Mazal Tov - Sandi Rodman on being installed as new Hadassah President - St. Pete Chapter Jeannette & Alma Hirsch

Eileen Richman on being award Sisterhood Woman of Achievement Rabbi Jacob Luski - in appreciation



Beverly Dikman

Bunnie Katz

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Levin

Bunnie Katz

Thomas & Carol Epstein

Jimmy Bunting

Bernard Rosen

Elaine Dorothy Rosen

Sharon Koenig

Abe Skott

Dr. Eric Weston

Shirley Goodman, Jerome Weston

Florence Ballin

Hyman Ballin

Jeannette & Alma Hirsch

Fannie Robbins

Barbara Sterensis

Max Karas

Bea Wallace

Phil Wallace

Anita Sher

Elsie Weiskopf

Marvin & Kitty Jacobs

Bunnie Katz

Sandy & Sam Janofsky

Joan Aronovitz, Sadie Tobis

Beverly Dikman

George Dikman

Susan & Alan Dee

David Dotson

Sandra M. Prince

Anne Miller

Jaden Lavin Jayne & Ronnie Weissman

Bunnie Katz

Ruth Gray

Elliott Gray



Shelley Lynn

Happy 40th Anniversary Dr. Leslie & Reva Pearlstein



Dr. Mark & Judi Gordon

Florence Gordon, Alex Kozicharow

Pearl Brook

Bernard Nevetsky, Frances Stone, Irving Nevetsky

Susie & Ira Berman

Bunnie Katz

Shelley Benstock Stettner

Jane Benstock

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Bunnie Katz

The Reiskinds

Bunnie Katz

Sandy & Dr. Mike Slomka

Bunnie Katz


You want to place an ad? call Pam Askin 381-4900 ext 203

Israeli Folk Dancing (It’s Free) (It’s Fun!) Every Sunday evening at Menorah Manor from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. in the Activities Room. New members are welcome. For more information, please contact Janice LeVine at 392-3683.

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Or Hadash: A Commentary on the Siddur by Rabbi Reuven Hammer A limited number of Or Hadash: A Commentary on the Siddur by Rabbi Reuven Hammer are available for dedication for $100 each. Please contact the synagogue office for more information. 727-381-4900

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