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Catalog photography courtesy of: Harvey Wang, Danielle Tirello, Delaney, Laura Ellen Muglia, Mike DuBose, Nagulan Nesiah and Ron Haviv for Episcopal Relief & Development. All photos are representations of the gifts or stories mentioned throughout this catalog.

WHYFOR YOULIFE SHOULD GIVE GIFTS The map above shows the CATALOG INSIDE far-reaching impact of Gifts

for Life. Empowering people all over the world to transform their lives is truly the gift that keeps on giving.



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Printed on recycled materials using vegetable-based inks

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Give gifts that nourish and FAMILY GARDEN Cultivate nutrition and income for an entire family

A year-round garden improves nutrition for an entire family. Using manure and specific planting methods, families can grow multiple vegetables and sell surpluses. Training, seeds and gardening tools are included. $175 for a family garden / FS2404


FRUIT TREES Enrich a family’s food supply and farmland

Provide a stable source of food and earnings

Goats are hardy, reproduce quickly and can be raised in a variety of climates to produce staple items such as milk, cheese and manure for farming.

Your gift of lemon, mango, avocado and banana trees will provide a long-term, sustainable source of nutrition and income. Fruit trees planted on hillsides are also used for erosion control, helping farmers maintain their land.

$80 for one goat / FS0102


CALL TODAY 1.855.312.HEAL (4325)

$35 per share / FS2401

d sustain Success Story:



Provide a sustainable source of food and income

In the adjacent communities of Camalog and Mapaco in the Philippines, sustenance farmers often lose crops and portions of their farmland to typhoons and flooding.

A flock of chickens is far more than some hens, a rooster and a daily supply of fresh eggs. Your gift will help train families and community groups to raise poultry and sell surplus stock and eggs in the marketplace. $25 per share / FS0901 $135 per flock / FS0902

With assistance from Episcopal Relief & Development and our local partners, these farmers are augmenting their income by raising goats, which can also serve as an alternative livelihood. In the goat-raising program, each participating family receives two or three goats. The farmers are encouraged to use goat manure for organic farming and also benefit from increased nourishment for their families with supplemental milk and cheese. As the goats reproduce, partner families are then able to sell or give goats to other farmers. Some partner families have said they now earn an additional income of $185 per year from the sale of the offspring. The program has grown a great deal since it started in 2007. In the beginning, 30 families participated in the program. Now, thanks to Gifts for Life, there are 130 families. Some of the farmers say they hope to expand the program to other communities.



Give gifts that nourish and SEEDS, TOOLS AND TRAINING Provide the tools to thrive

DONKEY, PLOW AND CART FOR WOMEN FARMERS Help women farmers to succeed

This gift provides seeds, agricultural training and quality farming tools needed to cultivate a sustainable food supply from the land.

Donkeys are smaller and less expensive than oxen, making them easier for women to acquire and manage. The plow and cart allow for greater productivity and potential income if rented to others. $650 for one donkey with plow and cart / TBA

$45 per share / FS1201 $180 per family / FS1202

OX AND PLOW Give a small farmer the chance to grow

Having an ox enables small farmers to plow their land for planting, control weeds, open new land for cultivation and transport products from field to home to market.

COW Improve nutrition for malnourished families

Your gift of a milk-producing cow will not only supply nourishment, including much-needed protein and vitamins, it will enable families to sell surplus milk in the marketplace and better provide for their children.

$780 for an oxen and plow / FS2201 $1,400 for two oxen and plow / FS2202


CALL TODAY 1.855.312.HEAL (4325)

$65 per share / FS2102 $630 for one cow / FS2101

d sustain BEES AND HONEY Give small farmers a taste of success

For small-scale farmers whose land is too poor to accommodate livestock, your gift can literally transform lives. Provide bees, apiary training and a whole new source of income through the sale of honey and beeswax. $55 per person / FS1601

PIG Help a family break the cycle of poverty

Your gift, which includes training on raising and selling pigs, gives families a better future fast. Pigs reproduce quickly and piglets are ready for market in just six months. $20 per share / FS1001 $100 for one pig / FS1002



Provide nece

Success Story:

PROMOTING HYGIENE THROUGH EDUCATION Maryline is a seven-year-old student at Saint Matthieu School in Leogane, Haiti. Along with her fellow students, she learned about good hygiene through Episcopal Relief & Development’s Green School program. In the first few sessions, Maryline told us that she did not drink treated water or wash her hands before eating. After learning about the importance of basic hygiene, Maryline taught her family what she’d learned at school and made some changes at home. Her mother said that Maryline no longer allows kitchen utensils to be washed in the irrigation canals near the family’s house. She also prepares a bottle of treated water for her father each morning so he doesn’t have to drink the untreated water sold at his work site. Because of Maryline, her family now only drinks treated water and everyone washes their hands regularly. Maryline is an inspiring example of how raising awareness in one child can influence an entire family. Basics for Life gifts such as clean water and hygiene education truly have a lasting impact.



Your gift will provide clean water and training in well maintenance and basic hygiene – helping secure access to one of life’s necessities and allowing families to grow strong for the future.

CALL TODAY 1.855.312.HEAL (4325)

$750 for a share of a well / PH9131 $5,000 for a well for a village / PH9132


DISASTER RELIEF KITS Provide lifesaving necessities in times of crisis

Nourish tomorrow’s minds today

In poor areas, young children often lack stimulation. Your gift supports preschool programs that help kids develop their language, social and motor skills, as well as provide healthy eating education and nutritious snacks.

Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and civil unrest impact the lives of many of the people we serve. Your gift of food, clean water, medicine and blankets saves lives and fosters recovery. $50 for 1 kit / DR0304

$15 per child / PH1101

EDUCATE CHILDREN AFFECTED BY AIDS Provide hope to a child in need

CLEAN WATER Provide life’s most basic necessity

Each year, HIV/AIDS leaves families vulnerable to sickness and death, greatly impacting children’s lives. Your gift provides them with the tuition, books, uniforms and school supplies they need to grow and learn. $80 for one child / HV0501

Help protect a community by providing access to clean water and the education needed to practice good hygiene. $35 per person / PH0301 $215 per family / PH0302



Help people - and our plan ENERGY EFFICIENT COOK STOVE Eliminate harmful pollution in homes

Your gift of a cook stove will help conserve wood, eliminate harmful pollution caused by smoke and reduce life-threatening respiratory illnesses for an entire household. $175 per stove / PH0701


COMMUNITY GARDEN Sprout strong communities

Plant the seeds for long-term growth

Your gift of trees will enrich the soil on severely depleted land and reforest hillsides to prevent mudslides.

Foster growth and better health by helping a hungry community sustain a nutritious food supply. Training, techniques, seeds and basic tools are included.

$50 for 50 trees / FS2405


CALL TODAY 1.855.312.HEAL (4325)

$175 for a family share / FS2402 $35 for an individual share / FS2403

net - thrive RAINWATER HARVESTING Provide access to fresh, clean water

Catchment tanks collect and store rainwater, providing access to fresh water even in dry seasons. Community members will learn how to manage the tanks and add chlorine solution to make drinking water. $400 for one community tank / PH9134

Success Story:

GROWING A STRONGER COMMUNITY: ANTONIO’S GARDEN Antonio is a farmer and community leader in San Francisco Libre, Nicaragua. Like other farmers in the area, his soil was damaged by deforestation, slash-and-burn land clearing and erosion. Along with CEPAD, an organization that supports vulnerable communities in Nicaragua, we worked with Antonio and other local farmers to improve the soil, conserve water and find the best organic fertilizers and pesticides. Antonio planted “live barriers” of hardy plants to act as wind screens and dug ditches to slow down rainwater that carried away loose topsoil. Thanks to support from generous friends like you, now Antonio is able to produce a variety of crops, including avocados, cashews, plantains, squash and dragonfruit, and sells his small surpluses in the local market. Using his own farm as an example, he is sharing what he’s learned with other local farmers. The growth and success of the Episcopal Relief & Development project has also enabled women to become more involved in agriculture. “Many of my neighbors thought I was crazy in the beginning when I was putting in so much work,” Antonio said. “But I always believed it would work, because I trust the organization.”



Provide the foundation for li VITAMINS AND MEDICINE Give children a foundation for good health

Hunger, lack of a balanced diet and prolonged illness or infection cause malnutrition in millions of children around the world. Your gift ensures that children are free of infection and builds a foundation for better health. $65 per share / PH1001



Offer critical care wherever it’s needed

Safeguard infants from deadly illness

Imagine if the nearest hospital was hundreds of miles away. Your gift provides essential health services, immunizations and medicines that reach people right at the end of the road.


With your support, an infant will receive lifesaving essentials such as immunizations, vitamins and medicines needed to protect newborn babies from fatal illnesses.

$15 per person / PH0601 $150 for 10 people / PH0602

CALL TODAY 1.855.312.HEAL (4325)

$50 per infant / PH0501

ifelong health



Provide the foundation for l CARE FOR MOMS AND NEWBORNS Protect vulnerable moms and their babies

Mothers and young children are susceptible to disease and premature death. Your gift provides them with the basic medicine and nutrition they need to survive. $35 per mother and child / PH0801

TRAINING OF COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKERS Help spread lifesaving information and education

Your gift can help save millions of lives by supplying training and education to community health volunteers.

MOSQUITO NETS AND TRAINING Squash the threat of malaria

A simple insecticide-treated net can prevent malaria. Your gift provides for the distribution of nets and training in how to use them, how to recognize malaria symptoms and when to seek treatment. $12 for one net distribution and training / PH0105 $120 for distribution of 10 nets and training / PH0106 $300 to help 25 families / PH9133


CALL TODAY 1.855.312.HEAL (4325)

$50 trains one worker / PH0401

lifelong health Success Story:

PROTECTING MOTHERS AND CHILDREN AGAINST DISEASE A pregnant young mother of two, Malita had just returned home to Angola after fleeing a civil war. Soon after she returned, her oldest son caught a fever. One day later, he died in her arms from malaria. Through Episcopal Relief & Development’s NetsforLife® partnership, Malita received a long-lasting insecticide-treated net, as well as knowledge about the symptoms of malaria and how to quickly seek treatment. Malita is now a volunteer malaria agent in her community. She makes sure those most vulnerable to malaria are protected, and she teaches women how to use the nets, how to detect the symptoms of malaria and where to seek treatment. Malita’s willingness to help others prevents needless deaths from malaria and builds the health, well-being, agricultural production and economic vitality of her village. Her experience shows how one Gift for Life can improve the lives of an entire community.



Give hard-working people a ch WOMEN’S LITERACY GROUPS Increase women’s access to information and resources

In addition to teaching reading and writing, this gift also educates women on how government and financial institutions run and empowers them in their decisionmaking processes. $25 per student / FS1802


VOCATIONAL TRAINING Help young people pursue a brighter future

Give women the tools to succeed

Your gift helps women receive small loans and provides the essential tools and training they need to start small businesses, become independent and earn enough money to support their families.

Your gift provides opportunities for disadvantaged and disabled youth to learn skills that will help them gain confidence and financial independence.

$200 per loan / FS1801


CALL TODAY 1.855.312.HEAL (4325)

$100 per student / FS1803

hance to succeed SAVINGS GROUPS FOR WOMEN Empower women through microfinance

By joining savings groups, women learn financial management, develop leadership skills and gain access to economic resources. Participating in the success of their own businesses and communities is empowering. $XXX / FSXXXXX TBA

Success Story:

A GIFT OF JOY AND PROSPERITY Your generosity provides much more than the tools to survive. For women like Priscilla, your gift holds a promise of happiness and lifelong security. Priscilla left her home in Bolgatanga, northern Ghana, to seek out better opportunities in the country’s capital, Accra. However, she was unable to find a good job and often earned less than two dollars on the days she was able to find work. One day, she met an alumna of the seamstress program at the Sherigu vocational training center in her hometown, which is run by the Anglican Diocesan Development Organization (ADDRO) with support from

Episcopal Relief & Development. Priscilla was impressed by how well the woman was doing since completing her training and decided to move back home with her family so she could enroll. Priscilla is on track to graduate with flying colors and even plans to pursue further training so she can earn her certificate as a master seamstress. “Now I realize how bright my future can be,” said Priscilla. “I am going to start my own business, so I can be independent and care for my family.”



Parish Stories THE POWER OF FAITH From dressing like a cow to baking apple pie, parishes all over the country are finding creative ways to send Gifts for Life. We couldn’t wait to share some of these inspiring parish stories with you.

St. Andrew’s, Saratoga, CA


Women Helping Women is a group of eight women at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church who were invited by their previous rector to find ways to engage the Millennium Development Goals. Believing that women are the key to strong families and, in turn, strong communities, they decided to focus on the needs of women worldwide. Through the success of their book cart, which receives donations from parishioners during the church’s coffee hour, the group has been able to purchase micro-credit loans for women—one of many Gifts for Life that create economic opportunities for women.

fo rw omen

“Sending our funds through Episcopal Relief & Development, we can feel confident that our efforts are indeed reaching the very poor women who desperately need help in working their way out of poverty,” said Women Helping Women member Jean Hankey. “Episcopal Relief & Development is a wonderful way for a small group to contribute to a larger issue.”

s an o l Micr o-credit


CALL TODAY 1.855.312.HEAL (4325)

ar de n

St. Simeon’s, Lafayette Township, WI

G ty Communi

The women of St. Simeon’s sell delicious homemade goodies at their annual Apple Festival and Oktoberfest to purchase Gifts for Life, including postnatal care, mosquito nets for 25 families and a community garden. Cow

ne t

St. Luke’s, Bethesda, MD

o uit Mosq

Ca re

Ever since two sisters donned a cow costume for the Christmas Pageant, “Holy Cow! It’s December!” has been St. Luke’s rallying cry to encourage Gifts for Life donations. St. Luke’s has raised over $50,000 in four years!

l ata Postn

From your village to theirs WANT TO GET YOUR PARISH INVOLVED? Whether you send a gift to an individual, family or village, you’ll be harnessing the power of your community to help others thrive. We can’t wait to hear more inspiring parish stories.



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